Angel Grove

Page Two

Jason, Tommy, Zack, Trini, Billy, and Kimberly prepare for the motor rally.  Bulk and Skull stop by and tell them that they will be eating their dust.  Kimberly reminds them that the motor rally is for a charity.  Mr. Caplan is in charge of the rally and walks around as everyone gets ready.  Billy has a map and call his friends over to look it over before the start of the race.  Soon Mr. Caplan starts the race.  Tommy, Zack, Trini, Billy, Kimberly, and Jason are all enjoying themselves as they raced along with the other participants.  During the race, Jason thinks he hears something and signals to his friends to pull over.  They all pull over to the side of the path and Jason takes a careful look in the sky.  Jason is uneasy and his friends decide to keep a closer eye on things.  They return to the race.   After awhile, Jason's communicator goes off.  Jason tells Alpha to hang on.  I'll round up the others.  They pull off the main track, get off their bikes and gather together.  Jason states, we read you Zordon.  Zordon tells them to teleport to the Command Center immediately.  This is an emergency.  Jason responds, we're on our way.  Trini asks, what do you think it could be?  Jason doesn't know.  He asks Tommy if they are clear and Tommy replies, clear.  The teens teleport to the Command Center.  Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull continue the race, a loud rumble of thunder is heard.  Distracted, Skull comments those are some really loud clouds, you don't hear many of those these...Skull's four-wheeler hits a rock and Skull goes flying.  Bulk's four-wheeler hits Skull's and he is ejected into the air as well.  They land in a tree.  Skull is on the lower branches and Bulk yanks him up as he tells him, now look at what you've done.  Skull asks, what did I do?  Bulk warns him, you better help those four wheelers start.  Skull is confident that it's just a little dent.  They get down from the tree and check on the four-wheelers and steam is rising from them.  Bulk mocks Skull, just a little dent.  Skull takes a small sample of the black liquid and comments, I think it's oil.  Bulk pats Skull's shoulder.  What are we suppose to do now?  We'll never make it to the finish.  Skull points out that they still have the map.  Maybe we can make it there by foot.  Another rumble of thunder roars above them and they book look up into the sky.  Skull tells Bulk, I think something weird going on.  Bulk looks at Skull and responds, yeah, I'm looking at it.  Skull turns to look in Bulk's direction but doesn't see anything unusual.  Another clap of thunder and Bulk and Skull hurry away. Bulk and Skull stumble across the teens' four-wheelers.  Skull wonders what happened to the geeks?  Bulk doesn't care.  We have their bikes.  Bulk and Skull laugh.  Suddenly several of Zedd's Putties appear.  Bulk and Skull quickly spot them and scream.  Zedd's Putties surround them.  Within moments, the Rangers arrive.  Bulk and Skull hide.  Bulk and Skull are very excited to see the Power Rangers and Skull shouts, we're saved!  They both shout, we love you!  The Rangers fight Zedd's Putties.  It's a difficult battle as Zedd's Putties are very strong.  Red Ranger encourages the team to find their weak spot.  Bulk tells Skull, I bet you those grey guys are the reason Jason and the other geeks took off.  Skull agrees.  Yeah, they chickened out!  The fight begins to take it's toll and Black Ranger doesn't know if he can last much longer.  Green Ranger is also starting to feel weak.  Red Ranger punches one of Zedd's Putties on it's Z chest and it shatters into pieces.  Red Ranger tells his team, aim directly for the Z.  The Rangers battle Zedd's Putties and as soon as they can, they hit the Z on their chest.  Eventually Zedd's Putties are destroyed.  The Rangers check on Bulk and Skull.  Red Ranger asks them if they are okay?  Bulk and Skull give a thumbs up.  The Rangers teleport back to the Command Center.  Bulk and Skull are in awe over their encounter.  Skull tells Bulk, no one's going to believe this.  Bulk replies, we'll prove it.  Skull is confused, we will?  Bulk tells him, their real people man.  We heard the voices.  We can hear them, we can touch them.  We're going to find out who they really are!  Skull asks, how?  Bulk tells him he's got a plan.  This one is really going to make us famous.  Elsewhere, Lord Zedd creates a monster, Pirantishead, and sends it to attack Angel Grove.  The five Rangers arrive in the city.  Pirantishead is standing on top of a building and laughs as he spots the Rangers.  He taunts them, watch this Power Rangers!  Pirantishead puts a fish flute to his mouth and blows on it.  The icy air causes several explosions in the city.  The five Rangers try to stay out of the way of the falling debris. Pirantishead shouts at them to give up!  You'll never defeat Lord Zedd!  Red Ranger shouts back, that remains to be seen fish face!  The five Rangers summon their zords.  Pirantishead states, I'm afraid this time you're going to be left out in the cold.  Using his fish weapons, Pirantishead freezes the zords.  Red Ranger can't believe it.  Oh man, he froze the zords.  We're history! 

Red Ranger tells his team they are not beat yet.   Let's do it!  The Rangers summon Tyrannosaurus.  Tyrannosaurus quickly arrives.  Pirantishead gloats, watch this, as he blows on his fish flute.  The icy breath put Tyrannosaurus under Pirantishead's control.  Tyrannosaurus immediately knocks the Rangers off their feet.  Red Ranger shouts, hey!  What's going on?!  Tyrannosaurus charges towards them.  Red Ranger concludes Tyrannosaurus has turned on them.  Our only hope now is Tommy and his Dragonzord.  Soon, Green Ranger arrives and the rest of the Rangers are glad to see him.  Black Ranger informs Green Ranger that fish face froze our zords and turned Tyrannosaurus against us.  Green Ranger uses the Dragon Dagger to call Dragonzord to protect them.  Dragonzord arrives and fights Tyrannosaurus.  Tyrannosaurus head butts Dragonzord.  Dragonzord tries to strike Tyrannosaurus with it's tail, but misses.  Tyrannosaurus swings it's tail and strikes Dragonzord several times.  Dragonzord strikes Tyrannosaurs with it's tail.  Pirantishead shouts, hey you two!  It's not nice to fight each other.  Pirantishead uses his fish flute once more and fires the icy blast towards Dragonzord.  The blast hits Dragonzord and it immediately turns against the Rangers.  Pink Ranger asks, what are we going to do?  Dragonzord swings it's tail towards the Rangers and strikes them.  The Rangers are knocked off their feet and hit the pavement.  Red Ranger exclaims, this can't be happening!  Pirantishead is having fun as he tells the Rangers, their own zords will finish them off.  Red Ranger can't believe Pirantishead has turned the zords against them.  Dragonzord prepares to fire it's missiles at the Rangers.  Tyrannosaurus goes into a threatening pose.  Dragonzord begins to wreck  Angel Grove.  Dragonzord tries to strike the Rangers with it's tail.  Black Ranger calls out a warning.  The ground shakes with the destruction Dragonzord and Tyrannosaurus are causing.  Green Ranger comes up with the idea to distract Dragonzord long enough for the rest of the Rangers to regain control.  Green Ranger plays his Dragon Dagger.  The rest of the Rangers leap up to the top of a building.  They hurry across to where they can see Dragonzord.  Before they can get any plan in action, Dragonzord fires it's missiles at the Rangers.  The five Rangers are knocked off their feet and fall off the building.  They hit the pavement hard.  Red Ranger tells Green Ranger, it's not going to work.  Let's regroup!  Green Ranger agrees.  Red Ranger calls out a warning as Dragonzord tries to strike them with it's tail.  Red Ranger suggests they get back to the Command Center.  Maybe Zordon will have an answer. (At the Command Center, Billy gets the idea to build a device that would block Lord Zedd's signal.  Trini offers to help and the two teleport out to Billy's lab.)  The charity race is still on when Pirantishead appears at one of the tracks.  A short distance away, Bulk and Skull are racing along.  Skull is teasing Bulk as he takes the lead.  Pirantishead picks a spot as the race continues.  Bulk tries to catch up to him.  Eventually Skull stops and Bulk catches up.  Bulk points down a path and states, this way.  Skull doesn't agree.  No, this way, as he points in the opposite direction.  Bulk remarks, Skull, I happen to have the instincts of a homing pigeon and I say we go this way.  Skull replies, you have the homing instincts of a turkey!  That clump of trees looks familiar to me.  Bulk agrees.  Yeah, it ought too.  We passed it an hour ago.  That is the way back.  Skull gives up.  Fine.  You go your way, I'll go my way.  The first one back is the winner and the loser takes the winner out for all the pizza he can eat.  Bulk agrees.  I hope you got your allowance this week.  Skull replies, I hope you got yours.  Bulk and Skull take off in opposite directions.  Pirantishead attacks once more.  Black Ranger, Red Ranger, Green Ranger, and Pink Ranger arrive at the bike trails.  Red Ranger warns, stay alert.  After a few moments, Black Ranger states, I don't see the monster anywhere.  Green Ranger adds, or the zords.  Pink Ranger tells them, the monster is here somewhere.  I can almost smell it.  Red Ranger suggests they look around and warns them to be careful.  As the four Rangers continue to search, Pink Ranger notes this is the exact same location we saw in the viewing globe.  It's got to be around here somewhere.  From above, Pirantishead laughs and asks if they are looking for something?  Green Ranger points Pirantishead out.  Black Ranger adds, in the flesh or should I say scale.  Red Ranger shouts, let's go!  The four Rangers charge towards Pirantishead.  Pirantishead laughs and tells them to think again as he vanishes.  The four Rangers are surprised.  Red Ranger shouts, where did he go?  Suddenly several of Zedd's Putties arrive.  Green Ranger shouts a warning.  Heads up!  Putties!  Black Ranger realizes it was a trap.  Red Ranger reminds them to aim for the Z.  The four Rangers charge towards Zedd's Putties.  Pink Ranger kicks several of Zedd's Putties.  Black Ranger kicks one of Zedd's Putties, then leaps over the head of another and kicks it in the rear.  Green Ranger kicks several of Zedd's Putties.  Pirantishead comments this should be fun before vanishing.  Meanwhile, Bulk continues to race along the trail.  That Skull.  He couldn't find himself out of a paper bag.  I'll probably have to send in a search party for him.  Good thing I know where I'm going.  On another trail, Skull is convince he is on the right trail.  Bulk!  He's the one going the wrong way and he acts if I'm crazy.  Go figure!  Elsewhere, Green Ranger continues to fight Zedd's Putties.  Green Ranger kicks one of Zedd's Putties.  He turns around and calls out a warning to Red Ranger.  Red Ranger kicks the back of one of Zedd's Putties.  Another of Zedd's Putties takes a flying leap towards Red Ranger.  Green Ranger blocks the kick meant for Red Ranger.  Green Ranger and Red Ranger grab a hold of the Putty and flip it over and it hits the dirt.  Green Ranger and Red Ranger give each other a thumbs up.  Black Ranger comments to Pink Ranger, man the Putties are a lot tougher than what they use to be.  Pink Ranger adds, they just don't quit.  Meanwhile, eventually Bulk and Skull run into each other on the trails.  They are both surprised to see each other.  Bulk asks him, what are you doing here?  Before Skull can answer, Pirantishead appears.  Skull removes his helmet and nervously asks Bulk, are we near a river?  Bulk replies no.  What's the matter with you?  Skull quickly points and states, behind you.  A fish.  A giant fish.  Pirantishead has slowly been walking towards them and he laughs as he greets them.  Bulk and Skull scream.  Pirantishead asks, going my way?  Pirantishead plays his fish flute.  The icy air hits the 4 wheelers.  Bulk's 4 wheeler goes backwards as Bulk screams at Skull to help him.  Skull's 4 wheeler is hit next.  Skull's 4 wheeler goes backwards as well.  Pirantishead laughs.  Bulk and Skull have no control over their 4 wheelers.   Pirantishead vanishes.  Elsewhere, Green Ranger lands several kicks on a Putty.  Red Ranger punches a Putty on it's Z and destroys it.  Green Ranger also punches a Putty on it's Z and destroys it.  Black Ranger is surrounded by three of Zedd's Putties.  Black Ranger manages to punch each one on it's Z and destroys them.  Pink Ranger leaps into the air and lands several punches onto a Putty's Z, knocking it to the ground and destroying it.  Black Ranger checks to make sure Pink Ranger is okay.  Black Ranger tells them, they did great.  Red Ranger agrees.  Green Ranger adds, we just have to figure out what Lord Zedd is up to next.  Black Ranger is not happy when he spots Pirantishead close by.  Pirantishead laughs and announces, it's show time Rangers.  Pirantishead blows on his fish flute.  The air hits Tyrannosaurs and Dragonzord.  Red Ranger becomes alarmed as Pirantishead has activated the zords.  Pink Ranger adds, we need Billy and Trini.  Red Ranger shouts, take cover!  Tyrannosaurus fires at the four Rangers.  In the Command Center, Alpha 5 has been watching the four Rangers on the viewing globe.  He alerts Zordon to the fact that Lord Zedd has ordered the zords to start attacking the Power Rangers.  This is terrible.  We have to do something!  Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to open a communications channel to the Power Rangers.  Red Ranger shouts, Zordon!  We can't make it without the new zords!  Zordon replies, the new zords are on standby.  However they cannot be activated until the device allowing you to regain control of the old zords is completed.  The blasts from Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord knock the Rangers off their feet once more.  Red Ranger tells Zordon to tell Billy and Trini to hurry.  I don't know how much longer we can last!      

