Dino Charge Lab

Underneath the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum is the secret Dino Charge Lab.  It is only known to Keeper, Koda, Chase, and Kendall until Tyler, Riley, and Shelby accidentally discovered one of it's secret entrances.   Shelby, Tyler and Riley are standing in wonder.  Riley thinks it's some kind of lab.  They slowly walk further into the room.  Shelby tells them, I've been serving burgers here for a year, never had a clue this was down here.  Tyler notices two more Energems and tells Riley and Shelby, check this out.  Tyler takes a closer look as Shelby and Riley join him.  Shelby excitedly states, they're just like ours.  Shelby is surprised when her Pink Energem flies out of her hand and into display with the other two Energems.  Riley and Tyler pull out their Energems and they fly over to the display as well.  Tyler laughs.  Riley thinks it's some kind of power source.  Suddenly Keeper appears.  Keeper explains, they are Energems.  Tyler warns Keeper to stay back. Shelby asks, who?  What are you?  Keeper tells them his name.  I assure you, I'm quite harmless.  Energems harness untold powers of the universe.  Keeper makes images from the past appear as he continues.  Long ago I trusted them to guardian dinosaurs, but when the dinosaurs went extinct, the Energems were lost.  Tyler adds, until...we found them.  Keeper agrees.  These Energems have chosen to bond with you.  The three teens once more receive images of their dinosaur.  Riley asks, why would they bond with us?  Shelby is surprised when Koda, Chase, and Kendall walk in.  Koda, Kendall, and Chase stand beside Keeper.  Kendall walks up to Tyler and tells him, you fought to defend a stranger at great risk to yourself.  That's why the Red Energem chose you Tyler.  Tyler smiles.  Kendall walks over to Riley and tells him, your discipline and intelligence have given you the skills to protect others.  The Green Energem was very wise to chose you Riley.  Riley gives a hesitant smile.  Kendall walks over to Shelby and tells her, why the Pink Energem chose you...is anyone's guess.   Riley states, okay, Energems, dinosaurs spirits, and bonding.  I'm sorry, but this all sounds a little unbelievable.  Kendall smiles and then tells Koda and Chase, show them.  Koda and Chase step forward.  They hold out their hands, and the Black and Blue Energems fly into their hands.  Kendall explains, I helped Keeper track down Chase after he bonded to his Energem.  Then we found Koda.  Images of Chase and Koda's dinosaurs appear above their hands.  Koda welcomes them to the team.  Chase tells them, you are officially Power Rangers.  Shelby responds, Power what?  Keeper explains, the Energems have given you magnificent powers and the dinosaur spirits give you strength.  Kendall continues, the five Energems have been found, but five more are still lost.  Kendall points out the empty recharge area.  Kendall tells them, you must use your new powers to find them before they fall into evil hands.  Shelby responds, evil hands?  Like that thing we fought in the woods?  Kendall nods her head yes.  Shelby asks, you expect me to fight monsters?  Really?  I just want to dig for dinosaur bones, not bond to one.  The alarms go off and a screen appears.  Tyler asks, what's going on?  They all hurry over to the screen.  After taking a look, Kendall tells them, I'm seeing more seismic activity. Same location as yesterday.  Chase suggests they take a look.  Tyler introduces himself and states, I'm all in.  Kendall replies, good.  Riley tells them, this all seems crazy but...I'm in too.  Everyone, except Shelby, is happy.  Koda tells them, we go now.  