Lava Lizards

Lava Lizards are the foot soldiers of Moltor.  Years ago, Moltor and his brother, Flurious try to steal the Corona Aurora crown.  Once they touched the crown, they were transformed into their elements and imprison in separate planets.  Years later, Andrew Hartford would discover the Corona Aurora crown.  When Mr. Hartford touched the crown, Moltor and Flurious were released from their imprisonment.  Six months later, Moltor and Flurious were attacking Earth.  Moltor set up his base inside the walls of a volcano.  Moltor had discovered the whereabouts of the Corona Aurora crown.  Moltor sent several Lava Lizards to get it.  The numerous Lava Lizards arrived on the lawn of the Hartford mansion.  Will could hear and see the arrival of the Lava Lizards before anyone else could.  The Lava Lizards battled Rose, Ronny, Dax, and Will.  The Lava Lizards were having an easy time of it, until Rose, Ronny, and Dax's abilities kicked in.  Things were not so easy for the Lava Lizards at this point.  Eventually, the four teens retreated.  They would be stopped, along with Mack, Mr. Hartford, and Spencer, on the road by Chillers.  Moments later, two of the Lava Lizards arrived and grabbed a hold of Mr. Hartford.  Some of the Lava Lizards joined the Chillers in their battled against the Power Rangers.  Moltor would arrived as well.  Moltor had tossed Mr. Hartford around, demanding to know where the Corona Aurora crown was.  Moltor was knocked off his feet by Red Ranger.  The Rangers had just finished defeating the Lava Lizards and Chillers they were battling.  Moltor got up, wanting the crown. The remaining Lava Lizards walked up to Moltor and gave him the crown.  They had overpowered Spencer.  Moltor was very happy.  Moltor then blew the top off a volcano and told the Rangers, Spencer, and Mr. Hartford, they could go after him or rescue the people in the city.  The Lava Lizards and Moltor vanished.

Moltor soon discovered the crown was a fake.  Moltor went to the Hartford mansion with several Lava Lizards.  Mr. Hartford was in his office and had just removed the real crown from the safe.  Moltor:  Very clever!  Now I'll take the real crown.  The Lava Lizards and Moltor capture Mr. Hartford and the got the real crown.  Later, several Lava Lizards were on the island of Rotondo.  Mr. Hartford had been brought there and Moltor was trying to convince Mr. Hartford to find the jewels for them.  Several Lava Lizards spotted the five teens on the beach and attacked them.  The Lava Lizards and the teens battle.  Dax managed to hop away from the battle.  Inside the volcano was a small cave with more Lava Lizards and Moltor.  Mr. Hartford still refused to help and Moltor had just tossed in a Lava Lizard to show Mr. Hartford what would happen to him.  The Lava Lizard climbed out of the pit, unharmed.  Moltor explain that molten lava doesn't effect the Lava Lizards.  Moltor then tossed in Mr. Hartford.  Mr. Hartford was saved by Dax.  Dax and Mr. Hartford landed safely.  The Lava Lizards attacked Dax.  Soon Moltor joined in the battle as well.  Mr. Hartford and Dax took off running.  The battle was back on the beach where the rest of the Lava Lizards were still battling the four teens.  Moltor arrived as well.  The five teens morphed.  The Lava Lizards and the Rangers battled.  The Lava Lizards were defeated.

The Lava Lizards brought the weather device forward to Moltor.  Moltor was very pleased.  Norg appeared on the screen and Moltor shooed away the Lava Lizards.  Flurious also appeared on the screen.  After Flurious had vanished, Moltor was ready to finish his device.  Several Lava Lizards and Moltor went to Australia and attacked a driver for Energy Agency.  The driver had tried to jump out of the vehicle, but the Lava Lizards grabbed him.  Suddenly the Rangers were there as well.  The Lava Lizards quickly removed the sub atomic generator from the truck as Moltor battled four Rangers.  The rest of the Lava Lizards battled Red Ranger.  The driver of the truck had rolled off the cliff as Red Ranger tried to protect him.  Black Ranger rescue the driver with his Hovertek.  The rescue kept the Rangers occupied and the Lava Lizards and Moltor got what they wanted.  Moltor mocked the Rangers and then told the Lava Lizards they knew what to do, before they all vanish.  Three Lava Lizards connected the sub atomic generator with Moltor's weather device.  The device worked perfectly, as it began to pour rain.  One of the Lava Lizards stated that Moltor would be pleased.  Later, three Lava Lizards were once more battling the Rangers.  Red Ranger had grabbed one and asked him what Moltor was up to.  The Lava Lizard refused to tell him.  His loyalty was not rewarded as when Moltor arrived, with more Lava Lizards, he destroyed the three that had been battling the Rangers.  Moltor had planned to destroy the world and earn his brother's respect.  The Lava Lizards and Moltor battled the Rangers.  Suddenly, the weather device went haywire and instead of rain, it began to snow.  The snow quickly turned into a snow storm and an avalanche occurred, burying four of the Rangers and their zords.  Moltor would battle Red Ranger, the only Ranger to eject from his zord.  Red Ranger would defeat Moltor.  Moltor returned to his volcano and had several Lava Lizards working on his weather device.  Moltor was furious at them, because the device was not working.  Moltor destroyed the Lava Lizards trying to repair the weather device.  Later, the weather device would turn into a monster, which the Power Rangers would destroy, and the weather would revert to normal.

