Spike Mike & The Boys

Spike Mike & The Boys is a cartel that fled to Corinth City when the Venjix virus struck.  They were not the only cartels to come to Corinth City and the city has a total of five cartels.  The cartels ran independently of each other until a big job came down.  There was a truck that was full of cargo that was worth millions.  Fresno Bob of the Scorpion cartel organized it and all five the cartels were involved in the job.  Fresno Bob had assigned Ziggy pick up the truck, where it had been left, and drive it to headquarters.  Ziggy never show up with the truck and then left the city.  Spike Mike & The Boys was furious.  Time passed, and Spike Mike & The Boys learned that Ziggy was back and in jail.  Fresno Bob had some his men defeat the security guards and take Ziggy from his cell to the warehouse.  Spike Mike & The Boys, along with Ronin's Blue Crew, The Southern Sweet Tooth, The Yo-Yo Brothers, and Scorpion cartel surrounded Ziggy in a circle.  Fresno Bob walked up to Ziggy and asked him why he did it.  Ziggy didn't answer, except to tell him he would do it again.  Fresno Bob then told Ziggy that he would never be doing anything again.  Suddenly a figure in a white cloak appeared.  The hood was removed and it was a young woman (Dr. K).  Dr. K pulled out a large laser cannon.  Some of Fresno Bob's men laughed and asked her what it was.  Dr. K told them that was an excellent question and demonstrated it by firing it.  Fresno Bob's men were now only standing in their underwear.  The second blast knocked them off their feet.  Dr. K asked if there were any more questions.  Spike Mike & The Boys took off before Dr. K could fire the cannon at them.  Ziggy would leave with Dr. K.

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