Command Center

It was dark and quiet in the Command Center for several years.  Suddenly one of the consoles lights up with a green color.  Followed by yellow, pink, and blue.   The final color to light up is red.    Gosei:  "Tensou?  Tensou!"  Tensou, a small robot, slowly wakes up.  Tensou:  "I was catching some great zzzs.  How long were we snoozing?"  Gosei:  "Years."  Tensou:  "No wonder I'm so groggy."  Gosei:  "Wake up.  Aliens have already landed on Earth.  It's time to assemble a new team of heroes.  The most energetic and unstoppable group, that exemplified enduring human spirit."  Tensou was rolling around, but he stopped.  Tensou:  "Energetic and unstoppable....don't say it!"  Gosei:  "Teenagers.  Get me five kids with talent and attitude and get them now!"  Each console shows various teenagers on it's screen.  Eventually each console stops on a specific teen.  Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah and finally Troy.  After awhile, Troy, Gia, Noah, and Jake land on the floor of a dark room.  Jake is very disappointed that the ice cream cones have hit the floor as well.  Slowly the four of them stand up.  Jake:  "How the?  What just happened?"  Noah:  "I'm not sure, but it was scientifically impossible...and awesome!"  They all look around, although it is hard to see anything in the dark.  Troy:  "How did we end up here?"  Gia:  "Just where is here?"  Tensou rolls past them, startling them all.  Tensou:  "It worked!  It worked!"  Troy:  "What is that?"  He grabs a hold of Tensou's back and stops the robot from getting away.  Noah bends down to take a closer look.  Noah:  "Wow!  An old school robot!  Like in the movies!"  Tensou takes offense to this remark.  Tensou:  "Old school!"  Tensou shocks Noah's hand and rolls away from them.  Suddenly the sides of the walls are lit up, highlighting the figures on small pedestals.  Followed by the ceiling lights coming on.  Jake:  "What's happening?"  Jake notices the face on the end of the wall.  Jake:  "Freaky tiki.  I don't believe it."  Cautiously the four teens walk forward.  Troy glances at the figures on the walls and takes a closer look at a red one.  He closes his eyes and remembers his dream.  Troy:  "I've seen these before.  In my dreams."  Noah:  "This amazing."  Gosei:  "Welcome humans.  I am Gosei."  The four teens are startled to hear Gosei talking to them.  Gosei:  "Your lives are about to change forever.  My mentor, Zordon, place me here to be guardian of this planet.  I'm of the Earth and embodied it's great and mystical powers."  Troy:  "Guardian?"  Gosei:  "I only awaken when the Earth is faced with an extraordinary threat."  Jake:  "Ahh, whoever you are, you look like something on one of my dad's Hawaiian shirts."  Gosei:  "I took this familiar form to communicate with humans.  This is a perilous time for mankind.  The Earth needs you."  Gia:  "What're you talking about?"  Gosei:  "Aliens have already landed and you have been chosen to protect it."  Unnoticed, Emma is suddenly dropped onto the floor of the Command Center.  Jake:  "A giant talking tiki and now aliens. You got to be kidding me."  Emma has overheard the conversation.  Emma:  "He's not kidding."  Gia hurries over and helps Emma to her feet.  Emma holds out her camera and tells them, I saw this just before, whatever just happened.  On the viewing screen is a picture of Creepox.  Gia asks, what gives?  This can't be real.  Gosei replies, your skepticism is healthy but this is all too real.  You have been carefully selected to form a team in the long tradition of the Power Rangers.  Gosei tells Tensou, show them.  Tensou activates the screens.  Emma looks at the screen closest to her and it lights up pink.  It then shows images of her riding through the woods.  Gosei tells her, you are not only a great BMX cyclist, but you also truly care about the environment.  You go to great lengths to take care of it.  You shall soar up from the flames of the phoenix and be the Pink Ranger.  Emma comments, pink is my favorite color, but what's this Ranger deal?  Gosei continues, Noah, your thirst for knowledge is unequaled.  Noah's screen turns blue and then shows images of Noah.  Gosei states, Our future depends on the works of great scientists minds likes yours.  As the Blue Ranger, your attacks will bite with the force of a shark.  The next screen shows Jake playing soccer.  Gosei tells Jake, there is nobody with the boundless athleticism and enthusiasm to match you.  I'm making you the Black Ranger.  You will fight with the stealth of a snake.  Jake is pleased and twirls his soccer ball in his hands.  Gosei continues, then there is Gia.  Gia's screen turns yellow and then shows an image of her at the blackboard.  Gia proudly smiles.  Gosei tells her, you are calm under pressure and pursue excellent with the ferocity of a tiger.  You will be the Yellow Ranger.  Another screen turns red and then shows Troy in a karate class.  Gosei continues, as for you Troy, your purity of spirit and strength are the result of incredible discipline.  Since you have met adversity in your life with great skill, you shall be the Red Ranger and like the dragon, you will serve as the team's leader.  Troy replies, there must be a mistake here.  I'm new in town.  Gosei tells him, there is no mistake.  You've been chosen because of your skills and character.  Noah points to the figures and asks, who are they?  Gosei answers, lining the room you can see the Rangers who came before you.  Now you shall form a new team.  Each of you will be given access to extraordinary powers that will help you protect the Earth.  Morphers appear in front of the teens.  Gosei tells them, those are your morphers.  The teens each take one.  Gosei continues, with them you will morph into Mega Rangers.  You will wield Power Cards that will unlock special weapons and abilities.  And you shall command mighty machines called Megazords.  Noah is overwhelm.  Morphers, Power Cards, Megazords?  All this tech, how do we use it?  Gosei answers, all will be revealed in time.  Troy tells Gosei, if the Earth is under attack and you think we are the ones to protect it, we're in.  Gosei states, Megaforce, your mission starts now.  The teens are teleported out of the Command Center.  Tensou is worried about them already.  Gosei reassures him, you selected well.  They'll be fine.  The teens fight several Loogies and eventually morph into the Power Rangers Megaforce.  They have defeated the Loogies, but are now facing down Scaraba.  Red Ranger's morpher goes off.  It is Gosei and he informs them it's time to use their Mega Blasters.  The Rangers do so.  Eventually Scaraba is destroyed by the Megaforce Blaster.  After the battle, Emma, Gia, Troy, Noah, and Jake enter the Command Center.  They are in high spirits over their victory.  Gosei congratulates them on a job well done.  Noah feels that they were just lucky this time.  Gosei tells them, luck had nothing to do with it.  You rose to the occasion and unlocked your powers.  Do not doubt yourselves.  You were chosen and for good reason.  This morning you were regular kids leading normal lives, but now you must master your new powers and live extraordinary lives.  Troy comments, this has to be the craziest first day of school ever.  Troy looks at his team and continues.  But I think we're prepared to do our part.  Emma isn't so sure.  Jake, Noah, Troy and Gia all look at her confused.  Emma continues, the helmet does mess up my hair.  The four teens continue to stare at her.  Emma tells them just kidding and laughs.  Jake tells Noah, we are a force to be reckon with.  Gosei adds, yes you are the Power Rangers Megaforce.  Troy sticks his fist out in front of him.  Soon Emma, Jake, Noah, and Gia also stick their fists out and shout, Earth Defenders!  Never Surrender!