The attack from Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord suddenly stops.  Red Ranger doesn't understand why the zords stopped attacking.  Green Ranger concludes that is weird.  Black Ranger feels the important thing is that they stopped.  The rest agree.  Green Ranger hopes Billy and Trini get here with the signal blocker.  From above, Pirantishead tells the four Rangers he has another surprise for them.  Pirantishead blows his fish flute and Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord change direction.  The four Rangers note they are headed for the rally.  Pirantishead laughs.  Pink Ranger asks, what now?  Red Ranger points to an area and replies we'll stationed ourselves over there.  We may be able to distract them and draw them away.   A short distance away, Bulk & Skull are zooming around on uncontrollable 4-wheelers that Pirantishead had put under a spell.  The spectators are amused by Bulk & Skull antics.  Further away, Red Ranger shouts at Pirantishead.  We can't control the zords, but we can take you out!  Black Ranger agrees.  Pirantishead states, you don't stand a chance with your zords protecting me.  A small distance away, the charity race continues.  Pirantishead plays his fish flute.  Dragonzord prepares it's missiles and aims them at the race.  Dragonzord starts firing his missiles.  The drivers are startled and have no idea what is going on.  Skull notices the zords attacking the rally, but Bulk is too busy hanging on to care.  The zords attack the rally and competitors try to outrace the zords.  Soon, Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger arrive and race towards the rest of the Rangers.  Yellow Ranger excitedly announces that they have the signal blocker.  The rest of the Rangers are excited to see them.  Blue Ranger tells the rest to keep their fingers crossed as he starts the device.  Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord are still attacking.  Blue Ranger doesn't understand.  What's the matter with this thing?!  Red Ranger asks, what's going on?  The Rangers nervously back up as Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord heads towards them.  Tyrannosaurus attempts to stomp on them, but the Rangers leap out of the way.  Blue Ranger tries the device again, but it doesn't work.  Blue Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers he doesn't understand what went wrong.  Pirantishead gloats as he tells the Rangers, prepare to meet your end.  Pirantishead uses his fish flute.  Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord are hit once more.  Red Ranger notes, we have to buy some time.  Red Ranger calls for the Power Blaster.  The Rangers assembled the Power Blaster.  They act like they are going to attack the zords, but instead they attack Pirantishead.  Pirantishead is hit hard. Red Ranger tells Blue Ranger to fix the signal blocker.  Pirantishead threatens them, it's not over with yet.  Blue Ranger can't believe it.  I put the battery in upside down.  Green Ranger jokes, our genius!  Blue Ranger switches the battery and tells Green Ranger, let's take back our zords.  Blue Ranger activates the signal blocker just as Tyrannosaurs and Dragonzord are about to stomp on them.  The signal blocker works and the zords are under the Rangers' control again.  Within moments, the ground shakes beneath the Rangers' feet.  The Rangers roll out of danger's way.  The ground beneath the zords opens up and they sink below.  The Rangers are very distressed.  The Rangers gather together.  Pink Ranger asks, what are we going to do?  Red Ranger replies, we have to stick together.  Red Ranger tells Green Ranger to be quick.  Lord Zedd hasn't gotten to Dragonzord yet.  Green Ranger uses his Dragon Dagger to send Dragonzord back to the sea where he will be safe.  Red Ranger tells Green Ranger, he had to do it.  Green Ranger agrees.  There's no way I'll let Zedd get him too.  Pirantishead catches the grow bomb.  Red Ranger notes, I think our problems are about to get bigger.  Pirantishead grows to giant size.  Red Ranger states, without our zords, we don't stand a chance.  Retreat to the Command Center.  After awhile, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger return and call their new Thunderzords.  The Thunderzords arrive.  The zords form the Thunder Megazord.  Pirantishead charges towards Thunder Megazord.  Thunder Megazord charges up it's thunder saber.  Pirantishead plays it's fish flutes.  But it does nothing.  Pirantishead tosses one of it's fish flutes towards Thunder Megazord.  Thunder Megazord is hit hard.  Red Ranger instructs the team to hang tough.  Pirantishead taunts them.  Is that the best you can do?!  Pirantishead strikes Thunder Megazord with it's fish flute once more.  Thunder Megazord takes several steps back.  Pirantishead tells them they are finished.  Red Ranger shouts to his team, let's can this thing!  Thunder Megazord knocks Pirantishead off it's feet.  Pirantishead tosses it's fish flute away and tells the Rangers he is going to tear them apart with his bare fists.  Pirantishead gets back up on it's feet.  Thunder Megazord strikes Pirantishead with it's saber and destroys it.  The Rangers return to the Command Center, where Zordon congratulates them on a job well done.  Alpha 5 notes that Bulk and Skull are still on out of control 4-wheelers.  The teens arrive a short distance away from Bulk and Skull.  Trini and Billy hurry over to the signal blocker and use it on the 4-wheelers to break the spell.  Bulk and Skull crash into each other backwards.  They get off the 4-wheelers and spin around several times before falling onto the dirt.  Trini and Billy high five each other.  Billy and Trini hurry back to their friends.  Jason tells Tommy and Kimberly they should check on Bulk and Skull.  The rest of us will go back and get the bikes.  Kimberly and Tommy hurry over to Bulk and Skull as they struggle to get back up.  Skull is very excited to see Kimberly.  Those grey guys didn't get you!  Kimberly acts like she doesn't know what Skull is talking about.  To distract them, Tommy asks why were you riding your bikes in reverse?  Bulk replies, it was horrible.  They surrounded us and then a giant fish!  And then the Power Rangers saved us!  Kimberly and Tommy act skeptical.  Tommy responds, no kidding, the Power Rangers?  Skull tells them, yeah, they were as close to us as I am to you!  Skull then take a large step closer.  Bulk adds, and what's more, we're going to find out who they really are.  The rest of the teens arrive with the 4-wheelers.  Kimberly, Tommy, Bulk and Skull walk over to them.  Zack thinks it's time to get back to the marathon.  Trini tells Bulk and Skull they will have to double up.  Skull threatens, these 4-wheelers better not go backwards.  Bulk responds, you are backwards.  Kimberly gives Tommy his helmet and tells him she's driving.  They all ride off together and soon spot the finish line.  Mr. Caplan announces, here they come ladies and gentlemen.  They are entering the home stretch.  The teens bring up the rear of the race.  The crowd cheers them on as they cross the finish line.

Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Tommy are playing basketball.  Kimberly's back is turned when Zack walks up in a monkey outfit and scares her.  Zack has just return from his little cousins' birthday party.  Jason tells Zack to take off his monkey suit and join them in their game of basketball.  Zack takes off the ape costume and joins them.  After awhile, Zordon contacts the teens and tells them to come to the Command Center. Jason tells his friends, there's trouble, let's go.  Jason tosses the basketball aside.  The teens teleport out. Zordon informs the teens he needs to de-ionized and they need to stay extra alert.  After the teens leave, Alpha 5 decides to check the area and scans the park.  Alpha 5 sees a young boy, Dylan, lost and looking for his mom.  Alpha 5 decides not to contact the Rangers, that this is a job he can do and teleports to the park.  Bulk & Skull are searching for the identity of the Power Rangers when they hear a strange sound.  The strange sound is Alpha 5 who lands in front of them.  Bulk & Skull scream and take off.  Alpha 5 befriends Dylan and tells him that his mom is looking for him and that they should stay put.  Dylan suggests to Alpha 5 they play soccer.  Close by Primator arrives and hides in some bushes.  Primator assumes Billy's shape and walks towards Alpha 5 and Dylan.  "Billy" tells Alpha 5 that he has been a naughty boy and it's time to return to the Command Center.  Alpha 5 realizes that he is not dealing with Billy.  "Billy" reverts to his true form of Primator and tries to get Alpha 5 to take him to the Command Center.  Primator grabs a hold of Dylan, but Dylan fights him off.  Alpha 5 tells Dylan to run and activates his own self-destruct button.  Lord Zedd gets frustrated with Primator.  He yells Primator!  Leave that metal junk pile alone and go destroy the Rangers! Now! Primator promptly responds, yes Lord Zedd and vanishes from the park.  Primator arrives outside of the Youth Center.  He shifts into looking like Zack.  "Zack" enters the Youth Center.  Inside he tricks Kimberly and Trini into going to the park to help Tommy.  Trini and Kimberly arrive in the park.  Initially they are puzzled, as they don't see Tommy or Zedd's Putties.  Kimberly asks, alright, so where's Tommy?  Trini replies, I don't know.  Maybe the others found him.  Trini uses her communicator to contact Jason.  But she gets no response.  Several of Zedd's Putties arrive in the park.  Trini calls out a warning, watch out, Putties!  Trini and Kimberly are trapped on a wooden bridge as two sets of Zedd's Putties block them on both sides.  Kimberly reminds Trini to go for the Z.  Kimberly fights a set of Putties on one end of the bridge while Trini fights the other set of Putties from the other end.  Zedd's Putties are easily defeated.  Kimberly walks up to Trini and Trini asks if she is alright?  Kimberly replies yeah.  Meanwhile, Dylan asks Alpha if he is getting better?  Alpha 5 replies, I don't think so Dylan.  Ten minutes until self-destruct.  The teens go to the Command Center, Zordon is back and informs the teens about Primator and his ability to look like them.  The teens morph and teleport out.  The Rangers face down Primator.  Primator warns them to be prepare to face their doom.  I am Primator!  Red Ranger states, you're monkey meat and you're going down!  Green Ranger adds, that's right, so get ready ape face!  Black Ranger is ready.  Let's get him!  Blue Ranger states, Blue Ranger ready!  Pink Ranger adds, Pink Ranger ready!  Yellow Ranger shouts, Yellow Ranger!   Then another "Yellow Ranger" shouts, yeah Yellow Ranger!  Yellow Ranger notices there is another Yellow Ranger.  She yells, I'm the Yellow Ranger!  "Yellow Ranger"  shouts, no way!  You're an imposter!  Jason!  "Yellow Ranger" asks them, you guys can tell who the real Trini is, can't you?  Yellow Ranger warns, don't listen to her guys.  Remember it's just Primator trying to trick us.  Green Ranger confesses it's a tough call.  Black Ranger agrees.  Red Ranger decides to have them fight him.  "Yellow Ranger" immediately agrees, while Yellow Ranger quietly agrees.  Red Ranger adds, I'll be able to tell by both of your styles who's Trini and who's not.  Alright when you're ready.  Black Ranger states, let's stay alert guys.  Yellow Ranger states, Jason, you're my friend.  I can't fight you.  "Yellow Ranger" states, well I can.  Watch this!  "Yellow Ranger"  pulls out her Blade Blaster as she leaps over to Red Ranger.  Black Ranger shouts, blast her guys!  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger fire their Blade Blasters at "Yellow Ranger."  "Yellow Ranger" is hit and falls to the pavement, reverting back to it's original form.  The Rangers gather together.  Primator gets back up and waving his weapon around and warns them to save their breath!  The Rangers fight Primator.  Red Ranger pulls out his Power Sword.  Red Ranger fights Primator with his Power Sword.  Red Ranger breaks Primator's weapon with his Power Sword.  Primator is angry.  You'll pay for that Power Brats!  Primator charges towards the Rangers and knocks them aside as he passes them.  The Rangers hit the pavement as Primator runs away.  Black Ranger warns, not so fast fur ball!  Black Ranger leaps up and hits Primator, knocking them both onto the pavement.  Black Ranger fights Primator with a vengeance.  They both fall over into the harbor.  The rest of the Rangers race down to the pier to find him.  "Black Ranger" staggers over to them.  Red Ranger notes that fall look pretty bad bro.  Are you okay?  "Black Ranger" replies, yeah I'm great before striking Red Ranger.  The rest of the Rangers fight "Black Ranger".  "Black Ranger" hits the pavement as Black Ranger arrives.  Black Ranger warns the rest of the Rangers, look out guys!  It's Primator in disguise!  "Black Ranger" tries to get away.  "Black Ranger" flips into "Blue Ranger".  Then flips into "Pink Ranger".  Primator flips once more into "Red Ranger" and laughs hysterically.  Black Ranger asks Red Ranger, what are we going to do?  Red Ranger replies, don't worry, I'll handle this.  He thinks he's the Red Ranger, well he's wrong!  Red Ranger charges towards "Red Ranger".  Red Ranger fights "Red Ranger".  Red Ranger is hit and rolls towards the rest of the Rangers.  "Red Ranger" warns them to stay away!  That's the bogus Red Ranger!  The rest of the Rangers are confused and "Red Ranger" laughs once more.  Fooled you!  "Red Ranger" shoots beams out of his helmet towards the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit and knocked off their feet.  "Red Ranger" laughs again and reverts back to Primator.  No one can defeat Primator.  Red Ranger notes, it's too much.  We got to regroup.  Red Ranger contacts Zordon.  We need your help!  Zordon instructs them to teleport to the Command Center.  Red Ranger warns Primator, we'll be back.  The Rangers teleport away.  Primator laughs.  The Rangers, with Zordon's information, come up with a plan and teleport back out.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Yellow Ranger cross a bridge.  Yellow Ranger asks, where are the others?  Blue Ranger isn't sure.  We all teleported together.  Red Ranger warns them to keep their eyes open.  Red Ranger spots Green Ranger and points him out.  "Green Ranger" stumbles towards them.  "Green Ranger" tells them he is losing his powers.  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger hurry over to "Green Ranger".  "Green Ranger" tells them it's too much.  Why don't we give up?  Red Ranger kicks "Green Ranger" and knocks him off his feet.  "Green Ranger" rolls on the pavement as Red Ranger states, the real Tommy would never give up so easy.  You boneheaded baboon.  "Green Ranger" gets back up and threatens, soon you're all going to wish you gave up.  Blue Ranger pulls out a mirror and suggests they try a little experiment.  Let's see if reflective light brings out a whole new you.  Blue Ranger hands "Green Ranger" the mirror.  "Green Ranger" takes a look and asks, so what am I suppose to see?  Suddenly his helmet is red and green.  Blue Ranger comments, my, how colorful!  "Green Ranger" gets angry and smashes the mirror.    "Green Ranger" reverts back to Primator.  Red Ranger tells him, let's see how you do when you have to fight fair.  Primator tries to run away but is blocked by Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, and Black Ranger.  Primator becomes very angry.  He generates energy from his fists and shoots it towards the Rangers.  Blue Ranger and Black Ranger leap up and kick Primator.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger leap up and punch Primator. Lord Zedd throws his grow bomb down towards Primator.  Primator grows to giant size.  Black Ranger, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger summon their Thunderzords.  The Thunderzords arrive.  Thunder Megazord is quickly formed.  Green Ranger summons Dragonzord with his Dragon Dagger.  Primator hits Dragonzord with it's weapon.  Dragonzord swings it's tail around and hits Primator's weapon and it breaks.  Primator shoots blasts at Dragonzord and Thunder Megazord.  Thunder Megazord walks through the blast and towards Primator.  Thunder Megazord uses it's sword and destroys Primator.  At the park, Dylan has stayed by Alpha 5's side.  Alpha 5 is counting down till his destruction.  The Rangers arrive and hurry over to Alpha 5.  Dylan is very excited to see the Power Rangers and asks if they can save his friend.  Yellow Ranger tells Blue Ranger to disarm his self-destruct mode.  Blue Ranger works frantically.  With just two seconds left, Blue Ranger has disarm Alpha 5.  Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Dylan help Alpha 5 back up on his feet.  Dylan's mom races over.  She hugs Dylan as she asks where have you been?  I've been looking all over for you.  Dylan's mom thanks the Power Rangers  for finding her little boy.  Red Ranger responds, thank Alpha.  The Rangers and Alpha 5 teleport away.  Dylan waves towards them and shouts, bye Rangers!  Bye Alpha!  I'll always remember you!  Dylan's mom waves as well.

