Command Center

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The alarms go off in the Command Center and Alpha 5 panics.  Zordon instructs him to activate the intergalactic scanners.  Alpha 5 works on it right away.  Zordon continues, if my suspicions are correct, we may have some very dire circumstances to deal with.  Contact the Power Rangers at once.  Alpha 5 replies, yes Zordon.  I'll locate them and transport them here immediately.  Jason's communicator goes off.  Jason tells Alpha to hang on.  I'll round up the others.  They pull off the main track, get off their bikes and gather together.  Jason states, we read you Zordon.  Zordon tells them to teleport to the Command Center immediately.  This is an emergency.  Jason responds, we're on our way.  The teens arrive in the Command Center and Alpha 5 is still in a panic.  Jason asks Zordon, what's going on?  Zack asks, what's the emergency?  Zordon replies, the thing I feared most has happened.  Lord Zedd has returned.  Billy asks, who's Lord Zedd?  Zordon answers, Rita's and her minions, lord and master.  Kimberly is surprised.  You mean there is somebody worse than Rita.  Zordon replies, I'm afraid so.  Lord Zedd has been ruling over darker places within another galaxy.  Eons ago, he left Rita in charge to carry out his orders.  Since she has failed to do so...Trini finishes, he's come back to finish the job.  Tommy asks, will we be able to defeat him?  Zordon doesn't know.  I'm afraid your zords might not be powerful enough to defeat Lord Zedd's magic.  Alpha 5 adds, Lord Zedd's magic is unmatched by anything we have seen before.  The teens are worried.  After awhile, Alpha 5 shouts, Rangers!  Come quick!  Jason asks, what is it?  Alpha 5 points to the viewing globe, look!  The viewing globe shows images of Bulk and Skull surrounded by Zedd's Putties.  Kimberly notes, they don't look like your normal run of the mill Putties.  Zordon informs them, they are Lord Zedd's new army of Putties.  I'm afraid they will be significantly more difficult to defeat.  Zack bets this attack was meant for us.  Trini adds, we got to get there before they hurt Bulk and Skull.  The teens morph and teleport out.  The Rangers defeat Lord Zedd's Putties and make sure Bulk and Skull are okay before teleporting back to the Command Center.  Jason tells Zordon he was right.  Those Putties were really strong.  Billy adds, way more than we anticipated.  Tommy tells Zordon, my powers failed me.  If it wasn't for Jason.  Zordon tells them they were lucky to find to find their weak spot so quickly.  Apparently the Z on their chest is the source of their power.  Trini states, I'm sure Lord Zedd wasn't counting on us discovering it so soon.  Kimberly wonders what he's got in store for them next.  Zack has got a feeling it ain't Pudgy Pig.  Soon the alarms go off and Alpha 5 goes into a panic.  Trini asks, what is that?  Zordon answers, Lord Zedd has created a monster from a fish out of the rampoon river.  My sensors tell me it was a piranha, called Pirantishead.  Zack asks, as in man eating?  Zordon replies, I'm afraid so.  This monster has been sent to find you in Angel Grove.  Tommy.  You must stay behind temporarily while the others morph.  Tommy is very disappointed.  Zordon continues, Alpha and I will try to reenergize your powers to make them stronger.  Tommy tries to be encouraging.  Alright guys, I'll be there as soon as I can.  Kimberly, Trini, Jason, Billy, and Zack morph and teleport out. 

Tommy is holding out his power coin as Zordon gives his energy to charge it up.  Zordon warns Tommy, once again, I can temporarily strengthen your power but I do not know how long they will last.  I cannot risk giving you much more.  Zordon finishes charging the power coin.  Alpha 5 tells Tommy the Rangers need you!  Tommy morphs and teleports out.  Zordon adds and may the power protect them all.  Green Ranger arrives and summons Dragonzord to help.  Instead Pirantishead uses his fish flute to turn both Dragonzord and Tyrannosaurus to Lord Zedd's control.  Alpha 5 is working frantically as Zordon comments, it's good thing we anticipated Lord Zedd's return.  Alpha, prepare for phase two.  Soon the Rangers return to the Command Center.  Jason tells Zordon they lost their zords.  Zack adds, that's it.  We're history.  Trini adds, I can't believe this is how it ends.  Kimberly asks, isn't there anything we can do?  Zordon replies, I'm afraid nothing we can do will ever give the zords enough power.  You now need stronger new zords equipped with the power of thunder to defeat Lord Zedd.  Tommy asks, new zords?  Billy repeats power of thunder?  What do you mean Zordon?  Alpha 5 has the Rangers follow him out of the Command Center.  In the sky their new zords appear.  Zordon tells Jason he will control the Red Dragon Thunderzord.  It's power is fierce and true.  Trini, yours will be the Griffin Thunderzord.  Swift and accurate.  Zack the Lion Thunderzord will have courage and strength.  Billy your Unicorn Thunderzord has mystic logical power and wisdom.  Kimberly the Firebird Thunderzord shall be yours.  Powerful and agile.  When joined together they form the Thunder Megazord.  Jason is impressed.  These new zords are amazing.  Zack is feeling confident.  Lord Zedd is in for it now.  Kimberly glances over at Tommy and notices his expression.  Kimberly asks, what about Tommy?  Alpha 5 answers, it's not yet known whether or not Tommy's powers will remain.  Tommy tells them, it's alright guys.  We knew this might happen.  I just wish there was something I could do about it.  Trini asks, when do we take control of the new zords? Alpha 5 replies, you have to regain control of the old zords first.  Jason comments, looks like we got our work cut out for us guys.  Inside the Command Center, the teens are stressed and trying to come up with a plan.  Zack comments, I keep trying but I can't think of anything to do.  Kimberly, sitting next to Zack,  adds, we've got to come up with something. She gets up and walks over to Jason.  Jason, what can we do?  Jason doesn't know.  But we can't let Lord Zedd remain in control of our zords.  Trini walks over to Alpha 5 and asks if the computer has come up with a solution?  Alpha 5 replies, only some abstract statistics that I must analyze more thoroughly.  Billy volunteers to help Alpha.  Zack gives Tommy a small pat as he walks by.  Tommy comments, there's got to be a way.  Zack throws up his arm in frustration.  After a few moments, Billy comments, I think I got something here.  Trini asks what is it?  Billy replies, by my calculations if we build a device that will interfere with Lord Zedd's signal, we should be able to release the zords.  Jason comments, like reprogramming it.  Billy agrees.  I think I have all the available equipment back at my lab.  Zordon tells Alpha 5 and Billy, good work.  We have no time to lose.  Lord Zedd and his monster must be stopped.  Trini volunteers to go back to the lab with Billy.  Maybe I can help.  Billy thanks her.  Trini and Billy teleport out.  Kimberly gives Jason a concern look and comments, I hope this works.  Jason replies, me too.  Tommy and Zack exchange worried glances.  After awhile, the alarms go off in the Command Center.  Kimberly asks, now what?  Tommy asks Zordon what's happening?  Zordon replies, by taking control of your zords, Lord Zedd is confident that he has defeated you.  He has ordered his monster to begin another attack.  Alpha 5 adds, Billy and Trini haven't had enough time to finish the device.  Jason argues we can't wait anymore.  We have to morph.  Zack agrees.  There is no telling what that fish is up to next!  Zordon tries to calm them down.  Rangers, I understand your concern and commend you for it but without your zords, you will not be able to defeat this monster.  And might seriously be hurt in the process.  Angel Grove and the world cannot afford that.  Jason protests.  But Zordon, we can't just sit around and wait.  Zack asks, there's nothing we can do?!  Zordon replies, patience Power Rangers.  Billy and Trini will not let you down.  Kimberly, Tommy, Zack, and Jason are frustrated.  Alpha 5 has been watching the viewing globe and exclaims, oh no!  This is trouble!  The monster is heading towards the rally.  And with that flute of his, he can take control of any mechanical object.  Kimberly hopes Billy and Trini finish soon.  Tommy comments, they have too.  The viewing globe continues to show images of Pirantishead.  This upsets Jason, Zack, Tommy, and Kimberly.  Zack tells Zordon, we've got to do something.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to contact Billy and Trini.  Alpha 5 replies, right away Zordon.  Once contact is made, Zordon asks them if they have finished making the device?  Billy answers, we're still working on it.  Trini adds, we're hoping to get it done soon.  Alpha 5 tells them, hurry, we need it.  Tommy states we can't afford to wait for Billy and Trini.  Kimberly adds, this monster can do a lot of damage before they're done.  Jason tells Zordon, we got to morph.  Maybe we can at least slow down the monster's progress.  Zordon agrees.  The situation is urgent.  Alpha 5 adds, please be careful.  Kimberly tells Alpha 5 to have Billy and Trini meet them there.  Jason shouts, back to action and they teleport out.  The four Rangers fight several of Zedd's Putties.  Afterwards they find Pirantishead and try to avoid being destroyed by Dragonzord and Tyrannosaurus.  Alpha 5 has been watching the four Rangers on the viewing globe.  He alerts Zordon to the fact that Lord Zedd has ordered the zords to start attacking the Power Rangers.  This is terrible.  We have to do something!  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to open a communications channel to the Power Rangers.  Red Ranger shouts, Zordon!  We can't make it without the new zords!  Zordon replies, the new zords are on standby.  However they cannot be activated until the device allowing you to regain control of the old zords is completed.  The blasts from Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord knock the Rangers off their feet once more.  Red Ranger tells Zordon to tell Billy and Trini to hurry.  I don't know how much longer we can last!

