Angel Grove High School

Trini, Billy, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly all attend Angel Grove High School.  Bulk & Skull also attend the high school.  It's a two story building.  The halls are painted in bright colors with lockers in the halls.  The halls are fairly wide.  There are, of course, several classrooms.  Mr. Caplan is the principal of the high school.  Students are permitted to set up a table to gather signatures for a petition.

Angel Grove High School's current bench press champion is Jason Lee Scott.  Prior to Jason,  Farcas Bulkmeier had been the school champion.

Angel Grove High School offers a cooking class.  In the halls are also benches for students to sit on.

Miss Appleby is one of the teachers at Angel Grove High School.

At Angel Grove High School, Miss Appleby's class is having Hobby Week.  Zack, Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, Bulk, and Skull are all in the class.  Ms. Appleby has Trini come up next for her hobby.  Trini goes up to the front of the class and pulls a cart full of dolls towards her.  Trini likes to collect dolls.  Bulk & Skull mock Trini's collection.  Her favorite is Mr. Ticklesneezer, which had been her mother's.  Trini pulls out a book and reads the legend of Mr. Ticklesneezer to the class.  Mr. Ticklesneezer has a magic bottle that he places all the things he collects in.  Miss Appleby continues to have students demonstrate their hobbies.  Jason goes next and demonstrates his bow.  Miss Appleby gets a little nervous.  Bulk mimics the moves with his pencil.  Next is Zack.  Zack demonstrates his surfing skills.  Throughout everyone's demonstration, Bulk & Skull make comments from the back of the classroom.  Kimberly goes up and tells the class about gymnastics and does a hand stand on Miss Appleby's desk.  Billy is the last one up.  Billy gives a science demonstration with a model volcano.  The bells rings.  Miss Appleby tells the class they will continue with hobby week tomorrow and not to forget their homework - question marks, why do we need them?  The class starts gathering their things and leaving for the next class.  Billy cleans up his volcano model.  Trini walks over and is very impress.  Bulk & Skull are heading out when Bulk gets an idea.  Bulk walks over and takes Mr. Ticklesneezer, teasing Trini with it.  Trini tries to grab it back and Bulk tosses it to Skull.  Skull catches the doll and makes fun of it.  Skull tosses it back to Bulk. Bulk tries to catch it and accidentally hits the button that activates the volcano.  Bulk's head is right over the volcano as its spews purple goo all over Bulk's face.  Skull becomes alarm and hurries over to help clean Bulk up.  Bulk spits some of the goo at Skull.  Trini and Billy laugh.  The following day, everyone is back at Miss Appleby's classroom.  Miss Appleby scratches herself as she announces the last presentation will be by Bulk & Skull.  Bulk & Skull walk up to the front of the class.  Skull is carrying an item covered up a red cloth.  Bulk tells the class that their hobby is parasites.  Miss Appleby and the class are a bit grossed out.  Bulk continues with how they collect fleas off of dogs.  Bulk tells Skull to show them, and Skull unveils the item in his hand.  It looks like a miniature circus.  Bulk tells the class it's a flea circus.  Skull has a big grin on his face.  The class leans forward, but no one can see any fleas.  Bulk looks down and doesn't see any fleas either.  Bulk asks Skull where are the fleas?  Bulk & Skull glance over to Miss Appleby and she is scratching herself furiously.  It becomes apparent that the fleas have left the circus and landed on Miss Appleby.  Skull starts laughing as does the rest of the class.

Students were at their lockers, grabbing their stuff before they headed off to class.  Kimberly was at her locker, when Zack walked up.  Zack asked her if he looked any older.  Kimberly knew that Zack was hinting that it was his birthday.  Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Jason were planning a surprise birthday party for Zack.  Kimberly had a hard time pretending that she had forgotten it was her poodle's birthday.  Zack was a little hurt when he left.  Billy, Jason, and Trini came walking pass and they said hello to Zack as he was leaving.  But he didn't give them much of a response.  Kimberly told the three Zack seemed really hurt.  Billy and Jason told her not to worry, he would be alright.  And once it he saw the party, they would have to peel him off the ceiling.  Kimberly was a little reassured.  Jason and Trini left for one class as Billy and Kimberly left for another class.

Zack walked down the halls of Angel Grove High School.  Zack has his basketball as he greets various students, on his way to meet Trini and Jason at the lockers.  Zack puts his basketball into his locker as Trini voices that she hopes Billy and Kimberly are feeling better.  The previous day, Kimberly and Billy had called them dorks and walked away.  Trini, Jason, and Zack are distracted by Bulk & Skull, who are across from them.  Bulk is struggling to open his locker.  Skull takes out a skull and a very dusty book from his locker.  Bulk manages to finally get his locker open and various food and other items fall out of it and onto the floor.  Jason, Zack, and Trini laugh.  They all notice Kimberly and Billy walking down the stairs.  Kimberly and Billy run up to a student and toss him around, asking for money.  The student claims he doesn't have nay.  They let him go and he takes off running.  Billy and Kimberly continue walking down the hall.  Trini and Zack greet them, but Kimberly and Billy blow them off.  Instead, Billy and Kimberly walk over to Bulk & Skull.  Kimberly tells Skull that he is her kind of guy, which surprises Skull.  Kimberly suggests they go on a date Saturday night and tear up the town.  Skull agrees and they both manically laugh.  Bulk is suspicious that it is all a joke.  Billy pins bulk to the locker and tells him he is no longer the baddest guy in town.  Billy then searches Bulk for money.  Scared, Bulk grabs a reluctant Skull and drags him away.  Zack tells Trini and Jason he can't believe Kimberly and Billy have turned punk on them.  Later, it would turn out that Baboo had planted a punk potion in Kimberly's and Billy's drinks.  Alpha 5 made an anti-dote from the sap of a singing squash and Billy and Kimberly returned to normal.

Angel Grove High School's halls are busy as students are either making their way to classes or at their lockers.  Kimberly is at her locker when Bulk & Skull walk up.  Skull asks Kimberly if she needs a big, strong man to help her with her books?  Kimberly replies dream on.  Bulk suggests that it is time to teach her a lesson.  Tommy - the new kid - walks up from behind and asks them if they didn't hear the lady?  Tommy tells them she said no.  Bulk thinks its time for someone else to be taught a lesson.  Tommy then gives a demonstration of his karate skills.  Frighten, Bulk suggests they teach him that lesson some other time.  Bulk & Skull quickly walk away.  Kimberly smiles as she thanks Tommy.  Tommy replies sure and starts to walk away.  Kimberly calls out to him and Tommy turns around and walks back.  Kimberly introduces herself.  Kimberly asks Tommy if he is new around here?  Tommy tells her yes and introduces himself.  They shake hands.  Kimberly asks Tommy if he would like to get together with some of her friends after school?  Nothing major - just hand out at the Youth Center.  Tommy replies yes, that sounds cool.  Tommy tells her I'll see you then and walks away.  Kimberly can't stop smiling.

Kimberly enters Angel Grove High School.  She walks down the halls and spots Tommy at his locker.  Summoning her courage, Kimberly walks over to Tommy.  Kimberly calls out a greeting.  Tommy gives her a glance of contempt and then ignores her.  Kimberly plunges ahead and asks him what happen to him after school yesterday?  Tommy tells her something came up.  Kimberly tells him she got kind of worried.  Tommy finally turns around and faces her.  Tommy tells Kimberly that he is a big boy - he doesn't need her to worry about him.  Kimberly asks him if something is wrong?  Kimberly feels as if Tommy is upset at her.  Tommy walks closer to Kimberly and is practically in her face.  Tommy asks her if it has ever occur to her that he might have other things on his mind?  News flash Kimberly - you are not the center of everyone's universe.  Kimberly is very hurt.  Kimberly replies excuse me for living and walks away.  Tommy watches her go with amusement.  Later that day, Jason is walking down the halls.  On the wall is a poster for the Chess Club with information on it.  Jason is looking for Tommy.  Jason stops a couple of students to ask if they had seen Tommy, but they haven't.  Jason continues down the hall.  He pauses at the foot of the stairs and looks around.  Jason hears footsteps and turns around.  It is Tommy.  Jason tells Tommy he knows that he said he would workout with him, but something came up.  Sort of an emergency.  Jason asks for a rain check.  Tommy replies, sure, I understand.  Jason tells him he will catch him later and turns around and walks away.  Tommy holds out his hand, which has the power coin.  The power coin flashes a straight green line towards Jason and hits him in the back.  Jason is teleported away.  Tommy is very happy - one down, four to go!  Later, the Rangers destroy the Sword of Darkness, breaking the spell.  Tommy joins them in their battle against Rita.

