Moogers are the foot soldiers for Master Xandred.  In the city,  young boy spots a gap and peers inside it.  Young boy:  Brian?  Narrator:  A gap is an entrance and exit between the Netherworld and ours.  Do not peek in.  For on the other side is the home of the evil Nighlok.  The young boy becomes frighten and backs away so quickly, he falls.  Several Moogers emerge and threaten the young boy.  Lion Folding Zord comes flying in and strikes several of the Moogers.  Lion Folding Zord returns to a hand that is outstretched.  Mentor Ji runs up to help the boy.  Mentor Ji:  Run!  Get away from here!  The young boy takes off running.  Mentor Ji throws down a smoke screen and the young man morphs.  When the smoke clears, the Red Samurai Power Ranger is standing there.  Mentor Ji stands next to the Red Ranger.  Mentor Ji:  Look before you Moogers.  This is the 18th leader of the Samurai Power Rangers, descendant of the man who destroyed your masters years ago.  You have two choices:  retreat now or become rust on his blade.  Red Ranger:  Don't bother.  I don't want them to retreat.  I want to take them for a spin.  Red Ranger pulls out his Spin Sword, charges towards the Moogers, and battles them.  He defeats several with his quick sword play.  After a while, Red Ranger declares:  Time to turn up the heat!  He removes the disc from his belt, tosses it into the air and catches it on his Spin Sword.  The Spin Sword is ablaze with fire.  Red Ranger continues to battle the Moogers with his fiery Spin Sword.  Eventually Red Ranger destroys all the Moogers.  Meanwhile, Master Xandred's boat finally broke through the surface of the Sanzu River. Not only is Master Xandred on the boat, but Dayu as well.  Octoroo is quick to climb aboard.  Master Xandred has a splitting headache.  Octoroo pounded his staff on the floor and looked over at the two Moogers.  Octoroo:  You two quickly!  Give him his medicine to ease his aching noggin.  The two Moogers walked over to Master Xandred.  One of them gave him a bowl.  Master Xandred:  Hurry up!  The other Mooger poured the medicine into the bowl and then they both stepped away.  Octoroo:  That should help.  Master Xandred drinks it.  Octoroo:  You'll be back to normal in no time.  Feel better?  Master Xandred had finished taking his medicine and was calmer.  Master Xandred:  I don't even want to think about what I had to endure because of those lousy Samurai Rangers.  Good thing I destroyed them all.  Octoroo felt uncomfortable.  Octoroo:  Oh, great Master Xandred, how should I say this?  I thought you knew about the Rangers.  They survived!  Dayu stopped her playing her Harmonium.  Dayu:  Are you joking?  Master Xandred:  What?!  Master Xandred stood up furiously.  Master Xandred:  Those brats defeated me!  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh, calm down Master.  Tooya enters the boat.  Tooya:  Oh yeah, let's get this party started!  I see that Master Xandred is back in charge, so let's celebrate.  Master Xandred becomes even more angry.  He slams his weapon against the boat hard enough to make it rock dangerously.  Master Xandred:  Unbelievable!  How did those brats defeat me?!  Octoroo:  Forget celebrating Tooya.  That mouth on your skirt is as ugly as Master Xandred's mood.  Tooya:  Hey, if anybody here got hit with the ugly stick, it would be you.  Octoroo:  Listen, the best way to welcome the boss back is to jump through a gap and freak out some humans.  Tooya:  Is that right boss?  Master Xandred:  Do it and I'll make those Samurai Rangers regret the day they messed with Master Xandred.  In Panorama City, several Moogers and Tooya seep out of a gap.  Tooya has the Moogers attack the citizens.  As the Moogers charge forward, they unknowingly set off the gap sensor.  The Moogers attack the screaming citizens. After awhile, Tooya becomes frustrated when those lame Rangers haven't shown up.  Tooya decides to destroy several cars to get their attention.  