Zordon informs Alpha 5 that the captured zords are on the move again.  Alpha 5 points out that the Power Rangers are defenseless.  Zordon is aware, but unfortunately this time the zords are not attacking the Power Rangers.  It seems Lord Zedd has instructed Pirantishead to unleash the zords on the citizens of Angel Grove.  Alpha 5 becomes alarmed.  What should we do?!  Zordon replies, the zords must be freed from Lord Zedd's control.  And for that we need Billy's signal blocker.  Find out if it is completed.  Alpha 5 contacts Billy to see if his signal blocker is ready.  Billy replies, negative.  We're still working on it.  Zordon tells Billy that the situation has become critical and you must hurry.  Billy responds, we should be done with it soon Zordon.  Trini agrees.  Alpha 5 hopes this works.  So does Zordon.  After awhile, Alpha 5 informs Zordon that Dragonzord is attacking the rally.  Shortly after, Billy and Trini finish the signal blocker are teleport to where the rest of the Rangers are.  The Rangers are having a difficult time getting the signal blocker to work and have form the Power Blaster.  Alpha 5 has been watching the Rangers on the viewing globe.  Alpha 5 tells Zordon if they destroy the old zords, they can't take control of the new ones.  Zordon replies, Alpha, you must have faith in them.  Instead of firing at Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord, the Rangers fire the Power Blaster at Pirantishead.  Blue Ranger discovers he had put a battery outside down and fixes it.  The signal blocker works and the zords are under the Power Rangers control.  Furious, Lord Zedd points his staff at Angel Grove.  The ground shakes and the zords sink below.  Zordon tells Alpha 5, we must work quickly to preserve what remains of the zords.  Recalibrate the morphing grid and encase the zords with static power.  Then move them to their hiding places and with luck, there will be enough of the old zords to recreate the new zords.  Red Ranger tells Green Ranger to be quick.  Lord Zedd hasn't gotten to Dragonzord yet.  Green Ranger uses his Dragon Dagger to send Dragonzord back to the sea where he will be safe.  Red Ranger tells Green Ranger, he had to do it.  Green Ranger agrees.  There's no way I'll let Zedd get him too.  Pirantishead had grown to giant size and the Rangers had no choice but to retreat to the Command Center.  Jason tells Zordon, it's terrible.  Seeing the zords sink down into the earth like that.  Trini adds, everything we worked for is gone.  Zordon responds, not quite Trini.  Alpha managed to save enough of your old zords to create the new zords.  Alpha becomes modest as he responds, it was nothing.  Alpha 5 is very excited to tell the teens they can now call their new zords.  Zordon adds, zords with unbelievable power.  The alarms go off.  Alpha 5 states, it's another attack.  Zordon tells the teens, you must face Pirantishead again.  Call for the new zords when you need them and they will come.  Tommy, your powers are too weak to support a new zord.  I'm sorry.  Trying to make the situation better, Alpha 5 adds, he can still morph.  He just can't power a zord.  We'll keep trying to find a way to regenerate Tommy's powers.  But right now you got to save Angel Grove and the world.  Alpha 5 presses a button and tells the teens, your zords are now activated.  Jason asks Tommy if he is going to be okay?  Tommy replies, yeah, go on.  Give them one for me.  Jason exclaims back to action as the teens morph and teleport out.  Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger summon their new Thunderzords.  Alpha 5 is watching the Rangers and cheering them on.  Now that's more like it!  Go get him Power Rangers!  Reel in that overgrown guppy and send him back where he came from!  Zordon watches on in amusement.  The Thunderzords arrive.   Alpha 5 is impressed.  Zordon instructs the Rangers to bring all the zords together to form the Thunder Megazord.  The zords form the Thunder Megazord and battles Pirantishead.  Tommy watches the battle through the viewing globe with Alpha 5.  Tommy is impressed by the new zords.  Wow, those new zords are amazing.  Alpha 5 agrees.  Yes, they are, but don't be sad.  We'll find some way to bring your powers up to full.  The teens return to the Command Center.  Zordon congratulates the teens on a impressive new beginning.  Alpha 5 adds, the new zords will serve you well.  Zordon continues, once mastered, your zords will reveal even greater powers.  Kimberly asks, what about Tommy?  Will Dragonzord be able to go through another fight?  Zordon replies, the Dragonzord must now converse what energy it has left.  Just as Tommy's power periodically fail him, so it shall be with the Dragonzord.  Tommy responds, hey no sweat.  Well, it was nice while it lasted.  Jason responds, man what are you talking about?  You know you're always going to be one of us.  Zack adds, that's right.  You got us through some tough times.  Trini agrees, and we're not going to forget that.  Billy adds, hey, there still may be a way.  Anything's possible, right?  Tommy thanks them and adds, there's just one thing I'm wondering about.  Kimberly asks, what's that?  Tommy asks, what ever happened to Rita?  Alpha 5 responds, right this way and we'll find out as he leads them towards the viewing globe.  On the viewing globe is images of Rita, inside her dumpster, singing.  Everyone laughs and Zordon even sings along to the song.  Soon, Alpha 5 notes the sensors indicate that something is not quite right.  The viewing globe shows images of Bulk and Skull still on out of control 4-wheelers.  Alpha 5 tells the teens, your friends from school are still under the spell of Pirantishead's magic.  If we don't do something, they'll continue to ride out of control forever.  The teens laugh.  Trini points out that they can't just leave them like that.  Billy adds, we better help them.  Perhaps my device can turn the 4-wheelers back to normal.  Trini is ready, let's do it.  The teens teleport out and land a small distance away from Bulk and Skull.  Billy and Trini use the signal blocker on Bulk and Skull's 4-wheelers and it stops the out of control 4-wheelers.

