Norg - Kelson Henderson

Norg lives in a very snowy, artic region.  He is a very friendly creature.  Norg entered his home by a slide.  When he landed he noticed there were numerous creatures there.  Several Chillers and Flurious.  Norg was excited and hope they would be friends.  Norg faced Flurious and asked him if they were his new friends.  Flurious blasted Norg off his feet.  Norg slammed against a wall.  But the blast didn't faze him in the least and clapped happily.

Flurious was inside his ice cave.  Flurious:  So, Moltor still has the crown.  But it's useless without the jewels.  Norg!  Norg entered the cave.  Norg:  Yummy.  Norg slid down onto the floor.  Norg managed to dump the ice cream cone onto his head on the way down.  Norg:  You rang Master?  Flurious:  I've half a mind to turn you into a throw rug.  I sent you out to look for the Corona Aurora jewels.  And yet you return with nothing.  I did not want nothing!  I wanted something!  Norg thought quickly and removed the ice cream cone from his head.  Norg put some of the ice cream on his head onto the cone and offered it to Flurious.  Norg:  Ice cream!  Flurious used his staff and blasted Norg.  Norg's face was covered in ice cream.  Flurious:  Ice cream?!  I have half a mind to shave you until you resemble a naked ice rat.  Norg:  Half a mind for a throw rug...half a mind naked ice rat.  But, that only leaves one half left!  Flurious:  Find my jewels!  Norg quickly left.  Flurious was sitting on his throne, surrounded by Chillers when Norg entered once more.  Norg offered a piece of coal to Flurious.  Norg told Flurious if he sat on the coal for a thousand years, it would turn into a diamond.  Flurious was very angry with Norg and was about to strike him with his staff again, when Norg pleaded with him to wait.  Norg asked Flurious about the Rangers.  Flurious paused.  Norg thought they should find the Rangers, and then they would find the jewels.  Flurious already spotted a flaw in Norg's logic and asked him how they were going to find the Rangers, it wasn't like they were going to just drop in.  Suddenly the entire cave shook.  The screen showed the S.H.A.R.C. flying above them.  The shaking stopped.  Flurious told Norg he was as lucky as he was dim.  Norg took this as a compliment.  Flurious decided to slow down the Rangers by creating a snow storm.  Flurious watched the screen and saw the S.H.A.R.C. land.  He had them now.  The screen changed to an image of Moltor.  Moltor asked Flurious if he had seen the Rangers.  Flurious didn't hesitate in telling Moltor he had not seen the Rangers.  Moltor went off the screen.  Flurious commented that he was surrounded by nitwits before heading out the door with his Chillers.  This cause Norg to panic that he was covered in mitts and immediately started searching his fur for them.

Norg stood behind Flurious, who sat on his throne.  Flurious had been watching his screen.  It showed four of the Power Rangers battling a monster.  Flurious didn't know who was behind the battle, but thought they could use some help.  Flurious sent several of his Chillers onto the battle.  Norg mimic Flurious' orders, until Flurious whipped his head around.  Norg then ducked behind the throne.