Billy and Zack go for a walk in the park.  Zack tells Billy, we got to figure this thing out.  Billy states, it seems like the spell makes our fellow Rangers appear as Putties.  Two Putties block Billy and Zack's path.  Two more Putties are standing on the playground equipment.  Zack asks Billy, if you're right, these guys....are our friends?  Billy replies, and if that's so, we should be able to communicate with them.  Zack says hello to the pair of Putties on the playground equipment.  When he gets no response, he turns around to talk to Billy, unaware that one of the Putties is coming down the slide towards him.  The Putty pushes Zack and he hits the ground.  Zack states, they are not our friends.  I just got the message.  Zordon tells Alpha 5 that Billy and Zack are under attack.  Alert the other Rangers. Billy knocks down the Putty that had pushed Zack.  Soon four more "Putties" arrive.  Billy and Zack have no idea what to do as they watch the Putties fight each other.  Billy comments, everyone is a Putty. The "Putties" continue to fight the other Putties.  Zack and Billy run in and fight the Putties.  Zack tells the Putties, you blew it clay heads! Billy adds, the Rangers would never attack us.  One by one, Zedd's Putties are being destroyed.  Zack spots two "Putties" fighting each other.  Zack calls out, leave my friend alone!  The "Putty" waves at Zack.  Zack spins his way towards a "Putty".  The "Putty" tries to protect it's face and yells Zack, it's me, Trini!  Zack stops just in time.  Zack backs away and Billy joins him.   Billy states, I believe Zedd somehow is making us see you as Putties.  Zack adds, I can't take it.  It's like I got Putty on the brain.  Tommy states, bad news man.  Kimberly is not happy.  Oh please.  You mean I look like a Putty.  Zack apologizes.  Jason suggests they go back to the Command Center.  Zack and Billy teleport with the "Putties".  At the Command Center, Billy and Zack are sent to Billy's lab to design a device that will help defeat Saliguana.  Later, the alarms go off.  Zordon informs Tommy, Kimberly, and Jason that the Saliguana monster has begun it's attack on the beach outside Angel Grove. Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger arrive and immediately begin fighting Zedd's Putties.  Soon, Zedd's Putties are defeated.  Saliguana states, you're good with Putties, now try me!  Black Ranger and Blue Ranger leap through the air and land kicks on Saliguana.  Saliguana hits the ground but quickly gets back up.  Black Ranger fights Saliguana.  He lands several punches and kicks against Saliguana.  Saliguana hits the ground once more but gets back up.  Saliguana tells Black Ranger, you're going to pay for that.  Blue Ranger calls out a warning.  He can turn up the heat and bar-b-que you at any time he wants.  Black Ranger isn't worried.  This guy's nothing.  Saliguana is offended.  Nothing?!  I'll show you nothing!  Here's a very hot something!  Saliguana shoots flames from his mouth towards Black Ranger and Blue Ranger.  The two Rangers roll out of the way.  Black Ranger notes, we got him spitting mad.  I think it's time to break out the extinguisher!  This should cool you down.  Black Ranger aims the ice device at Saliguana.  Saliguana isn't worried.  Toasted Ranger anyone?  Saliguana shoots out his flames once more.  Black Ranger fires the device, but nothing happens.  Black Ranger asks, what's wrong?  Blue Ranger doesn't know.  The two Rangers are knocked off their feet.  Saliguana charges towards them.  Blue Ranger tells Black Ranger, try to figure out what's wrong.  I'll distract him!  Blue Ranger fights Saliguana.  Saliguana strikes Blue Ranger on the helmet and knocks him to the ground.  Saliguana gloats, now I've got you.  Black Ranger leaps in and knocks Saliguana away.  Blue Ranger suddenly realizes he knows what's wrong with the ice device.  We designed it with a back flow inhibitor in mind.  Blue Ranger takes the device from Black Ranger.  The extra computer chip Trini told us to bring should fit right here.  It's essential for this device to work.  Blue Ranger places the computer chip into the ice device and states, there that should do it.  Saliguana states, you two are history!  Blue Ranger is confident the ice device will work now.  Black Ranger takes the device and aims it Saliguana.  Saliguana blows flames at the two Rangers.  Black Ranger fires the ice device, shouting, take that lizard breath!  The ice device works and Saliguana's flames are extinguished.  Saliguana is angry.  You'll pay for that!  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger race over and join Blue Ranger and Black Ranger.  Red Ranger asks if they are okay?  Black Ranger replies, Billy got hit in the head, but I think he's alright.  Blue Ranger adds, yeah, I'm fine.  Saliguana is really mad and charges towards the five Rangers.  The Rangers form their Power Blaster.  Saliguana is hit hard.  Lord Zedd tosses down his grow bomb.  Saliguana grows to giant size.  Red Ranger notes, it looks like Lord Zedd has upped the stakes.  Saliguana gloats, now your precious Angel Grove will be history.  The Rangers summon their thunderzords.  Red Dragon Thunderzord goes into warrior mode.  Saliguana has the ability to breath fire once more and shoots flames at Red Dragon Thunderzord.  Red Dragon Thunderzord is hit hard.  Saliguana doesn't understand why Red Dragon Thunderzord is still standing.  In the sky, the rest of the Thunderzords arrive.  As they fly, they form the assault team.  Red Dragon Thunderzord leaps up and rides on top of the assault team.  Saliguana shoots more flames at them.  The assault team manages to outmaneuver the flames.  Saliguana gets very angry.  Thunder Megazord is formed.  Saliguana has the ability to stretch out it's tongue and it did so.  Wrapping it's tongue around Thunder Megazord.  Saliguana laughed as Thunder Megazord struggle to break free.  Thunder Megazord pulls out it's sword and slices it through Saliguana's tongue.  Saliguana falls to the ground, but quickly gets back up.  Thunder Megazord powers up it's sword.  Saliguana asks, you think your puny sword will get me?!  Think again Power Brats!  Thunder Megazord strikes Saliguana with it's sword and destroys it.

Trini is just ending her volleyball club when Tommy and Jason walk over.  Jason and Tommy ask Trini what happen between her and Kimberly?  Trini tells them that Kimberly got upset with her over the clubs.  Bulk and Skull and their club walk by and tried to record their voices, although they are convinced that they couldn't possibly be the Power Rangers.  Meanwhile, Kimberly is sitting in a flower garden, wondering why she is even bothering with it.  Soon, Bloom of Doom arrives in Angel Grove.  Bloom of Doom gloats, feel the fire of my poisonous pollen, pitiful earthlings!  Bloom of Doom's pollen is scatter in every direction.   Elsewhere, Jason, Trini, and Tommy are walking together when Trini admits she's a little worried.  Jason's communicator goes off.  Jason responds, come in Zordon, we read you.  Zordon tells them, Zedd has sent his Bloom of Doom to destroy the planet.  You must morph to the city side of Angel Grove park immediately.  Tommy states, I'm ready, let's go.  Trini protests.  Shouldn't you be conserving your powers?  Zordon responds, Trini, Tommy understands the danger.  The decision to join you must be his.  Tommy agrees and states, and I say I'm going with you.  Jason, Trini, and Tommy morph.  Meanwhile, Kimberly is aggressively digging a hole when her communicator goes off.  Kimberly groans and pulls off her gloves, muttering it figures.  Kimberly stands up and puts on a fake cherry voice as she responds, come in Zordon.  Zordon tells her, there's trouble Pink Ranger.  You're urgently needed to rendezvous with the others at the city side of Angel Grove park.  Kimberly waits impatiently as Zordon continues.  In addition, you'll need a special weapon to combat Zedd's monster.  Alpha is beaming it to you now.  The weapon appears in Kimberly's hand and she gives it a skeptical look.  Kimberly asks Zordon, what am I suppose to do with this thing?  Zordon replies, you must wrap it around the monster like a vine.  Kimberly comments, well thank goodness it's in my hands instead of that club hogger Trini!  Alpha 5 wishes Kimberly good luck.  Kimberly morphs and teleports to the park.  The Rangers arrive at the park at the same time.  Bloom of Doom is surprised to see them all together.  Green Ranger remarks, yeah, well we're a team.  And together, we're going to destroy you.  Bloom of Doom replies, we'll see about that.  Several of Zedd's Putties appear by Bloom of Doom's side.  Bloom of Doom adds, I have some friends too, you know.  The Putties charge towards the Rangers.  Bloom of Doom laughs.  Pink Ranger fights a group of Putties.  Black Ranger fights another batch of Putties and quickly destroys two of them.  Blue Ranger fights another set of Putties.  Blue Ranger kicks several of them.  Red Ranger fights a Putty and destroys it.  Black Ranger tosses a Putty into a tree.  Green Ranger fights a batch of Putties.  He kicks several at a time and trips over another one.  Pink Ranger lands several powerful kicks on a Putty and it quickly is destroyed.  Green Ranger tosses a Putty through the air.  Red Ranger fights another Putty.  Eventually the Putties are destroyed and the Rangers face down Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom releases it's pollen.  Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Green Ranger leap out of it's way but it's not enough to escape the pollen.  Yellow Ranger asks, what's happening?  Red Ranger screams, what is it?  It burns!  Blue Ranger feels like he's going to bust.  Black Ranger shouts, it feels like fire!  We've got to stop it somehow!  Green Ranger tries to shake off the pollen but he can't, instead it's making him weaker.  Yellow Ranger shouts at Bloom of Doom to leave her friends alone!  Pink Ranger comments, forget it Trini.  I have just the thing to put the wraps on this weed.  Pink Ranger pulls out the weapon Alpha had sent her.  Pink Ranger gets the weapon to wrap around Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom struggles to break free.  Yellow Ranger shouts, way to go Kim!  Yellow Ranger leaps into the air with her Blade Blaster and strikes Bloom of Doom.  Instead of helping, it frees Bloom of Doom.  Yellow Ranger tries to strike Bloom of Doom again with her Blade Blaster, but it vanishes.  Yellow Ranger is puzzled.  What happened?  Where did she go?  Pink Ranger shouts, Trini, I almost had him!  You spoil everything.  Pink Ranger leaps through the air with the weapon when Bloom of Doom reappears.  Once more she gets the weapon to wrap around Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom yanks on the ribbon, pulling Pink Ranger towards her.  Pink Ranger lands hard on the walkway.  Bloom of Doom asks, how does it feel to be consume with jealousy?  Look at me!  Gaze deep into my eye!  Bloom of Doom laughs as Pink Ranger panics.  Wait!  What's happening?!  I can't think straight.  Pink Ranger is teleported to another dimension.  Green Ranger screams Kimberly!  Green Ranger can't believe they all disappeared.  Yellow Ranger states, we got to smash that Bloom of Doom.  Black Ranger asks, how can we fight something we can't find?  Red Ranger doesn't know and suggests they get back to the Command Center.  Billy comes up with a plan.  Yellow Ranger uses her Power Daggers to break through the dimension.  Bloom of Doom is knocked out of the dimension.  Yellow Ranger is standing close by and screams Kimberly!  Hang on!  I'm here!  Pink Ranger has also been knocked out of the dimension.  Pink Ranger is relieved to see Yellow Ranger.  Trini, you came.  Yellow Ranger replies, of course.  That's what friends are for.  We are friends, aren't we?  Pink Ranger responds, yes, always.  Yellow Ranger leaps over to Pink Ranger.  Yellow Ranger holds out her hand - friends forever?  Pink Ranger clasps Yellow Ranger's hand and replies, friends forever.  Yellow Ranger states, alright, let's chop this weed.  Bloom of Doom tells them, it's going to destroy them both.  Yellow Ranger asks Pink Ranger, ready partner?  Pink Ranger replies, let's get her.  Both Rangers leap over to Bloom of Doom.  Yellow Ranger lands a kick on Bloom of Doom.  Pink Ranger lands on Yellow Ranger's shoulders and leaps off, firing her Power Bow several times at Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom is knocked to the pavement.  Pink Ranger lands close to Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers have arrived.  Bloom of Doom gets back up and states, maybe you power punks need more pollen?  Pink Ranger tells the team, let's not give her the chance.  The Rangers assemble the Power Blaster and fire it at Bloom of Doom.  Bloom of Doom is hit hard and destroyed.

Tommy is walking through the park, when several Putties arrive.  Tommy fights the Putties, but the Putties still manage to capture him and teleport away.  Tommy is taken to a dark chamber where Goldar places him under a trance.  Tommy returns to Angel Grove and teleports with his friends to the Command Center.  Tommy tricks his friends into summoning the Sword of Power.  Once he has it, Tommy teleports out of the Command Center and returns to the dark chamber.  He gives the Sword of Power to Goldar.  Once he releases the sword, the trance is broken.  Devastated over what he has done, Tommy morphs. Green Ranger searches for Robogoat.  He shouts, come out and fight!  Green Ranger is determined to get the sword back.  Suddenly Green Ranger spots the Sword of Power in a pile of rocks.  Green Ranger states, you'll never turn me against my friends again.  The sword is ours.  Green Ranger laughs as he runs towards the sword.  Suddenly several explosions take place all around him.  One hits him and he is knocked off his feet.  Robogoat leaps into the area.  Robogoat faces Green Ranger and tells him, if you want the Sword of Power, you have to conquer me first.  Green Ranger replies, you're history!  Robogoat gloats, not as long as I have the sword!  Robogoat charges towards Green Ranger.  Green Ranger pulls out his Dragon Dagger as he states, the sword belongs to the Power Rangers!  Green Ranger charges towards Robogoat.  Green Ranger fights Robogoat with his Dragon Dagger.  He strikes Robogoat several times, and lands a kick as well.  Robogoat also strikes Green Ranger several times with his weapon.  Robogoat tells Green Ranger, you want the sword's power, here it is.  Robogoat strikes Green Ranger hard with his weapon/staff.  Green Ranger is knocked off his feet and rolls several times on the gravel.  Robogoat prepares to strike Green Ranger again, but Green Ranger quickly gets back up and leaps over Robogoat.  Green Ranger lands by the Sword of Power.  Green Ranger pulls out the sword as he states, like I said goat face, the sword belongs to the Power Rangers.  And no one else.  Got it?!  Robogoat replies, you're wrong.  It's mine!  And I'll use it to steal your power.  Green Ranger states, try me goat cheese!  Suddenly the Sword of Power changes into a stick.  Green Ranger is surprised, no way!  Robogoat laughs as he leaps over and strikes Green Ranger with his staff.  Once more, Green Ranger is knocked off his feet and he rolls down the small gravely hill.  Robogoat holds the Sword of Power as he declares, victory is mine!  Green Ranger states, not yet.  Robogoat tells him goodbye as he strikes Green Ranger with the sword and knocks him off a cliff.  Green Ranger lands hard and lays in the dirt facing up.  He struggles to get back up.  Green Ranger notes his powers are fading.  I got to tell the guys what happened.  Soon the five Rangers arrive in a different area and face Robogoat, who welcomes them.  Red Ranger notes, Robogoat has got the sword.  Robogoat tells the Rangers they are finished.  Let the games begin!  Robogoat holds the Sword of Power high up.  Electric currents travel up the sword and then shoot out at the Rangers.  Red Ranger calls out a warning - brace yourself!  The Rangers are hit and knocked off their feet.  The Rangers struggle to get back up.  Red Ranger tells them to get into attack positions.  Robogoat suggests they do this one at a time.  You first Red Ranger and the rest of you can wait down below!  Robogoat laughs as he slams the Sword of Power into the ground.  The ground shakes and Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger struggle to stay standing up.  The ground below them cracks open and the four Rangers fall into the opening. Red Ranger screams, hold on!  Red Ranger demands that Robogoat bring them back.  Robogoat replies, no!  Once I have your powers, Lord Zedd will be unstoppable!  Red Ranger declares, no way Robogoat!  Even one Ranger can take you out!  Robogoat suggests he ask the Green Ranger how easy it was.  You're next!  Robogoat charges towards Red Ranger with the sword.  Red Ranger pulls out his Power Sword and charges towards Robogoat.  Red Ranger and Robogoat fight each other with their swords.  They strike each other several times.  Robogoat knocks Red Ranger off his feet.  Before Robogoat can strike again, Red Ranger blocks the move.  Red Ranger gets back up and tells Robogoat to give it up.  Even with the Sword of Power, you can't win!  Red Ranger knocks the Sword of Power out of Robogoat's hands.  The sword goes flying into the sky and lands into the ground.  Robogoat is stunned when the sword turns into a stick.  Robogoat shouts, impossible!  Where is the sword?!  Red Ranger states, Zordon teleported it back to the Command Center, where it belongs.  Now I'm going to teach you not to mess with the Power Rangers.  I want my friends back!  Robogoat shouts, they're right here Ranger!  Come and get them!  Robogoat charges towards Red Ranger with his staff.  Red Ranger fights Robogoat and his staff with his Power Sword.  Red Ranger kicks Robogoat off his feet.  Red Ranger demands Robogoat give them up.  He strikes Robogoat with his Power Sword several times.  Robogoat is knocked off his feet once more.  Robogoat screams oh no!  The four Rangers are released inside energy bubbles.  The energy bubbles fly from Robogoat and hover over the ground before turning into the Rangers and dropping onto the ground.  Yellow Ranger exclaims, finally!  I guess Jason got us out of those energy bubbles.  Red Ranger races over to the four Rangers.  He tells them to regroup.  We've got to ram this goat and find Tommy!  Red Ranger holds the Power Sword high as they face down Robogoat.  Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb.  Robogoat grows to giant size and laughs at the Rangers.  The Rangers summon their Thunder zords.  The Thunder zords arrive and Thunder Megazord is quickly formed.  Robogoat gloats, you're still no match for Robogoat!  Robogoat charges towards Thunder Megazord with it's staff.  Thunder Megazord fights Robogoat and his staff.  Thunder Megazord lands a hard punch on Robogoat.  Robogoat is knocked several feet back.  Thunder Megazord draws out it's saber and points it towards Robogoat.  Robogoat states, that's still no match for the amount of destruction.  Robogoat holds it's staff in front of it as Thunder Megazord cuts it in half with it's saber.  The pieces fall to the ground.  Robogoat is upset.  Look what you've done!  Maybe you'll get a charge out of this.  Gold and blue electric currents shoot out of Robogoat's hands and hits Thunder Megazord hard.  Elsewhere, Green Ranger's communicator goes off.  Although struggling, Green Ranger responds, I'm still here.  I read you Zordon.   Back at the battle, Robogoat blasts Thunder Megazord again as he shouts goodbye Rangers!  Red Ranger yells, Zordon!  Do you have a lock on Tommy?!  We need him now!   Elsewhere, Green Ranger exclaims oh no!  My dream is coming true after all!  I mustn't give up.  Green Ranger pulls out his Dragon Dagger.  Come on buddy!  Once more!  For old times sake.  Green Ranger plays his Dragon Dagger, but nothing happens.  Green Ranger exclaims oh no!  Back at the battle, Robogoat shoots more electrical blasts at Thunder Megazord.  Thunder Megazord is hit hard.  Red Ranger tells his team to pull it together.  Thunder Megazord falls to the ground.  Robogoat laughs and charges towards the fallen Thunder Megazord as he shouts, you're finished!  Red Ranger tells the team, direction systems sluggish but not down.  Billy, check it out!  Elsewhere, Green Ranger shouts, Zordon, they're counting on me!  Come on!  Put me back in the fight!  I can't believe this is happening.  Back at the battle, Robogoat charges towards Thunder Megazord.  Red Ranger informs the team, system is fully online.  Way to go guys!  Now let's show him what we're made of!  Thunder Megazord pulls out it's sword.  Robogoat hesitates and then states, you don't scare me.  Thunder Megazord strikes Robogoat with it's sword and Robogoat is destroyed.