This creates a huge explosion.  Citizens run in terror from the Moogers and Tooya.  Jayden shouts out, that's enough!  Tooya, sees Mia, Mike, Jayden, Kevin, and Emily arrive and comments, well it's about time.  Tooya is not impressed.  Oh come on!  Who are you punks?!  Jayden responds, we are the Samurai Rangers.  Emily, Kevin, Jayden, Mike, and Mia morph.  Jayden, Mike, Kevin, Mia, and Emily used their Samuraizers to make a symbol power to morph.  Tooya has the Moogers attack.  The Rangers race towards the Moogers with their Spin Swords drawn.  They quickly battle the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  As she battles, Yellow Ranger comments, this is just like chopping down weeds at home.  Lots of Moogers line up and shoot their arrows at Red Ranger.  Red Ranger manages to keep the arrows away from him by battling the arrows away with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger even manages to catch one in his hand.  Blue Ranger leaps in front of the Moogers and battles them with his Spin Sword, keeping them away from Red Ranger.  But the amount of Moogers becomes too much and soon the Rangers find themselves in the midst of numerous Moogers.  Red Ranger tells them we can do this together.  Red Ranger's Spin Sword transforms into Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger battles the Moogers with the Fire Smasher.  The rest of the Rangers watch him for a moment.  Yellow Ranger is impressed.  Blue Ranger agrees, but tells them there is too many of them.  We got to help him out.  Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger charge into battle.  Blue Ranger battles several Moogers with his Hydro Bow.  Pink Ranger uses her Sky Fan to battle and defeat her batch of Moogers.  Yellow Ranger battles and destroys several Moogers with her Earth Slicer.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear to destroy his batch of Moogers.  The Moogers are destroyed, but Tooya is still there.  Tooya is eventually destroyed by the Rangers and their zords. 

Master Xandred was sitting on the floor of his boat, drinking his medicine.  Octoroo was there, looking through a book, and Dayu was playing her Harmonium.  Several Moogers were there as well.  Master Xandred:  "This medicine makes me feel better, but that music is giving me a splitting headache."  Octoroo becomes concern.  Octoroo:  "Ooh, ah, ooh."  Dayu:  "Everybody's a critic."  A Mooger walks over to Master Xandred and hands him another jug of medicine.  Master Xandred takes the jug and pushes the Mooger away.  Master Xandred pours the medicine into his bowl.  Master Xandred:  "If only we could get this ruined Sanzu River to rise and flood the human world.  We'll sail into their cities and rule their pathetic world."  Octoroo:  "Ooh, ah, ooh.  Boss take a look.  There's something of interest in this book."  Master Xandred stood up.  Master Xandred:  "What is it Octoroo?!  Speak up!"  Octoroo:  "Legend has it, every time something really bad happens on Earth, the Sanzu River's water level rises.  So, if we scare those humans, their tears will fill our river and we can escape the Netherworld."  Dayu got up and chuckled as she walked up to Master Xandred.  Dayu:  "Sounds fun.  That Noodleface can actually use his noodle."  Master Xandred:  "That plan might work.  I'm glad I thought of it."  Master Xandred walks over to one of the windows and hollered out it.  Master Xandred:  "Scorpionic, get over here!"  Scorpionic quickly leap out of the river and climbed onto the ship.  Scorpionic:  "Master, you rang?"  Scorpionic and several Moogers were sent out into Panorama City.  They seep out of the gap and emerge into the city.  Scorpionic and several Moogers attack the city.  Scorpionic uses his tail to strike a building.  Scorpionic announces, I'm here.  He continues to use his tail to strike other buildings.  Citizens run in terror as Moogers chase after them.  