Angel Grove Youth Center Gym & Juice Bar

Primator arrives outside of the Youth Center.  He shifts into looking like Zack.  "Zack" enters the Youth Center and spots Kimberly and Trini sitting at the counter.  He makes his way over to them.  Adopting a look of concern, "Zack" tells them Tommy's in big trouble.  He's surrounded by Zedd's Putties at the north end of the park.  And he's losing his powers.  Trini asks, why didn't Alpha contact us?  Kimberly asks, what about Billy and Jason?  "Zack" turns away from them and comes up with a clever story.  He replies, I don't know.  He turns back around and tells them, look, I'll find Billy and Jason, you guys get to the park.  Kimberly agrees and tells Trini, let's hurry.  Kimberly and Trini hurry out of the Youth Center.  "Zack" is very pleased with his ruse.  He picks up Trini's drink and takes a sip.  "Zack" enjoys the banana shake.  At the park, Kimberly and Trini are attacked by Zedd's Putties.  Trini and Kimberly fight and defeat Zedd's Putties.  Later, the guys are at the Youth Center.  Tommy is practicing his moves as the rest of the guys watch.  Kimberly and Trini hurry in and are almost kicked by Tommy as he does a spin kick.  Kimberly and Trini are relived to see him.  Kimberly states, you're okay.  Tommy responds, I'm better than okay, I'm great.  Trini asks Zack, what was that all about?  It wasn't funny.  Zack has no idea what Trini is talking about.  What are you talking about?  Kimberly responds, you know exactly what we're talking about.  Remember.  Tommy's losing his powers and we have to hurry up and get to the park.  Tommy looks puzzled as well.  Zack is confused.  What?  Trini resorts, we got attacked by the Putties, where were you?  Jason replies, we were in Billy's lab.  Now it's Kimberly and Trini's turn to be confused.  Kimberly asks, all of you?  Billy confirms it and adds and Zack's been with us all day.  Kimberly and Trini exchange confused glances.  Trini states, then something really strange is happening around here.  Tommy suggests they contact Alpha.  Jason does and gets no response.  Trini asks, where in the world is Alpha?  Jason doesn't know and suggests they get to the Command Center fast.  The teens hurry out of the Youth Center.  Later on the Rangers battle and destroy Primator with Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord.

A big crowd from Angel Grove High School is at the Youth Center.  Several students have booths set up for various clubs.  Zack has a booth set up, Billy has a booth set up, as does Bulk and Skull.  Trini's booth is the run away hit as a mob gathers around to sign up for her volleyball club.  No one shows an interest in Kimberly's plant club.  Kimberly notices Trini's success and can't help but feel a pang of jealousy.  Zack gives a demonstration of his club while Mr. Caplan walks up with several papers.  Mr. Caplan is confused as some of the booths are set up at the Youth Center, and some are at the auditorium, the paperwork is messed up.  Kimberly is still upset that no one has joined her club, she knew people were interested in it.  Kimberly talks to her cactus and Bulk and Skull make fun of her.  Kimberly walks away from her booth.  Kimberly sits at the counter and Ernie listens sympathetically to Kimberly's problems.  While Kimberly is away, a Putty disguised as a human, switches cactuses.  The Putty replaces Kimberly's cactus with one that has been given a jealously potion.  Kimberly walks back to her booth and pricks her finger on the cactus.  As Lord Zedd had planned, Kimberly's feelings of jealousy have intensified.  Kimberly walks over to Trini's booth and chews her out for hogging all the students.  Trini tells Kimberly that is not her fault, and Zack and Billy, who have walked over, are puzzled over Kimberly's behavior.  Not satisfied with telling off Trini, Kimberly then gives Bulk and Skull a hard time - not believing people would actually sign up for their club.  Skull reveals that they had to offer free lunch as well as trying to find the identities of the Power Rangers.  Tommy and Jason, sitting close by, are puzzled by Kimberly's behavior as well.  Kimberly walks away and Ernie tells Tommy that maybe he should give her a flower to make her feel better.  Tommy and Jason walk over to Kimberly and Tommy tries to give Kimberly the flower, telling her it's rough when you fight with your best friend.  Kimberly doesn't accept the flower and gets mad at Tommy as well.  She tells Tommy she hates flowers and Trini is not her friend!   Kimberly storms out.  Later, Kimberly's spell of jealousy is broken.  The teens all returns to the Youth Center.  A group of teen girls surround Kimberly's table at the Youth Center.  Kimberly tells them, I'm really sorry about the confusion.  Next time I'll call you all personally and let you know where the meetings going to be.  The group of teens head off just as Mr. Caplan walks up.  Mr. Caplan tells Kimberly, well thank goodness, everyone figured out where to go.  Mr. Caplan gives an embarrassed laugh and then admits he accidentally put the wrong location in the school paper.  Kimberly tells him, it's okay.  My friends didn't give up until they found me.  Mr. Caplan gives a big sneeze and walks away.  Trini, Billy, Zack, Tommy, and Jason walk over to Kimberly's table.  Kimberly asks Trini, will you ever forgive me for being such a brat?  Trini replies, of course I will.  Our friendship is solid as a rock.  Trini and Kimberly hug as Tommy adds, it will take a lot more than Zedd to break up this group.  Bulk and Skull enter and Bulk shouts, listen up!  We will now expose the Power Rangers' true identities!  A crowd gathers.  Bulk tells Skull to turn on the tape player.  Zack gets nervous.  You think you found out who they are?  Bulk replies, we'll just play this tape and see if we recognize the voices.  Skull tries to play the tape but only strange sounds come out.  Skull pulls out the mess inside the recorder and declares, faulty tape.  Bulk asks Skull, can't you do anything right?  The crowd walks away.  Bulk tells the teens, okay it was a dead end this time, but let me tell you, next time we will catch them in action.  Indiana Bulk and Army Scout Skull will never give up till they find the truth.  Bulk and Skull dramatically walk away.  The teens chuckle and Trini states, good luck Bulk.  Jason adds, looks like they are going to need all the help they can get.