Norg was inside Flurious' ice cave.  Flurious was using him as a foot stool.  It was quite uncomfortable.  Flurious:  No sign of the Rangers.  No report from my Chillers of any jewel activity.  And not a peep from my brother, Moltor.  Something's not right here.  Flurious hollered for Norg, although he knew Norg was right there.  Norg answered back.  Flurious wanted Norg to contact his brother.  Norg was ready to do Flurious' bidding, except he couldn't move because Flurious still had his feet on him.  Norg asked Flurious if he would mind.  Flurious replied of course not and gave Norg a big kick, which sent him sliding against the ice.  Norg contacted Mr. Moltor and told him King Flurious wanted to see him.  Flurious appeared on the screen and Norg went away.  Later, Norg stood by Flurious as Flurious watched the screen.  Norg was occupied by the dead fish bone he had in his hand.  Flurious was watching the Rangers battled Moltor and his Lava Lizards.  Flurious found it very amusing when the weather device Moltor had created went haywire and created a snow storm.  Flurious began to laugh.  Norg joined it, but abruptly stopped laughing, when Flurious gave him an angry look.  Then Flurious checked in with Moltor.  Norg stood by Flurious as Flurious asked his brother how it was going.  Moltor had just destroyed several of his Lava Lizards for wrecking his weather device.  Moltor threaten he would do the same to his furry creature.  Norg joined in the laughter, until he realized that Moltor was talking about him.  Norg took off running.  Moltor's weather device was turned into a monster.  The Rangers destroyed the monster and the weather returned to normal.  Flurious once more contacted Moltor.  Norg stood by Flurious side as Flurious asked his brother if he knew you cannot combine alien technology with human technology without a few adjustments.  Flurious assumed Moltor was absent that day.  Moltor told Flurious that he may be smarter than him, but Moltor was a warrior.  Moltor vowed he would find the Corona Aurora jewels and when he was the most powerful, Flurious would bow to him.  Flurious replied only in his dreams.

Norg followed Flurious inside Moltor's volcano.  Several Chillers were behind them.  Inside was a lot of activity.  Several Lava Lizards were working on a Giant Robot.  Flurious:  Impressive.  Quite impressive.  Moltor:  Flurious!  Flurious asked Moltor if he could turn up the AC.  Instead Moltor had one of the Lava Lizards turn up the heat.  Flurious thought Moltor and him should work together.  Especially since Miratrix had released Kamdor and had the parchment that would lead to the Torhu diamond.  Moltor agreed.  Norg was sent to another chamber and built a strong cell.  Later, Flurious and Moltor entered the chamber, with Mack in handcuffs.  Moltor wanted to destroy Mack, he was too powerful.  Flurious wanted to keep Mack around in case they need him to operate the Drive Max Megazord.  Flurious and Moltor had managed to captured the Megazord and Mack had been trapped within.  Mack was tossed into the cell.  Flurious gave NORG his staff and told him to watch the prisoner.  Norg protested, telling Flurious he did not like  weapons.  Flurious growl at him and Norg added until now.  Flurious and Moltor left.  Norg sat down.  Mack began talking to him.  Norg knew he shouldn't talk to Mack, but couldn't help himself.  Mack didn't think Flurious and Moltor got along too well for brothers.  Norg corrected him.  Norg told Mack how they called each other fun nicknames like nitwit and wimp.  Norg also told Mack he believe they got along well since the destruction of Moltor's little red sled.  Norg excitedly added that he love sleds.  Moltor entered the chamber.  Norg's mouth dropped open as Mack used the information he gave him to trick Moltor into thinking that Flurious had betrayed him.  Moltor stormed out to gather more Lava Lizards.  Flurious then entered the Chamber, upset that Moltor was not watching the prisoner.  Mack did the same thing to Flurious.  Flurious summoned his Chillers and Moltor entered with his Lava Lizards.  Moltor and Flurious fought each other as the Lava Lizards and Chillers also fought each other.  Norg became bored.  He dropped Flurious' weapon and decided he wanted to play with a leaf.  Mack had managed to escape and get back the Megazord.  The Rangers, with the Super Drive Max Megazord destroyed the Giant Robot and the Dragonizer.  After the battle, Norg was on the beach with Flurious and Moltor.  Flurious and Moltor blame each other for the failure and vowed not to work with each other again.  Flurious walked away with Norg by his side.  Flurious told Norg he was glad he had destroyed Moltor's sled.  Moltor overheard Flurious and gave a cry of outrage.  Flurious turned around.  Flurious and Moltor ran towards each other, ready to fight each other. Norg signed, once again the brothers were fighting.