The Rangers had been battling Yuffo.  They defeated him with the Megaforce Blaster.  Several Zombats arrived and attached themselves to Yuffo.  Yuffo grew to giant size.  The Rangers were baffled.  Gosei contacts the Rangers.  Gosei:  "Hear me Rangers.  There are even greater powers at your command.  But controlling them requires great skill and discipline."  Red Ranger:  "We're ready Gosei.  We have to be."  The Rangers' buckles start to glow.  Gosei:  "Then take these Power Cards and use them wisely."  The Rangers pull out the Power Cards.  Blue Ranger:  "A card, like the one for the Megaforce Blaster, but it's blank."  Suddenly pictures appear on the cards.  Blue Ranger:  "They're zords!"  Red Ranger:  "Rangers, we're back in the fight."  All:  "Morphers ready!"  Red Ranger:  "Gosei Dragon activate!"  Pink Ranger:  Gosei Phoenix activate!"  Black Ranger:  "Gosei Snake activate!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Gosei Tiger activate!"  Blue Ranger:  "Gosei Shark activate!"  Gosei:  Summon zords!"  On an island, the zords break free from the stone that encases them and fly.  As they fly, the zords form into their animal forms, dragon, phoenix, snake, tiger, and shark.  Red Ranger:  "Dragon Mechazord!"  Pink Ranger:  "Phoenix Mechazord!"  The battle with Yuffo continues with the Mechazords.  It is an intense battle and just when the Rangers think they have defeated Yuffo, Yuffo reassembles himself.  Gosei contacts the Rangers.  He tells them they must combine their mechazords, just as you combined your weapons.  The power you can unleashed as a team is without equal.  Form the Megazord!  The Rangers do so and the battle continues.  Eventually Yuffo is destroyed by Gosei Great Megazord.  After the battle, the teens go into the city where Gosei contacts them once more.  He tells them, I am proud of you Rangers.  Your bravery and teamwork saved the day.  Tensou spins around the Command Center and accidentally hits one of the consoles.  Tensou is very excited that the Rangers flew.  Troy thanks Gosei.