Scorpionic instructs the Moogers not to attack the citizens so quickly, they sweat and squeal more if you corner them slowly.  Suddenly the Lion Folding Zord flies in and attack Scorpionic.  Scorpionic tries to shoo Lion zord away, calling it a tin can.  Lion Folding Zord lands on Jayden's hand.  Scorpionic notices the five teens and asks, who's this?  Mia, Mike, Jayden, Kevin, and Emily did not reply, instead they morph.  The Samurai Power Rangers face down Scorpionic and the Moogers with their Spin Swords drawn.  Scorpionic commands the Moogers to attack.  The Moogers race towards the Samurai Power Rangers.  The Power Rangers race towards the Moogers.  Soon the Rangers are fighting the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  They do well against the Moogers, but there are a lot of them.  Blue Ranger transforms his Spin Sword into his Hydro Bow.  Blue Ranger eliminates several Moogers with the Hydro Bow.  Pink Ranger summons her Sky Fan.  Pink Ranger defeats several Moogers with her Sky Fan.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear to battle and destroys several Moogers.  Red Ranger uses his Fire Smasher as he battle and destroys a batch of Moogers.  Red Ranger notices an explosion and runs over to check it out.  It's Scorpionic, still destroying buildings with his tail.  Red Ranger runs up to him and tries to hit him with his Fire Smasher, instead the Fire Smasher gets caught in Scorpionic's sword.  Eventually Red Ranger is able to free his Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger battles Scorpionic with his Fire Smasher.  A short distance away, Yellow Ranger is battling a group of Moogers with her Earth Slicer.  Yellow Ranger throws her Earth Slicer, and it destroys each Mooger it hits.  But it continues and hits Red Ranger.  Scorpionic takes advantage of the distraction and strikes Red Ranger hard.  Red Ranger goes flying, hits a building, and slides down to the ground.  His Spin Sword lands a distance away from him.  Yellow Ranger feels awful and she runs over to check on Red Ranger.  Scorpionic is about to strike.  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger see what is about to happen and race over.  Yellow Ranger stands protectively in front of Red Ranger as the rest of the Rangers reach them.  Scorpionic uses his whirlwind attack.  The attack hits Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger and they demorph as they hit the ground.  Scorpionic comments, beating them is like taking candy from a baby.  Scorpionic walks away.  Red Ranger struggles as he stands back up.  Kevin, Mike, and Mia all struggle to get up.  Emily is laying facing down, hurt but okay.  Red Ranger battles Scorpionic once more and soon Kevin, Mike, Emily, and Mia morph and join in the battle.  They defeat Scorpionic, but he soon grows into megamonster mode.  The Rangers summon their zords and form Samurai Megazord.  Samurai Megazord and Scorpionic battle.  Scorpionic has a difficult time.  Scorpionic gets back up and summons several giant Moogers.  The giant Moogers soon have the Megazord surrounded.  Scorpionic screams, attack!  Samurai Megazord battles the giant Moogers.  Several of the giant Moogers have chains and they throw them at Megazord's hands.  Samurai Megazord's hands are pulled tight and cannot defend itself as the rest of the Moogers use their staffs to strike it.  Scorpionic laughs.  The lion head on the Samurai Megazord roars and flames shoot out, hitting a couple of the Moogers.  Samurai Megazord then uses the chains to lift the remaining Moogers up in the air.  The four Moogers crash into each other.  Samurai Megazord uses it's sword and battles the Moogers.  Scorpionic backs away, hiding behind the giant Moogers.  Samurai Megazord battles the Moogers and destroys them one by one.  Samurai Megazord faces down Scorpionic.  Samurai Megazord uses it's Samurai Strike against Scorpionic.  Scorpionic is destroyed. 