Numerous Lava Lizards were inside the volcano.  Moltor was there as well and he was not happy.  Moltor:  You call yourselves the elite of my forces.  You're all failures! The Power Rangers are still our biggest threat and we don't have a single jewel.  You're all useless!  No, I have another idea.  I need one of you.  But which one?  Hmmm, let's just find out who deserves to be a part of an experiment and who does not.  The Lava Lizards went outside.  Several of them were battling one Lava Lizard.  The rest stood behind Moltor.  Moltor:  yes, yes, a good fight, but we'll see how really tough you are.  Get him!  More Lava Lizards join the fighting.  Eventually only one Lava Lizard remain.  Moltor used his power and changed the Lava Lizard to the monster Valcon.  Valcon would later be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Several Lava Lizards wee inside the volcano working on Giant Robot.  Moltor was very pleased with them.  Moltor:  This is my greatest achievement.  With this powerful machine, I'll destroy the Ranges, on my way to the jewels.  Flurious walked in with Norg and several Chillers.  Flurious:  Impressive.  Quite impressive.  Moltor:  Flurious!  Flurious asked Moltor if he could turn up the AC.  Moltor called a Lava Lizard over.  Moltor told the Lava Lizard to turn up the heat.  The Lava Lizard was more than happy to do so.  Flurious wanted them to work together.  Especially since Moltor had the Dragonizer as well.  Flurious put their plan in motion.  Several Lava Lizards and Chillers were in the city attacking citizens.  Flurious knew this would draw out the Rangers, and it did.  The Rangers battled the Lava Lizards and Chillers until they were destroyed.  The plan worked and Flurious and Moltor captured the Drive Max Megazord, with Mack trapped inside.  The Megazord was taken to a secret island.  Later, Moltor had thought his brother had taken the Megazord, while he was sent to watch Mack.  Moltor had summon several Lava Lizards to attack his brother.  They entered the small cave, where Mack was being held.  Flurious was there with several Chillers.  Moltor was ready to battle his brother.  Flurious was ready to battle Moltor, because Mack had told him Moltor planned to ambush him.  Flurious soon realized that Mack had tricked them.  Mack pretended Flurious was still going along with his plan.  Mack told Flurious that Moltor called him a wimp and Moltor that Flurious called him a nitwit.  Mack then asked them what was the story about the red sled.  Moltor and Flurious became so enraged they fought each other.  The Lava Lizards and Chillers battled each other as well.  During the battle, Mack's Tracker fell to the ground.  Mack escaped his cell and grabbed the Tracker, battling a couple of Lava Lizards and Chillers on his way out.  Flurious noticed Mack escaping.  Moltor and Flurious sent the Lava Lizards and Chillers after Mack.  The Lava Lizards and Chillers chase Mack through the woods.  Mack had managed to cross a deep ravine by picking up a heavy log and placing it across.  Mack had reached the other side safely.  A couple of Lava Lizards and a Chiller started to walked across the log.  Mack kicked the log over and the Lava Lizards and Chiller fell down into the ravine.  The rest of the Lava Lizards and Chillers were stuck on the other side.  Mack got away.

Several Lava Lizards were in the woods with Moltor.  Moltor:  I've summon Scaletex to help us.  Yes, descend!  Scaletex dropped down from the sky.  Moltor:  Welcome.  Find Kamdor and Miratrix.  Moltor wanted Scaletex and the Lava Lizards to take the parchment from Kamdor and Miratrix.  Scaletex and several Lava Lizards arrive on a beach just outside a sea cave.  Miratrix and Kamdor had just step out.  the Lava Lizards immediately began battling Miratrix and Kamdor.  Eventually the Power Rangers should up.  the Lava Lizards battled them as well.  Kamdor and Miratrix had managed to escape.  the Power Rangers destroyed the Lava Lizards and Scaletex was destroyed in the cave in.  Later, Moltor and more Lava Lizards attacked Miratrix, Kamdor, two monsters, and ninjas under an evil spell as they walk the city.  Soon the Rangers were there as well.  The Lava Lizards battled them all until they were destroyed.

