Harwood County

Harwood County has the typical amenities that most cities have.  It has schools and malls.  It even has a large woods that many people enjoy.  Harwood County is a peaceful city until the Warstar spaceship arrive and the insect aliens decided to take over Earth.  Creepox was sent down to investigate the place.  After awhile, Admiral Malkor decided to check in with him.  Admiral Malkor:  "Creepox".  Creepox:  "Yes Admiral Malkor."  Admiral Malkor:  "What do you make of this planet, Earth?"  Creepox:  "Humans can't match our strength.  We'll swarm this planet and destroy them all!"  Creepox continues to search the woods.  Meanwhile, Emma is riding her bike through the woods.  A monarch butterfly lands on a tree limb.  Silently and carefully Emma gets off her bike and approaches the butterfly with her camera at the ready.  Emma gets her shot.  Emma:  "You are so beautiful."  The butterfly takes off and as Emma follows it with her camera she spots an unusual creature in the woods.  Emma:  "What is that?!"  Creepox pauses and takes several deep sniffs.  Creepox:  "I smell a human!"  Emma quickly hides behind a tree.  In the city, on top of a building, Troy is practicing his karate moves.  He spots his water bottle and decides to toss it into the air.  Troy leaps up, about to kick it, when he vanishes in a red swirl.  The bottle falls on top of the roof.  Moments later, in the woods, Emma vanishes in a pink swirl.  Meanwhile, Creepox has returned to Warstar spaceship and reported to Admiral Malkor.  Admiral Malkor sends down several Loogies to begin the attack.  Emma, Troy, Noah, Gia, and Jake are dropped onto the sidewalk.  (They had just been chosen by Gosei to become Power Rangers Megaforce.)  They all hear screaming.  Emma points out the Loogies attacking the citizens.  Noah finds it fascinating.  Troy replies, forget that.  They're bad news.  Jake shouts out a hey!  What do you think you're doing?!  Jake glances at Gia and grins, sure that he has impressed her.  Noah comments, I'm guessing the aliens don't come in peace.  The Loogies charge towards the five teens.  Emma, Noah, Jake, Troy, and Gia fight the Loogies.  During the fight, Noah gets distracted by a fallen Loogie.  He bends down to take a closer look.  Suddenly another Loogie approaches him from behind.  Noah quickly fights off the Loogie.  While fighting another group of Loogies, Emma comes up with the idea to use her camera as a weapon and it works great against the Loogies.  Jake kicks his soccer ball to knock a Loogie off the hood of a car.  The soccer ball bounces right back into his hands.  Gia is concentrating on the Loogie in front of her and is unaware of the one behind her.  But Jake notices.  Once more, Jake kicks the soccer ball to knock out the Loogie behind Gia.  Jake is thrilled with himself, but the moment doesn't last long as he is knocked aside by several more Loogies.  Troy uses a car door as he fights off his batch of Loogies.  Despite their best efforts, Emma, Jake, and Noah are surrounded by Loogies.  Troy notices the Loogies are holding up their weapons, ready to fire.  Troy scrambles across the cars to get away from the line of fire.  As he runs along, he grabs Gia out of harm's way.  Noah, Emma, and Jake go flying and hit the pavement from the blast.  They are soon followed by Gia and Troy.  The teens slowly get back up.  Gia notes, they're closing in on us.  Troy tells them, Gosei told us the morphers would give us power.  Let's use them.  The teens pull out their morphers as Troy declares it's morphin time!  They insert the Power Cards into the morphers and shout Go Go Megaforce!  Yellow Ranger declares it's time for our new weapons.  She pulls out a Power Card and inserts into her morpher.  Black Ranger follows suit.  Tiger Claw and Snake Ax appear.  Both Rangers leap into the air and strike the Loogies with their weapons.  Blue Ranger is fighting a group of Loogies when he decides to summon his weapon - Shark Bowgun.  Pink Ranger  is battling another group of Loogies.  She also summons her new weapon - Phoenix Shot.  Red Ranger is battling yet another group of Loogies and knocks them to the group.  Red Ranger then summons his weapon - Dragon Sword.  The Rangers battle the Loogies with their weapons.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger strike the pavement with their weapons.  This causes the pavement to crack open and several Loogies fall inside.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger continue to fight more Loogies with their weapons when they are destroyed by Blue Ranger and his Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger leaps down from the top of the building and fires his Shark Bowgun as he falls from the building.  Blue Ranger lands safely onto the pavement and continues to fight Loogies.  Several Loogies have lined up to fire their weapons at them, when Pink Ranger flies through the air and fires her Phoenix Shot at the Loogies.  Pink Ranger lands on the pavement and quickly joins Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger.  She can't believe that she can fly.  Soon they are surrounded by another batch of Loogies.  In a blur, Red Ranger arrives, knocking down several Loogies as he joins the rest of the Rangers.  Red Ranger comments, these powers are amazing.  The Loogies gathered in front of the Rangers once more.  The Rangers charge towards the Loogies with their weapons and battle them.  Soon the Loogies are destroyed.  Elsewhere, Scaraba rolls into the city on top of a huge boulder.  Citizens run away in terror.  Quickly the Power Rangers arrive.  Black Ranger shouts at Scaraba to leave those folks alone!  Red Ranger adds, you can scare them, but we're not afraid.  Scaraba states, so much for rock and roll.  Scaraba summons a batch of Loogies and commands them to attack.  Red Ranger states, we'll protect the Earth, no matter what it takes.  Scaraba tells the Rangers, you really want to fight, then fine.  Scaraba commands the Loogies to attack.  Red Ranger's morpher goes off.  It is Gosei and he informs them it's time to use their Mega Blasters.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger pull out their morphers and insert their Power Cards.  The Rangers activate their Mega Blasters.  The Loogies charge towards the Rangers.  The Rangers leap towards the Loogies.  Blue Ranger fires his Mega Blaster at several Loogies.  He uses the shark blast attack.  Black Ranger is fighting another group of Loogies.  Black Ranger then fires his Mega Blaster at the Loogies using the snake blast attack.  Yellow Ranger is in the midst of battling yet another group of Loogies.  She leaps into the air and fires her Mega Blaster.  Her attack is the tiger blast.  Pink Ranger leaps off a building as she battles her group of Loogies.  As she flies through the air, she fires her Mega Blaster at several Loogies.  Her Mega Blaster uses the phoenix attack.  Red Ranger leaps off the top of another building.  He lands safely on the ground and fires his Mega Blaster at several Loogies charging at him.  He also fires at several Loogies on top of a building, knocking them down.  He uses the dragon attack with his Mega Blaster.  After defeating all the Loogies, the Rangers gather together.  Scaraba tells the Rangers he is going to crush them.  He rolls his big boulder towards them.  Red Ranger commands the rest of the Rangers to take out that ball!  The Rangers fire their Mega Blasters and the boulder is destroyed, knocking Scaraba to the ground.  Scaraba gets up and he is very angry.  In the middle of his stomach is a grinder.  Scaraba grinds up several rocks and shoots them out at the Rangers.  The Rangers blast the rocks away with their Mega Blasters.  This makes Scaraba even more angry.  Red Ranger tells his team, let's call on the mega weapons.  The Rangers pull out their morphers and insert a different set of Power Cards.  The Rangers activate their weapons.  The mega weapons appear.  Scaraba gloats, I have fancy attacks too!  In his hands appear glowing rocks which he throws at the Rangers.  Out of the smoke, flies Pink Ranger and Red Ranger.  They hit Scaraba with a sky strike, using their weapons.  Yellow Ranger cheers, that's how you do it!  Yellow Ranger charges in with her weapon, quickly followed by Black Ranger.  Scaraba shoots lasers out of his eyes, but Yellow Ranger is able to block it with her Tiger Claw.  Black Ranger leaps towards Scaraba with his Snake Ax.  Black Ranger strikes Scaraba with his Snake Ax several times.  Yellow Ranger follows through with her Tiger Claw.  Blue Ranger charges in with his Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger leaps over Scaraba, firing his Shark Bowgun as he goes by.  The Rangers gather together once more.  Red Ranger declares, time to show true mega power.  The Rangers combine their mega weapons to form the Megaforce Blaster.  They insert Power Cards into the Megaforce Blaster.  The Rangers fire the Megaforce Blaster at Scaraba and destroy him.  Red Ranger tells them, Mega Rangers, that's a mega win.

