Harwood County High School

Troy, Noah, Emma, Gia, and Jake all attend Harwood County High School.  One of the teachers there is Mr. Burley.  It is a typical high school with classrooms, lockers, and bulletin boards covered with information about the various activities at the school.  Mr. Burley places his book bag on his desk and walks to the front of the class.  Mr. Burley:  "Okay class, let's start the year with a science brain teaser.  What species will outlast all others on Earth?"  Emma's hand quickly shot up into the air.  Mr. Burley:  "Emma?"  Emma:  "Insects.  They'll survive all the bad stuff we're doing to the environment.  Some of them have lots of legs.  They'll be the last ones standing."  Noah's hand shot into the air.  Jake sat behind his friend, Noah, and leaned forward in the seat.  Jake:  "Dude, calm down.  You're going to hurt yourself."  Noah:  "She's wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong."  Mr. Burley:  "Yes Noah.  You have a different answer."  Noah:  "Robots.  Robots powered by perpetual motion engines."  Gia:  "Robots are machines, so technically they're not a species."  Jake is smitten with Gia.  Jake:  "Beautiful and smart."  Noah:  "And wrong."  The door opened and a teen entered the room.  Mr. Burley:  "Ahh, you must be Troy.  Nice of you to join us."  Troy makes his way to his desk.  Mr. Burley:  "Maybe you can answer our brain teaser.  What species will survive all others?"  Troy had reached his desk and answered the question.  Troy:  "Us, humans."  Mr. Burley:  "How's that Troy?"  Troy sat down and then answered.  Troy:  "If humans work together, we can overcome anything."  Mr. Burley:  "Okay...interesting.  I certainly hope Troy's right."  At the end of the school day, Emma is at her locker when Gia joins her.  Their lockers are close to each other.  Gia:  "Going to Ernie's?"  Emma:  "Yeah, but first I'm going to the woods.  The orange monarch butterflies are migrating and it's like a once in a lifetime event."  Several books fall out of Emma's locker and Gia catches them with ease.  She hands the books back to Emma.  With a smile, Emma puts the books back in her locker and closes it.  Emma:  "I'll meet you a little later.  Oh, order me...."  Gia:  "I know.  A low fat cherry berry strawberry with carrot chips, but no hot fudge.  Emma grins at her friend and then heads out.  Gia heads out a different way, passing and not noticing Jake at the water fountain.  Jake has overheard their conversation and he hurries over to an almost empty classroom.  Jake enters as Noah packs his book bag.  Jake:  "Come on dude!  Gia's heading to Ernie's Brain Freeze.  Let's motor!"  But Noah wasn't in any hurry.  Noah:  "Jake, Gia is the hottest girl at this school.  Do you really think you have a chance?"  Jake wasn't even listening.  Jake:  "Lets go!  Come on!"  Jake grabbed Noah by the shoulder and started dragging him along.  Noah:  "Okay, okay, fine, but you're buying!"