The Youth Center is hosting a clean up drive.  At Angel Grove park, Tommy, Kimberly, and Jason are cleaning up with several other teens. A camera man arrives and starts interviewing Tommy.  Zedd's Putties arrive and everyone starts running.  Kimberly, Jason, and Tommy begin to fight the Putties, unaware that the camera left behind, is recording.   Octophantom appears.  Jason, Tommy, and Kimberly morph.  Green Ranger fights several Putties.  The camera is still recording.  Red Ranger fights a batch of Putties as Pink Ranger fights another set of Putties.  Octophantom points his jar towards Green Ranger and opens it.  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger try to help, but they are too late.  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger contact the Alpha 5 and tell him to contact the others and have them meet in the Command Center. After everyone has left the park, Bulk and Skull walk up to the camera.  They realized the camera has recorded the Rangers and they take the tape.  Later, Octophantom goes to the West Union park and begins to deface the monuments to try and lure the Rangers.    The five Rangers arrive at the park and simultaneously punch Octophantom.  Octophantom quickly knocks them away.  As the Rangers get back up, Octophantom greets them.  Red Ranger asks, where's Tommy?  Octophantom replies, right where you five are going.  Octophantom blasts the five Rangers with his hands.  Octophantom then shoots starfish at the Rangers.  The starfish attached themselves to the Rangers and erupted in explosions, knocking the Rangers off their feet once more.  The Rangers struggle as they get back up.  Black Ranger tells Red Ranger, come on Jason!  We can take this guy!  Red Ranger agrees and shouts, lets!  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger charge towards Octophantom.  Blue Ranger is more cautious and shouts at them to wait.  It's a trap!  Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger fight Octophantom.  Blue Ranger watches the battle, noting he's got to have a weak spot.  Red Ranger lands several kicks on Octophantom.  Yellow Ranger takes out her Blade Blaster and fights Octophantom with it.  Pink Ranger also uses her Blade Blaster as she joins Yellow Ranger in fighting Octophantom.  Octophantom soon knocks the two Rangers to the ground.  Black Ranger and Red Ranger leap into the air and try to land a kick on Octophantom.  Instead, he tosses them onto the pavement.  Octophantom gloats, you're no match for me.  Prepare to meet your fate.  Blue Ranger calls out another warning, Jason, watch out!  Octophantom tells them, it's time to meet your friend, the Green Ranger.  As you donate your powers to the...Octophantom becomes distracted by his reflection on the back of a metal monument.  He notes, I've never noticed what a handsome fella I am.  Those lips, those eyes.  Not bad, if I do say so myself.  Blue Ranger, still watching, notes that's Octophantom's weakness.  Octophantom turns away from his reflection as he states, okay back to business.  Octophantom takes out his jar and asks, who wants to be the first one to join the Green Ranger in this jar?  Red Ranger replies, none of us creep!  Octophantom decides to take all of them at once.  He points his jar at the four Rangers.  Red Ranger manages to leap away but Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger are sucked into the jar.  Octophantom gloats, four down!  Two to go!  Red Ranger threatens, you won't get away with this!  Octophantom very confidently asks, who's going to stop me?  You?  If you want to join me, meet me at the quarry!  Octophantom vanishes.  Blue Ranger suggests they get back to the Command Center.  Blue Ranger mutters, there's got to be a way to stop that thing.   After awhile, Red Ranger returns to Angel Grove and goes to the quarry.  Red Ranger runs as he searches for Octophantom.  He pauses at the bottom of a gravel pit and shouts, alright ugly!  Where are you?!  With a flash of lightening, Octophantom appears.  Octophantom notes, so you decided to come.  Big mistake.  Red Ranger shouts, where are my friends?!  I want to see them now!  Octophantom concludes that he is being rude and points above them, where the four Rangers are tied to poles.  Red Ranger yells, are you guys alright?!  Yellow Ranger responds, we're okay.  Black Ranger adds, I'm not too sure about Tommy.  Green Ranger tells them I'm alright, just get this guy!  Pink Ranger urges Red Ranger to hurry.  Lord Zedd is trying to put us under a spell!  Octophantom lets them know that the power transfer is almost over.  It looks like you're all alone now!  Red Ranger responds, I am be standing here alone, but my friends are still with me in spirit.  Red Ranger clenches his head into a fist.  Suddenly Octophantom leaps into the air and lands a punch on Red Ranger, knocking him to the ground.  Red Ranger quickly gets back up.  Red Ranger and Octophantom fight.  Octophantom kicks Red Ranger several times and tosses him through the air.  Red Ranger lands hard on his back.  Octophantom tells him the time has come for you to join your friends and surrender your power to Lord Zedd.  Red Ranger is determined not to let Octophantom get him.  Octophantom tells Red Ranger to hold very still has he points his jar towards him.  Red Ranger screams Billy, where are you?!  Suddenly the Power Lance flies through the air and strikes Octophantom, causing him to drop the jar.  Octophantom is confused.  Where did he come from?  Blue Ranger has the device and yells for Red Ranger to come over.  Red Ranger races over as he tells him good job.  Octophantom shouts, hey that's cheating!  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger I got here as soon as I could.  Red Ranger tells him, you saved my skin man.  Thanks.  Blue Ranger replies, any time.  I built the shield with a mirror in it.  Get close and open the mirror.  As he stops to watch himself, you'll have the upper hand.  Blue Ranger passes Red Ranger the shield.  Red Ranger thinks this will do the trick.  Great work.  Blue Ranger responds, just doing what I do best.  Red Ranger tells him, I'll keep this guy busy.  You go up and free the others.  Several of Lord Zedd's Putties are guarding the four Rangers above them.  Octophantom shoots lasers out of his eyes at Blue Ranger and Red Ranger.  They both leap out of the way.  Red Ranger asks Blue Ranger, ready?  Blue Ranger responds, as I'll ever be.  Red Ranger shouts, let's do it!  Red Ranger leaps towards Octophantom with the shield.  Red Ranger lands a kick on Octophantom.  Red Ranger and Octophantom fight.  Octophantom lands a hard punch, that knocks Red Ranger to the ground.  Octophantom gloats, you think that pathetic little shield is going to protect you?!  You're wrong!  There's no match for me.  Octophantom shoots lasers out of it's eyes at Red Ranger.  The lasers dragged Red Ranger towards Octophantom.  Explosions take place around Red Ranger.  Blue Ranger leaps above to where the four Rangers are.  Blue Ranger fights Zedd's Putties.  He kicks one Putty aside and punches another one.  Octophantom laughs as he states, I told you Red Ranger, you're not going to win this time.  Blue Ranger continues to fight the Putties.  Blue Ranger defeats the Putties.  Octophantom walks towards the fallen Red Ranger as he states, I have you now!  Red Ranger notes, I've got to get this shield into position.  Octophantom is about to strike Red Ranger with his weapon, when Red Ranger opens the shield.  Octophantom is distracted by his handsome reflection.  He even tosses aside his weapon as he glazes into the mirror and goes into raptures about his looks.  Red Ranger is thrilled that it worked.  Red Ranger rolls to a kneeling position and fires his Blade Blaster at Octophantom.  Octophantom is knocked to the ground.  Blue Ranger frees the four Rangers.  Green Ranger collapses when he is freed, and Blue Ranger catches him.  Blue Ranger tells him, he is too weak.  You need to go back to the Command Center.  Green Ranger insists he is alright.  Blue Ranger doesn't buy it.  You're no good to us this way.  Blue Ranger presses Green Ranger's morpher and sends him back to the Command Center.  Blue Ranger shouts, Jason!  Everyone is free!  Red Ranger is very happy!  Way to go Billy!  The rest of the Rangers join Red Ranger as Octophantom tries to stand back up.  Blue Ranger asks Red Ranger if he is okay?  Red Ranger replies, yeah, good work.  Octophantom gets back up and shouts, I've had it with you Power Brats!  Red Ranger shouts, let's get this job done!  The Rangers have their power weapons at the ready.  Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb.  Octophantom catches the bomb and grows to giant size.  The five Rangers summon their thunder zords.  The thunder zords arrive and Thunder Megazord is formed.  Mockingly Octophantom pretends to be scared.  Maybe I should run away.  Octophantom laughs and then runs towards Thunder Megazord.  Thunder Megazord lands a hard punch on Octophantom.  Octophantom is upset.  Hey, watch the trunk!  Octophantom punches Thunder Megazord.  Thunder Megazord takes several steps back.  Thunder Megazord pulls out it's sword and strikes Octophantom with it.  Octophantom screams at them to watch the trunk!  Octophantom tells them, since you won't play fair, I'm just going to have to finish you off.  Octophantom runs towards Thunder Megazord and punches Thunder Megazord once more.  Octophantom taunts Thunder Megazord.  Thunder Megazord powers up it's sword and knocks Octophantom off it's feet.  Octophantom staggers back up on it's feet.  Thunder Megazord strikes Octophantom with it's sword and Octophantom is destroyed.  Afterwards, at the Youth Center, the teens managed to switch out the tapes and Bulk and Skull end up with a tape of a cartoon.

Kimberly and Tommy go running in the park.  Tommy hopes they can beat the Stone Canyon Beetles.  Kimberly responds, the way you shoot, there is no way we can lose.  Suddenly, several of Zedd's Putties appear in the park, which stops Tommy and Kimberly in their tracks.  Tommy fights a set of Putties.  One Putty kicks Tommy, sending him flying through the air.  Kimberly fights another set of Putties.  Tommy gets back up and continues to fight.  He lands a kick on a Putty and destroys it.  Stag Beetle appears in the park.  He tells them, they shall now feel the wrath of Lord Zedd.  Kimberly is not happy to see another bug.  Kimberly and Tommy morph.  Green Ranger leaps over and fights more of Zedd's Putties.  Pink Ranger fights another set of Putties.  Green Ranger flips a Putty onto the grass and side sweeps another one.  Pink Ranger kicks a Putty and punches another one.  Stag Beetle has had enough.  Time to say goodbye to your powers Green Ranger.  Several of Zedd's Putties run towards Green Ranger and grab a hold of him.  Stag Beetle stands in front of Green Ranger and begins to drain him of his powers.  Left alone, Pink Ranger contacts Zordon.  Tommy and I need help.  Pink Ranger declares, those clay brains never quit.  Pink Ranger is unable to reach Green Ranger, as she is busy fighting yet more Putties.  Green Ranger collapses to his knees as Stag Beetle brags, nothing like a little Green Ranger power to brighten up your day.  Stag Beetle lets go of Green Ranger.  Green Ranger asks, what have you done to me?  Stag Beetle gloats, I have drained you of your power.  Your days as a Power Ranger are over.  Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger arrive at the park, where they immediately began fighting the Putties.  Green Ranger is very weak.  Stag Beetle declares, your power now belongs to Lord Zedd!  Stag Beetle and the Putties vanish.  Green Ranger is soon surrounded by his friends.  Green Ranger tells them he feels completely wiped out.  Red Ranger states, we're taking you to the Command Center now!  After awhile, Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger return to Angel Grove.  Stag Beetle asks, didn't you learn anything from your green friend?  Now it's your turn!  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger pull out their Blade Blasters and charge towards Stag Beetle.  The five Rangers fight Stag Beetle with their Blade Blasters.  Stag Beetle strikes the Rangers back.  He soon has them all knocked away.  The Rangers gather together as Black Ranger states, I hate bugs!  Stag Beetle tells them they are finished!  Black Ranger tells his team, wait here guys!  I'll squash that bug brain!  Black Ranger leaps over to Stag Beetle.  But before Black Ranger can strike, Stag Beetle knocks him out of the air.  Black Ranger lands hard on his back.  Stag Beetle laughs.  Stag Beetle tells Black Ranger, you're no match for me, foolish Ranger.  Black Ranger, with his Blade Blaster, fights Stag Beetle.  Stag Beetle manages to grab a hold of Black Ranger and tosses him aside.  Black Ranger lands on his back once more.  The rest of the Rangers gather around him.  Red Ranger asks if he is okay?  Black Ranger replies yeah.  The four Rangers form a protective circle around Black Ranger and have their Blade Blasters pointed towards Stag Beetle.  Stag Beetle asks, how about a little Green Ranger power?  Stag Beetle blasts the Rangers with Green Ranger's power.  The Rangers are hit hard and knocked off their feet.  They land on the ground and roll down a hill.  Stag Beetle laughs.  When they hit the bottom, Red Ranger tells them, we have to catch him, to get Tommy's powers back.  Red Ranger shouts, attack!  Pink Ranger and Black Ranger leap into the air with their Blade Blasters.  As does Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger.  They strike Stag Beetle simultaneously, but once more Stag Beetle knocks them aside.  Stag Beetle asks, want to play ball.  Stag Beetle generates electrical currents out of his pinchers and it forms a ball.  Stag Beetle tosses the ball towards the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit hard.  Several Putties arrive, and Stag Beetle tells them, let's finish them off!  The Rangers struggle to get back up.  Red Ranger grunts out, this guy's tough.  Stag Beetle asks, what's the matter?  Something bugging you?  Stag Beetle laughs.  The Rangers stumble back up and Red Ranger tells the team, I'll distract him, while you attack.  Black Ranger tells him, no.  He's too strong.  He's using Tommy's powers against us.  Yellow Ranger adds, we got to get out of the open and find some cover.  Red Ranger agrees.  We'll find a spot where we can fight him on our terms.  Red Ranger takes off running, as he shouts, let's go!  The rest of the Rangers hesitates.  Blue Ranger shouts wait a minute!  Black Ranger shouts, Jason, hold up!  Shouldn't we be going the other way?!  Reluctantly the rest of the Rangers follow.  Stag Beetle thinks the Rangers are running away.  He tells the Putties to go after them.  The Rangers continue to run as explosions hit behind them.  The Rangers end up on top of a hill and Black Ranger notes, it's the end of the road.  The Rangers turn around and see Stag Beetle and the Putties.  Stag Beetle asks, what's the matter Power Rangers?  No where to run?  Red Ranger replies, we're not afraid to fight you.  Stag Beetle states, maybe a blast of Green Ranger power will change your mind.  Red Ranger shouts back, give it your best shot!  Black Ranger warns, it will blow us right off the edge.  Green Ranger arrives a few feet away.  Green Ranger shouts at the Rangers to duck as he aims the device at Stag Beetle.  Stag Beetle pays no attention and begins to fire the Green Ranger power.  The Rangers duck down.  Green Ranger uses the device and the power returns to Green Ranger.  Green Ranger shouts a thank you to Alpha 5.  Black Ranger asks, what happened?  I thought we were about to be toast.  Yellow Ranger notes, for some reason, the Green Ranger power never hit us.  Red Ranger notes, it's Tommy.  He's back.  The Green Ranger's power is ours again.  And that means you're finished beetle head!  Red Ranger shouts, weapons everybody!  Stag Beetle gloats, I am the unbeatable beetle.  Red Ranger states, we'll see about that.  The Rangers assemble their power weapons to form Power Blaster.  The Rangers fire Power Blaster and Stag Beetle is defeated.  Blue Ranger warns, I don't think he's done yet guys.  Lord Zedd tosses down his grow bomb.  Stag Beetle catches the bomb. Blue Ranger notes Zedd's potion has revived Stag Beetle.  Red Ranger adds, that's not all he's doing.  Stag Beetle grows huge.  The Rangers summon their Thunder Zords.  The Thunder Zords arrive and Thunder Megazord is quickly formed.  Stag Beetle states, let's see how you like a little pincher action and charges towards Thunder Megazord.  Stag Beetle strikes Thunder Megazord hard.  Black Ranger shouts, we got to exterminate this bug!  Stag Beetle laughs.  Thunder Megazord falls to the ground.  Stag Beetle taunts them.  Taking a little rest?!  Well, wake up!  Stag Beetle kicks Thunder Megazord.  Red Ranger states, we can't take any more hits like that.  We got to get up.  Thunder Megazord gets back up and faces Stag Beetle.  Stag Beetle is ready - come on!  My pinchers will make power mush out of you.  Red Ranger tells the team, here he comes.  When he gets close enough - power punch!  Thunder Megazord punches Stag Beetle, knocking him to the ground.  Thunder Megazord strikes Stag Beetle with the thunder saber, hurting it's pinchers.  Thunder Megazord strikes another blow to Stag Beetle with it's thunder saber.  Stag Beetle is destroyed.