Earlier Troy had been out on a run.  He paused when he heard a strange sound.  Cautiously, Troy enters the woods and soon spots a strange creature.  Troy:  "Who are you?  What'd you want?"  Creepox:  "My name is Creepox.  Remember it."  Troy:  "Alright Creepox, you still haven't told me what you're doing here."  Creepox:  "I've come to see what sort of creature dares challenge my insectoids.  So very soft.  With a single stroke, you'll be trashed."  Troy:  "Humans are a lot tougher than we look, but I won't fight you just to prove it."  Creepox:  "Oh you'll fight me.  Count on it."  Creepox walked away.  Later, after school, Jake was walking Gia home.  Jake:  "Carry your books for you, if you want."  Gia:  "Wow, how retro of you."  Gia passed her backpack over to Jake.  The weight of it made Jake stagger, but he manage to slung it onto his back.  Gia had continued to walk and Jake hurried to catch up with her.  Gia:  "So, what do you want to talk to me about?"  Jake:  "Well, since we're teammates now, I thought, maybe we should get to know each other a little better...socially."  Gia stopped in her tracks.  She didn't want to hurt Jake's feelings, so took care with her words.  Gia:  "Whoa, time out.  Listen Jake, you're probably a great guy, in fact I think you're...out of this world.  (Gia had noticed several flying saucers.)  Jake:  "Really?"  Gia ran over to Jake and tried to reach for her Gosei Morpher in her backpack.  It felt to Jake like a hug.  Jake:  "Whoa, this is so not what I expected."  Gia:  "Shhh."  Jake:  "I must be dreaming."  Gia turned Jake around and he spotted the flying saucers too.  Jake and Gia hid by some bushes.  Jake:  "That can not be what I think it is."  Gia:  "It is, which is why I need my morpher.  If we don't call the others, they're totally going to freak."  Gia pulled out her morpher, but Jake placed his hand on it.  Jake:  "Whoa wait.  Hang on, hang on.  Let them freak.  Whatever these saucers are up to, you and I can handle."  Gia:  "Alright cowboy.  Let's go!"  Several Loogies arrived and round up citizens.  The saucers dropped down nets and carry away the citizens to a beach, where they were dropped down.  The flying saucers assembled into one monster.  Yuffo laughed.  Yuffo:  "Silly humans.  Time to start my experiments."  Jake and Gia got to the beach and hide and watched what was going on.  Jake:  "All those saucers turn into one guy?!"  Gia:  "Are you just going to watch or are we going to do something about it?"  Jake and Gia stood up.  Jake & Gia:  "It's morphin' time!  Go Go Megaforce!"  Gia:  "Megaforce Yellow!"  Jake:  "Megaforce Black!"  Yuffo:  "Oh stop all that crying.  We're doing this for science!"  Suddenly Yuffo was struck.  Yuffo:  "Hey!"    Black Ranger:  "Snake blast!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger blast!"  The two Rangers fired at Yuffo.  Yuffo tipped his head forward and the helmet on his head deflected the blasts.  Yuffo:  "Mega Rangers, you're the perfect specimens for my research program."  Black Ranger:  "Let those people go!"  Yuffo:  "I'm really very sorry, but I cannot allow you to interfere with my experiments unless you're willing to join these volunteers."  Yellow Ranger:  "That would be a no.  I'm very sorry but this experiment is over."  Yuffo:  "Loogies!"  Several Loogies appeared.  Yuffo:  "In the name of science!"  Black Ranger:  "Come on, we can take them!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Just try to keep up!"  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger charged towards the Loogies and fought them with their mega weapons.  Black Ranger:  "That's how you do it!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Back off!"  Black Ranger was struck and went flying, landing hard.  Black Ranger:  "On second thought, maybe we could use some backup."  Yuffo was not worried.  "Capture those two human samples and put them with the others.  I'm going to collect some more."  Yuffo broke apart and flew away.  The two Rangers continue to battle the Loogies.  Yellow Ranger pulled out her morpher.  Yellow Ranger:  "Guys, it's Gia!  We've got trouble at the beach!  It's crawling with Loogies!"  Troy had been out on a run, when he heard his morpher go off.  Troy:  "I'm on my way."  Emma had been riding her bike in the woods, when she heard her morpher.  Emma:  "Hang on Gia, I'm coming!"  Emma took off on her bike.  Red Ranger arrived at the beach, firing his Mega Blaster at the Loogies.  Red Ranger:  "Heads up!"  Black Ranger protected Yellow Ranger during the firing.  Black Ranger:  "I got your back."  Red Ranger landed where Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger stood.  Yellow Ranger:  "Welcome to the party."  The Loogies fought the three Rangers.  Black Ranger used his Snake Ax against the Loogies, Yellow Ranger, her Tiger Claw, and Red Ranger his Dragon Sword.  Black Ranger:  "I wonder where Noah is?"  The Loogies continued their battle.  Black Ranger:  "Hang tough Gia."  When Yuffo returned to the beach, he was thrilled to see another Power Ranger.  Yuffo:  "What a magnificent sight!  Three Power Rangers!  What luck!  Let's start my experiment right now!"  Yuffo lowered his head and blasted the three Rangers.  The three Rangers went flying.  Yuffo:  "Vulnerable to protons blast."  Suddenly Yuffo was struck from the side and was knocked down.  Pink Ranger:  "We don't let injuries stop us!"  Pink Ranger leaped over to three Rangers.  Red Ranger:  "Thanks Emma!"  Pink Ranger helped Red Ranger up.  Red Ranger:  "He keeps talking about some experiment."  Once on their feet, the four Rangers fought the Loogies.  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger battled the Loogies with their Mega Blasters while Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger used their mega weapons.  Black Ranger:  "He thinks he's a scientist."  Pink Ranger:  "I get it.  He wants to see what makes us tick and he's going to start on those people over there.  Probably wants to see what weapons work best on humans."  Red Ranger:  "That's not going to happen."  The four Rangers were doing well against the Loogies.  Yuffo:  "More Loogies!  Restrain those specimens!"  More Loogies charged towards the four Rangers.  Black Ranger:  "Snake Ax!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!"  Pink Ranger:  "Phoenix Shot!"  Red Ranger:  "Dragon Sword!"  The four Rangers battled and destroyed the Loogies with their weapons.  Yuffo:  "Saucer wave!"  Several small saucers shot out of Yuffo and struck the four Rangers.  The four Rangers were knocked to the ground.  Yuffo laughed.  Yuffo:  "Excellent!  Kinetic attacks are proving highly effective and fatigue enhances their effect.  What next?  Perhaps we'll test their resistance to fire!"  Yuffo tilted his head and fire shot out, knocking the four Rangers off their feet once more.  Yuffo:  "Incendiary attacks extremely effective.  At this rate, destroying the human race will be child's play."  Yellow Ranger:  "No!"  Pink Ranger:  "We need help!"  Blue Ranger:  "I've got a shot for you!  Shark Bowgun!"  Yuffo was hit several times with the Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger landed by the rest of the Rangers as they got back on their feet.  Blue Ranger:  "See Jake, I told you flying saucers were real."  Black Ranger:  "If we live through this, I will never doubt you again."  Yellow Ranger:  "Sorry to spoil the bromance guys, but I think it's time to take this guy down!"  Red Ranger:  "Gia's right!"   The Rangers face down Yuffo.  Red Ranger:  "Fury of the dragon!  Megaforce Red!"  Pink Ranger:  "Flames of the phoenix!  Megaforce Pink!"  Black Ranger:  "Venom of the snake!  Megaforce Black!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Claw of the tiger!  Megaforce Yellow!"  Blue Ranger:  "Bite of the shark!  Megaforce Blue!"  Red Ranger:  "Earth Defenders!  Never Surrender!"  The rest of the Rangers:  "Power Rangers Megaforce!"  Yuffo:  "Stop messing up my experiments!"  Yuffo fired at the Rangers again.  This time they were not hit and charged towards Yuffo.  Yuffo:  "No!"  Red Ranger and Black Ranger leaped towards Yuffo and struck him with their Dragon Sword and Snake Ax.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger leaped together and struck Yuffo with their Phoenix Shot and Tiger Claw.  Yuffo:  "You won't stop me from..."  Blue Ranger leaped into the air and grabbed a hold of Yuffo and dragged him beneath the ocean.  Yuffo:  "Let me go!"  