Amber Beach

Long ago, Keeper was flying a small spacecraft and trying to keep away from Sledge's Ship, which was after him.  Keeper's ship was eventually hit and the spacecraft landed on the planet Earth.  Keeper survived the crash.  He looks around the wreckage.  Keeper:  "Where are they?  They got to be here.  Must find them."  Keeper hears a strange sound and as he turns around, a large shadow is cast over him.  It's a T-Rex.  The T-Rex roars at Keeper.  Keeper:  "I mean you no harm.  Gather the bravest among you.  I need your help."  The T-Rex turns around and walks away.  Keeper:  "Thank-you."  Keeper continues with his search.  Keeper thinks he has spotted something.  Keeper:  "There!"  He quickly hurries over to the rubble.  Keeper removes pieces of the wreckage,  He picks up a bomb and becomes alarmed.  Keeper:  "Oh no!"  Keeper then spots a container.  Keeper:  "Wait!  There it is."  Keeper places the bomb carefully down and picks up the container.  Keeper places the container on the grass and opens it.  Keeper:  "Aww.  The Energems."  Keeper hears an angry growl in the direction of the woods.  Keeper quickly comes up with a plan.  Fury eventually breaks through the woods and spots the wreckage.  Fury is happy to see Keeper's ship and draws out his weapon.  Fury starts to search for the Energems.  Fury knocks around the wreckage.  Fury notices Keeper's still body and walks over.  Fury:  "Aww.  Keeper.  You finally meet your fate.  And just to make sure you're destroyed once and for all."  Fury raises his weapon but then is distracted by the sight of the container.  Fury:  "Wait."  Fury picks up the container.  Fury:  "The Energems.  Yes. At long last, Master Sledge will become invincible."  Fury laughs as he walks away with the container.  Keeper slowly opens his eyes.  After awhile, Keeper walks towards the gathered dinosaurs.  Keeper:  "Gather round my friends.  You are the mightiest creatures on the planet.  I need your help."  Keeper unrolls the cloth which has the Energems.  Keeper:  "These are the legendary Energems.  Their incredible power transcends space and time.  Good and evil."  Keeper runs his staff over the Energems.  "Your spirits will bond with them and keep them safe.  If they fall into evil hands, the entire universe will be in great danger."  Keeper motions for the Energems to rise up.  Each Energem flies over to a specific dinosaur and they are absorb by that dinosaur.  The dinosaurs slowly drift away.  Keeper feels satisfied.  Keeper:  "Now the Energems will be safe."  Keeper is startled to hear Fury's angry voice.  Fury:  "Keeper!"  Keeper:  "Fury!  He survived!"  (The container Fury had left with contained a bomb.)  Keeper goes into the woods and looks around.  Suddenly Fury is there and tries to strike Keeper with his weapon.  Fury:  "Keeper!  You're mine!"  Keeper and Fury fight.  Fury manages to knock Keeper off his feet.  Fury triumphantly places his foot on Keeper's chest.  Fury:  "We're stuck on this rock, thanks to you Keeper.  What did you do with the Energems?"  Keeper:  "You'll never find them!"  Fury:  "Wrong answer!"  Fury raises his weapon high, ready to strike, when an explosion takes place behind him.  Fury turns around to look.  Fury:  "What?"  He sees the dozens of asteroids hitting Earth.  Fury:  "Impossible.  Sledge's asteroids!  They're falling!  "  The dinosaurs try to get away.  Fury:  "I have to get out of here!"   Fury takes off running.  Keeper manages to get back up.  The asteroids don't faze Keeper.  He simply closes his eyes and faces the outcome.  Present day, year 2015.  A young man is searching for clues to his father's disappearance.  He heads off for the Sampson Caves in his jeep.  When he reaches them, he double checks his dad's journal.  Tyler:  "Yup, that's the cave."  Tyler gets out and heads into the cave.  Meanwhile, Shelby had snuck onto the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum vehicle and was at the museum's latest dig.  Koda unloads the crates from the truck as a small working area is being prepared.  Shelby slowly removes the cover and gets a big smile.  She goes over how she is going to let the rest now she is there.  Surprise.  Here I am.  Now you have to give me a job on the dig.  Shelby thinks it over and then that will do it.  The crate Shelby was lending against is slowly moved away.  Shelby quickly hides under the tarp.  She sees a mysterious figure, draped in a black robe, move another crate.  This time a small one.  It opens the crate and gives a satisfied low laugh.  The mysterious figure walks away with the small crate.  Shelby is outrage.  He's stealing it.  Shelby tries to get Koda and Chase's attention, but they are too far off and don't hear her. Shelby decides to go after the figure herself.  The mysterious figure places the small box on top of a rock.  Iceage:  "Yes.  I finally found it."  The mysterious figure is distracted by a flash of pink that went by.  Iceage:  "Who's that?!"   The mysterious figure gets no response.  Iceage;  "I must be hearing things."   In the meanwhile Shelby has made it, hiding by the rock with the small crate on top.  The figure turns around, just as Shelby grabs the small crate.  Iceage:  "Hey!  Get back here!"  Iceage fires at Shelby.  Shelby keeps running and managing not to get hit.  Furious, the figure fires a powerful blast.  The blast surrounds Shelby, causing her to drop the crate and fall to the ground.  Iceage:  "No one steals from me."  Iceage walks closer to Shelby.   Iceage was about to grab the box when Tyler swung by and snatched the box.  "Think again!"  Iceage:  "No!  Give that back!"  Tyler hurried over to the young girl.  Tyler:  "Are you okay?"  Tyler helped the young girl to her feet.  Tyler:  "Hi!  I'm Tyler Navarro.  Nice to meet you...(Tyler glanced at the nametag)...Shelby...Triceratops.  Catchy name."  Shelby:  "Where did you come from?"  Tyler:  "Oh, you know...just in the neighborhood."  Shelby:  "There is no neighborhood."  Tyler laughed and handed her the box.  "I believe this is yours."  Iceage:  "I don't have to hide!"  Iceage removed the black robe.  Iceage:  "Time to destroy you!"  Shelby:  "What is that thing?"  Tyler:  "Don't know.  Meet him in a cave, but he sure wants that box."  Tyler dramatically reaches into his backpack and pulls out a banana.  He quickly tosses it aside and then pulls out underwear.  Shelby pretends not to notice and embarrassed, Tyler tosses it aside as well.  He reaches back dramatically and this time removes a small shovel.  Shelby:  "What?  You're going to dig us an escape tunnel?"  Iceage:  "Enough!"  Iceage fires at them both.  The shovel manages to block the blast.  Tyler:  "Whoa.  Cool."  Even Shelby is impressed.  Iceage continues to fire at them and Tyler manages to keep the blasts away with his shovel.  He even manages to knock one of the blasts back at Iceage.  Iceage is hit and is knocked against a tree, before landing on the ground.  Tyler:  "Score!"  Shelby:  "Nice hit!"  Tyler and Shelby are very happy until they see the shovel is in flames.  Iceage gets back up.  Iceage:  "You'll pay for that."  Tyler:  "Your turn for an idea."  Shelby steps forward.  Shelby:  "Fire at us and you might destroy your precious...thing in this crate."  Tyler:  "Do you know what's in the crate?"  Shelby:  "I have no idea."   Iceage:  "What I want will survive.  You won't."  Iceage fires at them again.  Explosions erupt around them and they both fall to the ground.  Shelby drops the crate and the contents spill out, including a pink crystal that looks a lot like the red one Tyler had found.  Tyler's crystal has also been dropped.  Iceage:  "Two Energems.  This is better than I hoped."  The two Energems begin to glow.  Shelby tries to reach for the pink one while Tyler tries to reach for the red one.  Iceage sees them trying to reach the Energems.  Iceage:  "Don't even think about it."  Iceage uses his freeze blast on Tyler and Shelby.  They are quickly frozen.  Iceage:  "Feeling a little frostbite?  Now to smash you into a million pieces!"   Tyler had managed to get one of his fingers onto the Energem before he was frozen.  The Energem began to glow and course through Tyler's body.  Shelby had also managed to get her fingers onto the pink Energem before she became frozen.  The pink Energem glowed and it course through Shelby's body.  The power of the Energems cracked the ice Shelby and Tyler were encased in.  Quickly the ice broke apart.  Iceage:  "What?  You broke my precious ice!"   Tyler and Shelby stood back up, each held an Energem.  The Energems were still glowing.  Mentally, each of them received an image of a dinosaur.  Suddenly, encased in stone, Dino Charge Blasters appeared in Tyler and Shelby's hands.  Shelby:  "What is this?"  Tyler:  "I have no  idea.  But it looks like...(Tyler placed the red Energem into a slot in the Dino Charge Blaster)....this goes in here."  The stone fell away, revealing the weapon.  Shelby repeated Tyler's actions and the same happened with her weapon.  Tyler and Shelby smiled.  Excited Tyler begin to play around with his Dino Charge Blaster and accidentally fired it.  The blast hit Iceage.  Shelby:  "Nice shootin' Tex!"  Tyler:  "Sorry!  I don't know how to use this thing."  Shelby:  "What did you do?"  Tyler gives a demonstration.  "I just started spinning...the thing...and it started working I guess."  Shelby copied what Tyler was doing.  Iceage:  "You're ruining everything!"   Tyler and Shelby fire their Dino Charge Blasters.  A pink image of Triceratops streams out as well as a red image of Tyrannosaurs.  Shelby:  "What's happening?"  Tyler:  "I don't know!"  The images comes towards Tyler and Shelby.  Tyler:  "Look out!"  Tyler and Shelby kneel down to the ground.  The images cover them and then they are morphed into Dino Charge Power Rangers.  Tyler is the Red Dino Charge Ranger while Shelby is the Pink Dino Charge Ranger.  Pink Ranger:  "What in the world?"  Iceage:  "What?  They've become Rangers!" Red Ranger:  "You look great!"  Pink Ranger:  "You too!"  Red Ranger:  "What happened to us?"  Pink Ranger:  "I don't know.  I feel a surge of power."  Red Ranger:  "Me too.  It's awesome."  Iceage:  "Give me my Energems!"  Red Ranger:  "No way!"  Red Ranger looks at Pink Ranger.  Red Ranger:  "I bet we can take him.  If we just stick together."  Pink Ranger:  "Let's do it!"  Iceage fires at the two Rangers.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger leap into the air and towards Iceage.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger fight Iceage.  Pink Ranger lands several kicks on Iceage.  "Think fast!" Red Ranger comes at Iceage with a flying kick.  "Hey look over here!"  Iceage is distracted and Pink Ranger lands another kick.  "Fooled ya!"  Iceage:  "What?"  Red Ranger hops over Pink Ranger.  "Coming over!"  Red Ranger lands a hit against Iceage.  Pink Ranger:  "Double punch!"  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger punch Iceage, sending him flying and landing on the ground.  Pink Ranger:  "You're right!  This is awesome!"  Red Ranger:  "Definitely!"  Pink Ranger:  "I've never felt such power..."suddenly the ground begins to shake.  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger are surprised to hear a roar from behind them.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger are surprised to see a huge creature heading their way.  Red Ranger:  "What is that thing?"  Pink Ranger:  "I think it's...a T-Rex?"  Red Ranger:  "Look out!"  Both Rangers leap out of T-Rex Zord's path.  As they hit the ground, they demorph.  Iceage recognizes the T-Rex Zord.  It can't be.  The T-Rex Zord picks up Iceage with his mouth and tosses it far away.  Tyler and Shelby smile.  The T-Rex Zord walks away.  Tyler gets up and hurries over to Shelby, helping her to her feet, and asking if she is alright.  Instead of answering, Shelby asks, did we just fight an abominable snowman and almost get trampled by a T-Rex?  Excitedly Tyler nods his head yes.  Shelby responds, okay.  Just checking.  A small distance away, the museum truck drives away.  Shelby calls out to Koda and Chase, but they don't hear her.  Shelby comments, there goes my ride.  Shelby tells Tyler, you had a rope, a shovel, you wouldn't happen to have a car?  Tyler pulls out his jeep keys and shakes them.  Moments later, Tyler and Shelby are driving out of the woods.  Shelby is looking through the journal.  Shelby notes, so this is your dad's journal.  Tyler responds, yeah.  My dad disappeared ten years ago on an expedition.  Just vanished.  I really miss him.  Maybe tomorrow, maybe ten years from now, but I'm going to find out what happened  to him.  Shelby asks, so you were in the cave looking for clues?  Tyler responds, exactly.  His journal says some creature was stalking him.  Shelby asks, do you think that icy thing was it?  Tyler tells her no.  I'm looking for....(Tyler turns the page)...this one.  (It's a drawing of Fury.)  Shelby responds yikes.  Makes the monster we meet look like the tooth fairy.  Tyler smiles.  Shelby continues, you know, you didn't have to jump in back there to help me but I'm sure glad you did.  Tyler tells her, my dad use to say, helping is always the right thing to do.  Shelby finds a picture of young Tyler with his dad.  She comments, you look a lot like him.  I hope I get to meet your dad some day.  Tyler smiles.