Trini and Billy have part of the hall cornered off as they try to get signatures on a petition.  The petition is to save the Forest Spirit statue.  A crowd of students have gathered, including Tommy, Kimberly, Jason, Zack, and Bulk & Skull.  Bulk wants to know what's the big deal?  Trini explains the big deal is the city council wants to tear down the statue and put in a barbecue pit.  Bulk is all for the idea - maybe they get some decent chicken and ribs.  Skull repeats this, which annoys Bulk.  Trini tells the crowd it's not good.  Everyone has forgotten why the statue has been put up in the first place.  Billy tells the crowd, according to the legend, the Forest Spirit forms a buffer against harmful arthropods.  No one knows what Billy means.  Trini explains - to protect all of us from bad insects.  Zack is standing by a table that has several containers set up with different insects in each one.  There are a couple of pictures of the statue as well.  Zack is all for that, cause crawlers give him the heebie jeebies.  Trini walks over and points out the flower on the picture of the statue.  The flower in her hair is to remind us that most insects are helpful to humans.  Skull asks Bulk how do bugs help humans?  Bulk doesn't have an answer, but he gets an idea.  Bulk tells Skull let's find out.  As Bulk reaches for one of the containers, Skull knows exactly what Bulk plans on doing.  With a grin, Skull removes the lid on the container that Bulk is holding.  Bulk tosses the bugs onto the crowd that has gathered.  Bulk continues to grab more containers and toss the insects into the crowd.  The students start screaming and running.  Zack really freaks out when he spots a large spider on his shoulder.  Tommy hears him screaming and runs over.  Trini is trying to help Zack, but she can't get close enough.  Tommy tells Zack to hold still as he aims his notebook at Zack.  The spider jumps off just as Tommy slams his notebook onto Zack's shoulder - which hurt a lot.  The students start to calm down.  Kimberly walks up to Bulk & Skull and tells them what goes around, comes around.  Kimberly walks away.  Bulk & Skull roll their eyes.  Bulk makes a hissing sound at Kimberly's retreating back.  The next day, Trini and Kimberly are at their lockers.  Zack walks up and joins them.  Zack asks Trini how did it go at science lab?  Trini tells them Mr. Barts went berserk when she only turn in three ants and a cockroach.  Kimberly feels bad for Trini that the rest of them got away.  Kimberly adds you can thank Bulk & Skull for that.  Jason joins them as they walk down the hall.  Jason tells Trini they will help her replace the bugs.  Kimberly suggests they have a picnic, and then they will come to us.  Trini, Zack, and Jason are amused by the idea.  Trini tells Kimberly, I think we need to be a little more aggressive than that.  Billy walks up to his friends.  In his hand is a mouse, Kimberly is charmed by the mouse.  Kimberly had always wanted a little mouse for a pet.  Billy if offended.  The mouse is Jack, his research assistant.  Zack likes mice only a little more than he likes creepy, crawly bugs.  Zack gives a shudder.  Bulk & Skull walk up.  Bulk tells Skull look, the geeks have a new mascot.  Skull laughs and repeats what Bulk said.  Zack tells them the mouse is smarter than some humanoids he knows.  Skull is outrage and tells Zack you can't talk about Bulk like that!  Bulk elbows him.  Zack remarks all he knows is the mouse never failed an IQ test.  Bulk reaches over and grabs Trini's English Fundamentals book out of her hands.  Bulk wants to see if the mouse can handle an obstacle course.  Bulk throws the book towards Billy.  Billy drops the mouse when he catches the book.  Jack scurries across the floor and crawls up Skull's leg.  Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack start laughing as Skull starts to twitch his leg.  Skull runs in circles around Bulk, trying to shake the mouse as he continues to climb up on Skull.  Skull jumps into Bulk's arms.  Billy gives Trini her book as he walks over to Skull.  Billy reaches into the collar of Skull's shirt and retrieves Jack.  Billy tells Jack that was very brave of you.  Kimberly tells Bulk, nice catch.  Trini, Billy, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly walk away.  Skull gives Bulk a thumbs up and he drops him onto the floor.  The following day, the teens are back at school.  Trini is walking down the stairs with Billy.  Trini tells Billy that once Spidertron was destroyed, the statue reappeared unharmed.  (The previous day, the Rangers battled Spidertron, which was planted in a fake Forest Spirit statue.).  Trini and Billy pause at the top of the stairs.  A crowd has gathered, including Tommy, Zack, Kimberly, and Jason.  Trini excitedly tells them the city council decided not to tear down the statue.  The students cheer and applaud.  Kimberly thinks that is so great and asks what brought on the flip flop?  Trini replies the city couldn't believe how many signatures they had gathered - they declared it a historical landmark.  Tommy asks Zack if this experience has helped overcome his fear of spiders?  Zack replies, absolutely, I mean I can positively say that is one problem I have overcome.  Tommy puts his arm around Zack and tells him that's really good, because there is a big one on your left shoulder.  Zack doesn't believe him, until he glances over.  When Zack spots the spider, he starts freaking out.  Zack screams get it off as he runs around, trying to shake off the spider.  Trini, Billy, Jason, and Kimberly start laughing.  Tommy joins in the laughter.  Tommy removes the spider and shows to Zack that it is a fake.  Tommy adds it's a good thing you've overcome your fear of spiders.  Tommy, Zack, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Kimberly laugh.

Angel Grove High School has a Marching Band and Drill team.  They were participants in the Flower Power Peace parade.

Angel Grove High School is doing the play Rumpelstiltskin.  Rehearsal are in one of the classrooms.  Mr. Caplan is overseeing the production.  Billy is the director.  Trini is his assistant.  The cast includes Kimberly as the miller's daughter, Jason as the King, Skull as a court jester, and Bulk as Rumpelstiltskin.  Zack and Tommy are watching play rehearsal.  The cast goes through their lines.  All goes smoothly until Bulk misses his cue.  Bulk hasn't been paying attention and Trini points out that he has missed his cue.  Bulk quickly starts doing his lines - with a little Bulk flavor added to it.  Mr. Caplan asks Bulk where is his costume?  Bulk replies that he is just adding a touch of the 90's.  Mr. Caplan checks his watch and then tells Bulk to get on with it.  The play rehearsal continues.  Bulk is very rough with the spinning wheel.  This upsets Kimberly as it is her grandmother's spinning wheel.  Bulk tells Mr. Caplan that Kimberly is making him mess up his lines.  Bulk spins the spinning wheel way too fast.  The wind from the spinning wheel makes Mr. Caplan's toupee fly off.  Bulk starts laughing.  Kimberly gets really mad.  Kimberly checks the spinning wheel and is furious to find it is broken.  Kimberly yells at Bulk that he has ruined her grandmother's spinning wheel.  Mr. Caplan calls a break before anything else gets broken.  Trini, Billy, Jason, Zack, Tommy, Kimberly, and the rest of the kids walk out with Mr. Caplan.  Bulk genuinely feels bad about what happened.  Skull walks by and pats Bulk's shoulder to convey his sympathies over the situation.  After awhile, the classroom is empty.  Goldar and several Putties arrive in the classroom. Goldar instructs the Putties to grab the spinning wheel.  The Putties do so, and they all vanish.  Tommy and Kimberly are walking down the school hall.  Kimberly thanks Tommy for his offer of help, she really appreciates it.  Tommy had offered to see if he could fix the spinning wheel.  They reach the classroom and Tommy holds the door open for Kimberly.  Kimberly enters, and then Tommy.  Kimberly immediately notices the spinning wheel is missing.  Tommy and Kimberly look around the classroom, but can't find it.  Kimberly becomes alarm when she doesn't see the spinning wheel anywhere in the classroom.  Meanwhile, Rita cast a spell on the spinning wheel, turning it into the Wheel of Misfortune.  Later, the Power Rangers destroy the Wheel of Misfortune.  The spinning wheel returns to the classroom, where Kimberly and her friends find it, and the spinning wheel is fixed.