The teens arrive at the Command Center and Trini assumes that Lord Zedd has launched another attack.  Instead, Zordon tells the teens due to the planets alignment, he must de-ionize.  After Zordon de-ionizes, the teens are aware that they must stay extra aware and tell Alpha 5 to contact them the moment Lord Zedd does something.  The teens teleport out and Alpha 5 states after they are gone not to worry about him being alone in the big, scary Command Center.  After awhile, Alpha 5 decides to check the area and scans the park.  Alpha 5 sees a young boy, Dylan, lost and looking for his mom.  Alpha 5 decides not to contact the Rangers, that this is a job he can do and teleports to the park.  Unable to get a hold of Alpha 5, the teens return to the Command Center.  Soon, Tommy points out, hey it's Zordon!  Billy adds, and he's re-ionized.  Zordon states, Rangers, we have a crisis.  Trini asks, where's Alpha?  Zordon instructs them, observe the viewing globe.  The teens turn around and face the viewing globe.  It shows images of a young boy, Alpha 5 and Primator.  Zordon tell them, Alpha is in the arms of a little boy named Dylan, who he tried to rescue.  He was attacked by Zedd's monstrous beast, the Primator and has activated his self destruct mechanism.  Kimberly comments, poor Alpha.  Trini states, we got to save him.  The alarms go off in the Command Center.  Zordon tells them, I'm afraid there is no time for that.  The Primator is about to destroy Angel Grove harbor.  Rangers, he has the power to disguise himself as anyone of you.  Thus making it impossible for you to know who to fight.  Kimberly concludes, I bet you it was the ape that turned himself into Zack and told us to go to the park.  (Earlier in the day, "Zack" had convinced Trini and Kimberly to go to the park to help Tommy.  While there, they were attacked by Zedd's Putties.) Kimberly apologizes.  Zack replies, it's solid.  Let's get this bogus baboon.  The teens morph and teleport out.  After a difficult battle, the Rangers retreat to the Command Center.  Jason tells Zordon we can't seem to outsmart Zedd's monster.  Zordon tells them he has discovered a clue.  Behold the viewing globe.  The Rangers turn around and face the viewing globe.  It is showing images of Alpha 5 and "Billy".  Zordon explains, when the Primator see itself reflected in Alpha's shining helmet, he can no longer maintain his alter state.  The viewing globe reflects this as it shows "Billy" reverting back to Primator.  Jason concludes so that means when he turns into one of us, all we have to do is get him to see his own reflection.  Joking, Zack asks, anyone got a mirror?  Kimberly replies, well you know what.  I never leave home without one.  Trini exclaims, why to go Kimberly!  They high five each other.  Jason tells the team, let's give this ugly ape a good look at himself.  The Rangers teleport out.  The Rangers put their plan into action and Primator loses his illusion.  A battle follows and Primator is destroyed by Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord.  After the battle, the Rangers arrive in the park in time to deactivate Alpha 5's destruct mechanism.  They return to the Command Center with Alpha.  Alpha 5 protests.  But Zordon I can explain everything!  Zordon replies, I know you meant well Alpha but a true hero knows the meaning of responsibility.  You should have informed the Power Rangers that you were leaving the Command Center.  Trini tells Alpha, I think you're going to be grounded for a few thousand years.  This sends Alpha into a tizzy.  Now I'll never learn how to play soccer!  The Rangers laugh.     

Zordon tells Alpha 5 that Billy and Zack are under attack.  Alert the other Rangers.  Alpha 5 does so.  After the teens fight Zedd's Putties, they teleport to the Command Center.  Jason asks, do we still look like Putties to you guys?  Billy replies affirmative.  Zack agrees.  Zordon tells them, apparently Lord Zedd's strategy is to try and upset the balance of your team.  If he can keep you guessing about who's a friend and who's an enemy it will leave him free to release his latest monster on Angel Grove.  The Saliguana.  The teens look at the viewing globe where images of Saliguana are being displayed.  Zack notes, man that is one hot headed lizard.  Zordon informs them that Lord Zedd has combined an iguana with the mystical salamander.  A creature capable of living in and breathing fire.  Billy notes, well if we're going to defeat it, we'll have to make a device that will cool it down.  Zordon tells Zack and Billy, that will be your task.  Alpha 5 adds, and while you're doing that, I will try and find a way to reverse Zedd's spell.  Billy hopes Alpha can do it.  Billy and Zack leave for Billy's lab.  After awhile, Alpha 5 informs them that he is sending Trini down to try an experiment.  Billy replies, anything's worth a try Alpha.  Trini teleports to Billy's lab.  Trini hopes this works.  And it does.  Yellow Ranger contacts Jason.  Good news.  As long as we're morphed, Zedd's spell doesn't work.  Jason replies, great.  So if we have to go into battle, Zack and Billy will be seeing straight.  Thanks Trini.  The alarms go off.  Zordon informs Tommy, Kimberly, and Jason that the Saliguana monster has begun it's attack on the beach outside Angel Grove.  Jason contacts Billy.   Billy promptly responds yes Jason.  Jason tells Billy, we're under attack.  Let's go!  Billy protests.  But my ice device.  I haven't tested it yet!  Jason replies, we'll have to go with it as is. Tommy tells Kimberly and Jason that his energy is low.  Zordon will have to recharge me.  Jason replies, we'll see you there.  I hope.  Kimberly and Jason morph and teleport out.  The Rangers destroyed Saliguana with Thunder Megazord.  Alpha 5 discovered Zedd's spell embedded in the glasses.  So he soaked them in a special energy beam.  It deactivate Zedd's spells and Zack and Billy no longer saw their friends as Putties.   

Zordon is aware that Lord Zedd had sent Bloom of Doom to Angel Grove.  He tells Alpha 5 to contact the Rangers and let them know. Jason, Trini, and Tommy are walking together.  Jason's communicator goes off.  Jason responds, come in Zordon, we read you.  Zordon tells them, Zedd has sent his Bloom of Doom to destroy the planet.  You must morph to the city side of Angel Grove park immediately.  Tommy states, I'm ready, let's go.  Trini protests.  Shouldn't you be conserving your powers?  Zordon responds, Trini, Tommy understands the danger.  The decision to join you must be his.  Tommy agrees and states, and I say I'm going with you.  Jason, Trini, and Tommy morph.  Moments later, Billy and Zack find a quiet area in the Youth Center.  Billy responds, yeah, we're here.  Alpha 5 tells them they must join the others at the city side of the park immediately.  Zack responds, we're on it Alpha!  Zack and Billy morph and teleport out.   Kimberly is contacted last.  Kimberly is aggressively digging a hole when her communicator goes off.  Kimberly groans and pulls off her gloves, muttering it figures.  Kimberly stands up and puts on a fake cherry voice as she responds, come in Zordon.  Zordon tells her, there's trouble Pink Ranger.  You're urgently needed to rendezvous with the others at the city side of Angel Grove park.  Kimberly waits impatiently as Zordon continues.  In addition, you'll need a special weapon to combat Zedd's monster.  Alpha is beaming it to you now.  The weapon appears in Kimberly's hand and she gives it a skeptical look.  Kimberly asks Zordon, what am I suppose to do with this thing?  Zordon replies, you must wrap it around the monster like a vine.  Kimberly comments, well thank goodness it's in my hands instead of that club hogger Trini!  Alpha 5 wishes Kimberly good luck.  Kimberly morphs and teleports to the city side of Angel Grove park.  Unfortunately things do not go well and Pink Ranger ends up being teleported to another dimension, along with Bloom of Doom.  Trini, Zack, Jason, Tommy, and Billy arrive in the Command Center.  Jason asks, what has Zedd done with Kimberly?  Zordon replies, Zedd has cast an evil spell and poisoned her with jealousy.  He is trying to pit you against each other Rangers.  Trini responds, so that's it!  Zordon we can't let him do that.  We got to help her.  Zack asks, where's she now?  Zordon replies, in an inter dimensional warp.  It will be nearly impossible to penetrate and free her.  Tommy responds, we just can't leave her there.  Zordon informs them, Alpha is working on a solution.  After awhile, Billy walks towards Alpha and asks to look at the calculations.  He has an idea.  After taking a look, Billy comments, just as I thought.  Billy presses a few buttons on the console.  Billy tells the others, even though Kimberly is in another dimension, she's still reachable.  Trini asks, can you locate her?  Billy replies yeah.  If you throw your daggers at a 90 degree trajectory course, you'll be able to penetrate the dimension and also break the spell of jealousy.  Zordon confirms this information.  It is possible.  But you must hurry Trini, if she stays in the dimensional warp too long, Kimberly will be lost forever.  Tommy wishes Trini good luck.  Trini tells the guys, I'm morphin back into action.  Trini teleports out of the Command Center.  The plan works and Yellow Ranger, with the Power Daggers, knock both Pink Ranger and Bloom of Doom out of the dimension.  The rest of the Rangers soon join them.  Bloom of Doom is destroyed by the Power Blaster. 