Riding along in Tyler's jeep, Shelby holds the Pink and Red Energems.  Shelby asks, why would both of these things be in dinosaur fossils?  Tyler guesses, maybe the dinosaurs ate them.  Shelby doesn't take his response serious, although Tyler is being serious.  Tyler asks her, do you have a better theory, Miss I know It All?  Shelby doesn't answer.  Instead she points out a young man (Riley) standing off the road with his scooter.  Shelby asks Tyler, what was it your dad said?  Tyler replies, helping is always...(Shelby joins in) the right thing to do. They pull off the road.  Tyler asks, hey, do you need a hand?  Riley replies, oh, no thanks.  I think I found the problem.  I just got to stick to the old owner's manual and I should be good to go.  A camper drives past and the wind force blows the manual apart, with the pages flying everywhere.  Moments later, Riley's scooter is loaded onto Tyler's jeep, Riley rides in the back as the three continue on their way.  Shelby states, if I grew up on a ranch, I'll never leave.  Tyler adds, yeah, how great is that.  Cowboys and roundups.  Riley states, yeah, more like fixing fences and cleaning up pig pens.  Tyler notices a woman trying to wave them down and notes, something's up.  There is a car turned upside down as they pull over.  The woman tells them, my husband is trapped.  Riley, Shelby, and Tyler quickly get out of jeep.  Riley and Shelby race over to the overturn car, where the husband is pinned beneath the car.  Tyler asks the woman, are you okay?  The woman responds, yes, help him.  Tyler runs over to the car.  Riley notices liquid pouring out and lets it run over his fingers.  Riley takes a quick sniff and informs the rest, it's leaking gas.  Shelby, Tyler, and Riley stand up and exchange worried glances.  Quickly, Tyler and Shelby try to lift the car up, as Riley tries to pull the husband out.  It is hard, and the three teens struggle.  Frustrated, Tyler hits the car.  Tyler quickly regains his composure and tells his new friends, we can do this.  The three get ready to lift the car as Tyler counts down from three.  The three teens use all their strength, and their Energems begin to glow in their pockets.  Suddenly the car lifts up high into the sky and explodes.  The woman is very surprised, what in the world?!  As car parts rain down, everyone looks on in amazement.  Tyler and Riley help the husband to his feet.  The husband thanks them.  Riley, Tyler, and Shelby take out their glowing Energems.  Tyler tells Riley, let me guess.  You're going to the dino museum right?  Riley nods his head yes.  The three get back into Tyler's jeep and head to the museum.  Later,  Chase, Koda, Shelby, and Riley race through the woods.  They suddenly stop when they spot the volcano ahead of them and getting ready to erupt.  Moments later, the volcano erupts and T-Rex Zord emerges.  Chase tells Shelby, you want dinosaurs, welcome to the Power Rangers.  T-Rex Zord charges forward.  Meanwhile, Iceage is in the city and states, I will freeze the entire planet and then pry the Energems from their frozen hands.  Iceage blasts the city with his ice and several buildings are frozen.  Iceage commands the Vivix to rise.  Several Vivix grab each other and their bodies meld together to form two giant size Vivix Zords.  The citizens become terrified and run from them.  T-Rex Zord arrives in the city and tramples through several of the Vivix still on the streets.  T-Rex Zord and the Vivix Zords fight each other.  Iceage is not happy to see T-Rex Zord.  You again!  Time to chill out!  Iceage blasts T-Rex Zord with his ice.  The ice freezes T-Rex Zord.  Tyler runs into the city and encounters Iceage and several more Vivix.  Iceage tells him, I hope you came to give back the Red Energem.  Tyler responds, you mean this.  He told up the Red Energem and then tosses it towards T-Rex Zord.  The ice break apart and T-Rex Zord is free.  As the Red Energem falls back down, Tyler catches it.  Iceage is furious.  You broke my ice!  You'll pay for that.  Tyler pulls out his Dino Charger and shouts, it's morphin time!  Dino Charger!  Ready!  Tyler presses the small button on the charger and spins around.  The Dino Blaster is in his other hand.  Tyler places the Dino Charger into his Dino Blaster.  Tyler spins the center piece of the Dino Blaster as he shouts, energize!  Unleash the power!  Tyler morphs into the Red Dino Charge Power Ranger. Red Ranger is excited.  He pulls out another Dino Charger and states, okay Rexie, let's check out your battle mode!  Dino Charger!  Ready!  Red Ranger presses the small button on the Dino Charger and then tosses it to T-Rex Zord.  In flight, the Dino Charger grows large, and then enters T-Rex Zord's mouth.  T-Rex Zord roars.  Red Ranger is thrilled.  He shouts, go for it Rexie!  Iceage commands the Vivix to destroy him.  T-Rex Zord battles the Vivix Zords once more.  Red Ranger battles the remaining Vivix on the street.  T-Rex Zords knocks a few of the Vivix with it's tail.  Red Ranger shouts for the Dino Saber.  He leaps on top of T-Rex Zord's head.  T-Rex Zord blasts the Vivix.  Red Ranger comments, it's my turn big guy.  Red Ranger races along T-Rex Zord's tail and leaps up to one of the Vivix's Zords.  He shouts, power slash, as he strikes the Vivix Zord.  Red Ranger lands safely on the street as Vivix Zord is destroyed.  Red Ranger tells his zord, I'll take it from here.  Red Ranger shouts great job to Rexie as he races past him.  T-Rex Zord heads towards the remaining Vivix Zord.  Red Ranger fights Iceage with his Dino Saber.  Iceage states, you'll never defeat me alone.  Red Ranger responds, did you say alone?  Look again.  Red Ranger laughs as Riley, Shelby, Chase, and Koda race up to him.  Koda tells Red Ranger he looks good.  Chase adds, for a first timer.  Riley asks, are you really in there as he pats Red Ranger's helmet.  Iceage shouts at them, no more games!  I'll destroy all of you!  Koda tells Chase, that is not Fury.  Chase replies, that's for sure.  But whatever it is, it's about to learn who we are.  Chase shouts, it's morphin' time, but before he can get any further, Shelby moves to the front, stating, try to keep up guys.  Shelby shouts, Dino Charger!  Ready!  But nothing happens.  Koda walks up to her and tells her to click.  Abash, Shelby thanks him.  Shelby clicks the Dino Charger.  Chase, Koda, and Riley step forward and click their Dino Chargers.  The four spin around and insert their Dino Chargers into their Dino Blasters.  Each Dino Blaster shouts it's Dino Charger name.  Chase's Dino Blaster shouts Para Charger!  Engage!  Koda's Dino Blaster shouts Stega Charger!  Engage!  Shelby's Dino Blaster shouts, Tricera Charger!  Engage!  Riley's Dino Blaster shouts Raptor Charger!  Engage!  The four spin the center device in their Dino Blasters, shout unleash the power,  and morph into Dino Charge Rangers.  Pink Ranger tells the team, we look great together.  Iceage shouts at them, you're still just weak humans!  Red Ranger responds, humans with dinosaur spirits!  Iceage warns them, I hope you're ready to lose!  Get them!  The Vivix run towards the Rangers.  Red Ranger states, it's about to get wild.  The five Rangers charge towards the Vivix.  Black Ranger blasts a couple of Vivix off their feet.  As he blasts more away, he states, call me a hot shot, I never miss.  Black Ranger inserts another Dino Charger into his Dino Blaster.  He leaps into the air and shouts Dino Morpher Blast as he fires at more Vivix.  The group of Vivix are destroyed.  Blue Ranger combines his Dino Saber and Dino Morpher.  He shouts, power blast, as he fires several Vivix with his weapon.  Blue Ranger picks up a Vivix and shouts, you're no match for my strength!  He tosses the Vivix to the ground and then fires more Vivix with his weapon.  Green Ranger fights several Vivix with his Dino Saber.  As he fights them, he comments, I knew these skills would come in handy.  Green Ranger places his Dino Charger into the Dino Saber.  Green Ranger shouts, Dino Saber!  Power Strike!  Leaping into the air and twirling, Green Ranger strikes several Vivix with his Dino Saber.  Pink Ranger fights another set of Vivix.  She kicks several of them with her leaps and splits.  Pink Ranger shouts, Dino Morpher Blast as she fires her Dino Blaster at the Vivix.  They are destroyed.  Red Ranger leaps over to Iceage.  They fight each other.  Red Ranger shouts at his zord to take out the last Vivix Zord!  T-Rex Zord gets the Vivix Zord's head into it's mouth.  Rexie, using it's tail,  spins itself around the Vivix Zord, striking it several times.  Rexie leaps away as the Vivix Zord is destroyed.  Red Ranger comments, nice.  Now let's finish this ice freak together.  Iceage shouts back, I'll freeze you both!  Red Ranger tells Rexie, let's do this!  Red Ranger leaps inside T-Rex Zord's mouth.  Iceage is upset when his ice doesn't freeze T-Rex Zord.  T-Rex Zord opens his mouth and Red Ranger leaps towards Iceage, firing his Dino Blaster, using final strike, at Iceage.  Iceage exclaims, I can't take the heat as he is destroyed.  Red Ranger shouts, monster!  Extinct!  T-Rex Zord roars and the Dino Charger flies out, shrinks, and drops into Red Ranger's glove.  Red Ranger thanks Rexie.  Red Ranger takes out the other Dino Charger and holds them in his glove, stating, these are so cool.  The rest of the Rangers race up to Red Ranger.  Red Ranger tells them, no one is going to believe this.