There was an intense rain and thunderstorm outside the building.  The school janitor was trying to clean the floors as the students entered the building dressed in various rain gear.  Kimberly walks in and she is drenched.  Her umbrella is wrecked.  Kimberly starts walking towards her locker.  She is mortified when she hears her shoes squeaking.  Kimberly angrily throws her umbrella into the trash and opens her locker.  Tommy is walking down the hall and calls out a greeting to Kimberly.  Kimberly is very embarrassed to be seen soaking wet, by Tommy, but she bravely turns around and faces him.  Tommy teases her a little, asking her if it is a little wet out there?  Kimberly is not amused and comments she is a total wreck.  Kimberly also has to show Mr. Caplan her pep rally plans in ten minutes.  She opens her notebook and the plans are ruined by rain and mud.  Kimberly becomes upset.  Tommy tells her everything with be okay.  Kimberly doesn't believe it and puts her notebook back in the locker.  Bulk & Skull are walking down another hall.  Bulk pauses long enough to push another student.  Skull completely stops as he has just spotted Kimberly.  Kimberly glances down the hall and sees them.  She knows this will not turn out well.  Gleefully Bulk & Skull head over to Kimberly.  Bulk & Skull laugh at Kimberly.  Skull walks right up to her, as Bulk stands a few paces back.  Skull tells Kimberly I guess you weren't lying when you said you had to cancel our date to wash your hair.  Kimberly tells Skull she never made a date with him.  Skull acts like he is very hurt by this announcement.  Tommy calls them banana brains and ask if they every quit?  Bulk mimics Kimberly and states he just wash his hair and can't do a thing with it!  Skull plays with Kimberly's hair.  Kimberly shoves him away and steps away.  Tommy and Bulk get into each other's face.  Tommy tells Bulk to back off.  Bulk replies make me.  Tommy notes the janitor down the hall is mopping and has accidentally knocked over his bucket of water.  Bulk takes a winging punch at Tommy, but misses as Tommy steps out of the way.  Tommy grabs Bulk and tosses him down the hall.  Skull is stunned as he watches his friend go flying down the hallway.  Bulk lands on the wet floor and slides until his head hits the water bucket.  Bulk struggles to remove the water bucket.  Skull quickly runs down the hall and tires to help Bulk.  Skull helps Bulk to his feet, still with a water bucket on his head, and helps him walk down the hall.  Tommy laughs and tells Kimberly, Bulk & Skull should get their own TV show.  Kimberly laughs and starts taking items from her locker.  Tommy suggests he walks her home after school.  Kimberly cautions him, anything can happen.  Tommy is willing to take his chances.  Kimberly agrees.  Tommy hands her a book and then heads off to class.  Kimberly has a big smile as she takes what she needs for her meeting with Mr. Caplan.

Tommy, Zack, and Kimberly are walking down a hall, towards their lockers, at Angel Grove High School.  Kimberly asks Tommy if he is going to the beach with them tomorrow?  Tommy really wishes he could.  Tommy has exciting news for them.  He is trying out for a karate commercial.  Zack gets excited over the idea of Tommy being on TV.  Bulk & Skull come walking down the hall towards them.  Skull is talking on a cell phone.  He is demanding a limo for Bulk's audition.  The phone goes dead.  Bulk walks up to Tommy, Zack, and Kimberly.  He tells Tommy not to get his hopes up for the screen test.  I've got that commercial in the bag.  Tommy passes his green folder and book over to Kimberly.  Tommy decides to give a demonstration.  He yanks the scarf off of Bulk's neck.  Tommy does several impressive martial arts moves using the scarf to emphasize the point.  Afterwards, Tommy gives Bulk his scarf back.  Bulk tells Skull he better practice first and they walk off.  Kimberly hands Tommy stuff back and they all laugh.  The next day, the auditions for the karate commercial are being held at the high school.  One of the halls is full of teens practicing martial arts, as they wait for their turn to audition.  Bulk walks towards Tommy, who is stretching.  Skull stops at a table to sign for Bulk.  Bulk tells Tommy the part's mine.  Tommy turns his head to look at Bulk as Bulk tells Tommy he might as well go home.  Skull is walking up and he overhears Bulk.  Skull starts laughing and slaps Bulk on the shoulder.  Bulk screams out in pain.  Tommy grins as he goes back to stretching.  Bulk yells at Skull, don't touch my sunburn, you dimwit!  A lady steps out of the classroom and calls out next.  Bulk & Skull walk towards the classroom.  The lady takes a look at Skull and tells him not you.  She also asks Bulk to remove his sunglasses.  Bulk reluctantly removes his sunglasses.  The lady instructs Bulk to come inside.  At the end of the classroom is a table set up with two people there to judge the audition.  There is also a camera man.  The lady sits down as Bulk walks towards the table.  The lady tells Bulk, let's see what you can do.  Bulk is eager to show off his "martial arts" skills.  Another lady cues the music as Bulk goes through his routine.  Bulk does several karate punches through the air.  Bulk slams his fist several times against the table.  He takes a pile of papers and tosses them into the air.  Bulk then karate punches the falling paper.  He takes a flying leap and hits a chair with his foot, hurting his foot in the process.  Bulk tries to cover up that he is in pain by smiling at the people at the table.  The lady tells Bulk that was great.  I think we got our man.  Bulk is very happy as he limps out of the classroom.  Out in the hall, Tommy is watching the other teens practice as, once more, Bulk walks up to Tommy.  Bulk tells Tommy to kiss Hollywood goodbye.  I'm their man!  Tommy doesn't say anything.  Skull has joined them and he is laughing.  Skull almost slaps Bulk on his shoulder, but quickly stops himself as Bulk glares at him.  Bulk sticks out his tongue at Tommy.  Bulk and Skull walk away.  Tommy watches them go.  After awhile, Tommy is next to audition.  He walks into the classroom, leaving his gym bag out in the hall.  Inside the gym bag is his communicator and it goes off, but Tommy is already in the classroom.  Tommy faces the table.  The lady asks Tommy what his years of karate done for you?  Tommy replies it has really helped me discipline myself, especially with my school work.  Plus it has given me a lot of self confidence.  The lady is impressed and tells Tommy let's see what you can do.  Another lady cues the music.  Tommy does several spinning kicks and front kicks.  The group at the table is impressed.  Tommy continues his routine.  He does more spinning kicks, karate punches, and splits in the air.  Tommy leaps onto the table, startling the group.  Tommy flips off the table and completes his routine.  The lady tells Tommy, we would like to talk to you.  After the talks, Tommy walks out of the classroom in high spirits.  Tommy hears his communicator and hurries over to his gym bag.  Tommy opens the bag, takes a quick look around, and pulls out his communicator.  Tommy asks Zordon, what's happening?  Zordon tells Tommy, the Rangers need your help.  They are at the industrial complex, in downtown Angel Grove.  Hurry!  Tommy responds, he's on it.  Tommy morphs and teleports to the battle.  Eventually Babe Ruthless is destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Angel Grove High School is busy as students place signs up for a talent show being held at the Youth Center.  The talent show will be a huge success.

