Ernie's Brain Freeze

Ernie's Brain Freeze is a place in the mall that a lot of the local teens like to hang out in.  To enjoy the ice creams, study, and visit with their friends.  It is run by Ernie.  Gia was there, working on her homework when Noah and Jake entered.  Jake looked at Gia as they walk past.  Noah and Jake walk up to the counter and sit down.  Ernie:  "Hey kids!  What can I get for you?"  Noah:  "The usual."  Jake:  "Ahh, but make it three.  One for each of us and one for the very pretty girl in the corner."  Jake glanced back at Gia.  Ernie grinned.  Ernie:  "Sure!"  Ernie walked away to make the ice cream cones.  A few moments later, he returned with three cones.  Ernie:  "Here you go."  Ernie gave two cones to Jake and one to Noah.  Jake:  "Thank you."  Ernie:  "Six bucks."  Jake proudly pulled out a twenty.  Jake:  "Twenty."  Ernie was suspicious as he took the twenty.  Ernie:  "Twenty bucks?!"  He held the twenty up to the light and realized it was real.  Ernie:  "I'll ring you up."  Ernie walked over to his cash register.  Suddenly Gia disappeared in a swirl of yellow.  When Jake turned to look over at Gia, but she was gone.  Jake:  "Where'd she go?"  Noah had walked over to a table set for toppings.  Suddenly he vanished in a blue swirl.  Jake turned around to talk to Noah, but he was gone as well.  Jake:  "Noah!  Noah?"  Jake suddenly vanished in a swirl of black.  Ernie missed the whole thing.  When he returned with Jake's change, he was surprised to see everyone was gone.

