Dayu - Voiced by Kate Elliott

Dayu had been trapped on a boat with Master Xandred, when the boat finally broke through the surface of the Sanzu River in the Netherworld.  Octoroo got on the boat.  Dayu strumming her Harmonium.  Octoroo:  It's good to be on board again.  So Dayu, where's the big red one?  Dayu says nothing.  Octoroo:  Come on!  Answer me!  Just where is that barnacle of a boss?!  Where's Master Xandred?  Out with it!  Dayu:  Octoroo, I get it.  You missed him.  Octoroo:  Come on!  Tell me, tell me, please.  You're the only one who knows.  We've been without our leader for so long.  We need him back!  Sure he's mean to me, but that's just boss being boss.  Behind a woven door hanging, came a voice.  Master Xandred:  Silence you fool!  Master Xandred came through the door.  Master Xandred:  I have a splitting headache this morning!  So zip those lips unless you want to spend the morning untying those noodles you call a face.  Master Xandred stormed past Octoroo and sat on the floor.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh, you're pretty grumpy for someone talented enough to talk with his mouth closed.  Octoroo pounded his staff on the floor and looked over at the two Moogers.  Octoroo:  You two quickly!  Give him his medicine to ease his aching noggin.  The two Moogers walked over to Master Xandred.  One of them gave him a bowl.  Master Xandred:  Hurry up!  The other Mooger poured the medicine into the bowl and then they both stepped away.  Octoroo:  That should help.  Master Xandred drinks it.  Octoroo:  You'll be back to normal in no time.  Feel better?  Master Xandred had finished taking his medicine and was calmer.  Master Xandred:  I don't even want to think about what I had to endure because of those lousy Samurai Rangers.  Good thing I destroyed them all.  Octoroo felt uncomfortable.  Octoroo:  Oh, great Master Xandred, how should I say this?  I thought you knew about the Rangers.  They survived!  Dayu stopped her playing.  Dayu:  Are you joking?  Master Xandred:  What?!  Master Xandred stood up furiously.  Master Xandred:  Those brats defeated me!  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh, calm down Master.  Tooya enters the boat.  Tooya:  Oh yeah, let's get this party started!  I see that Master Xandred is back in charge, so let's celebrate.  Master Xandred becomes even more angry.  He slams his weapon against the boat hard enough to make it rock dangerously.  Master Xandred shouts, unbelievable!  How did those brats defeat me?!  Octoroo tells him to forget celebrating.  That mouth on your skirt is as ugly as Master Xandred's mood.  Tooya replies, hey, if anyone got hit with the ugly stick, it would be you!  Octoroo tells him, listen, the best way to welcome the boss back is to jump through a gap and freak out some humans.  Tooya checks with Master Xandred.  Master Xandred tells him to do it.  Then I will make those Samurai Rangers regret the day they messed with Master Xandred.  Later Tooya is destroyed by the Samurai Power Rangers and their zords. 

Master Xandred was sitting on the floor of his boat, drinking his medicine.  Octoroo was there, looking through a book, and Dayu was playing her Harmonium.  Several Moogers were there as well.  Master Xandred:  "This medicine makes me feel better, but that music is giving me a splitting headache."  Octoroo becomes concern.  Octoroo:  "Ooh, ah, ooh."  Dayu:  "Everybody's a critic."  A Mooger walks over to Master Xandred and hands him another jug of medicine.  Master Xandred takes the jug and pushes the Mooger away.  Master Xandred pours the medicine into his bowl.  Master Xandred:  "If only we could get this ruined Sanzu River to rise and flood the human world.  We'll sail into their cities and rule their pathetic world."  Octoroo:  "Ooh, ah, ooh.  Boss take a look.  There's something of interest in this book."  Master Xandred stood up.  Master Xandred:  "What is it Octoroo?!  Speak up!"  Octoroo:  "Legend has it, every time something really bad happens on Earth, the Sanzu River's water level rises.  So, if we scare those humans, their tears will fill our river and we can escape the Netherworld."  Dayu got up and chuckled as she walked up to Master Xandred.  Dayu:  "Sounds fun.  That Noodleface can actually use his noodle."  Master Xandred:  "That plan might work.  I'm glad I thought of it."  Master Xandred walks over to one of the windows and hollered out it.  Master Xandred:  "Scorpionic, get over here!"  Scorpionic quickly leap out of the river and climbed onto the ship.  Scorpionic:  "Master, you rang?"  Scorpionic was sent out into Panorama City.  Eventually Scorpionic is destroyed by the Samurai Megazord. 