Alpha 5 picks up the signals of a monster in Angel Grove and Zordon tells him to contact the Rangers.  Trini, Kimberly, Billy, Jason and Zack are getting ready to leave the Youth Center when Jason's communicator goes off.  The teens find a quiet spot and Jason tells Zordon, we read you.  Zordon informs them that Lord Zedd has created a new powerful monster called Robogoat.   Prepare to teleport to the Command Center for a briefing.  Tommy joins the teens as they teleport out of the Youth Center.  The teens arrive at the Command Center.  Trini points to the viewing globe, where images of Robogoat are displayed.  Kimberly asks, what is that thing?  Zordon replies, his name is Robogoat.  And he draws his various strengths from mystical and mechanical sources.  You must stop him before he reaches Angel Grove.  With a smirk that no one else sees, Tommy takes a closer look at the viewing globe.  Tommy states, count me in.  Kimberly protests.  No way.  Tommy you have to conserve your powers.  Jason adds, we may need to rely on you for a bigger battle later on.  Assuming a look of concern, Tommy turns around and faces his friends.  He tells them, wait a minute.  Zordon, what if we summon the Sword of Power?  Maybe that would give me an extra boost of power that would sustain me through the fight.   Billy agrees, this might work.  Zordon agrees as well.  It's worth a try Rangers.  The teens form a circle and place their hands in the center as they summon the Sword of Power.  The sword appears in Tommy's hands.  Tommy waves it around.  Kimberly screams and clutches Zack's wrist.  Tommy gives an evil laugh as he tells them their days as Power Rangers are numbered.  Tommy vanishes.  Zack doesn't believe it.  Kimberly can't believe this is happening again.  Jason is furious, but doesn't say a word.  After awhile, Zordon asks Alpha if he has a lock on Tommy yet?  Alpha 5 replies, yes!  I found him outside the mountains.  Zordon informs the teens, Tommy is out of Lord Zedd's trance but his powers are fading.  Trini, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Alpha look at the viewing globe, which is showing images of Green Ranger.  Zordon continues, he needs your help Rangers.  Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Trini morph and teleport out. The Rangers battle Robogoat with Thunder Megazord, but it is a very difficult battle.  Green Ranger, a distance away, is aware of the battle.  Green Ranger shouts, Zordon, they're counting on me!  Come on!  Put me back in the fight!  I can't believe this is happening.  But Green Ranger is not put back into battle and eventually Robogoat is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.

Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Green Ranger had been battling Zedd's Putties in the park, when Octophantom appeared.  The Putties captured Green Ranger and Octophantom used his jar to draw him in.  Octophantom and the Putties vanished.  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger contact Alpha 5 and tell him to contact the others and have them meet in the Command Center.  The teens meet inside the Command Center.  Kimberly tells Zordon, we got to do something to get Tommy back.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to access all the available data on the monster.  See if you can come up with any solutions.  Alpha 5 gets started right away as Kimberly peers over his shoulder.  After awhile, using the information gathered, Billy has come to the conclusion that the monster is a combination of an elephant and an octopus.  Zack notes, that must mean he is incredibly strong.  Jason adds it's going to take a lot to beat this one.  Trini asks Billy if he has be able to locate Tommy?  Billy responds, negative.  The alarms go off in the Command Center. Zordon informs the teens that the Octophantom has just landed in West Union park.  Kimberly asks, does he have Tommy with him?  The teens and Alpha hurry over to the viewing globe, where images of Octophantom are being shown.  Zordon replies, I'm afraid not.  Billy notes the park is so far away from everything.  What's he doing there?  Zordon responds, I believe Lord Zedd's monster has been sent to vandalize the park in an attempt to lure you Rangers out into the open.  Trini becomes alarm when she notes Octophantom is ruining the Pacific Heritage monuments.  Zordon warns the teens, use caution Power Rangers.  His purpose is to capture you, just as he did Tommy.  The teens morph and teleport out.  Unfortunately, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger are also captured by Octophantom.  Blue Ranger and Red Ranger return to the Command Center.  Alpha 5 is in a panic.  What are we going to do?!  Billy tells them, I've discovered the monster's weakness.  He's extremely vain.  Jason tells him, good work.  Billy suggests they build a device to exploit his vanity and stop him.  Jason likes the idea.  Excellent, but we can't wait.  I'm going to go ahead and you catch up.  Billy agrees.  Zordon wishes Jason good luck and may the power protect you.  Jason teleports out.  Billy gets to work.  When the device is completed, Billy teleports out and joins Red Ranger.  Blue Ranger gives the device to Red Ranger.  Red Ranger battles Octophantom.  Blue Ranger rescues the rest of the Rangers.  Because of his weak state, Blue Ranger sends Green Ranger back to the Command Center.  Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger join Red Ranger in his battle against Octophantom.  Lord Zedd tosses down his grow bomb and Octophantom grows to giant size.  The Rangers summon their Thunder zords and quickly form Thunder Megazord.  Eventually Octophantom is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.   