Chase, Shelby, Tyler, Riley, and Koda race through a wooded area.  Also walking  through the woods are Poisandra, Wrench, Scrapper, and several Vivix.  Poisandra comments, oh look, it's the Rangers.  The five teens face them and Tyler asks, what are you?  A walking lollipop?  Poisandra responds, well, it's lovely to meet you too.  Not!  Allow me to introduce the most magnificent, inter-galactic bounty hunter in the universe!  Sledge descends from the sky and lands in front of his troops.  Poisandra continues, the one, the only, my future husband, Sledge!  Poisandra walks over and places her hand on Sledge's arm.  Sledge asks, this is a joke right?  You're the Rangers who destroyed my monster?!  Shelby responds, Power Rangers.  Sledge laughs.  Koda sniffs the air and then spots Fury, which he points out to Tyler.  Tyler sees Fury above them.  Tyler states, that's him.  The creature in my dad's journal.  Sledge turns and faces Fury.  Fury acknowledges him with an arm motion.  Sledge continues, as I was saying, you're the trouble makers that stole my Energems!  Suddenly Keeper appears in front of the teens.  Sledge recognizes Keeper as Keeper walks towards him.  Keeper tells him, the Energems belong to no one.  Especially not to you.  Sledge responds, my dear old friend.  You thought that blowing up my ship could stop me!  Think again!  I waited in deep space for million of years for a comet to pass. I caught it with my electro nets and rode it all the way to Earth.  But it was worth it.  Because finally I will destroy you and then I will leave here with the Energems.  Keeper tells him, the Rangers posses the power of the Energems and the strength of ancient dinosaurs.  If you try to take the Energems, you will be the one who will be destroyed.  Sledge growls.  Keeper walks back towards the teens and then vanishes.  The teens are concerned and Riley calls out a shaky, Keeper!  Shelby, although scared, tells her friends, no prob.  We got this. I guess.  Tyler is still distracted by Fury.  Wrench taunts them, looks like you're going to cry.  Sledge shouts, bring it on weaklings!  Chase pulls out his Dino Charger and shouts, Dino Charger!  Chase notices Tyler doesn't have his Dino Charger out.  Koda asks, something wrong?  Shelby gets his attention and Tyler quickly pulls out his Dino Charger.  Sledge fires at them as they morph.  Poisandra cheers and tells Sledge, you destroyed them!  Red Ranger shouts, better get your eyes check!  The smoke clears and the Rangers ran towards Sledge and his troops.  Poisandra doesn't think this is fun and takes off running to hide.  The Vivix charge towards the Rangers.  Black Ranger fires several Vivix with his Dino Charge Blaster.  Black Ranger gloats, the hot shot does it again.   Suddenly Scrapper tells Black Ranger, I'll take you apart, and fights Black Ranger.  Black Ranger confidently responds, I'll like to see you try.  Scrapper manages to knock Black Ranger off his feet.  Black Ranger swirls through the air and demorphs as he hits the ground.  Blue Ranger had been fighting another set of Vivix, when Scrapper goes after him.  Scrapper hits Blue Ranger in the back hard enough to knock him off his feet.  Scrapper tells Blue Ranger, caveman strength is nothing as he knocks him off his feet once more.  Blue Ranger goes flying through the air.  Blue Ranger demorphs as he hits the ground.  Pink Ranger is fighting several Vivix and Wrench.  As she lands several kicks on Wrench, she states, let's see how you like the power of the Triceratops.  Wrench strikes Pink Ranger and she demorphs as she hits the ground.  Green Ranger is fighting another set of Vivix with his Dino Saber.   He strikes several Vivix with his Dino Saber.  Wrench joins in and Green Ranger fights him with his Dino Saber.  Wrench states, you're out of here and strikes Green Ranger hard.  Green Ranger hits the ground and demorphs.  Red Ranger fights Sledge.  Sledge punches Red Ranger hard enough to knock him off his feet.  Red Ranger demorphs as he hits the ground.  Sledge comments, I'm getting too old for this as Poisandra, Wrench, and more Vivix walk over to him.  Chase and Shelby help Tyler to his feet.  Sledge gives the teens a last warning.  Hand over the Energems in an hour or I'll blast this planet to pieces.  One hour.  Sledge shoots up into the sky.  When the smoke clears, the rest of this troops are gone as well.  Koda asks, one hour, how long is that?  Shelby replies, not long.  How do we stop him?  Riley tells them, we need to come up with a plan to beat him together.  Fury watches them for a moment and then leaves.  Tyler tells his friends, something's going on.  I'm going to follow him (Fury).  Shelby pulls Tyler to a stop.  Shelby tells him, I know you want answers about your dad but...Tyler denies it's about his dad.  Fury was signaling him.  I've got a hunch.  Chase tells him, forget your hunch mate. We're a team now.  We have to work together or we don't stand a chance.  Tyler responds, we don't always have to be together to work together.  Don't worry.  Tyler walks away and shouts, I'll see you guys back at the lab.  Shelby shouts, Tyler, but Chase stops her from going further.  He tells her, just let him go.  We're just going to have to solve this without him.  Koda, Riley, Chase, and Shelby race back to the lab, unaware that they are being watched.  Tyler follows Fury.  When Fury stops, Tyler stops as well.  Fury sniffs the air.   Fury asks, what is that stench?  Fury turns around, but Tyler is already hiding behind a large rock.  Fury begins to walk towards the rock as he states, smells almost human.  Tyler braces himself for the worst.  Sledge and Wrench suddenly appear.  Sledge yells at Fury to get over here.  Fury walks over as he asks, is your plan on schedule?  Sledge replies, so far the Rangers took the bait and are leading Scrapper right to their base.  Once he tells me the location, we'll scorch the place.  And finally the Energems will be mine!  Sledge, Wrench, and Fury walk away.  Tyler notes, they are going to destroy our base.  And everyone along with it.  Tyler pulls out his Dino Com and tries to contact his friends.  He gets no response as the device has no signal.  Tyler shakes it, but it still doesn't work.  Tyler has to warn them and he takes off running.  Riley, Koda, Shelby, and Chase race through the city, towards their Dino Lab, unaware that Scrapper is following them.  Tyler races through the woods and enters the city.   Koda, Shelby, Riley, and Chase enter the Dino Lab through the secret passage.  No one sees Scrapper hidden among the crates.  Scrapper is very happy to have found the entrance to their secret base.  Tyler reaches the docking area and calls out to Chase, but Chase doesn't hear him and slides down into the lab.  Scrapper tells Tyler he is too late.  Secret's out.  Oh I can't wait to get back and tell Sledge the news.  Scrapper laughs as he runs off.  A truck drives by and Scrapper compresses himself into just a arm and hooks himself onto the truck.  Tyler mutters, not if I can help it.  Tyler jumps into his jeep.  A little distance away, Scrapper leaps off the truck and removes some cardboard boxes to reveal a space shuttle.  Scrapper hopes the shuttle makes it back to the ship as it jumps into it.  