Sean Johnson - Carter Grayson
Mike Chatarantabut - Chad Lee
Alison MacInnis - Dana Mitchell
Keith Robinson - Joel Rawlings
Sasha Williams - Kelsey Winslow
Rhett Fisher - Ryan Mitchell

Operation Lightspeed
Lightspeed Teamwork
Trial By Fire
Riding The Edge
A Matter Of Trust
Wheels Of Destruction
Cyborg Rangers
Up To The Challenge
Go Volcanic
Rising From Ashes
From Deep In The Shadows
Truth Discovered
Ryan's Destiny
Curse Of The Cobra
Strength Of The Sun
The Cobra Strikes

Olympius Ascends
A Face From The Past
The Queen's Return
The Omega Project
The Fifth Crystal
The Chosen Path
Yesterday Again
As Time Runs Out
In The Freeze Zone
The Mighty Mega Battles
The Great Egg Caper
Ocean Blue
Trakeena's Revenge, Part I
Trakeena's Revenge, Part II
The Last Ranger
Sorcerer Of The Sands
Olympius Unbound
Neptune's Daughter
Web War
In The Limelight
Wrath Of The Queen
Rise Of The Super Demons
The Fate Of Lightspeed, Part I
The Fate Of Lightspeed, Part II

Power Rangers Triple Force