Skullovitch's Garage

Bulk and Skull found a small container.  They were unaware that they had discovered Rita Repulsa's dumpster.  But they felt this find would help them discover the identifies of the Power Rangers. Skull suggests they used his dad's garage to open the container.  Moments later, Skull opens his dad's garage and Bulk is impressed.  Bulk and Skull immediately get set to open the dumpster and discover the secrets of the Power Rangers.  Bulk and Skull's efforts wakes up Rita Repulsa.  Bulk and Skull continue working on trying to open the dumpster.  Inside the dumpster, Rita is complaining of having a headache and begins to make some noise.  Skull thinks he hears something and has Bulk stop.  Bulk and Skull listen and it's quiet.  Skull calls out to his mom and gets no response.  After a few moments, Bulk and Skull go back to trying to open the dumpster.

Bulk and Skull have tried everything and still cannot open the dumpster.  Skull gets an idea and tells Bulk they need to go see Ernie.  Bulk and Skull leave for the Juice Bar.  Eventually, Bulk and Skull returned from the Juice Bar to Skull's garage.  They have with them a large can opener.  Bulk and Skull used the can opener to try and open the dumpster. After awhile, they wearily sink to the floor, realizing they are never going to open the dumpster.  Bulk and Skull are unaware that the lid has opened and Rita Repulsa has managed to get out.  Bulk and Skull hear a voice and turn around.  Bulk and Skull scream as they see the tiny Rita Repulsa, and then they faint.  The Rangers arrive and placed Rita right back into the dumpster and seal it.  The Rangers demorph and the guys leave while Kimberly and Trini stay behind.  Kimberly and Trini wake up Bulk and Skull.  Bulk and Skull warn Trini and Kimberly about the tiny witch.  Trini and Kimberly act like they don't know what Bulk and Skull are talking about.  Bulk and Skull turn around and realized there is nothing behind them.  Bulk and Skull decide to act like nothing unusual has happened and Kimberly and Trini play along with them. 

White Light, Part I/White Light, Part II