The space shuttle starts to take off when suddenly Tyler's jeep hits it.  Scrapper is knocked out of the shuttle.  Tyler gets out of his jeep as Scrapper yells at him, you'll pay for that!  Scrapper summons several Vivix.  Scrapper tells the Vivix, get him.  Tyler morphs and fights the Vivix with his Dino Saber.  Red Ranger destroys the Vivix and tells Scrapper he's next.  Scrapper tells Red Ranger he is going to turn him into scrap!  Red Ranger charges towards Scrapper with his Dino Saber.  Red Ranger fires his Dino Charge Blaster at Scrapper.  Suddenly Wrench appears in front of Scrapper and takes the blast and flings it aside.  The action hurts and Wrench sheds a few tears over it.  Red Ranger is surprised.  Wrench tells Red Ranger, you should have stuck with your friends.  You've messed up everything.  Red Ranger shouts, I'm just getting started and charges towards them.  Wrench runs towards Red Ranger.  Wrench and Red Ranger fight each other.  After a few moments of fight, Wrench pulls out his ax and fights Red Ranger with it.  Wrench strikes Red Ranger several times with the ax.  Eventually Red Ranger hits the pavement and demorphs.  Scrapper joins Wrench and states, I was almost to the ship.  You are going to regret getting in my way Red Ranger.  Wrench adds, say goodbye!  Scrapper and Wrench charge towards Tyler, who is still laying on the pavement. Several blasts hit near Scrapper and Wrench.  They are both knocked off their feet.  Tyler is struggling to get back up as his friends race over.  Shelby asks, are you okay?  Tyler replies, yeah.  Chase and Shelby help Tyler get back up.  Chase tells Tyler, fighting alone?  You could have been destroyed.  That's why you don't follow hunches.  Tyler replies, you're right.  But so was my hunch.  Sledge wasn't going to give us one hour.  That crusher creep followed you guys back to the base.  He was heading off to tell Sledge where it is, so they can steal the Energems.  That's the real plan.  Shelby states, so if you hadn't followed Fury....Riley continues, Sledge would be making his way into our base right now and destroying everything and everyone.  Scrapper struggles to get up and states, you hurt my hubcaps.  No one pays him any attention.  Koda admits he is confused.  Is hunch bad or good?  Chase answers, right now, it's good.  Chase gives Tyler a pat and a smile.  Tyler tells his friends, let's do this.  Together.  Chase agrees, together.  With a little help from Kendall.  Chase holds up Tyler's Dino Charger as he tells him, she's developed a new armor mode for us.  Tyler is impressed as he takes the Dino Charge.  Scrapper gets back up and is ready to leave and tells Wrench, I still got to tell Sledge where their base is.  Tyler tells them, don't count on it.  Chase, Koda, Tyler, Shelby, and Riley morph. Red Ranger suggests they check out their new armor mode.  Using their Dino Charge Blasters and Dino Chargers, the Dino Steel armor is activated.  In addition, the Rangers have new weapons as well.  Scrapper has the Vivix form Vivix Zords.  Red Ranger suggests to Black Ranger that he use his new Para Chopper.  Black Ranger agrees.  Black Ranger fires both his Para Chopper and his Dino Charge Blaster at the two Vivix Zords.  Green Ranger fights Scrapper and Wrench with his Raptor Claw and Dino Saber.  Wrench fights back with his ax and taunts Green Ranger, is that all you got?  Green Ranger responds, not even close.  Green Ranger strikes Wrench with his Raptor Claw.  Pink Ranger fights several Vivix with her Tricera Drill.  Pink Ranger destroys several Vivix with her Tricera Drill.  Blue Ranger fights Scrapper with his Stego Shield.  Blue Ranger strikes Scrapper with his Stego Shield as he tells him, we'll see how tough you really are.  Blue Ranger knocks Scrapper off his feet.  Black Ranger yells, guys, I could use some help here!  Pink Ranger is ready. Pink Ranger summons her Tricera Zord. Tricera Zord arrives.  Pink Ranger is very excited to see her.  Red Ranger fights Scrapper with his T-Rex Smasher.  Red Ranger strikes Scrapper several times with his T-Rex Smasher.  Scrapper complains, that thing hurts!  Black Ranger continues to blast the two Vivix Zords with his Para Chopper and Dino Charge Blaster.  Black Ranger gloats, too slow.  Pink Ranger enjoys riding on top of her Tricera Zord.  Black Ranger spots Pink Ranger and notes that she has met her zord.  Pink Ranger jumps off and replies, yup, she's awesome.  Just watch what she can do!  Tricera Zord leaps into the air and, using her tail, drills through both Vivix Zords, destroying them.  Red Ranger tells Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger, good work guys.  Blue Ranger adds, we finish this.  Our powers are stronger together.  Red Ranger is excited about the idea of combining their powers.   Placing the Red Dino Charger and Blue Dino Charger into his Dino Charge Blaster, Red Ranger fires at Scrapper.  Scrapper yells, I'm crushed as he falls to the ground. The magna beam hits Scrapper and he grows to giant size.  Scrapper gloats, I'm going to flatten you all!  Blue Ranger notes, he's big.  Like Mammoth.  Red Ranger states, we'll take care of that.  Red Ranger summons T-Rex Zord.  T-Rex Zord arrives and Red Ranger leaps on top of it.  Scrapper states, that prehistoric piece of junk is no match for me!  Red Ranger replies, bring it on!  Scrapper fires lasers at T-Rex Zord and Red Ranger.  Red Ranger tells Rexie to jump.  T-Rex Zord jumps and strikes Scrapper.  T-Rex Zord lands on top of a building.  Red Ranger is impressed.  Nice move.  Kendall contacts Blue Ranger.  She tells him to call his Stego Zord.  I think I found a way to combine your zords.  Blue Ranger responds, that is great Kendall.  We stronger together.  Blue Ranger summons Stego Zord.  Stego Zord arrives and does a spin, hitting Scrapper several times, knocking him off his feet.  Red Ranger leaps off of T-Rex Zord and onto the pavement.  Stego Zord, T-Rex Zord, and Tricera Zord stand together.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger run up to Red Ranger.  Blue Ranger asks Red Ranger, our three zords will combine?  Red Ranger replies, that's the plan.  Red Ranger calls out, Dino Charge Megazord!  Tri-Stego Formation!  The three zords combine to form the Megazord.  Green Ranger runs up to the Megazord and is impressed.  Black Ranger joins him and is impressed as well.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger appear in the cockpit of the Dino Charge Megazord.  The three Rangers placed their Dino Charge Blasters into the slot of the panels.  Scrapper fires at Dino Charge Megazord, Tri-Stego Formation.  Dino Charge Megazord charges towards Scrapper.  Dino Charge Megazord strikes Scrapper as the Rangers declare, time to take out the trash!  Scrapper yells, you'll never defeat me!  Dino Charge Megazord strikes Scrapper again.  Scrapper tries to strike back, but Dino Charge Megazord blocks the move with it's shield.  Dino Charge Megazord lands more blows on Scrapper.  Scrapper shoots more lasers at Dino Charge Megazord.  Dino Charge Megazord jumps out of the lasers way.  Dino Charge Megazord bounces off a few buildings before turning around and using it's final strike against Scrapper.  Scrapper is destroyed.  Red Ranger declares, monster extinct.