Emma, Gia, and Troy were in the city when they saw citizens turning into "Loogies".  Troy contacts Tensou.  Troy:  "Tensou!  Tell Gosei we got a situation."  Tensou:  "Boy oh boy!  It's a viral attack!  Like the flu.  One person gets it and they spread it to the next person, who spreads it to the next person, who spreads it..."  Gia:  "We get it Tensou!"   The three teens quickly morphed.  Red Ranger:  "We have to find a way to do this without hurting them."  Gosei:  "Yes Troy.  Remember, they're just innocent people.  It's not their fault they've been mutated."  Pink Ranger:  "Then how do we stop them?"  Gosei:  "You'll have to work together to figure out a way."  Eventually the Rangers defeated Virox with their Megaforce Blaster.  This broke the spell and "Loogies" were turned back into people.  Virox was revived by several Zombats.  The Rangers battled Virox once more and this time destroyed him with their Sea Megazord.

In the Command Center, Tensou is in a panic as he spins around the room.  Dragonflay was attacking the city.  Tensou:  "Gosei!  Gosei!"  Gosei:  "Tensou, call the Rangers right away."   Tensou:  "Okay."   Tensou contacted Troy.  Tensou:  "Alien attack!  I'm sending the co-ordinates!"  Troy tells Tensou to contact the others.  Red Ranger battles Creepox as the rest of the Rangers battle Dragonflay.  Blue Ranger:  "Time to use the Sea Brothers card!  Sea Brothers activate!"  The three Sea Brother zords arrived in a small form.  Gosei:  "Rangers, sue these small zords to power up your Mega Blasters."  Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger defeated Dragonflay with their Mega Blasters.  Eventually Creepox retreats from his battle with Red Ranger.  Red Ranger joins the rest of the Rangers in their battle against Dragonflay.  Although defeated, Dragonflay is revived by the Zombats and now giant size.  The Rangers quickly form the Gosei Great Megazord and the battle continues.  Eventually two Power Cards appear in the Megazord.  Gosei informs them, these new cards will increase the pulsation power of your Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord is transformed into Land Megazord.  The battle continues and eventually Dragonflay is destroyed by Land Megazord.

Tensou contacts the Rangers.  Tensou:  "Rangers, there's a monster attack at the city plaza!"  Horrible music is heard throughout the city and it affects Troy badly enough that he drops his morpher.  Troy struggles to pick up the morpher, but manages to.  Troy:  "We're here.  Right next to the plaza."  Gia's voice comes over the morpher.  Gia:  "Troy!  Emma!  Troy, it's too loud!  Can you hear me?!"  Troy:  "Just meet us at the plaza."  Gia:  "Meet you there!"  The Rangers battle Dizchord with difficulty, but did not defeat him.  Later, Dizchord returns.  At the Command Center, Tensou zips around and informs Troy that the monster's music is being broadcasted all over the planet.  We can't block the signal.  As Troy listens, he glances over at a blossoming tree.  Troy slowly gets up as he tells Tensou, I just got an idea.  Troy's idea of having Emma sing to combat Dizchord's music works.  Eventually the Rangers battle and destroy Dizchord.

The Rangers, with Gosei Great Megazord, are battling a giant size Creepox.  The Rangers are having a difficult time.  In the Command Center, Tensou is frantically racing around.  He exclaims, Gosei the Rangers need your help!  Gosei contacts Troy and tells him, do not doubt yourself.  You have proven to me that you are ready for a new power to be unlocked.  The time has come for the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.  Tensou is impressed.  The power card for Ultra Gosei Great Megazord is sent to the Rangers.  The Rangers quickly activate the card and Ultra Gosei Great Megazord is formed.  The battle continues and eventually Creepox is destroyed by Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.

