The Cranston's Home

Billy's home is a rancher in Angel Grove.  Billy uses the garage for his extensive lab.  He was there with Trini when Kimberly and Zack came running in to tell them Jason was in trouble.

Billy had been working on a surprise in his garage.  Billy was at the Youth Center with Zack and Jason when Kimberly and Trini came racing in.  Maria had been captured by Putties.  The communicators and teleportation was out.  Billy told his friends about his surprise and they race over to the garage.  Billy revealed the Rad Bug to his friends.  The Rad Bug could fly.  The teens flew the Rad Bug to the Command Center.  Later, the Power Rangers rescue Maria.

Billy and his young friend, Willy were inside his lab.  They were working on Willy's entry for Angel Grove's Junior Science Fair.  Willy was anxious about his game, but Billy told him to have faith.  Also at the lab were Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini.  Willy and Billy walked over to the rest.  Willy's invention was ready.  Everyone placed their goggles on.  The invention was a holo game that made you feel as if you are on a roller coaster.  Zack, Trini, Billy, Willy, and Jason loved it.  It made Kimberly feel sick and she pleaded for the game to stop.  Willy turned the game off.  Jason was impress that Willy had made the game.  They pack up the invention and headed off for the science fair.

Trini had raced over to Billy's lab after Pineapple the Clown (Pineoctopus) turned her cousin Sylvia into a cardboard cutout.  Moments earlier Trini had been at a carnival that had arrived in Angel Grove.  The carnival was actually a trap set by Rita.  Pineoctopus was to turned the Rangers into cardboard cutouts and then terrorized Angel Grove.  Trini had alerted her friends to the fact that the carnival was a trap before heading to Billy's lab.  Billy, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly made sure the citizens of Angel Grove left the carnival.  Meanwhile, Alpha 5 had teleported down to Billy's lab.  Sylvia had been placed on the table.  Alpha 5 connected her to some electrodes and studied the analysis to see if there was anything he could do.  Trini waited anxiously.  Alpha 5 came to the conclusion that Sylvia was lacking water.  Alpha 5 instructed Trini to removed the electrodes, which she did.  Alpha 5 then threw a bucket of water on Sylvia.  Trini watched anxiously, but nothing happened.  Alpha 5 didn't understand and went back to studying his analysis.  Trini and Alpha 5 were unaware that a few moments later, Sylvia returned to normal.  Sylvia sat up and rubbed her eyes.  Alpha 5 decided Sylvia needed more water and threw another bucket of water at Sylvia as she rubbed her eyes.  When Alpha 5 saw that Sylvia had returned to normal, he panic and quickly went and stood silently by a wall.  Sylvia laughingly asked Trini why she had threw the water at her.  Trini was very happy to see Sylvia was okay and gave her a hug.  Soon after, Yellow Ranger joined the rest of the Rangers in their battle against a giant size Pineoctopus.  The Rangers would destroy Pineoctopus with the Megazord.

Inside his garage, Billy told Kimberly about his latest invention.  The invention would allow them to read minds.  Unknown to them, outside by the Rad Bug, Bulk & Skull were listening and watching.  Because the invention was tampered with by Squatt, instead of being able to read each other mind's, Kimberly and Billy were inside each other's bodies.  This also happened to Bulk & Skull when they snuck in after Billy and Kimberly left and used the invention as well.  Later, "Billy" give a young student a lesson on the computer.  Not knowing what she was doing, Kimberly accidentally blew up the computer.  Billy had to make some repairs, but he fixed the invention.  Kimberly and Billy were able to switch back, as was Bulk & Skull after they persuaded Billy to switch them back.

Jason, Zack, and Billy are outside Billy's house, washing the Rad Bug.  Billy is impress as he doesn't think he has ever seen the Rad Bug this clean.  Zack jokes around and tells them it's going to be styling after Zack's Wax.  Jason and Zack start throwing their rags at each other.  Trini and Kimberly walk up.  Zack tells them they are just in time to help.  Zack gives a rag to Kimberly and she gives it back to him, telling him she is not in the mood.  Zack asks her what is wrong?  Trini replies Tommy.  Kimberly is irate that Trini had said anything.  Jason is confused and asks if it is the guy he fought in the competition?  Kimberly confirms that it is and tells them they were suppose to meet at the Youth Center, but he never showed.  Zack suggests that maybe something came up.  Jason's communicator goes off.  The teens gather round.  It's Alpha 5, but he keeps breaking up.  Billy checks his communicator and is surprise to find it is non-functional.  Billy adds that teleportation is down as well.  Zack, Trini, and Kimberly check their communicators.  Trini becomes alarmed and tells them something is seriously wrong.  Jason tells them they have to get to the Command Center.  Billy suggests the Rad Bug.  Zack adds it's the only way to fly.  Billy, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini hurry over to the Rad Bug and get in and take off.

