Griffin Ranch

Griffin Ranch is a large ranch, surrounded by woods on one side.  Mrs. Riley, Matt, and Riley all work on the ranch.  They also have a dog named Rubik.  In addition to Rubik, there are horses and pigs.  Matt is riding his horse back to his family's ranch.  When he gets to the front of the barn, he decides to stop.  Matt:  "Whoa."  The horse stops, and Matt peers in through the holes in the front.  His brother, Riley, is practicing with his sword.  Matt uses his rope to hook the barn door's handle and pulls it to open the door.  Riley immediately stops what he is doing and hides his sword behind his back.  Riley:  "Hey bro."  Matt:  "Playing three musketeers again?"  Riley:  "I'm not playing."  Matt:  "Yeah, sure."  With a sad sigh, Rubik, the family dog, walks out of the barn.  Matt:  "Anyway, I need your help."  Matt & Riley:  "Feeding the pigs."  Riley:  "Right.  Right.  Again.  Mmmm, I'll meet you there."  Matt rides away.  Riley:  "Come on Rubik.  Let's go feed the pigs."  When Riley doesn't get a response, he looks around the barn and notices no dog.  Riley:  "Rubik?"  Riley begins to walk out the barn and throws his sword dead center in a wheel spoke.  Riley:  "Rubik?"  Riley walks around the ranch and whistles for Rubik, but still no response.  Eventually Riley founds Rubik in the woods, being threaten by Fury.  Riley ends up fighting Fury and rescuing Rubik. Later that day,  Matt pulls out a flyer from Riley's bag and notes, he's going to a dinosaur museum.  Riley and his mom, and Rubik walk up to Matt.  Matt asks their mom, so you really said he could go?  Riley's mom answers, just for the summer.  Matt looks over Riley's scooter and hopes the thing makes it.  I checked the tires, engine oil.  Matt pulls out a worn out booklet and gives it to Riley as he tells him, I found the old manual.  Just in case you need it.  Riley reassures his brother that he will be fine.  Rubik whimpers.  Riley tells him, I'm going to miss you too as he pets Rubik.  Riley tells his mom, I love you, and gives her a big hug.  Riley tells Matt, and I'll miss those pig pens.  Matt laughs and the two brothers hug.  Riley gets on his scooter and heads out.

Past, Present And Fusion