Angel Grove High School

Zack walks inside Angel Grove High School and meets Billy at his locker.  Zack is excited to show Billy the new shades he got for science.  Billy thinks they will provide adequate protection while Zack thinks the shades will make them look cool.  A few moments later, Billy and Zack see their friends in the hall and decide to put on their shades.  They are stunned when they see a Putty at Tommy's locker and two Putties in the hall.  Zack and Billy remove the shades, but they still see three Putties.  Jason, Kimberly, and Tommy are puzzled by Zack and Billy's behavior, and Kimberly puts it down to one of Zack's jokes.  Mr. Caplan walks up and Billy and Zack think the "Putties" are going after Mr. Caplan.   Mr. Caplan gets knock to the ground.  Mr. Caplan gets back up and hauls Billy and Zack to their feet.  Kimberly, Jason, and Tommy are bewildered by their friends' actions.  Mr. Caplan tells them he is surprised by their behavior but has no choice but to give them detention.  Mr. Caplan hauls Billy and Zack away. Elsewhere in the school, Bulk and Skull decide to try their newest attempt on finding out who the Rangers are by recording voices.  Miss Appleby calls Bulk and Skull into her classroom and asks them if they will feed her iguana while she is out.  Miss Appleby leaves the classroom.   After Bulk and Skull over feed the iguana, Saliguana appears in front of them.  Bulk and Skull scream and leave the room.  Later in Miss Appleby's classroom.  Zack and Billy continued to be confused as "Putties" sit in the classroom.  One "Putty" is passing out papers, and Zack thinks he recognizes Kimberly's voice.  Zack almost gets in trouble again with Miss Appleby.  Bulk and Skull are in the classroom as well and Skull accidentally plays a recording of Miss Appleby's voice which lands Bulk and Skull into detention.  After school, Zack, Billy, Bulk and Skull sit in detention.  Miss Appleby is grading papers and keeping an eye on the four students.  Skull's recording device sits on top of her desk.  Zack whispers to Billy, what's going on here?  Those Putties in the classroom couldn't have been real.  Billy doesn't know and concludes Lord Zedd must have put a spell on them.  But how?  Bulk asks them, hey, what's with the shades?  Bulk grabs Billy's shades as Skull grabs Zack's.  Bulk asks, plan on being someone famous?  Bulk and Skull try on the glasses.  Bulk and Skull are now under it's spell and when they turn around to talk to Zack and Billy, they see Putties instead.  Bulk and Skull take off the glasses and toss them back to Billy and Zack.  Bulk and Skull scream, and run from the classroom.  Miss Appleby tries to get them back in the classroom without any luck.  Later, the Power Rangers destroy Saliguana with Thunder Megazord.  The following day, the iguana has returned to normal and is teleported to Miss Appleby's classroom.  Billy and Zack sit anxiously in the classroom.  Billy states, well our physics demonstration is next.  I wish the rest of the guys would get back with our glasses, class is about to begin.  Jason, Kimberly, and Tommy enter the classroom and head over to Billy and Zack.  Both Billy and Zack still see their friends as Putties.  Zack tells Billy, I guess it's true, you can't always go by appearance.  Trini is already there.  Sitting at the desk in front of Billy.  Jason hands them their glasses.  He whispers, Alpha discovered Zedd's spell embedded in the glasses.  So he soaked them in a special energy beam.  It should deactivate.  Reluctantly Zack and Billy try on the glasses.  Jason asks, did it work?  Very happily Billy and Zack replied yeah!  They give each other high fives.  Bulk notes the commotion and asks Skull, what do you think they're so happy about?  Skull shakes his head, he has no idea.  Skull suddenly notices the iguana is climbing up his leg.  He gets very excited and points at it as he yells, iguana!  Bulk is also very excited to see the iguana and takes it from Skull's leg.  Bulk gets an idea.  This iguana was near the Power Rangers.  If they're in the school, it will sniff them out.  Skull agrees.  Bulk sets the iguana on the floor of the classroom to sniff out the Power Rangers.  Billy asks his friends, what are Bulk and Skull doing with Miss Appleby's iguana?  Kimberly replies, I think...they're letting it go.  The other students become terrified when they see the iguana on the loose.  They jump out of their chairs and run from it.  Bulk and Skull laugh.  Miss Appleby is not amused.  Bulk!  Skull!  Put the iguana away boys!  Bulk picks up the iguana, places it on his shoulder, and walks towards the front of the classroom, followed by Skull.  Skull comments, now we'll never know if the Power Rangers were in here or not.  Billy, Trini, Zack, Jason, Kimberly, and Tommy laugh.

Miss Appleby gives the class an assignment on writing a 500 word essay on something they are interested in by Friday.  At first Skull is freaked out, but Bulk tells him that they will write about the secret identities of the Power Rangers.  A few moments later, Tommy is so deep in thought he doesn't hear Kimberly at first.  When Kimberly finally gets his attention, Tommy tells her about the dream he keeps having about losing his powers.  Tommy feels like the dreams are trying to tell him that he is going to lose his powers for good.  Kimberly doesn't know what to say to make Tommy feel better.  Later that day, under a trance, Tommy had betrayed his friends.  Fortunately the trance was soon broken and the Rangers were able to destroyed Lord Zedd's latest monster, Robogoat.  The following day, at Angel Grove High School, Kimberly and Tommy sit on the stairs.  Jason stands by them.  Tommy's spirits are low.  Kimberly tries to distract him and asks, how did your essay turn out?  Tommy replies, pretty good.  Although between us, I'm a little burnt out on short stories.  Kimberly laughs and Jason adds, no doubt. But Tommy's low spirits quickly return.  He tells them, I'm at the end guys.  Kimberly tells him not to say that.  Tommy continues, my powers are almost gone.  It's what my dreams have been telling me.  It's what I've been feeling inside.  Jason tries to boost Tommy's spirits up.  Man, you've been through it before.  You came back strong.  But it doesn't work.  Tommy replies, not this time.  It's different.  This time it's for good.  Lord Zedd has had it in for me ever since the beginning.  Kimberly places her hand on Tommy's wrist in support as Tommy continues, and he's closing in.  Jason places his hand on Tommy's shoulder in support as he and Kimberly exchange looks of concern.

Inside Angel Grove High School, Billy and Zack are walking together.  Zack is worried about his cousin, Curtis, who was supposed to arrive that day.  Zack and Billy soon find Curtis surrounded by several students.  Curtis is dancing and enjoying all the attention. When Curtis, finishes dancing, he walks over to Zack.   Zack introduces him to Billy and Richie.  Richie and Curtis hit it off and walk off together.  Tommy joins Billy and Zack and they talk about what Tommy had seen earlier.  Two trash barrels come rolling down the hall, almost hitting Tommy, Billy, and Zack.  Bulk and Skull emerged from the barrels.  The guys asked Bulk and Skull what happened?  Bulk and Skull are too terrified to talk and simply point down the hall.  Billy, Zack, and Tommy turn around and see five new students walking down the hall.  Bulk and Skull leave, claiming they need to find the Rangers' identities.  The five new teens then terrorized another student, Stewart.  Zack, Tommy, and Billy confront the new teens, who issued a warning and then leave.  Tommy, Billy, and Zack help Stewart and give him his backpack back.

Putty On The Brain/The Green Dream/Green No More, Part I


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