The Sanzu River's water level is too low for them to leave.  Dayu is very depressed.  Dayu:  With the water level this low, we'll never flow Earth.  Octoroo:  You're a downer Dayu.  If we just flatten those human cry babies, the water will rise and we can sail out of here.  Master Xandred:  Stop flapping your noodles and start scaring some humans.  Master Xandred is sitting on the floor of the ship.  He is being served by two Moogers.  Master Xandred grabs a Mooger by the neck and shakes him.  Master Xandred:  In case you have forgotten what scared looks like, take note.  Rofer climbs aboard the ship.  Rofer:  You're in a violent mood today, boss.  Octoroo:  Oh Rofer!  I'd ask you to lend a hand, but why not lend us two?  Rofer:  How about I'll lend you two of the finest fists any world has ever seen.  Dayu is not impressed.  Dayu:  I hope you don't brag like that in front of the Samurai Rangers.  Rofer:  Better watch what you say.  If it wasn't for Master Xandred, where would you be?  Dayu throws her weapon - which barely misses Rofer.  Dayu walks over to Rofer.  Dayu:  It's actually you.  You should watch what you say to me.  You have no right to even talk to me, you big fisted, little brain, nitwit.  Rofer:  Hey, I like my fists!  And my brain...Dayu:  Nitwit.  Master Xandred throws the Mooger he had by the neck towards them.  Dayu and Rofer get out of the way.  Master Xandred:  That's enough!  Both of you, stop bickering!  The Sanzu River can't rise with you standing here.  Rofer, you get down to the business of getting those humans to cry me a river.  Dayu slowly walks away.  Later, Rofer is destroyed by the Power Rangers Samurai.

Dayu is staring out into the river when she spots a Nighlok splashing about.  Dayu:  Swimming weirdo approaching off the port stern.  Master Xandred walks over and glances out.  Master Xandred:  Hey!  What's that creep Doubletone doing here?  Doubletone continues to splash around in the river.  Doubletone:  Humans are such crybabies when they're scared.  Isn't it wonderful how their tears raise the Sanzu River!  Doubletone swam over to the ship.  Doubletone:  Master Xandred, permission to come aboard.  Doubletone entered the ship.  Master Xandred was not happy.  Master Xandred:  What do you think you're doing here Doubletone?  Doubletone:  Nice to see you too.  Master Xandred walked away.  Master Xandred:  I didn't summon you.  Octoroo:  Oh-he-ho!  He got a call from Octoroo.  His reputation for ugliness got me thinking.  His face breaks a lot of mirrors, but I hear he's a heartbreaker too!  Dayu had a hard time believing that and spoke with disdain.  Dayu:  This low life.  Octoroo:  Yup.  He's actually able to get those pesky humans to give up their dreams and nothing is sadder to them than giving up on a dream.  It'll make the river rise a good foot.  Doubletone:  Yeah, nobody does it better.  Master Xandred slammed his staff against the floor.  He was very angry.  Master Xandred:  That's what they all say!  Master Xandred kicked a Mooger.  Master Xandred:  Do you know how many Nighloks have failed me already?!  Failure is not an option!  Master Xandred kicked a post hard enough to bust it and the ship begins to rock violently.  Master Xandred:  You don't make the river rise, I'll make you feel even uglier than your face!  You're giving me a headache!  Doubletone:  Don't worry Master Xandred.  Let me show you what getting just one human to give up on a dream can do.  There will be so much water in the river, you won't know what to do with it.  Drink your medicine and leave the rest to me.  Doubletone left for awhile, but then returned to the ship.  he hollers that he's back and asks if anyone missed him?  Dayu tells him to be quiet.  Octoroo tells Doubletone that he has mixed some medicine for Master Xandred and now he is sleeping like a baby.  Master Xandred is sprawled out on the floor.  Dayu wants Doubletone to explain why he has returned so soon.  Doubletone replies that he meet a kid that had dreams of playing baseball.  Tell Master X I'm going to grand slam that kid's dreams.  Dayu picks up her shamisen and tells Doubletone to get going and play ball.  Later, Doubletone is destroyed by the Samurai Megazord

Dreadhead has returned to the ship after drying out after battling the Rangers.  Octoroo is pouring evil water on Dreadhead.  Octoroo is confident that Dreadhead will get rid of the Rangers and then their world will be ours.  Dayu walks in carrying her shamisen.  She has her doubts.  She starts strumming her shamisen and tells Dreadhead we would have already had it if you haven't dried up like a pathetic prune.  Dreadhead insults Dayu.  Dayu becomes angry.  Octoroo tries to calm down the two.  Dayu is about to go after Dreadhead, when Master Xandred walks in and stops her.  Master Xandred wants Dreadhead to have time to relax and recover.  The way he had those humans running and screaming was glorious.  thanks to him, the Sanzu River is rising and what's even better, there's nothing those inept Rangers can do to stop him.  The next day Dreadhead is destroyed by Beetle Blaster Megazord.