Pink Ranger contacts Zordon.  Tommy and I need help.  After a few moments, Jason's communicator goes off.  Trini, Zack, and Billy gather around Jason.  Zordon tells them Kimberly and Tommy have been attacked by one of Zedd's monsters.  Jason responds, read you.  Jason, Zack, Trini, and Billy morph and head out to help Kimberly and Tommy.  Unfortunately Stag Beetle was able to drain Green Ranger of his powers.  The Rangers retreated to the Command Center.  Zordon asks Billy, what is your analysissis of Tommy's condition?  Billy responds, physically, he's okay.  Tommy adds I feel fine.  Just weak.  I don't really remember what happened.  Kimberly states, well, when the beetle attacked us, it was definitely targeting Tommy.  Zordon concludes, that must be Zedd's plan.  We must learn exactly what the Stag Beetle has done to him.  Billy walks over to a console and pulls out the computer printout.  Billy tells them, this readout indicates that Tommy has been stripped of his  Power Ranger energies.  Alpha 5 becomes alarmed.  Zordon warns the teens to be careful.  If the beetle has stolen Tommy's powers, it can do the same to any of you.  As long as it controls the green energy, it is extremely powerful.  Trini asks, what can we do?  Billy has an idea.  Perhaps Alpha can construct a green energy device that will recapture Tommy's power.   Although that would take some time.  Zordon thinks it's an excellent suggestion.  Alpha 5 tells them he'll get right on it.  The alarms go off in the Command Center.  Zordon informs them, the beetle has reappeared near Angel Grove.  Jason is ready to get him.  Zordon reminds them, the Stag Beetle must not be destroyed until we recover Tommy's powers.  Zack confirms, okay, we're on it. Kimberly tells Tommy to hang in there.  We'll get your powers back for you.  Kimberly, Billy, Jason, Trini, and Zack teleport out.  Tommy watches his friends battle Stag Beetle on the viewing globe.  Tommy is very frustrated.  He's blasting them with my powers.  We got to do something.  Zordon asks Alpha 5 if he has finished the device?  Alpha 5 replies, I'm working as fast as I can.  Tommy walks over to Alpha 5 and asks, how does it work?  Alpha 5 replies, well Tommy, it's really quite simple.  If everything goes according to plan, when the beetle fires a blast of green power, the device will suck it up.  Hopefully the monster hasn't already use too much of your power.  Tommy agrees, I hope not.  Zordon tells Alpha to work quickly.  As soon as you are finish, I will morph Tommy to the Rangers' location.  Alpha 5 gets back to work as Tommy comments, just let me have a crack at that blockhead bug.   The plan works and Tommy uses the device to get his powers back.  Stag Beetle is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.

Hallie, Trini's neighbor, had been kidnapped by Goldar and several Putties.  Goldar had accidentally left behind a bottle with a message inside it.  At the Command Center, Billy is busy scanning the characters into the computer.  The computer should then decode them.  Tommy fills in the rest on what happened.  By the time we got there, Goldar and the Putties took off with Hallie.  Jason thinks maybe the message Goldar drop may tell them something.   Billy states, the computer is decoding the message.  Alpha 5 adds the translation is nearly complete.  The computer prints out a sheet and Billy tears it off, stating, let's see what it says.  He tells his friends, it's instructions to Goldar.  It says take Hallie to Venus Island where she'll join us forever.  Kimberly questions, Venus Island?  Zordon tells them, an island that exists only when Zedd calls it forth as he has done now.  Behold the viewing globe.  The teens gather around the viewing globe and look at images of Venus Island.  Zordon continues, just as Zedd can make the island rise, he can make it sink at any time. If it should sink before Hallie is rescued, she will be lost forever to his evil power.  Trini becomes alarmed.  Zordon, we can't wait.  Jason asks, how do we get there?  Zordon responds, no one but Zedd knows it's location.  It appears whenever he chooses.  Billy is not willing to give up.  There must be something unique about the island we can use to pinpoint it.  Zordon tells them, at sunset the trade winds blow to Venus Island.  Billy you must devise a way to track these winds.  Trini asks Billy, how can you follow the wind?  Billy doesn't answer and becomes deep in thought. Soon Billy comes up with an idea.  Billy, Jason, and Trini leave for Billy's lab.   After awhile, Jason's communicator goes off.  Jason responds, we're here Zordon.   Zordon tells them they must hurry.  My sensors indicate Venus Island is becoming less stable.  The three teens take off from the lab.  Trini, Jason, and Billy are standing on hill.  Billy asks, how long till the sunset Jason?  Jason replies, twenty seconds left.  Trini notes, the winds picking up.  Zordon contacts them and tells them they must not miss sunset.  I fear the island is much too unstable to last another day.  Billy asks, is the tracking device operational?  Zack, taking a close look at the tracking device, responds, yes perfect.  I guess.  After a few moments, Zack, Tommy, and Kimberly watch the weather balloon on the viewing globe.  Zack notes, it's moving away!  Trini, Billy, and Jason return to the Command Center.  Billy looks over the maps as he tells his friends, still moving rapidly over the Atlantic Ocean.  Jason instructs them, as soon as it lands, we teleport in, get Hallie and get out.  Tommy agrees.  Zack suggests they maybe Tommy should stay behind.  I mean we might need you here.  Uncomfortable, Kimberly adds yeah, your powers.  Zordon tells them, Kimberly is right.  Your powers have been significantly weaken.  If Zedd should force a long fight, it could drain the last of your energy.  You could be lost along with the island.  Tommy reassures his friends, look if Zedd pulls anything, I'll teleport back here.  Deal?  Jason exchanges uneasy glances with Zack and Trini before telling Tommy, it's a deal.  Alpha 5 announces, the tracking signal!  Billy notes, it's landed and it's an island.  Smiles return to everyone's faces.  Alpha 5 announces, the sensors have located Hallie in the center of the island and points to the viewing globe.  The viewing globe shows images of Hallie, which disturbs them all.  Trini asks, what's happening?  Zordon answers, Lord Zedd is trying to make Hallie evil.  When the red fog has taken over her entire body, she will be lost to his evil control.  Jason states, we'll see about that. Ready to teleport.  The teens get ready and Jason announces, to Venus Island.  Alpha 5 wishes them good luck as they teleport out.  Once on Venus Island, the Rangers battle Invenusable Flytrap, master of the island.  Invenusable Flytrap opens up it's chest plates and pulls in Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger inside.  Green Ranger tries to come up with a plan, but Yellow Ranger tells him to wait and notes Zordon is contacting them.  Zordon tells Tommy, you don't have enough power to continue.  Teleport back immediately.  Green Ranger and Yellow Ranger teleport out.  Tommy and Trini teleport into the Command Center.  Tommy barely makes it and Alpha 5 and Trini have to help him up.  Tommy apologizes to Zordon.  I couldn't get away.  Zordon replies, that is Zedd's plan.  He wants to weaken you and draw you and Hallie into his evil world.  Observe the viewing globe.  Trini supports Tommy as they turn to look at the viewing globe where images of Hallie are being displayed. Zordon tells them, if you are unable to rescue her before the island sinks into the sea, she will be lost to Zedd's evil world forever.  Trini and Tommy turn around and face Zordon.  Trini states, that can't happen Zordon.  Tommy steps forward and states, then there is no other choice.  I'll have to take Hallie's place.  Trini tells him no.  There has to be another way.  Alpha 5 asks her, what do you have in mind?  Trini responds, I'll fight alone.  Tommy protests, alone?!  You'll end up with the others.  There is only one thing left for me to do and we all know what that is.  Tommy and Trini hug.  Alpha 5 feels bad for Tommy.  Tommy tells them, look, I promise I'll try to resist Zedd.  But I don't know if I can.  And if I ever come back, if I ever come back to hurt any of you, tell them for me, I'm sorry.  Tommy prepares to teleport.  Alpha 5 suddenly exclaims, wait a minute!  What's this?!  Alpha 5 removes a sheet of paper from the computer.  He tells them, the computer has been analyzing the Invenusable Flytrap, searching for any weakness.  Heat.  Zordon responds, of course.  The Venus Flytrap cannot withstand heat.  Trini asks, so if the others can create heat while inside the monster, they may be able to escape?  Tommy adds, it's our only chance.  With a big grin, Trini grabs her helmet and tells Tommy, let's go.  Tommy and Trini teleport out. The plan works and the rest of the Rangers escape from Invenusable Flytrap.  The Rangers destroy Invenusable Flytrap with their Power Blaster and then rescue Hallie from Venus Island.