The following day, Kimberly and Zack are outside Billy's house, sitting on the Rad Bug.  The previous day they had found the Command Center in shambles, Zordon missing, and Alpha 5 had a virus.  Billy had managed to repair Alpha 5.  Zack is testing his communicator, Kimberly hopes Billy and Trini had some luck at the Command Center.  Zack replies they haven't fix the communicators yet, they are still down.  Looks like we are taking the Rad Bug.  Instead of taking off right away, they wait a little longer.  Kimberly and Zack are waiting for Jason.  Kimberly wishes Jason would show up.  Zack adds it's not like Jason to be late.  Zack and Kimberly wait a few more minutes.  Kimberly is worried about Jason.  Zack tells Kimberly we can't afford to wait on him.  Kimberly doesn't feel right leaving him.  Zack tells her not to worry, Jason can take care of himself.  They need to get to the Command Center - Alpha 5 needs them.  Zack and Kimberly get into the Rad Bug.  Kimberly hopes Zack knows what he is doing.  Zack does too.  Soon the Rad Bug is up in the skies. 

Kimberly meets Zack, Billy, and Jason outside of Billy's house.  They had recently discovered that Tommy is the Green Ranger.  Kimberly tells them she found Tommy and that his eyes were glowing green.  It was really scary.  Kimberly adds that he has known all along who they are.  Billy is surprise that Tommy knows they are the Power Rangers.  Kimberly tells them that Tommy is definitely out to get them.  Jason concludes that he has to be under one of Rita's spells.  Kimberly figures the spell would explain why he is acting so weird.  Zack adds and why the Putties didn't attack him.  Billy tells them finally this is all starting to make sense.  Trini comes racing towards them.  She tries to catch her breath as she tells them a monster is attacking the business district in Angel Grove.  Jason tells them Rita is not going to give up.  Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack morph and teleport to the business district.  Eventually the Power Rangers destroy the Sword of Darkness, breaking Rita's spell.  Tommy joins the Power Rangers.

Earlier in the day, several Putties had wrecked Kimberly's model float.  Inside the garage, Tommy is working hard on putting Kimberly's model float back together.  After awhile, Tommy's communicator goes off.  It is Zordon.  Zordon tells him the Power Rangers need him in Angel Grove park.  Tommy morphs and teleports out.  After Spit Flower is destroyed, Tommy returns to the garage with Alpha 5.  Tommy works hard on repairing the model.  alpha 5 is trying to help him, but gets confused over which tool is pliers.  A few moments later, Tommy is ready for the glue.  Alpha 5 goes for the wrong item and Tommy points out the glue to him.  Tommy tells Alpha 5 he's got to hurry and asks where the glue is.  Alpha 5 replies, here in my hand.  Tommy tries to take the glue, but it is stuck to Alpha 5's hand.  Exasperated, Tommy tells Alpha 5 he is too much.  The model float is done and the next day, Kimberly is thrilled to see her float in the Flower Power Peace parade.

Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack have gathered outside Billy's house.  They are dressed in their costumes for the Youth Center's costume party.  Kimberly is very excited - this is going to be an morphinomenal party.  Zack tells Billy he looks just like that Sherlock Holmes dude.  Billy thanks "King Tut".  Trini wonders who is going to win first prize in the costume contest.  Zack is positive it is going to be him.  Kimberly asks where Tommy is?  Jason replies that his costume isn't finish yet, he'll catch up with us later.  Zack suggests they head over to the party and they eagerly leave.

Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Billy have gathered outside Billy's house.  Billy and Kimberly are loading up the Rad Bug with bags.  Billy thinks the trip will be fun.  Kimberly wishes Jason was going on the field trip with them.  Billy adds there is plenty of room, takes a look inside the Rad Bug and changes it to barely.  Jason thanks them.  Jason tells his friends he wants to spend time with his cousin Jeremy while he is in town.  Zack tells Jason it won't be the same without him.  Trini walks up with a tray of food.  Trini apologizes for being late.  She offers the tray to her friends and tells them she made them in her gourmet cooking class.  Billy, Zack, and Jason gather around and take a piece of food off the tray.  Kimberly runs up and also grabs a piece.  Kimberly takes a sniff and isn't impressed.  She asks Trini what is in these?  Trini replies it's an exotic recipe.  It's very popular in France right now.  They call it Torte a la escargot.  Zack thinks its tasty, until Billy tells them it means snail.  Jason and Zack start coughing.  Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Billy quickly throw away their escargot.  Trini is unaware as she wraps the tray.  Trini looks up and smiles at her friends as she carries the tray to the car, intending to take the dish on their field trip.  The four teens leave in the Rad Bug.