Blue Ranger:  "If you say so!"  Blue Ranger let go of Yuffo and then fired his Shark Bowgun at him.  Blue Ranger:  "Shark Bowgun!"  Yuffo was struck several times.  Yuffo was knocked out of the ocean.  Blue Ranger leaped out of the ocean as well.  Yuffo landed hard on the beach.  Blue Ranger landed lightly onto the beach.  Blue Ranger:  "Let's try an experiment of our own."  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger:  "Right!"  Blue Ranger:  "Mega Weapons!"  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Red Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger:  "Combine!"  The Megaforce Blaster was formed.  Red Ranger:  "Target acquired!"  Yuffo:  "Target?  You can't mean me!"  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger held up their Power Cards.  Red Ranger & Pink Ranger:  "Sky Power!  Energize!"  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger placed their Power Cards in the Megaforce Blaster.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger held up their Power Cards.  Black Ranger & Yellow Ranger:  "Land Power!  Energize!"  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger placed their Power Cards in the Megaforce Blaster.  Blue Ranger held up his Power Card.  Blue Ranger:  "Sea Power!  Energize!"  Blue Ranger placed his Power Card in the Megaforce Blaster.  Red Ranger:  "Megaforce Blaster!"  The rest of the Rangers:  "Ready!"  Yuffo laughed.  Yuffo:  "Bring it on!"  Red Ranger:  "Dynamic..."  The rest of the Rangers:  "Victory!"  The Rangers fire the Megaforce Blaster and Yuffo is defeated.  The nets vanish and the people are happy to be free. The Rangers were thrilled with their victory, but it did not last long.  Zombats arrive and Yuffo is now giant size.  Yuffo:  "Extraordinary!"  Yellow Ranger:  "How is that possible?"  Black Ranger:  "It's not!"  Yuffo:  "The experiment continues!"  Yuffo tried to slam them, but the Rangers leaped out of the way.  Yuffo:  "Hey, you move pretty fast for such tiniest little creatures."  Blue Ranger doesn't understand, but we destroyed him?  Black Ranger notes then we need to do it again.  Yellow Ranger adds we need to knock him down and keep him there.  Yuffo shoots fire at them.  The Rangers manage to stay out of harm's way but as Pink Ranger notes, what we're doing isn't working.  How are we going to destroy him?  Gosei contacts the Rangers.  He tells them, there are even greater powers at your command.  But controlling them requires great skill and discipline.  Red Ranger replies, we're ready Gosei.  We have to be!  The Rangers' buckles start to glow.  Gosei instructs them to take these cards and use them wisely.  The Rangers pull out the Power Cards.  Blue Ranger notes that the cards are like the ones for the Megaforce Blaster, except they are blank.  Suddenly pictures appear on the cards and Blue Ranger notes they are zords.  Red Ranger exclaims, Rangers, we're back in the fight!  The Rangers load the Power Cards into their Gosei Morphers.  Each Ranger activities their Gosei Mechazord.  On an island, the zords break free from the stone that encases them and fly.  As they fly, the zords form into their animal forms, dragon, phoenix, snake, tiger, and shark.  Yuffo responds by spraying the Rangers with toxic gas.  Before Yuffo can do anything else, the mechazords fire at him and knock him off his feet.  The Rangers are thrilled to see their Mechazords arrive.  Blue Ranger reminds the rest of the Rangers that Gosei had said the Earth would help us protect it with mighty machines.  Pink Ranger hopes they run on bio-fuel.  Red Ranger tells her no, they run on us.  Our courage, our strength, that's what gives them power.  The Rangers leap into their Mechazords.  Red Ranger and the rest of the Rangers lock their Gosei Morphers into the zords.  Red Ranger can't believe he is really flying a dragon.  Yuffo decides to put their machines to the test.  Yuffo breaks apart into flying saucers and tries to strike the mechazords.  Red Ranger's dragon is fired on several times.  Red Ranger decides to try and find some cover.  Pink Ranger feels she is getting the hang of her phoenix zord, but she can't shake the flying saucers.  Red Ranger tells her to hang on, he's coming.  The flying saucers cover the sky with dark smoke.  Red Ranger feels as if he flying blind.  Dragon Mechazord tries to fly out of the smoke, all the while, the flying saucers continue to fire at it.  Dragon Mechazord manages to fly out of smoke and back into clear skies.  A flying saucer is ramming Phoenix Mechazord.  Pink Ranger can't shake it.  Pink Ranger spots a tunnel and decides to fly into it.  Phoenix Mechazord is closely followed by several saucers.  Pink Ranger wonders what to do.  Red Ranger instructs her to pull up, which she does.  Red Ranger encourages her to keep going, stay on course.  Dragon Mechazord fires several missiles at the saucers.  Shark Mechazord is under the ocean.  Blue Ranger is very impress with the advance technology.  Shark Mechazord locks onto two targets and fires it's weapon pods.  Another saucer attacks Shark Mechazord.  Blue Ranger struggles with Shark Mechazord, trying to reverse the flow.  Shark Mechazord makes it and it leaps out of the water and strikes down another saucer.  Tiger Mechazord chases after several more saucers.  Yellow Ranger comments, a girl can get use to this kind of power.  Snake Mechazord slitters beside Tiger Mechazord, as they both chase after the saucers.  Black Ranger vows, I'll take them down.  Yellow Ranger responds, they are all yours hot shot.  Snake Mechazord fires at the saucers.  Black Ranger comments to himself, got to make this look good.  Snake zord knocks a couple of saucers into the air.  Tiger zord catches one of the saucers in it's mouth.  Tiger zord spins around several times and then tosses the saucer, destroying it.  Black Ranger comments, see we make a good team.  Red Ranger tells Pink Ranger, alright Emma, it's our turn.  Dragon zord and Phoenix zord fire at another group of saucers.  They knock several out of the sky.  Dragon mechazord, Phoenix mechazord, Tiger zord, Snake zord, and Shark zord gather together.  Red Ranger notes the last flying saucer is going down.  But instead it reassembles back to Yuffo.  Red Ranger can't believe it, he's indestructible.  Yuffo wants to resume his experiments, breaks apart into saucers again, and fires at the zords.  Gosei contacts the Rangers.  He tells them they must combine their mechazords, just as you combined your weapons.  The power you can unleashed as a team is without equal.  Form the Megazord!  Red Ranger shouts, you heard him!  Form the Gosei Great Megazord!  The Rangers place the Power Cards into the morphers and activate the Megazord sequence.  The zords combine together and form Gosei Great Megazord.  Black Ranger is very impressed with the cockpit.  Pink Ranger is relieved she didn't crash.  Yellow Ranger states, now we'll really kick butt.  Red Ranger is ready to finish this guy.  Gosei Great Megazord walks towards Yuffo.  Yuffo immediately begins firing at Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord strikes Yuffo with it's dragon sword.  Yuffo and Gosei Great Megazord strike each other several times.  Red Ranger gives the command, disarm the zords!  The zords are released.  Phoenix Mechazord and Shark Mechazord strike Yuffo with a mega punch.  Snake zord and Tiger zord strike Yuffo with a mega kick.  After a few more strikes, the zords reassemble onto Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord flies into the air and points it's dragon sword towards Yuffo.  Gosei tells the Rangers, use the Victory Charge card.  Red Ranger shouts, let's finish this!  The Rangers insert their Power Cards.  Gosei Great Megazord uses the Victory Charge strike.  Yuffo exclaims, I don't like this card game!  Gosei Great Megazord uses it's mega strike.  Yuffo is destroyed.  Red Ranger declares, Mega Rangers, that's a mega win!  After the battle, Troy, Emma, Noah, Jake, and Gia hang out at the city.  Gosei contacts the Rangers.  He tells them, I am proud of you Rangers.  Your bravery and teamwork saved the day.  Troy thanks Gosei.  Jake tells Gia, they made a pretty good team out there.  Gia doesn't think so.  She tells him, they should have never gone in by themselves.  We're suppose to be a team.  All of us.  Jake agrees.  It was much easier when we all worked together.  Emma adds, we're each pretty awesome on our own though.  Troy concludes, but as a team, we're unbeatable.