Mr. Burley is passing out pop quizzes to the students.  Jake is not happy about it.  Jake:  "Dude, I hate pop quizzes."  Noah:  "Stop complaining.  Besides you know this stuff."  Mr. Burley finished passing out the quizzes and walks to his desk.  He faces the class behind his desk.  Mr. Burley:  "No talking during the test.  Come up to see me if you have any questions."  Mr. Burley sits down and starts working on his Rubik's cube.  The class begins working on their quiz.  Troy tries to concentrate on his quiz, but he is distracted by a memory.  Earlier Troy had been out on a run.  He paused when he heard a strange sound.  Cautiously, Troy enters the woods and soon spots a strange creature.  Troy:  "Who are you?  What'd you want?"  Creepox:  "My name is Creepox.  Remember it."  Troy:  "Alright Creepox, you still haven't told me what you're doing here."  Creepox:  "I've come to see what sort of creature dares challenge my insectoids.  So very soft.  With a single stroke, you'll be trashed."  Troy:  "Humans are a lot tougher than we look, but I won't fight you just to prove it."  Creepox:  "Oh you'll fight me.  Count on it."  Creepox walked away.  Troy returns to the present and works on his quiz.  Mr. Burley has fallen asleep and is snoring softly in his chair.  Gia finishes her quiz and places it in the basket before heading out of the classroom.  Jake watches her and grins and shakes his head.  The bell rings.  The students start to gather their stuff.  The noise abruptly wakes up Mr. Burley and he falls backwards in his chair.  Noah sees Mr. Burley fall.  Noah:  "Mr. Burley!"  Noah hurries over to Mr. Burley.  Noah:  "Are you alright?"  Mr. Burley tries to compose himself as he scrambles to stand back up.  Mr. Burley:  "No, I'm....I'm just fine."  He picks up the Rubik's cube off the floor and straightens up to address the class.  Mr. Burley:  "Have a scienficeric weekend everyone!"  Mr. Burley sees the class is empty except for Noah.  He hurries out of the class, working on the Rubik's cube.  Gia is at her locker and looking at her Gosei Morpher.  Jake startles her.  Jake:  "Hey Gia!"  Gia sighs in relief when she sees it is Jake.  Gia:  "Oh, it's only you."  Jake:  "I guess I've had worse reactions."  Gia explains.  Gia:  "I don't want some random kid to see my morpher."   Jake:  "I just wanted to ask if I could walk you home?"  Gia:  "What?  You're afraid to walk home by yourself?"  Jake:  "No!"  Jake realizes that is not how he wanted to respond and composes himself before catching up with Gia in the hall.  Jake:  "I just wanted to talk to you.  You know, about this weekend."  In his office, Mr. Burley is sitting at his desk, staring at the Rubik's cube with a magnifying glass.  A knock on the door startles him, causing him to drop the Rubik's cube.  The door opens and it reveals Noah.  Noah:  "Mr. Burley?"  Mr. Burley:  "Oh, hi Noah!"  Noah picks up the Rubik's cube.  Noah:  "You left your scarf in the classroom."  Mr. Burley:  "Did I?  Yes, it certainly sounds like me."  Mr. Burley motion with his hands for Noah to hang up the scarf.  As Noah hang up the scarf, he noticed the large pictures on the wall.  Noah:  "Wow.  Crypto zoology...ESP...extraterrestrials."  Mr. Burley:  "Yes, I'm convinced that science will one day find the answer to these great mysteries."  Noah:  "Me too!  I've always been fascinated by this stuff."  Mr. Burley stood up in surprise.  Mr. Burley:  "You have?!"  Mr. Burley walked over to Noah.  Noah:  "Absolutely!  The Marfa Lights, the Piri Reis maps, the Jersey Devil."  Mr. Burley:  "My boy, I have some pictures of the Loch Ness monster that will blow your mind."  Mr. Burley hurried off to get the pictures out of his filing cabinet.  Mr. Burley is digging through his file cabinet as he and Noah continue to talk about the pictures on the wall.  Mr. Burley gets distracted by what he sees out his window.  Mr. Burley hurries over to the window, to get a closer look at the flying saucer.  Mr. Burley asks Noah if he is seeing this, when he notices that Noah is gone and also his Rubik's cube is solved.  Mr. Burley comments, what an extraordinary young man.  (The flying saucers turn out to be Yuffo which the Rangers finally destroy with the Gosei Great Megazord.)

