Johnny Yong Bosch - Adam Park
Karan Ashley - Aisha Campbell
David Yost - Billy Cranston
Catherine Sutherland - Katherine Hillard
Steve Cardenas - Rocky DeSantos
Jason David Frank - Tommy Oliver
Nakia Burrise - Tanya Sloan

Matthew Skimoto - Young Adam Park
"Sicily" Young Aisha Campbell
Justin Timsit - Young Billy Cranston
Julia Jordan - Young Katherine Hillard
Michael J. O'Laskey, II - Young Rocky DeSantos
Michael R. Gotto - Young Tommy Oliver

Alien Rangers Of Aquitar, Part I
Alien Rangers Of Aquitar, Part II
Climb Every Fountain
The Alien Trap
Attack Of The Sixty Foot Bulk
Water You Thinking
Along Came A Spider
Sowing The Seas Of Evil
Hogday Afternoon, Part I
Hogday Afternoon, Part II