Furrywarts are small yellow furry creatures, that dangle from strings above them.  They waited a long time before making an appearance on Master Xandred's ship.  They suddenly sprang down from the ceiling.  Octoroo:  Oh no!  I thought we got rid of you Furrywarts!  Not more pests!  Furrywarts:  More pests!  Later, Octoroo had been trying to figure out how Master Xandred broke the last Red Ranger's seal.  Octoroo:  Of course, the last Red Ranger didn't do it right.   Our Master was able to revive because the Red Ranger didn't have enough strength to create a permanent seal.  Dayu asks about the current Red Ranger.  Octoroo replies he's not strong enough either.  Dayu wants to know if he is sure.  Octoroo is sure.  Dayu suggests they take the Red Ranger out.  Octoroo knows the perfect guy.  Even other Nighloks are afraid of him.  Octoroo starts calling for Robtish and Robtish arrives on the ship.  Robtish steps on one of the Furrywarts.  Octoroo tells him, we need you to deal with a pesky kid in a red helmet.  Like to take him on?  Robtish replies I'll love too!  Robtish grabs a Furrywart and squishes it until it's destroyed.  Robtish battles the Rangers and does well against them, and injuries Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger.  But Deker leaped into the battle as well and Robtish had to retreat, as he was drying out. Deker left as he wanted Red Ranger full strength for their duel.  The Rangers returned to Shiba House.

Robtish had failed to destroy Red Ranger.  Master Xandred became furious when he heard that Deker had helped Red Ranger.  Master Xandred had taken a sip from his bowl and then threw it onto the floor when he realized it wasn't his medicine.  Several Furrywarts drop down from the ceiling.  Furrywarts:  Medicine!  Medicine!  Medicine!  Octoroo:  You Furrywarts make terrible pets!  All you do is repeat yourselves!  Ooh, ah, ooh!  Furrywarts:  Ooh, ah ooh!  Ooh, ah, ooh!  Ooh, ah, ooh!  Later, Octoroo and Dayu watched the shoreline as Master Xandred battled Deker.  Deker managed to get away.  Octoroo:  Aww, he escape.  You can tell Master Xandred had him good.  Dayu:  He'll survive.  No one should ever underestimate Deker.  Octoroo noticed Robtish.  Octoroo:  And look at you sitting on your romp!  Get a move on and eliminate the Red Ranger!  Robtish:  Consider it done.  Later, Robtish is destroyed by Battlewing Megazord.

Master Xandred was in a foul mood.  He swatted the Furrywarts as he yelled at Octoroo.  Master Xandred:  Octoroo!  you study, but never give me answers about the sealing power!  There are others in the Netherworld who could use it against me you Noodleface!  One of the Furrywarts hit Octoroo in the face.  Octoroo:  I'm researching and spying on the Red Ranger constantly, but boss, we have another problem.  The Samurai Rangers.  There's six of the now.  Master Xandred sat down on the floor of the ship.  Master Xandred:  What?!  Suddenly there was a whirl of motion and the Furrywarts were being sliced off the ceiling.  Steeleto:  Round and round I go!  Steeleto hung from the ceiling upside down.  Master Xandred:  What is this?!  Steeleto:  Say hello to Steeleto!  Octoroo:  Why are you on the ceiling?  You're not a bat.  Steeleto:  Since those Rangers cut down my Nighlok buddy, Vulpes, I plan to cut them down to size.  Steeleto drops down to the floor.  Steeleto:  I won't rest until those Rangers get a taste of my blades.  Later!  Steeleto jumps out of the ship.  Dayu walks over and looks out.  Dayu:  He's so batty, he belonged on the ceiling.  Later Steeleto is destroyed  by Octospear Megazord.

Master Xandred was in a bad mood, when he stormed in.  Dayu was sitting playing her Harmonium and the Furrywarts hung all around her.  Master Xandred:  Octoroo!  Furrywarts:  Octoroo!  Octoroo!  Octoroo!  Master Xandred:  Pipe down you annoying fur balls!  Where's that old geezer Octoroo?  Dayu:  He's away, working on some big scheme.  Master Xandred:  Big scheme?  What big scheme?  Dayu:  He wouldn't tell me.  But he said if it works, we'll finally be able to escape the Sanzu River for good.  Master Xandred sat down.  Master Xandred:  Good.  If that squid brain can really pull that off, then putting up with that lame blabbermouth all these years will be worth it.  Master Xandred laughs.  Dayu:  I guess.  If you say so.  Later, Dayu is strumming her Harmonium, but it's doesn't sound right.  Master Xandred walks in and immediately knows something is not right and asks Dayu about it.  Dayu is hiding something, her encounter with Deker, but she is not about to tell Master Xandred that.  Dayu:  Nothing.  It was nothing.  The Furrywarts drop down once more.  Furrywarts:  Nothing!  Nothing!  Nothing!  Dayu swats at them and yells.  Dayu:  Quiet it!  Master Xandred:  Then start strumming.  Later, Octoroo returns to the ship.  His plan destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Master Xandred had Octoroo lock him in his cabin while he powered up.  During this process, the Sanzu River was rocked by violent waves.  Dayu and Octoroo watched the rocky river and shoreline.  Octoroo:  "Ooh, ah ooh!  Master Xandred's roars even have the rocks rolling.  Look at them go!"  Several rocks rolled along the shoreline.  Dayu:  "I'm glad you're enjoying it.  If the ship keeps tossing around like this, I'm going to be sick."  The Furrywarts dropped from the ceiling.  Furrywarts:  "Be sick!  Be sick!  Be sick!"  Octoroo:  "Just be glad the boss decided to lock himself in his cabin while his power is surging.  All we have to do is protect him from other Nighlok until he finishes absorbing his new powers and this chaos finally stops."  More roars come from the locked cabin.

Test Of The Leader/Jayden's Challenge/Room For One More


The Blue And The Gold/The Tengen Gate