Central Library

Central Library is located in the city of Harwood County.  Wanting to learn more about human emotions, Robo Knight decided going to the library was his best bet for answers.  Robo Knight walks to the Central Library, unintentionally scaring a few people along the way.  Robo Knight walks over the librarian's desk.  She becomes very scare and hold up the "No Cell Phones Allowed" sign to protect herself.  The librarian backs away as Robo Knight reads the sign.  Robo Knight:  "No cell phones."  Robo Knight removes his morpher and places it on the desk.   Robo Knight:  "Very well." Robo Knight gathers several books and walks down the aisles.  People scatter when they see him.  Robo Knight collects more books as he walks along.  He stops at a table and dumps his books there.  The two ladies sitting there, quickly leave.  Robo Knight sits down and begins to read.  Robo Knight's morpher continually goes off, but Robo Knight is deep into his reading and doesn't hear it.  Robo Knight finishes a book   "Book completed."  Robo Knight notices a young boy laying on the seats.  The boy has headphones on and bops his head to the music as he reads a magazine.  He is unaware of Robo Knight's presence and the now empty library.  Robo Knight notes the headphones and quickly looks up information on the headphones.  "Music."  Robo Knight walks over to the young boy and startles him.  The boy, Todd, quickly puts down his magazine and scoots away a little.  Robo Knight:  "What are you doing"  Todd:  "I'm just listening to music."  Robo Knight points to Todd's headphones.  "What are those?"  Todd removes the headphones and passes them to Robo Knight.  Todd:  "Here.  You can have them."  Robo Knight:  "Hmmm."  Robo Knight's morpher continues to go off.  But Robo Knight doesn't hear it.  He is too busy sharing the headphones with Todd and trying to learn to move his arm in a rhythmic fashion.  He slowly gets the hang of it.  After awhile, Robo Knight and Todd walk out of the library.  The teens watch Robo Knight and the young boy exchange an elaborate high five. Robo Knight:  "Peace out!"  Todd walks away.  Jake is a little surprised by the exchange.  Robo Knight:  "I want to share something I learned with you.  Check it Rangers."  Robo Knight starts to rap and dance.

I had a lot of questions about human emotions

They were vexing me, hexing me like some sorcerer's potion

So I followed the advice of my good friend Noah and to the city this robot did-a go-a

I found books galore of every shape and size on a variety of topics, but what opened the eyes of

Robo Knight

Robo Knight

The very most by far was some knowledge there dropped by my little homey Todd

Who turned me on to hip-hop


Gia enjoys it and bops her head along to the beat.  Noah laughs when he hears his name in the rap and begins to move to the beat as well.  Jake starts to move his hands to the beat.  Troy bops along as well.  The teens are enjoying Robo Knight's performance and have big smiles on their faces as they move in rhythm to his beat. When he is done, the Noah and his friends applaud.  Robo Knight:  "Were those not fresh rhymes?"  Jake:  "No Robo Knight, I think you definitely brought it."  Emma nods her head in agreement and Robo Knight is pleased.  Robo Knight asks, did you have any trouble while I studied?  Gia replies, just had a little battle where we got rid of the Warstar admiral.  Robo Knight:  "The Earth was threaten?  Was it protected?"  Noah:  "Relax, it was."  Troy:  "This time we defended the Earth and took care of it."  Robo Knight:  "Excellent.  That news is truly fresh."  Robo Knight joins Noah and his friends as they walk away. 

The Human Condition