Guitardo appears and chases Bulk and Skull.  The alarms go off in the Command Center.  Zordon tells Alpha 5 to contact Zack, Billy, Tommy, Kimberly, Trini, and Jason.  Zordon tells them there is a monster in the park, but they must teleport to the Command Center first.  The teens teleport to the Command Center.  Zordon has Alpha 5 check out Tommy's powers, while the rest are fill in on the monster's ability to hypnotize people.  Kimberly is outrage that Guitardo is using her guitar.  Alpha 5 tells Tommy that he doesn't have much of his powers left.  Zordon tells Tommy he has to stay behind.  Kimberly protests, asking if there isn't a way they can power up Tommy like before.  Unfortunately, this is no longer an option.  Kimberly, Jason, Trini, Zack, and Billy are all concern for Tommy.  The five teens morph and teleport out.   In the Command Center, Tommy watches the viewing globe.  Guitardo has Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger floating up in the air.  Pink Ranger is on her own.  Tommy insists on going to help his friends and Zordon lets him.  Green Ranger arrives to help Pink Ranger.  Green Ranger battles Guitardo and Guitardo leaves, telling them to find him on the fair grounds.   Green Ranger has Pink Ranger guard the rest of the Rangers, while Green Ranger goes to the fair grounds.  Alpha 5 has been watching the battle on the viewing globe.  He informs Zordon that the Guitardo monster has lured Tommy to the fair grounds.  Pink Ranger contacts them and asks, what can we do for Jason and the others?  Is there any way to break the spell?  Zordon responds, the only way to free the other Rangers is to destroy the Guitardo.  Pink Ranger asks Alpha 5 to watch over rest of the Rangers while she leaves to go help Tommy.  Eventually Pink Ranger, using her Power Bow and Dragon Dagger, destroys Guitardo.  Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger are dropped back to the ground.

In the Command Center, Tommy awaits the news about his powers with Alpha 5.  Zordon tells Tommy he only has enough powers for one more fight.  Tommy asks Zordon about the image he had seen the previous day.  Zordon tells Tommy they are investigating it, but it is worth noting that the image of Tommy was not wearing the Green Ranger suit.  The following day,  Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Billy teleport to the Command Center.  Tommy is there.  Kimberly asks Tommy about his powers and he tells her he only has one good fight left.  The viewing globe shows Turbanshell attacking Angel Grove.  Zack and Jason are ready to go into battle.  Tommy tells them he is ready as well.  A few moments later, Trini teleports into the Command Center and Billy fills her in.  Jason and Zack try to talk Tommy out of going, but Tommy insists.  Zordon tells them the decision is up to Tommy.  Trini, Billy, Zack, Kimberly, Jason, and Tommy morphed and head into the city. 

The Command Center is surrounded by an energy shield.  Zordon and Alpha 5 cannot contact the Rangers.  Alpha 5 receives more distressing news from the computer, the energy shield is gradually becoming tighter and eventually the Command Center will implode.  Eventually, Lord Zedd releases Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack from the other world, so they can helplessly watch him destroy their city.  The teens head to Billy's lab, where Billy works frantically, trying to establish communications between the Rangers and the Command Center.  Tommy teleports to Billy's lab and everyone is happy to see him.  Alpha 5 appears on the computer screen.  In the background, Zordon tells them the green crystal must be destroyed and only a non-ranger can do it.  Tommy volunteers to go, stating he has some payback.  Tommy teleports to the other world.  Tommy destroys the green crystal.  Tommy teleports back to Billy's lab in triumph and the morphers are returned to the Rangers.  Tommy tells them after touching the green crystal, he feels he has enough power for one more battle.  The teens morph.  The Rangers battle and destroy Turbanshell. Later, in the Command Center, Zordon congratulates Tommy on a job well done.  Tommy tells them how he is going to miss them, and they will always be in his heart.  The teens place their hands in the center, for one last time, and then leap into the air, shouting Power Rangers. 

Zordon tells Jason that his friends are missing.  He also tells Jason that the need of many outweigh the need of one.  Zordon tells Jason he did the right thing in helping his friends and shouldn't blame himself for Tommy.  Alpha 5 locates the Rangers and Jason becomes very upset when he sees his friends in danger.  Zordon tells Jason to take control of his emotions, Zedd wants him upset.  Moments later the viewing globe shows Pipebrain in Angel Grove.  Jason is determined to destroy Pipebrain and rescue his friends.  Jason morphs and teleports to the park.  Red Ranger destroys Pipebrain with his Red Dragon Thunder Zord.  He also goes to the Dimension of Doom to save his friends.  After awhile, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger arrive in the Command Center.  They immediately notice that Jason is not with them.  Zordon tells them how Jason stayed behind to make sure they arrived safe.  Moments later, Jason arrives.  The rest of the Rangers are happy and relieved to see Jason is okay.  Zordon tells Jason what a fine leader he is.  Alpha 5 tells them he has located Tommy.  Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack look at the viewing globe.  Tommy is by the lake, like Kimberly thought he would be.  Tommy is writing them a letter where he tells them he needs to get his head together.  Tommy writes to Jason that he doesn't blame him for what has happen and to take good care of the team.  They need him and he does too.  Tommy tells Jason to win the tournament.  Jason happily tells his friends he is going to win the tournament for Tommy, which he does.

Alpha 5 and Zordon check in on the Rangers.  The viewing globe shows the Rangers fighting.  Alpha 5 confirms that there are no monsters and Zordon tells Alpha 5 that the Rangers are under a spell.  Zordon has Alpha 5 teleport the Rangers to the Command Center.  Jason, Zack, Billy, Kimberly, and Trini are confused on why they had been teleported to the Command Center with so many monsters in Angel Grove.  Zordon has them look into the viewing globe - which shows Trumpet Top.  Zordon tells the Rangers that Trumpet Top has been made out of Zack's trumpet, and it has cast a spell on them, causing them to see monsters which are not there.  The only way to break the spell is to defeat Trumpet Top.  The Rangers morph back into action.   Eventually Trumpet Top is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.  Zack's Uncle's trumpet returns to normal.

Zordon contacts Zack.  Zordon tells Zack and Billy, we have an emergency.  Teleport to the Command Center immediately.  Alpha will contact Trini.  Zack and Billy teleport to the Command Center.  Zack, Trini, and Billy are in the Command Center.  Zordon has been unable to contact Jason, the mountains are blocking the signal.  The teens look to the viewing globe, which shows Goldar carrying Kimberly.  Zordon tells the teens how Lord Zedd plans to make Kimberly his new bride.  Lord Zedd also sent several Putties to harass Curtis and Richie.  Zordon shows the teens that their friends are in trouble.  Zack tells Trini and Billy to go rescue Kimberly, he will take care of the Putties in the park.  Billy and Trini morph and teleport to the entrance of the cave.  Zack morphs and teleports to the park  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger rescue Kimberly and Zack defeats the Putties in the park.  Lord Zedd is furious that Goldar has failed.  Lord Zedd creates a monster out of Kimberly's mirror.  In the Command Center, Alpha 5 and Zordon are aware of the Mirror Maniac.  Zordon tells Alpha to contact the Rangers immediately. Blue Ranger's communicator goes off and Blue Ranger responds, Alpha come in.  We read you.  Alpha 5 tells them they have a new emergency.  Zedd's Mirror Maniac monster is in Angel Grove central park.  Blue Ranger asks, have you been able to contact Jason yet?  Alpha 5 replies, yes.  Jason and Zack are on their way to the park.  Meet them there as soon as you can. Eventually Mirror Maniac is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.