The bell rings at Harwood County High School.  Noah is in the tech room.  He is talking to Gia and Emma on the computer screen.  Emma:  "That's great Noah.  I can't believe the web site on linked so fast."  Noah:  "Believe it Emma.  It's our own social networking site.  The whole school will be logged on."  Jake walked in carrying a guitar case.  Jake:  "Who you talking to buddy?"  Noah didn't pay any attention to Jake, as he was still talking to Emma.  Noah:  "And tell Gia, I'm going to need her profile."  Emma:  "Right."  Jake:  "Gia!"  Emma:  "Gotta go! Bye!"  Jake hurried over to the computer screen.  Jake:  "Hey Gia!"  But it was too late.  Gia:  "Bye!"  The girls were gone.  Jake looked at Noah and then walked to the other side of the room.  Jake:  "Thanks a lot dude."  Jake started doing pushups.  Noah:  "It's not my fault.  Besides since when did you start playing guitar?"  Jake:  "I haven't."  Jake grinned, got up, and walked over to the guitar case.  Dramatically he revealed that the Snake Ax was inside.  Noah was shocked.  Noah:  "Are you out of your mind?!"  Jake picked up the Snake Ax and started spinning it in circles.  Noah quickly ran to the door, closed it, and peeked out the small window to make sure the coast was clear.  He turned around and had to duck as Jake was spinning his Snake Ax around and almost struck Noah a couple of times.  Jake laughed.  Jake:  "You've got to fix this for me buddy."  Jake tried to balance the Snake Ax on the palm of his hand, but it was not steady.  Jake:  "A little off balance.  I just need some of your tech expert help.  You just need to make....a few....little tweaks."  The Snake Ax fell forward and Noah had to duck once more.  Jake:  "I know when I use this thing, I can impress Gia."  Jake placed the Snake Ax back into the case.  Noah:  "And help defend the Earth?"  Jake:  "Of course, that too."  Jake looked at the Snake Ax.  Jake:  "She's going to notice me eventually.  How can she ignore a guy who works out everyday?"  Jake patted Noah's arm and then walked out.  Noah was unaware Jake had left until he turned around.  Noah:  "Hey!"  Noah then realized he was in the room by himself.  Noah went back to work on the web site.  Noah:  "Done!"  Noah glanced over at the guitar case.  Noah:  "Let's see what I can do t upgrade Jake's ax."  Noah got up, locked the door and then walked over and picked up the Snake Ax, discovering it was very heavy and he had trouble lifting it.  The weight of the Snake Ax was too much for Noah and it dropped to the floor.  Noah:  "How does Jake even use this thing?  He's crazy strong"  Noah thought about Black Ranger in battle.  Noah:  "I'll never be as strong as he is."  It depressed Noah.  Noah:  "Maybe I'm not cut out for this hero's thing.  If I want to keep up with the rest, maybe I need to work out like Jake."  Noah liked the idea.  Noah:  "Yeah."  Noah immediately began doing pushups.  Unfortunately Jake walked in as he was doing them.  Jake:  "Noah!  I need to see Gia's pro..."  Jake noticed Noah doing pushups and chuckled a little.  Jake:  "What in the world are you doing?"  Noah immediately stopped and got up.  Noah:  "Who am I kidding?  I'm never going to be strong enough.  You know, you were always the gung-ho guy and I was always the, you know, the slightly nerdy type."  Noah sat down.  Jake:  "Slightly?!"  Jake pulled up chair and noticed his friend's expression.  Jake:  "Just messing with you buddy."  Jake sat down and knew his friend was doubting himself.  Jake:  "Come on!  You know you're smarter than the rest of us combined, right?  Let me tell you a little secret.  It's not about muscles.  It's about believing in yourself.  If you believe in yourself, you can do anything."  A few moments later, their Gosei Morphers went off.  Noah and Jake listened as Tensou explained what was happening in the city.  Tensou:  "Boy oh boy!  It's a viral attack!  Like the flu.  One person gets sick and they spread it to the next person, who spreads it to the next person, who spreads it...."  Gia:  We get it Tensou!"  Noah and Jake ran down the hall of the school.  Jake slid to a stop and Noah stopped with him.  Jake:  "I forgot my ax.  Okay, go ahead.  I'll catch up with you."  Eventually the Rangers were able to destroy Virox with Sea Megazord. After the battle, the Noah returns to Harwood County High School.  Noah is working in the tech room when Jake walks in.  Jake tells Noah that Gia was very impressed with the way you handled my ax.  Some wingman you are.  Noah replies, speaking of your ax.  Noah gets up and shuts the door and walks over to the guitar case.  Noah opens the case and inside is the Snake Ax.  Noah tells Jake, I adjusted it for you.  Jake doesn't notice anything different.  Noah takes the Snake Ax out and explains, it's totally recalibrated.  Noah passes the Snake Ax to Jake.  Jake is eager to check it out.  He tosses the Snake Ax from one hand to the other.  Jake swings the Snake Ax and Noah has to duck or be hit.  Jake loses control and accidentally hits the computer.  Jake asks Noah, what just happened?  Noah replies, titanium alloy.  It's forty percent lighter than before.  So now you can be more agile with less effort.  Jake is not so sure.  He tells Noah, I'm not sure I can get use to it like this.  Noah tells him, you will get use to it, just believe in yourself.