Kimberly, Tommy, and Trini are building sand castles with Trini's neighbor, Hallie.  Hallie thought it would be romantic to be a sleeping princess in a castle, waiting for her prince.  Tommy thought it was sappy.  Trini suggested to Hallie to make the castle stronger, to give the prince a challenge.  Hallie left to gather more rocks.  Richie walked by.  Trini and Richie exchanged glances and hellos.  Bulk and Skull were also at the beach.  Bulk and Skull had come up with the idea of disguising themselves as Zedd's Putties, in order to lure the Power Rangers and discover their identities.  Acting as Putties, Bulk and Skull ran around the beach and in the process destroy a small boy's sand castle.  The small boy gave Bulk a kick, effectively chasing off Bulk and Skull.  Kimberly, Tommy, and Trini are amused. The light hearted moment doesn't last long as Kimberly, Trini, and Tommy hear Hallie screaming.  The Kimberly, Tommy, and Trini take off.  Kimberly, Trini, and Tommy soon find Hallie being held captive by several Putties and Goldar is there as well.  Goldar vanishes before they can do anything.  Kimberly, Tommy, and Trini discover the bottle Goldar has left behind. Tommy opens the bottle, which contains a message from Lord Zedd.Trini asks, do you think it's a ransom note for Hallie?  Tommy doesn't know.   They decide to go to the Command Center.  There they find out Lord Zedd intends to turn Hallie evil and is being held on Venus Island.  An island Lord Zedd can command at will.  The teens come up with a plan to rescue Hallie.  Billy makes a device to help track the trade winds, which will lead them to Venus Island.  Trini, Jason, and Billy are standing on hill.  Billy asks, how long till the sunset Jason?  Jason replies, twenty seconds left.  Trini notes, the winds picking up.  Zordon contacts them and tells them they must not miss sunset.  I fear the island is much too unstable to last another day.  Billy asks, is the tracking device operational?  Zack, taking a close look at the tracking device, responds, yes perfect.  I guess.  Billy tells Trini and Jason, I miscalculated.  This clamp is too heavy.  Billy removes the clamp from the air balloon.  Billy continues, I need something lighter.  Jason is in disbelief, five seconds left.  As Trini looks around for something lighter, Jason notices her hair band and removes it.  Jason gives the hair band to Billy and Billy quickly wraps it around the weather balloon.  Billy releases the balloon and all three watch it float away.  The weather balloon lands on Venus Island.  The teens teleport to Venus Island and after a battle with Invenusable Flytrap, which they destroy, they locate and rescue Hallie.

Tommy, Billy, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini are in the park having a picnic.  Richie drives by on his bike.  Trini invites him to join them, but Richie can't as he is helping his mom unpack.  Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull are working on their newest idea to reveal the identities of the Power Rangers. Skull is dressed like a princess and Bulk a dragon.  Bulk and Skull hope to lure the Rangers by pretending the "princess" is being attacked by a "dragon".  Skull protests about being the bait and Bulk talks him into it by declaring he would make better bait than Skull.  Bulk and Skull put their plan into action and Bulk starts chasing Skull around.  Billy, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Tommy hear screaming and race off to investigate.  Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Trini, Tommy, and Billy discovered the screaming is coming from Bulk and Skull.  Bulk and Skull tell them to leave and Trini tells them they shouldn't cry wolf.  Bulk and Skull think Trini's confused, as there are no wolves in Angel Grove.  Jason, Zack, Billy, Tommy, Kimberly, and Trini leave.  Bulk and Skull continued with their plan, until Skull becomes tired and wants to rest.  Bulk tries to take off his helmet, but he can't.  Guitardo appears and chases Bulk and Skull.  Alpha 5 contacts the teens and Zordon tells them there is a monster in the park, but they must teleport to the Command Center first.  The teens teleport to the Command Center.  After awhile, Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger arrive to battle Guitardo.  Before the Rangers can even battle Guitardo, Guitardo starts playing his music.  Guitardo soon has Black Ranger floating up in the air and under his control. Guitardo quickly sends Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger floating as well.  Pink Ranger does her best to resist Guitardo hypnotic guitar playing.  Green Ranger arrives to help Pink Ranger.  Green Ranger battles Guitardo and Guitardo leaves, telling them to find him on the fair grounds.   Green Ranger has Pink Ranger guard the rest of the Rangers, while Green Ranger goes to the fair grounds. Soon Pink Ranger contacts Zordon and asks, what can we do for Jason and the others?  Is there any way to break the spell?  Zordon responds, the only way to free the other Rangers is to destroy the Guitardo.  Pink Ranger asks Alpha 5 to watch over rest of the Rangers while she leaves to go help Tommy. Green Ranger arrives at the fair grounds. Green Ranger battles GuitardoGuitardo tries to take control of Green Ranger.  Green Ranger discovers by playing his flute, he can stay in control.  But it doesn't last long and soon Guitardo has Green Ranger sinking into pavement.  Pink Ranger arrives to help Green Ranger.  Pink Ranger tells Green Ranger they have to fight music with music, which Green Ranger had already figured out. Pink Ranger plays her Power Bow and then using Green Ranger's dagger, destroys Guitardo.  The rest of the Rangers land on the ground and they are okay.  Green Ranger tells Pink Ranger that she has saved them all. 

Kimberly, Billy, Jason, and Zack are enjoying the day at the beach.  Jason and Zack are practicing their karate moves.  Kimberly and Billy are digging through the sand for seashells.  Kimberly tells Billy, I talked to Trini today.  She's staying at her grandmothers.  Billy asks, what did she say?  Kimberly responds, she's worried about Tommy too.  Kimberly finds an impressive shell and as she reaches for it, a boot steps on her hand.  Startled, Kimberly looks up to see unfamiliar teens, although Billy recognizes them.  Mockingly one of the guys states, aww, looking for seashells.  Kimberly and Billy get up as the girl comments, how sweet.  The rest of the new teens join their friends as Jason and Zack walk over to join Billy and Kimberly.  The girl dressed in pink, knocks Kimberly's bucket out of her hands.  The teens laugh.  Zack is not impressed.  Great, you're back.  Jason asks, what's the problem?  The teen boy in the middle answers, Angel Grove belongs to us now.  We want to make sure you understand that, loud and clear.  Kimberly tries to keep a straight face.  Zack, Jason, and Billy all exchange glances.  The teen boy continues, when we're done with you guys, you're going to start seeing things our way.  A sudden electric charge surrounds the new teens and they disappear.  Billy suggests that they go to the Command Center for some answers. As the five teens teleport to the Command Center, Turbanshell arrives in Angel Grove.  Turbanshell becomes giant size and begins to wreck the city.  The Rangers arrive and quickly summon their zords and form Thunder Megazord.  The Rangers battle Turbanshell with Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord but they are unable to defeat Turbanshell.  The Rangers are ejected from their zords and watch as Turbanshell triumphantly leaves. Green Ranger is very weak and clinging to a tree.  The rest of the Rangers race over to Green Ranger.   The Rangers surround Green Ranger and are stunned when Green Ranger disappears.  The Rangers try to contact Zordon, but they are unable to.  Moments later, they are teleported to Lord Zedd's other world dimension.

After awhile, Lord Zedd decides, because the teens no longer have their morpher, he will return them, so they can helplessly watch Angel Grove get destroyed.  Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Zack are returned to Angel Grove park.  Jason tries to contact Zordon, but is unable to.  Billy feels sure he can find a way to communicate with the Command Center and wants to go to his lab.  Eventually Billy is able to establish communications with the Command Center.  As well as Tommy smashing the green crystal and escaping the other world.  Tommy had enough power for one more fight.  A giant Turbanshell was once more attacking Angel Grove.  The Rangers arrive in the business district of Angel Grove.  The Rangers summoned their zords and form Thunder Megazord.  The Rangers battle Turbanshell.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger are ejected from Thunder Megazord. Soon after the zords separate.  Zordon contacts Green Ranger and tells him Turbanshell needs to be attack from within with heat.  Green Ranger hides in a crate of watermelons.  Turbanshell spots the crate and becomes hungry and eats it.  Green Ranger begins firing the laser within Turbanshell's stomach.  Black Ranger picks up a hose and starts firing cold water at Turbanshell.  Turbanshell ejects Green Ranger.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger race over and make sure Green Ranger is okay.  The zords come back and the Thunder Megazord is formed once more.  Thunder Megazord destroys Turbanshell.

Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Trini, were in Zack's car.  They are looking for Tommy's uncle's cabin.  Bulk and Skull follow behind in Bulk's aunt's taxi.  Skull has his camera at the ready.  After awhile, Zack pulls the car over and they all get out.  Billy looks at the map and concludes that they are lost.  Goldar appears and they morph.  Bulk and Skull have gotten out of their taxi.   They spot Goldar and know the Power Rangers must be close by.  Bulk and Skull hide and Skull snaps a picture, which causes the bird nest to fall and cover them in broken eggs.  Goldar uses his sword and teleports the four Rangers away. When Bulk and Skull look up, the area is empty.  Bulk is eager to develop the film in the camera for their million dollar picture.  After awhile, Pipebrain arrives, along with several Putties.  The Putties attack Red Ranger and he battles them.  Red Ranger destroys all the Putties. Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb. Pipebrain has grown larger.  Red Ranger calls for his zord and battles Pipebrain in his zord.  It is a difficult battle, but eventually Red Ranger destroys Pipebrain and afterwards rescues his friends from the Dimension of Doom.

Zack, Kimberly, and Billy are walking through the park, headed for the Jazz Festival.  They run into Bulk and Skull.  Bulk and Skull have another scheme on finding the identities of the Power Rangers, collecting footprints.  Kimberly, Billy, and Zack continue on their way, until they are attack by Putties.  While Billy, Zack, and Kimberly are fighting Zedd's Putties, one Putty places a spell on the trumpet Zack had laid on the ground.  After the Putties vanish, Kimberly notes the attack wasn't random, but they have to get to the festival.  Elsewhere, at the park by the lake, there are plenty of footprints in the sand as Skull gets the cement ready in a wheel barrel.  Skull asks Bulk if he can explain what the plan is again.  Bulk asks, do you remember Cinderella and the glass slipper?  Skull shakes his head no.  Bulk states, come on.  You know the one where the prince tried it on all the babes in the land?  Realization hits Skull and he admits he had heard that story.  Bulk continues, this spot was where the Power Rangers were seen last.  All we got to do is make a cast of their footprints with this cement and then we try everybody's feet in it until we find a match.  Skull understands the plan and is impressed.   He tells Bulk, hey, you're smart.  Bulk agrees.  Of course I am.  Bulk gives his shovel to Skull and tells him to get to work.  Bulk walks away as Skull is left holding both shovels.    Unseen, a Putty takes the trumpet from the Youth Center and vanishes.  The Putty appears in the park and after quickly looking around, carefully places the trumpet standing up on the grass.  The Putty backs away quickly.  The trumpet transforms into Trumpet Top.  It states, time to play a different tune.   Meanwhile, Skull whistles as he mixes up the cement in a wheelbarrow.  Bulk excitedly calls out to Skull, bring it down here!  There are some really good Power Ranger foot prints!  Skull tosses the shovel aside as he states, coming up.  Impatiently, Bulk states, I don't have all day.  Skull quickly makes his way down the small hill with the wheelbarrow.  The terrain is bumpy and Skull has a hard time holding onto the wheelbarrow as it splatters cement along the way.  Skull and the wheelbarrow are heading straight for Bulk.  Bulk yells no!  The wheelbarrow catches on a rock and lifts up, covering Bulk in cement.  Angrily, Bulk wipes his eyes and flicks the cement onto Skull's face.   Elsewhere, Trini, Jason, Kimberly, Zack, and Billy go for a walk through the park.  Zack is still upset over the missing trumpet, although his friends try to cheer him up.  Unseen by the teens, Trumpet Top is close by and casts a spell, making Grumble Bee appear.  They stopped in their tracks when they notice Grumble Bee, a monster they had already defeated.  Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Billy, and Trini morph.  The Rangers face down Grumble Bee.  The Rangers charge toward Grumble Bee.  Trumpet Top is delighted.   Saliguana and Fighting Flea appear.  The three monsters face down the Rangers.  The Rangers fight Saliguana, Fighting Flea, and Grumble Bee.  Soccadillo quickly joins the fight.  Black Ranger has a difficult battle with Grumble Bee.  Eventually Black Ranger defeats Grumble Bee, but Rhinoblaster runs up, ready to fight Black Ranger.  Black Ranger and Rhinoblaster fight.  Black Ranger defeats Rhinoblaster, but now Praying Mantis fights Black Ranger.  Blue Ranger yells at Black Ranger to hang on as he races over to help.  Blue Ranger joins Black Ranger in fighting Praying Mantis.  Blue Ranger is knocked off his feet.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger fight Saliguana.  Saliguana easily knocks them down.  Trumpet Top jumps around with glee.  He states, they are wearing themselves out fighting imaginary monsters.  Trumpet Top laughs.  Black Ranger continues to fight Praying Mantis.  Praying Mantis flings Black Ranger off the lifeguard post.  Yellow Ranger defeats Saliguana, but Soccadillo comes running up.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger fight Soccadillo, Stag Beetle, and Slippery Shark.  Red Ranger fights Fighting Flea.  Red Ranger defeats Fighting Flea.  But Stag Beetle, Slippery Shark, and Soccadillo are eager to fight him.  Red Ranger fights the three monsters.  Despite their best efforts, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger soon find themselves surrounded by Praying Mantis, Slippery Shark, Fighting Flea, and Soccadillo.  Pink Ranger continues to fight Saliguana until she is knocked down.  Yellow Ranger fights Saliguana and Pink Ranger quickly joins back in the fight.  Saliguana knocks both Rangers down.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger join the guys.  Fighting Flea, Rhinoblaster, Praying Mantis, Stag Beetle, Slippery Shark, Saliguana, and Soccadillo surround them.  The Rangers break through the circle and fight the "monsters" once more.  Bulk and Skull spot the Rangers - although they are little confused as to what the Rangers are doing.  Bulk and Skull watch the Rangers vanish (Zordon had Alpha 5 teleport them away.)  and then excitedly race to where the footprints are.  While the Rangers are being filled in on what is happening, Lord Zedd throws his grow bomb.  Trumpet Top grows to giant size.  The Rangers call for their thunderzords and form the Thunder Megazord.  In the Thunder Megazord, the Rangers battle Trumpet Top and eventually destroy him.