Virox was standing on top of a building in Harwood County.  No one saw him.  Virox:  "Ah yeah!  Achoo!"  The slime from Virox's sneeze landed on the people below.  Virox:  "And so it begins.  My sneeze will rain down on these humans and infect all of them.  Soon all of humanity will be my minions."  In another part of the city, Gia, Emma, and Troy.  Emma catches up to Gia.  Emma:  "Gia!  Do you think Jake might like have a little crush on you?"  Gia:  "Didn't notice."  Emma:  "Well, what're you going to do about it?"  In front of them, several citizens had turned into "Loogies".  Gia holds out her arm to stop her friends.  Gia:  "Did you guys see that?"  Troy:  "Whoa."  Troy pulled out his Gosei Morpher.  Troy:  "Tensou!  Tell Gosei we got a situation."  Tensou:  "Boy oh boy!  It's a viral attack!  Like the flu.  One person gets it and they spread it to the next person, who spreads it to the next person, who spreads it..."  Gia:  "We get it Tensou!"  Troy:  "It's morphin time!"  Gia, Troy, Emma:  "Go Go Megaforce!"  Troy:  "Megaforce Red!"  Gia:  "Megaforce Yellow!"  Emma:  "Megaforce Pink!"  Red Ranger:  "We have to find a way to do this without hurting them."  Gosei:  "Yes Troy.  Remember, they're just innocent people.  It's not their fault they've been mutated."  Pink Ranger:  "Then how do we stop them?"  Gosei:  "You'll have to work together to figure out a way."  Yellow Ranger:  "I figure this group won't give us the time to figure that out."  Red Ranger:  "We've got to think of something."  Meanwhile, Virox had go to another area to spread his virus.  He was about to fire on a woman when Blue Ranger leaped in.  Blue Ranger:  "No!"  Blue Ranger picked up the woman and put her somewhere safe.  Blue Ranger faced down Virox.  Blue Ranger:  "You shouldn't attack innocent people!"  Virox:  "Nobody intervenes with my copious sludge gunk."  Blue Ranger:  "Alright, then talk's over."  Blue Ranger fired his Shark Bowgun, but Virox protected himself against the blast.  Virox:  "you dare to shoot at Virox.  Wait till I get my slime on you!"  Before Virox could do anything, he was struck in another direction and knocked to the ground.  It is Black Ranger with his Snake Ax.  Blue Ranger:  "What?  Jake!"  Black Ranger:  "Nobody attacks my friend!"  Black Ranger is ready to leap into battle, but Blue Ranger thinks they need a plan.  Black Ranger:  "What's our move?"  Virox gets back up.  Virox:  "Your move is to go down in flames!"  Meanwhile in the other part of the city, Red Ranger:  "Now there are even more of them!  We can't hurt them."  Pink Ranger:  "So what can we do?"  Red Ranger:  "We need to get to higher ground where they can't reach us."  Red Ranger thought it over for a moment.  Red Ranger:  "I know just the place.  Follow me!"  Red Ranger took off with Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger close behind him.  The "Loogies" chase after them.  Back at the other battle, Virox faces down Blue Ranger and Black Ranger.  Virox:  "You two are a headache!"  Virox blasts them and then vanishes.  Meanwhile, Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger are standing on top of a large crate.  Yellow Ranger:  "Emma hurry!"  They are right behind you!  Come on!  Get up here!  Pink Ranger reaches the crate and Red Ranger holds out his hand to help her up.  Red Ranger pulls Pink Ranger up.  Pink Ranger thanks Red Ranger.  Pink Ranger notes that Red Ranger is right, there are too many.  What do we do now?  Red Ranger pulls out his morpher and contacts Black Ranger and Blue Ranger.  Red Ranger asks, where are you guys?  Black Ranger replies, sorry, we ran into the freaky monster that is spreading this nasty virus.  Pink Ranger informs them, we've got our hands full with "Loogies".  We've got to stop them without hurting them.  Black Ranger replies, sounds tricky.  Black Ranger swings down his Snake Ax and it lands on Blue Ranger's boot.  Blue Ranger tries to catch Black Ranger's attention, but Black Ranger doesn't notice.  Yellow Ranger points out, we can't let him infect any more innocent people.  Unable to get Black Ranger's attention, Blue Ranger falls onto the ground.  Black Ranger agrees with Yellow Ranger and asks, how are we going to do that?  Blue Ranger shouts, quarantine!  The first step to stopping a virus, is to keep it spreading to more victims.  Black Ranger asks, did you guys hear that? Quarantine.  Yellow Ranger is impressed and tells Black Ranger, she didn't know he was so clever.  Black Ranger replies, there are a lot of things you don't know about me.  Blue Ranger is still struggling to free himself from the Snake Ax.  Black Ranger swings his ax up, releasing Blue Ranger.  Blue Ranger falls to the ground.  Black Ranger turns around and spots Blue Ranger on the ground.  He tells him to stop fooling around, we got to help the team.  Black Ranger takes off.  Blue Ranger comments, I'm never going to keep up with this guy.  Blue Ranger gets up and takes off as well.  In another part of the city, citizens are running away from the "Loogies".  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger help the citizens get away from the "Loogies".  The three Rangers then fight the "Loogies" to tire them out without hurting them.   The plan is once they are tired, they will be easier to round up and quarantine them.  Once the "Loogies" are tired out, Red Ranger contacts Black Ranger and tells him, we are trying to herd them together so we can quarantine them.  We could use your help.  Black Ranger replies, bad news, Virox is back.  We're dealing with him.  Virox is not happy to see them.  Black Ranger tells Virox, you're the virus and we're the cure.  Black Ranger activates his Snake Ax.  Black Ranger, with his Snake Ax, and Blue Ranger charge towards Virox.  Soon the two Rangers are fighting Virox.  Virox strikes Blue Ranger and sends him flying.  Blue Ranger hits the ground hard.  Black Ranger continues to fight Virox with his Snake Ax.  During the fight, Virox tells Black Ranger that he takes the word virus as a compliment.  Virox blasts Black Ranger with a fire ball.  Black Ranger goes flying, dropping his Snake Ax as he lands on the ground.  Virox is ready to finish Black Ranger off.  Instead Virox is fired on from behind.  It's Blue Ranger with his Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger goes over to Black Ranger.  He asks Black Ranger if he is okay.  Black Ranger is and points out that Virox's weak point is his chest.  Blue Ranger runs towards Virox, firing his Shark Bowgun.  Virox turns his back and deflects the blows.  Virox mocks the bowgun and fires several fire balls at Blue Ranger.  Blue Ranger notes that his Shark Bowgun is not working and he needs Black Ranger's Snake Ax.  Blue Ranger struggles to pick up the Snake Ax.  Virox takes advantage and strikes Blue Ranger hard.  Blue Ranger goes flying once more.  He still has both weapons in his hands.  Blue Ranger notes the Snake Ax is too heavy.  Black Ranger tells Blue Ranger, you can do it.  Believe in yourself.  Black Ranger tries to stand up, but can't and falls back down.  Blue Ranger comments to himself, believe in me.  Can I do this?  Blue Ranger slowly gets back up.  Virox laughs.  Blue Ranger knows he's got to try.  He tosses the Shark Bowgun into the air and lifts up the Snake Ax.  Blue Ranger charges towards Virox with the Snake Ax.  Virox fires more fireballs, but Blue Ranger blocks them with the Snake Ax.  Blue Ranger tries to strike Virox, but Virox knocks the Snake Ax away.  Blue Ranger spins around and then strikes Virox.  Blue Ranger tosses aside the Snake Ax as the Shark Bowgun falls into his hands.  Blue Ranger fires at Virox with his Shark Bowgun.  Virox is knocked to the ground.  Black Ranger runs up and comments, not the hero type, hun?  You're a natural.  We need to finish this guy off, so we can help the others.  Virox gets back up, but is suddenly fired on and knocked back down.  It's Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger with their weapons.  Blue Ranger and Black Ranger run over to the three Rangers.  Blue Ranger tells them, nice timing guys, but what about the "Loogies"?  Pink Ranger replies, quarantine.  Red Ranger adds, just as you suggested.  We used our Power Cards to round them up.  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger used twist tornado to round up  the "Loogies".  Pink Ranger tells them, we were able to put them somewhere safe.  Nice going Noah.  Yellow Ranger notes, you really kicked it with that ax.  Yellow Ranger points out that Virox won't stay down as Virox gets back up on his feet.  Virox shouts at them, I'm going to force fed you some gooey virus!  Virox blasts another fire ball at the Rangers.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger leap into the sky with their weapons.  Blue Ranger instructs Pink Ranger to aim for Virox's torso.  They fire their weapons and Virox is hit hard.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger strike Virox with their weapons.  Red Ranger leaps in and strikes Virox with his Dragon Sword.  Virox is knocked off his feet and rolls onto the ground.  The Rangers gather together and form the Megaforce Blaster.  They fire Megaforce Blaster and defeat Virox.  Yellow Ranger notes that now that they defeated Virox, the spell is probably broken.  Pink Ranger adds, we need to release all those people.  Blue Ranger tells them, I will take care of it.  Blue Ranger takes the Snake Ax  and runs into the city.  Black Ranger tells him, you go buddy!  Blue Ranger runs towards the giant size cement block, which has the citizens inside.  Blue Ranger strikes the cement block several times with the Snake Ax.  It falls apart and the citizens are released.  The rest of the Rangers catch up to Blue Ranger.  Yellow Ranger is very impressed - talk about taking charge.  Black Ranger is okay with it.  If someone has to impress Yellow Ranger and it's not me, why not Noah.  But Blue Ranger tells Yellow Ranger, Jake deserves the credit here.  Thanks buddy, for helping me believe I can do it. Several Zombats arrived and Virox is quickly revived and giant size.  The Rangers quickly activate their mechazords.  The mechazords arrive and Gosei Great Megazord is formed.  Gosei Great Megazord and Virox face each other.  Virox charges towards Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord blocks him with it's sword.  Virox bats the sword away.  Gosei Great Megazord strikes Virox with the sword, but nothing happens.  Blue Ranger notes dragon sword can't destroy it's shell.  Virox yanks the sword away.  Virox strikes Gosei Great Megazord several times with the dragon sword.  The Rangers have a difficult time as the Gosei Great Megazord takes a beating and drops to it's knees.  Virox is about to strike Gosei Great Megazord again when Blue Ranger stops him by catching the dragon sword in Shark mechazord's mouth.  Virox yells, you can't get it back from me!  I'm stronger than you!  Blue Ranger replies, it's not about muscles.  It's about believing in yourself.  If you believe in yourself, you can do anything!  Suddenly Blue Ranger's belt buckle glows and a new Power Card appears.  It the Power Card for the Seaick Brother Zords.  Blue Ranger informs the rest that it's a new set of zords.  Blue Ranger activates the Sea Brothers Zords.  Manta Zord, Hammerhead Zord, and Sawshark zord spring from the ocean and fly into the city.  The three zords fire at Virox.  Virox releases the dragon sword and Gosei Great Megazord has it back.  Hammerhead Zord, Sawshark Zord, and Manta Zord attached themselves to Gosei Great Megazord to form Sea Megazord.  Virox yells at Sea Megazord, I'm not afraid of sharks.  Blue Ranger replies, and we're not afraid of bugs!  Blue Ranger has Sea Megazord scan Virox.  Sea Megazord and Virox fight.  Sea Megazord strikes Virox several times using each of the new zords for the blows.  Virox turns his back towards Sea Megazord to protect itself.  Sea Megazord strikes Virox's back with it's sword, but nothing happens.  Virox turns back around.  Virox gloats, nothing can destroy a virus like me.  Blue Ranger is ready to test that theory.  Blue Ranger pulls out the Victory Charge Power Card and activates it.  Blue Ranger instructs Sawshark Zord, Manta Zord, and Hammerhead Zord to crush this virus.  The three zords strikes Virox several more times and Virox is destroyed.  The Rangers cheer.  Blue Ranger tells them, Mega Rangers, that's a mega win.