In the tech room, Noah was working on the computer as Jake impatiently bounced his soccer ball.  Jake:  "Hurry up dude!"  Jake walk over to the window and glanced at the guys at the soccer field.  Jake:  "Game's about to start!"  Noah:  "You know I was thinking."  Jake:  "What?"  Jake turned from the window to look at Noah.  Noah:  "That alien from this morning.  He was different.  He didn't look like an insect." Jake leaves the window and goes back to kicking the soccer ball around.  On the soccer field, several Loogies and Beezara arrive.  Beezara:  "Silly games for silly boys.  It's time to work for a living."  Beezara blasted all the guys with her venom.  They fell to the ground and were unable to move.  Beezara:  "Take them to my hive."  The Loogies dragged the guys away.  Beezara:  "I'll show Malkor and his cronies that I mean business.  I'll work these males to the bone."  Inside the tech room, Jake is still impatient.  Jake:  "They're going to start without us dude.  Come on!  Hurry up!"  Jake walks over to the window and looks out once more.  Jake:  "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!  The guys on the soccer field are being attacked!"  Noah gets out the chair so quickly it falls over as he runs to the window.  Noah:  "What?!"  Noah looks out the window.  Noah pulls out his Gosei Morpher.  Noah:  "I'll call the others."   After the call, Noah and Jake ran out onto the soccer field and then skidded to a stop.  Noah:  "Stop right there!"  Jake:  "Whoa! That's a big bad beetle!"  Beezara:  "Beetle!!  How dare you insult me!  I am Queen Bee and will be address as such."  Beezara shoots her venom at the guys.  Noah and Jake leaped out of the way and avoided being hit.  The guys pulled out their Gosei Morphers.  Noah:  "It's morphin time!"  Noah and Jake:  "Go Go Megaforce!"  Jake:  "Megaforce Black!"  Noah:  "Megaforce Blue!"  Blue Ranger and Black Ranger charged towards Beezara.  Blue Ranger and Black Ranger fought Beezara.  Beezara:  "You insolent humans!  You think this is any way to treat a queen!"  Beezara knocked Blue Ranger to the ground.  Beezara kicked and struck Black Ranger, knocking him to the ground as well.  Blue Ranger hurried over to Black Ranger.  Blue Ranger:  "Jake!"  Blue Ranger and Black Ranger got up.  Beezara shot them with her venom.  Blue Ranger:  "Bee venom!  It's toxic!"  Black Ranger:  "I'm going numb!"  Blue Ranger and Black Ranger demorph and fall to the ground, in a lot of pain.  Beezara:  "Oh, what happened?"  Jake:  "I can't move!"  Noah:  "Me neither!"  Beezara walked up to the fallen guys.  Beezara:  "You'll move when I let you.  Once you're in my hive, you'll become my slaves.  Think what an honor it'll be to serve me, the Queen Bee, for the rest of your sorry little lives."  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger leaped towards Beezara.  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger:  "Mega Blasters!"  The three Rangers fired several times at Beezara.  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger ran up to their friends, while keeping their Mega Blasters aimed at Beezara.  Red Ranger:  "Jake! Noah!"  Pink Ranger kneeled down by Noah.  Pink Ranger:  "Hey, are you okay?  What happened?"  Yellow Ranger kneeled down by Jake as Red Ranger stood guard.  Beezara:  "Hello girls!  How did the photos turn out?"  Pink Ranger:  "Huh?  How did you know?"  Beezara:  "Were there any keepers?"  Beezara blasts her venom.  Red Ranger:  "Watch out!"  Red Ranger leaps up.  Red Ranger:  "Dragon Sword!"  Red Ranger protects them from the blast with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger leaps towards Beezara.  Red Ranger fights Beezara with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger:  "Buzz off bee!"  Beezara:  "I suppose you think that's clever.  Soon all you males will be under my command!"  Red Ranger:  "Never!"  Beezara:  "Allow me!"  Beezara strikes Red Ranger with her tentacle.  Red Ranger:  "Oh really?!"  Beezara lands an powerful strike against Red Ranger.  Red Ranger falls to the ground but quickly gets back up and leaps towards Beezara.  