Jason and Zack were at the Youth Center, working out.  Billy and Trini were sitting at a table together and Billy was showing her his latest invention.   Kimberly and Tommy join Billy and Trini.  Bulk and Skull walk in with their latest invention - a way to detect who is a Power Ranger.  Concerned, Jason and Zack walk over to their friends' table.  Bulk and Skull get a strong reading and Billy uses his invention to divert the reading on Bulk and Skull's invention.  Bulk and Skull's invention takes them to Ernie who does a karate stance before laughing, along with everyone else.  Tommy realizes that he has to get started on his homework and leaves.  Later, Jason, Zack, Billy, Kimberly, and Trini are getting ready to leave the Youth Center when Jason's communicator goes off.  Jason and his friends find a quiet spot and Jason tells Zordon, we read you.  Zordon informs them that Lord Zedd has created a new powerful monster called Robogoat.  Prepare to teleport to the Command Center for a briefing.  Tommy joins the teens and asks, what's up.  Zack tells him, hey man, you're just in time.  Zedd's at it again.  Jason informs Zordon that they're teleporting.  Jason and his friends teleport out of the Youth Center.  Later, the Rangers will destroy Robogoat with their Thunder Megazord.

Several teens are at the Youth Center, getting ready for the clean up drive in the Angel Grove community.  Trini, Zack, and Billy are among the teens.  A television reporter is there as well and she, and her camera man, film the teens.  The television reporter talks to Zack about the clean up drive.  The television reporter tells the group that a rumor is going around that the Power Rangers will be there.  Zack doesn't know what to say and Trini covers for him by telling the reporter, they don't know as they don't know the Power Rangers.  The interview ends and the reporter thanks them.  As everyone leaves for the clean up drive, Bulk and Skull stay behind and check out the television reporter's equipment.  The reporter comes up to them and asks what they are doing.  Bulk and Skull claim they want to keep an eye on the equipment for her, she tells them they don't have to, she's got it covered.  Bulk comes up with an idea - to film the Power Rangers at the park and then remove their helmets and reveal their identities.  After the clean up drive, everyone is enjoying the refreshments set out.  Jason tells Billy, that was good work you did earlier today.  Billy responds, thanks Jase, you weren't so bad yourself.  Zack walks over to Jason, Billy, and Kimberly and has them follow him.  Zack stops where Trini is standing.  In a quiet voice, Zack asks, how's Tommy?  Kimberly replies, well his powers are getting really weak but I think he will be okay.  Trini lays a sympathetic hand on Kimberly.  Jason notes Bulk and Skull's gleeful entrance and points it out to his friends.  Bulk shouts, proof!  We got the proof.  Skull holds a tape high.  Bulk is so happy he is snapping his fingers.  Jason, Billy, Trini, Zack, and Kimberly become concern.  Zack comments, I bet I know what these guys are up to.  Bulk and Skull walk over to the VHS machine and Bulk presses a few buttons.  Billy, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, and Jason walk over.  Zack asks, hey guys, what do you got there?  Skull replies, our ticket to fame.  Skull points the tape in their direction and Bulk quickly takes the tape.  Bulk continues, we are about to show the world who the Power Rangers really are.  A large crowd of kids have gather behind Bulk and Skull.  Trini asks, what?  Skull snatches the tape back from Bulk.  Skull responds, see this tape was in the news camera when the putty patrol attacked.  Bulk takes the tape back and continues.  If I'm right, the Power Rangers showed up to clear out the Putties.  And we've got the proof.  Right here on tape.  Bulk is about to place the tape into the VCR when  Jason places his hand in front of the slot, blocking the tape.  Jason tells Bulk, maybe you don't want to watch that just yet.  Bulk stands back up and asks, why not?  Zack quickly grabs the tape and answers, well because it's not labeled yet.  Bulk asks, what's the big idea?  Billy grabs a tape from the stand and Zack and Billy exchange the tapes.  Jason tells Bulk, chill out.  He's just putting a label on it.  Bulk and Skull exchange glances as Kimberly adds, yeah, you wouldn't want to lose something so important, right?  Zack gives the "tape" back, stating here you go.  All labeled and ready.  Skull grabs the tape and gives it to Bulk.  Bulk tells Skull, let's make history.  The guys pound their chest before placing the tape into the VCR.  Instead of the recording at the park, the tape is playing a cartoon.  Bulk is upset.  Hey!  Where are the Power Rangers?!  Skull tells Bulk to hang on.  I really like this part.  The teens turn away from Bulk and Skull.  Trini asks Zack, how did you do that?  Zack responds, well like I always say, the hand is quicker than the eye.  Zack and Trini high five each other.  Jason adds, especially when you switch tapes with Billy.  Billy points to his shirt as he tells them that's where the tape is.  I'll take it home later and put it in my tape eraser, thus eliminating the evidence.  Bulk is still upset.  I was going to be famous.  I was going to be rich.  I was going to be...Skull yells at him.  Bulkie!  Could you please hold it down!  I'm trying to watch the show!  Bulk face palms as Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Billy and Jason laugh.