Norg slide into the ice cave.  He remained on his back.  Flurious was there as well.  Norg:  I'm bored.  You want to come outside and make snow angels with me.  Flurious:  Go play in an avalanche, I have my own idea of fun.  Flurious summon his brother onto the screen.  Flurious had just heard from a Chiller that Moltor almost had the parchment.  Flurious told Moltor he heard he had the parchment that would lead to the second jewel of the Corona Aurora.  Moltor was upset as he told his brother, he almost had it until the Rangers showed up.  Flurious taunted his brother, telling him he had failed again.  Moltor vowed he would get the parchment and vanished from the screen.  Flurious chuckled, he enjoyed seeing his brother all riled up.  None of this faze Norg any and he made snow angels in the spot that he was in.

Norg slid down into his ice cave.  Flurious was there, watching his screen.  Norg noticed the screen had displayed tow creatures that looked like cats.  Norg liked kitty cats and asked Flurious if he could have one for a pet.  Flurious told him he was a pet and to play with his fleas.  Flurious walked away from Norg.  Norg proceeded to chase around an ice rat, but he didn't have any luck catching it.

Norg continue to try and chase the ice rats, paying no attention to Flurious until he started to yell at him.  Flurious:  Have you lost the last marble in your head?!  Stand up!  Norg quickly stood up.  Norg noticed the gyros in Flurious' hands.  Norg:  Ohhh, pretty.  What are they?  Norg gave a gasp as he realized what they were.  Norg:  Christmas ornaments!  Flurious:  Find me some Chillers and I be glad to show you.  Norg took off to find some Chillers.  Norg:  Chillers!  Norg quickly returned with two Chillers.  Norg:  Two Chillers.  Extra ice.  Norg walked away from the Chillers and stood beside Flurious.  Flurious:  Watch and learn my furry friend.  Flurious stepped forward and place a gyro in each Chiller.  The Chillers began to glow and then erupted into snow.  Norg was thrilled with the snow storm but puzzled as to why they needed more snow.  Flurious was angry and grabbed Norg.  Flurious told Norg to find him two warriors.  Norg quickly left.  Later, Norg returned with two destroyed Fearcats, Mig and Benglo.  Norg thought they would make great cat rugs.  Flurious lost his patience with Norg.  Flurious was ready to try his gyros on the Fearcats.  Norg hid behind some ice as Flurious placed the gyros inside the Fearcats.  The Fearcats were back and puzzled as to where they were.  Flurious told them he had saved them and he was now their master.  Norg walked out of his hiding placed as Flurious told the Fearcats to go to San Angeles and destroy the Power Rangers.  The Fearcats left.

Norg followed Flurious into the ice cave.  Norg:  Come on King Flurious!  Please!  Oh!  Oh!  Pretty please with blubber on top.  Flurious:  No!  For the last time, I'm going to retrieve the legendary Canon of Ki Amuk myself.  I wouldn't let you pilot my robot even if you were the last yeti on Earth.  Norg:  But I am the last yeti on Earth...if you don't count my cousin Sasquatch.  We don't really talk anymore.  Just then Kamdor entered the ice cave.  Kamdor destroyed the two Chillers at the entrance with his swords, turning them into snow flakes.  Flurious told Kamdor he had a lot of nerve coming in.  Kamdor had a proposal.  Kamdor had heard Flurious was going after the Canon of Ki Amuk.  Kamdor was willing to put the Mercury Ranger out of commission for him.  Flurious was puzzled, Miratrix had told him she worked alone.  Kamdor told Flurious that Miratrix does what she is told.  Kamdor would be willing to form an alliance with Flurious if he gets the canon.  They all thought over the proposal, even Norg.  Eventually Flurious agreed.  Later, Norg followed Flurious out to where the giant robot was.  Norg still wanted to drive the robot and threaten to hold his breath if Flurious did not let him.  Flurious did not care.  Norg proceeded to hold his breath and paid no attention to the fact that the Fearcats were inside the robot and took off with it.  Flurious was very angry.  Norg became out of breath and gave up.  He followed Flurious back into the throne room.  Norg and Flurious watched the screen which showed the Fearcats, inside the giant robot, battling five of the Power Rangers.  The Fearcats were doing really well.  Flurious was really mad.  Norg noticed and commented that if his blood wasn't ice cold, it would be boiling.  Norg wanted to know why Flurious was so mad.  Flurious told him the Fearcats was going to get the canon in his robot.  But that it not what happened.  Instead, the Rangers ended up with it and the robot was destroyed.  After the battle, Norg slid down into the ice cave.  Norg saw the Fearcats, Flurious, and Kamdor all battling each other.  Norg thought this would be a good time to visit his cousins, and he quietly and quickly left the cave.