Miss Appleby's latest assignment was to have the class make video projects. Miss Appleby calls her class to attention.  Bulk and Skull entered the classroom.  Skull is filming Bulk as he walks in.  They are making a video called Bulk - The World's Greatest Guy.  Skull walks backwards as he films and accidentally bumps into Miss Appleby.  Skull turns around and films Miss Appleby, telling them to take their seats now.  Billy, Kimberly, and Jason are not amused by Bulk and Skull's antics.  Skull continues to film Bulk as he walks towards his chair.  Bulk tells the camera, that's Miss Appleby, who can't wait for me to sit down.  Bulk sits at his desk.  Skull directs him to move to the left, my left, and numerous other directions until Bulk gets confused and falls to the floor.  The classroom laughs.  Skull helps Bulk back up and promises he will edit it out later.  Skull takes his seat.  Miss Appleby tells the class it's time for their first video project.  Trini is called up to present her video.  Trini tells the class that her video project is called - Pollution Problems in Angel Grove.  The video has Trini narrating as footage of pollution is shown.  The video states although progress has been made, there is still the problem of trash, dirty air, and polluted water.  Trini warns it's important not to destroy nature's delicate balance for the sake of the animals and our very world.  If the animals disappear, ultimately, so will we.  The time to act is now.  The video ends.  The class and Miss Appleby are very impressed.  Miss Appleby tells Trini she did a very nice job.  She tells the class that pollution is a serious concern to our society.  Billy agrees.  Kimberly asks what can they do to help?  Trini plans to start a clean-up club.  One day a week we can do some recycling, clean up some trails, help animals who are endangered.  Jason tells her to count him in.  Zack adds, sounds cool.  The next day, Miss Appleby is impatiently waiting for the video presentation by Bulk and Skull.  Bulk gets a little nervous until Skull finally walks into the classroom with the tape.  Skull announces he just finished editing it.  Skull walks over to Miss Appleby and pretends to give her the tape a couple of times before she finally grabs it out of his hands.  Miss Appleby tells the class, this will be very interesting.  Miss Appleby puts in the tape as Skull walks to his seat.  Bulk tells Miss Appleby, I'm sure it will be an award winning project.  Bulk asks Skull how does it look.  Skull reassures him, there are a few glitches, but nothing to worry about.  Bulk is very relieved.  The tape starts to play and it depicts Bulk in every mishap they had while filming.  Miss Appleby gives them a look when, through editing, the video has Bulk saying Miss Appleby can't teach.  Bulk becomes alarmed and Skull gets worried as the tape continues to play.  Zack and Trini and the rest of the class can't stop laughing.  Soon Billy, Kimberly, and Jason join in the laughter as well.  Bulk threatens Skull, but Skull gets him to calm down. The tape continues to play with hilarious shots of Bulk and Skull.  Even Miss Appleby can't help chuckling.  The tape ends and the classroom laughs.  Bulk tells Skull he's going to pound him, camera man!  Skull quickly gets up and tells Bulk he can fix it.  Skull runs out of the classroom with Bulk chasing after him.  The class is in stitches.

Rita had Twin Man turned Putties into duplicates of Billy, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini.  Twin Man turned into Jason.  Rita wanted the teens' reputation ruined. The "teens" walk down the hall of Angel Grove High School.  Another student walks by them and gets slam into the lockers.  Bulk and Skull walk into the same hallway and are surprised by the "teens" behavior.  They stop to watch them.  The "teens" spot a water fountain and "Billy" gets to work removing the top half of it.  "Kimberly" is standing by some lockers when Bulk and Skull approach.  Skull asks "Kimberly" if she would like to catch the submarine races tonight?  "Kimberly" replies sure sweet lips, give me a call.  "Kimberly" blows a kiss and walks away.   Skull and Bulk are stunned.  One of Billy's friends walks up to "Billy" to say hi.  "Billy" grabs the guy by his shirt and tells him it's going to hurt him a lot more than it's going to hurt him.  "Billy" slams his friend into the lockers and then throws him onto the floor.  "Jason" removes the top of the water fountain and "Trini" pours in laundry detergent.  "Jason" puts the water fountain back together.  The "teens" walk away. Mr. Caplan walks up to the water fountain for a drink.  He is soon covered with suds The "teens" are amused by Mr. Caplan's predicament.  The water fountain continues to spray the soap suds everywhere.  Mr. Caplan tries to walk away, but slips and falls on the floor.  Just then classes end and students pour out of the classrooms and spot Mr. Caplan on the floor.  Mr. Caplan tries to get up, but slips onto the floor.  "Jason" comments and this is only the beginning. Mr. Caplan continues to struggle to get up off the floor.  "Trini" taunts gotcha!  Mr. Caplan screams at them, detention!  The "teens" laugh.  As they walk away, "Zack" comments, we really cleaned up!  Trini, Jason, Zack, Billy, and Kimberly walk into the hall and are surprised at what they see.  They hurry over.  Jason turns off the water fountain.  Billy kneels down to see if Mr. Caplan needs a hand.  Mr. Caplan replies, you five, detention now!  Kimberly exclaims what!  Jason has no idea what is going on. Moments later, Mr. Caplan cleans himself up as he addresses the students in detention.  Not only are Billy, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini in detention, but Bulk and Skull as well.  Mr. Caplan tells them you all know why you are here.  Skull makes a raspberry sound and then looks around as if he didn't do it.  Mr. Caplan continues, your drinking fountain prank was the height of delinquency.   Jason starts to protest, but Mr. Caplan screams, silence!  Now you are to remain in your seats for the duration of the day.  I have a meeting to attend.  Bulk tells Mr. Caplan to go to his meeting.  I know the routine.  I'll fill them in on the rest.  Mr. Caplan leaves for his meeting, but warns he will be back to check on them shortly.  Bulk and Skull wave goodbye to him.  Skull thought he would never leave.  Bulk gets up and walks over to Jason.  He tells Jason to get out of his chair.  Jason replies, do I see your name written on it.  Bulk moves Jason's binder and reveals his name is on the desk - Buulk.  Trini points out it isn't even spelled right.  Jason changes desks and Bulk sits down at his desk.  Skull asks Kimberly if they still are on for tonight?  Kimberly replies, get real!  Skull is confused.  Bulk is eager to see what his mom has packed him for detention.  Bulk unpacks an enormous amount of food.  Kimberly, Billy, Zack, Trini, and Jason are amazed at the amount of food packed in the lunchbox. Skull walks over to Bulk and stares longingly at all the food.  Bulk tells him to quit staring.  Your ugly mug is causing me to lose my appetite.  Skull begs for a little piece.  Bulk begrudgingly hands him a can of soda.  Skull takes off with the soda.  Jason tells his friends, something is not right.  Zack points out Skull thinks he has a date with Kimberly.  Billy remarks even Skull is not that mentally deficient.  Skull opens the can and it sprays on him.  Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Zack, and Jason laugh.  Skull chases Kimberly around the desk, preparing to spray the remains of the can on her.  Instead it hits Bulk.  Angry, Bulk throws a pie at Skull and it hits him in the face.  Instead of being angry, Skull is happy that Bulk is sharing the pie his mom makes.  Zack can't believe they have to put up with this all afternoon.  Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Jason groan. Zack tells his friends, this stinks.  Trini adds, we're being blamed for something we didn't do.  Bulk finishes his lunch.  He checks his watch and gets excited that it's time for his favorite cartoon.  Bulk pulls a small TV set out of his detention survival kit.  He plugs in the TV and sits to enjoy his cartoon.  Skull joins him.  Skull is blocking Bulk's view, so he tosses him onto the floor.  Skull protests that he wants to see too. Billy writes notes on what he observes as early Neanderthal social behavior.  Skull makes his way back to Bulk and they both laugh at the cartoon.  Within a few minutes, the cartoon is interrupted by a special report.  The announcer states, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, who once fought on the side of justice as defenders of our planet, have joined with the forces of evil.  Billy, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Jason get up from the desks and walk over to the TV.  Jason tells his friends, that's bogus.  We...the Power Rangers would never join the forces of evil.  The announcers continues, this tragic turn of events as the Power Rangers begin a terrifying attack on downtown Angel Grove moments ago.  Footage of the attack is being shown.  Kimberly can't believe her eyes.  Trini adds, or my ears.  The announcer states, this attack was totally unprovoked and took many by surprise.  Billy states, but that's impossible.  Jason tells his friends, the Power Rangers are being framed.  Billy, Zack, Trini, and Jason have gathered in a small group and talk in low voices.  Jason tells his friends, this must be one of Rita's most evil plans yet.  Billy adds, we got to get out of here and stop those phony Rangers before they destroy the world.  Trini suggests they just morph.  Jason disagrees.  We can't reveal our identities to Bulk and Skull.  Kimberly has been keeping an eye out in the hallway.  She tells her friends, Caplan just took off.  Now's our chance to sneak out.  Kimberly leaves the classroom.  Jason suggests they follow her.  Bulk tells them he wouldn't.  He'll be back.  Skull counts backwards and sure enough Mr. Caplan returns with Kimberly in tow.  Mr. Caplan tells Kimberly to stay in.  An embarrassed Kimberly joins her friends as Mr. Caplan leaves the classroom.  Bulk remarks to Skull, amateurs.  A voice comes over the loudspeaker to announce, due to the current emergency no one is allowed to leave the school premises until further notice.  Have a nice day.  Everyone is frustrated.  The news bulletin comes back on.  Billy, Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Jason walk back over to the set.  The announcer states, the magnitude of this crisis is increasing.  As is the amount of destruction, which at this point, is impossible to estimate.  All efforts to stop the Power Rangers have failed and the city, perhaps the world, is at their mercy.  Jason, Trini, Zack, Billy, and Kimberly walk away to the other side of the room and speak in low voices once more.  Jason tells them morphing is the only way.  Trini asks, but how?  But Jason doesn't have an answer.  Zack comes up with an idea.  Zack walks over to Bulk and Skull.  He asks Skull if he wants to see a magic trick?  Skull replies, sure.  Bulk sarcastically remarks, yeah geek, show us something we haven't seen.  Kimberly suggests the alphabet.  Skull and Bulk make faces at Kimberly.  Zack breaks it up.  Zack tells them, I can make us disappear.  Skull is in disbelief - no way!  Zack instructs them that they have to cover their eyes.  Jason adds and count backwards from ten.  Bulk and Skull go along and start to cover up their eyes.  Trini adds, now plug your ears with your fingers and then count backwards.  Bulk and Skull nod their heads in agreement and proceed with the directions.  Zack joins his friends and they morph and teleport out of the classroom. Skull struggles to count backwards.  Bulk shouts out, hey don't forget to tell us when we can open them!  Minutes pass, and Bulk and Skull are still trying to count backwards.  Bulk finally gives up and removes his blindfold.  Bulk looks around and doesn't see the teens.  He gets up from his desk as he can't believe they are gone.  Skull is still counting when Bulk asks him, what did you do with them?  Skull shouts, I can't hear you.  Bulk removes Skull's blindfold and Skull notices the teens are gone.  Bulk remarks, nothing gets past you.  Come on, we got to find them.  Bulk and Skull search the classroom but cannot find them.  Bulk and Skull decided to get them in trouble and head out of the classroom to find Mr. Caplan.  They tell Mr. Caplan that the teens had ditched detention.  Mr. Caplan doesn't believe them, but follows them back into the classroom.  Moments earlier, the teens had teleported back into the classroom and raced to back to their seats.  Bulk and Skull are surprised to see them.  Kimberly explains it was all done with mirrors.  Detention is over and the teens leave with grins on their faces.  Bulk and Skull are puzzled over what happened.

