The Hart's Home

Kimberly's bedroom is very large.  She has a double bed and a pink Care Bear sits on the headboard.  There are several pictures and medals hanging on her walls.  She also had a stuffed tiger that sits on the bed.  There are two nights, one on each side of her bed.  On one of her night stands is a pink lamp, phone, and alarm clock.  There is a corner hutch.  On the other side, is a dressing table and chair.  Several hats are on display above the dressing table mirror.  A desk is against one wall with trophies, frame pictures, and another lamp sits on it.  There is another small round pink top table, with a small chest, cat figure, and flowers with a stuffed chair next to it..  A large dresser sits against another wall.  A large closet sits in the room with a rocking chair and floor lamp close by.  There is a rug on the floor, and the room has two windows.  Early one morning, Kimberly is sleeping peacefully until her alarm goes off.  Kimberly wakes up.  She turns to her alarm clock and can't believe it's morning already.  Kimberly reaches over to turn off her alarm and accidentally knocks over her lamp.  She tries one more time to turn off the alarm.  Kimberly manages to turn it off, but she falls off the bed in the process.  Kimberly sits up and runs her hands through her hair.  She doesn't like the way her hair feels.  She climbs back onto her bed to reach for her hand mirror.  Kimberly is horrified by what she sees.  She tries to run a comb through her hair, but is not having much luck.  Kimberly collapses onto the bed for a moment.  Kimberly gets up and puts on her robe.  She walks over to one of her windows and opens the curtains.  It is a beautiful, sunny day and she enjoys the warmth of the sunshine for a moment.  Kimberly walks away and suddenly there is a clap of thunder and streaks of lightening.  Kimberly gasps at the sound and the sudden change of weather.  She thinks it's weird and then heads over to her closet.  Kimberly looks through her clothes and picks out a favorite outfit.  It is still in a dry cleaning bag.  When she turns the outfit around she is very angry to see a huge hole in it.  The cleaners had burned her outfit.  In anger, Kimberly tosses the garment down and walks over to her bed, planning on going back to bed.  As she heads over to the foot of the bed, the ground shakes.  Kimberly uses the bed to steady herself.  The hand mirror falls off the bed and crashes onto the floor.  When the shaking stops, Kimberly walks over and picks up the broken mirror - seven years of bad luck.  She throws the hand mirror onto the bed and walks away.  At the other window, is an shadowy outline of Squatt.  He is laughing as he peers inside.

Calamity Kimberly