Norg was sitting on Flurious' throne and enjoying himself.  Flurious walked up from behind him.  Flurious:  Why are you sitting on my throne?  Norg:  Ahh, just chillin.  Norg laughed at his own joke.  Norg:  Especially my backside.  Oh my little yeti buns feels so good.  Flurious:  Get out of there, you frozen flea hotel!  Flurious yanked Norg off his throne.  Norg:  Are you angry with me boss?  Flurious blasted Norg off his feet with his staff.  Flurious:  Why you worthless lackey!  If you don't sort yourself out, I'll throw you to the polar bears!  Flurious stormed out.  Norg was upset and decided it was time to leave.  Norg was positive if he left, Flurious would miss him.  Norg knew of only one place to go, Moltor's.  Norg entered Moltor's volcano and was standing on Moltor's throne, when Moltor and several Lava Lizards entered.  Moltor was not happy to see Norg.  Norg told Moltor he had left Flurious and wanted to work for him.  Moltor didn't have any use for Norg and told him so.  Norg offered Moltor several Chiller stones.  Moltor was impressed and decided to keep Norg.  Norg was thrilled, thinking they would go on a treasure hunt.  Instead Moltor told him he would be keeping the place clean and told him to get off of his throne.  Norg did so with a salute.  Later, Norg was getting quite warm in the volcano.  He began to wonder if Flurious missed him yet.  Norg had a wonderful daydream.  Flurious was missing him dreadfully and regretting speaking to Norg so harshly.  Norg entered and Flurious was very happy to see him.  Norg and Flurious clasp hands and spun around together.  Flurious offered Norg his throne and had him put his feet up on him.  Flurious offered to get Norg an ice cream.  The day dream delighted Norg and Norg was positive Flurious had missed him.  After awhile, Norg was still sweltering.  He had removed his shorts and was down to his underwear.  Norg missed his ice den dreadfully.  Moltor walked in and began yelling at Norg.  The Chiller stones Norg had given him had turned out to be a big failure.  Norg had had enough and told Moltor he was returning to Flurious.  He also told Moltor that he was glad Flurious had broken his red sled, even though Norg loved sleds.  Norg returned to the ice cave, fully expecting Flurious to be thrilled to see him.  Instead Flurious yelled at Norg.

Norg try to stay balance on one foot while holding an antenna.  He even had some tin foil wrapped around his head.  Flurious was watching the screen.  It showed the Power Rangers battling a monster Kamdor had created.  Flurious was pleased.  The monster could destroy the Rangers, and if not, they would be so exhausted, Flurious would destroy them.  The screen went fuzzy as Norg had lost his balance.  Flurious yelled at him and told him he was not a very good antenna.  Norg was trying very hard. 

Flurious stormed into his ice cave.  Norg was building a snowman.  Flurious was upset.  His brother had the crown and now Kamdor and Miratrix had one of the jewels.  Flurious yelled out what did he have.  Norg happily told him he had him and Clarence, his snow man.  Flurious blasted the snow man into pieces and the blast knock Norg off his feet.  Norg sat up and told Flurious that now he had him.  Flurious yelled back that he had nothing.  This made Norg sad.  Flurious still had a plan and began to laugh.  Norg tried to join in the laugher, but Flurious glared at him.  Norg stopped and looked down.  Flurious continued to laugh.