Kimberly approaches Madam Swampy's building.  Goldar and several Putties arrive.  Kimberly is ready to battle.  Goldar tosses some magic dust that makes Kimberly powerless to fight them.  Goldar takes Kimberly and leaves in triumph.  Kimberly's backpack and mirror are left behind.  Elsewhere, Billy and Zack are rollerblading in the park.  They are waiting on Curtis and Richie.  Zack's communicator goes off.  Zordon tells Zack and Billy, we have an emergency.  Teleport to the Command Center immediately.  Alpha will contact Trini.  Zack and Billy teleport to the Command Center.  Meanwhile, Richie and Curtis are in the park.  Lord Zedd sends down several Putties that go after Curtis and Richie.  Richie and Curtis try to outmaneuver the Putties.  Elsewhere, Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger teleport to the entrance of the cave where Kimberly is held.  There are several Putties guarding the entrance.  Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger prepare to battle the Putties.  Zack teleports to the park and battles the Putties that have Curtis and Richie cornered.  Elsewhere, Blue Ranger fights a set of Putties while Yellow Ranger fights another set of Putties.   Meanwhile, Zack continues to fight the Putties in the park.  Elsewhere, Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger defeat the Putties.  Blue Ranger states, let's go find Kimberly!  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger run into the cave.   Meanwhile, Zack manages to defeat the Putties.  Zack asks Curtis and Richie if they are okay?  Curtis wants to know what the creatures were and Richie tells him they were Putties, he has seen them on the news.  Curtis comments, Angel Grove sure ain't no paradise.  The three laugh and gather up the rollerblades.  Lord Zedd uses Kimberly's mirror to create Mirror Maniac.  Mirror Maniac laughs as he states, a whole city to destroy and not a Ranger in sight!  Oh, this is going to reflect well on me!  Mirror Maniac decides to begin on a tall building.  Out of his mirror surface, lasers shoot out and hit the building.  Elsewhere, Blue Ranger, Kimberly, and Yellow Ranger race out of the cave.  They stop for a moment and Yellow Ranger tells Kimberly, I can't believe you fooled Goldar!  Kimberly replies, I know.  I should have been an actress.  Kimberly laughs.  Blue Ranger's communicator goes off and Blue Ranger responds, Alpha come in.  We read you. Alpha 5 tells them they have a new emergency.  Zedd's Mirror Maniac monster is in Angel Grove central park.  Blue Ranger asks, have you been able to contact Jason yet?  Alpha 5 replies, yes.  Jason and Zack are on their way to the park.  Meet them there as soon as you can.  Kimberly morphs and the three Rangers teleport to the park.  Black Ranger and Red Ranger are there already.  The Rangers battle the Putties that are at the park as Mirror Maniac looks on.  With Goldar by his side, Lord Zedd makes his monster grow.  Mirror Maniac grows to giant size.  The Rangers called for their Thunder Zords.  With the Thunder Megazord, the Rangers destroy Mirror Maniac. 

Zack, Jason, and Curtis are playing football in Angel Grove park with several other guys.  Kimberly, Trini, and Billy find them and tell the news about Tommy returning.  Zack and Jason are happy about the return of their friend.  Meanwhile, Lord Zedd decides to create Nimrod, the Scarlet Sentinel. Lord Zedd's spell has hit a statue in the park.  Elsewhere, Bulk and Skull are keeping an eye out for Rangers.  Skull is getting a little restless and wishes there was a sign they were on the right track.  Suddenly a object streaks crosses the sky and crashes, causing a sound like a small explosion.  The explosion is heard through the park.  Curtis asks, man, are they dynamiting up there?  Zack replies, not that I know of.  Jason tells the guys to keep playing, we'll be right back.  Jason gives his water bottle to Trini and he and Billy hurry in the direction of the explosion.  Kimberly tells them to hurry up.   Elsewhere, Bulk and Skull are very surprised.  But Bulk is soon thrilled and starts to race away.  Skull would rather stay put.  Bulk goes back and grabs Skull and they go investigate.  Moments later, Bulk and Skull find a small dumpster, which has Rita Repulsa within, and decide to take it to Skull dad's garage.  Bulk and Skull leave and soon after Jason and Billy arrive.  It's obvious to them, that something had landed and now has vanished. Back at the football game, Zack goes after a football that has gone out of bounds.  Zack picks up the football and notices some goo.  Zack then notices the statue close by, that is covered in goo. Zack walks back to the game and tells Curtis that he is wiped out and to call it a day.  Curtis agrees and the game breaks up.  Zack walks over to Kimberly and Trini and tells them that he has something to show them.  Zack takes Trini and Kimberly to the statue and both of them are concern.  Zack tries to contact Zordon and Alpha 5, but gets no response.  Kimberly, Trini, and Zack become more uneasy.  Zack then attempts to contact Jason.  At first there is no response, but then Jason replies back.  Jason and Billy teleport to the statue.  Billy is sure the statue is a Lord Zedd plot.  Lord Zedd becomes furious when he sees the teens have spotted the statue, before his monster is ready.  Lord Zedd sends numerous Putties down to attack the teens.  Billy, Jason, Kimberly, Trini, and Zack battled Zedd's Putties.  Eventually the teens defeat the Putties.  Afterwards, Jason tries to contact Zordon and gets no response.  This makes the teens more uneasy and they decide to teleport to the Command Center to find out what is going on.  After the teens teleport, Nimrod, still a part of the statue, and only a glowing face at the moment, comments, catch you later, Power Rangers.  Lord Zedd grows impatient and decides to go ahead and unleash Nimrod.  The spell hits the statue and the statue begins to form into Nimrod.  Nimrod begins it's attack. The Rangers face down Nimrod.  Nimrod greets them with a welcome and calls them Power Brats.  Nimrod fires at the Rangers.  Black Ranger leaps into the air and tries to strike Nimrod with his Blade Blaster, but Nimrod knocks him aside first.  The rest of the Rangers gather around Black Ranger.  Nimrod fires lightening at them from it's staff.  The Rangers are hit hard.  Nimrod then opens it's mouth and shoots more lightening at the Rangers.  Red Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers to duck.  They do so and manage not to get hit.  Pink Ranger concludes it's trying to electrocute us.  Blue Ranger agrees, that definitely seems to be her attention.  Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb. Nimrod grows to giant size and fires more lightening at the Rangers.  The Rangers call for their Thunder Zords and form the Thunder Megazord.  The battle continues.  Nimrod summons it's assistants, AC and DC.  Now all three monsters fire lightening at Thunder Megazord.  The Rangers have a difficult time and their Thunder Megazord is knocked to the ground.  Blue Ranger tells the Rangers that he is teleporting to the Command Center and ejects out.

The rest of the Rangers retreat to Billy's lab. Later, Nimrod returns to Angel Grove.  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Black Ranger arrive in Angel Grove and soon discovered several of Zedd's Putties - they are searching for Rita.  Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, and Red Ranger battled the numerous Putties.  Elsewhere, White Ranger calls forth his new zord.  White Tiger Zord has a difficult time. Meanwhile, Black Ranger and Pink Ranger continue to battle Zedd's Putties. Elsewhere, with the White Tiger zord, White Ranger, with Saba's help, battles Nimrod. Meanwhile, Red Ranger is battling several Putties.  He lands several kicks and punches.  Pink Ranger is fighting another batch of Putties.  Elsewhere, White Ranger activates White Tiger Thunder Bolt.  White Tiger Zord Warrior Mode fires.  Nimrod is hit hard and White Ranger laughs.  White Ranger tells Nimrod to say good-bye, you're history.  Nimrod replies, we'll see about that!  Don't be so sure of yourself White Ranger.  If you are not careful, history will repeat itself.  Nimrod summons AC and DC.  White Ranger is impressed.  Cool move.  But guess what?  It's not good enough.  Nimrod replies, we'll see.  Go get them boys!  AC and DC strikes White Tiger Zord Warrior Mode.  Nimrod gives the command to blast.  Nimrod, AC and DC all blast White Tiger Zord Warrior Mode.  White Tiger Zord Warrior Mode is hit hard and falls to the ground, reverting back to Tiger Zord.  White Ranger is ejected from the zord.  Saba tells White Ranger, that didn't go very well.  Nimrod, AC and DC walk towards them.  White Ranger instructs Saba to contact Red Ranger.  Saba tells White Ranger he is having difficulty getting through to Red Ranger.  White Ranger asks, Jason, where are you?  I need you. Soon Red Ranger summons his zord.  Red Dragon Thunderzord arrives and quickly goes into warrior mode.  White Ranger summons White Tiger Zord.  White Tiger Zord arrives and Red Dragon Thunderzord jumps onto the back of White Tiger Zord as it races along.  In this formation, they battle Nimrod, AC and DC. After a few moments of battle, the two zords disengage.  White Ranger leaps inside White Tiger Zord and has the zord go into White Tiger Warrior Mode transformation.  The rest of the thunder zords arrive as well.   All of the zords, except Red Dragon Thunderzord, combine with White Tiger Zord Warrior Mode to form Mega Tigerzord.  Nimrod, AC and DC blast the approaching Mega Tigerzord.  None of the blasts faze Mega Tigerzord. AC and DC try to hide behind Nimrod, but Nimrod won't let them.  AC and DC leap into the air with their swords at the ready.  They both strike Mega Tigerzord.  Mega Tigerzord knocks them aside and they go flying.  Knocking Nimrod down as well as they all fall to the ground.  Nimrod yells at AC and DC, can't you do anything right?!  Mega Tigerzord powers up and fires at the three monsters.  AC and DC are destroyed first, quickly followed by Nimrod.  Red Dragon Thunderzord walks over to Mega Tigerzord and they shake hands.  After the battle, the Rangers got to Skull's garage and put Rita back into her dumpster.     Billy, Jason, Zack, and Tommy have a hold of Rita's dumpster outside.  They hold the dumpster up high and let Alpha 5 know they are ready.  Zordon has Alpha 5 direct an energy beam towards the dumpster.  The dumpster is sent back to space.  Tommy comments, at least she is out of our hair again.  Billy adds, at least for now.  The guys walk away.

Tommy and Kimberly go on their date, enjoying the day at the lake and park.  Meanwhile, Bulk and  Skull are close by, being dragged by their "Power Ranger Detector", and convince they are going to find the Power Rangers. At the park, Kimberly and Tommy are walking when several Putties appear.  Kimberly knew the day had been too good to be true.  Kimberly and Tommy battle the Putties.  One of the Putties gets Kimberly's purse, which she had set down.  The Putty takes the purse and also takes a lipstick out of the Purse. The Putty drops the items down on the ground and Lord Zedd zaps them away to make his monsters.  Kimberly and Tommy defeat the Putties.  Kimberly goes back to get her purse and is upset to find it is gone.  Kimberly and Tommy soon find out what has happened to Kimberly's purse, as Pursehead appears before them.  Tommy and Kimberly morphed.  Pink Ranger and White Ranger charge towards Pursehead.  Before the two Rangers can battle, Pursehead pulls out a compact mirror and hits them with a ray from it. White Ranger and Pink Ranger can no longer move.  Elsewhere, the lipstick turns into Lipsyncher.  Lipsyncher asks where are those gorgeous Power Rangers?  I just want to kiss them all to pieces.  Soon Black Ranger arrives to battle Pursehead with his Power Ax.  Black Ranger was very quickly hit with a ray and unable to move as well.  Meanwhile, Red Ranger arrives to battle Lipsyncher. Lipsyncher uses it's voice to release powerful sound waves that knock Red Ranger off his feet.  Red Ranger gets back up and manages to gain the upper hand and cut a slice into Lipsyncher's  face.  This causes Lipsyncher a great deal of distress.  From the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb. Lipsyncher grows to giant size.  Red Ranger calls for Red Dragon Thunderzord.  Red Dragon Thunderzord shoots fire at Lipsyncher.  Red Dragon Thunderzord goes into Warrior Mode.  Before Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode can do anything, Lipsyncher uses her voice against it.  Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode can only cover it's hearing as Lipsyncher makes several strikes against Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode.  Lipsyncher picks up Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode and throws it to the ground.  Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull continue to be pulled by their "Power Ranger Detector".  Skull becomes a little concern when the detector leads them into the lake, but Bulk insists.  Bulk and Skull go into the lake.  Elsewhere, Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger arrive where the three frozen Rangers are standing. Blue Ranger asks Yellow Ranger to distract Pursehead.  Yellow Ranger battles Pursehead while Blue Ranger uses his reverse ocular dilator on the three Rangers.  The device works and the Rangers are freed.  The five Rangers surround Pursehead, ready to battle.  Zordon contacts them.  Red Ranger is in trouble. White Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers to go help Red Ranger, while he tackles Pursehead.  Pink Ranger is reluctant to go, but White Ranger insists.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger teleport out to help Red Ranger.  White Ranger battles Pursehead.  Pursehead pulls out some floss and soon has White Ranger all tied up. White Ranger asks Saba for help.  Saba fires lasers at  Pursehead, which allows White Ranger to break free.  White  Ranger battles Pursehead once more and destroys him.  After the battle, White Ranger finds Kimberly's purse intact.  Elsewhere, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger summon their individual zords and the zords start to attack Lipsyncher.  Unicorn Thunder Zord moves boulders and shoots them towards Lipsyncher.  Several of the boulders hit Lipsyncher.  An especially large boulder lands on her foot and Lipsyncher hops in pain.  Lipsyncher uses her powerful vocals to fire at Griffin Thunder Zord.  Griffin Thunder Zord outmaneuvers the blasts.  Griffin Thunder Zord shoots fire at Lipsyncher.  Firebird Thunder Zord creates powerful winds that embrace Lipsyncher and spins her in very fast circles.  Red Ranger has recovered and with his zord, he battles Lipsyncher as well.  Red Ranger's zord combines with the rest of the zords and the battle continues.  Red Dragon Thunderzord destroys Lipsyncher with it's diving staff attack.  After the battle, at the lake, the teens are all together.  Tommy gives Kimberly her purse and she is thrilled to have her mother's purse back.  Zack notices something strange coming out of the water.  It is Bulk and Skull, still being pulled by the Power Ranger detector.  Bulk and Skull make their way through the teens, confident they are about to discover the Power Rangers.  The detector points to a group of small children.  Tommy laughs and tells Bulk and Skull they had finally done it.  Kimberly, with a laugh, adds that they have finally discovered the Power Rangers.  Bulk and Skull are dismayed as the teens laugh.

