Prince Sprocket - Voiced by Barbara Goodson

Prince Sprocket is the young son of King Mondo and Queen Machina.  His parents rule the Machine Empire.  The foot soldiers for the Machine Empire are Cogs.  King Mondo had decided to conquer a new galaxy, even though Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa were there.  King Mondo had his Cogs in Quadrafighters attack the palace on the moon.  Lord Zedd and crew left the moon palace.  King Sprocket and his family could see Earth.  King Mondo told them to enjoy the view as they would soon conquer Earth and rule it with an iron hand.

King Mondo had been watching the progress of the Cogs and he was not happy.  King Mondo:  I specifically ordered that they be destroyed!  How are we going to complete our machine empire and conquer the universe, if my cogs can't even stop the likes of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd?  King Mondo waited for an answer, but Queen Machine, Prince Sprocket, and Klank & Orbus had none to give him.   Queen Machina calmed King Mondo down by telling him to be careful his oil was being to boil.  Prince Sprocket quickly placed the blame on Klank & Orbus.  Klank denied he was at fault.  King Mondo became furious and sparks flew out of his head.  King Mondo wanted strength from his staff, not weakness.  Klank apologized and King Mondo calmed down.  King Mondo gave the order for the Cogs to continue their attack on Rita and Zedd.  Prince Sprocket, eager to please his father, begged to give the command and King Mondo let him.  Later, Prince Sprocket would report that Rita and the rest made it to Serpentera and got away, but that simply made it easier to conquer Earth.  King Mondo praised Prince Sprocket.  Prince Sprocket became ecstatic and stated he should be king of everything.  King Mondo reprimanded him and told him not to push it.  King Mondo would launch an attack on Angel Grove, but the Power Rangers Zeo would destroy them.

Queen Machina and King Mondo were watching Angel Grove when Prince Sprocket came hurrying in.  Prince Sprocket:  Your highness...I mean my highness...I mean daddy.  King Mondo:  Yes, what is it my little protégé?  Prince Sprocket:  Did the Quadrafighters find the secret location where Zordon is keeping his fleet of zords?  King Mondo:  But of course.  That fool Zordon insults me by thinking that he can hide them from me.  Queen Machina:  It is so tiresome with no challenge.  King Mondo:  I agreed.  King Mondo then sent down several Cogs to infiltrate the secret location to sabotage the zords before the Rangers could use them.  But King Mondo's plan did not work and the Power Rangers stopped the Cogs.  Queen Machina was concern, but not King Mondo.  King Mondo reminded his wife that he always had a plan B. Plan B was having Klank upgrade the artillery on Staroid.  Queen Machina was impressed as Staroid was so destructive.  Queen Machina admired King Mondo's cruelty.  King Mondo was flattered but told his wife to restrain herself in front of the boy, since Prince Sprocket was still with them.  Prince Sprocket giggled.  Later Klank & Orbus reported that Staroid was ready.  King Mondo told Klank that he had just managed to save himself from the scrap heap.  Staroid was sent down to destroy the Power Chamber.  Plan B did not work either as the Rangers, with their Megazord, battled and destroyed Staroid.  King Mondo was furious.  King Mondo vowed he would destroyed the Power Rangers, rule the human race and Earth with his Machine Empire.

King Mondo had started his next plan of action.  Prince Sprocket and Queen Machina were with him.  Several Cogs were dressed in doctor's uniforms and they had Orbus on a table.  King Mondo:  Our monstrous machine, Silo, has been built by the Cogs on Earth.  While Orbus is being equipped with the technology to make my creations grow epic size.  Then I will program the sinister Silo.  Soon I will be able to launch his power against the Rangers.  Queen Machina:  Absolutely brilliant.  Orbus:  Hey, be careful with that clamp, I just had it galvanized.  Klank gave Orbus a hard time and soon regretted it.  King Mondo had plans to modified Klank as well and Klank found himself on the table as well.  It was Orbus' turn to give Klank a hard time.  Silo would later be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