In the park, Koda is learning how to ride a bike with Chase by his side, giving words of encouragement. Several kids ride by on their bikes and laugh at Koda as they ride pass.  Chase yells a hey after them.  Koda loses control of his bike and crashes, head first, into the grass.  Koda spits the grass out of his mouth.  Chase and Koda take a break from the lesson and sit on a bench together.  Chase tells him, no worries mate.  It takes time to figure it out.  Koda responds, it's not just bike.  Many things I not use to.  Like TV (Koda remembers smashing the TV with his club when Dracula appeared on the screen), and comb (Koda remembers struggling with combing his hair), and glass (walking into one of the glass walls at work).  Chase makes a face and remarks, yeah, I guess this world must seem pretty strange to you. But hey, right here, right now, you got nothing to worry about.  Chase is distracted by the sight of two lovely ladies walking pass.  Chase adds, except looking good for the ladies.  Koda sits straighter.  Suddenly the sprinklers come on.  Koda quickly leaps off the bench, obviously frighten.  Chase throws up his arms in frustration and then walks over to the fallen Koda.  He tells Koda to relax and helps him back up.  They are just sprinklers.  Koda is upset with himself.  He states, why would Blue Energem choose a caveman?  Koda notices a cage flying straight towards them.  Koda yells duck and leaps out of the way but Chase is caught in the cage.  Chase yells out a warning, Koda, behind you!  The cage and Chase vanish.  Koda sees Slammer walking through the park and scaring several people in the process.  Slammer states, one Ranger locked up.  Time to give him a cellmate.  Another cage dangles from his hand.  Slammer swings it towards Koda.  Slammer yells, you're getting a life sentence!  Without parole!  Koda kicks the cage away.  Koda picks up a shovel and charges towards Slammer.  Koda strikes Slammer with the shovel as he asks, where is my friend?!  Koda kicks Slammer with both feet and then falls flat on his back.  Koda jumps back up as Slammer replies, you'll be joining him soon.  Koda fights Slammer with the shovel.  Slammer knocks him to the ground and tells him, stop trying to break out before you're even in!  Slammer charges towards Koda and Koda kicks him away.  Koda lands several kicks on Slammer.  Slammer manages to grab one of Koda's legs and kicks him away.  Koda lands hard but quickly gets back up as Slammer tells him, the smart thing to do is come quietly.  But you're not very smart are you?  Slammer swings a cage.  Koda spots a young boy on a bike heading in their direction. Slammer releases the cage and it flies towards them.  Koda yells out a warning as he covers the young boy.  The cage captures them both.  Slammer yells, two's double the fun!  The cage vanishes. When Kendall doesn't hear from Chase or Koda, she has Tyler and Riley search for them. Red Ranger and Green Ranger are riding their Dino Cycles through Amber Beach.  Red Ranger tells Green Ranger, we'll cover more ground if we split up.  Green Ranger agrees.  The two Rangers head off in different directions.  After awhile, Red Ranger's Dino Cycle picks up a magnetic field.  He contacts Kendall and asks, do you see it? Kendall and Shelby are looking at a hologram of the cave.  Kendall replies, I see it too.  Strange readings.  Shelby concludes that field must be keeping them from communicating with us.  Kendall adds, or even from morphing.  They got to get outside.  Kendall contacts Green Ranger and sends him the coordinates and tells him to meet us at the mountains. Green Ranger responds, right, I'm on my way.  Green Ranger heads off towards the mountains. Soon Kendall and Shelby pull up to the base of the mountain in Tyler's jeep.  Riley and Tyler are already there. Shelby runs up to them and asks, any sign of them?  Kendall follows behind Shelby.  Tyler points over to a cave just as Koda, carrying Peter, runs out.  Riley, Shelby, Kendall, and Tyler are very surprised to see Koda.  Koda runs up to them and passes Peter to Kendall.  He explains, wounded, needs doctor.  Kendall replies, I'll get him to a hospital and hurries over to Tyler's jeep. Peter stares at Koda as he is taken away.  Peter mutters Koda's name.  Riley asks Koda, where's Chase?  Koda replies, still trapped.  In mountain.  Shelby asks, by who?  Koda notices the figure standing over the cliff and nods in that direction, him.  Slammer yells, hey Rangers!  Thanks for coming!  How about you stay awhile?!  Or in this case, forever!  Slammer swings his cage and release it towards the teens.  Angrily Koda catches the cage.  Slammer is not happy.  Hey!  Let go of that!  Koda throws the cage and it drags Slammer with it.  Shelby, Koda, Tyler and Riley morph. Slammer commands the Vivix to destroy the candy colored twits.  Several Vivix run past Slammer and towards the four Rangers.  Blue Ranger battles several Vivix.  Pink Ranger battles another set of Vivix.  Green Ranger and Red Ranger battle Slammer.  As they fight, Slammer tells them, escape is not possible.  Green Ranger battles Slammer with his Dino Saber.  Slammer tries to blast Green Ranger.  Green Ranger avoids being hit and strikes Slammer with his raptor slash.  Slammer is hit hard and is knocked to the ground.  Red Ranger gets on his Dino Cycle and suggests they try out the battle mode.  Green Ranger quickly hops on his Dino Cycle.  Green Ranger wants to see what they can really do.  In opposite directions, Red Ranger and Green Ranger charge towards Slammer on their Dino Cycles.  Slammer states, I'll lock you both up.  Both Rangers manage to avoid getting captured.  Green Ranger charges up his Dino Saber.  As he charges past on his Dino Cycle, he strikes Slammer with his Dino Saber.  Red Ranger blasts Slammer with his Dino Charger.  Slammer is hit hard. Slammer shouts, you'll do hard time for this!  Red Ranger declares, now that was awesome!  Blue Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, we need to go back in the cave and save Chase.  The four Rangers start to run, but then stop in their tracks.  Slammer grows to giant size.  Pink Ranger notes, he's blocking the cave entrance.  Red Ranger informs the team, then we have to destroy him first.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger summon their zords.  The zords form into Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation.  Dino Charge Megazord grabs a hold of Slammer.  Red Ranger tells Green Ranger it's time to try out your zord.  Green Ranger is excited - he has been waiting for this.  Green Ranger summons his Raptor Zord.  Raptor Zord arrives as Slammer declares jail break!  Raptor Zord strikes Slammer as Red Ranger tells him, guess again!  Dino Charge Megazord lets go of Slammer and he falls to the ground.  The Rangers then form Dino Charge Megazord/Stego-Raptor Formation.  Tricera Zord leaves the formation and Raptor Zord joins the formation. Green Ranger joins Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger in the cockpit.  Green Ranger exclaims, it's so cool in here!  Blue Ranger tells Green Ranger, your zord is very strong.  Red Ranger states, let's see what we can do together.  Dino Charge Megazord strikes Slammer with it's Blade Raptor Slash.  Pink Ranger instructs her Tricera Zord to go save Chase. Tricera Zord takes off running towards the mountain and rescues Chase.  Dino Charge Megazord/Stego-Raptor Formation and Slammer continue to battle each other.  During the battle, Red Ranger notes Tricera Zord is back.  Pink Ranger yells, you found Chase!  Good job!  Red Ranger tells his team, let's finish this.  Green Ranger agrees.  The four Rangers shout out the command, Final Flame Strike!  Slammer is destroyed.  Red Ranger shouts, monster extinct! A few days later, Tyler drives his jeep to an open area.  Riley, Koda, Chase, and Shelby are with him.  Peter is there and he is telling his friends about his grand adventure.  Suddenly the cage fell right on us.  It was pitch black in the cave but he made fire with his bare hands so we could see the way.  Tyler pulls up close to Peter and his friends and they can overhear his conversation.  Peter continues, and then he carry me under boulders and through cracks.  It was totally dangerous.  But for him, no problem.  He was a caveman.  Koda gets out of the jeep and examines the bike attached to Tyler's jeep.  Peter's friends are impressed.  Shelby and Riley grin at Koda.  Koda has a big smile as well.  Peter's friends leave.  Peter turns around and is surprised to see Koda.  Peter runs and gives Koda a big hug.  Koda asks him, how is leg?  Peter replies, it's good.  Koda points out the bike and tells Peter he brought it for him.  Peter is very excited and thanks him.  Tyler, Chase, Riley, and Shelby watch the exchange with happy expressions.  Peter asks Koda, can I ask you something?  Koda replies yes as he nods his head in agreement.  Peter admits, I saw you trying to ride a bike.  You don't know how, do you?  Koda replies, it's a bit scary for me.  Peter admits he was scare at first too.  But don't worry, after you learn, it's easy peasy.  Hey, I know.  I can teach you.  Koda is reluctant and his friends laugh.  Peter tries to persuade Koda, I'll protect you, I promise.  Peter holds up his small fist for a fist bump.  Koda remembers his brother and then agrees with a returning fist bump.  Peter is happy as Koda prepares to ride the bike.  Peter tells him, the most important thing is to keep on pedaling.  You have to move forward or else you fall over.  Wobbly, Koda begins to ride the bike.  Peter gives him words of encouragement.  Koda's friends shout out words of encouragement as well.  Koda excitedly exclaims, I think I got it!