 Zack, Billy, Tommy, and Jason are at the Youth Center.  They are watching Ernie play a game with a ball and a broom.  Ernie walks over and explains he is playing broomball and is starting a tournament.  Ernie asks the guys if they would like to play, and the guys are very reluctant.  Two teens from Stone Canyon walk in and ask Ernie if they can put up posters for their team.  Everyone wants to see them play.  They also ask Ernie if he's gotten a team to play against them.  The Stone Canyon teens are very confident and the guys are unable to resist the challenge and decide to play against them.  The Stone Canyon teens reveal that they are the champions and the guys realized they have to start practicing.  After checking on their poster, the stone canyon teens walk away. Lord Zedd uses this poster as inspiration for his next monster, and creates Stag Beetle from it.  The Stag Beetle leaves the poster and stands outside the Youth Center.  Lord Zedd instructs it to wait for Tommy, then attack and drain him of his powers.  The Stag Beetle walks away.  Inside, the guys, plus Kimberly start practicing for the match against Stone Canyon.  Sitting on the sidelines, Trini films her friends.  As the teens practice, the ball goes out of bounds.  A teen picks up the ball and walks over.  Trini is immediately smitten with the young man.  Kimberly tells Trini that he is a new student and is very nice.  The young man gives the ball to Ernie and Ernie introduces Richie to Kimberly and Trini.  Trini immediately offers him a position on the team.  Ernie tells them that he has enough players, but he could use an assistant coach, which Richie accepts.  Bulk and Skull walk into the Youth Center with their latest plan.  Bulk and Skull have a new invention that will sniff people and their plan is to pretend to interview people, while using their invention to sniff them.  Bulk and Skull hope to match up the scents to the Rangers' scents and reveal who they are.  After practice, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack put up their poster of their team next to Stone Canyon's poster.  Trini thinks their poster looks better and Zack agrees.  Billy points to the poster and comments he thought there was a creature on the poster before.  Trini agrees, there was a beetle before.  They exchange puzzled looks.  A few moments later, Jason's communicator goes off.  Trini, Zack, and Billy gather around Jason.  Zordon tells them Kimberly and Tommy have been attacked by one of Zedd's monsters.  Jason responds, read you.  Jason, Zack, Trini, and Billy morph and head out to the park.  Eventually the Rangers destroy Stag Beetle with their Thunder Megazord.  After the battle,    in the Youth Center, Billy, Jason, Kimberly, Zack, and Tommy play broomball against Stone Canyon.  It is a close game and the Stone Canyon players are very confident that they will win.  Bulk and Skull walk in and stand in front of the crowd with their device.  Bulk asks a young woman, so who do you think is going to win?  The young woman replies, Angel Grove.  Bulk quickly lifts up his smelling device and the young woman's hair goes flying in every direction.  Meanwhile, Ernie coaches the team to pass the ball to Jason.  Jason will get it to Tommy for the last shot.  Skull asks the young woman, are you a Power Ranger?  The young woman looks confused.  Skull places the device on top of her head and asks the question again.  The young woman becomes upset and walks away.  The game starts up again with six seconds remaining.  The team follows Ernie's plan.  The game is tied when Tommy scores the winning point.  Trini, Ernie, Richie, and Zack cheer.  Kimberly, Jason, Tommy, and Billy walk over to them.  Richie tells them they did a great job.  Trini tells Richie it is because they had great coaches.  The Stone Canyon players dejectedly start to walk out of the Youth Center.  The Stone Canyon coach makes two of the players walk over to the Angel Grove team.  Reluctantly,  they tell them they are really good.  The teen shakes hands  with Jason.  Jason tells the two Stone Canyon players good game and maybe Stone Canyon will beat them next year.  The Stone Canyon players are not too sure and reply maybe before walking out.  The Stone Canyon team and coach walk out of the Youth Center.  Ernie offers free drinks for everyone and he and Richie walk away to start serving drinks.  Zack tells Tommy he played great.  Tommy thanks him and then tells the group that he won't be much use to the Rangers soon.  Tommy tells them, Zedd has used up so much of his powers.  Kimberly tells Tommy, don't worry about it.  You will be alright.  Jason reassures Tommy they will get him to full strength again and the rest of the team backs Jason up.  Tommy sadly agrees with them, but he has his doubts.