Kimberly is walking down the halls of Angel Grove High School with a newspaper in her hands.  She is reading it to Jason, Trini, and Billy as they walk along with her.  And because of their contribution to justice, and their unending efforts to protect the entire planet, Angel Grove's city officials declare today Power Ranger Day.  They are all excited about the article.  Zack walks out of a different hallway and spots his friends.  He walks over to them as they pause at the bottom of the stairs.  Trini tells him they are reading about the Power Rangers.  Zack is interested in what the article says.  Kimberly continues, Mayor Carrington hopes that the mysterious super heroes will make a public appearance in Angel Grove park, where countless fans will be gathered to celebrate.  Kimberly has a feeling the Power Rangers will show up.  With big grins, they walk away from the stairs just as Bulk and Skull are coming down the stairs.  Skull is pleading with Bulk to tell him his plans.  Bulk and Skull go over to a quiet corner of the hall and Bulk fills Skull in.  You know how they are planning that party for the Power Rangers in the park?  We are going to steal a little bit of their thunder.  We'll show Angel Grove that the Power Rangers aren't the only super heroes in the city!  As Bulk talks, he grabs Skull by the jacket and lifts him into the air.  Skull agrees to the plan and Bulk drops him.  Bulk and Skull walk away.

Kimberly, Billy, Zack, Trini, Jason, and Mr. Caplan are gathered around a table with several plants on top of it.  Mr. Caplan tells the teens, very nice work.  The samples you have grown from your science project look very healthy.  Trini thanks him.  Mr. Caplan tells them that he thinks they are ready for phase two, transplanting them to the park.  Zack gets excited over the idea of their plants providing oxygen and clean air.  Billy adds with the accelerated rate rain forests are being destroyed, every tree planted counts.  Mr. Caplan tells them to keep him posted on their progress and walks away.  Bulk and Skull walk up.  Bulk taunts them, with nerds, nerds, how absurd, how does your garden grow?  Jason replies, with Billy's special fertilizer, it's going to grow great.  Bulk asks them if they want to make a bet?  This time we got you geeks beat!  Bulk snaps his fingers and Skull pulls a rollaway table over.  Skull reveals their plants.  Bulk boastfully tells them, now these are baby trees.  Not like the little toothpicks you guys are growing.  Skull adds, yeah toothpicks.  Kimberly walks over and looks at the tag on their baby trees.  Kimberly reads, one hundred percent pure plastic trees, 19.95.  Yeah, you guys are really ahead of us.  Skull makes a face as he knows he is in trouble as Kimberly joins her friends at their table.  Bulk pushes the table away.  Bulk angry tells Skull, I thought I told you to pull off the tags.  Skull replies, I knew I forgot something.  Bulk tries to grab Skull, but Skull manages to stay out of his reach.  Skull grabs a guy painting and green paint splatters all over Bulk.  Kimberly, Billy, Zack, Trini, and Jason laugh.  Zack tells his friends, that's the closest he is ever going to get to having a green thumb.  The next day, Kimberly, Billy, Zack, Trini, and Jason are walking down the stairs of Angel Grove High School, heading to their classroom.  Jason tells his friends, plants can be amazing.  Kimberly adds, leave it to Rita to take something as beautiful as a plant and make it evil.  (Rita had Squatt plant evil seeds, which allowed Octoplant to bloom.  The Rangers destroyed Octoplant with their Megazord.)  Trini just hopes that's the end of her green thumb. The teens enter the classroom and take their seats.  Mr. Caplan is at the front of the classroom.  He tells the class, I just want you to know that I am extremely impressed with all your science projects.  And I passed by the park this morning, to see how the saplings fared.  You really did a great job.  Billy and Zack high five each other.  Trini hopes the people of Angel Grove will treat them with care and respect.  Billy adds when they grow up to be trees, they will provide us with shade and clean air.  Mr. Caplan is pleased with their comments.  Bulk and Skull walk in at the back of the classroom.  They are covered in filth.  Bulk wants to know, what about us?  We deserve an A+ after what we've been through.  Skull agrees.  Mr. Caplan only notes that they are late again.  Bulk explains, we got taken for a ride and then we got dumped!  Skull adds, in a dumpster.  Mr. Caplan asks what's the problem here?  He walks towards them.  Mr. Caplan asks, what is it with you two?  Mr. Caplan then gets a strong whiff of them and faints.  Bulk and Skull take a sniff of each other and don't understand the problem.  The class just laughs.      

The previous day, Bulk and Skull adopted a pig, Norman.  The next day, Bulk and Skull brought Norman to Angel Grove High School.  A large crowd of students have gathered around them.  Bulk feeds Norman as he tells the crowd, this is my pig, Norman.  Isn't he cool?  The students are amused.  Skull is reading a book about pigs.  He tells Bulk, it says here that pigs are smarter than most animals.  Bulk replies, and some people.  Bulk tells the students to check this out.  Norman, roll over.  Norman continues to eat.  Bulk continues, Norman, play dead.  Norman continues to eat and the students start to laugh.  Bulk gives it one more try.  Norman, stand there and ignore me.  Norman ignores Bulk.  Bulk is happy, but the students are not impressed.  Bulk kneels down and tells Norman, he is the smartest pig in the world.  Meanwhile, Billy and Trini were working on a device/timer that Zack had found in the woods, after battling some Putties.  Billy and Trini realized the device/timer had something to do with Norman.  Billy, Trini, and Zack search the school for Bulk and Skull.  Billy spots Kimberly and Jason by the lockers and points them out to Trini and Zack.  They all run over to Jason and Kimberly.  Zack asks them if they have seen Bulk and Skull?  Kimberly replies, yeah, they were just here with that disgusting pig.  Jason asks what's up?  Trini confides, Rita might do something to Norman.  Jason tells Billy and Trini to keep working on that device.  The rest of us will split up and look for Bulk and Skull.  They all hurry away.  Eventually the device/timer counted down to zero and Norman was transform into Pudgy Pig - right in front of Bulk and Skull.  It would turn out Pudgy Pig was diversion to keep the Power Rangers busy as a giant Goldar attacked the city.  The Power Rangers defeated Goldar with their Megazord.  Billy reprogram the device/timer and was able to transform Pudgy Pig back to Norman.  The following day, Billy, Zack, Kimberly, and Jason are in Miss Appleby's classroom, chatting before class starts.  Trini walks in and joins her friends.  She has very good news to tell them.  She asks them if they remember the pig Norman met?  They all do.  Trini continues, well the farmer, her owner, decided to adopt Norman too.  Jason thinks that's great and they are in high spirits.  Kimberly believes they will live happily ever after.  Mr. Caplan stands in front of the classroom.  He tells the class that Miss Appleby is absent today, so I'll be substituting.  I've got a wonderful lecture prepared and fortunate enough to have a stunning live specimen here in our own class.  Mr. Caplan opens the door and brings in a pig.  Mr. Caplan announces, the pig.  Bulk asks Skull, did he say pig?  Skull confirms that he did.  Bulk and Skull scream and run to the back of the classroom, where they climb on top of a table to stay as far away from the pig as possible.  Mr. Caplan is bewildered by their behavior.  The rest of the class, including Billy, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, and Jason laugh.