Frustrated at not being able to defeat the Yellow Ranger, Negatron returns to the Sanzu River.  Negatron insults Day's playing.  Dayu hits a wall and falls to the floor.   Day threatens Negatron.  She tells him, say that to me again, you three eyed back stabber, and you'll be taking a long walk on a short plank.  Dayu throws her weapon at Negatron.  Octoroo catches it with his staff.  Octoroo tells Dayu to take it easy.  We're just testing to see if Negatron's power still works.  Negatron feels great - he knew he hadn't lost it!  I know what words hurt people the most.  But how come I can't hurt that Yellow Ranger girl?  Dayu gets up.  Dayu tells Negatron how dare you mock me!  Dayu steps forward to fight.  master Xandred stops her with his sword.  Master Xandred tells her to relax.  Dayu moves the sword out of her face.  She replies not this time.  Master Xandred holds the sword against her.  he tells her enough.  Even you can make me mad.  Master Xandred partially draws his sword out of it's sheath to make his point clear.  Dayu walks away and stares out at the river.  Master Xandred tells Negatron the water level of the Sanzu River is definitely rising, so get back out there!  Octoroo tells Negatron to go back and use your acid tongue to scorch the Earth.  Negatron prepares to leave.  He vows to see that his words hurt everyone.  Even that blasted Yellow Ranger!  Later, Negatron is destroyed by the Beetle Blaster Megazord.

Octoroo was measuring the depth of the Sanzu River and he became very excited.  Octoroo:   Ooh, ah, ooh!  What a nice surprise.  The river water's on the rise.  Master Xandred walked in.  Dayu:  What's today's brilliant scheme?  Master Xandred:  Yamiror.  The nastiest, smelling Nighlok in the Netherworld.  I noticed his stench in the air and ordered him to go stink up the human world.  Master Xandred sat down next to a Mooger, who was preparing his meal.  Dayu:  Sounds charming.  Octoroo:  You know he was created when lightening struck some toxic waste.  He's been stinking up the Sanzu River ever since.  Master Xandred:  His breath is so bad, it incapacitates humans when they inhale it.  Not even my medicine could help.  Dayu:  Right.  Octoroo:  Yeah, during his last rampage he did great.  The humans got so freaked out, that the river rose a foot!  Later, Yamiror is destroyed by Swordfish Fencer Megazord.