Several Lava Lizards dragged in alien, Tyzonn, into the volcano where Moltor was waiting.  Moltor told Tyzonn he wanted him to get a parchment from the Rangers.  Tyzonn was surprise at such an easy task.  Moltor told Tyzonn once he got the parchment and gave it to him, their agreement would be fulfilled.  Moltor created a monster to occupy Tyzonn.  Later, several Lava Lizards were called into battle in the city.  The parchment had been torn and Red Ranger and Tyzonn each had a piece of it.  Tyzonn and Mack had managed to get away.  The four Rangers wanted to follow, but were stopped by Lava Lizards the monster had summon.  The four Rangers were kept busy battling the Lava Lizards.  blue Ranger put on the Defender Vest and turned the Lava Lizards to stone.  The four Rangers then fired on the Lava Lizards and destroyed them  Later, several more Lava Lizards appeared in the woods to stop Mack and Tyzonn from going any further.

The Lava Lizards battle Mack and Tyzonn.  At one point a couple of the Lava Lizards had Tyzonn backed up against a tree.  Suddenly Tyzonn turned into a silver liquid and bypass them.  Mack was impress.  The battle continue.  Mack used his super strength against some of the Lava Lizards and it was Tyzonn's turn to be impress.  Eventually the Lava Lizards were destroyed.  Another Lava Lizard lurked in the woods.  The Lava Lizard overheard Mack and Tyzonn's conversation and knew they were going to go after the diamond together.  The Lava Lizard reported their conversation to Moltor.  Moltor was very pleased.    Later, three Lava Lizards piloted Moltor's Lavadactyls. The teens had unknowingly lead Bullox to the crater which contain the second jewel of the Corona Aurora.  The three Lava Lizards planned to go into the crater, with the Lavadactyls, to retrieve the diamond.  Several more Lava Lizards were on the ground to prevent the Rangers and Tyzonn from stopping them.  The Lava Lizards battle the Rangers, while Bullox battle Tyzonn.  The Rangers battled and destroyed the Lava Lizards on the ground.  The Lavadactyls took off for the crater.  Soon the Sonic Streaker was pursuing them.  The Lava Lizards, in their Lavadactyls, try to outmaneuver the sonic Streaker, but the Sonic Streaker would destroy them all.

Several Lava Lizards were walking with Moltor.  Moltor had a map he had stolen from a museum in Norway.  The map was to lead him to Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor.  Suddenly, the teens arrived.  The Lava Lizards battled the teens and were doing well against them.  Eventually the Lava Lizards were destroyed.  There were more Lava Lizards waiting in the volcano when Moltor entered.  Norg was there as well.  Moltor was not happy to see Norg until Norg offered some Chiller stones.  Several more Lava Lizards and Moltor set off once more to find the hammer.  As they searched along the beach, the Rangers appeared.  Moltor tossed out several Chiller stones and the Chillers emerged.  Mercury Ranger was kept busy battling the Chillers as the Lava Lizards and Moltor left.  The Lava Lizards and Moltor continued their search, until they were confronted by Mercury Ranger.  Moltor tossed out more Chiller stones and the Chillers quickly appeared.  Black Ranger was there as well.  Once more, Moltor left as the two Rangers battled the Chillers.  Moltor had reached his destination, but he was too late.  Mercury Ranger already had the hammer.  Moltor and Mercury Ranger battled, and Moltor had the hammer.  Moltor used the hammer to demorph Mercury Ranger and Black Ranger.   Will was trapped beneath a boulder.  Tyzonn managed to free him.  The Rangers had caught up to Moltor.  Moltor sent the Lava Lizards into battled.  The Lava Lizards battled the Rangers and were eventually destroyed.  Moltor used the hammer to revive three of the Lava Lizards.  The three Lava Lizards were grown to giant size.  The Ranges quickly formed their Megazord.  then Moltor used the hammer and made the Lava Lizards even bigger.  The Lava Lizards battled the Megazord.  Two of them were destroyed.  The third one was destroyed by mercury Ranger in his Flashpoint Megazord. Moltor had lost the hammer to Mercury Ranger. 

