Underwater Lab

Vrak:  "At last, my underwater lab is complete.  From here, I can finally launch my new plan to destroy the Rangers and conquer this planet.  All the efforts of the insectoid monsters have proven ineffective.  They weren't powerful enough to achieve real results.  It's time for a new force to rise.  The era of the robot has arrived."  A robot walked towards Vrak.  Vrak:  "Beautiful.  And you have the ability to create even more like yourself."  Metal Alice:  "I am Metal Alice.  I am your creation master."  Vrak:  "Amazing.  You are the perfect machine to crush those power rangers to dust."  Vrak laughs.  Vrak:  "So Metal Alice, are you ready to carry out your mission?"  Metal Alice:  "Robot design data complied.  I'm ready sir."  Vrak:  "I'm looking forward to seeing what this new robot you designed can do."  Metal Alice press a few buttons on her clipboard.    "Activate robot creation protocol."   Vrak:  "It's working."  Metal Alice:  "Activation complete."  The robot steps forward.  "I am the robot Rotox.  Ready for action."  Metal Alice:  "Show our master what you can do."  Metal Alice charges forward and strikes Rotox with her sword several times.  Rotox uses it's eye beams to sever one of Metal Alice's legs.  Metal Alice falls to the floor.  Vrak:  "Impressive."  Metal Alice:  "I'm glad my robot design pleases you Vrak.  Nothing will stop me from completing my mission."  As Metal Alice talks, her leg makes it's way back to her and reattaches itself.  Metal Alice stands back up.  Vrak:  "You are as brilliant as you are indestructible.  Begin phase one.  Let's set Rotox loose to terrorize those pathetic humans."  Vrak laughs.  Instead Rotox is destroyed by the Power Rangers.  Metal Alice tells Vrak, that was just a test run.  That's the great thing about us robots.  We can learn from our mistakes and, after a few adjustments, we can be sent right back into battle.  Vrak adds, the Rangers don't know what kind of enemy they are up against.  Metal Alice tells Vrak, making these improvement on Rotox will make him unstoppable.  Vrak is pleased.  Good.  They won't expect this.  Metal Alice states, I will begin rebuilding him at once.  After awhile, Metal Alice tells Vrak, making these improvement on Rotox will make him unstoppable.  Vrak is pleased.  Good.  They won't expect this.  Metal Alice states, I will begin rebuilding him at once. Soon, Rotox is repairable, upgraded, and ready for action.  Vrak tells Rotox he envies his immortality.  Go!  Wreak havoc in the city!  Rotox replies, at your command sir.  Rotox heads out.  Metal Alice decides to go too.  I want to make sure he works perfectly.   Vrak instructs Metal Alice to show that robots are superior to humans.  Metal Alice laughs.  That's a given sir.  Rotox DX is destroyed by Gosei Grand Megazord and Gosei Ultimate Megazord.

Vrak arrives at his Underwater Lab.  Metal Alice:  "Welcome Master.  I've been working on an amazing new robot prototype."  Vrak:  "Wonderful.  I need your superior robot strength to finally destroy those Rangers."  Metal Alice:  "Master, it will be my pleasure."  Vrak:  "Good.  They've been a thorn in my side long enough.  Eliminate them now!"  Metal Alice leaves to carry out Vrak's plans.  Later, Metal Alice returns and informs Vrak that her prototype failed, but she has an improved model in the works.  Vrak is angry.  You promised results!  I will not accept another failure.  Metal Alice reassures Vrak, and results you shall have.  Vrak tells Metal Alice, I believe strongly that robots are the future.  But time is short.  Are you sure you can do this?  Metal Alice is sure.  You'll see.  My next design is flawless.  Vrak threatens, it better be or you'll be added to the scrap heap.

Vrak and Metal Alice were at the Underwater Lab.  Vrak:  "Metal Alice, it's time for us to use a new approach to conquer this planet.  Rather than reinventing the wheel and creating new robots to fight the Rangers, we will take these pathetic humans down with their own primitive technology."  Vrak laughs.  Metal Alice:  "As you wish, but what exactly will we use to destroy them?"  Vrak:  "Trains.  Their trains travel everywhere and we'll use them to create mass chaos that will cripple their ability to function.  Then we'll herd them up like helpless sheep."  Metal Alice:  "Master, that is brilliantly devious.  I'll say you're on the right track."  Vrak laughs even more.  Metal Alice left and went to Harwood County and destroyed a control panel at a train station.  She left to return to the Underwater Lab.   Metal Alice:  "And so it begins.  The first step of disrupting the train systems been accomplished.  Now the humans' flawed nature will take over."  Vrak:  "Perfect.  So what is the next step?"  Metal Alice:  "The sense of order the humans rely on is now gone."  Metal Alice gives a small laugh.  Metal Alice:  "Soon their frustration will turn into anger and chaos.  Humans, who normally act civilized, will quickly turn on each other.  In the chaos, they will destroy themselves."  Vrak:  "Brilliant!  Now all we have to do is reel in those Rangers."  Metal Alice left to continue with their plan.  Eventually Metal Alice ended up fighting the Power Rangers.  She was defeated, but not about to give up as she summoned several Zombats.  On one of the screens in the Underwater Lab, Vrak has been watching the battle and he is impressed.  What loyalty.  She's going to use the Zombats on herself.  And locking in those powers should finally destroy those Rangers for me.  Instead Metal Alice is defeated once more by Gosei Jet Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord.  Metal Alice is taken back to the Underwater Lab and rebuilt with new additions.  Metal Alice is upset.  Master, I have failed you.  Vrak lets out a growl before he states, well, there are many more battles coming and I have bigger and better plans for you.  Now go and repair yourself!  Metal Alice meekly does as she is told.

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