Dayu was not on the ship in the Sanzu River.  Instead she was waiting in a building.  There was a huge wedding cake inside the place.  Several Moogers entered and threw a bride down onto the floor.  Dayu walked over to where the bride was and grasp her chin.  Dayu:  Oh, aren't you a pretty one.  I have such big plans for you.  The bride was in tears.  Bride:  It's my wedding day.  Dayu:  Go right ahead, cry your heart out.  Your sorrow is just what we need.  Dayu released the bride and looked at the Moogers.  Dayu:  Throw her with the others!  Her tears will fill the Sanzu River and flood the Earth.  The Moogers grabbed the bride and threw her into the cake.  Inside the cake were other brides, captured by the Moogers for Dayu.  Dayu laughs.  Dayu:  That's it, keep crying, it's music to my ears.  From inside the bride tried to break through the cake.  Bride:  Let me out!  Why are you doing this?!  Please!  It's my wedding day!  Dayu:  Not only will your sobs fill the river, but they also create the threads for my own dress.  Several threads came from inside the cake and was forming a wedding gown.  Dayu started to strum her shamisen.  Later, Dayu's good mood vanished and she went on a rant.  Dayu:  Once upon a time, I wore a dress like this one, but my happiness was ripped away and now these humans will suffer the same fate!  Dayu sees the Moogers staring at her.  Dayu:  Why are you standing there?!  Go get me another bride!  The Moogers quickly left.  Dayu walked over to her gown.  Dayu:  What a lovely gown and all the tears that help create it will soon cause the Sanzu River to flood the Earth.  Dayu began to caress her gown.  The next day, the Moogers threw another bride onto the floor.  Dayu:  Nicely done Moogers.  Dayu turned around.  Dayu:  Welcome.  Now, what's the best way to welcome you, Pink Samurai Ranger!  Dayu yanks the view off of Mia - disguised as a bride.  Mia quickly reaches for her Samuraizer, but Dayu grabs it and twists Mia's arm behind her back.  Dayu:  Well now, what little bauble have you brought me?  Dayu yanks Mia's arm harder.  Dayu:  You thought you tricked me, didn't you?  You think we've haven't been watching you and your pathetic pals?  Well, I've got you and the real bride as well.  The Moogers enter and drag a bride in and throw her into the cake.  Mia:  No, but we hide her.  Dayu:  Now you're going to call your friends just like you planned.  Dayu held the Samuraizer next to Mia's ear.  Dayu:  Tell them you found the brides.  Then tell them to go to warehouse 32, near the docks.  Mia:  Forget it!  I won't help you send my friends into a trap.  Dayu:  Oh, I think you will.  Because if you don't, then I'll really give those brides something to cry about.  Mia reluctantly made the call to Jayden.  Mia:  Yes, I'm with the brides.  We're in short town, near the docks, warehouse #32.  And Jayden, please hurry.  Dayu hang up the Samuraizer.  Dayu:  Very good.  Dayu laughed.  She soon got word that warehouse 32 had blown up with the four Rangers inside it.  Dayu was very happy.  Dayu:  Kaboom!  She laughed.  Dayu:  You Samurai Rangers are no match for me.  Ahh, I haven't felt this good in a long time.  Dayu glanced at her gown and started walking over to it.  Dayu:  Look at this gown. All the dashed hopes and dreams it symbolizes.  How good it feels to throw a bridal shower.  A bridal shower of tears that will raise the Sanzu River and flood your pathetic world.  Dayu walks back over to Mia.  A Mooger now has Mia's arm held behind her back.  Dayu yanks Mia up and tosses her down on the floor.  The Moogers surround her.  Dayu commands the Moogers to get rid of her.  Suddenly the Lion Folding Zord flies in and hits Dayu and a couple of the Moogers.  It flies over to Mia and drops her Samuraizer in her hands.  Dayu is furious.  Jayden, Mike, and Kevin walk in.  Dayu wants to know how they escaped the warehouse.  Mia stands up and tells Dayu it's her turn to cry.  I'm not the only Samurai Ranger that has been kidnapped today.  From within the cake comes several glowing strikes.  The cake falls apart to reveal Emily and the brides.  Emily tells Dayu, two Samurai brides are twice as nice.  Don't you think?  Dayu doesn't understand how it can be.  Emily replies, pretty easily, actually.  When Mia traded places with the real bride, we made sure she had double bride protection.  So, when you came to kidnap the real bride, guess who you ended up kidnapping instead?  Once Emily was inside the cake, she contacted Jayden.  Dayu is still confused - but the warehouse?  Who went there?  Jayden replies our doubles.  Jayden, Kevin, and Mike used their symbol power to create doubles. Dayu becomes upset as the brides race out of the building.  In the process, they knock over Dayu's wedding gown and it becomes trampled on and destroyed.  Emily tells Dayu, it looks like her dressmaking days are over.  Dayu replies, oh yeah, we'll see about that.  Dayu blows smoke out of her mouth to blast the teens.  Emily, Mike, Jayden, Kevin, and Mia quickly morph.  Dayu and the Moogers slip outside.  The Power Rangers are ready for her.  They soon surround Dayu.  Dayu has the Moogers attack.  The Rangers battle the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  During the battle, Dayu manages to slip away.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger defeat their batch of Moogers, away from the rest of the Rangers.  Dayu blasts them off their feet.  Dayu is above them.  Blue Ranger summons his Hydro Bow and uses it against Dayu.  Dayu is knocked down to where Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger are standing.  Dayu taunts them, that's all you got?!  Dayu starts strumming her shamisen as she walks towards the two Rangers.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger race towards Dayu, with their Spin Swords drawn.  The two Rangers battle Dayu.  Eventually Dayu defeats them.  Dayu is about to deliver the fatal blow when Red Ranger runs in and blocks it with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger and Dayu start battling.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger get up and join Red Ranger.  Dayu prepares to blast the three Rangers.  Green Ranger and Yellow Ranger leap in with their Spin Swords and block the blast. Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger strike Dayu together.  Blue Ranger uses his dragon splash and Pink Ranger her air wave.  Dayu is knocked back a couple of feet.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger join the rest of the Rangers.  Red Ranger summons his Fire Smasher.  Fire Smasher is quickly transformed into Five Disc Beetle Cannon.  Red Ranger fires the cannon.  Suddenly Deker leaps in front of Dayu.  He blocks the blast with Uramasa.  The Rangers wonder, who's that?  The smoke clears.  Deker talks directly to Red Ranger.  Red Ranger, you shall be my sword's, Uramasa, greatest challenge.  Pink Ranger wonders what that means?  Dayu is surprised - Deker, you came to save me?  Deker replies, not quite.  Deker speaks to Red Ranger once more.  Red Ranger, we will dual soon.  Until then.  Deker grabs a hold of Dayu and leaps up onto a cliff.  Blue Ranger can't believe they are running away.  Yellow Ranger calls them cowards.  Deker summons giant Moogers to attack them.  The giant Moogers seep out of the gap.  Deker grabs a hold of Dayu and they leave.  Eventually the giant Moogers are destroyed by Beetle Blaster Megazord and Swordfish Fencer Megazord.

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