Troy was concern about the monsters they had been fighting.  Troy:  "We need to get stronger to stop these monsters, but how?  What can give us an edge over them?"  Troy soon came up with an idea and headed out to the forest.  Troy had hung numerous bottles onto the tree branches.  He then blindfolded himself.  Troy:  "Focus my awareness.  Sense the obstacles and the world around me."  Troy yanked on a cord and the bottles all started to swing in all directions.  Troy practice his fighting skills among the swinging bottles.  Meanwhile, Dragonflay is attacking the city.  He laughs as he watches the exploding building.  Dragonflay:  "First the buildings, and next the whole world!"  After awhile, Troy stops his practicing and removes his blindfold when he hears his morpher go off in his backpack.  Tensou:  "Alien attack!  I'm sending the co-ordinates!"  Troy grabs his backpack and yells at Tensou to contact the others as he races out of the forest.  In the city, Dragonflay enjoys himself as he attacked various areas of the city.  Dragonflay:  "Creepox was right!  We're on the fast track to victory!"  A young man, claiming to be the Red Ranger, confronts Dragonflay.  Jordan:  "Stop monster!"  Dragonflay was surprised to see the young man.  Dragonflay:  "Who the heck are you?!  A scaredy cat I guess.  Well, whoever you are, I'll cut you down quick!"  Dragonflay shot lasers out of his eyes.  Jordan quickly ducked and Dragonflay missed.  Dragonflay:  "You won't dodge the next one!"  Black Ranger:  "Hey stop!"  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger arrived and faced down Dragonflay.  Yellow Ranger:  "Why don't you deal with someone who can actually fight back?!"  Dragonflay:  "Rangers!"  Jordan:  "Cool."  Jordan felt a hand on his shoulder and quickly turned his head.  It was Red Ranger.  Red Ranger:  "Leave this to us.  I need to get you to safety.  Come on!  We got to go now!  As you can see, it's going to get busy!"  Red Ranger helped Jordan up and they raced out of harm's way.  Blue Ranger:  "Okay, they're clear."  Dragonflay went into his super speed and struck the four Rangers hard, knocking them off their feet.  Dragonflay was gleeful.  Dragonflay:  "Strike!  One hit from Dragonflay and you're all thrown!  Guess you guys aren't up to speed!  We insects are taking over this entire world!  None of your little Ranger tricks can stop me, I'll take you down, fast and furious!"  The four Rangers got back up on their feet to face down Dragonflay.  Dragonflay used his super speed against the four Rangers once more.  The four Rangers formed a circle, with their back facing each other.  Yellow Ranger:  "Where is he?"  Black Ranger:  "He's so quick, we can't see him."  Yellow Ranger:  "Maybe he went after that kid."  Red Ranger came running up.  Yellow Ranger:  "Troy!"  Red Ranger:  "I got that guy out of the way!"  Blue Ranger:  "Careful, this guy moves so fast, he's invisible!"  The Rangers could hear Dragonflay's voice, but they couldn't see him.  Dragonflay:  "You can't stop what you cant' see losers!"  Red Ranger was knocked off his feet.  Pink Ranger:  "Troy!"  Dragonflay became boastful.  Dragonflay:  "And I'm not even trying hard here!"  The rest of the Rangers gather around Red Ranger.  Pink Ranger:  "You okay?"  Red Ranger:  "I'm fine."    Jordan is running out of the city but hears the commotion and runs back into the city.  Red Ranger is back on his feet.  Red Ranger:  "I sensed him right before he struck."  Red Ranger held his Dragon Sword in front of him.  Red Ranger thought to himself:  "I know I can do this.  Just focus my awareness like before."  Pink Ranger noticed and was puzzled.  Pink Ranger:  "What are you doing?  Pay attention."  Red Ranger:  "That's exactly what I'm doing.  Paying attention to the wind."  Pink Ranger almost laughed.  Pink Ranger:  "The wind?"  Red Ranger:  "We can't see him, but we can feel the wind he creates when he moves, and use it to tell where he is."  Suddenly Red Ranger knew where Dragonflay was.  Red Ranger:  "There!"  Red Ranger raced forward and suddenly Dragonflay was knocked off his feet and rolled onto the pavement.  Dragonflay:  "Hey!  How did he do that?!"  The rest of the Rangers ran towards Red Ranger.  Pink Ranger:  "You did it!"  Blue Ranger:  "Alright!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Nice one Troy!"  Blue Ranger:  "Smart move.  Now let's finish it."  Dragonflay struggled to get on his feet.  Dragonflay:  "I won't let you stop me that easily."  Black Ranger:  "Come on, let's shut him down!"  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger:  "Yeah!"  The Rangers charged towards Dragonflay.  Red Ranger paused when he heard cheering.  Jordan:  "Whoa!  Yeah!  Who Hoo!  You guys rock!"  The rest of the Rangers paused as well.  Pink Ranger:  "What is he doing?  It's not safe."  Dragonflay got back up on his feet was not happy to see the young man.  Dragonflay:  "You again?!  This time I'll finish the job!"  Red Ranger:  "Watch out!"  Dragonflay shot lasers out of his eyes.  He missed Jordan once more.  Jordan ran and hid, but he could still see the battle.  The Rangers are charging towards Dragonflay when they are knocked down by Creepox.  Jordan:  "No!"  Red Ranger:  "Creepox!"  Creepox:  "You're mine now Red."  Creepox laughed. Red Ranger gets up, holding his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger:  "Think again cockroach.  You really don't understand a thing about us humans."  Creepox:  "I don't want to understand you."  Red Ranger:  "And that's your big mistake."  Creepox:  "My only mistake, is not crushing you before now."  Red Ranger charges towards Creepox with his Dragon Sword drawn.  Creepox easily stops the blow and strikes Red Ranger, sending him flying.  Creepox:  "Everything I need to know about humans, I already know and that includes you!"  Red Ranger gets back up.  Red Ranger:  "Then you know I'll never give up!"  Suddenly Creepox is hit several times.  It's the rest of the Rangers with their Mega Blasters.  Pink Ranger:  "Back off!"  Red Ranger:  "Nice timing."  Creepox:  "I'll be back when you least expect me!"  Creepox and Dragonflay vanish.  Jordan walks up to the Rangers.  Black Ranger is not happy to see him.  Black Ranger:  "You!  Do you realize what you've done?!"  Red Ranger:  "Jake!"  Red Ranger stops Black Ranger.  Red Ranger:  "Listen, what's your name?"  Jordan:  "Jordan"  Red Ranger:  "Jordan, you shouldn't lie about being something you're not."  Black Ranger:  "Yeah, you put yourself and the rest of us in big time danger."  Jordan:  "I never thought I'd get into a real battle."  Red Ranger:  "I know you want to help, but it takes special powers and serious training to defeat these monsters."  The Rangers had to go.  Jordan shouts out, hey!  Where are you going?  Black Ranger turns around tells him to go home.  Instead, Jordan is confident he had seen the Rangers enter the forest, so he searches for them there.  Elsewhere in the forest, Troy has his team training.  He tells them, use your senses.  Rely on more than your vision.  You can do this.  Troy sets the bottles in motion.  Using their senses, Gia, Emma, Noah, and Jake train blindfolded.  In another part of the forest, Jordan continues to search for the Rangers.  Meanwhile, Jake, Noah, Emma, and Gia quickly get the hang of the training session.  During the training, Jake, Noah, Gia, and Emma sense someone walking towards them.  The five teens quickly morph.  Jordan finds the Rangers and they walk towards him.  Blue Ranger tells him, it's not cool to sneak up on people.  Black Ranger asks, what are you doing here?  Jordan doesn't have an answer.  Red Ranger tells him, you shouldn't have followed us.  Jordan doesn't know what to say.  Red Ranger tells him, I know you want to be like us.  But it takes a lot more than desire to be a Power Ranger.  It takes dedication and an incredible amount of training.  Red Ranger leads Jordan to the training area.  