Hallie is answering questions from Bulk and Skull.  Trini stands protectively by her side.  Behind Bulk and Skull is a large crowd.  Hallie answers, there was ten of them.  Bulk and Skull are stunned - ten of them?!  Bulk asks, how tall was the green one as Skull flashes a light into Hallie's eyes.  Hallie answers, about 6' maybe 6'1".  Kimberly, Jason, Zack, Tommy, and Billy walk into the Youth Center.  Skull asks, shoe size?  What were the shoe size?  Bulk stops him.  Bulk tells Hallie to give them the real details.  Hallie tells them, the Green Ranger had long, brown hair, hazel eyes, very muscular.  Tommy exchanges an uneasy glance with his friends. Bulk asks, are you getting this Pierre?  Pierre, who is busy sketching, reassures Bulk that he is a professional.  Hallie continues, the Red Ranger had brown hair, dark mysterious eyes, big shoulders.  Kimberly casts an uneasy glance at Jason.  Pierre announces he is finished.  Bulk is excited.  Bulk and Skull walk over to Pierre.  Jason, Tommy, Zack, Billy, and Kimberly are worried.  Bulk uses his own brand of French to ask to see the picture.  Pierre tells him, his French is fascinating.  Bulk thanks him in Spanish.  Bulk takes the picture, and without looking at it, announces, ladies and gentlemen, I will now reveal the true identities of the Power Rangers.  Bulk displays the picture above his head.  It's a drawing of olden times, with knights and princesses.  The crowd bursts into laughter.  In relief, Tommy, Zack, Billy, Kimberly, and Jason laugh. Bulk looks at the picture and he is upset.  Hallie walks over and takes the drawing from Bulk.  She is quite taken with the drawing.  Bulk tells Pierre, you will never draw in this town again.  The teens laugh.     

Kimberly is trying to write a song.  Kimberly asks Zack if he can help her with the lyrics.  Zack is more than happy to.  The following day, a rain storm hits Angel Grove, and Kimberly, Billy, Zack, Tommy, Trini, and Jason bring the picnic indoors to the Youth Center.  Bulk and Skull stumble in, Bulk is having problems removing his helmet and asks for help.  Trini tells them they will help them, if they promise not to cry wolf anymore.  Bulk and Skull cross their fingers behind their backs and promise.  Billy gets up, and turning counter clockwise, manages to remove the helmet. Bulk blames the whole idea on Skull, while Skull tells Bulk he never gets to plan anything.  Bulk and Skull walk out.  Zack, Kimberly, Tommy, Billy, Trini, and Jason all laugh.  Zack comments if only Bulk and Skull knew.  Tommy tells them he is going to miss this.  Kimberly tells Tommy she has written a song.  Kimberly plays her guitar and starts to sing, with Zack joining in.  After the song, Tommy tells them he doesn't know what to say.  They all put their hands within a circle and make the promise, forever.

Outside the Youth Center, on the basketball court, Tommy is dejectedly playing basketball.  Kimberly walks up and tells him that Jason told her he would be there.  Kimberly asks Tommy how he is feeling?  Tommy tells Kimberly that Alpha 5 is running a bio scan and he will know tomorrow.  Kimberly suggests that maybe something else can be done for Tommy's powers, but Tommy doesn't want to get his hopes up.  An image of Tommy appears.  A stunned Tommy and Kimberly walks towards it.  The image of Tommy tells Tommy to not forget his communicator.  The image of Tommy fades.  Tommy realizes that he has receive a warning from the future.