Tensou excitedly zips around the Command Center.  Tensou exclaims, a new Ranger!  A new Ranger!  A brand new, totally...angry with Gosei, the teens storm into the Command Center.  Gia snaps at Tensou.  Tensou rolls away.  Gia turns her attention to Gosei.  Gosei, how come you never told us there was a sixth Ranger out there?  Jake adds, yeah, when were you going to drop that little piece of info on us?!  Gosei replies, I didn't tell you because he had been dormant until today.  Just like your zords, Robo Knight comes from the earth.  I created him centuries ago with the sole mission to protect the earth's environment.  As the guardian of this planet, I knew that someday the earth might need a powerful protector like Robo Knight.  I instilled in this super robot all the admirable qualities a knight should possess.  Sharp reflexes, the fearless of a lion and an unwavering commitment to his mission to protect nature.  Now the earth itself has awaken him and called him into action.  He will be invaluable in our fight to save this planet from alien threats.  Troy responds, so he is on our side.  Gosei replies, yes.  But after such a long hibernation, it appears he has lost some of his memory.  Robo Knight's computer brain clearly doesn't recall that I created him or that  you are his allies.  Noah asks, can you fix him?  Gosei answers, Robo Knight is a highly  complex artificially intelligent machine.  He needs to relearn that his mission and yours are the same.  Teaching him that will be tricky.  But it's up to you to win him over as an ally.  That is your challenge.

In their last battle, Robo Knight had been captured by Vrak and Psychotick.  Afterwards, the teens went to the Command Center and told Gosei what had happened.  Troy:  "We have to find Robo Knight.  I can't believe we let him be captured."  Gosei:  "Tensou, see if you can trace their energy signature and located where they teleported."  Tensou quickly went to work.  Tensou:  "He's still on Earth."  Gia:  "Well, that narrows it down."  Jake:  "I say we let Vrak keep him.  Robo Knight didn't even care when he put all those people in danger."  Gosei:  "Robo Knight believes his mission is to protect the Earth.  Not humans."  Agitated, Emma stepped forward.  Emma:  "But we are part of this Earth too."  Gosei:  "Unfortunately, he doesn't quite understand that.  It is your mission to win him over."  Jake was not convinced.  Jake:  "I can do without him."  Troy turned around and faced his friends.  Troy:  "Regardless, he's one of us.  We can't give up on anyone who fights for the Earth."  Gia:  "At least he's still on Earth.  We can find him."  Troy:  "Let's go!"  The teens raced out of the Command Center.  Later, they would find Robo Knight.  Another battle took place.  Vrak managed to get away but Psychotick was destroyed by Gosei Grand Megazord.