Jason, Trini, Kimberly, Billy, Zack, and other students pour out of a classroom at Angel Grove High School.  Trini can't wait to go scuba diving.  Jason tells his friends, you won't believe the reef I found, it's awesome.  Zack is looking forward to seeing really big fish down there.  Bulk and Skull walk towards the lockers, they have fishing gear with them.  Bulk pushes a student aside as he walks along.  Trini is the first to notice Bulk and Skull and comments to her friends, you don't have to look far.  Some of the biggest fish are right here.  Bulk and Skull stop and face the teens.  Bulk tells them, don't count on seeing any big ones dork, because they are going to be at the end of my hook.  Skull adds yeah, his hook.  Billy, Zack, Jason, Kimberly, and Trini are not impressed.  Bulk opens his locker and lots of mostly fishing stuff falls out.  Bulk and Skull try to catch the stuff, but most of it ends up on the floor.  Trini tells Bulk, that's disgusting.  Bulk doesn't know what she means.  He walks over and picks up a can of bait off the floor.  Bulk tells her, this is perfectly good bait.  Skull adds, yeah, it will make us irresistible to fish.  Just like with the ladies.  Skull gives a wink.  Bulk shakes his head in agreement.  Trini tells Skull to get a life.  Annoyed, Bulk asks Skull, what are you yapping about?  Get the stuff, there is fish waiting to be caught.  They head back over to the locker.  Skull picks up a net, unaware that Bulk's foot is in it, and Bulk falls to the floor.  Bulk glares at Skull, but Skull is amused.  He tells Bulk, look Bulk, I caught one already.  Bulk scrambles up and Skull stays a safe distance away.  Skull walks backwards as he tells Bulk to take it easy as Bulk goes after him.  Zack tells his friends, I don't think the fish need to be worried about those two.  Jason invites Billy to come with them.  Jason is a certified diving instructor.  Billy declines the invite, he has a regrettable dislike of fish.  Trini invites Kimberly along.  Kimberly turns it down as well.  No reason to spoil a perfectly good hair day.  Besides Billy and I are going to the park for a picnic.

Billy, Zack, and Jason walked down the hall, towards the lockers where Trini and Kimberly stood waiting for them.  Zack immediately notices their bummed expressions.  Kimberly reminds them there is a huge science test on Monday.  The guys are aware.  Trini can't believe they are not worried.  Jason tells them, Billy has come up with a great plan to make sure we all pass.  Billy tells them he was thinking they should all go to his Uncle's resort in the mountains and spend the weekend studying.  Zack adds if we stick together on this, it will be a breeze.  Kimberly and Trini get excited over the idea.  Bulk and Skull have been watching the teens.  It has given Bulk an idea.  Before he can express it, Mr. Caplan walks up to them with papers in his hand.  Mr. Caplan asks them if they know what the papers are?  Bulk guesses, early birthday cards.  Skull tells Mr. Caplan he didn't have to do that.  Mr. Caplan replies, I didn't.  They are your mid-semester grades.  Skull and Bulk look at the papers.  Bulk remarks, ouch and Skull agrees.  Mr. Caplan tells them, ouch is right.  If you two boys get Ds on Monday's test, you are going to be spending the rest of the year in detention.  Remember D is for detention.  Mr. Caplan walks away.  Bulk and Skull crumble and toss the papers onto the floor.  Skull comments, at least we know what we're doing after school from now on.  But Bulk has a better idea.  We're going to follow those geeks and let them do all the work for us.  Skull likes the idea and they pound fists.  Several days later, Mr. Caplan is covering for Miss Appleby, who is sick.  Mr. Caplan has the science tests results.  He passes them to Jason, Trini, Kimberly, Billy, and Zack, telling them they all got As.  Mr. Caplan then calls Bulk and Skull to the front of the classroom and passes them their tests.  Skull gets very excited as they didn't get Ds.  Bulk tells him to be quiet.  Mr. Caplan asks them if they know what F stands for?  They guess fun.  Mr. Caplan walks up to the chalkboard and writes forever.  He walks back to them and shaking the eraser, tells them that is how long they will be in detention.  The chalk from the eraser makes Bulk sneeze and Mr. Caplan's toupee flies off.  The classroom laughs.

On the stairs of Angel Grove High School, Skull spots a poster about a lost dog.  Skull tears off the poster and reads it to Bulk.  There will be a genius fee for the person who finds it.  Skull takes the gum out of his mouth and asks Bulk, why would anyone want a genius fee when they can have money instead?!  Skull is about to put the gum on the poster when Bulk yanks it out of his hand.  Bulk tells him, that's a generous fee, dimwit!  Skull puts the gum on another poster and follows Bulk down the stairs.  Bulk gets an idea.  If we can get our hands on this mutt, we can turn it in for the reward.  Skull likes the idea.  Bulk folds up the poster and places inside his jacket, to make sure no one else gets a chance.  Skull laughs.  Bulk yanks him by the jacket and tosses him aside.  Bulk grins.

In the front of the class, there is a time capsule sitting on table.  Miss Appleby opens the time capsule as she tells the class they are going to fill the time capsule with items that reflect today's world.  A hundred years from now, it will showcase our lifestyle to future generations.  I am anxious to see what each of you has brought in.  Miss Appleby calls on Jason first.  Jason has brought his first trophy that he had won in a karate match.  Jason tells the class it shows what you can do when you believe in yourself and take good care of your body.  Jason places the trophy into the time capsule as Miss Appleby tells him, that is a good message for the future.  As Jason walks back to his seat, Miss Appleby calls on Kimberly.  Kimberly walks up with a pile of pink clothes.  Kimberly tells the class, these are to show what we were wearing, you know, that we had the freedom to make choices of our clothes and stuff.  Miss Appleby adds, a sense of individual style.  Kimberly agrees.  She also thinks it might start a whole new fashion trend in the future.  Kimberly places the clothes in the time capsule.  Kimberly walks back to her desk.  Trini raises her hand and asks Miss Appleby, if she is including anything in the time capsule?  Miss Appleby smiles as she replies, as a matter of fact I am.  On the table is a clipboard with a couple of papers, the top one is marked with an A, and a manila envelope.  She pulls out a picture from the manila envelope.  It is a picture of the Power Rangers.  Miss Appleby tells the class, she is contributing this photograph of the Power Rangers.  They've risk their lives for our planet so many times, I wanted to make sure the future remembers these remarkable heroes.  Miss Appleby places the photograph into the time capsule.  Next up is Zack.  Zack tells the class, music affects everybody and contemporary music usually reflects what's happening in the world.  So I brought in a slammin CD with some fat tunes.  Zack puts the CD into a case and places it into the time capsule.  Miss Appleby tells Zack, good idea.  Billy is up next.  He tells the class, I'm including this personal computer with the latest software to demonstrate how advance our technology was in this time period.  Billy places the personal computer into the time capsule as Miss Appleby calls on Trini.  Trini tells the class that she has brought in today's newspaper, so whoever opens the time capsule in the future, will read about the events of the day.  Miss Appleby tells her, an excellent choice as Trini places the newspaper into the time capsule.  Miss Appleby asks, who's next?  Suddenly the door opens and Bulk shouts, we are!  Skull repeats it.  Bulk is carrying a large loaf of bread and Skull has a paper sack.  Bulk tells the class, what we're going to bury in the time capsule is going to change the future forever.  Bulk and Skull scare off two students from their desks and pull the desks to the front of the room, side by side.  Miss Appleby is standing close by unsure of what is going on.  Bulk tells her it's the almighty, hail to the big guy, stuff a gut, super sandwich.  Otherwise known as the Bulkwich.  As Bulk talks, Skull gets everything ready to make the sandwich.  Bulk continues, and we're going to make it live, right here fresh, for your eyes.  Bulk asks Skull if he is ready.  Skull replies, ready Bulk.  Very quickly, Bulk and Skull start making the sandwich.  Miss Appleby backs away.  The class chuckles as they watch.  Skull gets crazy with the mayonnaise and accidentally sprays it on Bulk's face.  The class makes ewww sounds and some of them laugh.  Bulk tells Skull, it's suppose to go on the sandwich dimwit, not on me!  Jason tells them, yeah, that's really going to change the future guys.  The rest of the class laughs.  After school, Trini and Kimberly are standing by their lockers.  Kimberly tells Trini that she thinks it's so cool that Miss Appleby put in a picture of the Power Rangers in the time capsule.  Trini wonders what the future will think of them.  Trini and Kimberly hear Billy's voice and walk down the hall to see Jason and Zack carrying the time capsule.  Billy is carrying several shovels.  Billy sees them and tells them that they got the highest grades in class, so they get to bury the time capsule.  Zack is eager to bury the capsule - this thing is getting heavy. The teens head off to the park to bury the time capsule.