Eventually Tommy performs his last act as Green Ranger by joining the rest of the Rangers in destroying Turbanshell.  Later, in the Youth Center, Tommy, Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Zack, and Billy are sitting at tables.  Trini tells them the Dark Rangers (teens Lord Zedd had teleported to his other world) have been returned to normal and have no memories of what had happened.  The new teens then walk into the Youth Center and order five cokes.  Kimberly thinks maybe they just need some friends.  Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Zack, Billy, and Tommy walk up to the counter.  Jason tells Ernie and Richie he will cover the tab.  Jason faces the new teens and tells them he would like to start over again. The new teens agreed and everyone introduces each other. 

At the Juice Bar, Jason is practicing for an upcoming tournament.  Jason can't seem to concentrate.  At one point, when he is practicing a kick, he sees the image of Tommy.  Zack knows something is bothering Jason.  Zack asks Jason if it is about Tommy, and tells him they miss him too.  Jason tells Zack it is more than that.  If he had been able to get the green candle, Tommy would have never lost his powers in the first place.  Jason tells Zack it is all his fault, despite Zack's protests.  After practice, Zack tells Kimberly and Billy that he is worried about Jason.  The gang talks and Bulk and Skull overhear them say Power Rangers.  Kimberly thinks if they can find Tommy and see he is okay, Jason will be better.  Bulk and Skull decided to follow them. It would take the use of the viewing globe in the Command Center for Jason to see that Tommy is okay and doesn't blame him.  Jason is ready for the tournament.  Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Jason are about to enter the Youth Center for the tournament, when they are stopped by Bulk and Skull.  Bulk and Skull tell them they have proof they were close to the Power Rangers.  Skull whips out a stack of photos and quickly grabs one to display to them.  Kimberly, Billy, Jason, and Zack all burst out laughing as the photo is a picture of a bird's nest.  Billy, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly, still chuckling enter the Youth Center.  Bulk and Skull take a look at the photo and Bulk is furious.  Upon entering, Jason is greeted with cheers and applause, as everyone wishes him well.  Jason does his routine and wins the tournament.  Everyone cheers and Billy and Zack hoist Jason up.  Jason dedicates the trophy to Tommy.

Trini and Zack are hanging out at the Juice Bar when Curtis walks in.  Curtis asks them if they are going to the Jazz Festival the following day?  Zack suggests that Curtis play his trumpet, but Curtis can't because his trumpet is somewhere between St. Louis and Angel Grove.  Zack tells Curtis that he will loan him his uncle's trumpet, with Curtis' promise that he will take good care of it, as his uncle was a famous musician.  The following day, Curtis is worried that Zack won't make it with the trumpet.  Trini and Jason reassured him that Zack will make it.  Moments later, Zack, Billy, and Kimberly arrive.  Zack gives Curtis the trumpet at the same time mentioning they ran into trouble at the park. (There was a Putty attack, while the teens were busy, one Putty placed a spell on Zack's trumpet.)  Moments later, jazz festival begins.  As Curtis plays, the trumpet casts it's spell on Kimberly, Billy, Trini, Zack, and Jason.  After the festival, Billy, Trini, Jason, Kimberly, and Zack tell Curtis what a great job he did.  Unseen, a Putty takes the trumpet.  Curtis enjoys the praise until he realizes that the trumpet is gone.  (Lord Zedd uses the trumpet to create Trumpet Top, which the Rangers eventually destroy with Thunder Megazord, which also breaks the spell.)  After the battle, Trini, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Billy are hanging out at the Juice Bar, when Curtis walks in, all dejected.  Curtis is still upset over the missing trumpet.  Billy passes down the trumpet and Trini gives it to Curtis, who is thrilled to have the trumpet back.  Bulk and Skull walk in with a large cement block of footprints.  Bulk and Skull demand that everyone line up at the bar, and they are going to match up footprints.  Zack suggests to Richie that he play some tunes.  Richie turns on the radio and everyone storms over to the dance floor.  Bulk and Skull managed to hold the cement block.  Skull gives Bulk a pat on the back and Bulk drops the cement block, destroying the footprints.  Bulk and Skull are upset as Kimberly tells them maybe it's better they don't know who the Power Rangers are.  Zack tells them it's nothing to go to pieces about and Jason, Curtis, Trini, Kimberly, Billy, and Zack laugh.