Several Lava Lizards were with Moltor in the mountains.  Blothgaar was there as well.  Blothgaar was battling Red Ranger, who had been given bad luck by the Paedra Aztec Del compass, which Moltor had stolen and given to Blothgaar.  Red Ranger was having a difficult time against Blothgaar, and the rest of the Rangers were ready to help.  The rest of the Rangers were stopped by the Lava Lizards.  The Lava Lizards battled Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Mercury Ranger.  Eventually they were defeated.  Red Ranger had managed to get the compass back.  Pink Ranger changed the setting and the bad luck was removed from Red Ranger.  Moltor soon had numerous Lava Lizards ready to attack.  The Lava Lizards were ready to battle the Rangers.  The Transtek Armor arrived and Mercury Ranger entered it.  Mercury Ranger battled the Lava Lizards and they were soon destroyed.

Several Lava Lizards and Chillers entered San Angeles with Flurious, Moltor, Kamdor, Miratrix, the Fearcats, and Thrax, son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd.  Thrax announced they would be the ones responsible for the demise of the Power Rangers.  The Rangers soon arrived.  The Lava Lizards and the rest battled the Power Rangers.  The battle went in their favor and soon the Rangers were defeated.  The villains combined their evil energy and the universal morphing grid was greatly damaged.  The Operation Overdrive Rangers demorphed and were no more.  Sentinel Knight appeared in front of the teens.  The villains wanted to destroy him, but Thrax warned there was only one thing that could destroy Sentinel Knight and he knew where it was.  Sentinel Knight and the teens vanished. 

Several Lava Lizards were in the woods with Moltor and the Fearcats.  Moltor and the Fearcats had captured Ronny, Will, and grabbed the Sentinel sword.  Moltor slammed the Sentinel sword into the ground and placed a containment field around it.  the Fearcats were upset with Moltor, only Ronny had been part of the plan.  Moltor wanted to convert Sentinel Knight into evil, and if that didn't happen he would destroy him.  The Fearcats ask about Will.  Moltor reassured the Fearcats that he would destroy Will.  Will and Ronny had manage to escape.  The Lava Lizards, Moltor, and the Fearcats went after them.  the Fearcats manage to captured Ronny once more.  The Lava Lizards continue to search the woods, but they could not find Will.  the Lava Lizards, along with Moltor, entered the Fearcats' hideout.  the Fearcats  had Ronny and were getting ready to place her into the converter.  A Lava Lizard placed the Sentinel sword into the control panel.  The process began and Ronny's power started to drain.

Several Lava Lizards were in the Fearcats' hideout.  Moltor, the Fearcats, and Sentinel Knight were there as well.  Ronny's power was being drained by the converter.  Moltor was getting impatient.  The converter was going too slow for him.  The Fearcats told him not to worry, who was going to find them.  The screen then showed Will and Norg heading towards the outside of the hideout.  Moltor sent three Lava Lizards to deal with them.  Three Lava Lizards jumped out of the boulders.  They surrounded Will and then battled him.  Will morphed.  Norg hid behind a branch and then took off running.  The three Lava Lizards battled Black Ranger until Black Ranger destroyed them.  Black Ranger then entered the hideout.  More Lava Lizards were searching for Will inside the hideout.  One Lava Lizard spotted Will.  The Lava Lizard called out to the others that he had found Will.  The Lava Lizard battled Will, until Will knocked out the Lava Lizard.  The Lava Lizard could not get up.  Two Lava Lizards arrived and found the Lava Lizard on the ground, but no sign of Will.  After a couple of minutes, the two Lava Lizards.  The one on the ground was frustrated, as he could see Will hiding up in the ceiling and felt Will's sweat drop on him.  After the two Lava Lizards left, Will jump back down.  The Lava Lizard managed to get up.  The Lava Lizard and Will battled once more, until Will destroyed him

Several Lava Lizards were with Moltor when one of the Lava Lizards brought Moltor the Root of Heisker.  Moltor was very pleased.  The moment did not last long.  Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger arrived.  The Lava Lizards and Moltor battled the two Rangers.  The Lava Lizards put up a good fight.  Red Ranger had to transform into Red Sentinel Ranger to continue the battle.  Even so, the Lava Lizards continue to battle well against the two Rangers and eventually Red Sentinel Ranger went back to Red Ranger.  Eventually Blue Ranger joined in the battle.  The Lava Lizards were destroyed.

Numerous Lava Lizards surrounded Moltor inside the volcano.  The volcano was very unstable.  Moltor had tried, unsuccessfully, to get the Tri-Dragon key.  Moltor had returned, but was still determined to get the key.  Moltor had gathered together his army and told them of his plan to get the key.  Mack walked in.  Mack morphed.  The Lava Lizards and Moltor battled Red Ranger.   During the battle, all the Lava Lizards fell into a lava pit and were destroyed.   

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