Miss Appleby is passing back tests to her students.  Bulk tosses his test away.  Skull takes his and crumbles it up and tosses it on the floor.  Miss Appleby apologies to Billy as she gives him back his test.  Billy doesn't believe it, he got a B.  The bell rings and students gather their stuff and head out.  Miss Appleby reminds them, only those with top grades will be invited to join the Young Scientists of America club.  Tomorrow is the final test.  So study!  Jason is almost out the door when Zack stops him.  Zack points out Billy and they both wait at the door as Billy slowly walks up to them.  Trini and Kimberly join Zack and Jason before Billy reaches them.  It's obvious that Billy is very upset.  He tells them, he is most perplex.  I've never receive a B before.  Zack tells Billy not to sweat it.  A B is not so bad.  Kimberly adds, yeah, if they were, I'll be in big trouble.  I get them all the time.  Billy responds, perhaps Kimberly, but I never do and I've been working so hard at this.  Trini tells him, you did your best.  That's all any of us can do.  Skull and Bulk walk up and stand on either side of Billy.  Bulk tells him, too bad about the B geek.  B stands for Bad.  Didn't you know that?  Skull adds, it's also stands for Bulk.  Jason tells Bulk to back off.  Bulk and Skull head towards the door.  Kimberly tells them to leave Billy alone.  Bulk glances back at Billy with a gleam in his eyes.  See ya!  Wouldn't want to B ya!  Skull and Bulk laugh and head out of the classroom.  Kimberly glares while Trini looks concern.  Billy is very stressed over the taunts and test result.  After school and still feeling down, Billy removes his books from his locker.  When he turns around, his friends are standing there.  They can all see that Billy is still upset.  Zack tells Billy not to take it so hard.  Kimberly reminds Billy that you tried hard and did your best.  Jason suggests they go to the park and shoot a few baskets to clear his mind.  Billy declines.  I appreciate your efforts, but acceptance into the Young Scientists club is very important to me.  I better study.  Trini volunteers to stay behind and help quiz Billy.  Billy appreciates the offer.  Zack, Kimberly, and Jason head off to the park as Billy and Trini leave for the Youth Center.  Billy's studying will pay off.  On the next test he gets an A+ and is accepted into the Young Scientists of America club.

Laughing, Bulk and Skull are walking down the hall of Angel Grove High School, towards their lockers.  Tommy's locker is close by them and he glances over at them before walking over to his friends.  Tommy greets Jason.  I heard you and Zack got Ernie to give Roger another tryout on the junior soccer team.  Jason replies, Ernie is great.  He is giving all the runner ups a second chance.  Trini is excited.  Wow!  Do you think Roger will make it this time?  Zack answers, training with the Jaseman and me.  He'll ace it.  Zack has a soccer ball and he walks a little a ways from his friends as he bounces the ball on his knees.  He has no idea Bulk and Skull are behind him until Bulk grabs the ball.  Bulk asks Zack, don't you think someone who knows soccer aught to train the kid?  Billy asks, and that would be?  Bulk replies, obviously you have never seen me on the practice field.  Laughing, Kimberly responds,  I don't think anyone has.  Bulk gets offended at the remark and states, that's because I don't need practice.  Zack tries to take the ball, but Bulk refuses to let go.  Bulk gets ready to give a demonstration of his skills.  Jason warns his friends to be careful.  Trini warns Bulk, you shouldn't be doing this in the hallway.  Miss Appleby walks around the corner just as Bulk kicks the soccer ball.  Tommy, Jason, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Zack all duck out of the way.  The ball flies past Miss Appleby, startling her, and causing her to drop her papers.  The ball hits a wall, knocks down an award and then heads straight down the hall again.  Tommy leaps out of the way, slamming his hand and communicator against the wall.  Jason, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Zack back up against the lockers.  The ball hits Bulk in the chest and then bounces into Zack's hands.  Bulk slides to the floor as Zack tells him, someone could have gotten hurt.  Kimberly, Zack, Jason, Trini, and Billy walk over to help Miss Appleby.  Tommy checks his communicator.  Bulk yanks Skull out of the locker and yells at him, you were suppose to catch it.  Miss Appleby tells them they both have detention after school.  Kimberly notices Tommy's look of concern and asks if he is alright?  Tommy replies, I'm fine.  Bulk struggles to get up and then yanks Skull to his feet.  They both stumble towards Miss Appleby's classroom.  Tommy waits for them to pass by and is about to enter the classroom when his communicator goes off. Tommy finds a quiet place in the hall and contacts Zordon and asks you call?  Zordon replies, no Tommy, you contacted me.  Tommy is surprised.  Really?  There must be a problem with my communicator.  I'll take it to Billy as soon as I can.  Zordon replies, acknowledge.  Zordon out.  Tommy gives a small nod and then heads to class.  A few moments later, Tommy is sitting in Miss Appleby's classroom.  Bulk and Skull are sitting behind him.  Miss Appleby is standing in front of the chalkboard as she talks to the class.  Today we're going to talk about the theory of the survival of the fittest.  Tommy's communicator goes off.  Tommy quickly covers it up with his hand.  Miss Appleby asks Tommy to please turn off his pager.  It takes Tommy a moment to realize Miss Appleby is actually referring to his communicator as a pager and makes a show of turning it off.  Miss Appleby goes back to the chalkboard, but before she can start writing, the communicator goes off again.  Bulk and Skull make a show of being bothered by the "pager" as Miss Appleby warns Tommy that she is not going to tell him again.  Tommy, once more, acts like he is turning off his "pager".  Within seconds the communicator goes off again.  Miss Appleby asks Tommy to give her the pager.  Bulk and Skull are amused as Tommy is stunned - what?  Miss Appleby tells him, we can't have your friends beeping you in class.  Tommy protests as Bulk and Skull make mocking faces behind him.  Miss Appleby tells him, hand it over now.  Tommy reluctantly gets up, and Bulk puts his shoe on Tommy's desk, and walks over to Miss Appleby.  Tommy gives Miss Appleby his communicator.  Miss Appleby places in a drawer filled with various items in her desk.  Miss Appleby asks the class, now where were we as Tommy stands awkwardly in front of the class.  After school, Tommy walks into Miss Appleby's classroom where Bulk and Skull are serving detention by thumb wrestling.  Tommy asks them what they are doing?  Bulk replies, sumo thumb wrestling.  Tommy asks if they have seen Miss Appleby?  Bulk knows what Tommy is after.  Bulk asks him, do you think Miss Appleby is going to give back your pager?  Miss Appleby gives nothing back.  Ever!  A few moments later, Tommy stands behind Miss Appleby's desk debating whether he should just go ahead and take his communicator back.  He makes several moves towards the drawer, but can't quite bring himself to open it.  Miss Appleby walks in and is shocked when she sees Tommy reaching for the desk drawer.  With big grins and nudging, Bulk and Skull enjoy the confrontation between Miss Appleby and Tommy.  Tommy asks Miss Appleby if she would consider returning his "pager".  Please.  After a few moments thought, Miss Appleby gives Tommy his "pager" back.  Tommy is walking down the halls of Angel Grove High School, when his communicator goes off.  After a quick look around, Tommy walks over to a corner.  Tommy speaks into the communicator, Zordon come in.  The communicator makes odd sounds but there is no response from Zordon.  Tommy tries Alpha next, but gets the same response.  Tommy concludes that his communicator still doesn't work.  Tommy taps it and is surprise to hear Alpha 5 trying to contact him.  Alpha 5 to Tommy!  Come in!  Tommy quickly replies, Alpha, this is Tommy.  Alpha 5 informs Tommy the Rangers need you immediately in the rock quarry!  Tommy replies, I'm on my way.  Tommy morphs and teleports out.  The Rangers destroy Soccadillo with Dragonzord and Megazord.

