Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum

Amber Beach has it's own dinosaur museum.  The Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum has numerous dinosaur exhibits, tours, it's own restaurant (Dino Bite Cafe), and a loading area in the back, with their own vehicle.  The museum continues to work on locating fossils for it's exhibits.  Chase, Koda, and Kendall work for the museum.  A museum guide is giving a tour of the dinosaur exhibits.  A group of students follow her through the museum.  A young man, Tyler, separate from the group, is also visiting the museum.  He looks up information about volcanic caves, while checking through a journal.  He notes, that's not far.   Totally worth a look.  A young man with a cart, Chase, is walking by when Tyler stops him and asks, do you work here?  Chase replies, I do mate.  Tyler points to his journal and tells Chase, I'm looking for this cave.  My dad did some exploring here, ten years ago.  Chase takes a look at the drawing and recognizes the Sampson Caves.  He points to a fossil and tells Tyler that fossil was found there.  Its about fifteen miles roughly from the city.  Tyler thanks him.  Chase replies no worries, and places his head phones back on and gets back to his job.  Tyler takes a selfie with the dinosaur fossil before heading out to the caves.  Chase enters the Dino Bite Cafe for a brief moment before heading back out and into the museum.  Shelby, who works at the cafe, follows him out and onto the loading area.  Chase asks her out.  Shelby suggests instead of a movie, how about you just take me on the dig with you.  Chase apologizes.  Sorry, no can do.  Museum policy.  Shelby spots Koda and quickly runs over to him.  Holding a bag from Dino Bite Cafe, Shelby says in a singing voice, look what I got?  Your favorite bronto burger.  Rare.  Koda makes a grab for the bag, but Shelby holds it away from him.  Shelby turns around and states, just let me go with you guys and it's yours.  Koda takes advantage of the situation and grabs the bag away from Shelby.  Koda makes quick work of the burger.  Shelby asks, so I can go?  Koda asks, go where?  Shelby is disappointed and sits down on a crate.  She mutters, I'm never going to get to go.  Suddenly she is lifted into the air.  It's Koda moving the crate onto the flatbed.  Kendall walks out.  Shelby spots her and calls out Miss Morgan.  Kendall replies, I think your party in booth four is missing a dinner roll.  And no, you can't come.   Kendall and Shelby simultaneously state, museum policy.  Shelby follows Kendall and spots off information about Triceratops.  Give me a shot Miss Morgan.  Please.  I know as much about dinosaurs as anyone on your crew.  Miss Kendall responds, for your information Chase and Koda are very highly trained museum personnel.  They both glance over at Chase and Koda.  Chase is balancing his skateboard on top of his head.  Koda's face is a mess from the burger and he is licking his fingers.  Shelby comments, they hide it well.  Miss Morgan adds, you have no idea.  Koda burps.  Miss Morgan shakes her head to clear it and tells Shelby, you do have a job to get back to, right?  Shelby smiles as she comes up with an idea and hides herself.  As the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum truck heads out, Shelby pops out, runs after the truck, and gets herself inside the flatbed, under the protective tarp.

Tyler, Riley and Shelby arrive at the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum and Shelby directs them to the loading dock. Koda and Chase are walking away from the  loading dock.  Koda tells Chase, I'm very hungry.  Chase replies, Koda, you're always hungry. Tyler's jeep pulls up next to the museum truck.  Shelby spots Koda and Chase and calls out to them.  The three quickly get out of the jeep, but Koda and Chase are nowhere to be seen.  Tyler is not concerned, he is more impressed with a large dinosaur head with it's mouth wide open.   Tyler climbs up the crates to get a better look.  Riley is impressed as well.  Tyler is in front of the head and asks, take a pic of me, as he tosses his phone to Shelby.  Shelby responds, really?  Now?  Tyler gets himself inside the mouth, as he situates himself, he pulls on a tooth and drops out of sight.  Riley climbs up and is more impressed - a secret passage.  Riley slides down the mouth.  Shelby shouts wait!  Shelby debates for a moment and then slides down as well.  Below is the Dino Charge Secret Lab.