They all get ready to leave, but Shelby stays behind.  Koda, Tyler, Chase, and Riley stop when they realize Shelby is not with them.  Keeper tells Shelby, you fought bravely to save the Pink Energem.  Now the world needs your help.  Kendall tells Keeper, it's her decision.  She's right to be hesitant.  Clearly this mission is just too dangerous.  For a waitress.  Go without her.  Chase and Koda immediately start to head out, but Riley and Tyler stay where they are.  Shelby shouts, wait!  Koda and Chase stop.  Shelby states, sure I'm a little scare.  Who wouldn't be?  But I know more about dinosaurs than any of you.  Fact is...you need me.  And I want to help.  After giving Kendall a look, Shelby joins the guys.  Tyler is very proud of Shelby.  Chase tells them, don't forget your Dino Chargers as he grabs his.  Riley and Shelby walk up to the charging area and their Energems fly into their hands, and they join Koda and Chase with grins on their faces.  Tyler walks up to the charging area and holds out his  hand, but nothing happens.  Tyler is confused and another alarm goes off.  Kendall tells them, something is interfering with the Red Energem power.  Keeper tells Tyler, he must stay.  Tyler really wants to go.  Chase, Riley, Shelby, and Koda stand in the doorway, uncertain.  Tyler gives a small nod and agrees.  Koda, Shelby, Chase, and Riley hurry out.  Keeper, Kendall, and Tyler are standing in front of the screen, watching the footage of T-Rex Zord.  Kendall explains to Tyler when someone bonds with an Energem, their zord is awaken.  Tyler is blown away.  That thing...is my zord.  Kendall replies, yes, and it's destabilizing the red power.  Keeper adds, you and your zord share the spirit of the mighty Tyrannosaurs Rex.  Kendall notes, it's headed for the city.  She quickly grabs the Red Dino Chargers and explains to Tyler, these are Dino Chargers.  I created them to contain the power of each Energem.  When a Dino Charger runs out of power, we recharge it here.  It will energize your weapons and morph you into battle mode.  Kendall gives Tyler a Dino Charger.  Tyler is excited about the idea of morphing again.  Cool.  Kendall chuckles and tells him, yes I suppose it is cool.  Kendall gives him the rest of the Red Dino Chargers.  Keeper tells Kendall to inform the others to meet Tyler in the city's center.  Tyler holds out his hand and this time the Red Energem leaps into his hand.  Tyler hurries out.  The Rangers successfully destroy Iceage, two Vivix Zords, and several Vivix.  After the battle, sitting by himself, Keeper mutters, this just can't be.  The teens return to the secret lab under the museum.  Tyler asks Riley,  can you show me how to handle a sword like that?  Riley responds, you took out that giant monster, how about you show me?  Koda tells Shelby he is glad she is part of the team now, but...Shelby tells him not to worry.  I'll still make you your favorite Bronto Burger.  Koda grins.  Riley can't wait to tell his brother about what had happened.  Kendall walks up to the group and tell them, incorrect.  No one must know what we are doing here.  Understood?  They all nod and Tyler tells Kendall, you got it.  Chase walks over to Keeper and kneels down.  Gently, Chase tells Keeper, that monster we fought was not Fury.  You said there weren't any other monsters on Earth.  Keeper replies, that monster belongs to Sledge.  A ruthless bounty hunter.  Sixty-five million years ago, he drove me to hide all the Energems, which Kendall has been helping me search for.  Somehow Sledge has returned.  He'll destroy anything to get the Energems, including you.  The teens exchange worried glances.