Norg slid down into the ice den.  He landed on his face and when he emerged his head was surround by an ice block.  Norg now knew what a brain freeze was.  Norg managed to get the ice block off and walked over to Flurious, who was sitting on his throne.  Norg had found a box just outside the cave and brought it to Flurious.  Flurious opened the box and a green glow emitted from it.  A voice told them he would help them find the jewels.  Norg and Flurious left and soon entered a cave.  Moltor and the Fearcats were already there.  Soon Kamdor and Miratrix entered as well.  Kamdor was angry and thought Flurious had transported them to the cave.  Flurious told them he hadn't, he had been invited.  A creature entered the room.  The creature introduced himself as Thrax - son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd.  Miratrix recognized his name and told him she had thought he was banished.  Thrax told them he had battled against Sentinel Knight and Sentinel Knight had defeated him.  Thrax had been banished into a dumpster and placed on the moon.  But evil like his could not be contain and as Sentinel Knight grew weaker, Thrax grew stronger and soon he brought free.  Thrax wanted them to find the jewels, but pointed out who always stopped them - the Power Rangers.  Kamdor noted the Power Rangers were strong.  Thrax told them if they worked together they could destroy the Power Rangers.  An argument broke out.  Thrax amended, telling them it would be a temporary alliance until the Rangers were destroy.  Then they could plunder the Earth for the jewels.  All agreed.  Norg stayed in the cave as the rest left to battle the Rangers.  They had been successful and managed to damage the universal morphing grid, which took away Operation Overdrive's powers.  Later, Flurious would enter upset.  Although Operation Overdrive Rangers were no more, new Rangers had arrived.  The Green Mystic Force Ranger, Red S.P.D. Ranger, Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger, Blue Ninja Storm Ranger, and Black Mighty Morphin Ranger were just as much of a nuisance.  Thrax assured them all that things would get better.  Thrax had created a monster for them to use to destroy the Rangers.  While the rest battled the Rangers, Thrax plan to have his revenge against Sentinel Knight.  Thrax's plan would failed, and Thrax would be destroyed as well.

Norg had a day off and decided to go for a walk.  He was enjoying his walk, unaware that he was being followed by six teens.  The Fearcats were also close by and had put up a Lamporean Force Field.  Norg could pass through the force field with ease.  During his walk, he managed to step on a very large splinter.  It hurt a lot.  Norg sat down and made sounds of pain.  He couldn't reach his foot to remove the splinter.  Two teens approached him, Rose and Tyzonn.  Tyzonn was ready to help, but Rose urged caution.  Tyzonn asked Norg to take it easy and was surprised when Norg told him where it hurt.  Tyzonn didn't know Norg could talk.  Norg responded he could talk without yelling if he would just remove the splinter.  Tyzonn went to his foot and pulled out the splinter.  Norg immediately felt better.  He got up and gave Tyzonn and Rose a big hug.  Rose recognized him as a yeti, the abominable snowman.  Large, smelly, and not too smart.  Norg told her to stop, she was making him blush.  Just then Mig walked towards them.  Norg recognized the Fearcat and took off running.  After awhile, Norg would run into Tyzonn again.  Only this time Tyzonn was in trouble.  Tyzonn and Rose had battled Mig earlier and now Tyzonn was on the ground and still.  Sentinel Knight was there to protect Tyzonn.  Norg told him he could help.  Norg started to perform a dance with his stick.  Norg was unaware of Rose and her friends running up.  Norg took a pouch off his stick and spread the fumes over Tyzonn.  Within moments, Tyzonn opened his eyes.  Tyzonn thanked Norg.  Norg looked up and noticed the Red Ranger.  Mack told Norg they were all Rangers.  This scared Norg and he took off running.  Later, Norg returned to his ice den.  Flurious was there, sitting on his throne.  Flurious asked Norg what he had been doing.  Norg told him he had decided to talk a walk.  As usual, Flurious was very upset with Norg and told him he hoped he enjoyed his day off, because it would be the last one he would get.  Flurious yelled at Norg that he was trying to take over the world.  Did Norg think the Rangers were walking in the woods.  Norg tried to tell Flurious they were, but he couldn't get a word out as Flurious continued to yell at him.