Kimberly and Billy are sitting inside Angel Grove Youth Center.  Kimberly misses Tommy.  Billy:  "Sure is quiet around here without Tommy."  Kimberly doesn't respond.  Billy notices Kimberly holding a mirror and tries again.  Billy:  "Interesting mirror."  Kimberly:  "Thanks, Tommy won it for me at a carnival.  A few moments later, Kimberly notices an ad for Madam Swampy, fortune teller.  Kimberly wants to give Madam Swampy a try, to find out how Tommy is doing.  Billy is skeptical, but he doesn't stop Kimberly.  Kimberly and Billy leave.  Bulk and Skull enter moments later and walk up to the counter.  Bulk spots the ad for Madam Swampy and he gets an idea.  Bulk tells Skull they are going to see Madam Swampy and she can tell them who the Power Rangers are.  Bulk and Skull make tracks for Madam Swampy.  Meanwhile, Kimberly, on her way to Madam Swampy's, gets kidnapped by Goldar.  Later, Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger rescue Kimberly.  Afterwards, Kimberly, Billy, and Zack are inside the Youth Center.  Billy tells Kimberly what a close call she had, and Kimberly comments that it was a good thing the dust did not work.  Kimberly is searching through her backpack and becomes upset when she cannot find the mirror Tommy won for her.  Curtis rolls in and greets them.  Curtis has the mirror and asks if they know who it belongs to?  Kimberly thanks Curtis for finding it and Curtis tells her anything for a beautiful lady.  Bulk and Skull enter the Youth Center and are dismayed that instead of finding Power Rangers, they have found dweebs.  Skull tosses the treasure map onto the floor.  Billy picks it up and asks them if they had looked at the back of it.  The back of the map has a free offer of a protein muffin.  Ernie tells them Madam Swampy is a friend of his and they thought it would be a clever promotion.  Bulk doesn't think so.  Bulk and Skull start to eat the protein muffins.  Richie points out that they have to buy lunch first, to get the free protein muffin.  Bulk and Skull try to spit the muffin out, but Ernie wants payment.  Bulk and Skull search their pockets but find no money.  Ernie hands Bulk and Skull aprons and they spend the rest of the day doing dishes.

Bulk and Skull enter the Juice Bar.  Bulk:  "Hey!  Where are our sandwiches to go?!"  Skull:  "Yeah, we haven't got all day! " Trini and Billy are there as well.  Trini:  "Excuse me, but does that account for your rudeness?"  Bulk and Skull tell Trini and Billy about their latest plan to discover the identities of the Power Rangers.  Billy, Trini, and Richie chuckle.  Richie gives Bulk and Skull their sandwiches and they head out.  Kimberly excitedly comes in and tells Billy and Trini that she has received a letter from Tommy.  Tommy will be back at the end of the week.  Billy, Trini, and Kimberly decide to throw a party to mark the occasion.

The teens gathered at the Juice Bar.  Jason comments that Tommy's surprise was bigger than their surprise.  Richie and Curtis walk in.  Richie has a trophy.  Curtis joins the teens at the table, while Trini asks Richie if he won the trophy at a karate competition? Richie replies yes.  Tommy thinks it's cool and asks Richie to demonstrate some of his karate moves.  Ernie is walking with the cake he just decorated to celebrate Tommy's return and Bulk and Skull have just entered the Juice Bar.  Richie does a kick that knocks the cake Ernie was carrying out of his hands.  The cake goes flying and hits Bulk and Skull.  Bulk and Skull look at each other, shrug and walked out.  Richie and Ernie grin as the teens laughed.  Tommy comments that it's good to see some things never change. 

Kimberly walks into the Juice Bar and heads straight for Trini, sitting at a table.  Kimberly:  "Alright.  Tell me what you think?"  Kimberly twirls around in her dress.  Trini:  "Adorable."  Kimberly giggles and sits down across from Trini.  Trini:  "Tommy's going to love it."  Kimberly:  "I stayed in my closet for an hour, trying to figure out what to wear."  Trini notices Kimberly's purse and asks her if it is her mom's.  Kimberly tells her yes, it was the same purse her mom used on her first date with her dad.  Trini gives Kimberly the lipstick she picked up for her.  They both laugh over the name and wonder who thinks of them.  Richie walks up to their table.  After serving their drinks, Richie just stares at Trini.  After an awkward moment, Richie asks Trini if she would like to study with him later? Trini tells him that would be nice.  Richie then walks into some customers.  Bulk and Skull enter with their latest gadget.  Trini asks them if they shouldn't have it at the beach (it looks like a metal detector)?  Bulk and Skull walk over to Trini and Kimberly's table.  Bulk tells them his cousin, Waldo, who had attended Angel Grove Tech, had made the device for them.  It was a Power Ranger detector.  The detector suddenly surged and Bulk and Skull were pulled along it, past Tommy and Jason, and into the lockers.  Tommy and Jason walk up to the girl's table.  Tommy tells Kimberly how beautiful she looks.  Tommy is surprised that Kimberly is already ready for their date.  Tommy glances at the clock on the wall and realizes he had forgot to set his watch.  Tommy asks Kimberly to wait, which she does, as Tommy dashes off to get ready.  Jason, Kimberly, and Trini share a laugh together.  Later, Jason, Zack, and Billy are working out.  Zordon contacts them and asks them to teleport to the Command Center.  Zack, Billy, and Jason head out, picking up Trini on their way.   They find out Kimberly and Tommy had been frozen by Pursehead.  Eventually Billy creates a reverse ocular dilator.  (Black Ranger is frozen when he attempted to rescue Pink Ranger and White Ranger with his Power Ax.)  The reverse ocular dilator works and the three Rangers are unfrozen.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Red Ranger leave to battle and destroy another monster, Lipsyncher.  White Ranger, with Saba's help, destroys Pursehead.