Riley practices his sword skills by hitting the tennis balls as they are shot at him.  Riley is doing rather well, until a clanking noise distracts him and he gets hit by a tennis ball.  With his head phones firmly in place, Chase sings along as he works on his skateboard.  Riley looks at Chase, who is unaware of what happened, throws his arms up in frustration and then goes back to practice.  Shelby slides in and accidentally walks into Riley's practice area.  Shelby manages not to get hit by any tennis balls.  Shelby tells Chase, good morning.  Chase removes his head phones and is very impressed with Shelby's appearance.  Don't you look sharp.  Shelby replies, it is such a relief to finally come to the museum and not have to look....Shelby is surprised to see Tyler has entered and is wearing a Dino Bites Cafe apron.  Tyler is very excited.  Isn't it great!  I get to be a bus boy at the cafe.  Kendall walks into the Dino Lab and tells Shelby she is late.  Kendall removes Chase's skateboard as she tells him, please Chase, this is a sterile laboratory, not a garage.  Shelby asks Kendall, why is Tyler dressed to work in the cafe?  We're Rangers now.  You know.  Busy saving the world.  Kendall replies, sometimes you're busy saving the world and other times you're busy flipping burgers.  Today it's burgers.  Kendall notes Shelby's look of disappointment.  Kendall continues, that's how you blend in.  No one will suspect you're Rangers.  Kendall hands Shelby's apron back to her.  A very sleepy Koda enters the lab.  Koda asks, did someone say burgers?  Koda sniffs the air as Tyler asks, Koda, do you sleep in that cave?  Koda replies yes.  My home.  Kendall tells the teens, Koda found the Blue Energem a hundred thousand years ago.  During the Pleistocene era.  Shelby states, so you mean, Koda's a....the rest chip in as well, caveman.  Koda smiles and does a muscle pose.  Tyler thinks it's awesome.  Riley is in disbelief.  Really, he's a hundred thousand years old.  That's impossible.  Tyler walks towards Koda's cave and Koda follows him in. 

Kendall explains, once he bonded to an Energem, he stopped aging.  None of you will age when you're bonded to an Energem.  Shelby is excited.  So, I'll stay eighteen!  This job has some great benefits!  Riley has decided to enter Koda's cave as well.  Chase adds, and I will always look like this.  Chase gives a big smile.  Shelby responds, so there's some negatives too.  Chase and Shelby followed their friends into Koda's cave.  Moments later, the alarm goes off and they all race out of the cave and back into the lab. Kendall is standing in front of a 3D model of earth when the teens join her.   She tells them, several objects entering the Earth's atmosphere.  Tyler asks, Sledge?  Chase replies, let's go find out.  Shelby, Koda, Chase, Riley, and Tyler hurry out of the Dino Charge Lab. Kendall continues to keep a watch on things.  Later, Shelby, Chase, Riley, and Koda returned to the Dino Lab.  Tyler had, against the others' wishes, followed Fury instead.  Kendall informs Riley, Shelby, Chase and Koda, with Keeper's help, I've upgraded your Dino Chargers.  Kendall passes the Dino Chargers back to each teen as she continues, your chargers will now be able to activate the highest strength armor mode, called Dino Steel.  Shelby asks, but will Dino Steel be tough enough to beat Sledge?  Chase answers, maybe, if Tyler hadn't left us.  The alarm goes off.  Everyone walks over to the computer.  Kendall takes a look and tells the four teens, alien DNA detected in the northwest quadrant.  And Tyler's there too.  Koda, Chase, Riley, and Shelby exchange glances and run out of Dino Lab. The teens find Tyler, morph and battle Scrapper.  During the battle, Kendall contacts Blue Ranger.  She tells him to call his Stego Zord.  I think I found a way to combine your zords.  Tricera Zord and T-Rex Zord are already there when Blue Ranger summons Stego Zord.  The three zords combine to form Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation.  The battle continues and eventually Scrapper is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord. 