The rest of the Rangers follow.  Black Ranger gives a demonstration of their training.  Red Ranger tells Jordan to give it a try.  Jordan does so and fails miserably.  Jordan ends up on the ground and feels bad.  He tells them, I just wanted to see what it's like to be looked up to for once, like you.  But I get it.  I'm no super hero.  Red Ranger tells him, well we don't always feel like super heroes.  But we take our mission to protect the Earth very seriously.  Pink Ranger walks up to Jordan and kneels beside him.  She tells him, it's obvious you're a good guy.  Maybe the best way to help the world is just being yourself.  The morphers go off.  Red Ranger tells Jordan, we have to go.  For your safety, you need to stay here.  The Rangers race out of the forest.  Dragonflay is attacking the city once more.  Dragonflay is having lots of fun and wonders what else he can destroy.  The Rangers arrive and face down Dragonflay.   Red Ranger tells him our planet is not your playground.  You better be careful.  You will get more than you bargain for.  Dragonflay laughs at the Rangers and tells them they got lucky last time.  Dragonflay charges towards the Rangers with his super speed.  Red Ranger reminds the rest of the Rangers to concentrate.  Red Ranger suddenly leaps through the air with his Dragon Sword.  Creepox stops his strike.  Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger fire their Mega Blasters at Dragonflay and knock him to the ground.  Black Ranger states, speed means nothing now that we can sense where you are.  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger to leave Dragonflay to them.  The four Rangers race towards Dragonflay as Red Ranger battles Creepox.  Dragonflay tells the four Rangers, I'm not done yet and seemingly vanishes.  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger form a circle with their backs towards each other and their Mega Blasters at the ready.  Meanwhile, Red Ranger battles Creepox.  The fight takes them away from the rest of the Rangers.  Creepox strikes a powerful blow that has Red Ranger flying and crashing into a car.  Red Ranger quickly gets back up and fights Creepox with his Dragon Sword.  As they battle, Creepox tells Red Ranger, we insects were here on Earth long before you and we'll be here long after you are gone.  Red Ranger is struck again and crashes into some barrels.  Red Ranger gets up and the fight continues.  Red Ranger stops some of Creepox's blows with his Dragon Sword.  Creepox tells Red Ranger to give up.  Humanity's time on this planet is over.  Red Ranger responds, no, you've come across this universe, just to be disappointed.  Red Ranger fires at Creepox with his Mega Blaster.  Red Ranger tells Creepox, we'll never stop fighting for humans.  No matter how hard you strike, we'll strike back harder.  Red Ranger battles Creepox once more.  As they fight, Creepox tells Red Ranger, fight all you want.  You'll still lose.  You're a useless species that will soon be wiped out.  Creepox strikes Red Ranger hard several times.  Creepox continues, the future belongs to the insects!  The next blow sends Red Ranger flying through the air, crashing through a wall, and hitting the pavement hard.  Creepox menacingly walks towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger tells Creepox, you don't understand us at all.  We have the ability to learn and get better all the time.  That's why we train.  Most of all, even if we fall a hundred times, we never stay down.  Red Ranger struggles to stand up.  Creepox responds, I'll make sure you stay down.  Creepox charges towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger tosses his Dragon Sword into the air, jumps onto a bar and flips around it.  Creepox misses Red Ranger.  Red Ranger leaps back down, catching his Dragon Sword as he goes down.  Red Ranger strikes Creepox with several powerful blows from his Dragon Sword.  Creepox laughs.  Not bad Red Ranger.  But this isn't over.  Creepox quickly leaves.  Red Ranger is exhausted as he leans against a platform.  Meanwhile, the rest of the Rangers have just been knocked down by Dragonflay.  Dragonflay taunts them.  Humans may be fast learners, but I don't need to learn anything!  The four Rangers form their circle again and keep alert.  Suddenly the four Rangers sense where Dragonflay is at and fire their Mega Blasters.  Dragonflay is hit hard and goes flying.  Yellow Ranger exclaims, we got him!  Now let's finish him.  Blue Ranger calls on the Sea Brothers card.  Gosei tells them to use the small zords to power up their Mega Blasters.  The three zords land in the hands of Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger.  Pink Ranger notes, they may be small but they are going to deliver a big punch.  Blue Ranger tells them, now let's get this job done.  Dragonflay gets up as the four Rangers aim their Mega Blasters at him.  The four Rangers shout, sea blast!  Dragonflay, once again, is hit hard and is defeated.  Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger are thrilled.  Red Ranger stumbles over to the rest of the Rangers.  He tells them battling Creepox took a lot out of him.  Sorry he got away.  But this guy is not going anywhere.  The Zombats have revived Dragonflay and now he is giant size.  The Rangers quickly summon their zords and form Gosei Great Megazord.  Dragonflay brags, I'm bigger and stronger.  You'll never catch me now!  Dragonflay takes off at high speed.  Pink Ranger wonders where he went.  Dragonflay races around the Gosei Great Megazord and lands several strikes.  Dragonflay laughs and tells them it's hopeless.  Dragonflay takes off.  Red Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, we're moving way too slow.  To beat this bug, we're going to need to be quicker.  Red Ranger then confesses that he is exhausted.  He tells them they need to take over.  Yellow Ranger reassures Red Ranger, that they got this.  Yellow Ranger tells Black Ranger that our zords control the Megazord's feet.  This is our show.  Let's see what they can do.  Black Ranger is ready.  Gosei Great Megazord chases after Dragonflay at great speed.  Dragonflay is very surprise to see how fast Gosei Great Megazord caught up to him.  Black Ranger launches Snake zord.  Snake zord strikes Dragonflay at his knees.  Dragonflay has to stop to remove Snake zord and tosses Snake zord aside.  Dragonflay takes off once more.  Black Ranger can't believe how fast Dragonflay is.  Gosei Great Megazord chases after Dragonflay again.  Gosei Great Megazord almost catches up to Dragonflay.  Dragonflay starts firing at the Megazord.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger are determined to get Dragonflay.  Suddenly there is a glow and two Power Cards float up.  Gosei informs them, these new cards will increase the pulsation power of your Megazord.  Black Ranger notes, these will really speed us up.  Yellow Ranger adds, new zords, new speed.  The Power Card is for the Land Brothers Zords.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger activate the zords.  The Land Brothers Zords are the Dino, Beetle, and Rhino zords.  Black Ranger tells Yellow Ranger, I knew you and I would make a great couple.  Yellow Ranger responds, don't get any ideas.  Land Megazord is then activated as the three zords attach themselves to the Megazord.  Dragonflay takes a panic look behind him and notes he is getting nowhere fast.  The Land Megazord races after Dragonflay.  Dragonflay tries to stay ahead of Land Megazord.  Land Megazord quickly catches up to Dragonflay.  Land Megazord head butts Dragonflay, knocking him off his feet.  Dragonflay struggles to stand back up.  Land Megazord then uses it's dino kick to strike Dragonflay.  Black Ranger notes, there is nowhere to run now.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger activate the Victory Charge Power Cards.  The victory charge land destroys Dragonflay.  Yellow Ranger shouts, Mega Rangers that's a Mega Win!

