Billy's Uncle's Resort

Billy has an uncle who owns a resort up in the mountains of Angel Grove.  The resort includes cabins with either three or two single beds.  The rooms had a desk, several dressers, nightstands, and lamps.  Some of the cabins are right next to each other.  The cabins are close enough to restaurants for when the guests get hungry.  Maid service is provided.  And of course, there is beautiful scenery and lots of fresh air to enjoy.  The teens had a big science test coming up and it was Billy's idea to use his uncle's resort as a place to study over the weekend.  Kimberly, Trini, Jason, and Zack were very excited over the idea.  That weekend the teens headed up into the mountains.  At Billy's Uncle's resort, the teens stay in the Forest Creek Cabins.  Jason, Trini, and Kimberly are sprawled on the floor with various books and notes.  Zack is sitting in a chair, while Billy props himself up on the bed.  Billy reads to them a chapter from the science book.  Zack is excited when they get to the end of chapter eight.  Kimberly thinks this was such a great idea.  All of us studying together.  Billy agrees as he gets up and stretches.  They have already made significant progress in preparing for the exam.  Trini sits up and tells her friends, I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting hungry.  How about taking a break and getting something to eat?  It's a great idea.  Jason adds he could use a big burger.  As they head out, Trini suggests Chinese food.  Kimberly tells them, she just wants a salad.  Billy is thinking tacos.  Zack suggests liver, which gets a negative response.  Outside, Bulk and Skull are hiding behind a sign.  (They wanted to steal the study notes to pass the science test.)  Bulk has his binoculars pinned on the cabin, but Skull is looking up with his.  Bulk notices and asks Skull what he is looking at?  Skull tells Bulk not to move.  There's a bird's nest up there.  Bulk asks where and looks up in time to get eggs splattered on his face.  Skull laughs until eggs fall and break on his face too.  Bulk laughs.  After Trini, Billy, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly leave, Bulk and Skull decided to make their move.  Dressed as maids, Bulk and Skull entered the boys' cabin.  Bulk tells Skull, those geeks got to have their study notes around here somewhere.  So, let's find them.  Bulk starts looking through a book bag as Skull dusts.  Bulk tells Skull to get that thing (feather duster) away from him.  Bulk is allergic to dust.  Skull apologizes.  Bulk tells him, we got to hurry.  They are going to be back any minute.  As Bulk searches through drawers, Skull frantically dusts.   Frustrated, Bulk tells Skull to put the feather duster away and help him.  They both hear the guys' voices just outside the door.  Jason, Billy, and Zack enter the cabin after saying bye to the girls.  Zack tells Jason and Billy, he loves the fresh mountain air.  Gives him energy to burn.  Zack turns the radio on and starts dancing.  Amused, Billy and Jason watch him.  Zack removes his shoes and drops them at the floor by the bed, as he tells them to watch this move.  The shoes land by Skull and Bulk's face.  They are hiding under the bed, and can't avoid the smell of the shoes.  Zack continues his dancing as he tells his friends, now check out this move.  Zack jumps up and down on the bed, unknowingly hitting Bulk and Skull in the head several times.  Zack jumps off the bed.  Billy tells him, oh yeah, check out this move.  Billy throws his pillow at Zack, who catches it.  Zack quickly grabs his pillow and swings both pillows around.  Before Zack can do anything, Jason throws his pillow at Zack.  Zack throws one pillow back at Jason and the other at Billy.  Billy and Jason get up and charge towards Zack with their pillows.  A pillow fight breaks out among the three friends, and feathers fly everywhere.  Underneath the bed, the feathers are causing Bulk's allergies to kick in.  Skull quickly stops Bulk's sneeze.  Later that evening, Trini and Kimberly get ready for bed.  Trini and Kimberly exchange good nights.  Kimberly tells Trini, pleasant dreams and turns off the light.  In the cabin next door, Jason, Zack, and Billy are already asleep.  After awhile, the teens all begin to have uneasy dreams.  (Goldar using the Crystal of Nightmares, casts a spell on the teens to make them lose their self confidence.)  Billy dreams of his and Pink Ranger's battle with Terror Toad and how he was swallowed by Terror Toad.  Trini's dreams of the Rangers battling Goldar.  Goldar knocks the Rangers off their feet and they hit the ground.  Zack's nightmares is his battle with Nasty Knight.  Black Ranger is struck hard and rolls down a hill.  Bulk and Skull have the same dream - being the Power Rangers.  In their dream, they morph and leap into the Megazord.  In the cockpit, Bulk wonders how you drive this thing and where is the gas?  Skull messes around with the controls and the Megazord starts punching.  Bulk and Skull start screaming as the Megazord makes jerky movements.  Bulk asks Skull, who taught you how to drive?  Skull replies, nobody.  How am I doing?  Bulk doesn't answer, instead he demands Skull give him the controls.  Skull does and soon sparks fly inside and outside of the Megazord.  Skull calls out a warning that they are going to crash.  Bulk screams as the Megazord crashes into a building.  Kimberly's nightmare is the time Samurai Fan Man captured her in his jar.  Jason dreams of the time he was in the dark dimension and was fighting Goldar.  Goldar had him pinned to the wall and Jason was unable to break free.  Billy, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini's nightmares merge into the same nightmare.  In the nightmare, the teens are in the Command Center.  Zordon tells them it's become obvious you are no longer capable of performing your duties.  I have no choice but to strip you of your powers forever.  Jason, Billy, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini wake up and sit straight up in bed - very upset over the outcome of the nightmare.  The next morning, Trini and Kimberly are sitting on a bed when they are startled by a knock on the door.  Nervously, Kimberly goes to the door and cautiously opens it.  It's Jason, Billy, and Zack.  They enter the room, looking as nervous as Kimberly and Trini.  Jason asks them if they had the same nightmare?  Kimberly replies, it was horrible.  Billy adds it was really disturbing.   Jason's communicator goes off and they all jump.  Kimberly panics.  Oh no!  Zordon!  Zack confesses that he is not ready for another one of Rita's monsters.  Trini adds, me neither.  Billy admits he doesn't think he ever will be.  After a few moments, Jason's communicator goes off again, making the teens very nervous.  Jason tells his friends, I know we're scared but we have to answer.  Jason reluctantly responds this is Jason, Zordon.  Zordon tells them he is aware of their terrible nightmares.  Billy tells Zordon they have lost all confidence in their abilities.  Zordon tells them, this was exactly Rita and Goldar's plan.  Without self confidence, your powers are completely useless.   Zack assumes this means they are through.  Zordon continues, fortunately Alpha has located the Crystal of Nightmares that Goldar used to manipulate your minds.  You must destroy it and it will release you from your fears.  Kimberly adamantly replies, no way!  I'm hanging up my communicator!  Trini gets off the bed and walks over to Jason.  She tells Zordon, I don't know if we can do it Zordon.  Zordon tells them, you can and you will.  Believe only that and you will succeed.  The teens are teleported out of the cabin.  They land close to the entrance of the cave, that is protected by several Putties.  Scared, Kimberly tries to leave, but the Putties spot them.  The teens are easily defeated by the Putties.  Jason manages to run inside the cave and destroys the Crystal of Nightmares.  The spell is broken and the teens' self confidence returns.  The teens easily defeat the Putties.  Later that morning, a maid enters the guys' cabin and is surprised by the mess she finds.  The maid starts vacuuming and the sound wakes up Skull and Bulk.  Bulk shouts hey.  The maid is startled by the appearance of Bulk and Skull and screams.  Bulk screams at Skull.  Skull asks him, what are you screaming about?  Bulk replies, the test!  We got to get out of here!  Bulk and Skull scream and race out of the cabin, leaving the maid bewildered. 

Crystal Of Nightmares