Koda slowly backs out of his cave and into the Dino Lab.  A roar from behind him, makes him swing around.  Kendall apologizes.  We didn't know you were sleeping.  Shelby, Tyler, Riley, and Chase are there as well and they are surrounding a bike.  Shelby explains that Miss Morgan was just showing them their new Dino Cycles.  Koda backs away.  Chase suggests to Koda to come over and  take a squizz.  Shelby, Tyler, and Riley are confused.  A squizz?  Chase repeats the word.  A squizz.  You know, a look.  Chase becomes frustrated with their blank stares.  He states, sometimes I wonder if I'm speaking English.  Riley responds, me too.  Chase ignores the remark and once more invites Koda to take a look.  Koda walks slowly towards the bike.  Chase points out several features as he states, it's got everything from laser blasters to energy scanners.  Chase sits on the bike and continues.  Most importantly, I look really good on it.  Chase revs up the bike and it scares Koda.  Koda hits the bike tire with his club.  Everyone yells at Koda to relax.  Koda apologizes.  My instinct say danger.  Shelby tells Koda, no apologizes.  I totally get it.  Where you're from, anything that makes a strange sound is a threat.  Shelby's cell phone rings.  Koda quickly turns around and smashes it with his club.  Shelby is upset and Koda apologizes once more.  Chase states, no apologizes mate.  She totally gets it.  Shelby makes a face at Chase.  Kendall explains that Koda has grown accustom to morphing into a Ranger but...Koda finishes, some modern things still give me.  Koda searches for the right word and continues, nervous.  Chase thinks over what Koda has said and tells him, look you just need a few pointers.  I've ridden everything from roller coasters to kangaroos.  If anyone can teach you to ride, it's me.  Chase starts to lead Koda away but Riley stops them.  Wait a second.  There aren't any kangaroos in New Zealand, those are in Australia.  Chase blows it off, details!  Let's give it a go.  Chase leads Koda out of Dino Lab. Later, Kendall and Shelby are looking at a hologram of the cave.  They are searching for Koda and Chase.  Kendall replies, I see it too.  Strange readings.  Shelby concludes that field must be keeping them from communicating with us.  Kendall adds, or even from morphing.  They got to get outside.  Kendall contacts Green Ranger and sends him the coordinates and tells him to meet us at the mountains. Green Ranger responds, right, I'm on my way.  Green Ranger heads off towards the mountains. Kendall and Shelby give each other a small nod and hurry away.  When they arrive at the mountain, Koda had escaped.  Slammer tries to stop them from rescuing Chase, but Slammer is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Stego-Raptor Formation.  Chase is rescued by Tricera Zord. 

The Rangers had a difficult battle with Spellbinder.  Afterwards, they went to the Dino Charge Lab to fill in Kendall and Keeper.  Riley tells Kendall, he blocked every shot with that cape.  Shelby adds none of our weapons could break through it.  Kendall replies, that's why you have me.  I give you the Dino Spike Charger.  It should harness the power of all five of your Energems.  Kendall passes the Dino Spike Charge to Tyler.  Tyler tells her, perfect.  Kendall warns them, just know, it takes all five Rangers to activate the Dino Spike.  Tyler, Riley, and Shelby are concern.  Koda stays with Chase as Keeper takes a look at Chase.  Keeper concludes there is indeed something wrong here.  Chase is still not feeling right.  It's in my head.  I feel like I'm losing control of myself.  Tyler, Riley, and Shelby walk over and join Koda, Chase, and Keeper.  Chase continues, but whatever he hit me with seem to go away when I was on my skateboard.  Keeper tells them, the spell will grow stronger and stronger until it controls you completely.  Perhaps if you knew the origin of the pendant?  Chase quickly thinks of Moana.  Chase stands up but it is difficult.  Riley has Chase sit back down.  Chase tells them, she will know where it came from.  Koda asks, you mean lady of black magic?  Chase answers, it's not black magic.  Trust me.  Moana is on our side.  Tyler tells Chase, stay here.  We'll figure out how to break the spell.  Tyler, Shelby, Riley, and Koda leave to go see Moana.  After they leave, Chase stands up again and starts to head out.  Keeper stops him.  Keeper tells Chase, you're more of a danger than a help to them right now.  You must stay.  Chase feels bad.  If only I had stayed focus on the shop.  Spellbinder would never have gotten that pendant.  Keeper tells him, you can't change the past.  But you can learn from it.  Later, Shelby is able to break the spell Chase is under.  Another battle with Spellbinder follows and eventually Spellbinder is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Para-Raptor Formation.