Emma was helping out at Ernie's Brain Freeze, when Troy walked in.  He walked past Emma and headed straight for the counter.  Emma:  "Hey Troy!"  Emma walked over to Troy.  Troy:  "Hey.  What are you up to?"  Emma:  "Just helping Ernie with the recycling.  Everybody's gong to be here soon."  Emma noticed that Troy wasn't really listening.  Emma:  "Is everything alright?"  Troy:  "Yeah, it's nothing.  Just been having these strange dreams lately."  Both of them became distracted by the commotion at one table and turned around to look.  A large group of people sat or stood by a table as a young man, Jordan, excitedly talked to them.  Jordan:  "I am not kidding!  150!  150 against one!  But I hit him over the head with a toaster and I'm like you're toast man, you're toast!"  The crowd was hanging on Jordan's every word.  Troy:  "What gives?"  Ernie was behind the counter as he gathered a few items.  Ernie:  "That guy over there, he's saying that he's the Red Power Ranger."  Troy:  "Really?"  Ernie excitedly carried a tray of drinks over to the table as Jordan continued to tell the crowd about his exciting adventures as a Power Ranger.  Emma and Troy listened as well.  Jordan:  "I rebounded off the wall, okay, let loose with a flying roundhouse kick, and boom!  Down go the monsters!  You want to know what I call that little move?  A typical Tuesday."  Emma:  "Wow, can you believe that stinker?  Are you going to do anything?"  Jordan continued with his stories.  Jordan:  "If you're brave enough, monster fighting is a breeze."  Troy was amused and merely took the carton of recycling from Emma.  Troy:  "Yeah, I'm going to take these to the recycling bin."  Emma:  "Wait, the others are going to be here..."  But Troy did not hear her.  Troy walked towards the small room in back.  Troy entered the small room, deep in thought.  Troy:  "We need to get stronger to stop these monsters, but how?  What can give us an edge over them?"  Troy walked over to the recycling bins and dump the carton of water bottles into it.  As he walked away, a bottle fell out and hit the floor.  This gave Troy an idea.  Troy headed out to the forest.  Meanwhile, in the dining area, Emma sat at a table and continued to listen to Jordan's stories as she waited for her friends.  Soon Gia, Jake, and Noah entered and sat with her.  They also noticed the large crowd by Jordan.  Jake:  "What's going on?"  Emma:  "That guy been telling everybody he's the Red Power Ranger."  Noah:  "What?"  Emma, Jake, Noah, and Gia listened to Jordan.  Jordan:  "The other Rangers, you know, they aren't bad, but I pretty much handle those monsters all by myself."  Jake was not happy.  Jake:  "Oh, you got to be kidding me."  Gia:  "Just some guy looking for attention."  Gia looked right at Jake.  Gia:  "You can relate, right?"  Jake slumped down into his seat as Emma giggled.  Unaware Jordan continued with his stories.  Jordan:  "Did I tell you about the time I saved the Blue Power Ranger?"  Endlessly, Jordan's stories never seemed to stop.  Noah had a stoic look on his face as he stared straight ahead.  Jordan:  "I could have been Blue, but, ah, question!"  Jake glanced at Noah, but Noah didn't betray any emotion.  The morphers go off.  Emma, Noah, Gia, and Jake get up and make their way towards the back exit.  Suddenly a citizen started yelling as he entered the place.  Citizen:  "Somebody help!  Help!  There's a monster attacking the city!"  The stranger ran straight towards Jordan's table.  Jake paused by the door.  Emma:  "What's wrong Jake?"  Jake:  "What's he going to do now, do you think?  Emma, Gia, and Noah waited as well to see what would happen.  Citizen:  "You're going to go stop it right?"  Emma was concern.  Emma:  "He's not going to do something foolish, is he?"  Although Jordan was scared, he stood up.  Jordan:  "You bet!"  Jordan left with the crowd cheering him on.  Gia:  "We're losing time, come on!"  Emma, Gia, Jake, and Noah raced out the back door.  Jordan did confront the monster, Dragonflay, but the Rangers soon arrived after.  The Rangers showed Jordan that it took special training and skills to become a Ranger.  The Rangers also destroyed Dragonflay with their Land Megazord.  After the battle, Jordan slowly enters Ernie's Brain Freeze, with a huge crowd cheering for him.  Uncomfortably, Jordan tells the crowd, this is very hard for me.  I am not actually a Power Ranger.  The crowd laughs, thinking he is joking around.  Jordan continues, no seriously, the Power Rangers are true heroes.  They are great people too.  I mean, they were super nice to me even after I....lied.  Guess I just wanted the attention.  Anyways, I am sorry.  Really sorry and I hope you can forgive me.  Instead the crowd gives him looks of disgust and walk out.  Jordan walks over to the counter and sits next to Troy.  Troy tells him, it took a lot of courage to do that.  But the real Rangers would be proud of you.  Jordan thanks him.  I learned a lot.  Something about Troy seems familiar to Jordan and he asks if they have met before.  Troy replies I don't think so and then introduces himself.  They shake hands.  Jordan introduces himself as well.  He tells Troy he's a new Jordan as he learned a big lesson today, thanks to the Red Ranger.  Ernie finishes making Jordan's shake and turns around to give it, when he slips.  The drink goes flying but Jordan catches it before it hits the floor.  Ernie is impressed.   Ernie tells Jordan, nice catch.  Where did you learn that?  Jordan replies, just a friend.  Troy smiles.

Noah and Troy are sitting at a table at Ernie's Brain Freeze.  Noah is reading the newspaper.  Jake walks over to their table, carrying a couple of drinks.  When he gets closer to the table, Jake acts like he is in pain and asks Noah, can you give me a foot massage?  You were so good.  Jake laughs.  Noah doesn't find it funny.  And neither was the fact that you hit my head with that fan.  Jake apologizes for the fan whack.  I tried to stop.  Jake can't help but to laugh again.  Emma and Gia walk up and sit at the table.  Jake asks, you best friends again?  Emma replies, of course.  We realize we weren't in our right minds when we said all that mean stuff.  Noah gets excited over an article in the paper.  Emma panics when she sees the article.  She grabs the paper and hides it behind her back.  Noah starts to say something about a photo when Emma quickly covers up Noah's mouth.  Jake tells her, this hand over the mouth thing is way too familiar.  Emma reluctantly removes her hand.  Troy sees the article and comments, nice picture girls.  Gia is curious and grabs the newspaper as she tells Emma, best friends share secrets.  Emma is worried about Gia's reaction.  It is a picture of Emma and Gia standing next to the Magnus Bloomus Annulus. Noah asks Emma if she really found the Magnus Bloomus Annulus?  Noah is impressed.  Gia asks her, did you really send this picture to our local newspaper?  Where everyone can see us grinning like...Jake finishes, cheerleaders.  Jake chuckles.  Emma admits that she did.  Emma is very surprised when Gia declares, I love it and gives her a hug.  Gia adds, now everyone knows we are best friends.  Emma picks up the paper and they both look at the picture.  Emma tells Gia, I really like pictures of you smiling.  Jake tells them they both look so good in the picture.  Gia smiles and Emma thanks him.