Dayu:  With the water level this low, we'll never flow Earth.  Octoroo:  you're a downer Dayu.  If we just flatten those human cry babies, the water will rise and we can sail out of here.  Two Moogers are serving Master Xandred as he sits on the floor of the ship.  Master Xandred:  Stop flapping your noodles and start scaring some humans.  Master Xandred grabs a Mooger by his neck and shakes him.  The Mooger is very frighten.  Master Xandred:  In case you have forgotten what scared looks like, take note.  Rofer climbs onto the ship.  Rofer:  You're in a violent mood today, boss.  Octoroo:  Oh Rofer!  I'd ask you to lend a hand, but why not lend us two?  Rofer:  How about I'll lend you two of the finest fists any world has ever seen.  Dayu:  I hope you don't brag like that in front of the Samurai Rangers.  Rofer:  Better watch what you say.  If it wasn't for Master Xandred, where would you be?  Dayu throws her weapon, barely missing Rofer.  Dayu:  It's actually you.  You should watch what you say to me.  You have no right to even talk to me, you big fisted, little brain, nitwit.  Rofer:  Hey, I like my fists!  And my brains...Dayu:  Nitwit.  A Mooger goes flying towards them and they duck out of the wall.  The Mooger hits the wall and slides down to the floor.  Master Xandred:  That's enough!  Stop bickering!  The Sanzu River can't rise with you standing here.  Rofer, you get down to the business of getting those humans to cry me a river.  The following day, several Moogers and Rofer are attacking the city.  Several citizens try to get away.  Soon Kevin, Jayden, Mia, and Emily arrive and face down the Moogers and Rofer.  The four teens immediately take out their Samuraizers and morph.  The four Rangers pull out their Spin Swords, ready for battle.  Rofer notes the Green Ranger is missing.  Mike comes running up and leaps over the Rangers.  Mike wants to take Rofer on his own.  Mike morphs.  Rofer gives the Moogers the order to attack.  Green Ranger runs into the battle and fight the Moogers with his Spin Sword.  Soon the rest of the Ranger join in the battle, battling the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  Red Ranger calls out Spin Sword, Fire Smasher!  This produces a fire wave that destroys several Moogers.  Blue Ranger does the same with his Spin Sword, calling out Spin Sword, Dragon Splash!  This sends a wave of water the destroys more Moogers.  Pink Ranger continues by calling out Spin Sword, Air Wave!  A blast of air destroys more Moogers.  yellow Ranger calls out Spin Sword, Seismic Swing!  This causes the ground underneath the Moogers to shake and destroy more of them.  Red Ranger calls out Spin Sword, Lightening Fury!  The remaining Moogers are destroyed.  Later, Rofer will be destroy by the Samurai Megazord.

Doubletone had been battling Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger.  He was doing well against them, but then the rest of the Rangers arrived.  Doubletone summon the Moogers.  They emerged from beneath the ground of the woods.  The Moogers battled Red Ranger and his Fire Smasher.  They also battled Green Ranger with his Forest Spear and Yellow Ranger with her Earth Slicer.  The Moogers were destroyed.  Later, Doubletone will be destroyed by the Samurai Megazord.

The Rangers were battling a giant Dreadhead with the Samurai Megazord.  After a difficult battle, Red Ranger tossed the beetle disc into the air and fired his Spin Sword at it.  It transform into the Beetle zord.  The Beetle zord's pinchers grabs a hold of Dreadhead's foot and then flips him over.  Dreadhead lands hard on the ground.  Dreadhead gets back up and summons several giant Moogers.  The giant Moogers prepare to fire several arrows at Samurai Megazord and Beetle zord.  Beetle zord fires at them before they have a chance to fire.  The Beetle zord combines with the Samurai Megazord to form Beetle Blaster Megazord.  Dreadhead is taken aback at the new combination.  The Moogers back away.  Dreadhead tells them to get them!  The Moogers prepare to fire once more.  The Beetle Blaster Megazord fires it's Beetle Cannon.  The blast destroys the arrows and several of the Moogers.  Beetle Blaster Megazord battles the remaining Moogers and destroy them.  Beetle Blaster Megazord then destroys Dreadhead.

Negatron was attacking the city for the second time.  Soon the Power Rangers arrive.  Negatron is only concern with the Yellow Ranger, as she was the only one not affected by Negatron's insults.  Negatron summons several Moogers to keep the rest of the Rangers busy.  Several Moogers battle Red Ranger as he used his Fire Smasher against them.  Another group battle Pink Ranger as she used her Sky Fan against them.  Blue Ranger used his Hydro Bow against the Moogers.  Another set of Moogers were battling Green Ranger as he used his Forest Spear against them.  The Moogers kept the four Rangers busy as Negatron battled Yellow Ranger.  Eventually the Moogers were defeated.  Later, Negatron was destroyed by the Beetle Blaster Megazord.

Octoroo was measuring the depth of the Sanzu River and he became very excited.  Octoroo:   Ooh, ah, ooh!  What a nice surprise.  The river water's on the rise.  Master Xandred walked in.  Dayu:  What's today's brilliant scheme?  Master Xandred:  Yamiror.  The nastiest, smelling Nighlok in the Netherworld.  I noticed his stench in the air and ordered him to go stink up the human world.  Master Xandred sat down next to a Mooger, who was preparing his meal.  Dayu:  Sounds charming.  Octoroo:  You know he was created when lightening struck some toxic waste.  He's been stinking up the Sanzu River ever since.  Master Xandred:  His breath is so bad, it incapacitates humans when they inhale it.  Not even my medicine could help.  Dayu:  Right.  Octoroo:  Yeah, during his last rampage he did great.  The humans got so freaked out, that the river rose a foot!  Later, Yamiror is destroyed by Swordfish Fencer Megazord.