Gia and Emma are riding their bikes through the woods.  Gia does a jump.  Emma:  "Nice!"  Gia and Emma are almost neck and neck as they ride their bikes.  Emma:  "After you!  I insist!"  Gia:  "Thanks!"  Gia charges ahead.  Emma knows the paths well and calls out a warning to Gia.  Emma:  "Stop!  There's a fallen log up ahead!"  But Gia manages to stop her bike before hitting the log.  Emma catches up and they both laugh.  Gia and Emma get off their bikes.  Emma takes her camera out of her bag.  Gia:  "So, where's this rare flower you want me to check out?"  Emma:  "Follow me."  Walking, Emma leads the way through the woods.  Soon Emma finds it and gives a small gasp.  Emma moves some tree branches out of the way to show Gia the flower.  Emma:  "There it is.  This is the Magnus Bloomus Annulus.  Only flowers one day a year.  One day.  They are really hard to find.  I can't believe we're seeing this."  Gia is impressed.  Gia:  "Wow.  It's beautiful.  Wonder why it blossoms for only one day?"  Emma moves closer to the flower and gets her camera ready.  Emma:  "That's one of nature's secrets."  Emma starts taking pictures of the flower.  Emma:  "It's things like this that make our planet so special."  Gia walks closer to the flower as well.  Gia:  "Want me to take a picture of you with the flower?  To prove you found it?"  Emma is happy to pass her camera to Gia.  Emma:  "What are best friends for?"  Gia snapped some pictures of Emma next to the flower.  Gia:  "Next we'll take some pics together, but just for us.  They'll ruin my tough girl image."  Emma snapped several pics of her and Gia next to the flower and having fun.  After a few moments, the Gosei Morphers went off.  Gia:  "Yes Gosei."  Gosei:  "Report immediately."  Gia:  "We'll be right there."  Gia and Emma quickly headed back to their bikes.  Gia and Emma reported to Gosei, along with the guys.  Afterwards, the Rangers raced into Harwood County.  There didn't seem to be a disturbance.  Black Ranger:  "We made it.  Now what?  These are the coordinates."  Red Ranger:  "Let's check it out."  The Rangers raced forward.  Suddenly several Loogies appeared.  The Rangers paused for a moment.  Pink Ranger:  "Loogies!"  Blue Ranger:  "I'm sure they're not alone."  Black Ranger:  "Well, where there's Loogies, there's usually more trouble."  Vrak:  "You Rangers look smaller in person."  The Rangers noticed the strange figure standing on top of the building.  Black Ranger:  "Whoa!  Who's this guy?"  Yellow Ranger:  "Too scare to come down and fight?!"  Vrak:  "Fear isn't in my vocabulary, but you should be afraid.  Especially now."  Pink Ranger:  "Why now?"  Blue Ranger:  "What do you want from us?"  Vrak:  "What do any alien beings want from other civilizations?"  Vrak snapped his fingers.  Vrak:  "Loogies attack!"  The Rangers charged forward and they are soon battling a batch of Loogies.  Pink Ranger:  "Usually I like things that are green."  Black Ranger:  "But not these guys Em."  Vrak watched the fight from the top of the building.  Vrak:  "They put on quite a show.  Pretty impressive for humans."  During the battle, Red Ranger and Blue Ranger noticed the figure watching them.  Red Ranger:  "Why is he just standing there?"  Blue Ranger:  "It's creepy.  It's like he's watching us as if we're rats in a lab."  Red Ranger:  "We've got to go!"  Vrak jumped down from the building.  Vrak:  "Let's examine you up close."  Vrak snapped his fingers and more Loogies appeared.  Vrak:  "Loogies attack!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Your Loogies don't scare us!"  All Rangers:  "Mega Blasters!"  The Rangers pull out their Mega Blasters and fight this batch of Loogies with their weapons.  Yellow Ranger:  "Come on Emma!  Let's take them down!"  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger coordinated their moves as they fired blast after blast at the Loogies.  Vrak:  "Absolute unity in battle.  Interesting."  Vrak vanishes along with the Loogies.  Red Ranger:  "Why did he leave now?"  More Loogies vanished.  Red Ranger:  "They sure packed it up pretty quick."  The Rangers gathered together and demorph in high spirits.  Jake:  "Wow, you girls rocked."  Noah:  "In sync and fearless."  Emma walks over to Gia and slings her arm around her shoulders.  Gia hugs her back.  Emma:  "Yes we were.  You guys were great too."  Gia:  "Well we'll love to hang around but Emma has some photos to print.  Catch you later!"  Linking their arms together, Gia and Emma walk away as the guys grin.  Emma collects the photos and the girls walk out in the sunshine of the city.  They are unaware of Beezara hiding or shooting them from behind with her venom.  Beezara states, and best friends will soon become worst enemies.  Beezara vanishes.  Emma had dropped the packet of photos when the venom hit her back.  Gia picks up the packet and tells Emma she needs to be more careful.  Gia takes a picture out, which Emma yanks out of her hands, stating she gets to see it first.  After looking at the photo, Emma tells Gia, I like it.  For once you're not snarling.  Gia yanks it out of Emma's hands and tells her she hates it.  The girls argue over the photo and it eventually rips into two pieces.  Gia crumbles up her half of the photo and throws it onto the pavement.  Emma does the same.  After a few moments, Noah contacts them to let them know they need their help.  Gia tells Noah, I'm on my way, stepping on the torn photo as she races out of the city.  Emma tells Noah, me too!  Thanks for waiting Gia!  Beezara had attacked the soccer field at Harwood County High School and her venom had hit several guys and the Loogies carried them off to her hive.  Noah and Jake had been hit too.  They laid on the ground, unable to move.  Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger arrived and fought Beezara, but Beezara defeated them all.  Beezara then had Troy, Noah, and Jake carry her to her hive as the girls watched helplessly from the ground.  Beezara has her hive in the woods.  Inside the hive, Beezara has all the guys working hard.  One guy is washing clothes.  Beezara is sitting comfortable and states, it's been eons since I had a manicure.  Troy is filing her nails and Beezara tells him to make them pretty.  You should all feel honored to serve as my slaves.  Noah is stuck cleaning Beezara's feet.  He can't believe he is rubbing her stinky feet and tries hard not to get sick.  Beezara tells him to be quiet and commands Jake, who is fanning her, to strike Noah on the head hard.  Jake fights against the command, but he still ends up hitting Noah on the head.  Noah exclaims, ouch!!  Jake apologizes.  Beezara laughs.  Beezara calls Noah foot boy and tells him, don't forget the gunk between my toes.  Repulsively, Noah does as he is told.  Jake tries not to get sick.  Troy continues to file Beezara's nails, while trying not to get sick.  Close by, Emma and Gia are searching the woods.  Emma finds a branch and notes it's been broken recently.  They must have gone this way.  Gia makes sure she bumps into Emma as she walks past her.  Gia tells her anything could have broken that branch.  I say we figure out where a large group of people can hide without being detected.  Gia faces Emma.  Gia tells her, logic Emma.  Emma storms up to Gia.  She tells her, clues Gia.  I'm starting here.  Gia replies, fine, I'm going this way.  Gia and Emma glare at each other and then walk off in opposite directions.  Emma soon spots the hive.  She finds a hiding place and watches for a few moments.  Beezara stands up and is tired of their constant complaining.  Beezara commands them to clean up the mess and be grateful you serve me!  Emma runs towards the hive and yells stop!  Beezara is not surprised to see Emma, she had been waiting for her.  Beezara shoots out her venom.  Emma quickly leaps into the air and morphs.  Beezara shoots her venom towards the ground.  The venom turns into vines which wrapped themselves tightly around Pink Ranger.  Troy asks, where's Gia?  Yellow Ranger suddenly leaps in.  Jake can't help but smile at her dramatic entrance.  Yellow Ranger lands a kick and is soon fighting Beezara.  Jake is ready to lend a hand, but he walks into a force field instead.  Yellow Ranger is knocked to the ground.  Pink Ranger yells at her to get up!  Yellow Ranger responds, I don't need your advice.  Jake yells at them.  What's gotten into you both?!  You're best friends!  Beezara tells them, not anymore.  I hit them with my venom after they came out of the photo store.  Now they can't help but argue.  They will never be best friends again.  Pink Ranger struggles to free herself from the vines.  Yellow Ranger fights Beezara.  Pink Ranger gloats, you think you are so smart, but I found her first! Yellow Ranger responds, sure, but I'm not the one tied up in knots.  Yellow Ranger summons the Land Brothers Zords.  The three zords arrive and strike Beezara.  The Land Brothers Zords fly back to Yellow Ranger.  She takes out her Mega Blaster and attaches Beetle Zord to it.  Yellow Ranger fires, beetle blast, and strikes Beezara.  Beezara uses her venom to try and stop the attack.  Next Yellow Ranger attaches Rhino Zord to her Mega Blaster.  Yellow Ranger fires her rhino blast.  It hits Beezara hard.  Yellow Ranger charges in and the two fight.  Beezara claims, now it's my turn to sting you!  Pink Ranger shouts, Gia!  Break me free!  Yellow Ranger responds, why?  So you can blow it like last time?  Beezara shoots out her venom and it wraps around Yellow Ranger and lifts her up.  Jake shouts, fight her!  Not each other!  Troy adds, the monster put a spell on you both, so that you would destroy each other!  Snap out of it!  Noah steps forward and straight into the force field.  Noah shouts, you've been best friends since you were six!  Beezara yells at them, shut your mouths!  Jake, Noah, and Troy immediately cover their mouth.  Yellow Ranger realizes they have always been friends.  Pink Ranger adds, and nothing has happened to change that.  It must have been a spell.  After all, we've always had each other's backs.  Yellow Ranger notes, we're like sisters.  There's no way we'll argue and hate each other, unless...Pink Ranger concludes, we were being forced to hate each other.  Pink Ranger hears Gosei's voice as he tells her, the power of friendship can break the spell.  Pink Ranger breaks free from the vines.  Gosei tells her she has earned the Sky Brothers card.  Pink Ranger thanks Gosei.  Pink Ranger is eager to put the Sky Brothers Zords to work.  Pink Ranger summons the three zords - Hawk Zord, Ptera Zord, and Crow Zord.  The Sky Brothers Zords circle around Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger tells Yellow Ranger not to worry.  I broke the spell and now I will break you free.  Pink Ranger attaches Crow Zord to her Mega Blaster and fires, crow blast!  The blast breaks through the venom and Yellow Ranger falls to the ground.  Pink Ranger runs over to make sure she is okay.  Yellow Ranger tells her that she is okay, thanks to you.  You broke the spell!  You're the best.  You ready to zap that bug with your best friend?  Pink Ranger is more than ready.  Pink Ranger attaches Hawk Zord next and fires.  Beezara is knock off her feet and flies through the air before hitting the ground.  Jake, Noah, and Troy jump into the air with excitement.  Yellow Ranger gets up as Pink Ranger runs over to her.  Beezara slowly gets back up.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger charge towards her and soon the two Rangers are fighting Beezara.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger land a powerful kick that knocks Beezara backwards and onto the ground.  The six zords circle around the two Rangers.  Pink Ranger attaches Ptera Zord, while Yellow Ranger attaches Dino Zord to their Mega Blasters.  Beezara gets up once more.  The two Rangers fire the Ultimate Dino Blast.  It hits Beezara and she is defeated.  Jake, Noah, and Troy leap into the air once more, as the rest of the guys run quickly away.  Jake, Troy, and Noah run over to Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger.  Pink Ranger is happy to see them.  Troy is the first to realize they are free as he can stop covering his mouth.  Troy removes Noah's hand from Noah's mouth.  Jake slowly takes his hand off his mouth and plays like he knew all along.  Yellow Ranger quickly puts Jake's hand back onto his mouth and tells him, you look better the other way.  Girls go for the strong silent type.  Jake nods his head and pretends to zip his mouth shut.  Beezara is revived and grows to giant size.  Beezara taunts the Rangers by telling them they will never destroy her!  Noah, Troy, and Jake morph.  The Rangers summon the mechazords and Gosei Great Megazord is quickly formed.  Beezara walks towards Gosei Great Megazord and states, this is going to sting a little as she jabs Gosei Great Megazord with her sword.  Gosei Great Megazord punches Beezara.  Beezara tells them, brute force is such an ugly way to win a fight.  Beezara wraps her tendrils around Gosei Great Megazord and binds it.  Beezara states, my venom is not just for humans, you lump of metal!  Beezara shoots her venom at Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord is hit hard and several explosions take place within it.  Pink Ranger declares, we need help!  Red Ranger agrees and calls on the Sky Brothers Zords.  Red Ranger activates the three zords.  Hawk Zord, Ptera Zord, and Crow Zord arrive and immediately strike Beezara several times.  They also manage to cut the bindings from Gosei Great Megazord.  Sky Megazord is formed.  Sky Megazord flies straight towards Beezara.  Beezara shoots her venom but misses.  Sky Megazord strikes Beezara and then lands on the ground.  Sky Megazord lands several punches onto Beezara.  Sky Megazord fires at Beezara.  Pink Ranger states, we'll show her...Yellow Ranger finishes, that best friends stick together!  Pink Ranger adds, forever!  The Rangers active the Victory Charge.  Sky Megazord takes to the sky once more.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger state, we girls, know the true power of friendship.  Red Ranger stops them and adds, and guys.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger continue, will bring your reign of hate and evil to an end!  Beezara is destroyed by Sky Megazord's victory charge.  Red Ranger tells Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger they did great.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger state, united we stand, divided we fall.