The teens walked into the Command Center.  Tensou rolls quickly in front of them and is very upset.  "Oh boy!  Oh boy!  I'm glad you guys are here!"  Jake:  "What's wrong with him?"  Tensou:  "Oh, this is not good!  Not good at all!"  The teens move forward until they are in front of Gosei.  Troy:  "We're all here Gosei.  What's the matter?"  Gosei:  "Rangers.  A new threat has arisen and you must act quickly before an uncontrollable power is released upon the world."  Noah:  "What?  Uncontrollable?   What is this thing?"  Gosei:  "A weapon known simply as the Wild Sword."  A screen appears on one of the consoles and shows images of the Wild Sword.  Gosei:  "Forged countless ages ago to protect the Earth.  It became too powerful and had to be sealed within the Earth."  Tensou:  "The Wild Sword!  Oh!  I thought we would never have to hear about that again!"  Gosei:  "But now the sword's restless energy is trying to break it free."  Emma:  "What'll happen if it gets loose?"  Gosei:  "There is no telling what the sword is capable of."  Tensou makes sounds of distress.  Gosei continues.  "If it falls into the wrong hands."  Gia:  "Where is it?"  Gosei:  "It was buried in the Black Mountains.  You must get to it before it's too late."  Troy:  "Of course."  Gosei:  "Go but be cautious.  Forces of evil have always wanted to capture the sword for themselves."  Troy:  "Let's go!"  The teens start to head out.  Tensou protests.  "But!  But!"  Jake:  "We'll find it Tensou!  Don't be so tense!"  The teens walk out.  Tensou:  "I hope they'll be okay Gosei!"  After awhile, Troy contacts Tensou.  Troy:  "Tensou, we're seeing explosions in the city."  Tensou was surprised.  Tensou:  "Really?  My sensors don't detect anything."  The teens decided to check it out anyways, falling into Vrak's plan.  A giant Distractor was in the city when the Rangers arrived.  All:  "Gosei mechazord!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon mechazords!"  All:  "Gosei Great Megazord!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon megazord!  The mechazords formed Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord battled Distractor with ease.  But it was all a plan to keep the Rangers away from the Wild Sword.  Vrak eventually got the Wild Sword and another battle followed.  During the battle, Red Ranger made a telepathic connection to the dragon spirit within.  Wild Sword broke free from Vrak and the ultra zords were released.  The Rangers were granted a new power, ultra mode.  The Rangers destroyed Distractor and the various monsters he had summoned.  The teens return to the Command Center in high spirits.  Gosei congratulates them.  Working as a team, you've managed to capture the Wild Sword and unlock the ultra zords.  Troy thanks Gosei.  I'm glad we saved it.  Now we have an extra ally.  Jake whispers to Noah, for a moment there, I thought that Troy was going to be that dragon's lunch.  Noah replies, I know.  It was very brave of him.  Gosei continues, you acted admirably.  I'm very proud of all of you.  Troy bends his head down, uncomfortable with the praise.  Tensou rolls in and exclaims, I'm so excited!  Tensou rolls over to the teens, and Jake stops it with his foot.  Jake suggests that they celebrate.  Jake bends down to talk to Tensou.  Hey Tensou!  Can you play us some music little buddy?  Tensou nods it's head and then begins to play music.  Jake exclaims, the party's started as he dances his way over to Gia.  Despite her protests, Jake drags her over to an empty spot and starts dancing.  Jake is laughing and having a great time.  So is Gia, despite herself.  Emma dances over to Noah and they dance together.  Even Tensou dances around.  Troy watches them for a moment and then walks over to the keys.  As Jake spins Gia, Gia sees that Troy is deep in thought.  Gia spins Emma over to Jake as she walks over to Troy.  With his back turned, and fists bumping, he doesn't see he has a new dance partner until he turns around.  Emma gives a small shrug and they dance together.  Gia asks Troy if he is okay?  Quietly Troy replies yeah.  I was just thinking.  Gia tells him he was really brave with the dragon spirit.  Troy doesn't reply, simply turns away from the keys.  Gia tells him to relax a little.  Enjoy the party.  She drags Troy onto the impromptu dance floor.  Troy half heartily dances with Gia.  Noah bounces up and down to the music.  Jake continues to dance with Emma.

Tensou is hard at work.  Gosei:  "Tensou, are you almost done?"  Tensou:  "Not quite.  This is tougher than I thought."  Nuts and bolts go flying.  Gosei:  "Careful Tensou!"  Tensou:  "Whoops!  Sorry!  But you're making me a little bit nervous."  Gosei:  "I understand but the Rangers need this new Megazord power to fight the Aurora Box."  Tensou:  "Right.  I won't mess up again."  Tensou goes back to working on the new Megazord.  After a few moments, a large engine goes flying and hits the floor.  Tensou:  "Sorry!"  Evening arrives and Tensou continues to work frantically.  Gosei informs him that he is sensing an even greater threat from the Aurora Box.  You must work faster to unlock the new Megazord or our Ranger friends may suffer the consequences.  Tensou reassures Gosei that he is almost done.  The Rangers destroy Bigs, but are trapped inside the Aurora Box.  The next day, Tensou rolls quickly towards Gosei as he shouts, Gosei!  Gosei!  I think I've done it!  Gosei responds, not a moment too soon.  Let's do it!  Activate!  The top of the Command Center lifts off the ground and shoots into the sky.  The top of the Command Center breaks into the Aurora Box.  Red Ranger notes it's a space ship now.  Gosei's image appears on the outside of the ship as he greets them.  Blue Ranger is happy that Gosei came for them.  Gosei adds, and I always will.  Here is your new ship.  Red Ranger is impressed.  It's amazing.  Gosei tells them to use their ultra mode to call for your zords.  The Rangers do so.  The Ultra Zords fly above them.  Pink Ranger is confused.  The Ultra Zords, what are they doing?  The Ultra Zords become larger and fit themselves onto the ship.  Black Ranger notes, they're melding into the ship.    Gosei tells them, your bravery has earned you this new power.  Megaforce, I present the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship.  Red Ranger tells his team, let's use it well.  The Rangers leap inside the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship.  They are very impressed as they sit inside the cockpit.  Gosei informs them, Gosei Ultimate is more powerful than anything you have piloted before.  Hold on tight!  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship lifts off and flies and bursts out of the Aurora Box, destroying it.  A battle follows with Bluefur who is eventually destroyed by Gosei Ultimate Megazord.  Following the battle, the teens walk into the Command Center.  Emma thanks Gosei for saving them.  Tensou hops around.  Jake adds the new ship rocks.  Which makes Tensou very happy.  Gosei tells them to thank Tensou.  He worked hard to unlock the Command Ship.  You have proven that you deserve to wield it's power.  Jake agrees and gives Troy a high five.  Gosei warns them to use it wisely.  Troy responds, we'll do our best Gosei.  Jake has a problem with it.  Wisely?  Does that mean we can't take it for a joy ride?  Gia tells him, I don't think so.  Everyone laughs.  Jake defends himself, I was just asking   