Beezara strikes him with her venom.  Red Ranger demorphs and hits the ground.  Yellow Ranger:  "Troy!"  Yellow Ranger races forward.  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!  Activate!"  Pink Ranger:  "Gia! To Summon the Megaforce Blaster, I need to call Phoenix Shot first."  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger push and shove each other.  Pink Ranger tries to force the two weapons together.  Yellow Ranger:  "No way! Our weapons don't fit together.  They're not connecting!"  The guys watched the argument between the two Rangers.  Noah:  "What's wrong with the girls?"  Jake:  "They can't stop arguing."  Troy:  "The monster knew they were at the photo shop.  She must have done something to them!"  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger continue to push and shove each other and trying to jam their weapons together.  Yellow Ranger:  "Quit it!  We've got a battle to win!  Don't force it Emma!"  Pink Ranger:  "They're not compatible.  But we can't wait!"  Pink Ranger charges towards Beezara.  Yellow Ranger:  "What do you think you're doing?!"  Beezara:  "Good, my spell is working."  Pink Ranger fights Beezara with the Phoenix Shot.  Quickly, Beezara knocks Pink Ranger to the ground.  Yellow Ranger:  "Emma!  What are you doing?!"  Yellow Ranger races over and blocks Beezara's blast.  Beezara picks up Yellow Ranger by the scruff of her neck as she places a foot on Pink Ranger's stomach.  Beezara:  "You two are bitter enemies and don't you forget it!"  Beezara kicks Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger hard, and they go flying.  The two Rangers hit the net and bounce off it, hitting the ground and demorphing.  Beezara:  "Goal!"  Beezara glances at the guys.  Beezara:  "You three!  Carry me to my hive!"  Troy:  "What?!"  Against their will, Troy, Noah, and Jake walk over to Beezara and lifted her up onto their shoulders.  Jake:  "I can't help myself!"  Noah:  "Neither can I!"  Beezara:  "Quickly now!  That's much better.  No dawdling!"  Noah, Jake, and Troy carry Beezara away.  Emma and Gia helplessly watch.  Later Pink Ranger would break the spell.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger defeated Beezara, which allowed all the captured guys to escape.  Beezara was revived and giant sized.  Another battle followed with Beezara eventually being destroyed by Sky Megazord. 

Dizchord is in the city, playing his music, which causes everyone a great deal of pain, except for a few.  The music reaches Harwood County High School and everyone quickly covers their ears.  Mr. Burley dances down the hall.  Mr. Burley:  "People say that I'm tone deaf, but I know what I like and this music rocks!"  Gia was standing in the hall with Noah and Jake. Gia could hear her morpher go off despite the loud music.  She walked towards her locker.  Gia:  "What's with this music?"  Gia opened her locker and picked up her morpher.  Noah and Jake stood behind her.  She gave them a small nod and slammed her locker shut.  Gia:  "Come on guys!"  Gia, Jake, and Noah left the school and raced towards the plaza, after Tensou informed them there was a monster attack there.  The Rangers battled Dizchord and Dizchord defeated them.  Gia returned to Harwood County High School.  She smiled when she spotted Emma at her locker and walked towards her.  Gia:  "Hey!"  Emma didn't respond, instead she turned towards the sound of music that was coming down the hall.  Three young man were playing their music and bopping along to the beat.  The sounds of music caused Emma pain and she covered her ear and turned away from the sound.  Gia noticed her discomfort.  Gia:  "Turn it down!"  The boys quickly did so.  Gia:  "Thanks."  The boys bashfully walked away.  Gia:  "Want to go for a froyo?"  Emma:  "Maybe next time.  Right now I just need some peace and quiet."  Emma shut her locker and walked away, still in some pain.  Gia watched her friend go.  Gia:  "Wow, even normal music is affecting her now."  Later the Rangers battled Dizchord once more.  This time they destroyed Dizchord with Gosei Great Megazord.