Several Moogers race down a street, dragging a rickshaw with them.  They burst into a church in downtown.  The Moogers race up the aisle, terrifying the guests.  The groom tried to protect his bride, but the Moogers knocked him aside and grabbed the bride.  Bride:  No!  Placing the bride in the rickshaw, they took off through a park.  There were two men sitting the park, meditating, as they passed.  One Mooger stop and looked at the young man (Spike) as he opened his eyes.  Spike:  Monsters!  The Moogers continued on their way and disappeared through a gap.  The Moogers took the bride to Dayu.  Dayu was hiding in a building.  The bride was tossed onto the floor.  Dayu walked over and lifted the bride's chin to look at her.  Dayu:  Oh, aren't you a pretty one.  I have such big plans for you.  The bride was crying.  Bride:   It's my wedding day.  Dayu:  Go right ahead, cry your heart out.  Your sorrow is just what we need.  Dayu stood up and looked at the Moogers.  Dayu:  Throw her with the others!  The Moogers grabbed the bride and threw her into a giant cake, that trapped the brides within.   Dayu sends the Moogers out to grab another bride. The next day, several Moogers are racing down a street once more.  They crash an outdoor wedding ceremony.  The Moogers arrive and race up the aisle, terrifying the guests.  Mia screams and becomes "frighten".  Jayden tries to "protect" her.  More Moogers burst in from behind them.  Mia gives a nod to Jayden and Jayden nods back.  The Moogers grab Mia as she screams.  More Moogers grab Jayden and throw him through the air.  Jayden lands on his back, but he is okay.  The Moogers place Mia in the rickshaw and she is taken away.  The Moogers race through the park, where Bulk and Spike are back to meditating.  Bulk comments there has been a lot of weddings.  The Moogers reach a building and vanish through a gap.  The Moogers throw Mia down on the floor.  Dayu tells the Moogers, nicely done.  Dayu welcomes the new bride.  Mia averts her face.  Dayu yanks Mia's veil off, as she knows it's the Pink Samurai Ranger.  Mia quickly reaches for her Samuraizer.  Dayu grabs her arms and twists it behind Mia's back.  Dayu takes the Samuraizer.  Dayu tells Mia, you thought you tricked me, didn't you?  You think we haven't been watching you and your pathetic pals?  I got you and the real bride as well.  Several more Moogers drag in the bride and throw her inside the wedding cake.  Mia is stunned - No, but we hid her!  Dayu instructs Mia, that now you're going to call your friends, like you planned.  That you found the brides and then tell them to go to warehouse 32, near the docks.  Dayu holds the Samuraizer to Mia's face.  Mia refuses.  She won't help Dayu send her friends into a trap.  Dayu threatens Mia.  If she doesn't, then I'll really give those brides something to cry about.  Mia makes the call and tells Jayden we're at short town, near the docks.  Mia asks Jayden to please hurry.  Dayu takes the Samuraizer away.  She tells Mia, very good and chuckles.  Several Moogers head to short town and watch as Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, and Yellow Ranger race to the warehouse.  When they arrive, they entered the warehouse.  Moments later, the building blows up.  Dayu laughs as she says Kaboom!  You Samurai Rangers are no match for me.  I haven't felt this good in a long time.  Dayu walks over to her gown.  Dayu comments, look at this gown.  All the dashed hopes and dreams it symbolizes.  