Fresno Bob - John Summer

Fresno Bob is head of the Scorpion Syndicate.  He had heard, along with the rest of the five cartels, that Ziggy was back in the city.  In fact, Ziggy was holding auditions for the Green Ranger.  Ziggy had stepped out of the auditorium and was looking at the long line of people.  Fresno Bob and his two men hid among the crowd.  Ziggy:  Not you.  Not you.  Definitely not you.  Fresno Bob stepped out.  Fresno Bob:  What about me?  Ziggy was very nervous.  Ziggy:  Fresno Bob!  Hey, there you are.  It's funny, I've been looking for you everywhere.  Fresno Bob:  Well today is your lucky day, because you found me.  Two of Fresno Bob's men flanked Ziggy.  Ziggy:  Hold on, I know what you are thinking.  You're probably saying to yourself...Fresno Bob:  Where is it?  Ziggy:  Right.  Where is it?  That's the million dollar question.  Fresno Bob pointed out that it was more like five million dollar question.  The two men got a hold of Ziggy and they all went out to the back alley.  Fresno Bob wanted his money and if Ziggy didn't have it, then his men were going to pound it out of Ziggy.  Before anything could happen, they all heard whistling.  Fresno Bob looked around, along with the rest, but no one could see where the whistling was coming from.  Suddenly a young woman leaped in the alleyway.  She easily fought and defeated the two men.  The young woman referred to Fresno Bob as Jabba and asked him if he wanted to take her.  Fresno Bob backed away, but he made the threat that she would regret what she had done.  Fresno Bob warned Ziggy that everyone knew he was back, and that he had better come see him.  Fresno Bob and his men walked away.  Later, Fresno Bob and several of his men were at the racetrack.  Fresno Bob was very surprised when Ziggy showed up.  Ziggy handed him a book bag.  Fresno Bob pointed out that what Ziggy owed was more than what the bag could hold.  Once again, the young woman appeared.  The young woman was Tenaya 7.  Tenaya 7 yanked Ziggy aside and demanded the bag from Fresno Bob.  Fresno Bob was not about to give up the bag.  He then realized Tenaya 7 was the same girl from earlier.  Ziggy made his get away as Tenaya 7 fought Fresno Bob's men once more and defeated them.

Fresno Bob knew Ziggy from the days before the Venjix virus had struck.  At that time, Ziggy had wanted to work for him.  Fresno Bob:  Ziggy, Ziggy, Ziggy.  I really want you to become a member of our Scorpion cartel, but when you fail your driver's license for the fifth time.  Ziggy:  Fourth!  That guy he's got to be discharge from the hospital before he can officially flunk me.  Fresno Bob:  I start to have my doubts as to whether or not you have what it takes to become a part of our criminal enterprise.  You have to know who you are on the inside.  Ziggy:  Fresno Bob trust me, I ...I know who I am, on the inside and out.  The ground and building began to shake.  There was a TV on.  TV Announcer:  This is an emergency broadcast.  There've been reports of anatomic soldiers thought to be controlled by the internet virus Venjix.  World leaders are advising people to flee to the dome of Corinth city.  Fresno Bob and his cartel fled to Corinth city.  They brought alone Ziggy.  They were not the only cartel to come to the city.  Ronin's Blue Crew, Spike Mike & The Boys, The Southern Sweet Tooth, and The Yo-Yo Brothers also came into the city.  Despite his misgivings, Fresno Bob had Ziggy work for them.  Ziggy was trained by Benny.  Time would passed and Ziggy left the city.  Fresno Bob did not see Ziggy again until the Ranger Green auditions.  That did not turn out well, especially since Ziggy became the Green Ranger.  Weeks had passed when Dillon and Summer came to see him.  They had questions about Ziggy and what he had did when he was with Fresno Bob.  Fresno Bob:  I'll tell you what he did.  It's not like it's any secret.  There was the truck.  Dillon:  Truck?  What truck?  Fresno Bob told them the story.  He remembered sitting across from Ziggy with a map between them.  Fresno:  You'll find it parked right here on this corner.  All you have to do is drive it across town and bring it here.  Ziggy had been surprised how easy the job was.  Fresno Bob let him know that there was millions of dollars worth of cargo in the car.  All five cartels were involved in the job.  Ziggy had reassured Fresno Bob that he could trust him.  Instead Ziggy had taken off with the truck and then disappeared from the city.  Fresno Bob was furious and assumed that Ziggy had gotten greedy and wanted it all to himself.  Ziggy was back in jail, no longer the Green Ranger, and Fresno Bob was determined to get him this time.  He sent two men to the jail.  The two men knocked out the security guards and brought Ziggy to Fresno Bob at their headquarters.  The rest of the cartels were there as well.  They surrounded Ziggy in a circle.  Fresno Bob plan to make an example out of Ziggy.  He only had one question for Ziggy, why did he do it.  Ziggy didn't answer, except to say that he would do it again.  Fresno Bob was going to make sure Ziggy never did anything again.  There was a sound and suddenly a figure in a white cloak was there.  The hood was lifted and it was a young woman.  The young woman (Dr. K) had a huge laser cannon with her.  Some of Fresno Bob's men laughed at her and asked her what she was going to do with it.  Dr. K responded that was a very good question and fired it.  Before Dr. K had fired, Ziggy had jumped behind the counter.  Now the men that had laughed at her were standing in only their underwear.  Dr. K pointed the cannon to several other men and they took off.  Dr. K wanted to know if there were any other questions.  Fresno Bob, holding his toupee, asked Dr. K what it was she wanted.  Dr. K replied that she wanted him.  Ziggy was pleased and joined Dr. K.  They both left the building and Ziggy was restored to the Green Ranger.