The halls of Harwood County High School are full of students enjoying their day.  Roy and Barry stand on top of the stairs and stare at the students.  Roy snaps his finger and they walk down the stairs.  As they make their way through the hall, various students, with a look of fright, spot them and quickly move out of the way.  Troy is reading a book as he walks and turns a corner and walks into the main hall.  He walks right into Roy.  Troy:  "Sorry."  Troy tries to step away, but Barry blocks his way.  Roy:  "Well, if it isn't the new kid."  Troy tries to walk away again, but this time he is blocked by Roy.  Roy:  "Going somewhere?"  Emma and Noah walk out of a classroom.  Emma:  "Hiking up there is just the best."  In the main hall, Roy continues to harass Troy.  Roy:  "Do you know what we call new kids around here?"  Roy paused for a moment.  Roy:  "Fresh meat."  Emma and Noah reached the hall and Emma was ready to come to Troy's defense.  Noah grabbed her shoulder to stop her.  Noah:  "Whoa, whoa, whoa."  Emma leaned in close to whisper.  Emma:  "Seriously, I mean he could clobber him in a second."  Noah:  "Yeah, but you know Troy.  Cool as ice."  Troy tried to walk away once more, but Roy blocked him again.  Roy:  "What's wrong?  You gonna cry?"  Troy:  "Take a good look.  Do you see any tears?"  Barry was laughing until he realized that Troy had gotten the better of Roy.  Emma and Noah exchange looks.  Roy:  "Come on!", and he snapped his fingers, "this chump is boring me."  Roy walked away, closely followed by Barry.  Troy watched them go for a moment and then headed over to his locker.  Emma gave Roy and Barry a disdainful look as they passed.  Emma and Noah joined Troy at his locker.  Emma:  "Can you believe those bullies?!  Someone should teach them a lesson."  Noah:  "How do you do it Troy?  How do you stay so calm?"  Troy stuffed his backpack into his locker.  Troy:  "They didn't bother me."  In another hall, Roy and Barry have found another victim to hassle.  They had taken his bug container and tossed it back and forth over Howie's head.  Howie tried to get the container back, but it was too high over his head.  Howie:  "Give it back!"  Other students watched or walked away, but no one helped Howie.  Howie:  "There's a live bug in there!  Stop it!"  Troy, Emma, and Noah could hear the commotion.  Howie:  "You're going to hurt it!  Be careful please!"  Troy shut his locker.  Troy, Emma, and Noah walked towards the commotion.  Roy and Barry stopped tossing the container.  Roy held the container high.  Howie walked up to Roy upset.  Roy:  "What?  You gonna cry? Crybaby!"  Roy paused for a moment.  Roy:  "Wait.  He's really upset."  Harry was confused by this turn of events.  Roy held the container out to Howie.  Roy:  "Here."  Howie hesitated for a moment and then reached for the container.  Roy quickly pulled it out of his reach.  Roy:  "Psych!"  Roy and Barry laughed.  Troy, Emma, and Noah had reached the hall.  Troy went up and grabbed Roy's hand and forced it down.  Troy:  "Just because you're bigger, doesn't mean you can pick on him.  Or even this bug."  Troy took the container from Roy.  Troy:  "No matter how small, everything deserves respect."  Troy let go of Roy's hand.  Roy:  "Whatever freak show."   As Roy walked past Howie he muttered, "I'll see you later."  Howie flinched.  When Roy and Barry passed him by, Howie walked up to Troy and Troy gave him the container.  Howie:  "Thank-you".  Troy:  "What is it?"  Howie:  "It's a Hardamen Clickamium (?).  It's really rare.  Thank-you."  Howie walk away in the opposite direction of Troy.  Troy:  "Cool."  Troy continued on his way.  Emma and Noah had watched the whole exchange.  Emma was proud.  Emma:  "What a guy."  Emma and Noah walked to their classes.

