Knuckles Nelson

Knuckles and his partner burst into a convenience and immediately began harassing the cashier.  Knuckles:  Open the register!  Make it fast!  The cashier nervously tried to open the register.  Knuckles:  Faassst!!  The cashier tried to move faster.  Knuckles:  A little bit faster.  A young man walked up to the cashier.  Ziggy:  Excuse me, I hate to be a bother, but this whipped cream is well past it's sell by date.  Knuckles:  Ziggy?  Ziggy:  Is that Knuckles Nelson from the Yo-Yo Brothers?  I thought Fresno Bob ghosted you a long time ago.  Knuckles walked over and grabbed Ziggy by his jacket.  Ziggy:  But I guess not.  Ziggy sprayed cream onto Knuckles face.  Knuckles and Ziggy began fighting.  Knuckles' partner fought Scott.  Knuckles and his partner were defeated.  Ziggy sprayed more cream on Knuckles' face.  Ziggy:  Let that be a lesson.  You mess with the Zigmister and you take your life in your hands.  Scott:  You okay Madam?  Cashier:  Yes.  Ziggy had spray some of the cream into his mouth and now spit it out.  Ziggy:  That really was past the use by date.  Suddenly the door burst down and Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger were there.  Scott:  What are you doing here?  Gold Ranger:  We saw from outside   Silver Ranger:  and we wanted to get in on the action.  Knuckles:  Let's bolt.  Knuckles and his partner took off, racing past construction worker or pushing them aside.  Knuckles:  Get out of the way!  Scott and Ziggy had split up.  Ziggy had morphed.  Green Ranger had teleported and ended up hanging upside down from a stairwell.  Green Ranger:  Okay, not good!  Not good!  Knuckles and his partner laughed and continued on their way.  Scott was standing in front of them.  Knuckles and his partner fought Scott, but were defeated.  Green Ranger:  See, I distracted them.  Works every time.

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