Alpha 5 is shutting down everything and is excited about the day finally arriving.  Zordon leaves his tube and Alpha 5 enters the secret chamber. Later, the teens teleport to the Command Center.  It is dark and running on emergency power only.  The teens are puzzled as to why Zordon would leave without telling them.  Billy finds a disc and tells his friends they need to go back to his lab, where he will found out what is going on. The teens leave for Billy's lab.  After a battle with Nimrod, Billy teleports to the Command Center.  The Command Center is still dark with no sign of Zordon or Alpha 5. Billy starts working on one of the control panels when a door opens.  Billy goes through the door and begins to fall.  Billy lands safely and notices a vent on the floor with bright, white light shining through it.  Billy slowly edges towards the vent and looks down.  Billy is amaze to see that Zordon and Alpha 5 are making another Ranger.

Alpha 5 and Zordon were creating a new Ranger.  Alpha 5:  "Right Zordon.  Quantum pods are online.  We're nearly finish."  Alpha 5 continues to work on the new Ranger.  Soon, Zordon and Alpha 5 are ready and the teens are contacted. The teens teleport to the Command Center.  Zordon tells the teens the time has come for a new Ranger and leader.  The teens watched apprehensively as the new White Ranger is lowered to the floor. The tension becomes too much for Kimberly and she faints as the White Ranger reveals himself to be Tommy.  Zordon chuckles as the Billy, Jason, Zack, and Trini registered the fact that the new Ranger is their friend.  Jason, Zack, Trini, and Billy go to Tommy and congratulate him.  Tommy notices Kimberly on the floor and walks over.  Tommy wakes up Kimberly.  Kimberly can't believe it is really Tommy and they hug each other.  As they get up, Kimberly asks Zordon how, as she thought Tommy's powers were destroyed.  Zordon explains that the Green Ranger's powers were destroyed.  The White Ranger has been created with the power of good. Tommy is given a new zord and new weapons.  The teens are thrilled with the choice of Tommy as the White Ranger.  The alarm goes off.  The Nimrod monster is back.  Jason tells Zordon that their zords were damaged in the last battle and are not ready yet.  Alpha 5 calls the teens over to the viewing globe.  The viewing globe shows Bulk and Skull about to open Rita's dumpster.  The teens are aware their cover will be blown if Rita is released.  Zordon tells Trini and Billy to begin work on the zords.  Trini and Billy teleport out.  Zordon has Zack, Jason, and Kimberly go to Skull's garage to stop Bulk and Skull from opening the dumpster.  Zordon has Tommy take on the Nimrod monster until the rest of the Rangers can join him.  The teens morph and teleport out.  White Ranger battles Nimrod and AC and DC.  Alpha 5 and Zordon are watching the battle on the viewing globe.  Alpha 5 tells Zordon, Tommy's in trouble.  Zordon replies, I'll reconfigure the zords to join with the Tiger Zord to become the Mega Tigerzord.  Red Ranger joins in the battle, soon followed by the rest of the Rangers.  Nimrod, AC and DC are destroyed by Red Dragon Zord Warrior Mode and Mega Tigerzord.

Zordon contacts Zack, Billy, and Jason and asks them to teleport to the Command Center.  Zack, Billy, and Jason head out, picking up Trini on their way.  At the Command Center, the viewing globe shows the teens what has happened to the White Ranger and Pink Ranger (they have been frozen by a ray from Pursehead).  Zordon wants Billy and Trini to come up with a device that would reverse the effects of the frozen ray.  Soon the alarms go off.  A second monster was in Angel Grove.  Trini immediately recognize the monster as being made from the lipstick she had given Kimberly.  Jason asked Zack to take care of Pursehead, while he goes after Lipsyncher.  Zack is more than willing.  Jason and Zack morph.  Black Ranger is soon frozen by the ray as well.  Alpha 5 lets Billy and Trini know what had happened.  Billy and Trini begin to feel the pressure as now three Rangers are unable to move. Soon Red Ranger runs into trouble with Lipsyncher. Alpha 5 alerts Trini and Billy to the danger Red Ranger is in. Trini and Billy are both worried, but the reverse ocular dilator is not ready yet.  After awhile, Billy has the reverse ocular dilator ready.  Billy and Trini morph.  They unfreeze the three Rangers.  Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger teleport away to help Red Ranger.  White Ranger, with Saba's help, destroys Pursehead.  In the other battle, Lipsyncher is destroyed by Red Dragon Thunderzord.

The teens are in the Command Center.  On the viewing globe, Zordon shows them the image of Magnet Brain, and the havoc he is causing.  Kimberly asks if her troop is okay?  Zordon does not have good news.  Goldar and several Putties have entered the woods, close to where Laura and the troop are.  Tommy tells Zordon he will take on Goldar.  Billy insists that he fight Goldar.  Zordon tells Billy that Tommy can battle Goldar with Saba.  Zordon adds that the Rangers need Billy's intellect and strength to battle Magnet Brain.  Billy reluctantly agrees.  The teens morphed and go into action.  Eventually Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger destroy Magnet Brain with their Thunder Megazord.  White Ranger defeats Goldar. 

Billy and Kimberly teleport to the Command Center.  Zordon is already aware that Tommy is missing.  The viewing globe shows Tommy battling Robogoat and Pumpkin Rapper.  Billy doesn't understand why Tommy doesn't just morph.  Kimberly points out that Tommy's morpher is missing. Billy immediately set to work on trying to locate Tommy.  Kimberly keeps an eye on the viewing globe, which shows Tommy battling the two monsters.  Kimberly is anxious to help Tommy and walks over to Billy to see if he has located Tommy yet.  Billy has, Tommy is in haunted forest.  Zordon informs them Jason, Trini, and Zack will be unable to join them as there is no one to leave their group of kids with.  Billy and Kimberly morphed and teleport out.  Alpha 5 and Zordon have been watching the three Rangers.  With so many monsters, Zordon needs Jason, Trini, and Zack to help.  Alpha 5 contacts the three and teleports them directly to the haunted forest.  Alpha 5 will teleport to the Trini, Zack and Jason's group of kids.  Since it is Halloween, no one should comment on Alpha 5's costume.  Eventually the monsters are defeated and Pumpkin Rapper is destroyed by Thunder Megazord and White Tiger Warrior Mode.

Outside the Youth Center, Goldar uses golden ropes to capture Aisha, Mr. Anderson, Rocky, and Adam.  Kimberly, Tommy, and Billy heard their screams, but by the time they raced back, Goldar, Mr. Anderson, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had vanished.  Tommy contacts Zordon.  Zordon instructs the three to teleport to the Command Center.  Alpha 5 contacts Trini, Jason, and Zack and has them teleport to the Command Center as well.  Once everyone has arrived, Zordon informs the teens that Goldar has taken Adam, Rocky, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson to the Dimension of Despair, where he plans to turn them evil and into his dark warriors.  Kimberly asks about Jacob?  The viewing globe shows Bulk and Skull taking care of Jacob.  The teens know they have to stop Goldar before it is too late.

