Madam Swampy's Place

Madam Swampy is a fortune teller in Angel Grove.  She is also a friend of Ernie's.  One day both Bulk and Skull, and Kimberly saw an ad for her business.  They all wanted to see her.  Bulk and Skull reached the Madam Swampy's place first.  Bulk and Skull enter Madam Swampy's.  They ask her if she can tell them who the Power Rangers are?  After paying Madam Swampy in a few coins and a rubber spider, Madam Swampy tells them they will get what they paid for.  Madam Swampy hands them a treasure map and dismisses them.  Bulk and Skull are thrilled. Moments later, Kimberly reaches the outside of Madam Swampy's place.  Suddenly Goldar and several Putties arrive.  Goldar throws some dust, which knocks Kimberly out.  Goldar takes Kimberly and vanishes.  Later, Kimberly would be rescued by Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger.  And Bulk and Skull's treasure map turns out to be an ad for a free protein muffin with the purchase of lunch.

Beauty And The Beast