King Mondo had been watching Angel Grove High School, along with Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, and Klank & Orbus.  Tommy and Katherine were taking a parenting class and were pretending to be married.  Katherine had decided to have Joey, her parents' friends' baby, to add to the project.  When Joey began to cry, everyone became distressed.  Prince Sprocket:  Boy, that kid is loud.  King Mondo:  Yes, this gives me a magnificent idea my dear.  Queen Machina:  Really.  Then you must ell me al about it.  King Mondo:  This child's normal cry gives such a disturbing effect, what do you think would happen if we increase his volume?  Sprocket?  Prince Sprocket:  He'll get louder?  But Klank knew what King Mondo was planning.  Klank explained how the volume of the baby's cries could be destructive.  Prince Sprocket pretended he knew that, but Orbus wasn't fooled.  Orbus and Prince Sprocket insulted each other until King Mondo had enough.  Klank suggested using Boo Hoo the Clown to increase Joey's volume.  King Mondo was impressed and told Klank that there was hope for him yet.  Boo Hoo the Clown was successful in amplifying Joey's cries.  The next time Joey cried, the whole school and ground shook.  Prince Sprocket tried to claim credit for the success.  Orbus argued with him.  Queen Machine credited King Mondo and King Mondo took the credit.  King Mondo then wanted to increase the volume of Joey's cries even further.  Several Cogs and Boo Hoo the Clown landed close to the school.  Alpha 5 had teleported down to protect Joey as the Rangers battled the Cogs.  Boo Hoo the Clown used a shock stick on Alpha 5, shutting him down.  Boo Hoo the Clown teleport out with Joey.  They ended up at the electric plant because King Mondo wanted to knock out Angel Grove's power.  Klank & Orbus were sent down to meet Boo Hoo the Clown.  Soon the Rangers arrived.  The Rangers battled the Cogs and Boo Hoo the Clown.  The Rangers destroyed Boo Hoo the Clown which broke which return Joey's volume to the normal cry of a baby.  Prince Sprocket and Orbus insulted each other once more for the failure of the plan. 

King Mondo had been watching Angel Grove.  Adam, Rocky, and Shawn were at baseball practice.  Tanya had come to watch and ended up pitching.  Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, Klank & Orbus were with him.  King Mondo:  The Rangers are engaged in children's games, while we sit doing nothing.  A perfect opportunity wasted.  Queen Machina:  Make yourselves useful and come up with a plan.  Klank:  If I may say so, I have come up with quite a few plans, but they always seem to be ignored.  Orbus:  They seem ignored because they are.  King Mondo:  Why don't you take a stab at it son?  Prince Sprocket:  Oh boy!  Prince Sprocket soon came up with a plan.  Prince told his parents he was going to send down a special pitching machine, (the monster People Pitcher).  When a pitch was hit, the batter would be trapped inside.  Prince Sprocket hoped to trap Adam, Rocky, and Shawn, that way the rest of the Rangers would arrive and he could trap them as well.  King Mondo was very proud of his son and the plan began.  Several Cogs were sent down to modify the pitching machine.  There was a moment when the plan looked like it would go to ruin, when Bulk & Skull arrive and began messing around with the pitching machine, but soon Rocky, Shawn, and Adam arrive.  They broke up the fight between Bulk & Skull.  Shawn would leave when he realize he had forgotten his glove.  Adam and Rocky stayed to practice.  Rocky's Zeonizer was sitting exposed in Rocky's backpack.  King Mondo sent down several Cogs to get the Zeonizer.  Rocky hit the pitch and was trapped inside the pitching machine with no way to get out.  The plan was going well.  Prince Sprocket, Klank & Orbus, plus several more Cogs arrive in Angel Grove to help People Pitcher.  Prince Sprocket was fearful of the four Rangers, especially when they demanded Rocky's Zeonizer.  Prince Sprocket told them he didn't have it.  The four Rangers assumed Klank had it, but he told them the Cogs had it.  Prince Sprocket soon teleported away from the Rangers.  Later, Red Ranger would arrive inside and give Rocky his Zeonizer.  The Rangers would battle and destroy People Pitcher. 

King Mondo had sent Klank & Orbus to scout out the area of Angel Grove.  After awhile, King Mondo wanted a report.  King Mondo:  Klank!  Klank:  Coming!  Klank & Orbus soon arrived on base.  Queen Machina and Prince Sprocket were there as well.  King Mondo:  Well, did you find anything?  Klank:  Yes sire.  Klank had discovered lava underneath Angel Grove.  Prince Sprocket quickly suggested they use it to destroy Angel Grove, which was Klank & Orbus' idea.  Klank & Orbus argued with Prince Sprocket until King Mondo put a stop to it.  Queen Machina and King Mondo credited Prince Sprocket with the idea.  King Mondo told them he had the perfect monster, Digster.  Digster and several Cogs were sent down to Angel Grove to release the lava.  Later, Prince Sprocket, Klank & Orbus were sent down to a cave, to supervise the dig.  Prince Sprocket would hear Katherine yelling for Smokey and sent several Cogs to go after her, even through King Mondo had already called off the pursuit of Katherine.  Later, the four Rangers would arrive.  The Rangers would battle and destroy Digster, ruining the plan.  King Mondo was furious.  Prince Sprocket quickly placed the blame on Klank & Orbus.  King Mondo then directed his angry at Klank & Orbus, until Queen Machina reminded him not to make his oil boil. 