Billy was working on the Rad Bug when his friends walked up.  The guys gathered outside and sat and talked with Billy.  Trini is inside the garage, and she shouts out to them - Wow!  Guys, come here quick!  Jason, Tommy, and Zack walk into the garage.  Billy cleans up his tools and places them back in the tool box.  Zack, Jason, and Tommy gather around Trini and they watch the TV.  The TV announcer is asking who are the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and how do they get their incredible power?  Billy says hi to Kimberly as she walks up.  The TV announcer is talking about how the Power Rangers had destroyed another of Rita's lethal monsters when Kimberly walks into the garage.  Kimberly says hi to her friends and ask them if the report is about them?  Billy, still outside, asks his friends to increase the volume please?  Tommy does a double take at Kimberly's improved appearance and tells her it looks like your day is getting better.  Kimberly picks up the remote and sarcastically asks could it have gotten any worse?  Billy joins his friends in the garage, as Kimberly presses the remote.  The TV explodes.  Trini, Zack, and Jason respond to Kimberly's question by telling her yes.  Billy yanks the remote out of Kimberly's hands.  Jason, Tommy, Zack, and Trini all laugh.  Billy is not happy. 

The Rangers had been battling Lokar and Cyclopsis.  The Rangers were defeated and the zords has been sent to be reenergized.  The teens could not contact Zordon, because Rita was jamming the Communicators' frequency.  Billy believed he had some equipment in his garage that could help him change the frequency.  The teens run past the Rad Bug as they enter Billy's garage.  Billy asks Trini to check an area for a device as he grabs some plans.  Trini finds it and brings it over to Billy.  Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Jason anxiously watch Billy work.  Billy tells them he has all the equipment he needs, it's just a matter of time.  Kimberly tells her friends, if he does fix our Communicators and reestablishes contact with Zordon, then what?  Jason hopes that by then Zordon has already come up with a plan.  Or this truly is the end of the Power Rangers.  Billy frantically works on his Communicator.  Jason asks him, how's it coming?  Billy replies, I'm adjusting the modulator to read an alternative signal.  I just need a few more minutes.  Just then Goldar and two Putties appear outside of Billy's garage.  Goldar taunts, your few minutes are up.  Kimberly, Trini, and Zack go into a fight stance.  Goldar continues, greetings Power Rangers!  I thought I would stop by and say hello!  Goldar laughs and continues, before I say goodbye forever!  It's been nice knowing ya!  Goldar laughs once more.  Billy is worried about the equipment.  Jason tells Billy to keep working.  We'll take care of Goldar.  Goldar laughs.  Still living in a fantasy!  Time to learn a lesson!  Goldar begins wrecking items in the garage.  A few moments later, Billy excitedly announces he did it!  The communicators work.  Goldar shouts impossible!  Jason announces, we're out of here.  The teens teleport out.  Goldar is furious.  Goldar and the two Putties vanish.  The Rangers destroy Cyclopsis with Ultrazord.  Lokar vanishes - his whereabouts are unknown.

The previous day, Zack had battled several Putties in the woods.  During the battle, on of the Putties dropped a device.  Once Zack defeated the Putties, he took the device to Billy.  The next day, Billy is at his lab working on the device.  Trini is helping him.  Zack walks in and asks Billy if he has figured this thing out?  Billy replies, it has a timing mechanism on it that is counting down to zero.  Although I have no idea when that will occur.  Just then Trini remembers something.  Zack, didn't you say that Putty was dressed as an old lady?  Zack confirms it, yeah, it was pretty weird.  I wonder what Rita is up to this time?  Trini and Billy look at each other and shout, Norman!  Zack is puzzled, who's Norman?  Trini answers, Bulk and Skull's pig.  The device has something to do with him.  Billy suggests they locate him right away.  Zack, Trini, and Billy take off.  They didn't find Norman, but they did find Jason and Kimberly.  They explained what they discovered.  Jason wanted Billy and Trini to continue to work on the device while the rest of the search for Norman.  Billy and Trini returned to Billy's house.  Billy is working on the device, with Trini standing close by.  Suddenly the device stops.  Trini is worried and asks Billy, what's happening?  Billy believes the timer has reached zero.  I only hope the others have found Norman.  They hadn't and Norman had been transformed into Pudgy Pig.  Pudgy Pig was only a diversion as giant Goldar attacked the city.  The Rangers defeated Goldar with their Megazord.  Pudgy Pig returned back to Norman and was adopted by a farmer.

Jason had found a lost dog, which Rita had cast a spell and placed a tiny Fighting Flea on.  When Jason scratched the dog, he got an unbearable itch.  Alpha 5 had come up with some temporary relief for Jason, but if Jason fought, the itch would be reactivated.  Billy decided he would try to come up with a more permanent solution.  Billy works in his lab and gets very frustrated with himself.  Come on Billy, think.  You can do this.  Billy continues working.  Later, Billy is working when his communicator goes off.  Billy responds, this is Billy.  Go ahead Zordon.  Zordon tells Billy, as soon as you finish the antidote, hurry to the old junkyard behind Angel Grove park.  Kimberly and Jason need your help.  Billy replies, right, I read you Zordon.  Billy goes back to working on the antidote.  A few moments later,  Billy finishes the antidote and comments help is on the way Jason.  Billy morphs and teleports out.  The antidote works on Jason and Fighting Flea is destroyed by Megazord.

A Pressing Engagement

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