Zordon:  "Billy, your new friends and their teacher are in very serious trouble.  It is imperative that we establish their location coordinates."  Billy:  "The computer data reports that Mr. Anderson, Adam, Rocky, and Aisha are being held in some sort of closed area, in another dimension."  Alpha 5:  "Ai yi yi!  Goldar must have taken them to Lord Zedd's Dimension of Despair."   Zordon guides the teens over to the viewing globe.  It shows the Terror Blossom monster attacking.  It is also important to rescue Aisha, Adam, and Rocky before they fall under Lord Zedd's plans.  Zordon decides to split the team in half.  Trini, Jason, and Zack will go battle Terror Blossom while Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy go rescue Adam, Rocky, and Aisha.  Because Lord Zedd has jammed their communicators, the teens will use a new method of traveling, jetting.  The teens morph.  Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger battle Terror Blossom with some difficulty.  Meanwhile, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and White Ranger arrive just outside the cave of the Dimension of Despair.  Alpha 5 looks at the viewing globe and sees that Bulk and Skull are babysitting Jacob in the park.  Zordon contacts Blue Ranger, White Ranger, and Pink Ranger and tells them they must join the rest of the Rangers to prevent any harm from coming to Jacob.  Terror Blossom vanishes but Hatchasaurus arrives.  The Rangers battle and destroy Hatchasaurus with their Megazord and White Tiger Zord Warrior Mode.  In the Command Center, Alpha 5 sees in the viewing globe, that Hatchasaurus is not destroyed.  His Cardiatron is trying to reassemble him.  Zordon contacts White Ranger and lets the Rangers know they need to destroy the Cardiatron before Hatchasaurus can reassemble himself.  The Rangers destroy Hatchasaurus and the six teens return to the Command Center.  Zordon tells them they have done a great job, but Aisha, Adam, and Rocky are still in danger and Terror Blossom is still in Angel Grove as well.  Zordon tells the teens the team will have to separate once more.  The teens morph and teleport out.  Unfortunately Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger and Black Ranger are frozen by Terror Blossom.  Zordon contacts White Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger, and tells them what has happened to the rest of the Rangers.  The three Rangers teleport to the rest of the Rangers and each retrieve a frozen Ranger and teleport to the Command Center. Kimberly and Tommy anxiously watch as Billy tries to unfreeze Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger.  Billy's device is not working.  Alpha 5 suggests they make a few modifications.  Billy and Alpha 5 work together.  Time is running out and the teens are very tense. 

Billy continues to work on his device, but without any luck.  Billy:  "I don't understand it Zordon.  I've boosted the stimulator output to maximum capacity, but it's not working.   They're still frozen."  Zordon:  "Keep trying Billy.  You must find a way to break the flower monster's spell."  Not only did Billy, Kimberly, and Tommy need to unfreeze the Rangers, but rescue their new friends, and stop Terror Blossom.  After awhile, the alarm goes off.  The Terror Blossom is heading towards the power plant.  Kimberly, Tommy, and Billy know this means they are running out of time.  Billy tries again to unfreeze the three Rangers.  Slowly the device works and Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger are back.  The Rangers immediately teleport out of the Command Center to battle Terror Blossom.  After awhile, Alpha 5 becomes alarm.  The viewing globe shows that Aisha, Adam, Rocky, and Mr. Anderson need the Rangers' help.  Zordon contacts the team.  Zordon tells Red Ranger and Black Ranger to finish the battle with Terror Blossom, the rest need to teleport to the cave entrance of the Dimension of Despair.  Eventually Terror Blossom is destroyed.  Adam, Aisha, Rocky, and Mr. Anderson are rescued. Yellow Ranger teleports Mr. Anderson to the park where he quickly finds Jacob with Bulk and Skull.  In the Dimension of Despair, Blue Ranger struggled with the snake and in the process, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and White Ranger's identities were revealed to Aisha, Rocky, and Adam.  Later, all the teens are gathered together.  Adam, Rocky, and Aisha are in the very front.  Zordon has had Alpha 5 check into the character of Adam, Rocky, and Aisha and found they are outstanding citizens.  Adam, Rocky, and Aisha make a solemn vow not to reveal the identities of the Power Rangers.

Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy had been spending time at the park with the teen delegates.  Several of Zedd's Putties appeared.  Kimberly, Billy, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Tommy fought the Putties as the teen delegates ran and hid.  Unfortunately the teen delegates (except Tamara, who made it back to Youth Center) were captured by Goldar, Baboo, Squatt and several more Putties. Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly immediately teleported to the Command Center.  The viewing globe shows that the delegates are okay. The teens come up with a plan.  Zordon tells Tommy, in order for your plan to work, you will have to have all six power coins.  Alpha 5 responds, no problem Zordon.  I'll contact the others right now.  Zordon tells Jason, Trini, and Zack, a serious situation has arisen and you are needed.  Five of the world teen ambassadors have been captured and imprisoned by Lord Zedd.  Tommy has a plan and to win their freedom, we'll need you, Trini, and Zack to morph into action in order for it to succeed.  The three teens head out of the Youth Center.  Tommy asks Billy and Kimberly if they are ready?  Zordon tells Tommy to proceed.  I will transmit the coordinates to the others.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy morph and teleport out.  The plan works and the Goldar is furious when he discovers the "power coins" are chocolate.  The Rangers battle and defeat Goldar and the Putties and rescue the teen delegates.  But it's not over yet.  The alarm goes off.  Alpha 5 checks and the Four Head is attacking.  Zordon has Alpha 5 contact the Rangers.  Zordon tells them they must hurry.  Zedd's Four Head Monster has appeared downtown.  The Rangers battle Four Head.  Watching on the viewing globe, Alpha 5 comments, this looks bad.  Zordon states, the time has come to activate Tor, the Shuttlezord.  It can use it's shielding power to protect the other zords and using it's fire power, can carry the assault team to victory. Alpha 5 excitedly gets to work activating Tor.  Tor is sent into battle.  After awhile, Four Head is destroyed by Thunder Ultrazord.

 Beamcaster was created by Lord Zedd and arrived in Angel Grove and put several of the citizens under his spell.  The citizens were ready to do Lord Zedd's bidding as they chanted "Hail, Lord Zedd".  In the Command Center, Alpha 5 tries to contact Tommy.  Alpha 5 is distressed as he tells Zordon Tommy is not responding.  Zordon tells Alpha 5 to contact Jason.  Jason, Trini, and Zack had been scuba diving.  Zordon alerts Jason to Lord Zedd's newest plan.  The three immediately morph and head over to the park.  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger are ready to battle Beamcaster.  Instead Beamcaster hits them and they are under Lord Zedd's spell.  Soon Zordon contacts Tommy and tells him they need to get to the Command Center.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy teleport to the Command Center.  Zordon fills in the three teens with what is going on.  The viewing globe shows Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger in trouble as well.  Tommy asks Billy if he can make a device that would reverse Lord Zedd's spell?  Billy believes that he can and begins working on it.  There is urgency because the longer the three Rangers stay under the spell, the harder it will be to break them from it. Soon Billy finishes the device.  Billy would like to test it first, but there is no time.  Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy morph and teleport out.  Unfortunately White Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger are hit with Beamcaster's spell.  Alpha 5 becomes alarm as the rest of the Rangers are now under Lord Zedd's spell and the device Blue Ranger created is being trampled by several citizens.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky come riding up and everyone is under Lord Zedd's spell.  Adam, Rocky, and Aisha get off their bikes.  It's obvious something is wrong.  They find Billy's mangled device and pick it up.  Since Rocky is holding the device, the crowd thinks they are Power Rangers and go after them.  Zordon tells Alpha 5 the three teens must be protected.  Alpha 5 teleports them to the Command Center.  They are thrilled to be there.  Zordon explains what is going on.  Aisha believes she can fix the device and begins to work on it. It's not perfect, but it should do the job.  Zordon directs them to hold it towards the viewing globe and direct it at the Power Rangers.  Aisha and Rocky hold onto the device as it shoots it's beam at the Power Rangers.  It is difficult and not working.  Zordon uses his energy as well and then the spell is broken for the Rangers.  The Rangers quickly teleport to the Command Center.  Zordon fills them in.  Rocky gives Blue Ranger the device and the Rangers teleport out.  The Rangers battle and destroy Beamcaster with their Power Blaster.

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