How good it feels to throw a bridal shower.  A bridal shower of tears that will raise the Sanzu River and flood your pathetic world.  Dayu walks back over to Mia.  A Mooger now has Mia's arm held behind her back.  Dayu yanks Mia up and tosses her down on the floor.  The Moogers surround her.  Dayu commands the Moogers to get rid of her.  Suddenly the Lion Folding Zord flies in and hits Dayu and a couple of the Moogers.  It flies over to Mia and drops her Samuraizer in her hands.  Dayu is furious.  Jayden, Mike, and Kevin walk in.  Dayu wants to know how they escaped the warehouse.  Mia stands up and tells Dayu it's her turn to cry.  I'm not the only Samurai Ranger that has been kidnapped today.  From within the cake comes several glowing strikes.  The cake falls apart to reveal Emily and the brides.  Emily tells Dayu, two Samurai brides are twice as nice.  Don't you think?  Dayu doesn't understand how it can be.  Emily replies, pretty easily, actually.  When Mia traded places with the real bride, we made sure she had double bride protection.  So, when you came to kidnap the real bride, guess who you ended up kidnapping instead?  Once Emily was inside the cake, she contacted Jayden.  Dayu is still confused - but the warehouse?  Who went there?  Jayden replies our doubles.  Jayden, Kevin, and Mike used their symbol power to create doubles.  Dayu becomes upset as the brides race out of the wedding.  In the process, they knock over Dayu's wedding gown and it becomes trampled on and destroyed.  Emily tells Dayu, it looks like her dressmaking days are over.  Dayu replies, oh yeah, we'll see about that.  Dayu blows smoke out of her mouth to blast the teens.  Emily, Mike, Jayden, Kevin, and Mia quickly morph.  Dayu and the Moogers slip outside.  The Power Rangers are ready for her.  They soon surround Dayu.  Dayu has the Moogers attack.  The Rangers battle the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  During the battle, Dayu manages to slip away.  The Rangers soon note that she is missing.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger defeat their batch of Moogers, away from the rest of the Rangers.  Dayu reappears and battles them.  Soon Red Ranger joins the two Ranges in their battle against Dayu.  Moments later, Yellow Ranger and Green Ranger arrive as well.  The Rangers fire the Five Disc Beetle Cannon at Dayu.  Deker leaps in and blocks the blast.  He takes Dayu and summons giant Moogers.  The giant Moogers seep out of the gap.  The Power Rangers pull out their Samuraizers.  The Rangers summon their folding zords.  The folding zords arrive and Samurai Megazord is formed.  Beetle zord is summon and Beetle Blaster Megazord is quickly formed.  Beetle Blaster Megazord battles the Moogers.  Beetle Blaster Megazord strikes a couple of Moogers with it's sword.  Beetle Blaster Megazord fires it's cannon.  Several Moogers are destroyed.  Two of the remaining Moogers grab a hold of Beetle Blaster Megazord and jam their controls.  Two more Moogers leap into the air and strike Beetle Blaster Megazord with their weapons.   Samurai Megazord blasts and breaks free of the four giant Moogers.  Blue Ranger summons Swordfish zord.  Swordfish zord launches it's torpedoes.  It destroys one of the Moogers. Swordfish Fencer Megazord is formed.  The Rangers call out, Megablade, strike position!  When the sword is in position, the Rangers call out, Swordfish Slash!  The three remaining Moogers are destroyed.

