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Lord Zedd had arrived and had Pirantishead take control of Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord.  The rest of the zords were frozen.  Zordon had new, more powerful zords for the Rangers, but first they had to regain control of their old zords.  After looking at Alpha 5 calculations, Billy had come up with the idea to build a device that will interfere with Lord Zedd's signal, which would allow them to release the zords.  Billy and Trini teleported to Billy's lab and began working immediately.  Billy asks Trini if the wire tips are stripped?  Trini replies, yeah.  Here it is.  Billy examines the piece and compliments Trini.  Trini replies, you know what they say, two heads are better than one.  Billy gives a small nod in agreement and gets back to work.  At the Command Center, the viewing globe shows images of Pirantishead.  This upsets Jason, Zack, Tommy, and Kimberly.  Zack tells Zordon, we've got to do something.  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to contact Billy and Trini.  Alpha 5 replies, right away Zordon.  Once contact is made, Zordon asks them if they have finished making the device?   Billy answers, we're still working on it.  Trini adds, we're hoping to get it done soon.

After awhile, Alpha 5 contacts Billy again to see if his signal blocker is ready.  Billy replies, negative.  We're still working on it.  Zordon tells Billy that the situation has become critical and you must hurry.  Billy responds, we should be done with it soon Zordon.  Trini agrees.  Soon, Billy and Trini finished the signal blocker.  Billy notes, it's a little rushed, but I think it will work.  They morph and take it to the rest of the Rangers.  The signal blocker does work and the Rangers regain control of their zords.  With their new Thunder Megazord, the Rangers destroy Pirantishead.

The guys are at Billy's lab working.  All of them are wearing ear protection and don't hear Jason's communicator going off.  Afterwards the guys went to the Youth Center, where Kimberly and Trini were upset with them.  Earlier "Zack" had told them Tommy was battling Zedd's Putties in the park and needed their help.  The girls had been attacked in the park by Zedd's Putties.  They quickly defeated them, but were angry at being tricked.  The guys confirmed that Zack had been with them in Billy's lab the whole time.  Confused, the teens tried to contact Alpha 5 and couldn't get a response.  Concern, the teens went to the Command Center where Zordon filled them in on Primator and his ability to assume any of their identities.  Later, the Rangers battled and destroyed Primator with Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord.

Zordon had sent Billy and Zack to Billy's lab in order to create a device that will help defeat Saliguana.  At the lab, Billy notes that while a salamander may breath fire, an iguana is cold blooded.  So something cold should prevent the monster from using it's fire power.  Zack notes an ice device.  Billy adds, now if only Alpha could come up with a cure for our vision.  (Lord Zedd had also placed a spell that had Billy and Zack see their fellow Rangers as Putties.)  Billy's communicator goes off.  Alpha 5 informs them that he is sending Trini down to try an experiment.  Billy replies, anything's worth a try Alpha.  Trini teleports to Billy's lab.  Trini hopes this works.  She tells Billy and Zack to get ready as she morphs.  Yellow Ranger asks, how do I look?  With a big smile, Zack replies, you look like the Yellow Ranger.  Billy agrees.  Yellow Ranger contacts Jason.  Good news.  As long as we're morphed, Zedd's spell doesn't work. Jason replies, great.  So if we have to go into battle, Zack and Billy will be seeing straight.  Thanks Trini.  The alarms go off.  Zordon informs Tommy, Kimberly, and Jason that the Saliguana monster has begun it's attack on the beach outside Angel Grove.  Jason contacts Billy.  Billy promptly responds yes Jason.  Jason tells Billy, we're under attack.  Let's go!  Billy protests.  But my ice device.  I haven't tested it yet!  Jason replies, we'll have to go with it as is. Yellow Ranger tells Billy, throw an extra computer chip in your pocket and let's go!  Yellow Ranger teleports out.  Zack grabs the ice device and Billy grabs the computer chip.  Billy and Zack morph and teleport out.  The ice device works on Saliguana.  Eventually Saliguana is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.  Alpha 5 discovered Zedd's spell embedded in the glasses.  So he soaked them in a special energy beam.  It deactivate Zedd's spells and Zack and Billy no longer saw their friends as Putties.

Goldar and several Putties had kidnapped Hallie, Trini's neighbor, and taken her to Venus Island.  Venus Island was an island Lord Zedd could summon on demand.  In order to find it, they had to use the trade winds.  Billy, Jason, and Trini went to Billy's home to make a tracking device. Trini is reading out loud from a book, the tracking signal interval should be constant in order that vector analysis may be calculated without recalculating period.  Jason points out that it's almost sunset.  Billy rechecks his maps and then announces the tracking device is complete.  I just have to attached it to this weather balloon.  At sunset we'll release it and track it's path in the atmosphere.  Jason's communicator goes off.  Jason responds, we're here Zordon.  Zordon tells them they must hurry.  My sensors indicate Venus Island is becoming less stable.  Trini, Jason, and Billy exchange concern glances.  Jason tells them, let's do it!  They hurry out of Billy's lab.  The tracking device works and the teens are able to locate Venus Island, teleport there, and rescue Hallie.

In his lab, Billy works on the device as Zack and Trini anxiously watch.  The TV is on and soon shows footage of Turbanshell attacking the business district.  The newscaster asks where are the Power Rangers?  Soon, Jason and Kimberly entered Billy's lab and they watch the news and feel uneasy and alarmed.  Billy works frantically, trying to establish communications between the Rangers and the Command Center.  After awhile, Tommy teleports to Billy's lab and everyone is happy to see him.  Alpha 5 appears on the computer screen.  In the background, Zordon tells them the green crystal must be destroyed and only a non-ranger can do it.  Tommy volunteers to go, stating he has some payback.  Tommy teleports to the other world.  Tommy destroys the green crystal and quickly teleports back to Billy's lab in triumph and the morphers are returned to the Rangers.  Tommy tells them after touching the green crystal, he feels he has enough power for one more battle.  The teens morph.  The Rangers destroys Turbanshell with their Thunder Megazord.

Billy, Kimberly, Trini, Jason, and Zack had discovered a statue in the park oozing with goo.  Suddenly they were attacked by Zedd's Putties.  The teens defeated the Putties.  They tried to contact Zordon, but got no response.  They teleported to the Command Center, where it was dark and empty.  Billy found a disc and they decided to go to Billy's lab to find out what was going on.  At Billy's lab, all the teens are tense as Billy works on the computer.  Billy discovers there is a hidden chamber in the Command Center.  The ground shakes and the teens have to go to work.  The teens morph and teleport out.

Billy returns to his lab where his friends are waiting.  Billy gives them a long version of what he had seen.  Kimberly interrupts, telling Billy she doesn't mean any disrespect but could he cut to the chase.  Billy tells them that Zordon and Alpha 5 are building a new Ranger.  Kimberly, Trini, Jason, and Zack are taken aback at the news.  Kimberly asks why Tommy couldn't have been use?  Zack is angry and wants to know who is the new guy?  Trini comments that they have been friends for so long.  Billy tells them that Zordon knows what he is doing, reminds them that Lord Zedd's monsters are superior to those of Rita Repulsa's, and that they need a new Ranger. Soon, Zordon and Alpha 5 are ready and the teens are contacted.  Billy reminds his friends once more that Zordon knows what he is doing.  The teens teleport to the Command Center.  At the Command Center, it is revealed that the new White Ranger is Tommy.

Billy goes over his data as he prepares for the magnetic storm. 

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