At Angel Grove High School, Tommy is talking to Trini and Kimberly.  He is standing in front of Jason's locker.  Jason walks up and tells Tommy, excuse me.  Tommy gets into Jason's face and replies, you are excuse.  Trini glances over at Kimberly with a concerned look.  Kimberly tries to lighten the mood.  Billy and Zack say the karate class is going really well.  Trini and Kimberly smile at the guys.  Tommy tells them, don't talk to me about it.  I quit.  Trini is surprised - quit?  How come?  Jason answers.  Because he's a quitter, that's what quitters do.  Tommy gets into Jason's face once more and jabs his finger into him several times as he tells him, you know what?  I rather be a quitter than watch you show off every afternoon for the rest of my life.  Jason knocks Tommy's hand aside.  Trini and Kimberly are stunned by this exchange.  Kimberly grabs Trini's arm in alarmed concern.  Bulk and Skull are walking down the halls, when Bulk spots the confrontation between Jason and Tommy.  Bulk tells Skull to check it out.  Oblivious, Skull glances in every direction but down the hall.  Bulk grabs Skull's hair and turns his head in the right direction.  Right there!  Jason is yelling at Tommy - man, you're the one who shows off!  Bulk suggests to Skull that they have a little fun.  With wicked grins, Bulk and Skull head over.  Jason threatens Tommy, you better stay out of my way!  Trini calmly suggests they sit down and talk about this.  I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding.  Bulk gets behind Jason and suggests, of course, you can always settle this like men.  Bulk holds up his fist to emphasize the point.  Skull repeats, yeah, like men.  Kimberly tries to shoo them away.  Come on guys, just stay out of this.  Kimberly makes shooing motions with her hand.  Tommy replies, hey I'm game for it.  Right here, right now!  Skull and Bulk exchange excited looks as Jason and Tommy move out into the middle of the hall.  Suddenly all the students can hear Miss Appleby's voice.  What is going on here?!  Bulk quickly grabs Jason in a bear hug, but Jason breaks out of it.  The students part as Miss Appleby makes her way towards them.  Bulk tells Miss Appleby that they were just trying to break these two up.  Things were starting to get a little ugly.  Miss Appleby finds that hard to believe.  Kimberly steps forward and states, Tommy and Jason were just practicing their moves for their karate class.  Trini backs up Kimberly's story.  Miss Appleby tells them, the hallway is not the place.  I am surprised.  You two should know better than that.  Miss Appleby walks away.  The students scatter as Jason and Tommy glare at each other.  Jason walks over to his locker, takes out a book, and slams the locker door hard as he walks away.  The locker door bounces open and Trini gently closes it.  Trini concludes, something awful must have happened between those two.  Kimberly agrees.  But what?  Trini doesn't have an answer.  Worried about their friends, Trini and Kimberly shut their lockers and head off to class.  It would turn out that Jason and Tommy had been placed under a spell, which they later broke.

Angel Grove High School is having their football tryouts.  Everyone is excited about it.  Jason, carrying a football, walks over to Tommy, who is at his locker.  Jason admits he is psych about football season.  He asks Tommy if he is going to try out?  Tommy replies, yeah, but I'm worried about making the cut.  There is a bit of commotion at the end of the hall as Bulk and Skull arrive.  Bulk has a helmet and shoulder pads on and Skull is carrying a burlap sack.  Jason and Tommy chuckle.  Bulk states, make way for Angel Grove High's newest and most valuable player.  Skull yells, yeah, watch out!  Skull runs to the end of the hall and turns around and faces Bulk.  Skull yells, alright Bulkie!  Try and take me out!  Bulk grabs the football out of Jason's hand and charges down the hall.  Skull gives a nervous grin when Mr. Caplan steps out of a classroom and heads straight for him.  Bulk gets so much momentum that he ends up flying towards Skull.  Skull gets out of the way, but Mr. Caplan isn't so lucky.  Unable to stop, Bulk crashes into Mr. Caplan.  The pair land on the stairs.  Skull goes over and shouts, outside!  Skull laughs as Bulk and Mr. Caplan untangle themselves.  Mr. Caplan shouts, Bulk, what have I told you about roughhousing in the hall?!  That will be one week of detention for both of you!  Skull makes faces of outrage as Bulk resigns himself to more detention.  Jason and Tommy laugh but Tommy quickly turns serious.  Even Bulk has more experience than me.  Jason tells him, just put the same concentration in football as you did in karate, you'll make the team.  I'm sure of it.  After school, Bulk continues with his training while in detention.  Skull is sprawl onto a teacher's desk, with the book open and a water bottle at the ready.  He instructs Bulk to practice nice and steady.  Bulk practices balancing a book on top of his head as he circles around the desk.  Bulk mutters, you better know what you're doing dimwit.  Skull is slightly offended.  Trust me!  How can you lose with Skullster as your coach.  Skull accidentally knocks over his water bottle and quickly wipes the pages of the book dry.  Skull tells Bulk it's time to go through his exercises again and pounds the desk for emphasize.  Bulk removes the book from his head and goes through his ballet exercises as Skull keeps an close eye and offers some encouragement.  Slowly, Skull gets more and more discouraged.  Eventually Bulk collapses on top of Skull.  The following day, it's announced that Bulk made the football team.

Tommy arrives at Angel Grove High School late, because he forgot to set his alarm.  Kimberly stops by, but Tommy is in a hurry because he is late for Ms. Appleby's class.  He races off forgetting to shut the locker, which Kimberly does for him.  Miss Appleby's class has started and Tommy tries to slip in, but Miss Appleby catches him.  Miss Appleby gives the class an assignment that they must ask a friend to tell them what their biggest fault is and change it.   Bulk & Skull try to get out of it by asking Miss Appleby if there is nothing wrong, do they have to do the assignment?  Miss Appleby assures them if their friends can't get find something, she will.  Tommy jokes with Bulk about the assignment, but Bulk merely replies that Tommy will be lucky if he remembers the assignment.  This causes Tommy to stop and think.  The following day Kimberly tries to help Tommy to remember by tying strings around his wrist - a trick from her grandmother.  The device Billy made yesterday for Tommy to help him remember malfunctions and then Tommy remembers that he left home the notebook that Trini had organized for him.  Tommy leaves and Kimberly concludes that Tommy was doing better before they started to help him.  Moments later, Zack, Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Jason walk down the halls of the school.  They don't like waiting around and their anxious to get started.  (Tommy and Kimberly had an earlier battle with the Mutant Rangers.)  Suddenly Jason's communicator goes off.  They find a quiet spot and gather round.  Zordon tells the Rangers that Rita Repulsa had selected Commander Crayfish to be the leader of her Mutant Rangers.  Jason responds, we'll take care of it.  Zordon continues, Commander Crayfish is at the Angel Grove shoreline.  You must stop him before he heads inland.  Kimberly asks about Tommy.  Zordon tells them that Tommy is not answering his communicator.  The Rangers morphed and teleport out.  After awhile, Tommy races back to his school and his locker.  Tommy finds his communicator going off inside the locker and contacts Zordon.  Zordon tells Tommy he must hurry to the Angel Grove shoreline.  The other Rangers need your help. Tommy morphs and teleports out to help the Rangers.  Eventually the Mutant Rangers and Commander Crayfish are destroyed by Ultrazord.  The following day, at school, Kimberly and Trini tell Tommy that it's okay to have faults.  Jason, Zack, and Billy joined them telling Tommy that your true friends will accept you as you are.  They all watch Bulk & Skull stroll down the hall dressed in tuxes.  Bulk & Skull present Miss Appleby with a gift.  Miss Appleby insists that Bulk & Skull open the gift as she just had her nails done.  Bulk & Skull have no choice but to open the gift and have silly string spray all over them.

Zack asks Angela out to dinner to celebrate her birthday.  Zack promises a big surprise, which makes Angela reluctant.  But when Zack mentions a French restaurant, Angela changes her mind and agrees.  Zack is excited and races off to find pearl earrings for Angela.

For Whom The Bell Trolls

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