A magnetic storm is about to hit Angel Grove.  In the woods, Kimberly and Laura gives instructions to their troop and tell them to use the buddy system.  Elsewhere in the woods, Bulk and Skull have set up their device and wait eagerly to find a Power Ranger.  Moments later, Billy goes to the park to set up his gauge for the storm.  Soon Goldar and several Putties land in the park.  Billy battles the Putties while Goldar takes the gauge.  Billy spots Goldar with the gauge, but is too late to stop him.  Billy defeats the Putties.  Billy realizes he needs to get to the Command Center.  Goldar places the gauge on the ground and vanishes.  Lord Zedd points his staff at the gauge.  The gauge turns it into Magnet Brain. Lord Zedd instructs Magnet Brain to cause chaos.  Magnet Brain has a staff with north and south magnets attached to it.  Magnet Brain tosses the staff into the air and the atmospheric disturbances immediately begin to hit Angel Grove. Before long, the Angelettes start having problems with their compass.  Elsewhere, Bulk and Skull stay alert even with the ground tilting beneath them.  Moments later, Bulk and Skull are ecstatic, as they believe they have found the Power Rangers.  Instead they have found bear.  Bulk and Skull are stuck to each other, due to Magnet Brain.  They take off running.  Meanwhile, the Angelettes are having problems as well.  Kimberly and Laura try to keep the girls calm.  Laura asks Kimberly if she thinks this is the storm Billy was talking about.  Kimberly replies that she thinks it's more than just a storm. Kimberly tells her troop that she is going to look for a forest ranger.  Kimberly tells Laura to stay with the girls.  Laura has the girls sing to help calm them down.  Kimberly walks a couple of feet away and then contacts Zordon about the storm.  Zordon instructs Kimberly to come to the Command Center, the rest are already there.  Kimberly teleports to the Command Center.  Soon Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger face down Magnet Brain.  Magnet Brain uses his staff to scatter the Rangers.  Magnet Brain then has several Putties battle the Rangers.  The five Rangers battle the Putties.  In the woods, White Ranger battled Goldar. Goldar summons several Putties and White Ranger battles them.  Laura and the Angelettes are thrilled to see White Ranger in action.  Meanwhile Pink Ranger and Red Ranger continue to battle their batch of Putties. In the woods, after White Ranger destroys the Putties, he battles Goldar once more.  Meanwhile, Black Ranger, Red Ranger, and Yellow Ranger continue to battle the Putties.  Magnet Brain blasts Red Ranger off the top of the building.  Red Ranger pulls out his Blade Blaster, but before he can fire, Magnet Brain, with his staff, blasts the Blade Blaster.  Black Ranger comes to Red Ranger's aid and also pulls out his Blade Blaster.  But once more, before he can fire, Magnet Brain fires and hits his Blade Blaster.  In the woods, White Ranger battles Goldar and gives a powerful kick that knocks Goldar away.  Two Putties held Goldar back up.  Goldar and the Putties retreat.  Meanwhile, the rest of the Rangers defeat the Putties and face down Magnet Brain.  The Rangers form the Power Blaster and fire it at Magnet Brain.  The force knocks Magnet Brain through the air and it falls to the ground.  Lord Zedd is infuriated and throws his grow bomb. Magnet Brain catches the bomb and tosses it to the ground.  Magnet Brain grows to giant size.  The Rangers summon the Thunder Zords and form their Thunder Megazord.   Magnet Brain and Thunder Megazord face each other.  Magnet Brain throws a large magnet towards Thunder Megazord.  Thunder Megazord struggles to remove the magnet. Magnet Brain fires it's staff at the magnet.  The magnet charges up and shocks Thunder Megazord with light waves.  Using all it's strength, Thunder Megazord grabs the magnet and breaks it.  Magnet Brain is stunned as the magnet falls to the ground.  Thunder Megazord destroys Magnet Brain with it's Thunder Saber. In the park, Billy's gauge returns to normal.  Everything returns to normal in Angel Grove.

Angel Grove High School is sponsoring a program where teens take little kids out trick or treating.  Kimberly and Billy took a group of kids trick or treating through the neighborhood of Angel Grove.  Bulk and Skull were supposed to take a group of kids trick or treating as well, since it was a school project.  But Bulk had declare that he and kids don't get along.  Instead after Skull had observe there were a lot of Power Ranger costumes, Bulk had decided the Power Ranger probably had the ability to shrink.  Bulk and Skull also went into the neighborhood to try and unmask the Power Rangers.  Bulk and Skull watch as some trick or treaters approached a house.  One of the children is dressed like the Red Power Ranger.  As the kids start to leave, Bulk removes the Red Ranger's helmet.  The young girl uses silly string on Bulk and Skull.  The rest of the kids in the group do the same.  To make matters worse, a mom comes running out and starts hitting Bulk and Skull with a broom.  Bulk and Skull take off running.  They sit on a curb of the sidewalk and realize they have two bags of candy.  As they eat the candy, Skull notes there are more "Power Rangers" coming down the sidewalk.  Skull tells Bulk they should act like they need help and maybe the "Power Rangers" would help them.  Bulk and Skull start crying out for help.  "Red Ranger and Blue Ranger" quickly walk past the two.  Bulk and Skull are not to upset as they continue to eat the candy.  On another street, Tommy is leading his group of "kids" when Goldar appears.  Tommy gets into a ready stance and tries to protect the "kids".  Tommy is surprised when the "kids" transform into Putties.  Tommy battles the Putties, but cannot defeat them.  Goldar transports Tommy to the haunted forest portion of Dark Dimension.  Later, the rest of the Rangers rescued Tommy from the Dark Dimension.  Bulk and Skull didn't have any Rangers and ended up with bad stomachs aches.

Kimberly, Tommy, Billy, Trini, Jason, and Zack are in the park, having a picnic and listening to music.  Kimberly:  "This is totally one of my favorite songs."  Tommy:  "What a cool way to spend a Saturday.  With good music and good friends in the park."  Elsewhere in the park, three teens are roller blading.  The three teens, Aisha, Adam, and Rocky, spot their teacher, Mr. Anderson.  Mr. Anderson:  "Hi!"  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky stop for a few words with their teacher and his baby son, Jacob.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky then skate away, telling Mr. Anderson, they will meet up with him on the next lap.  Back at the picnic, an announcer on the small TV set talks about the upcoming ninja competition.  Kimberly, Tommy, and Billy listen.  The three champions appear on screen and they are not impressed with their attitude.  Billy tells his friends the champions' opponents are from Stone Canyon High School.  Bulk and Skull strolled by and everyone gets the giggles watching them walk past.  Moments later, Mr. Anderson and Jacob are sitting on a bench.  Mr. Anderson is reading a book as Jacob reaches for some cookies in his stroller.  Jacob accidentally sets the stroller rolling.  The stroller hits a bike that belongs to the ninja champions.  Mr. Anderson hurries down to the bike and places Jacob in the stroller.  Mr. Anderson apologizes to the ninja champions, but they want more than an apology.  Mr. Anderson is unaware that the stroller is rolling away from him, until it's too late.  Mr. Anderson starts chasing after the stroller, calling out for someone to stop the stroller.  Elsewhere, Kimberly, Tommy, and Billy are saying goodbye to Trini, Jason, and Zack.  Kimberly, Tommy, and Billy are still at the park when they hear Mr. Anderson.  Kimberly, Tommy, and Billy race after the stroller.  Bulk and Skull also see the stroller on the move.  Although Skull thinks it's funny that the baby is strolling itself.  Soon Bulk and Skull are also after the stroller.   Aisha, Adam, and Rocky also hear Mr. Anderson.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky start roller blading as quickly as they can after the stroller.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky run through several obstacles, but manage just fine.  Unfortunately, Bulk and Skull do not do so well and crash into some bushes.  Aisha and Kimberly both see that the stroller is about to go downhill.  Tommy and Billy help Kimberly take a flying leap towards Jacob.  Adam and Rocky do the same with Aisha.  Aisha and Kimberly reach the stroller at the same time and just in time.  Kimberly takes out Jacob.  The rest of the guys and Mr. Anderson joins them.  Mr. Anderson takes Jacob and is very relieved that he is okay.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy introduce themselves to Aisha, Adam, and Rocky.  Mr. Anderson thanks them and walks away.  The teens sit for awhile and talk.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy find out that Mr. Anderson is Aisha, Adam, and Rocky's teacher from Stone Canyon.  Tommy asks them if they will be attending the ninja competition.  Adam replies you can say that.  Bulk and Skull have reached the teens and sit on a picnic table close by.  Bulk and Skull can hear their conversation and imitate the teens sarcastically.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy leave.  After the ninja competition, where Kimberly, Tommy, and Billy discover the new champions are their new friends, Aisha, Rocky, and Adam. Afterwards, Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy talk to Adam, Rocky, and Aisha.  They all make plans to stay in touch.  Mr. Anderson thanks them once again for the dramatic.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy walk away.  Mr. Anderson, Rocky, Aisha, and Adam are about to leave when Goldar appears.  Goldar quickly grabs the four with a powerful golden laser.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky scream as they try to break free.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy hear their screams.  They start to head back, but are blocked by several Putties.  Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly are kept busy trying to defeat the Putties.  Bulk and Skull are walking outside of the Youth Center, when they see the golden monkey has captured Rocky, Mr. Anderson, Aisha, and Adam.  Bulk and Skull immediately think of the baby, Jacob.  Goldar has vanished with Aisha, Adam, Rocky, and Mr. Anderson.  Bulk and Skull race over to the car and check on Jacob.  Jacob is okay.  Bulk and Skull decide to watch Jacob, in case the Power Rangers show up. Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy defeat the Putties.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy race over to the outside of the Youth Center, but they are too late.  Tommy contacts Zordon.  Zordon instructs the three to teleport to the Command Center.  Alpha 5 contacts Trini, Jason, and Zack and have them teleport to the Command Center as well.  In Angel Grove park, Bulk and Skull are babysitting Jacob.  Jacob is not happy and Bulk and Skull reason that Jacob must be hungry.  Bulk grabs his bag and pulls out various food items, but Jacob is not interested in any of them.  Skull picks up a bottle and accidentally sprays Bulk with it.  Bulk wipes the milk off his face and Skull quickly places the bottle in Jacob's hands and pretends he was the one that had sprayed Bulk. 

Terror Blossom appears in Angel Grove.  Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger land in the park.  Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger battle Terror Blossom.  Red Ranger kicks Terror Blossom hard enough to knock him to the ground.  Eventually Terror Blossom vanishes.  Red Ranger contacts Zordon and asks him, what's happening?  Zordon replies, I have been monitoring this dangerous situation Jason.  What concerns me the most is the Terror Blossom's threat to reproduce itself.  Red Ranger is stunned.  Oh man, can he do that?!  Zordon responds, he's going to try.  In addition, Terror Blossom has summoned Hatchasaurus.  It's time for the team to come together.  The Rangers arrive at the park.  Hatchasaurus greets them.  White Ranger asks, where's the flower monster?  Hatchasaurus replies, don't worry, we'll keep you company.  Several of Zedd's Putties appear.  White Ranger states, thanks, but no thanks.  Hatchasaurus tells the Putties, come on boys, let's have a little fun.  Black Ranger battles a group of Putties.  White Ranger battles another set of Putties.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger battle a group of Putties together. Blue Ranger battles another set of Putties.  Red Ranger battles a set of Putties.  Hatchasaurus watches as the Rangers battle the Putties.  White Ranger kicks Hatchasaurus and knocks it's off it's feet.  Hatchasaurus becomes angry.  That's quite enough.  I'm not going to take this from you Power Brats again.  Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb.  Hatchasaurus catches it and grows to giant size.  White Ranger comments, great, just what we didn't need right now.  Hatchasaurus states, what a lovely day for a walk through downtown Angel Grove.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger summon their Thunder Zords.  White Ranger comments to Saba, looks like we got our work cut out for us.  Ready?  Saba replies, whenever you are.  White Ranger summons White Tiger Zord. The Thunder Zords combine and form Thunder Megazord.  White Tiger Zord arrives and White Ranger leaps up and enters.  White Ranger has White Tiger Zord convert to warrior mode.  Hatchasaurus tells them, you won't stop me.  White Tiger Zord Warrior Mode punches Hatchasaurus, knocking it off it's feet.   Hatchasaurus gets back up and Thunder Megazord strikes it with it's sword several times, knocking Hatchasaurus off it's feet once more.  Thunder Megazord forms a powerful energy smoke ball and hits Hatchasaurus with it.  Hatchasaurus blows apart. But their moment of victory is brief.  Alpha 5 quickly contacts the Rangers.  Zordon tells White Ranger you must destroy the monster's Cardiatron.  White Ranger responds, consider it done Zordon.  Lord Zedd becomes angry and with his staff puts Hatchasaurus back together.  Hatchasaurus is whole again and shouts, I'm back! White Ranger shouts, let's finish this guy off!  Hatchasaurus destroys several buildings as Thunder Megazord and White Tiger Zord Warrior Mode arrive.  Hatchasaurus shouts, oh no, not this time!   Hatchasaurus uses it's body to bump Thunder Megazord away.  Hatchasaurus charges towards Thunder Megazord.  Thunder Megazord punches it several times and Hatchasaurus falls to the pavement. Hatchasaurus gets back up and claims, I'm not finished yet.  In fact, I still have a couple of surprises for you.  A mini volcano appears on each shoulder of Hatchasaurus.  Hatchasaurus shouts, give me a smile and tilts his shoulders towards Thunder Megazord.  The mini volcanoes fire several blasts at Thunder Megazord.  As Thunder Megazord tries to keep it's footing, White Tiger Zord Warrior Mode steps in front of Thunder Megazord and gets blasted as well.  White Tiger Zord Warrior Mode and Thunder Megazord fall to the pavement.  Hatchasaurus charges towards the fallen Thunder Megazord and White Tiger Zord Warrior Mode.  Both quickly get back up.  Once more, Thunder Megazord walks towards Hatchasaurus.  Hatchasaurus continues to fire at Thunder Megazord.  Hatchasaurus gloats, the end is near Power Rangers!  Hatchasaurus laughs as it charges towards Thunder Megazord.  Thunder Megazord pulls out it's sword and Hatchasaurus states, that toy is useless. Hatchasaurus fires it's mini volcanoes at Thunder Megazord.  Thunder Megazord is hit several times and it loses it's sword.  Hatchasaurus gloats, I told you!  Hatchasaurus charges towards Thunder Megazord.  Thunder Megazord picks up it's sword.  Thunder Megazord strikes  Hatchasaurus.   Hatchasaurus shouts, you're not playing fair!  White Ranger tells Saba, arm the thunder bolt.  Hatchasaurus charges towards them once more.  White Tiger Zord Warrior Mode fires it's thunder bolt.  Hatchasaurus is hit and destroyed.  White Ranger laughs and states, you're the one who is finished Hatchasaurus, for good. Afterwards, the team splits up.  Black Ranger, Red Ranger, and Yellow Ranger arrive at the park.  Terror Blossom asks, you don't think you can really stop me, do you?  Terror Blossom shoots several of it's blossoms towards the three Rangers.  The blossoms hit Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger.  Black Ranger comments, it's getting so cold.  Soon the three Rangers are frozen. Soon, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and White Ranger arrive and immediately spot Terror Blossom.  Terror Blossom asks, come to join your friends, have you?  White Ranger shouts, let's get him! The three Rangers charge towards Terror Blossom.  Terror Blossom shoots them with several petals.  The three Rangers leaps out of the way.  As Terror Blossom shoots them with more petals, Pink Ranger notes they need to get their friends out.  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and White Ranger run over to Black Ranger, Red Ranger, and Yellow Ranger.  They each grab a Ranger.  Terror Blossom tells them they won't get away that easily.  Terror Blossom shoots more petals at them.  The Rangers manage to teleport away before they are hit with petals.

