Koda's Cave

Koda's home, his cave, has been preserved and is within Dino Lab.  Koda still lives in his cave.  His new friends were surprised to learn Koda is a caveman and they were eager to explore his cave.  Inside Koda's cave, Tyler examines the spears lined up on the walls.  Koda explains, my spears.  Good for hunting Sabretooth Tiger.  Tyler notices the drawings on another wall and walks over to it.  You write on the walls?  Riley and Shelby enter Koda's cave.   Koda confirms that he writes his story on the walls.  Tyler is particularly interested in one of the drawings and asks, who is that?  Koda replies, that is Fury.  Tyler is a little startled by the answer and then leaves the cave.  Koda informs the rest that Fury very bad.  He fight to steal Energem.  Riley has a similar story as he tells them Fury had also tried to take his Energem.  Tyler walks back in with his notebook open.  He points to a page and asks his friends to take a look at it.  The page is a drawing of Fury.  Tyler asks, is that him?  Koda confirms it is.  Shelby adds, the one that was after your dad.  The alarms go off and the teens hurry out of the cave and back into the Dino Charge Lab.

Sixty-five million years ago, Koda is working on his cave drawing.  As he chips away, some of the wall crumbles and Koda discovers the Blue Energem.  He pulls the Energem out of the wall and takes a closer look at it.  Koda hears a growl outside the cave.  Koda dismisses it until he hears the growl turn into a snarl.  Koda's little brother, Taku, is outside the cave.  He is unaware of the Sabretooth Tiger until it is too late.  Scared, Taku screams for his brother Koda.  The Sabretooth Tiger slowly makes his way towards Taku.  Koda races out of the cave.  Taku waves his torch in front of the Sabretooth Tiger, trying to keep it away from him.  Koda makes it outside and tackles the Sabretooth Tiger.  The tackle knocks both of them off the cliff.  As Koda falls towards the rocky bottom, he calls out his brother's name.  Koda becomes distracted by the blue glow of the Energem, still clutched in his hand.  The blue glow seeps into his body.  Taku watches from above and screams his brother's name.  Koda jerks awake from the memory, that is more like a nightmare to him.  Still shaky, Koda scots out of his bed and grabs a club as he widely glances around.  Koda slowly backs out of his cave and into the Dino Lab.  Koda also used to have a TV in is cave, until he watched a vampire movie.  The vampire movie scared Koda and he smashed it with his club.  There is also a small area to get ready and Koda generally has a difficult time combing his hair.