King Mondo had been watching the Youth Center.  Ernie was hosting the Captain Pete and Puppet Man show.  The kids are laughing and having a good time.  Prince Sprocket and Queen Machina were with him.  King Mondo:  Contemptible urchins.  If there is anything that grinds my gears, it is the irksome laughter of human children.  Queen Machina:  Yes, it simply makes my oil boil.  King Mondo:  They say the children shape the future of the Earth.  Look dear, if we can get those children on our side, we can rule supreme.  Queen Machina:  But look at them, my love bot.  The little gutter snipes are so well behave, it's sickening.  But Puppetman had given King Mondo an idea.  King Mondo wanted to convert Puppetman with a device that would allow Puppetman to hypnotize the children into becoming evil drones.  King Mondo had Klank immediately work on the device.  Klank soon reported the device was done.  Prince Sprocket wanted to plant the transmitter, but King Mondo had the Cogs go down instead.  At first the plan worked well and kids in Angel Grove, were running amok in Angel Grove.  The Rangers were reluctant to battle kids.  But Billy soon discovered where the transmitter was on Puppetman.  This allow the Rangers to destroy the transmitter on Puppetman.  Alpha 5 would rebuild Puppetman in time for the next show.  King Mondo was furious and stated that the Zeo Rangers had defied and shamed the Royal House of Gadgetry.   

Prince Sprocket, along with Klank & Orbus, were hiding in some hills, watching a movie set below.  Katherine, Tanya, and Rocky happened to be extras in the movie.  Bulk & Skull were there as well to provide security for the set.  Klank:  Talk about your rank amateur.  Your next film will be bigger and better than they could ever dream.  Prince Sprocket:  Really?  I mean, of course.  Let me see.  Wow!  They use some really cool monsters.  My movie won't be any good without good monsters.  Klank wanted to help out Prince Sprocket and sent down several Cogs to steal the monster costumes from the set.  Tanya, Rocky, and Katherine chased after the Cogs.  More Cogs were waiting when the three teens caught up to them.  Soon Adam and Tommy joined their friends.  The five teens morphed and battled the Cogs.  Prince Sprocket then sent Video Vulture after the Rangers.  Video Vulture captured the Ranges and put them in Prince Sprocket's movie dimension.  After awhile, Zeo Ranger 2 and 5 were summon for their part in the movie.  Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger battled Leaky Faucet.  After awhile, Leaky Faucet vanished and the rest of the Rangers had joined them.  Billy had managed to contact Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Black Ranger.  Billy informed them if they changed the course of the movie and give it a happy ending, they could break out of the dimension.  The Rangers did this from saving a bus from crashing over a cliff.  Prince Sprocket was very disappointed.  He had wanted the Rangers to be inside the bus when it crashed.  Klank hurried over with a new storyboard for the movie.  Prince Sprocket liked it a lot.  This time four monsters were set against the Rangers.  One of the monsters was Leaky Faucet.    Prince Sprocket, Klank & Orbus went to watch the battle.  Orbus would make one of the monsters grow.  The Rangers, with their Megazord, would destroy all the monsters.

Prince Sprocket was standing with his parents and Klank & Orbus.  King Mondo and Queen Machina had been watching Angel Grove and they were outrage that a space ship had landed on Earth without their permission.  The space ship had been carrying Cestro, who was searching for Billy for help.  Close on Cestro's heels was Hydro Contaminator.  At first, King Mondo and Queen Machina were not happy to see Earth in distress, without them being the cause of it, but they soon took advantage of the situation by sending down several Cogs to help Hydro Contaminator battle the Rangers.  Hydro Contaminator would defeat the Rangers and then go to the water treatment facility.  Prince Sprocket and several Cogs went down to the water treatment plant as well.  Prince Sprocket promised Hydro Contaminator all the water he could want, if he destroyed the Power Rangers.  Prince Sprocket and the Cogs watched as Hydro Contaminator battled the Rangers.  Prince Sprocket was very impressed when Hydro Contaminator turned invisible and the Rangers were having a difficult time against him.  This gave Prince Sprocket the hope that his father would let him rule Detroit.    Unfortunately the Rangers would destroy Hydro Contaminator and Prince Sprocket had to contend himself with Angel Grove.