Mr. Burley's class returned to Harwood County High School after a field trip.  During the field trip, Emma and Noah had discovered an old factory that had been shut down, but was seeping chemicals into a stream.  Noah had taken a sample of the water.  Before the end of the trip, the students had also discovered a muddy patch of mud with two large foot prints imprinted in it.  That's when Mr. Burley decided it was time to head back.  When they arrive back, Troy, Emma, Noah, and Jake enter the computer room and get to work.  A laptop shows images of various cells.  Noah is working on the microscope, looking at samples they took from the stream.  Emma stares the at the computer screen and she is upset.  "These people didn't care about the environment at all  I mean they close down the plant, but didn't even clean up the chemicals.  It's terrible."  Troy:  "Right now I'm more concern with that foot print."  Jake had been playing around with a cell model and isn't concern about the foot print.  Jake:  "Dude, there is no such thing as Big Foot."  After awhile, Noah gets excited.  Noah:  "I knew it.  There are toxic chemicals in this sample."  Jake:  "Hey, where's Gia?"  Emma:  "I think she was headed to Ernie's Brain Freeze."  Jake:  "That's a great idea.  That's where I'm headed.  Later!"  Jake walked out.  At the stairs, Jake pauses and scans the hall until he spots Gia at her locker.  Jake grins and walks down the stairs, but once he reaches the hall, he keeps a straight face.  Gia doesn't notice him as he passes by.  Gia shuts her locker and is surprise to see Jake at his locker.  Gia:  "Hi Jake!"  Jake:  "Oh, hey!  Didn't notice you there.  Just about to head to Ernie's for a froyo."  Gia is surprised. "I was going to head there too."  Jake:  "Oh well, you can come with me, if you like."  Gia:  "Okay."  Jake can't believe his luck, although he hides his happiness from Gia.  Jake:  "Yes!"  Suddenly the morphers go off.  Jake:  "Oh man!"  Gia quickly starts heading out of the school.  He looks over to talk to Gia, but she is already gone.  Noah, Emma, and Troy walk past him at a fast pace.  Jake slams his locker shut and joins them. 

Mr. Burley was in his office, with a hairnet and apron on.  Mr. Burley placed slices of bread into his toaster.  Mr. Burley:  "Yes, and launch toaster."   Mr. Burley pressed down the lever and the power went out.  His lights on his glasses kicked in.  Mr. Burley glanced up at his office light.  Mr. Burley:  "What!"  Mr. Burley returned his attention to the toaster and tried several times pressing the lever down.   Mr. Burley:  "No!  I want my perfect sandwich!"  Eventually the lever stayed down.  Mr. Burley:  "Yes!  Yes!"  Mr. Burley looked into the toaster just as the bread popped out and hit him in the face.    

The following morning, at Harwood County High School, Noah walks down a flight of stairs, as he heads over to Mr. Burley's office.  Noah knocks on the door.  Mr. Burley softly answers.  "Come in"  Noah opens the door and enters.  Noah:  "Hey, Mr. Burley....whoa!"  Mr. Burley, with a magnifying glass over one eye,  quickly turned around to face Noah.  Noah regain his composure and held out the scarf.  Noah:  "You left your scarf in the classroom again."  Mr. Burley:  "Oh, good.  Thanks.  I'd lose my own head if it weren't attached.  Even then, I might still lose it."  Mr. Burley gave an awkward laugh.  Noah smiled as he hung up the scarf.  "Well, I got to get going."  Mr. Burley:  "Okay.  Thanks again."  With his glasses sitting on top of his head, Mr. Burley stood in his office, puzzled.  "Now where did I leave my glasses?"  Mr. Burley looked around the office.  His glasses fell back onto his nose as he was facing  the picture of the Lochness monster.  The picture frighten him and he fell over backwards onto his chair, which fell to the floor with his feet still flaying in the air.  "The Lochness monster!  Help!"

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