 Riley is training.  He sets up the dino ball machine to shoot out tennis balls as he hits them with this Dino Saber. Riley does some impressive moves as he strikes each ball back.  Behind him, Chase has his feet up and his headphones on, enjoying his drink.  Riley gets very frustrated with himself when he misses a tennis ball.  He quickly gets into a fighting stance and practices hitting the flying tennis balls.  Riley hits several, but then misses one.  He becomes frustrated when he hears the slurping sound behind him.  Riley tries to get Chase's attention.  A tennis ball hits Riley in the back, which does not improve his mood.  Chase glances up and removes his headphones as Riley tells him, I'm trying to focus here.  You should know how hard that can be.  Chase replies, but bro, you just keep practicing the same sword move.  Over and over.  Riley tells him, I have my reasons.  Chase asks, which are?  Riley explains, when Fury attacked me to get the Green Energem, I wasn't able to keep up.  That's why I practice, so next time I'm ready.  Riley walks away, Chase gets up, grabs his skateboard and walks up to  Riley.  Look, we both want to defeat Fury.  But the next attack could be different.  If I was you, I'll used your instincts and adapt.  So you're ready for any situation.  Riley dismisses Chase's advice.  Oh okay, you giving me training advice.  Right!  I've never seen you train.  Not once.  Riley walks away.  Chase shouts after him, just because I don't train the same way as you, doesn't mean I don't train.  Angry, Chase states, I'm going out and heads out.  Riley shouts after him, have fun!  Chase glares at him and then leaves.  A tennis ball hits Riley's forehead.  Riley lets out a growl and gets back to practice.  Later, the Rangers have a battle with Cavity, in which while Black Ranger and Green Ranger argue, Cavity manages to get away.  Riley returns to the Dino Lab. Riley is once more practicing his sword technique.  He gets more and more frustrated.  Riley sits down as Keeper enters.  Keeper tells Riley, your anger dulls your skills.  What distracts you Riley?  Riley replies, I'm just having an off day.  Keeper sits down next to Riley.  Keeper tells Riley, quite off I should say, for you to hide your true thoughts from me.  Riley admits it's Chase.  He doesn't take anything seriously.  Keeper tells Riley that Chase's intentions appear to be as sincere as yours.  Yet you judge his approach.  Riley argues, it's all a big joke to him.  That monster is on the loose and where's Chase?  He goes skateboarding!  Keeper advices Riley that things aren't always as they appear.  Keeper picks up two tennis balls and gets up, as he asks Riley, tell me this, is it not possible - Keeper throws a tennis ball into the dino ball machine - that two different paths - Keeper throws the other tennis ball towards Riley, Riley ducks, the tennis ball hits the wall and bounces off of several objects before landing in the dino ball machine - can lead to the same destination.  Keeper tells Riley, maybe you and Chase aren't as different as you think.  Keeper walks out as Riley considers what Keeper has said.  After awhile, Riley continues with his sword training.  His Dino Com goes off.  He hears it and runs over to pick it up.  He hears Chase state, I found our cake maker.  And he is rotting more than teeth!  Better hurry!  Riley ponders the fact that Chase found him and then takes off.  Another battle follows and eventually Cavity is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation.