Prince Sprocket was with his parents.  They all had been watching the Junior Botanical Society.  Rocky's plant was a hybrid and liked to eat metal.  The plant had given King Mondo an idea.  King Mondo:  Very interesting.  The plant those teens hatch keeps growing and getting stronger.  We should use it to our advantage.  Sprocket, are you up to it?  Prince Sprocket:  Yeah, I'm there for you daddy!  Later, Prince Sprocket would be on top of the Junior Botanical Society greenhouse.  He had several Cogs with him.  Prince Sprocket was keeping lookout and soon spotted Rocky and Adam walking towards the greenhouse.  Prince Sprocket:  Oh Power Peasants, over here!  Nice weather, isn't it?  Prince Sprocket wanted to keep Adam and Rocky distracted from the fact that other Cogs were stealing Rocky's and Skull's plant.  Later, King Mondo would turn the two plants into monsters and set them loose on Angel Grove.  Eventually the Rangers would destroy Pollenator, one of the plant monsters.

Prince Sprocket came walking up towards his dad.  Prince Sprocket:  Hey pop, I bet you forgot that it's mom's birthday today.  I think you should get her a musician  of her very own.  King Mondo:  But of course.  No one appreciates fine classical music more than my lovely Queen Machina.  That mysterious piano player (Skull) at Angel Grove High will do nicely.  I'll send the Cogs to get him.  Prince Sprocket:  Guess what dad?  Prince Sprocket had already sent the Cogs down.  The Cogs will fail to capture the piano player.  King Mondo would create the monster Fortissimodo, but he would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.  Queen Machina enter, but neither Prince Sprocket or King Mondo gave her anything for her birthday. 

Prince Sprocket, Klank, Orbus, King Mondo, and Queen Machina had been watching the computer club at Angel Grove High School.  Tanya, Adam, and Raymond were in the club.  A virus had almost been released on the computer Tanya was working on, but Raymond managed to stop it.  King Mondo:  So a little virus shakes them up, does it?  That can be very useful.  Queen Machina:  Did you see those pathetic humans scramble over that machine?  We're so superior.  Klank:  Your majesty, I just had a splendid idea.  Prince Sprocket:  I know.  Why don't we send down our own computer virus?  Which had also been Klank's idea.  King Mondo and Queen Machina ignored Klank and praised Prince Sprocket for the idea.  King Mondo created the monster Mean Screen to infect all the computers in Angel Grove.  Although the plan worked well in the beginning, it ultimately failed when Green Ranger got a disc from Raymond that would eliminate the virus.  King Mondo was very upset over the failure of the plan.  Prince Sprocket immediately reminded his dad that it had been Klank's fault.  Klank protested, but King Mondo took out his fury at Klank and hit him with his staff.  Later, Prince Sprocket, King Mondo and Queen Machina had overheard a transmission from Billy, telling his friends he was on his way home from Aquitar.  Queen Machina mention how much easier it would be without the Rangers' brainy friend.  King Mondo immediately set to work on his plans to make sure Billy did not return.  

Prince Sprocket, Klank, Orbus, Queen Machina, and King Mondo were keeping an eye on Billy's space pod.  Klank:  Billy's space pod is approaching our range.  Orbus:  Our coordinates are locked in your highness.  King Mondo:  Very good, but how do we get him here?  Klank:  After we disable his craft, he'll float right up to our door.  King Mondo:  Excellent.  Once we have Billy, the Rangers will follow.  Prepare to fire on my command.  King Mondo laughed.  When Billy's space pod came close enough, Prince Sprocket fire and was thrilled when he hit Billy's craft.  It did the trick and knocked Billy off course.  But the teens below came up with their plans to get Billy back.  King Mondo soon found out and sent down Klank & Orbus, along with Mechanizer, to stop the Rangers from getting fuel cells.  But Klank, Orbus, and Mechanizer will fail and Billy return to Angel Grove safely.

Queen Machine had been watching the Youth Center.  Prince Sprocket, King Mondo, and Klank & Orbus were with her.  Tommy had just received a letter from Kimberly, breaking up with him, and Tommy was very upset.  Queen Machina:  Broken hearted humans are so pathetic.  Don't you agree my darling?  King Mondo:  I do indeed.  We must take advantage of this.  If only we could exploit their emotional weaknesses.  Klank:  We do have a monster who causes love sickness with those who come in contact with her ray.  Prince Sprocket:  Yeah, we'll use Robo Cupid!  King Mondo and Queen Machine gave full credit to their son for the idea of using Robo Cupid.  The plan was to have humans fall in love with machines, and therefore would not let any harm come to his soldiers.  King Mondo sent Klank & Orbus to take care of the plan.  Prince Sprocket complained as he wanted to put the plan into action.  King Mondo told him maybe later, once everything was under way and it was less dangerous.  King Mondo was also aware that three of the Rangers, (Kat, Billy, and Tommy) were on the ski slopes.  King Mondo sent several Cogs to cause havoc up in the mountains, which would keep the Rangers at half strength.     

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