Norg slide into the ice den and landed on his face.  He had a basket full of sardines.  Flurious walked in and asked him what he was doing.  Norg was very excited as he told Flurious he was getting ready for the trick or treaters.  Norg told Flurious for some reason, they were always dressed as penguins.  Flurious told Norg he is the pet he never wanted, which Norg took as a compliment.  The screen showed one of Flurious' gyros was being use.  Flurious immediately guess it must be the Fearcats.  Norg was excited, cats like sardines.  Flurious ignored him.  Flurious told Norg to gathered the Chillers.  Norg did so.  Norg, Flurious, and several Chillers were in the woods when they ran into Will.  Will was not happy to see them and told them he didn't have time for them.  Flurious added that it was always an inconvenient time for Will to see them.  Flurious had his Chillers attack.  Will morphed into the Black Ranger.  As Black Ranger battled the Chillers, Flurious told Norg to find the Fearcats' hideout and find out what was going on.  Norg took off.  Later, Norg ran into Will once more.  Norg recognized Will as a Power Ranger and asked him if he was being captured.  Will told Norg to considered himself captured.  Will asked Norg several questions, but Norg didn't have the answer to any of them.  Will told Norg to stay put and continued on his way.  Norg was very sad.

Norg spotted Will and walked up to him in the woods.  Will was puzzling over several trails ahead of him.  Will:  Which direction did they go?  Norg:  That is the oldest trick in the book.  Norg waved at Will.  Will:  I thought I told you to sit.  Norg:  yeah, but then I remembered that Flurious told me to find the Fearcats' secret hideout first.  Yeah, I'm trying to make myself useful.  Will:  Sounds difficult.  Will walked away to examine the trails.  Norg:  Yeah.  Norg then followed Will.  Norg:  Look, see they want us to follow those tracks, but they didn't go that way.  Will:  How do you know?  Norg:  Oh, yetis are very good trackers.  It runs in our blood.  Norg started counting off on his fingers.  Norg:  We also eat a lot of blubber...Will:  Wait a second.  Go back to that tracking thing.  How do you know they didn't go this way?  Norg:  Simple.  These tracks head west, towards the mountains.  Norg told Will that the Fearcats and the mountain goats don't get along.  Norg then told him about the other trails as well.  Will realized Norg could be useful and asked if they could work together.  Norg started shaking his head no.  He didn't think Flurious would like that.  Will suggested that Norg follow the trail and he would just follow Norg.  Norg agreed to that.  Norg followed the tracks and after awhile, he found the Fearcats' hideout.  Will was disappointed, it was a pile of boulders.  Will told Norg he should have known better than to trust him.  Norg pointed that this was where the tracks ended.  Three Lava Lizards then came jumping out of the boulders.  Will realized that Norg was right and told him he wasn't as dim as he thought.  Norg had grabbed a branch and hid behind it.  When he heard Will, he told him thanks.  Will was battling the three Lava Lizards.  Norg figured he had done what Flurious had wanted and it was time to return home.  Norg quickly ran.  Later, he entered the ice den.  Flurious was sitting on the throne.  Flurious told Norg maybe it was his fault.  Next time, Flurious screamed at Norg, when you find the hideout, then you call him.  Norg took Flurious' yelling in stride.  The bell rang and Norg quickly grab his basket of sardines for his penguins trick or treaters.

