James Napier - Conner McKnight
Kevin Duhaney - Ethan James
Emma Lahana - Kira Ford
Jason David Frank - Dr. Tommy Oliver
Jeffrey Parazzo - Trent Fernandez-Mercer

Day Of The Dino, Part I
Day Of The Dino, Part II
Wave Goodbye
Legacy Of Power
Back In Black
Diva In Distress
Game On
Golden Boy
Beneath The Surface
Ocean Alert
White Thunder, Part I
White Thunder, Part II
White Thunder, Part III
Truth And Consequences
Leader Of The Whack
Burning At Both Ends
The Missing Bone
Bully For Ethan
Lost & Found In Translation
It's A Mad Mad Mackerel
Copy That
Triassic Triumph
A Star Is Torn
A Ranger Exclusive
Tutenhawken's Curse
Disappearing Act
Fighting Spirit
The Passion Of Conner
Isn't It Lava-ly
Strange Relations
Thunder Storm, Part I
Thunder Storm, Part II
In Your Dreams
Drawn Into Danger
House Of Cards
A Test Of Trust
Thunder Struck, Part I
Thunder Struck, Part II