Moana's Kiwi Kurios

One of the more quirky locations in Amber Beach is Moana's Kiwi Kurios.  Moana, a New Zealand fortune teller, is the owner.  The shop has collectibles, artifacts, and treasures.  The business allows customers to buy, sell, or trade.  Moana is also a good friend of Chase and when she had a vision that the shop was going to be robbed, she asked Chase for help. Chase is more than happy to help her. Chase is enjoying looking at the masks.  Moana quickly grabs the mask and scolds Chase, touch nothing!  Chase is simply amused by her reaction.  Moana tells Chase, you must stay alert at all times.  Chase tells her not to worry.  I will protect your shop.  Moana is reluctant to leave, but Chase tells her to go.  Moana tells him she will be back tomorrow.  Chase looks around the store and decides to settle in.  After awhile, Chase has a snack and plays with a figurine.  When he is no longer hungry, he plays a hand held game.  A creature walks into the shop and Chase is fast asleep.  The creature, Spellbinder, comments once he does this, Sledge will finally free him.  Spellbinder spots the item and comments, soon the Rangers will be under my control.  Spellbinder laughs and the sound wakes up Chase.  Chase quickly spots Spellbinder and yells at him to put that back!  The pendant attaches itself to Spellbinder.  Spellbinder casts a spell on Chase and quickly darts out of the store.  Spellbinder is certain Sledge will be so pleased.  Chase goes after Spellbinder.  Later, Moana is back in her shop, trying to help Shelby, Koda, Riley, and Tyler. Moana looks through a book and stops when she comes to the page that has a drawing of the pendant on it.  She tells the teens, this is the pendant that was stolen.  It was forged from an evil heart in the darkest corner of New Zealand.  Destroy it!  Or soon Chase will forget he is your friend and turn against you.  Tyler tells her, we have a weapon that might be strong enough.  But it won't work without Chase.  Moana tells them, if he can focus, Chase can push the spell from his mind long enough to use your weapon.  Riley is skeptical.  I doubt it.  Shelby adds, Chase has the attention span of a flea.  Moana informs them, long ago, your friend Chase proved to me that he can focus, very deeply.  Even in the most dire situations.  It happened one day, just as I was closing my shop. Moana tells them the story of how she meet Chase. Chase was sitting outside her shop as Moana was locking up. The baby carriage began to roll away.  Chase immediately got on his skateboard and went after the baby carriage.  The baby carriage rolls into the street just as a truck is driving down it.  Chase leaps above the street and snatches the blanket wrapped bundle out of the carriage.  Chase rolls to a safe spot, and clutches the small bundle as the truck rolls over the carriage.  Moana is very grateful as she unwraps the blankets and sees that her cat is okay.  Chase is a bit surprise to see a cat instead of a baby.  I just risk my life...for the most beautiful little kitty.  Moana takes Chase's hand and tells him, come to my shop.  There is something I must give you for your bravery.  Chase protests as he is lead into the shop.  Moana pushes Chase along until they reach a cabinet.  As she unlocks the cabinet, she tells Chase, such courage is rare.  She takes out a small wood box and opens it as she tells Chase, and deserves something equally precious.  Inside is the Black Energem.  Chase asks, what is that?  Moana tells him to take it.  It's yours.  Chase reluctantly takes the Black Energem.  As he does so, it lights up.  The energy flows through Chase.  Chase gets an image of a Parasaurolophus Dinosaur.  Riley comments, so that's how Chase got his Energem.  Koda remarks, it's so easy for him.  I froze in glacier for thousand of years.  Tyler and Shelby laugh.  Tyler's Dino Com goes off and he walks away from the group to take a look at it. Moana continues, when he's on his skateboard, Chase can push everything else from his mind.  Shelby agrees. He said the spell went away when he was on his board.  Tyler walks back and tells them, Kendall says Spellbinder has return.  And Chase...he's disappeared.  Tyler, Koda, Shelby, and Riley are concerned.  Tyler thanks Moana and the four teens head out.  Eventually the teens are able to help Chase break the spell and Spellbinder is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Para-Raptor Formation.

Breaking Black