Toxic Mutants Lair

When an old factory was shut down, no one did anything about the pollution and chemicals that still seeped out of the factory.  The toxins created two mutants, Bigs and Bluefur.  Bigs and Bluefur lived in a dark cave where sludge still dripped through.  Bigs is happy.  Bigs:  "Ohhh, more toxic sludge."  Bluefur:  "It's just another drop in the bucket.  Proof that the humans don't care.  They turn a blind eye to the mess they created.  They just keep making things worse."  Bigs agrees.  "It's time for them to pay.  Let's give them a wake up call they can't ignore."  Bluefur is ready.  "Yeah.  Actions speak louder than words."  Bluefur laughs.  Bigs:  "Then action is what we'll take."  They are both surprised when a Zombat flies in and lands on a stranger's hand.  Vrak:  "Right."  Bigs:  "And just who are you?"  Vrak steps forward.  Vrak:  "A friend who thinks the same way you do.  We hare the same goal.  My name is Vrak.  And soon the humans will discover you two unless they're stopped."  Bigs:  "How do you propose we do that?"  Vrak:  "Easily.  Form an alliance with me.  We will make all earthlings bend to our will."  It's enough for Bigs.  Bigs:  "Sounds good to me."  Bluefur:  "Me too.  I'll even bring our toxic buddy Hisser onboard."  Bluefur laughed as they walked out.   Soon Bigs, Bluefur and Hisser are battling the Rangers and doing well against them until Robo Knight arrives.  Hisser fights Robo Knight while Bigs and Bluefur fight the rest of the Rangers.  Eventually Bigs and Bluefur retreats back to the lair to recharge.  Soon Robo Knight as Lion zord defeats Hisser.  Watching the battle from their lair, Bluefur is furious.  The robot spin has Hisser all spun out!  Bluefur stamps his foot.  Bluefur screams, get up!  Hisser does get back up and the battle continues until Lion zord destroys Hisser.  Afterwards, Vrak has joined Bigs and Bluefur in their lair.  Bigs comments, poor Hisser.  I thought he had what it took to flatten those Power Rangers.  Vrak comments, Hisser may have succeed if that Robo Knight had not appeared.  Bigs isn't too concern.  We just have to find a way to be tougher.  Bluefur suggests recycling that robotic tin can.  Vrak tells them he has a plan and walks out.

Vrak presented the Aurora Box to Bigs and Bluefur in their toxic lair.  "Behold the mighty Aurora Box.  One of the most prized possessions of my Royal family.  It has the power to destroy the Rangers."  Bluefur:  "Then let's unlock that power and take out the Rangers once and for all."  Vrak:  "Legend had it that the Aurora Box has the power to magnify a monster's strength a hundred times."  Bigs:  "I can't wait to use it.  I know if you say it's a prized possession, it must be powerful indeed."  Vrak:  "With it we can turn any monster into an unstoppable force."  Bigs:  "Then why waste it on just any monster.  Both Bluefur and I should have the honor.  We promise we won't fail you.  We're tire of playing games with these Rangers."  Bigs picked up the Aurora Box and it quickly glowed.  Bigs:  "I can feel incredible power emitting from the box.  On second thought, maybe we should test it out on another monster first."  Vrak:  "Okay, but choose that monster wisely.  It's power can't be wasted."  Bigs:  "Don't worry.  We have the perfect monster for the job."  Vrak:  "Those Power Rangers are in for quite a surprise."  Vrak laughs.  Bigs had selected Dream Snatcher, but eventually Dream Snatcher was eventually destroyed by Gosei Great Grand Megazord.  Bluefur had been watching the battle from his toxic lair.  Well, say adios to Dream Snatcher.  Another nightmare thanks to the Power Rangers.  Bigs is not  concerned about Dream Snatcher's defeat.  He is more impressed with the Aurora Box.  We're only beginning to discover it's powers.  Bluefur agrees.  Yes.  Dream Snatcher was weak.  Our best bet is to use it on ourselves.

Bigs and Bluefur are in their lair.  The Aurora Box is hanging by chains from a bar.   Beneath the Aurora Box is two transmitters which are taking the toxic slime from the ground and filing the box with it.  Bigs and Bluefur gaze at it.  Bigs:  "I can feel the Aurora Box's power."  Bluefur:  "It's amazing.  Now that we infused it with toxic slime, we can't lose."  Bluefur knocks the Aurora Box with his weapon to stir the mixture.  Bigs:  "Toxic sludge and goo.  Just like the gunk that created us.  We'll unleash this toxic terror on the city and give those humans a taste of what made us mutants."  Bluefur:  "It's ready."  Bluefur takes the Aurora Box and is anxious to set their plan in motion.  Bluefur:  "Come on!  Let's go!  Let's show Vrak what the box can really do."  Bigs:  "Just thinking about a world covered in slime sends me spinning."  Bigs spins around.  Bluefur:  "You go Bigs!"  After a few spins, Bigs stops.  Bigs:  "We're going to use this royal weapon and make ourselves kings.  When we're done, everyone will bow to us."  Bluefur:  "Right!  Now let's go pollute the city!"  Bigs laughs as they walk out.  A battle with the Rangers follows.  Bigs is destroyed by the Rangers and their Ultra Swords.  Bluefur is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate Megazord.