Ernie is cleaning a blender and listening to the radio.  A favorite song comes on the radio.  Ernie:  "I love this song!"  Ernie dances his way to the radio and turns up the music.  Jake, Troy, and Noah are sitting at a table.  The loud music is causing Troy pain.  Jake:  "Man it's loud in here today."  Noah:  "What did you say?  I can't hear you, the music is too loud."  Jake:  "Noah, I said...Ernie, could you please turn the music down buddy?"  Ernie:  "Great music."  Troy:  "This music, it's giving me a headache."  Jake:  "I'm sorry man."  Troy gets up and leaves the place, passing Gia on the way out.  Gia walks over to the guys' table.  Gia:  "Is Troy okay?"  Jake & Noah:  "What?!"  Gia:  "I said, is Troy okay?"  Jake & Noah:  "What?!"  Frustrated Gia turned around towards the counter.  Gia:  "Ernie, turn down that music!"  Ernie stopped dancing in mid flow and immediately walked over to the radio and turned it down.  Gia gave a generous smile.  Gia:  "Thank-you!"  Gia sat down and faced the guys.  Gia:  "Now what is wrong with Troy?"  Jake responded light heartily.  Jake:  "The music was bugging him."  Gia was more concern.  Gia:  "Emma had the same problem."  After a few moments, a horrible sound reached Ernie's Brain Freeze.  Everyone, except Ernie who continued to dance, covered their ears and winced in pain.  Gia glanced over at Ernie.  Gia:  "Ernie, I thought I asked you to turn that down?"  Noah:  "Wait.  That's the monster's music."  Jake pulled out his morpher and contacted Troy.  Troy:  "What?"  Jake:  "The monster is attacking the city."  Troy:  "I can't hear you."  Troy paused and then continued.  Troy:  "I can't hear you.  Tell Ernie his music is too loud."  Troy broke the connection.  Jake was surprised.  Jake:  "He hung up on me!"  Noah:  "It must have been the music."  Jake:  "Maybe we should call Emma."  Gia:  "No, wait!  The music has really affected both of them.  I think they should stay away from it.  We can handle this guy on our own.  Noah, Jake, and Gia leave Ernie's Brain Freeze as Ernie continues to dance behind the counter.  The Rangers eventually destroy Dizchord, who was responsible for the horrible music.  The next day, the teens go to Ernie's Brain Freeze.  They sit at a table together.  Noah tells Emma, with all the craziness of the battle, I completely forgot to say, you're an amazing singer.  Ernie walks over with a tray of frozen treats.  He asks them if they heard that concert yesterday?  Gia comments, they were just talking about that.  Ernie continues, that was the most beautiful singing I had ever heard.  Everyone at the table, assumes he is talking about Emma's singing.  Ernie feels lucky that he was able to record some of it.  He begins to play the music as he dances around the place.  It is Dizchord's music.  Everyone covers their ears and race out of the place.  Ernie dances around but stops when he sees the place is empty.

Roy, Howie, and Barry were hanging out at Ernie's Brain Freeze.  When the Howie's bug escaped it's container, Roy immediately came to Howie's aid.  Troy, Jake, Emma, Gia, and Noah just entered the place, when Roy snaps his fingers and yells stop.  Troy, Jake, Emma, Gia, and Noah stop in a straight line.  Noah, Gia, Emma, and Jake all glance over at Troy.  Roy is not paying any attention to them as he searches the floor.  Roy exclaims, there it is!  He drops to his hands and knees and scoots across the floor.  Roy captures the bug and lets it roam over his hand.  Howie thanks him as he brings over the bug container.  Roy gently places the bug back into the container.  Roy and Howie get up.  Roy faces the crowd and states, no matter how small, everything deserves respect.  Roy, Barry, and Howie sit at a table together admiring the bug.  Noah, Troy, Emma, Jake, and Gia sit at the counter.  Emma tells Troy, you did an incredible job fighting Creepox.  (Red Ranger had defeated Creepox and later, the Rangers destroyed Creepox.)  But you also did a great thing getting those bullies to see the light.  (Earlier Troy had come to Howie's aid when Roy and Barry were teasing him.)  Troy thanks her, but he is worried.  I just wonder what's going to be coming our way after Creepox.  Jake chuckles and tells Troy, dude, relax.  Just enjoy that we had a big win today.  Troy realizes Jake is right and gives a smile.

