Dino Bite Cafe

Dino Bite Cafe is a restaurant inside the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum.  Shelby works there as a waitress, although she would much rather go on the museum's digs.  Chase works at the museum, and entered the cafe for a drink.  He sat at the counter and watched the commotion around him. The cafe was busy and Shelby had a full tray of food as she navigate her way around.  She became distracted when she spotted Chase sitting at the counter.  Shelby accidentally bump into Kendall's chair and a roll fell into Kendall's soup.  Shelby:  "Opps!  Sorry!"  Kendall was not pleased.  Kendall:  "Shelby."  Shelby scrunches up her face in embarrassment and then continued onto her "table", constantly glancing back at Chase.  Shelby placed the tray on the table and began to read off their order as she placed the food in front of the customers.  Shelby:  "A T-Rex ribs on rye, lightly toasted.  Two Pterodactyl melts on an egg roll, hold the mayo.  And a Bronto Burger with Fossil Fries.  Light salt.  Aww, anything else?"  Customer:  "We haven't even ordered yet."  Shelby notes the menus they still held and quickly tried to cover up her mistake.  Shelby:  "You didn't need to order cause I read your minds."  Shelby snapped her fingers.  "Enjoy".  Shelby hurried away from the table and grabbed a Dino Bite Cafe takeout bag as she hurried out of the cafe to catch up with Chase, who was walking out.

Tyler and Koda are working in the kitchen of Dino Bite Cafe as Riley, Chase and Shelby take care of the orders.  Tyler sees that Riley and Chase are about to bump into each other and stops them.  Riley thanks him and walks out with his tray.  Tyler is about to go back to the grill, but Chase stops him.  He tells Tyler, look I want to apologize.  I was wrong to think you abandoned the team.  Tyler apologizes as well.  I shouldn't have been so quick to go off on my own.  Fact is, we work better together.  Chase smiles.  Shelby and Riley enter the kitchen.  Shelby tells her friends, it doesn't seem right.  We saved the world in the morning.  And serve them lunch in the afternoon.  Tyler tells Shelby she is crazy.  It's a blast.  Look at what I learned.  Tyler flips a burger and spins around.  But the burger does not land back on the spatula.  Tyler is puzzled and looks around for the missing burger.  He glances over at Riley, Shelby, and Chase.  Riley tells him, don't look at me.  Tyler slowly looks over at Koda.  It's obvious Koda's mouth is full, he makes an effort to chew unseen, but it becomes too much and he spits the burger out, all over Chase, Shelby, and Riley.  Koda apologizes, but can't stop himself from grinning.  

Kendall walks through the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum and into Dino Bite Cafe.  She walks up to Shelby and Riley.  Kendall tells them Chase and Koda are late.  Shelby responds, Chase is always late.  Riley adds, Koda doesn't even know what time is.  Kendall responds, true, but they aren't answering their Dino Coms either.  Tyler (who was in the kitchen, but overheard the conversation) joins the group.  Kendall tells Tyler and Riley to take the Dino Cycles.  Their scanners will allow you to cover more ground.  The guys take off and Shelby goes back to work.  Eventually Koda and Chase are located inside a mountain.  A battle follows and Slammer, who had taken Chase and Koda, is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Stego-Raptor Formation. Chase, still trapped inside, is rescued by Tricera Zord.

