Hector - Andrew Stehlin
Ronin - Gary Young

The city of Corinth was created as refuge for people to escape to, once Venjix had conquered most of Earth.  All kinds of people fled to Corinth, including not so nice guys.  Corinth also houses a prison.  The prison has several inmates.  There were two leaders.  One, Hector, had a small group that he rules.  Ronin, the other leader, had the rest of the inmates under his control.  They both had dealings with Ziggy, that did not turn out well.  Word soon got out that Ziggy was in prison.  Hector and his two friends walked down the hall towards Ziggy's cell.  Ziggy was not alone, as Dillon was with him.  Hector taunted Ziggy to make out his will, and his friends joined in.  They continued on their way.  Ronin and the rest of the prisoners were having lunch when Ziggy and Dillon walked in.  Ronin was surprised that Ziggy would show his face after the stunt he had pulled.  Ziggy told him he had brought Dillon along to explain things.  Ronin asked Dillon if he was with Ziggy, and Dillon told him no.  Ronin grabbed Ziggy and slammed him down onto a table.  The rest of the inmates surrounded the terrified Ziggy.  Ronin told Ziggy that he had no respect.  Ronin had respect, even in here.  Ronin pointed out that last bit of red jell-o and that it was for him.  No one would touch the red jell-o out of respect for him.  Ronin told Ziggy he was a loser and an outcast.  Ronin planned to teach Ziggy a lesson.  Suddenly there was a clanging noise.  Ronin turned around to see that Dillon had taken the last of the red jell-o.  Ronin suggested to Dillon that he take the lime, it was just as good.  Dillon told him then he wouldn't mind eating it.  Ronin was furious.  Ronin started a fight with Dillon.  The rest of the inmates joined in, Ziggy being forgotten.  Ronin and his group fought hard against Dillon, but they were defeated.  Ronin and the rest laid on the floor in a great deal of pain.  Ziggy gloated and called them ladies, asking them how did they like him now.  A few moments later, Hector and his friends walked in.  Hector walked up to Dillon and told him he was sitting in his chair.  Ziggy tried to warn Hector, but Hector didn't listen.  Hector and his friends soon found themselves tumbling down the stairs.

Dillon was released from prison and a few days later, Ziggy was released as well.  Hector and the other prisoners were very angry to see Ziggy go.  Ziggy was escorted down the hall and many prisoners made a grab for him.  Ziggy gloated that he would now be working for the Power Rangers.  Hector warned Ziggy to watch his back. 

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