Shelby enters Dino Lab.  Kendall is there working.  Kendall comments, you're back early.  Is everything okay?  What happened?  Shelby responds, something did happen.  I came up with an idea for how to find the other Energems.  Kendall is skeptical.  Oh, really?  I think you underestimate how difficult it is to find an Energem.  Kendall walks away.  Shelby defends herself.  And I think you underestimate me.   Kendall turns around.  Shelby continues, ever since I first got here, I've been waiting tables, mopping floors, and being a pretty good Pink Ranger if I do say so myself.  Kendall raises her eyebrows.  Shelby adds, I also got a lot of ideas going on up here - Shelby taps her forehead.  The problem is no one will listen.  Kendall decides to give Shelby a chance.  I'm listening.  Shelby is slightly taken aback and it takes her a moment to gather her thoughts.  We combine five known facts about the remaining dinosaurs, climate, breeding grounds, food sources, stuff I know.  With a global scan of energy signatures for each of those dinosaurs' Energems.  Kendall is dubious.  Shelby continues, that stuff I thought you could help me figure out.  Kendall repeats global scan of energy signatures.  Highly doubtful.  But another thought pops into Kendall's head.  Unless, of course, we...Kendall realizes Shelby's idea is a good one.  Kendall begins to work as she states, that would require DNA samples.  And the processing power would limit us - one dinosaur at a time.  Kendall glances back at Shelby and asks, are you going to watch or help?  Shelby smiles.  She is more than happy to help.  Shelby decides to start on the Ankylosaurus - it had bonded to the Aqua Energem.   Shelby scrapes off an DNA sample. They blend that DNA with the energy signatures from the five Dino Chargers.  To create the first Ankylo Charger.  Shelby and Kendall build a machine to search for energy signatures that match the Ankylo Charger.  Kendall takes a Dino Charger and believes it will be able to temporarily power our machine while it searches for the Aqua Energem.  Shelby asks, does that mean it can also locate and power the Ankylo Zord?  Kendall believes so.  It works.  Kendall and Shelby grin at each other.  The guys slide into the Dino Lab.  Shelby welcomes them.  Shelby asks, find anything?  Koda thinks he found poison ivy.  Shelby and Kendall stand next to each other as Kendall tells them, well we had a very successful day.  Shelby holds out a Charger and tells them this is a Ankylo Charger.  It's the brain that runs our (Shelby emphasizes our) new invention.  The E Tracer.  Shelby places the Ankylo Charger into the E Tracer.  Riley is very interested in the new machine.  The E Tracer begins searching.  Riley is very excited and tells Shelby and Kendall, you did it!  Everyone excitedly watches.  Shelby explains it's using the satellite network, trying to find an Energem signature.  It's searching for traces of the Aqua Energem.  Data is constantly being fed back on their monitor.  Kendall notes, it's locking on to something.  After a few moments, Kendall tells them, that's definitely the right energy signature, but I can't say if it's an Energem.  It might be a zord.  Riley notes, it isn't too far away. Shelby is eager to get started and tells the guys, this time we're going to dig in the right place. The teens head out.  After a battle with Stingrage and several Vivix, the teens return to the Dino Charge Lab.  The teens discuss what happened with Keeper and Kendall, who keeps working.   Riley points out that the Ankylo Zord is awake, which means the Aqua Energem bonded with someone.  Shelby asks, so that means there's an Aqua Power Ranger out there?  Keeper confirms it.  But he may not know we exist.  Or may have chosen for some reason not to join us yet.  What is important now is the Ankylo Zord.  It shares the Aqua Energem's power.  It would not normally attack us.  As Keeper was talking, Koda had glance over at the stinger in the case.  He realizes and states that maybe monster sting zord.  Like it sting me. Tyler agrees, that would explain it.  Riley adds, if so, then we need to remove the stinger.  Chase quietly states good luck.  You see the size of that thing?  Shelby volunteers to do it.  Tyler quickly tells her, no way.  It's too dangerous.  Shelby explains, someone has to do it.  Besides, it's my stupid E-Tracer that somehow screwed up and gave away the zord's location to Sledge.  Shelby starts to walk away.  Kendall hurries forward and states, actually (Shelby stops and turns around) your device worked brilliantly.  Sledge got the location of the zord because I didn't encrypt the E-Tracer's code.  It's my fault we lost control of the Ankylo Zord.  Somehow, I'll find a solution.  Clearly upset, Kendall walks pass the teens.  A few moments later, Shelby walks out as well.  Eventually Pink Ranger removes the stinger from Ankylo Zord.  Ankylo Zord helps the Rangers in their battle against Stingrage and Stingrage is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Ankylo Formation.

The Tooth Hurts/Let Sleeping Zords Lie