Deker - Voiced by Rick Medina

Deker wandered into the Samurai City.  He was walking on a walkway when he spotted a battle below.    He watches the battle.  The Samurai Ranger are battling Yamiror.  Yamiror is defeated by the Five Disc Swordfish Cannon.  But Yamiror grows to giant size.  The Rangers summon their zords and the Samurai Megazord is formed.  Deker watches the battle continue.  Eventually Yamiror is destroyed by the Swordfish Fencer Megazord.  Deker is impressed.  That night, Deker is walking alone.  He pauses for a moment and comments, so the Samurai Rangers have returned.  But so have I.  Deker continues to walk.

Deker, the cursed warrior, was very happy to see his sword had reawaken.  Deker:  Aaah, Uramasa, my trusty sword.  You've reawaken and shine anew.  This can only mean one thing for us.  After all this time, a worthy opponent has been found!  It must be one of the Samurai Rangers.  The next day, the Power Rangers were battling Dayu.  They had just fired the Five Disc Beetle Cannon when Deker suddenly leaped in front of Dayu and blocked the blast with his sword.  When the smoke cleared, Deker spoke to Red Ranger.  Deker:  Red Ranger, you shall be my sword's Uramasa, greatest challenge.  Pink Ranger:  What does that mean?  Dayu is surprised - Deker, you came to save me?  Deker replies, not quite.  Deker speaks to Red Ranger once more.  Red Ranger, we will dual soon.  Until then.  Deker grabs a hold of Dayu and leaps up onto a cliff.  Blue Ranger can't believe they are running away.  Yellow Ranger calls them cowards.  Deker summons giant Moogers to attack them.  The giant Moogers seep out of the gap.  Deker grabs a hold of Dayu and they leave.  Eventually the Power Rangers destroyed the Moogers.  Some of the Moogers were destroyed by the Beetle Blaster Megazord and the remaining Moogers were destroyed by Swordfish Fencer Megazord.

Deker stood facing Master Xandred.  Master Xandred was flanked by Dayu and Octoroo.  Master Xandred:  What are you doing here, Deker?  You expect a reward for saving Dayu?  Is that it?  Dayu:  Huh!  I didn't need saving!  Deker:  This isn't about her.  I want to go after Red Ranger.  The new leader of the Samurai.  But I'm not looking to interfere with any of your plans.  Master Xandred walks over to Deker.  Master Xandred:  Do what you will.  My head is pounding.  I can only deal with one headache at a time.  Deker:  I see you're still suffering from when the last Red Ranger sealed you down here.  Master Xandred:  Every one of those Samurai Rangers will pay for my pain!  When we make the Sanzu River overflow, I'll watch all of them sink to the bottom.  Master Xandred walked away from Deker and went and sat on the floor.  Deker:  So, you have nothing else planned.  Master Xandred:  No.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh, he answered you, now go!  Deker:   Alright.  Rest well then Master Xandred.  And I shall continue my quest without worry.  Madimot climbed aboard the ship as Deker was leaving.  Madimot:  I'm the star around here!  Bye bye Deker!  Octoroo:  Get lost Madimot!  You're nothing but talk!  Madimot walked over to Octoroo.  Madimot:  Hold on squid lips!  I've brought you a present that's bigger and badder than Deker.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh!  Madimot:  Don't believe me?  Let's take a look.  Deker walked away.  Octoroo:  No, Deker, wait!  Madimot:  Bye bye!  Later, Deker is walking through the woods.  He ponders the fact that Master Xandred doesn't know the truth about the sealing power.  Deker is pleased, that means Master Xandred will stay out of his way.  He pulls out Uramasa, his trusty sword.  If I can't finally find a worthy opponent and bring him to his knees, then what's the point of being immortal.  Deker places his sword back in it's shield and continues to walk.  Changing from his Nighlok form to human form. 

In human form, Deker sat by a fire and looked at his sword.  He told it that he had found the perfect person to have their ultimate duel.  Deker returned the sword to it's sheath and went into Nighlok form.

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Forest For The Trees


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