Billy and Trini are sitting inside the Juice Bar.  Trini spots Billy's latest device on the table.  Trini:  "That is really impressive Billy.  What is it?"  Billy:  "It's a polarizing gauge.  Scientists have predicted a rare solar storm for today."  Billy hopes to get some data with his new gauge.  Kimberly and Laura walked into the Juice Bar and head for Trini and Billy's table.  Kimberly introduces Laura to Trini and Billy.  Billy is quite taken with Laura.  Laura is just as taken.  Trini is amused as she watches Billy and Laura gaze at each other.  Kimberly tells Billy and Trini that she and Laura are taking a troop of Angelettes on a field trip to learn how to use a compass.  Kimberly leaves their table to check with Ernie on their equipment.  Laura stays a little longer saying goodbye to Trini and Billy.  After Laura leaves their table, Trini brings up what a nice girl Laura is and pretty too.  Billy agrees.  Trini suggests Billy talk to her.  Billy doesn't think an outdoors type like Laura would be interested in a guy like him.  Billy reminds Trini that he plans on gathering data from the storm.  As Kimberly and Laura check over the equipment in the boxes, their troop walks in and offers to help.  Kimberly gives them a light box to carry.  Bulk and Skull walk in as well, with their latest invention in finding the identities of the Power Rangers.  Trini is amused and Billy tries to caution Bulk and Skull.  Billy tells them about the magnetic storm, but Bulk and Skull pay no attention to what Billy says.  Bulk and Skull leave.  Kimberly and Laura leave as well.  Laura is a bit worried about the storm Billy has talked about, but Kimberly is confident they will be fine.  They have a compass after all.  Later, Tommy, Jason, and Zack are working out.  Tommy is a little worried about Kimberly being in the woods.  But Jason and Zack reassured Tommy there is nothing to worry about, Kimberly knows the woods well.  Suddenly, people are sliding everywhere.  The equipment is going haywire.  Jason, Tommy, and Zack formed a chain and manage to get to the counter of the Juice Bar and using the counter, exit the Youth Center. The cause is Magnet Brain.  Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger battle and destroy Magnet Brain with their Thunder Megazord.  White Ranger battles and defeats Goldar.  Afterwards, the teens have return to the Juice Bar.  Kimberly and Laura give bravery badges to their troop, and Kimberly adds that they really deserve it.  The troop is still thrilled over seeing the White Ranger.  Bulk and Skull stumbled in, telling everyone a bear is following them.  The Angelettes lead Bulk and Skull to some chairs, telling them they were just imagining things.  The Angelettes tend to a bewildered Bulk and Skull.  Billy walks in with his gauge.  Laura sees him and walks up to Billy.  Laura tells Billy how she would like to know about his polarizing gauge.  Billy is more than happy to talk to Laura about his experiments.  Ernie, Zack, Tommy, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, Jason, Richie, and Curtis watch the exchange with amusement.