 A short time ago, Chase was sitting outside Moana's shop as she was locking up. The baby carriage began to roll away.  Chase immediately got on his skateboard and went after the baby carriage.  The baby carriage rolls into the street just as a truck is driving down it.  Chase leaps above the street and snatches the blanket wrapped bundle out of the carriage.  Chase rolls to a safe spot, and clutches the small bundle as the truck rolls over the carriage.  Moana is very grateful as she unwraps the blankets and sees that her cat is okay.  Chase is a bit surprise to see a cat instead of a baby.  I just risk my life...for the most beautiful little kitty.  Moana takes Chase's hand and tells him, come to my shop.  There is something I must give you for your bravery.  Chase protests as he is lead into the shop.  Moana gives Chase the black Energem.  At present time, Chase runs after Spellbinder.  Chase hops onto his skateboard and feels like himself.  Chase contacts his friends and tells them he is going to need some backup.  As he rolls along, Chase morphs.  Spellbinder runs into a building, confident he can lose Black Ranger.  But Black Ranger spots him and steps off his skateboard to follow him.  Black Ranger is eager to find out what Spellbinder is up to.  Suddenly his head feels strange.  Black Ranger notes it's that strange feeling again.  Black Ranger shakes it off and goes into the building.  Black Ranger shouts, stop right there!  Spellbinder turns around and faces Black Ranger.  Black Ranger has his Dino Charge Blaster pointed at Spellbinder.  Spellbinder tells Black Ranger to relax, soon he will be under his control.  Black Ranger shouts wrong!  Black Ranger fires his Dino Charge Blaster and shouts no one controls me mate!  Black Ranger flips over several boxes.  Spellbinder comments, aren't you in for a surprise.  Black Ranger fires his Dino Charge Blaster several times at Spellbinder as he tells him, wrap your beak around this!  Spellbinder knocks Black Ranger to the floor.  The strange feeling Black Ranger has been experiencing is stronger now.  The rest of the Rangers arrive.  Red Ranger shouts at Spellbinder, you may be tough one on one, but your odds just got a whole lot worse!  Red Ranger charges up his T-Rex Charger.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Green Ranger activate their Dino Steel armor.  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger fight Spellbinder with their T-Rex Smasher and Tricera Drill.  Green Ranger and Blue Ranger join in with their Raptor Claw and Stego Shield.  Spellbinder soon has them knocked down.  Pink Ranger comments, he's so fast.  Blue Ranger adds, and his cape, hard like rock.  Pink Ranger tells the team, we got to get through it.  Black Ranger stands up and points his Dino Charge Blaster once more at Spellbinder as he states, good thing I'm the hot shot.  That's right Spellbinder, I'm not going to miss this time.  Spellbinder grabs a hold of Red Ranger and uses him as a shield.  Spellbinder tells Black Ranger time to change your target.  Red Ranger shouts at Black Ranger to take the shot!  I trust you!  But Black Ranger is unnerved.  Black Ranger very carefully aims as he knows the shot is very risky.  Red Ranger shouts at him to hurry!  Spellbinder states, shoot your friend Black Ranger.  I command you.  Black Ranger aims at Red Ranger and becomes concerned.  What is happening to me?  Red Ranger shouts, what are you doing?!  Black Ranger can't control his aim.  Spellbinder shouts, shoot him!  Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, and Pink Ranger yell at Black Ranger.  Black Ranger realizes he can't control himself. Black Ranger drops his Dino Charger Blaster. Black Ranger clutches his helmet.  Spellbinder laughs.  Red Ranger struggles to break free.  Black Ranger drops to his knees and states, there is something wrong with my head.  Pink Ranger yells at Blue Ranger to get Spellbinder.  Blue Ranger gets back up as Pink Ranger points her Tricera Drill towards the dirt floor and begins drilling.  Blue Ranger strikes Spellbinder with his Stego Shield.  Red Ranger yells, he won't let go.  Pink Ranger breaks through the dirt behind Spellbinder and strikes Spellbinder with her Tricera Drill.  Spellbinder releases Red Ranger.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger run.  Spellbinder yells after them, you'll never stop me!  Soon you'll all be under my control.  Spellbinder tries to place Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger under his control, but Green Ranger leaps into and breaks the magic spell with his Raptor Claw.  Green Ranger fires his Dino Charge Blaster at Spellbinder.  When the blast clears, Spellbinder is gone.  Pink Ranger asks, where did he go?  Green Ranger asks, what did he mean, under his control?  Red Ranger places his hand on Black Ranger's shoulder and asks what went on back there?  Black Ranger knocks Red Ranger's hand away and tells him to give him some space.  Black Ranger walks away.  Red Ranger states, something is not right. Later, Curio and Spellbinder are sitting on crates.  Wrench storms in and yells at Spellbinder.  You told Sledge that the Black Ranger was under your control! Spellbinder tells Wrench to relax.  He's going to join us soon.  Koda, Tyler, Shelby, and Riley arrive.  Tyler tells Spellbinder, wrong on both accounts. Koda adds, Chase never join you!  Spellbinder tells them, it's too late for your friend.  And now your time is up!  Spellbinder casts a spell and the four teens avoid getting hit.  Shelby, Koda, Riley, and Tyler charge towards Curio, Wrench, and Spellbinder. Shelby lands several kicks on Curio.  Curio taunts her.  You'll be under Spellbinder's control soon.  Riley and Koda fight Wrench.  Riley tries to land a punch, but Wrench grabs a hold of Riley's arm and kicks Koda away.  Wrench tells them, face it Rangers.  You can't beat us.  Koda gets back up and lands a kick on Wrench.  Wrench goes flying and hits several barrels as he falls to the floor.  Tyler fights Spellbinder.  Spellbinder tells him, my spell is impossible to resist.  Tyler replies, nothing is impossible.  Tyler kicks and punches Spellbinder several times.  Spellbinder grabs a hold of Tyler and tosses him to the floor.  Koda, Riley, and Shelby race up to fight Spellbinder, but he knocks them to the floor as well.  The four teens struggle to get back up.  Tyler suggests the Dino Spike.  Koda protests, but we need Chase.  Spellbinder tells them, your turn.  Spellbinder casts another spell.  This time it hits Riley, Koda, and Tyler.  As they try to fight against the spell, Spellbinder tells them they are his now.  Chase arrives and walks over to Spellbinder.  Shelby is hiding, but watches what is happening.  Chase asks Spellbinder, what is your command?  Spellbinder tells Chase to destroy Shelby and laughs.  Shelby gets scare as Chase stares at her.  She shouts no Chase!  Fight it!  Instead Chase walks towards her.  Shelby continues to shout at him.  Concentrate!  Chase responds, you defied my master.  Chase pulls out his Dino Charge Blaster and points it at Shelby.  Tyler, Riley, and Koda are no help as they continue to struggle against the spell.  Spellbinder tells Chase, do it.  Shelby spots a wooden scooter board and quickly runs over to it and kicks it towards Chase.  The board hits Chase as he is walking and he ends up on it.  As he rolls along, he becomes himself again.  Chase mutters, what the?  Chase stops himself from running into Shelby and twirls the board around.  Chase grins as he points his Dino Charge Blaster at Spellbinder.  Command this.  Spellbinder screams no as Chase fires his weapon.  The blast hits the pendant and knocks Spellbinder off his feet.  Spellbinder crashes into several barrels.  The spell breaks for Tyler, Koda, and Riley.  The three teens quickly get up.  Chase walks over to Shelby and helps her up.  He tells her, good on you.  That was great thinking.  Shelby responds, good to have you back.  The five teens gather together.  Koda asks, where did he go?  Wrench removes the rubble he was buried under and hurries over to Spellbinder.  Curio is there as well as Wrench asks, what do we do?  The three face the teens.  Spellbinder shouts, I may not be able to control you but I'll still destroy you!  Chase replies, sorry.  But your time is up. Koda, Tyler, Chase, Shelby and Riley morph. The Rangers active their Dino Steel armor and have their weapons ready.  Curio, Wrench, and Spellbinder charge towards the Rangers.  Blue Ranger and Green Ranger fight Wrench with their Stego Shield and Raptor Claw.  Blue Ranger strikes Wrench hard with his Stego Shield punch.  Wrench goes backwards, but manages to stop himself.  Green Ranger leaps over Blue Ranger and strikes Wrench with his Raptor slash.  Pink Ranger fights Curio.  Curio wishes it had stayed with Poisandra.  Pink Ranger leaps on top of Curio's shoulders.  Curio becomes confused as it has no idea Pink Ranger is on it's shoulders.  Pink Ranger leaps down and strikes Curio with her Tricera Drill.  Black Ranger and Red Ranger fight Spellbinder with their Para Chopper and T-Rex Smasher.  Black Ranger blasts Spellbinder with his Para Chopper.  Spellbinder manages to avoid the blasts.  Red Ranger is frustrated.  He keeps blocking with that cape.  The rest of the Rangers join Black Ranger and Red Ranger.  Green Ranger suggests they use the Dino Spike.  Red Ranger reminds them they need all five of them together.  Black Ranger replies, I'm ready if you are.  Red Ranger laughs and adds, that's what I like to hear.  Red Ranger takes the Dino Spike Charger and activates it.  The weapons combine.  Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger launch Red Ranger.  Red Ranger strikes Spellbinder with the Dino Spike.  Spellbinder screams, but I'm invincible as he is defeated.  Red Ranger replies, wrong beak face.  We are the invincible ones. A few moments later, the magna beam hits Spellbinder and it grows to giant size.  Blue Ranger states, I handle this.  Black Ranger stops him.  Wait.  I've got a score to settle with this crow.  Black Ranger summons his Para Zord.  Para Zord arrives and immediately fires several blasts at Spellbinder.  Spellbinder knocks Para Zord away.  T-Rex Zord is there as well and catches Para Zord with it's mouth as it flies by.  T-Rex Zord releases Para Zord and it lands gently onto the ground.  Black Ranger is frustrated, I almost had him.  Para Zord leaps out of the way as Raptor Zord arrives.  Red Ranger suggests to Black Ranger that they combine the Para Zord with the Dino Charge Megazord.  Black Ranger tells them, you guys broke me out of that spell, now it's time to return the favor.  Red Ranger is very excited.  The three zords combine to form Dino Charge Megazord/Para-Raptor Formation. Black Ranger, Red Ranger, and Green Ranger are in the cockpit of the Megazord.  Spellbinder shoots several arrow feathers at Dino Charge Megazord.  Dino Charge Megazord/Para-Raptor Formation manages to leap out of the arrow feathers' way.  Red Ranger notes, he's fast.  Dino Charge Megazord fires several blasts at Spellbinder.  The blasts hit Spellbinder.  Red Ranger shouts, here's some more!  Dino Charge Megazord/Para-Raptor Formation fires several more times at Spellbinder.  Spellbinder is hit several more times.  Dino Charge Megazord uses it's bladed raptor slash against Spellbinder.  Black Ranger states, now you're under our command.  Dino Charge Megazord/Para-Raptor Formation fires it's para zord fireball finish.  The fireball destroys Spellbinder.  Red Ranger shouts, monster extinct!