Several screens on various consoles are open as Tensou zips around in alarm.  Tensou:  "Oh no!  Oh no!  Gosei!  The Rangers are befriending one of Metal Alice's robots!"  Gosei:  "Calm down Tensou.  Perhaps Metal Alice's robot can give the Rangers valuable Intel about her plans."  Later, Rico's gem lights up and the teens take him to the Command Center.   Rico stands on a small platform that rotates while Noah runs various scans on him.  Emma stands protectively by Rico.  After reviewing the scans, Noah notes it seems like Metal Alice left a sensor in his chest.  Jake is surprised, a sensor?!  For what?  Noah replies, so she can give him orders by remote control.  Luckily she doesn't know we saved him.  Emma feels sorry for Rico.  Can we remove it?  Tensou replies, it would be very dangerous.  Metal Alice can activate it at any time.  Jake is angry.  I knew it!  It's a setup!  Rico repeats the words, Rico....setup.  Emma protests.  No!  She walks over to the guys.  Emma tells them, he didn't choose that.  He's our friend!  Sympathetically Noah replies, he doesn't choose Emma, he's a robot.  She gives him an order, he'll follow her command.  Emma asks, do you really think he's that dangerous?  Frustrated, Noah and Jake look to Troy.  Troy answers.  He was built by our enemy.  We don't know what's he capable of.  I'm sorry, but we have to be cautious.  Emma glances over and notices Rico is gone.  Alarmed Emma asks, where did he go?  The rest of the teens exchange worried glances.  The teens search for Rico.  Emma finds him and convinces him to let her friends help him.  The Rangers come up with a plan and start to put it into action.  Unfortunately Metal Alice arrives and tries to stop them.  Pink Ranger uses Gosei Ultimate Command Ship to take Rico into space and away from Metal Alice's control. 

Tensou is zipping around the Command Center, a little bored.  Tensou:  "It's too quiet Gosei.  Where are the Rangers?"  Gosei:  "I gave the Rangers a well deserved day off Tensou.  Remember humans are not machines and occasionally need rest."  Tensou:  "Yes, I bet they're all sleeping in."  After awhile, Tensou contacts the teens.  Tensou:  "Rangers, it's Metal Alice!  She's attacking the train station!"  Troy:  "We're on it."  Soon the Rangers are fighting Metal Alice and several Loogies.  During the battle, Tensou contacts the Rangers once more. Tensou lets them know it's a passenger train. The Rangers respond, we'll take care of it!  Although it's a tough battle, the Rangers and Robo Knight, continue to fight Metal Alice.  After awhile, Gosei contacts the Rangers and tells them, your perseverance has earned a new power.  The Rangers are given new Power Cards - Gosei Jet Power Cards.  With their new Gosei Jet Mechazords, the Rangers are able to get the passenger train safety to it's destination.  The battle continues and the Rangers assume they have destroyed Metal Alice with their Gosei Jet Megazord.

Troy is placing his workout clothes back in his gym bag, when his morpher goes off.  Tensou:  "A monster has appeared near the Fairview station."  Troy:  "I'm on my way.  Inform the others."  Troy takes off.  Soon the Rangers, except for Robo Knight, are battling Admiral Malkor.  The Rangers used their Power Cards, but they didn't work.  Admiral Malkor knocked the Rangers off the top of a building.  Gosei contacts the Rangers.  Gosei:  "Rangers.  Malkor is the aliens' commander.  He has disable your morphers with a blocking ray, but we've changed their frequency so it won't happen again."  Blue Ranger:  "Tensou!  Call Robo Knight!"  Tensou:  "Roger that!  I have been!"   Busy in the library, Robo Knight never heard his morpher.  Eventually the Rangers destroyed Admiral Malkor and his Warstar Spaceship with Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.

Mega Mission





He Blasted Me With Science/Who's Crying Now?/Robo Knight


Prince Takes Knight/Ultra Power/Gosei Ultimate


Staying On Track