Norg woke up to the sound of Flurious yelling for him.  Norg did not feel well at all and had a bad cold.  Norg slid down and landed at Flurious' feet.  Flurious asked him what was wrong.  Norg told him how yesterday he had played with his favorite sea lion and today he woke up like this.  But Flurious did not really care.  The screen had shown another Fearcat had arrive and Flurious was upset about it.  Flurious told Norg to gather the Chillers, track the Fearcats, and destroy them.  Norg gathered the Chillers and did Flurious' bidding.  Norg searched for the Fearcats, with a group of Chillers right behind him.  Norg soon came across the Power Rangers battling the new Fearcat, Crazer.  Norg remain hidden, along with the Chillers as they watch the battle.  Eventually Crazer retreated.  Norg continued with his search.  He stumbled upon Benglo and Mig in the woods and overheard them talking about getting the Octavian Chalice.  Norg and the Chillers stayed hidden, but Norg accidentally sneezed and it hit the Fearcats.  Benglo and Mig turned around, ready to battle.  The Chillers went into battle.  Norg rooted for the Chillers, but they were destroyed the Benglo and Mig.  Norg decided now was a good time to return home.  Later, Norg entered the ice den.  Flurious was very angry with him.  Flurious held his staff up and was prepare to destroy him.  Flurious asked Norg if he had any last words.  Norg quickly told Flurious that he had found out Benglo and Mig were after the Octavian Chalice.  Flurious paused for a moment.  Flurious now knew what the Fearcats were up to.  Flurious told Norg he would live to sneeze another day.

Norg and Flurious were in the woods.  Norg was humming and singing as he walked along.  Norg:  I just love the forest!  Flurious replied they were not here to tip toe through the tulips.  Norg found a tree that was perfect for butt scratching and preceded to do so.  Flurious took a good look at the tree and told Norg he better move unless he wanted to be yeti roast.  Norg quickly moved.  Flurious used his staff and blasted the tree.  Minerva's Staff fell from the tree and onto the ground.  Norg picked it up and thought it was a toothpick.  Flurious grabbed the staff from Flurious.  Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger arrived.  Flurious summoned his Chillers.  The four Rangers battled the numerous Chillers.  Norg went off to pick flowers.  After awhile, Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger left to go after another relic.  Pink Ranger and Black Ranger stayed and continued to battle the Chillers.  Eventually the two Rangers destroyed the Chillers.  Flurious thought of his foot soldiers as a useless army.  Flurious told Norg it was time to go.  Norg walked up to Flurious with a bunch of flowers and shown it to him.  Flurious grabbed the flowers, dropped them to the ground, and smashed them with his foot.  Flurious then used Minerva's staff on the two Rangers.  They landed on the ground hard and Flurious vanished, along with Norg.

Norg slid down into the ice den and landed by Flurious sitting on his throne.  Flurious was laughing.  Norg joined in and then asked Flurious what was so funny.  Flurious told him the Power Ranger had destroyed the Fearcats.  Norg laughed but then became confused, didn't they hate the Power Rangers.  The screen came on and it was Moltor.  Moltor was glade to see the end of the Fearcats and was determined to get the jewels.  Flurious told Moltor he was going to make him an offer and he would make it only this one time.  Flurious asked Moltor to join his army and worked for him.  Moltor was outraged and told Flurious he would never work for him.  Flurious told him he would remembered and Moltor vanished from the screen. 

Norg was inside his ice den cleaning.  Norg:  After I'm done mopping the floor, then I'd dust the ice crystals off Flurious' throne.  And then he will appreciate me.  Norg held up the mop he was talking to and gave it a small wave.  Norg:  Won't you?  Behind him was Flurious.  Flurious:  Norg!  What ridiculous thing are you doing now!?  Norg turned around and faced Flurious.  Norg:  I'm trying to keep a nice den for you, master, so that you will appreciate me.  I don't want a clean dent, and I don't want an obedient pet.  I want the jewels of the Corona!  Flurious lifted his staff and blasted the feather duster in Norg's hand.  Norg felt bad.  Norg decided to get what Flurious wanted.  Norg left the ice cave and hi inside Kamdor's hideout.  Norg had place a rock on top of his head and tried to blend in with the rest of the rocks inside the cave.  Norg saw Kamdor's hiding place for the blue sapphire.  Kamdor used the sapphire and then placed it back in it's hiding place.  Norg waited until Kamdor left the cave before he started searching for the hiding place.  He knew where it was, but could not open the hidden panel within the walls.  Norg even tried to use a evil ninja pose like Kamdor, but the panel did not open.  Dejected, Norg sat down.  He thought Flurious was right, he was useless.  Then the jewel fell into his hands.  Norg was thrilled and knew that Flurious would be happy with him.  Norg raced back to his ice den and slid down the pole.  Kamdor had been destroyed by the Black Ranger and Flurious wondered how he would find the blue sapphire.  Norg try to get his attention, but Flurious ignore him.  Norg made enough commotion that Flurious finally turned around.  Norg held up the blue sapphire to Flurious.  Flurious grabbed the jewel and began to laugh.  Flurious was very happy to have a jewel of the Corona Aurora.  Norg was very hopeful as he told Flurious he was not useless and hope Flurious liked him now.  With a sneer, Flurious asked Norg is he was still here and then told him to go and play.  Flurious left.  Norg was very sad.  He sat down and wondered why his plan did not work.