The Youth Center is sponsoring a program where teens take little kids out trick or treating.  Kimberly and Billy are helping out.  Kimberly:  "Happy Halloween everybody!  Alright, we going to have lots of fun going out trick or treating tonight.  Parents, remember you need to sign your children in when you leave them and out when you pick them up.  Okay, that way the chaperones can keep track of everyone."  As Billy and Kimberly work at their table, Billy talks about the upcoming peace conference.  Kimberly thinks the peace conference is very exciting.  Billy asks Kimberly what would happen to their team if one of them was chosen?  Kimberly realizes that could have serious consequences for them.  A young child and her mom walk up to Billy and Kimberly's table.  The mom thanks them for their hard work.  After they leave, Tommy walks in and walks up to Billy and Kimberly.  The three hope that Halloween will go smoothly.  Ernie passes by and asks them what could go wrong, with so many volunteers.  Ernie walks away.  Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly all know anything can happen with Lord Zedd around. Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy are enjoying the event at the Youth Center.  Bulk and Skull walk in, looking for candy.  Kimberly reminds them this is a school project, and they are not suppose to be trick or treating, but chaperoning.  Bulk tells Kimberly to speak for herself.  Bulk takes a handful of red hots and immediately feels on fire.  Bulk quickly puts his entire head in the barrel of water.  When Bulk resurfaces, he has a apple stuck in his mouth.  Everyone laughs.  Bulk and Skull walk over to the counter.  Meanwhile, Lord Zedd is ready to put his plan into action.  Lord Zedd sends several Putties down to Angel Grove.  The Putties arrive outside the Youth Center.  The Putties transform themselves to look like small children in costumes. The Putties walk inside and Tommy assumes this is his group.  Tommy asks for their names, but the "children" remain silent.  Tommy assumes the kids are simply staying in character, by keeping their identities a secret.  Tommy leads the group outside.  At the counter, Bulk wipes his face off with a towel from Ernie.  After Ernie walks away, Skull comments on how many kids are dressed like Power Rangers.  This gives Bulk the idea that maybe the Power Rangers have shrunk themselves to look like children.  Bulk and Skull take off to find the Power Rangers.  Kimberly and Billy walk up to their groups of kids and take them out trick or treating. Later, Billy and Kimberly have returned with their groups.  Billy and Kimberly go over the list of kids.  Kimberly asks Ernie about Jason, Trini, and Zack.  Ernie replies they have not returned yet.  Kimberly is surprised to see Tommy has not returned yet.  Billy adds there is something else odd, all the kids are accounted for. Kimberly and Billy walk away and try to contact Tommy.  They get no response.  Billy and Kimberly teleport to the Command Center.  It turned out Tommy had been teleported to the Dark Dimension.  The rest of the Rangers arrived, battled, defeated and destroyed Pumpkin Rapper.  After the battle, Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy return to the Youth Center.  As they sit at the counter, Ernie walks up to them and tells them what a success the program was.  Ernie walks away.  Bulk and Skull enter, not feeling too good.  Bulk and Skull sit next to Kimberly, Tommy, and Billy and tell them they didn't find any Rangers.  Bulk and Skull ate too much candy.  Kimberly offers them some more candy and Bulk and Skull's faces turn green.  Bulk and Skull hurried out of the Youth Center as Kimberly, Tommy, and Billy laugh.

Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy watch the Ninja competition being held at the Youth Center.  Mr. Anderson, Jacob, Bulk and Skull are there as well.  The current champions face the three masked students from Stone Canyon.  The competition begins.  Although the current champions did not fight fair, eventually the students from Stone Canyon win the championship.  Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly are surprised when the new champions remove their masks and it is Aisha, Adam, and Rocky.  Mr. Anderson is thrilled for his students.  Mr. Anderson passes Jacob onto Bulk as he stands and cheers for his students.  Afterwards, in the Youth Center parking lot, Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy talk to Adam, Rocky, and Aisha.  They all make plans to stay in touch.  Mr. Anderson thanks them once again for the dramatic rescue.  (Earlier in the day, they had save Jacob from going down a steep hill in his stroller.)  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy walk away.   Mr. Anderson, Rocky, Aisha, and Adam are about to leave when Goldar appears.  Goldar quickly grabs the four with a powerful golden laser.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky scream as they try to break free.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy hear their screams.  They start to head back, but are blocked by several Putties.  Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly are kept busy trying to defeat the Putties.  Bulk and Skull are walking outside of the Youth Center, when they see the golden monkey has captured Rocky, Mr. Anderson, Aisha, and Adam.  Bulk and Skull immediately think of the baby, Jacob.  Goldar has vanished with Aisha, Adam, Rocky, and Mr. Anderson.  Bulk and Skull race over to the car and check on Jacob.  Jacob is okay.  Bulk and Skull decide to watch Jacob, in case the Power Rangers show up.  Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy defeat the Putties.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy race over to the outside of the Youth Center, but they are too late.  Tommy contacts Zordon.  Zordon instructs the three to teleport to the Command Center.

Bloom Of Doom/The Green Dream/The Power Stealer


The Beetle Invasion/The Song Of Guitardo/Green No More, Part I


Green No More, Part II/Missing Green/Orchestral Maneuvers In The Park


Beauty And The Beast/White Light, Part I/White Light, Part II


Two For One/Opposites Attract/Zedd's Monster Mash


The Ninja Encounter, Part I

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