Master Xandred was furious.  He yelled out at the Moogers.  Master Xandred:  Moogers attack!  Destroy them all!  Giant Moogers and normal size Moogers began emerging from the rocks on the shore. Giant Moogers and normal size Moogers attack the city as citizens run in fear.  Bulk and Spike were in the city.  Spike was the first to spot the Moogers.  Spike:  Monsters!  Bulk saw them as way and was ready to run, but Spike stopped him.  Spike:  Hey!  What about bravery and heroism?  Bulk:  Oh, you're right Spike.  Bulk grabs an umbrella.  Bulk:  This is what w have been training for.  Let's get them!  Bulk and Spike charge towards the Moogers.  The Moogers soon chase after them.  Eventually Bulk and Spike get away and hide by a parking sign.  The Moogers are close by and soon Bulk and Spike make another attempt at fighting them.  But soon the Moogers have them on the run.  Spike falls on the grass.  The Moogers creep closer.  Suddenly Pink Ranger leaps in with her Spin Sword.  Pink Ranger:  Back off!  Pink Ranger fights the Moogers with her Spin Sword and eventually defeats them.    Meanwhile, Yellow Ranger battles more Moogers with her Spin Sword.  During her battle, she manages to find a citizen and tells him to get somewhere safe.  The man takes off running.  Bulk races back to Spike and is surprised to see a Samurai Ranger.  Pink Ranger tells them they are both in danger.  Get to safety!  Pink Ranger takes off.  Bulk helps Spike back up on his feet. Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger battle the normal size Moogers on the ground as giant Moogers continue to attack the city.  Bulk agrees with Pink Ranger, they need to get going.  Spike blows a kiss and they leave.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger continue with their battle.  Yellow Ranger hopes the guys show up soon.  Swordfish Zord, Tiger Zord, and Beetle Zord race through the city.  Samurai Battlewing is formed.  Samurai Battlewing battles the giant Moogers.  The giant Moogers are destroyed.  On the ground, Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger continue their battle with the normal size Moogers.  The two Rangers are soon surrounded.  Red Ranger leaps in with his Spin Sword and starts battling.  Green Ranger and Blue Ranger arrive as well.  Red Ranger uses blazing strike against several Moogers and they are destroyed.  Blue Ranger uses dragon splash and destroys several more.  Pink Ranger uses air wave to destroy more Moogers.  Green Ranger uses forest vortex to destroy more Moogers.  Yellow Ranger uses seismic quake to destroy the remaining Moogers.  Much to their surprise, more Moogers seep out of the gap.  The Rangers battle the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  In the midst of the battle, the Moogers stop battling Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger and they all go after Red Ranger.  From one of the gaps, a voice chants Red Ranger, Red Ranger.  It is Master Xandred.  Red Ranger battles the Moogers as the rest of the Rangers realize the Moogers are in a trance.  It's creeps Green Ranger out.  The four Rangers leap in the battle and form a protective circle around Red Ranger.  But it is not enough.  Red Ranger wants to try a new symbol power that he has been working on.  He takes Yellow Ranger's Spin Sword and uses it and his to create the new symbol power.  It destroys the Moogers.  From the gap, Master Xandred tells Red Ranger he is in danger and laughs.  Later there is another battle.  This time between Red Ranger and Robtish.  The rest of the Rangers are about to leap in when the Moogers arrive.  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, and Pink Ranger are kept busy battling the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  With the battles going on, no one notices that Deker has arrived.  The rest of the Rangers want to help Red Ranger, but they are still battling the Moogers.  Robtish strikes Red Ranger and he lands on the ground.  But Red Ranger doesn't give up and strikes Robtish with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger gets up and strikes to strike Robtish again, but Robtish traps the Spin Sword's blade within his own weapon.  Robtish then knocks the Spin Sword away.  Robtish strikes Red Ranger several times with double slash.  Despite his own battle, Blue Ranger becomes alarmed when he sees Red Ranger is hit and flying through the air.  Red Ranger hits the ground once more.  Robtish leaps over to where Red Ranger is laying.  Red Ranger struggles as he tries to get up.  Robtish tells Red Ranger he thought he would be tough, but he's crawling around like a bug.  I love to crush bugs!  Blue Ranger alerts the rest of the Rangers to what is happening, as they continue to battle the Moogers.  Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger race over to Red Ranger.  Robtish hits Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger with his double slash.  Numerous explosions erupt as Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger are hit.  Kevin and Emily demorph and fall to the ground. Red Ranger is upset.  This exactly what I didn't want to happen.  Robtish walks towards them.  He tells Red Ranger, those fools must really care about you.  That's their mistake.  Red Ranger tries to protect Emily and Kevin with his body.  Green Ranger and Pink Ranger destroy the Moogers.  Green Ranger and Pink Ranger race over to their friends.  Deker leaps over when Robtish is about to strike.  Robtish, Deker, and Red Ranger battle until Robtish starts to dry out.  Robtish retreats.  Deker wants to battle Red Ranger when he is at full strength and retreats as well.  The Rangers return to Shiba House.