Riley, Koda, Shelby, and Chase race through the city, towards Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum, unaware that Scrapper is following them.  Tyler races through the woods and enters the city.  Koda, Shelby, Riley, and Chase enter the Dino Lab through the secret passage.  No one sees Scrapper hidden among the crates.  Scrapper is very happy to have found the entrance to their secret base.  Tyler reaches the docking area and calls out to Chase, but Chase doesn't hear him and slides down into the lab.  Scrapper tells Tyler he is too late.  Secret's out.  Oh I can't wait to get back and tell Sledge the news.  Scrapper laughs as he runs off.  A truck drives by and Scrapper compresses himself into just a arm and hooks himself onto the truck.  But Scrapper never makes it to tell Sledge.  Tyler follows Scrapper and is soon battling him as Red Ranger.  Soon the rest of the teens join Tyler and they all morph into Dino Steel.  The battle continues until Scrapper is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation.

Kendall walks through the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum and into Dino Bite Cafe.  She walks up to Shelby and Riley.  Kendall tells them Chase and Koda are late.  Shelby responds, Chase is always late.  Riley adds, Koda doesn't even know what time is.  Kendall responds, true, but they aren't answering their Dino Coms either.  Tyler (who was in the kitchen, but overheard the conversation) joins the group.  Kendall tells Tyler and Riley to take the Dino Cycles.  Their scanners will allow you to cover more ground.  The guys take off and Shelby goes back to work.  Eventually Koda and Chase are found, along with a battle with Slammer.  Slammer is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Stego-Raptor Formation.

Koda had tricked Chase into thinking it was his turn to mop the floors of the museum.  Shelby had volunteered to do it, but Chase was determined to show his friends he can focus.  Chase takes the mop back as he explains there was a rugby match.  Don't worry guys, I got a plan.  Chase looks at his skateboard and notes, no more distractions.  Chase places his headphones on and takes off on his skateboard, mopping the floor as he rolls along.  Tyler, Koda, Shelby, and Riley watch him.  Tyler notes looks like he figured out one way to concentrate.  Riley laughs.  Shelby glances over at the schedule, still in Koda's hand, and notices something.  It's Koda's day to clean the floor.  Koda snatches the clipboard back and defends himself.  Maybe he need...concentrate on schedule too.  Koda grins widely as Shelby, Tyler, and Riley laugh.

The teens had gone searching for the Aqua Energem using the E-Tracer, that Kendall and Shelby created.  They found Ankylo Zord, but unfortunately, Poisandra and Stingrage found Ankylo Zord first.  Stingrage stung Ankylo Zord and it was very angry.  The teens retreated to the Dino Charge Lab and filled in Kendall and Keeper on what had happened.  It was decided that the stinger needed to be removed from Ankylo Zord.  Shelby volunteers to do it.  Tyler quickly tells her, no way.  It's too dangerous.  Shelby explains, someone has to do it.  Besides, it's my stupid E-Tracer that somehow screwed up and gave away the zord's location to Sledge.  Shelby starts to walk away.  Kendall hurries forward and states, actually (Shelby stops and turns around) your device worked brilliantly.  Sledge got the location of the zord because I didn't encrypt the E-Tracer's code.  It's my fault we lost control of the Ankylo Zord.  Somehow, I'll find a solution.  Clearly upset, Kendall walks pass the teens.  A few moments later, Shelby walks out as well.  Shelby, a discrete distance, follows Kendall through the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum. When Kendall enters the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum Truck, Shelby climbed into the back, unseen.  Eventually Pink Ranger removes the stinger from Ankylo Zord.  A battle follows and Stingrage is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Ankylo Formation.  Kendall fixes the E-Tracer, so Sledge can no longer steal their information.   

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