The teens are sitting at a table in Ernie's Brain Freeze, talking in low voices.  Noah, Emma, and Gia are very impressed with Robo Knight, but Jake is not and doesn't like Robo Knight's attitude.  Troy is silent.  Noah:  "I can't believe how awesome Robo Knight was.  All that power and speed."  Emma:  "But how come Gosei didn't tell us about him before?"  Jake:  "He's probably embarrassed."  Noah:  "It seems Robo Knight has lost some memory.  He doesn't recognize Gosei's authority."  Jake made a skeptical noise.  Noah:  "And he thinks he needs to work alone."  Jake:  "He's reckless."  Gia:  "I think Robo Knight kicks butt.  He makes a great addition to our team.  What do you think Troy?"   Troy:  "I've been having these dreams.  And Robo Knight is in them."  Emma:  "Cool."  Noah:  "Some scientists believe that dreams sometimes foretell the future."  Jake couldn't hide his disbelief and annoyance.  Jake:  "Oh come on!"  Emma:  "Troy, if the dreams are telling the future, what else happens in them?"  Troy is silent for a moment as he remembers his dream.  Troy:  "There's a big battle.  But the dreams are fuzzy.  It's why I never mentioned them before."  Jake is stunned.  Jake:  "Well, is Robo Knight at least fighting on our side?"  Troy:  "I think so.  But I'm not sure."  Moments later, the morphers go off.  Emma holds her morpher under the table.  Troy:  "We're being called."  Jake gives a small nod and they all take off.  Psychotick is in the city draining the energy from everything.  Ernie is working when the power goes out at his place.  Later the power is restored and Psychotick is destroyed by Gosei Grand Megazord.

Emma enters Ernie's Brain Freeze and spots Troy sitting at the counter.  She walks over and joins him.  Emma:  "Hey!"  Troy:  "Hey!"  Emma:  "Did you convince Robo Knight to work with us?"  Troy:  "No.  That robot is stubborn.  Why can't he see we're fighting on the same side?"  Emma:  "I'm sure he'll come around.  No one can resist the call of the Red Ranger for long."  Emma and Troy chucked.  Troy:  "That's what I like about you Emma.  You're always so positive.  If only everything could be that easy."   Later the Rangers convinced Robo Knight to work together.  Together they destroyed Shadow Serpent with Gosei Great Grand Megazord.

Gia and Emma entered Ernie's Brain Freeze and walked up to the counter.  Gia placed their order and she sat with Emma at the counter.  Moments earlier Jake had declared a race and whoever lost had to pay.  Gia and Emma waited patiently until the guys showed up.  Emma and Gia saluted the guys with their glasses of water.  Troy and Noah grabbed a table as Jake walked up to them.  Jake:  "How?"  Emma:  "I hike every day and know every shortcut in town."  Gia:  "We already ordered, and so could you bring it to our table when it's ready.  Oh, and don't forget to pay."  Gia and Emma joined Troy and Noah at the table.  Jake stood at the counter.  A few moments later, Ernie brought over a tray of treats to Jake.  Ernie:  "Your treats are ready.  I made this extra special for you.  Guarantee to score points with a certain young lady."  Ernie turned to get the special treat just as Jake and the rest's morphers went off.  Ernie:  "Voila!"  Jake looked longing at the treat and then glanced over to his friends, who were already on their way out.  Jake:  "Ahh, I don't need them anymore."  Ernie was irritated.  "You should check first!"  Ernie snatched the bills from Jake's hand.  With one last look of frustration at the treats, Jake raced out of Ernie's.

Ernie loads up a tray of goodies and gives it to Jake.  Jake carries it over to the table where Noah and Troy are sitting.  The girls are sitting at the counter.  Just as Jake is about to take a bite, their morphers go off.  Troy opens his gym bag where his morpher is sitting and whispers, what is it Tensou?  Tensou replies, there's a new attack at the civic center.  Emma and Gia quickly walk past their table.  Troy tells the guys, let's go.  Jake gives a sad look to his yogurt and then joins his friends.