Norg slid down into the ice den.  Flurious was there and he was laughing as he held up the blue sapphire.  Norg:  Hey boss!  What ya doing?  Flurious:  Shaking things up a bit for Moltor.  Don't bother me!  Flurious told Norg to pick the lint out of his belly button.  Norg took him at his word and managed to produce a huge ball of lint out of his stomach.  But Flurious was not impressed.  Later, Norg was still in the ice den, playing with his lint, when Moltor stumbled in.  Moltor had the crown and a prisoner.  Moltor told Flurious he wanted to work with him to get the jewels.  The girl was someone the mercurian was interested in.  Flurious took the offered crown from a reluctant Moltor.  Flurious instructed Norg to take the prisoner.  Norg happily walked over and gave the girl a hug.  Norg then watched stunned as Flurious offered Moltor his throne to sit, blasted him into ice and then shattered him into thousands of pieces.  Norg would take the girl to a cell and he managed to get her a fish to eat.  Later, Norg checked on the girl.  The girl thanked him for the fish.  Norg cheerfully bragged that he had caught the fish with his two feet.  The girl told Norg he was not like the others.  The girl introduced herself as Vella, she had been looking for her friend Tyzonn.    Norg excitedly told Vella that he had a friend named Tyzonn as well.  Tyzonn had pulled a long splinter from his foot once.  Norg suggested their two Tyzonns should meet.  Vella told Norg there could be only one Tyzonn.  Norg told Vella that his Tyzonn had silver eyes, and then realized that Vella had silver eyes as well.  Norg was very happy when he realized they were talking about the same Tyzonn.

Norg and Vella stood among numerous Chillers in the ice den.  Flurious had achieved what he wanted.  Flurious had the crown and all five jewels.  Flurious was ready to wreck the planet.  As the Chillers roared their approval, Norg piped up and cheered for King Flurious as well.  Flurious noticed Norg and Vella.  Flurious walked over and told Norg he was no longer in his service.  Flurious left a few Chillers behind to take care of his "guests".  Norg was excited and asked Vella if she thought the Chillers would fix them lunch.  Vella knew what Flurious really meant.  Vella told Norg that when Flurious meant take care of us, he meant take care of us.  Norg suddenly understood.  The Chillers approached to destroyed them.  Vella was surprised when Norg yelled at the Chillers and suddenly started battling them.  A couple of Chillers had grab Vella, but Norg knocked them off.  Norg managed to destroy the Chillers.  Norg and Vella escaped the ice den.  They traveled south.  There was one small stop as they ran into some geraniums and Norg stopped to eat them.  Norg and Vella were found by Spencer who lead them to the front of the Hartford mansion.  The Rangers had successfully destroyed Flurious and the Chillers.  The Corona Aurora was back with Sentinel Knight and the teens were saying their goodbyes to Mr. Hartford and Mack.  Tyzonn had just said he was going to search the galaxy for Vella when Spencer came around to the front.  Spencer told Tyzonn he wouldn't have far to look.  Norg and Vella were right behind Spencer.  Tyzonn was thrilled to see Vella.  Tyzonn ran towards her.  Vella and Tyzonn hugged.  Spencer lead Norg up to Mr. Hartford and told him how Norg had destroyed some Chillers and rescue Vella.  Mr. Hartford planned on giving fields of geraniums to Norg.  Norg was very happy.

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