Dino Bite Cafe is busy.  Chase is cooking on the grill.  Riley brings in dishes and washes them.  Shelby walks in the kitchen for the next order.  Shelby is frustrated with the hamburgers being unassembled.  Shelby puts the hamburgers together as she barks at Chase, can't you do anything.  Distracted by his phone, Chase doesn't even hear her and after she leaves, pours mayo onto the counter. Tyler is at the front counter, giving change to a customer.  Shelby delivers the order to a couple at a table and then heads off towards another table.  She introduces herself and prepares to take their order.  She is surprised to see Chase sitting at the table across from a lovely young lady.  Shelby asks him, aren't you manning the grill?  It takes a moment and then Chase realizes he is supposed to be cooking.  As he gets up from the table, the kitchen is already filling with smoke.  Chase yells out an apology as Riley tries to wave the flames away with a frying pan and Tyler runs off to get an fire extinguisher. After the fire is put out, Tyler, Kendall, Riley, Shelby, and Koda decide to have a talk with Chase.  Chase doesn't think his mistake was that serious - one little fire.  Kendall points out that it could have burned down the entire museum.  Shelby adds, and expose our base.  Chase tells them, he gets it.  I promise to pay more attention to...Moana!  A woman has entered Dino Bite Cafe.  Chase greets her with a hug and asks how are you?  It's been a long time.  Moana tells Chase she needs his help.  She takes Chase by the wrist and leads him away from his friends.  Chase asks, what is it?  Moana replies, I've had a vision.  Someone is going to steal from me.  Something of great value.  Chase glances over at his friends and tells them, Moana is a Matapae, a Maori fortune teller from New Zealand.  Moana told Chase she needed him to guard her shop.  Shelby was skeptical.  Really?  Chase is going to guard it?  Kendall adds, I hope you have fire extinguisher.  The rest of Chase's friends laugh.  Chase ignores them and asks Moana, what about the police?  Moana tells him the police think she is crazy.  You have special strengths Chase.  Chase pulls out his Energem and they both look at it.  Kendall is surprised Moana knows about the Energem as is Riley, Tyler, and Shelby.  Moana tells Chase, only you can help me.  Chase agrees to guard her shop.  Moana grabs his hand and drags him out of the cafe.  As he is being pulled along, he tells his friends he can handle this and then trips on the way out.  Later, Moana apologizes to Chase for all the trouble she caused him.  Telling the future can be a messy business.  Chase replies, no worries.  At least I proved to everybody that I can focus when I need to.  Chase and Moana hug.  Moana tells him, till we meet again and leaves the cafe.  Koda walks up to Chase with a cart full of cleaning equipment.  Koda briefly shows Chase the schedule and tells him today is your day to focus and clean the museum floor.  Shelby grabs the mop and volunteers to do it and starts to head out.  Shelby continues, the last time he had floor duty, he left halfway through.  Chase takes the mop back as he explains there was a rugby match.  Don't worry guys, I got a plan.  Chase looks at his skateboard and notes, no more distractions.  Chase places his headphones on and takes off on his skateboard, mopping the floor as he rolls along.  Tyler, Koda, Shelby, and Riley watch him.  Tyler notes looks like he figured out one way to concentrate.  Riley laughs.  Shelby glances over at the schedule, still in Koda's hand, and notices something.  It's Koda's day to clean the floor.  Koda snatches the clipboard back and defends himself.  Maybe he need...concentrate on schedule too.  Koda grins widely as Shelby, Tyler, and Riley laugh.

