Christina Masterson - Emma Goodall
Ciara Hanna - Gia Moran
Azim Rick - Jake Holling
John Mark Loudermilk - Noah Carver

Chris Auer (Voice) - Robo Knight
Andrew Gray - Troy Burrows

Mega Mission
He Blasted Me With Science
Going Viral
Stranger Ranger
United We Stand
Harmony And Dizchord
Who's Crying Now?
Robo Knight
Prince Takes Knight
Man And Machine
Ultra Power
Last Laugh
Dream Snatcher
Gosei Ultimate
The Human Factor
Rico The Robot
Staying On Track
The Human Condition
The Messenger
End Game

Raising Spirits

The Robo Knight Before Christmas

Power Rangers Megaforce - Ultimate Team Power - Volume 1
Power Rangers Morph Through 20 Years