Deker was walking along the shoreline of Sanzu River.  Deker:  Someone's coming.  Several Mooger seep out from beneath the stones.  Deker:  So, Master Xandred sent in his minions to challenge me.  Then meet my sword, Uramasa.  Deker battles the Moogers and eventually destroys them. Master Xandred burst from the river.  Master Xandred:  I've lost my patience with you Deker!  Master Xandred runs out of the water and battles Deker.  Master Xandred:  How dare you meddle in my affairs!  Leave it to a half human like you to side with them.  Deker:  I know you want the Red Ranger destroyed, but he is tied to my destiny.  I must duel him!  You must let me do this!  Master Xandred kicks Deker into the river.  Master Xandred:  What you want means nothing to me!  Deker:  I have no interest in battling you!  Master Xandred:  Very wise of you, but it doesn't mean you can avoid my wrath.  Master Xandred binds Deker and several Moogers strike Deker.  Deker:  You will not stop me!  Deker breaks free and destroys the Moogers.  Deker reverts to his human side.  Deker:  Say what you like about my half human state, but it keeps me from being a prisoner in this Netherworld like you.  Deker dives into the river and vanishes.  Master Xandred:  This is far from over Deker!

Deker was walking along the shoreline of the Sanzu River.  Deker:  Someone's coming.  Several Moogers seep out from beneath the stones.  Deker:  So, Master Xandred sent in his minions to challenge me.  Then meet my sword, Uramasa.  The Moogers battled Deker and were eventually destroyed.  Master Xandred burst out of the river.  Soon Master Xandred and Deker were battling.  Master Xandred kicked Deker into the river and binds him.  More Moogers arrived and struck Deker.  Deker:  You will not stop me!  Deker breaks free from his bindings and destroys the Moogers.  Deker reverts to his human form and gets away.  Later, several Moogers arrive at a park near Harbor Village.  The citizens run terrified.  Several very young children and their teachers were at the park and were very scared.  Jayden was there as well and he warned the teacher to get the kids to safety, which they did.  Jayden battled the Moogers with his Spin Sword.  Robtish joined in the battle as well and soon Jayden was knocked to the ground.  Kevin:  Jayden!  Kevin, Mike, Mia, and Emily came running up and leaped into the battle.  A group of Moogers battle each teen.  As they battled, they talked to Jayden.  Mike:  Is this a private game, or can anyone play?  Mia:  We're in this together!  Mia battled several Moogers.  Mia:  Forever!  Emily:  Yeah!  Your mission is our mission!  Kevin:  She's right!  We wont' let you do this alone!  Jayden:  Thanks guys.  I'm glad you showed up.  I don't like putting you in danger, but someone has to stop the Nighlok.  Jayden, Kevin, Emily, Mike, and Mia gathered together.  Jayden:  And I'm glad it's us.  All:  Samuraizers!  Go!  Go Samurai!  The five teens morph.  All:  Samurai Ranger Ready!  Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!  Robtish:  Good.  I can destroy you all together.  Might as well got out as a team.  Attack!  The Moogers raced towards the Rangers.  All:  Spin Sword!  Quintuple Slash!  The Moogers are destroyed.  Eventually Robtish is defeated, but returns giant size.  The Rangers quickly summon their folding zords and Samurai Megazord is formed.  Robtish summons flying Moogers.  The flying Moogers fly straight towards Samurai Megazord.  The flying Moogers fired at Samurai Megazord.  Robtish attacks Samurai Megazord as well.  The Rangers are having a difficult time as they are caught between them.  Beetle Zord, Tiger Zord, and Swordfish Zord are summon and Samurai Battlewing is formed.  Samurai Battlewing fires at Robtish.  Robtish falls to the ground.  Samurai Battlewing combines with Samurai Megazord to form Battlewing Megazord is formed.  Robtish gets back up.  Battlewing Megazord flies into the sky.  Robtish commands the flying Moogers to attack.  The flying Moogers fire at Battlewing Megazord. The Battlewing Megazord pulls up.  The flying Moogers continue to fire at Battlewing Megazord.  Battlewing Megazord flies through the Moogers, firing at them.  Battlewing Megazord battles several of the Moogers.  Battlewing Megazord knocks several of the Moogers out of the sky.  Soon Battlewing Megazord flies after the remaining Moogers.  The Moogers are destroyed.  Eventually Robtish is destroyed by Battlewing Megazord.

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