Riley is training hard.  He races around the track several times, does several sit-ups, and push-ups.  Riley pauses for a brief moment before rolling onto his back and doing several bicycle crunches.  Later, Riley and Chase are chasing after Cavity.  Riley and Chase end up in Amber Beach city with their Dino Charge Blasters at the ready.  They spot Cavity and Riley uses the Dino Com to contact the rest of the team and let them know, we've got a visual.  Cavity keeps running.  Chase and Riley morph.  Black Ranger and Green Ranger fire their Dino Charge Blasters at Cavity as it tries to outrun them.  Cavity notes out of the frying pan and into the firing zone.  Green Ranger notes Cavity is getting away and tells Black Ranger to take a shot.  Cavity is hit.  Black Ranger tells Cavity, someone needs a dental plan.  Cavity brags, I'm going to rot more than just your teeth.  Cavity shoots lasers out of his mouth.  Black Ranger and Green Ranger leap out of the way.  The lasers hits a tree and it immediately begins to decay.  Red Ranger arrives and shouts, don't let him escape!  He'll rot the entire city!  Cavity summons the Vivix and has them attack Red Ranger.  Red Ranger fights the Vivix.  Green Ranger is confident he can take Cavity.  Black Ranger laughs and tells Green Ranger, be my guest.  Let's just hope he shoots tennis balls at you.  Green Ranger turns around and asks, is that suppose to be funny?  Cavity takes advantage of the situation and fires at them as he shouts decay time!  Green Ranger manages to block the shot with his Dino Saber.  Cavity keeps firing.  Green Ranger manages to block each shot.  Cavity shouts at him to hold still.  Cavity charges at them as he shouts, open wide!  This is going to hurt!  Black Ranger shoves Green Ranger aside as he tells him, nice job Riley, now let me show you what my training can do.  Green Ranger tells Black Ranger to stop goofing off.  I had him.  Both are unaware of Cavity running towards them and Cavity easily punches the two Rangers.  Red Ranger is still busy fighting Vivix.  Black Ranger and Green Ranger land on the grass.  Red Ranger shouts at them to hold on.  I'm coming!  Cavity tells Green Ranger and Black Ranger, until next time and runs away.  Red Ranger tries to catch up to Cavity, but Cavity is too fast.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger arrive and join the rest of the Rangers.  Red Ranger asks, what happened guys?  Pink Ranger helps Green Ranger up and asks, are you okay?  Green Ranger replies yeah.  Green Ranger walks up to Black Ranger and tells him, you need to stop messing around.  One of us could have gotten hurt.  Green Ranger walks away.  Pink Ranger asks, what's going on with you two?  Black Ranger replies, he just doesn't get me.  After awhile, Poisandra and Curio meet Cavity in an alleyway in the city.  Poisandra complains, at this rate, we'll never get back to testing wedding cakes.  Cavity explains I don't have time for your cake, not when there's Rangers to destroy.  Curio is upset and sits down.  No sprinkles or frosting.  I wanted cake.  Poisandra becomes angry.  How dare you!  Cavity lowers his head for a moment and then angrily tells Poisandra that his loyalty is to Sledge!  Poisandra is insulted.  Why I never!  A black fog surrounds Cavity as he becomes more angry.  Cavity's form changes and he shouts, I have real work to do!  Curio becomes frightened.  What's going on?  Cavity shouts, out of my way Pinkie!  Cavity shoves Poisandra as he runs pass her.  Elsewhere, Shelby and Tyler are sitting inside Tyler's jeep.  Shelby is holding onto the Dino Com as they both listen to it.  The Dino Com tells them there are no alien life signs in this quadrant.  Koda is in a tree above the jeep and drops down into the back seat.  Koda tells them, I see no monster.  Shelby suggests they search the north east area.  The three teens take off in the jeep.  Meanwhile, Chase is skateboarding through the city and scanning the area as he rolls along.  Chase asks himself, where would I go if I was that rotten creep?  I'll go where I could cause the most decay.  Chase hears screaming and quickly skateboards in that direction.  Cavity is enjoying blasting several buildings and is confident that it will bring out the Rangers.  Chase uses his Dino Com and asks, is anyone there?  In the Dino Lab, Riley hears Chase over his Dino Com.  Meanwhile, Cavity laughs as he runs through the city.  Chase goes after him on his skateboard.  He shouts, hold it right there pastry face!  Cavity stops running and turns around and faces Chase.  Chase tells him, I can smell your decay a mile away.  Cavity brags, just a mile?  Cavity walks towards Chase.  Chase pulls out his Dino Charge Blaster and fires it.  The blast hits Cavity and knocks him to the pavement.  Chase morphs.  Black Ranger warns Cavity, don't mess with the hot shot!  Cavity tells Black Ranger, this time your teeth will match your suit.  Black Ranger replies, I imagine that will be tough mate.  I floss.  Cavity shoots out several lasers from his mouth.  Black Ranger manages to avoid getting hit.  Black Ranger tells him, you're just too slow.  Cavity can't believe Black Ranger avoid his lasers.  Black Ranger runs up to Cavity and shoots him in the mouth with his Dino Charge Blaster.  Cavity laughs as the blast reverses and hits Black Ranger.  Black Ranger goes flying as Cavity brags, these cavities aren't going away that easy.  Before Black Ranger can get back up, Cavity hits him with his laser.  Chase demorphs and his mouth hurts.  Cavity asks, how does it feel Ranger?  Chase doesn't answer, he is in a lot of pain.  Cavity laughs.  Just what Sledge ordered.  And now the icing on the cake.  Cavity raises his arm to deliver the final blow.  He tells Chase to say goodbye.  Before Cavity can strike, Riley blocks the blow.  Cavity is happy to see another Ranger.  Riley shoves Cavity away.  Riley and Chase fight Cavity.  But Chase is not much help, as he has to stop because of the pain in his mouth.  Riley tells Chase, I'll protect you, and fights Cavity with his Dino Saber.  Chase watches a small distance away.  Cavity shoots more lasers out of his mouth and Riley outmaneuvers the lasers.  Riley knocks Cavity back with his Dino Saber.  Suddenly Taylor shouts, Riley duck.  Riley ducks as Koda, Tyler, and Shelby run forwards with their Dino Charge Blasters drawn.  Cavity is not happy to see them.  Koda, Tyler, and Shelby fire their Dino Charge Blasters at Cavity.  Cavity is knocked to the pavement.  Riley goes over to Chase and tells him, I thought you were at the skate park.  Chase asks, why would I be messing around when that chef is still on the loose?  Riley realizes he has misjudged Chase and agrees, I guess you wouldn't be.  Chase tells him, trust me.  Even though we do things differently, we fight for the same thing.  Riley helps Chase stand up.  Riley starts to apologize but Chase stops him and tells him, just destroy those rotten teeth of his.  Chase, Koda, Tyler, Shelby, and Riley stand together and begin their morph.  Chase grimaces in pain.  His friends are concern, but Chase wants to finish the morph. Chase, Koda, Tyler, Shelby, and Riley morph. Cavity yells, you're all mine!  Red Ranger shouts tyrannosaurs rex! Power Ranger Red!  Black Ranger shouts Parasaur!  Power Ranger...Black Ranger clutches his helmet as the pain shoots through him.  Green Ranger tells him not to force it.  Green Ranger shouts next!  Blue Ranger shouts Stegosaurs!  Power Ranger Blue!  Green Ranger shouts Velociraptor!  Power Ranger Green!  Pink Ranger shouts Triceratops!  Power Ranger Pink!  All together they shout Dinosaur Might!  Ready to fight!  Power Rangers!  Dino Charge!  Black Ranger bends down in pain.  Red Ranger tells him to hang in there.  Cavity tells them, I'll rot all your teeth this time.  Red Ranger replies, you'll never beat our team.  Because it's about to get wild!  Cavity summons more Vivix and tells them to destroy the Rangers.  Red Ranger fights a group of Vivix.  Blue Ranger combines the Dino Morpher and the Dino Saber together.  Blue Ranger fires it at a Vivix.  Blue Ranger fights several of the Vivix.  Pink Ranger lands several kicks on another group of Vivix.  Green Ranger fights another group of Vivix.  Black Ranger fights and fires his Dino Charge Blaster at his set of Vivix.  But it's hard with his mouth hurting.  Eventually the Vivix strike Black Ranger several times.  A set of Vivix grab a hold of him and a Vivix comes towards him.  Black Ranger yells guys!  Green Rangers fires his Dino Charge Blaster at the Vivix, shouting I'm on it!  Green Ranger fights the two Vivix holding Black Ranger with his Dino Saber until they are defeated.  Black Ranger is impressed.  Not bad.  Now who's the hot shot?  Green Ranger replies, just until you see a dentist.  Black Ranger thanks him.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger face Cavity with their Dino Charge Blasters.  The three Rangers fire their Dino Charge Blasters at Cavity's teeth.  Once more the blasts are deflected and hit the three Rangers instead.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger hit the pavement.  Green Ranger and Black Ranger run over.  Black Ranger notes, the blasts aren't strong enough.  Cavity taunts them, who wants to be next?  Green Ranger suggests they try Para Charger and the Dino Saber.  Black Ranger likes the idea.  Green Ranger states, I'm adapting to the situation.  Cavity tells them, this will only hurt a lot.  Green Ranger places the Para Charger into his Dino Saber.  Green Ranger races towards Cavity.  Cavity shoots out several lasers, but Green Ranger blocks them with his Dino Saber.  Green Ranger uses the power slash against Cavity several times.  Cavity is upset, all his teeth are missing.  Green Ranger tosses Black Ranger his Raptor Charger and tells him it's now his turn for a new combo.  Black Ranger places the Raptor Charger into his Dino Charge Blaster.  Cavity becomes nervous.  Black Ranger fires his Dino Charge Blaster and defeats Cavity.  Green Ranger laughs and comments now that is a hot shot.  That's definitely not something you can train for. Moments later a magna beam hits Cavity.  Cavity grows to giant size and shouts it's not over yet Rangers!  Blue Ranger notes Cavity's rotten teeth are back.  Cavity tells them, destroying them is going to make his smile even brighter.  Red Ranger shouts, we need the Dino Charge Megazord!  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger summon their zords and Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation is quickly formed.  Cavity boasts, this is going to be a piece of cake.  Cavity fires at Dino Charge Megazord.  Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation blocks the blasts with it's shield as it races towards Cavity.  When Dino Charge Megazord reaches Cavity, it punches it in the face with it's shield and Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation is pushed back.  Red Ranger notes, this creep's teeth are even more powerful now.  Cavity strikes Dino Charge Megazord.  Black Ranger and Green Ranger run up to watch the battle.  Black Ranger notes, that is one tough cavity.  Green Ranger tells Black Ranger, we need to get in there and help.  Black Ranger has an idea.  If we knock him back.....Green Ranger finishes, we have an opening to get into the cockpit.  Cavity punches Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation hard.  Black Ranger contacts Red Ranger via the Dino Com and suggests using the Dino Blaze Charger.  Red Ranger thinks it's a great idea.  Black Ranger adds, deep fry that chef and we'll come help.  Red Ranger tosses the Dino Blaze Charger into T-Rex's mouth.  Dino Charge Megazord blasts Cavity with their flame thrower.  Cavity is hit hard.  Black Ranger and Green Ranger appear in the cockpit.  The Rangers charge up their Dino Stego Saber.  Red Ranger tells Cavity, you're going down!  Dino Charge Megazord strikes Cavity's teeth with the Dino Stego Saber several times.  Once more Cavity's teeth are knocked out.  Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation strikes Cavity with the Dino Stego Saber's finish slash.  Cavity is destroyed.  The Rangers shout, extraction complete!  Red Ranger adds, monster extinct!  Green Ranger tells Black Ranger, nice going hot shot.  Black Ranger replies, you too bro! Afterwards, Riley is back at the tracks, sitting on a bench, and mentally preparing for another workout.  Chase rolls up to him on his skateboard and sits next to Riley.  Chase tells Riley, I thought I would join you for a run.  Riley is surprised.  Chase puts on his running shoes.  Riley tells Chase, I owe you an apology.  When I was growing up on my family's ranch, everyone use to make assumptions about me.  And they were mostly wrong ones.  I was totally wrong about you Chase.  And I'm sorry.  Chase looks over at Riley and removes a ear piece and asks, did you say something?  Riley laughs.  No, nothing.  Never mind. Riley gets up and sees that Shelby, Tyler, and Koda has joined them.  Tyler tells him, you were pretty awesome against Cavity.  Shelby adds, so we figured maybe we should train with you.  Riley is surprised once more.  Great.  Well the first no rules.  Tyler and Koda look puzzled.  Chase is confused as well and asks, seriously?  Chase immediately decides that he is going to ride.  Koda asks, so no rules?  How can that be rule?  Riley instructs them to use their instincts and adapt to whatever happens.  Riley laughs.  Chase grabs Riley by the shoulder and states - this could be dangerous.  Riley grabs Chase's shoulders and replies, just see if you can keep up hot shot.  Riley takes off running as his friends watch.  Riley leaps into the air and spins over a bench.  His friends laugh.  Koda, Tyler, and Shelby run.  Chase hops onto his skateboard.  Chase jumps over a bench.  Tyler does a hand stand and Koda leaps over it.  Koda does a cartwheel and flips as Tyler runs to keep up.  Shelby does several flips.  Riley and Chase give each other a high five as they pass by each other.  Tyler leaps over a trash container.  Riley and Koda leap over stair railings as Tyler challenges everyone, race you to the top!  Chase picks up his skateboard and runs up the stairs along with Shelby, Koda, and Riley as they try to catch up to Tyler.   