Riley and Tyler enter the Dino Bite Cafe. Tyler hopes Kendall is right about the Gold Energem.  What do you think?  The chef announces that there are free cake samples, compliments of the chef.  Shelby takes a tray of cake slices and gives them out to the customers.  Tyler, Koda, Chase, and Riley are gathered around a map.  Tyler tells them, Kendall says we should check the southwest creek beds.  Riley adds, we're looking for pterodactyl, that's the dinosaur that bonded with the Gold Energem.  Shelby announces free samples as she joins the guys.  Chef is trying a new recipe.  The guys eagerly grab the slices of cake.  Before Tyler can take a bite, Riley knocks the plate away.  Tyler jokes, a bit tasteless.  Riley warns them not to touch the cake.  Koda is surprised.  No cake?  Chase tells Riley to chill.  A little cake never hurt anyone.  Riley points to the customers and replies, tell that to them.  All the customers are groaning in pain and holding their mouths.  Koda, Tyler, and Shelby are stunned.  Chase spots Cavity behind the counter and shouts hey!  Cavity runs back into the kitchen.  The team splits up with Riley and Chase heading out to the front as the rest cut through the kitchen.  In the kitchen, Koda, Shelby, and Tyler find their chef tied up.  They quickly free him.  Tyler uses his Dino Com to inform Riley and Chase that Cavity escape out the back.  Tyler races out as Koda tells the chef, you're safe now.   After freeing the chef, Shelby and Koda race out and join the rest of the Rangers.  By the time they arrive, the battle with Cavity is over and Cavity has gotten away.  Afterwards, Kendall and Riley organize the remaining cake slices.  Each cake slice has a number assigned to it.  Kendall tells Riley, these are the left over pieces of the poisoned cake.  Riley states, we need to record how much was eaten by each person and then whether it was the cake or the frosting.  Kendall hopes they can come up with an antidote.  They move the cake slices over to the counter. Kendall asks, victim number one?  Riley examines the cake slice and replies, two cake bites, one frosting.  Kendall writes down the information as Riley talks.  Riley picks up the second cake piece.  Victim number two looks like three cake bites and no frosting.  Behind them Chase is clearing off the table of the cake slices.  Riley spots Chase and yells at him to stop.  What are you doing?!  Chase replies, I'm cleaning up.  That's what I'm suppose to be doing right?  Riley answers, no, not these.  We need to figure out what's going on first.  Chase responds, my instincts tell me that what's going on, is that if you eat the cake, you get a toothache.  Riley states, it's not that simple.  Chase responds, it is that simple.  Riley tells him, we need to analyze it first.  Chase grits his teeth in frustration.  You always love to analyze things.  Riley replies yes.  Chase takes the trash can and empties it onto the table and tells him to analyze that.  Now Kendall is mad as she walks over and tells them enough!  Both of you out of here!  And don't come back till you sort this out!  Chase takes his skateboard and rolls out of the cafe.  Riley shouts after him, you can't skate in here!  Kendall glares at Riley and he gives her a sheepish glance.  Later, Riley would realize that he had misjudge Chase.  Another battle with Cavity followed and Cavity was destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation.

Riley walks into the Dino Bite Cafe and sits down with Koda, Chase, and Tyler.  He tells them, Kendall fixed the E-Tracer.  Sledge can't steal our data anymore.  Chase tells them, once they have the other Energems, he is going to head home.  Shelby joins them, complaining of the heat.  Koda and Tyler slide their drinks away from her.  Shelby notices and tells them, very funny.  Riley tells her, your invention is going to help our search a lot.  I mean, it's genius.  Shelby is flattered.  Koda grabs a placemat and pencil as he tells his friends that his grandfather is a famous caveman.  He draws on the placemat as he continues, he invented very complicated machine too. Shelby is impressed.  Koda shows them his drawing - of a wheel.  Everyone chuckles.  Kendall walks over with a gift.  Shelby holds up her fist as she tells Kendall, we crushed it.  Kendall replies, yes, we did crush it.  Shelby gives up and lowers her hand.  Kendall continues, because of your recent invention, the museum has a gift for you.  A fossil from your favorite dinosaur.  Shelby gets very excited as she whips off the lid and exclaims - a triceratops fossil!  As Shelby removes the tissue paper and picks up the fossil, she becomes confused.  I don't recognize this bone.  Koda informs her, that is poop.  Kendall replies, yes Koda.  It's a very rare specimen.  Shelby is not happy - dino dung!  Ewww!  Shelby gives it a small toss and it breaks apart on the floor.  Koda jokes, now lots of rare specimen.  Chase, Tyler, and Riley laugh.  Shelby is disgusted and wipes her hands off on Koda's arm.  Koda passes her a napkin as the rest of the table laughs as Kendall stares stoically ahead.

Featured Items on the Menu

 Bronto Burgers
Fossil Fries
Pterodactyl Melts
T-Rex Ribs
Slices of Cake


The Tooth Hurts