The Bulkmeier's Home

Bulk & Skull were in Bulk's room.  The room is a little messy.  Bulk has a large plastic hotdog and bun handing over his bed.  The curtains on the window are an animal print. At the end of Bulk's bed is a chest full of costumes.  Skull is kneeling by a chest.  Bulk wants an excellent costume to win the contest.  Bulk & Skull dress as Captain Hook and Peter Pan.  Skull thinks it's a great costume, but Bulk isn't going anywhere in little green tights.  The next change is a horse costume.  Bulk refuses this costume as well - there is no way he is going to be the back end.  Final costume change is young Elvis and old Elvis.  Bulk likes the idea.  Bulk & Skull start dancing and swiveling their hips until Bulk's back goes out.  The bedroom is ground level, which makes it easy for Frankenstein to glare into.  Although Bulk & Skull are unaware of Frankenstein.

Life's A Masquerade