Loki - Adam Gardiner
Thor - Mike Edward

Loki, the God of Mischief, disguised himself as Thor.  The teens were in Mexico, trying to get another jewel of the Corona Aurora, when they were attacked first by a monster created by Kamdor and now by several Chillers.  Ronny was not battling, as Mack had instructed her to guard the two relics, the hammer and the Canon of Ki Amuk.  "Thor" appeared right behind Ronny.  Ronny turned around and was stunned to see Thor.  "Thor" told her she had a nice hammer.  "Thor" tried to take the hammer from Ronny, but Ronny fought back.  Ronny told "Thor" he could have the hammer when they were done.  They were on an important mission.  "Thor" realized he was talking to the goddess Freya.  "Thor" bowed and apologized, he had not recognized her in her disguise.  Suddenly, Ronny's friends called out for help.  "Thor" offered to help her, if she gave him the hammer.  Ronny was torn.  Ronny asked "Thor" if he promised to give the hammer back when he was done.  "Thor" gave her his word.  Ronny gave "Thor" the hammer.  "Thor" was thrilled to have it.  He slammed the hammer against the ground and all the Chillers were destroyed.  The rest of the teens were also surprised to see "Thor" and Dax thought "Thor" looked taller in the movies.  Rose had pulled Ronny aside and asked her if it had been wise to give the hammer to "Thor".  Ronny reassured Rose that "Thor" had promised to give the hammer back.  Ronny reminded "Thor" was his promise, but "Thor" was not about to let go of the hammer.  He had wanted it for a long time.  "Thor" went with Ronny and Will to the Hartford mansion.  "Thor" made himself right at home, putting his feet up, and eating the delicious meal Spencer had prepared.  Spencer had "Thor" remove his feet from the dining room table.  "Thor" referred to Spencer as servant and told him to fetch him some cake.  Spencer felt sorry for "Thor's" parents.  Spencer left.  Ronny walked up and couldn't believe "Thor" had betrayed her, he had promised on his honor.  But honor meant nothing to "Thor".  "Thor" could not understand why Freya would stay with the mortals.  "Thor" made a huge diamond ring appeared in his hand and was ready to place it on Ronny's finger.  "Thor" wanted to marry Ronny and travel the galaxy together.  Ronny was stunned, after what he had just pulled.  "Thor" looked a little abashed.  Ronny had let down her team, maybe she was a fool.  Will had walked up to her and put a comforting hand on Ronny's shoulder.  "Thor" told Ronny he was a fool as well, a fool in love.  Will told "Thor" he had better lines than that and he wasn't even a god.  Eventually, Andrew entered the dining room and pleaded with "Thor" as well.  Andrew told him to just name his price.  "Thor" told Andrew he had insulted him, as a god he had everything.  Except, maybe one thing, and he reached over to touch Ronny's hand.  Ronny yanked her hand away.  Andrew started talking to himself, saying they would have to find another way to get the jewel for the Corona Aurora.  "Thor" had heard him and couldn't believe they were looking for the jewels of the gods.  "Thor" changed his attitude and told them he would be more than happy to help them find the jewel.  Ronny, Will, and Andrew were not sure whether to trust "Thor", but they had little choice.  "Thor" returned to Mexico, along with Ronny and Will.  Rose had located the stone.  "Thor" banged away at the stone, but nothing happened.  "Thor" began to get made.  Moltor and several of his Lava Lizards appeared.  The teens morphed and battled Moltor and the Lava Lizards.  Yellow Ranger had called out to "Thor" that they needed help.  But "Thor" was busy trying to break the stone.  The sky rumbled and suddenly Thor appeared.  "Thor" hid behind some stones and was impressed with Thor's entrance.  Moltor decided two Thors was too many and retreated.  The teens demorphed.  "Thor" immediately told the teens that Thor was the imposter.  Thor told Loki to give it up.  "Thor" disguised popped and Loki was revealed.  Ronny was furious and couldn't believe she had been tricked.  Loki pointed out that he had never said he was Thor, they just assumed.  Loki distracted Thor and the teens and took off running with the hammer.  Later, Loki overheard "Ronny" pinning away for him in a small row boat.  Loki appeared and wondered about "Ronny's" change of heart.  "Ronny" told him before she had thought he was the lug head Thor, but now she knew he was the clever, charming Loki.  Loki told her she had forgotten handsome.  Loki was ready to get married and whisk "Ronny" away.  "Ronny" told Loki there was a problem.  "Ronny" had promised Thor she would stay and help the mortals.  "Ronny" only wished they had something they could offer Thor in return.  Loki thought maybe the hammer.  "Ronny" reached for it, but Loki pulled it away.  Loki reminded "Ronny" that once you made a commitment to a god it was forever.  "Ronny" accept his offer and Loki gave her the hammer.  "Ronny" tossed the hammer to Thor, who had just appeared.  Thor vanished with the hammer.  Loki sweep "Ronny" into his arms and was ready to give her a kiss.  "Ronny" stopped him and removed her mask.  Loki was outraged to see it was the servant.  The mischief maker had been tricked.  Spencer reminded Loki that he had wanted cake.  Spencer picked up a cake and smashed it into his face.  Loki wanted to get angry, but he couldn't.  The cake was delicious.

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Loki Disguised as Thor

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