Fresno Bob sent several of his men out to capture Ziggy.  Although the men found Ziggy, they returned without Ziggy.  Fresno Bob was not happy.  Fresno Bob:  Ghost him!  Thug:  What can I say boss?  Ziggy's a slippery little guy.  Fresno Bob:  One more word out of you and...Tenaya 15:  And you'll what?  Fresno Bob:  You!  The thugs grab a hold of Tenaya 15, but Fresno Bob wave them away.  Fresno Bob:  It's okay.  The thugs waited just outside Fresno Bob's office.  Tenaya 15 sat down in front of Fresno Bob's desk.  Fresno Bob:  You got some nerve lady.  You better have a good reason for barging into my office or I'm personally going to make you regret it.  Tenaya 15:  I suggest we pull our resources.  You control the truck drivers, correct?  Fresno Bob:  Truck drivers?  Yeah.  So what?  Tenaya 15:  I have a job for you.  Fresno Bob:  So tell me, why should I help you?  Tenaya 15:  Because, in return, I'll give you what you really want.  Ziggy Grover.  Tenaya 15 wants a briefcase that is held in a facility that is heavily guarded.  If Fresno Bob gets the briefcase, she would turn over Ziggy Grover to him.  Fresno Bob agrees.  He sent out one of his men, disguised as a truck driver, to get the briefcase.  After awhile, the truck driver delivers the briefcase to Fresno Bob.  Fresno Bob opens the briefcase and is very pleased.  Fresno Bob and a couple of his men left for the racetrack.  The limo pulls up, where Tenaya 15, Ziggy, and several Grinders were already there.  Fresno Bob and his men get out of the limo.  Tenaya 15 tells Fresno Bob she will give him the runt once he turns over the briefcase.  Ziggy doesn't appreciate the runt comment.  Fresno Bob tells Ziggy to forget about it as it will all be over soon.  One of Fresno Bob's men gives the briefcase to a Grinder.  The Grinder gives the briefcase to Tenaya 15.  Tenaya 15 opens the briefcase and is very pleased.  Fresno Bob is ready for Ziggy, but Tenaya 15 tells him she expected more form him and adds that Ziggy is too valuable to give to Fresno Bob.  Fresno Bob is furious and states you can't trust machines.  Ziggy grabs his  morpher from Tenaya 15's belt.  Ziggy yells at Fresno Bob and his men to get away.  Ziggy morphs.  Before Fresno Bob and his men can reach the limo, they are surrounded by several Grinders.  Green Ranger breaks away from his battle with Tenaya 15 and heads over to Fresno Bob and his men.  Green Ranger battles several of the Grinders and yells at Fresno Bob and his men to get away.  Green Ranger helps them reach the limo.  Fresno Bob and his men take off.  At the end of the day, Fresno Bob and his two men enter the garage.  Ziggy was trying to get away and had just explain to Flynn, Scott, Gem, Gemma, Summer, and Dillon that you can't talk to Ziggy.  From behind, Fresno Bob tells Ziggy he is disappointed.  Ziggy is about to take off and two of Fresno Bob's men grab him.  Gem, Gemma, Summer, Dillon, Flynn, and Scott run towards them.  Fresno Bob tells Ziggy that his opinion of Ziggy has change since Ziggy save his life.  Fresno Bob has decided that Ziggy they are even.  Fresno Bob and his men start to leave.  Ziggy calls out that he knew he had it in him and refers to him as Bobareno.  Fresno Bob pauses, turns around and warns Ziggy not to push his luck.  Fresno Bob and his men leave.      

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