On a very hot day, Riley, Koda, Chase, and Tyler are digging in an area where previous dinosaur fossils have been found.  Chase notices Shelby sitting at a table and wonders what she is up to.  Shelby, deep in thought, traces the drawings of dinosaurs with a pencil.  She becomes frustrated and mutters, something isn't right.  Chase shouts, how about lending a hand?!  Shelby gets up and tells the guys, follow me for a sec.  Keeper gave ten Energems to ten different dinosaurs.  Koda excitedly adds, of course!  But then realizes he has no idea what Shelby is trying to tell them.  Shelby continues, we found five Energems.  So five are still lost.  Those Energems would only be found near the fossils of the Pterodactyl, Ankylosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Plesiosaurus and Brachiosaurus.  We shouldn't dig here just because we found bones here before.  Tyler thinks over what she says and asks, where should we dig?  Shelby doesn't know yet.  The guys chuckle.  Shelby doesn't give up, she tells them she has an idea.  She calls the guys over to the table.  Shelby tells them, if we combine the known areas with where the remaining dinosaurs lived, with the energy signatures from each dinosaur's Energem, then we can pinpoint more accurately where to look.  Koda repeats, energy signature.  He asks Chase, what Shelby say?  Chase responds, she just doesn't like getting dirty.  Shelby disagrees.  What I'm saying is, we need to work smarter not harder.  Riley agrees with Shelby about the energy signatures, as the rest of the guys notice that their drinks are empty.  Riley wonders how you could track it?  Shelby takes a drink as she thinks it over. Chase asks, you finished all our drinks?  Shelby doesn't feel guilty, it's really hot out here.  Tyler agrees, we noticed.  Koda adds, Shelby drinks like camel.  Shelby asks, shouldn't we at least test my theory?  There is no response from the guys.  Shelby gets mad.  I don't need anything from you guys anyways.  Shelby storms off in the direction of Tyler's jeep, but then quickly turns back.  Tyler digs out his keys as Shelby tells him, I need your keys.  Tyler tosses her his keys.  Koda grins as Shelby catches them, grabs a drink, and walks off. In the Dino Lab, Shelby and Kendall worked together to create the E-Tracer - which had the ability to track Energem's energy signatures.  Soon Tyler, Koda, Shelby, Chase, and Riley were searching for energy signatures for the Aqua Energem. The teens are walking in the area of the signal, following the Dino Com's directions.  They pause when they see a giant hole in the ground.  Tyler notes, looks like someone beat us to it.  Suddenly Stingrage and several Vivix jump out from the hole.   The teens race towards the Vivix.  Koda kicks several of the Vivix.  Tyler fights another set of Vivix.  Riley kicks and swings Vivix away.  Shelby kicks another set of Vivix.  Chase also lands several kicks against Stingrage.  Stingrage tells him, you'll get a kick out of fighting me.  Stingrage kicks Chase in the chest and Chase falls to the ground.  Chase shouts, don't let him get away!  He might have the Energem!  Tyler tosses aside a Vivix and runs after Stingrage.  Riley checks the Dino Com and informs them that there is no sign of an Energem.  Tyler fights Stingrage.  Stingrage grabs Tyler by the back of his shirt and states, there might not be an Energem.  But I left a little something for you anyway.  Stingrage tosses Tyler aside.  Koda races towards Stingrage.  Koda fights Stingrage.  Stingrage is impressed.  Not bad Ranger, but not good enough.  Stingrage strikes Koda with his staff, knocking Koda off his feet.  As Koda falls to the ground, Stingrage uses his staff to shoot at Koda's back.  Koda cries out in pain.  Shelby fights the remaining Vivix.  Koda slowly gets back up as Riley, Tyler, and Chase run over to him.  Riley asks Koda if he is okay?  Koda pushes Riley away.  Stingrage shouts, bye bye!  Have fun fighting your friend!  Riley runs over to Koda but Koda flips Riley over.  Koda punches Tyler several times as Tyler yells at him to stop.  Koda sends Tyler spinning into the air.  As Tyler falls, Chase races over and plops onto the ground just as Tyler lands on Chase's back.  Shelby watches and wonders, what's got into him?  Shelby hurries over to Koda, but Koda pushes her away.  Riley tries to calm Koda down and ends up being struck by Koda.  Tyler and Chase rush forwards and each grab one of Koda's arms.  Tyler kicks out Koda's legs as he shouts, get him on the ground!  Koda quickly flips his way back up and kicks Riley and Shelby away.  Tyler notices there is something on Koda's back.  Chase and Tyler grab Koda's arms and push him to the ground.  Koda easily shakes them off and gets back up.  This time Chase and Riley try to hold Koda still.  Riley looks at Koda's back and tells them, it's some kind of stinger.  Pull it out!  Tyler grabs Koda by the waist as Shelby runs up from behind.  As Riley, Chase, and Tyler hold Koda, Shelby pulls out the stinger.  Immediately Koda's rage leaves him.  Chase asks Koda if he is okay and shakily Koda replies, yes, I'm okay.  Why you hug me?  Shelby holds out the stinger for her friends to take a look.  Suddenly the ground shakes.  Ankylo Zord pops up from the hole. Riley notes, that is one angry zord.  Ankylo Zord swings it's hammer tail at the teens and they quickly leap out of the way.  Ankylo Zord burrows it's way back down into the hole.  Shelby wonders, why would it attack us?  Later, after a bit of a drive, Kendall gets out and goes to the back of vehicle and lifts up one of canvas, to discover Shelby hiding there.  Kendall is startled at first.  Once she regains her composure she tells Shelby stowing away is a really bad idea as she takes out  ropes.  Shelby agrees and adds, and going after the Ankylo Zord alone is also a bad idea.  Kendall replies, I rarely make mistakes.  When I do, I correct them.  No excuses.  (Kendall had forgotten to encrypt the E-Tracer, which allowed Wrench to track the signal as well.)  Kendall takes out a shovel, hoe and pick and walks away.  Shelby jumps out and walks up to Kendall.  Kendall is tying a rope around the base of a tree as Shelby tells her, look we created this problem together.  Let's solve it together.  Shelby follows Kendall as she walks towards the large hole.  Kendall responds, I simply cannot be responsible for sending you down this hole.  It's just too dangerous.  Stingrage, Poisandra, and several Vivix walk up.  Stingrage tells them, maybe you can't, but I can.  Stingrage uses it's staff and points it towards Shelby and Kendall.  Shelby pushes Kendall out of the way and gets hits by the lasers.  Shelby is knocked into the hole.  Kendall is alarmed but Poisandra is pleased.  Hole in one Stingrage! As Shelby is falling, she morphs.  Pink Ranger lands hard at the bottom of the hole.  Stingrage commands the Vivix to attack Kendall.  Kendall quickly gets up and grabs a shovel.  She shouts get away from me as she hits several of them with her shovel.  Surrounded, Kendall drops to the grass and rolls out of the circle.  Once out of the circle, Kendall takes off running.  At the bottom of the hole, Pink Ranger dusts herself off as she gets up.  She is grateful she can morph.  Through an opening, Pink Ranger spots Ankylo Zord.  Pink Ranger cautiously greets the zord.  Ankylo Zord begins to walk towards her.  Pink Ranger reminds Ankylo Zord that it is vegetarian.  As Ankylo Zord gets closer, Pink Ranger spots the stinger.  Ankylo Zord begins to charge towards Pink Ranger.   Meanwhile, Kendall races through the forest area.  Poisandra shouts at the Vivix to get her!  Soon the Vivix catch up to Kendall and once more she fights them with her shovel.  Stingrage yells surprise and fires his staff at Kendall.  Kendall is knocked off her feet.  Stingrage and several Vivix face Kendall as she sits up.  Stingrage tells Kendall, one little sting and it will all be over.  Poisandra tells Stingrage to destroy her.  Stingrage fires his staff at Kendall.  Red Ranger leaps in and protectively stands in front of Kendall.  Red Ranger grabs the shovel and deflects the blast back towards Stingrage, Poisandra, and the Vivix.  Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, and Black Ranger race up to Red Ranger and Kendall.  Blue Ranger and Green Ranger help Kendall up.  Kendall tells them Shelby fell in the hole.  Red Ranger asks, she's down there with the Ankylo Zord?  He becomes alarmed and takes off running.  Green Ranger asks Kendall if she can do an underground scan?  Kendall replies she can, from the base.  Kendall takes off running towards their base.  As Red Ranger runs past Stingrage, Stingrage shouts, you won't get away from me!  Stingrage leaps in front of Red Ranger. Black Ranger, Green Ranger, and Blue Ranger fight the Vivix.  Black Ranger goes after Poisandra.  Poisandra knocks Black Ranger aside.  Poisandra charges towards Black Ranger and Black Ranger jumps out of the way.  Poisandra charges towards Black Ranger and Black Ranger steps aside, causing Poisandra to fall.  Red Ranger lands a kick on Stingrage.  Stingrage uses his staff to knock Red Ranger off his feet and then punches him.  As Red Ranger goes flying, Stingrage fires several blasts at him from his staff.  Red Ranger lands on the pavement hard.  Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger hurry over to Red Ranger.  Stingrage, flanked by Curio and Poisandra, states, I'm going to knock you flat.  Stingrage fires his staff at the four Rangers.  It knocks all four Rangers off their feet.  Poisandra laughs and calls them defenseless Rangers.  Poisandra, with Curio, tells Stingrage to sting them and they will destroy each other.  The four Rangers struggle to get up.  Suddenly the ground shakes.  Ankylo Zord bursts through the ground with Pink Ranger standing on top of it.  Pink Ranger shouts at Stingrage that it has stung it's last victim.  Pink Ranger leaps off Ankylo Zord and fires her Dino Charge Blaster at Curio, Stingrage, and Poisandra.  Curio, Poisandra, and Stingrage are knocked off their feet.  Pink Ranger lands close by.  The rest of the Rangers race up to her, relieved that she is okay.  Pink Ranger tells them, I got the stinger out of the Ankylo Zord.  Red Ranger tells her she is awesome.  Pink Ranger notes, it looks like you guys are still working too hard.  Blue Ranger grabs her by the shoulders and tells her, next time we work smarter.  Red Ranger tells Pink Ranger that he was worried.  Pink Ranger replies, you should have been.  Pink Ranger looks around and comments, looks like it was a close call until I showed up.  Now let's finish this.  As Curio, Poisandra, and Stingrage get back up, Stingrage yells at them, you'll pay for that!  The Rangers do their role call.  Pink Ranger tells the them, I'll take down Stingrage. Poisandra commands the Vivix to attack as the Rangers charge towards them.  Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger fight the Vivix.  Pink Ranger fights Stingrage.  She yells at him for stinging a zord as she lands a powerful kick.  Pink Ranger actives her Dino Steel armor.  Stingrage tells Pink Ranger that she is really starting to bug him.  Pink Ranger charges towards Stingrage with her Tricera Drill.  Pink Ranger lands a powerful blow with her Tricera Drill.  Stingrage comments, looks like I got stung this time.  Pink Ranger boosts and that's how it's done as Stingrage explodes behind her.  The rest of the Rangers join Pink Ranger and praise her. Moments later, the magna beam hits Stingrage and it grows to giant size.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger summon Stego Zord, T-Rex Zord, and Tricera Zord.  Stingrage uses it's staff to fire at the three zords.  Red Ranger shouts encouragement to his zord.  T-Rex Zord shuts it's jaws on Stingrage.  Stingrage tries to pry loose the jaws as it shouts to let go!  Red Ranger calls out a warning, watch out for his stingers!  Blue Ranger suggests we smash him.  Pink Ranger agrees and wants to use Ankylo Zord.  Green Ranger wonders if Ankylo Zord will respond to Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger is confident Ankylo Zord will, he owes me a favor.  Pink Ranger summons Ankylo Zord.  When it arrives, Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Ankylo Formation is formed.  The Rangers appear in the cockpit of  the Dino Charge Megazord.  Pink Ranger thinks the combo sounds powerful.  Stingrage mocks them.  That's what you're going to fight me with?!  This will be easy!  Stingrage charges towards Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Ankylo Formation.  Dino Charge Megazord uses it's Tricera Drill against Stingrage.  Stingrage falls backwards.  Next Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Ankylo Formation uses it's Ankylo Hammer Punch against Stingrage.  Blue Ranger notes Ankylo Zord very strong. As Stingrage struggles to stay upright, Dino Charge Megazord uses it's Ankylo Final Hammer Punch against it.  The force knocks Stingrage into the sky, where it explodes.  Pink Ranger welcomes Ankylo Zord to the family. 

Powers From The Past/Past, Present And Fusion/Return Of The Caveman


Breaking Black/The Truth Hurts/Let Sleeping Zords Lie



Points Of Interest

Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum

Dino Bite Cafe

Dino Charge Lab

Griffin Ranch

Koda's Cave

Moana's Kiwi Kurios

Sledge's Ship