Reggie Rolle - Damon Henderson
Archie Kao - Kai Chen
Valerie Vernon - Kendrix Morgan
Danny Slavin - Leo Corbett
Cerina Vincent - Maya
Russell Lawrence - Mike Corbett
Melody Perkins - Karone

Quasar Quest, Part I
Quasar Quest, Part II
Race To The Rescue
Rookie In Red
The Lights Of Orion
Double Duty
The Blue Crush
The Magna Defender
The Sunflower Search
Silent Sleep
Orion Rising
Orion Returns
Shark Attack
Redemption Day

Destined For Greatness
Stolen Beauty
The Rescue Mission
The Lost Galactabeasts, Part I
The Lost Galactabeasts, Part II
Heir To The Throne
An Evil Game
Memories Of Mirinoi
Green Courage
Blue To The Test
Mean Wheels Mantis
Loyax' Last Battle
A Red Romance
The Chameliac Warrior
To The Tenth Power
The Power Of Pink
Protect The Quasar Saber
Facing The Past
Turn Up The Volume
Enter The Lost Galaxy
Beware The Mutiny
Grunchor On The Loose
Until Sunset
Dream Battle
Hexuba's Graveyard
Raise The Titanisaur
Escape The Lost Galaxy
Journey's End, Part I
Journey's End, Part II
Journey's End, Part III