Jessica Rey - Alyssa Enrile
Richardo Medina, Jr. - Cole Evans
Jack Guzman - Danny Delgado
Phillip Jeanmarie - Max Cooper
Alyson Kiperman - Taylor Earhardt
Philip Andrew - Merrick Baliton 

Darkness Awakening
Click, Click, Zoom
Never Give Up
Ancient Awakening
Wishes On The Water
The Bear Necessities
Soul Searching
Soul Bird Salvation
Curse Of The Wolf
Battle Of The Zords
Predazord Awaken
Revenge Of Zen-Aku
Identity Crisis
The Ancient Warrior
The Lone Wolf
Power Play
Secrets And Lies
The Tornado Spin
Three's A Crowd
A Father's Footsteps
Sing Song
The Wings Of Animaria
Reinforcements From The Future, Part I
Reinforcements From The Future, Part II
The Master's Last Stand
Unfinished Business
The Flute
Team Carnival
Taming Of The Zords
Monitoring Earth
The Soul Of Humanity
Forever Red
The Master's Herald, Part I
The Master's Herald, Part II
Fishing For A Friend
Sealing The Nexus
The End Of The Power Rangers, Part I
The End Of The Power Rangers, Part II