In the park, Bulk tries to entertain Jacob while he waits for Skull to return with diapers.  After awhile, Skull runs towards them with several diaper boxes.  Bulk and Skull argue over who is going to change Jacob.  They decide on a coin toss and Bulk ends up trying to change Jacob's diaper.  Bulk manages to tear each diaper as Skull takes sips of juice from the baby bottle.  Eventually Bulk goes through all the diapers and Jacob still needs to be changed. Bulk yanks Skull's bandana off and uses it for Jacob's diaper.  Angry, Skull accidentally sprays Bulk with the juice from the baby bottle.  It's Bulk's turn to get angry as he removes the clothes pin from his nose and puts it's on Skull's.  With some difficulty, Skull removes the clothes pin.  Meanwhile, Terror Blossom is heading towards the power plant.  Soon the Rangers arrive and face off Terror Blossom.  Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb. Terror Blossom catches the grow bomb and throws it on the ground.  Terror Blossom becomes giant size.  The Rangers call for their zords and the Thunder Megazord is formed.  The battle continues. The Rangers battle Terror Blossom in their Thunder Megazord and White Tiger Zord.  After awhile, Zordon contacts the team and tells Red Ranger and Black Ranger to finish the battle with Terror Blossom, the rest need to teleport to the cave entrance of the Dimension of Despair.  The team splits up.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and White Ranger arrive at the entrance and start battling the numerous Putties. Elsewhere, Red Ranger and Black Ranger, in the Thunder Megazord, continue their battle against Terror Blossom.  Meanwhile, Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger manage to get inside the Dimension of Despair.  After freeing everyone, Yellow Ranger teleports out with Mr. Anderson.  Soon, Adam, Rocky, and Aisha run outside and see Pink Ranger and White Ranger battling the Putties.  The three teens immediately jump into the battle and help the two Rangers by battling Putties as well.  Meanwhile, Thunder Megazord destroys Terror Blossom.  Elsewhere, Two Putties come towards Rocky, Aisha, and Adam.  Pink Ranger and White Ranger quickly leap and land powerful kicks on the two Putties and defeat them.  The two Rangers and Adam, Rocky, and Aisha gathered around.  They notice Blue Ranger is missing and the teens tells the Rangers that Blue Ranger was still inside.  Everyone rushes inside.  Where Blue Ranger is rescued, but Adam, Aisha, and Rocky discovered the identities of Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and White Ranger.  Meanwhile, Yellow Ranger teleports Mr. Anderson to the park.  Mr. Anderson asks about his students and Yellow Ranger reassures him that they are okay.  Yellow Ranger teleports out as Mr. Anderson races through the park looking for Jacob.  Mr. Anderson quickly finds Jacob with Bulk and Skull.  Mr. Anderson thanks Bulk and Skull for taking care of Jacob.  Bulk and Skull are pleased with themselves. Afterwards, Adam, Rocky, and Aisha are taken to the Command Center where they vow to never reveal the identities of the Power Rangers.  Later, Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy are in the park and go to the picnic table where Mr. Anderson, Bulk and Skull are sitting.  Bulk and Skull want to interview Adam, Rocky, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson about their encounter with the Power Rangers, which they all decline.  Mr. Anderson tells Bulk and Skull they had done a great job with Jacob and offers them a babysitting job.  Bulk and Skull make a quick getaway as the rest of the teens laugh.

Tommy, Rocky, and Adam take the teen delegates out to the park.  There they show each other their karate moves.  Everyone is enjoying themselves.  Rocky, Adam, and Tommy continued to show their karate moves to the delegates.  Billy and Tamara are enjoying each other's company.  Aisha and Kimberly are sitting together enjoying the day.  Several Putties arrive.  Tamara spots them before Billy.  Billy tells Tamara to run to the Youth Center, which she does.  Kimberly, Aisha, and Billy joined Tommy, Rocky, and Adam who are in front of the delegates.  They tell the delegates to hide.  The six teens then battle the Putties.  The teen delegates move away, but they are quickly captured by Goldar, Baboo, Squatt and several more Putties.  Bulk and Skull are hiding and see the teen delegates being captured and decide to follow.  Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy destroy the Putties.  They look around and realize the teen delegates are gone.  The six teens decide to search for them.  Meanwhile, Goldar, Baboo, Squatt, and several Putties lead the teen delegates inside a cave.  Close by, Bulk and Skull have followed them.  Bulk and Skull are anxious to see the teen delegates morph, but so far nothing. (Bulk and Skull suspect the teen delegates are the Power Rangers.)  In the park, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky, Tommy, and Aisha have had no luck finding the delegates.  Rocky, Adam, and Aisha leave for the Youth Center in hopes of finding them with Tamara.  A rolled piece of paper floats down to Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy.  It is a message from Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd will release the delegates in exchange for the power coins.  Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly immediately teleport to the Command Center.  Outside the cave, Bulk and Skull climb lower to get a better look at what is going on.  Goldar is waiting outside the cave when the Power Rangers arrive.  White Ranger gives Goldar the case with the "power coins" and asks for the delegates to be released.  Goldar laughs at the Rangers.  Goldar has what he wants, why should he release the delegates?  The Rangers are amused as well.  The box of "power coins" is not the real thing.  Goldar is not amused any longer.  Goldar summons several Putties.  The Rangers battled the Putties and Goldar.  During the battle, the box of "power coins" is left on the ground.  Goldar retreats with a few of the Putties.  The Rangers enter the cave where the delegates are held and rescue them.  They all leave the cave together.  The Rangers are surprised that the delegates who the Power Rangers are and that they are known in other parts of the world.  After they all leave, Bulk and Skull fall out of their hiding place.  Bulk is stunned when he discovers the box of "power coins".  Skull takes a look at one of the coins and then begins nibbling on it.  Skull tells Bulk the "power coins" are really chocolate.  Bulk is disappointed until Skull tells him it's really good chocolate and Bulk happily takes a bite.  Lord Zedd turns a four headed statue into a Four Head Monster. Four Head Monster has appears downtown.  Soon, the Rangers face Four Head Monster.  The Rangers form their Power Blaster and fire at Four Head Monster.  The Four Head Monster is defeated. But not for long as Lord Zedd revives him and makes him giant size.  The Rangers summon their Thunder Zords.  Red Dragon Thunderzord and Tiger Zord go into warrior mode.  They battle Four Head Monster.  It is a difficult battle.  Soon Mega Tigerzord is formed.  Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode and Mega Tigerzord continue to battle Four Head Monster. Four Head Monster fires at Mega Tigerzord and Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode and knocks them to the pavement.  Soon, Tor is sent in.  Tor goes into battle and Four Head Monster knocks him on his back.  Tor can't get turned around and the Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode comes to his aid.  Tor heals Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode.  Tor combines with the Thunderzords to form the Thunder Ultrazord.  With the Thunder Ultrazord,  Four Head Monster is destroyed.

Angel Grove is hosting the Stone Canyon Triathlon.  A big crowd had gathered as competitors got ready for Stone Canyon's Triathlon.  There was a TV crew as well.  News Reporter:  "In a few moments, we will begin live broadcast of the first leg of Stone Canyon's Triathlon.  This grueling competition will begin with swimming, then biking and conclude with running."  Tommy was standing with Adam, Rocky, and Aisha.  Rocky, Aisha, and Adam were competing in the triathlon.  Billy walked up to them.  Billy:  "Hey guys!"  Rocky:  "Hey Billy!"  Billy:  "Alright guys, good luck!"  Announcer:  "Competitors please take your positions."  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky passed their t-shirts to Billy and Tommy and took off for the lake, along with the other competitors.  Kimberly walked up to Billy and Tommy.  Kimberly had exciting news.  The peace delegates would be making their decisions soon on who would be representing Angel Grove.  Kimberly thought Billy would be an excellent choice.  Tommy wondered what would happen to the Power Rangers if one of them was selected.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy were a little worried.  Then the race began and Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly cheered their friends on.  Bulk and Skull are sitting in a row boat in the middle of the lake.  Bulk has a new invention to track energy.  Bulk is sure Power Rangers have higher energy readings than a normal human.  Bulk has the device aimed at the group of competitors swimming their way.  Skull is pretending to fish, until he thinks he has a bite.  At first Bulk ignores him until Skull tells him he has a whale.  Bulk gets up to help Skull.  Lord Zedd then teleports Bulk's device, basket, and fishing rod out.  Bulk and Skull fall into the water.  They make it back to their row boat and  Bulk notes the fishing pole is gone.  Bulk tells him his dad is going to kill him again and Skull goes under the water.  Lord Zedd uses Bulk and Skull's items to create Beamcaster.  Beamcaster immediately begins putting the people at the park under Lord Zedd's spell and the citizens are ready to do Lord Zedd's bidding. In the Command Center, Alpha 5 tries to contact Tommy.  Meanwhile, the competitors have just finished the swimming section of the triathlon.  Adam, Aisha, and Rocky are in the lead.  They run over to their friends, Tommy, Billy, and Kimberly.  With all the noise, Tommy doesn't hear his communicator.  Alpha 5 is distressed as he tells Zordon Tommy is not responding.  Zordon tells Alpha 5 to contact Jason.  Jason, Trini, and Zack had been scuba diving.  Zordon alerts Jason to Lord Zedd's newest plan.  The three immediately morph and head over to the park.  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger are ready to battle Beamcaster.  Instead Beamcaster hits them and they are under Lord Zedd's spell.  Lord Zedd is very pleased until Goldar mentions the Rangers.  Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy are not under the spell.  Lord Zedd becomes angry and sends down several Putties to take care of Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy.  The Putties arrive and the three teens began battling them.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky who are doing the bicycling section of the triathlon and are in the lead, stop their bikes.  Adam, Rocky, and Aisha join Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly in their battle against the Putties. The six teens battle and destroy the Putties.  Tommy feels bad that it had cost Rocky, Aisha, and Adam the race.  Rocky tells him there was no other choice.  Zordon contacts Tommy and tells him they need to get to the Command Center.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy teleport out.  Adam, Rocky, and Aisha decide to go ahead and finish the triathlon.  Rocky, Aisha, and Adam are now trailing behind everyone else.  Beamcaster continues to spread Lord Zedd's spell and it hitting the judges and the people cheering on the triathlon.  Bulk and Skull are walking and Skull thinks it's pretty strange that their things just disappear.  Bulk gets hit by Beamcaster and Bulk walks off chanting hail Lord Zedd, along with the rest of the crowd. Beamcaster then hits Skull.  Skull walks off chanting hail Lord Fred.  Soon, White Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger arrive in the park.  Before they can do anything, Beamcaster tries to strike them with it's waves.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger leap away in one direction, while White Ranger leaps away in the opposite direction.  Before Blue Ranger can use his device the crowd surrounds them.  Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger tug on Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger.  The device falls to the ground and gets trampled.  Beamcaster then hits Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger are now under Lord Zedd's spell.  White Ranger tries to battle Beamcaster, but Beamcaster hits him as well.  White Ranger is now under Lord Zedd's spell.  Soon, Aisha, Adam, and Rocky come riding up and everyone is under Lord Zedd's spell.  Adam, Rocky, and Aisha get off their bikes.  It's obvious something is wrong.  They find Billy's mangled device and pick it up.  Since Rocky is holding the device, the crowd thinks they are Power Rangers and go after them.  Alpha 5 teleports them to the Command Center. At the Command Center, Aisha repairs the device the best she can.  Zordon directs them to hold it towards the viewing globe and direct it at the Power Rangers.  Aisha and Rocky hold onto the device as it shoots it's beam at the Power Rangers.  It is difficult and not working.  Zordon uses his energy as well and then the spell is broken for the Rangers.  The Rangers quickly teleport to the Command Center.  Zordon fills them in.  Rocky gives Blue Ranger the device and the Rangers teleport out.  The Rangers face down Beamcaster.  Blue Ranger uses the device on Beamcaster, but it doesn't destroy him or break the spell.  Beamcaster throws several explosives at the Rangers and White Ranger tosses them back, in time to explode while Beamcaster has them.  The Rangers use their Power Blaster and destroy Beamcaster.  Once Beamcaster is destroy, the spell is broken.  Bulk and Skull are a little shaken.  Bulk tells Skull lets go find the Power Rangers, and they walk off.  The triathlon concludes with running.  Adam, Rocky, and Aisha are last.  Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly cheer them on until the finish line.  Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy feel bad their friends couldn't have won.  They walk over to Rocky, Aisha, and Adam.  Tommy thanks them for their help and Rocky thanks them for sticking with them and cheering them on.  Adam adds helping them was the most important thing they ever done.  The six friends are in high spirits.

Several news reporters are placing calls in phone booths to report the latest news.  The Angel Grove news reporter is the most excited.  Reporter:  "Big scoop.  A really big scoop.  They just pick the three Angel Grove teens for the world peace summit.  I know, it's great!  Their names are..."  Jason, Zack, and Trini were the three teens selected.  The announcement was made at the Youth Center.  Billy, Kimberly, and Tommy hurry out of the Youth Center to find their friends.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy race to the park.  They spot Trini, Jason, and Zack in the distance.  Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly run over and tell their friends the news.  Jason, Zack, and Trini are thrilled.  The six teens teleport to the Command Center.  Later, Baboo and Squatt land in the Angel Grove park with the sleep device that Finster had made.  Squatt sets off the sleep device and Baboo promptly falls asleep.  Squatt is thrilled to have accomplish this task until he sees Baboo asleep.  Squatt wakes up Baboo and they vanished out of the park.  The device sends forth the sleep cloud, and soon everyone in the park is asleep.  The sleep cloud travels and expands throughout Angel Grove and reaches inside Angel Grove High School.  Alpha 5 manages to teleport Rocky, Aisha, and Adam out before they are exposed to the sleep cloud.  In the Command Center, they are inform of the sleep cloud and it's effects across Angel Grove.  The three teens need to stop the sleep device. Aisha, Adam, and Rocky land in the park.  Adam, Rocky, and Aisha spot the Putties and began battling them.  Despite their best efforts Rocky, Aisha, and Adam are defeated.  The Putties chain them to the base of a tree. 

The Mutiny, Part I/The Mutiny, Part II/The Mutiny, Part III                


The Wanna-Be Ranger/Putty On The Brain/The Green Dream


The Power Stealer/The Beetle Invasion/Welcome To Venus Island


The Song Of Guitardo/Green No More, Part I/Green No More, Part II


Missing Green/Orchestral Maneuvers In The Park/Beauty And The Beast


White Light, Part I/White Light, Part II/Two For One


Opposites Attract/Zedd's Monster Mash/The Ninja Encounter, Part I


The Ninja Encounter, Part II/The Ninja Encounter, Part III/A Monster Of Global Proportions


Zedd Waves/The Power Transfer, Part I


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