Troy is running through the woods.  Close by, Emma is riding her bike on one of the trails.  Her earphones firmly on and playing music.  Troy stops when he spots Emma on the trail in front of him, but Emma does not see him.  Emma rides past and Troy tries to catch up to her.  Troy:  "Hey!  Wait up!"  Troy reaches the trail, but Emma is far ahead of him.  Troy:  "Emma!"  Emma doesn't hear him and continues riding her bike.  Troy continued running along the trail, trying to catch up to Emma.  Eventually he found her discarded bike.  Troy paused for a moment as he heard singing.  Troy followed the direction of the song. 

The gentle breeze
It stirs the leaves
It stirs my soul
My heart deep inside me
Sense my worth
As one with Earth
Of greater hold, all connected as one

Troy smiles when he sees it's Emma singing. Troy walks towards Emma, although Emma is unaware of him. Emma spins around as she continues with her song.

So bloom, bloom and share your sweet perfume
Flowers bloom

Emma stops singing when she spots Troy.  Emma:  "Troy!  What are you doing here?"  Troy walks up to Emma.  Troy:  "Sorry, I saw you earlier, but you didn't hear me.  Wow, Emma.  You're an incredible singer."  Emma:  "Thanks.  I get that from my mom.  I remember, she'd sing that song each year when the trees came into bloom.  It's probably where my love of nature came from."  Emma walks up to a tree and gently holds one of the branches as she grows thoughtful.  Emma:  "Singing to the trees, reminds me of her."  A few quiet moments pass.  Troy:  "It's getting late.  We better hurry or we're going to be late for school."  Troy and Emma walk towards the city.  Meanwhile, Dizchord stands on top of a building.  The people below are unaware of him.  Dizchord:  "Prepare to be amazed!  You're in the presence of musical greatness!"  Dizchord begins to play his guitar. 

I got lock on how to rock
My music gets you hotter than an aftershock!

The people below immediately begin to cover their ears and fall to the ground.  They are in a great deal of pain.  Dizchord:  "Now check out this sweet move!"  The necks of Dizchord's guitar swing back and forth rapidly.  It causes more distress to the people below.  Elsewhere, Troy and Emma reach the outskirts of the city when they are hit with an awful sound.  They both fall down to their knees and cover up their ears.  Emma:  "What is that horrible sound?"  A few moments later, Troy's morpher goes off.  Troy tries to answer, but the pain is too much and he drops the morpher onto the grass.  Tensou:  "Ranger, there's a monster attack at the city plaza!"  Troy struggles to pick up the morpher, but manages to and scoots over to Emma.  Troy:  "We're here.  Right next to the plaza."  Gia, Jake, and Noah had heard the music at school.  They race towards the city.  Gia's voice comes over the morpher.  Gia:  "Troy!  Emma!  Troy it's too loud!  Can you hear me?!".  Troy:  "Just meet us at the plaza."  Gia:  "Meet you there!"  Noah, Jake, and Gia morphed and continue to race towards the plaza.  Elsewhere, Emma abandons her bike as she and Troy race towards the plaza.  The Rangers raced into the plaza.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger are still suffering from the music.  Red Ranger:  "That sound is splitting my brain!"  Pink Ranger:  "Mine too!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Really?  It just sounds loud to me."  Black Ranger:  "Yeah, it's bad, but it's not that bad."  Red Ranger:  "It must be because we were closer when it first started."  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger run over to a table.  Pink Ranger:  "Come on!  You all need to run to safety!"  The three young ladies take off running.  Red Ranger:  "We can't take much more of this Emma!"  Blue Ranger looks up at Dizchord.  Blue Ranger:  "Turn off that noise!"  Dizchord stops playing.  Dizchord:  "Noise?  How dare you!  I'm the greatest musician in the entire universe."  Red Ranger:  "What?"  Dizchord:  "No one gives me a bad review.  Loogies attack!"  Several Loogies leap in.  The plaza still has a lot of people.  The Rangers encourage them to leave.  Black Ranger:  "People take cover!"  Pink Ranger:  "Don't just stand here!"  Black Ranger:  "Go!  Quickly!"  Red Ranger:  "Go!"  Black Ranger:  "Come on!  Come on!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Move it!  We can handle this!"  The people get up and quickly ran away from the plaza.  Dizchord:  "Teach these haters a lesson Loogies!" Dizchord begins to play his guitar again and sing.  The Loogies dance in formation as Dizchord sings. 

You diss my tunes and that ain't nice!
Now you buffoons will pay the price!

All Rangers:  "Battle gear!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon battle gear!"  The battle gear arrives and the Rangers reach out and grab their weapon.  Red Ranger:  "Luckily this song isn't hurting me like the last one!"  The Rangers charge into battle and quickly fight the Loogies.  Red Ranger fights the Loogies with his Dragon Sword.  Black Ranger fights another batch of Loogies with his Snake Ax.  Black Ranger:  "It seems to be powering up these Loogies"  Yellow Ranger is fighting the Loogies with her Tiger Claw.  Yellow Ranger:  "We got to stop them before the music really amps up their power."    Dizchord continues singing and playing his guitar.  Dizchord:  "Yeah!  Check it our! All right!"  It is affecting Pink Ranger badly.  Pink Ranger:  "It's getting me again!"  Pink Ranger tries to fight several Loogies with her Phoenix Shot, but it is difficult.  Blue Ranger:  "Emma!  I've got you covered!"  Blue Ranger fires his Shark Bowgun at the Loogies surrounding Pink Ranger.   Blue Ranger races over to help Pink Ranger.  Red Ranger is feeling badly as well.  Red Ranger:  "It's hurting me too!"  Black Ranger:  "Hang on Troy!"  Black Ranger leaps through the air to help out Red Ranger.  Black Ranger defeats a couple of Loogies with his Snake Ax.  Red Ranger kneels down in pain.  Black Ranger:  "You okay man?"  Red Ranger:  "Can't focus."  Dizchord leaps down from the top of the building.  Dizchord:  "Yeah baby!"  Several Loogies form a circle around Dizchord and dance to his music.

You fools don't get the basic principal!
The power of music is simply invincible!

Pink Ranger and Red Ranger struggle against the pain from the music.  Blue Ranger:  "Guys, the Megaforce Blaster!"  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger struggle with this task.  Pink Ranger even drops her Phoenix Shot.  Black Ranger:  "Guys, hang in there!"  All Rangers:  "Combine!  Megaforce Blaster!"  The Rangers form the Megaforce Blaster.  Dizchord:  "Yeah!  Let's do it!"  Red Ranger:  "It's too much!"  All Rangers:  "Dynamic Victory Charge!"  The Rangers fire, but with Red Ranger and Pink Ranger weak, the blast misses Dizchord and the Loogies.  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger kneel on the ground, clutching their helmets.  Red Ranger:  "Oh no!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Troy!  Are you okay?"  Red Ranger:  "We're so sorry guys."  Dizchord stops playing.  Dizchord:  "Thank you!  And now for my encore."  Dizchord fires a blast that has the ability to demorph the Rangers.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger are hit and they demorph.  Dizchord thanks the Rangers.  My power cords knocked you out!  It's time to rock and roll over some more humans!  Dizchord and the Loogies leave the plaza.  Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger gather around Emma and Troy.  Yellow Ranger asks them if they are okay?  Emma and Troy slowly sit up.  Troy is upset that they let that monster get away.  Blue Ranger reassures him, we'll get him next time.  Troy tells them, we have too.  Before more people get hurt.  Later, Dizchord is standing on a top of a building, looking out over the city.  Dizchord thinks he's a local sensation because he's so fantastic.  He is unaware that Vrak has arrived.  Vrak states, what you need is a manager to take you to the big time.  Dizchord turns around and really likes the idea.  My talents are too terrific to waste on just one little city.  Do you want to be my manager?  Vrak walks towards Dizchord as he replies, agreed.  I will make you a big star.  Dizchord spins around and yells out excellent!  I'm going to be the greatest musician of all time.  Standing very close to Dizchord, Vrak tells him, your music deserves to be heard by the whole world.  I can make a device that will broadcast your show to the entire planet.  Your music will hit harder than you ever thought possible.  Meanwhile, with loud sounds still hurting here, Emma decides to take a walk through the fields in the woods to enjoy the peace and quiet.  Troy is also still having a difficult time and he goes off on his own.  Troy is enjoying his solitary walk when his morpher goes off.  Troy answers it and the music pours through the morpher, putting Troy in pain once more.   Jake shouts into his morpher, the monster is attacking the city.  Troy, several times, shouts into his morpher that he can't hear them.  He tells Jake the music is too loud.  Unable to bear the music anymore, Troy hangs up.  Gia, Noah, and Jake decide to take Dizchord on their own.  Jake, Noah, and Gia morphed and arrived at the outdoor stage.  Yellow Ranger is happy to note there is no music.  We caught them by surprise.  Black Ranger adds, this will be easier than what we thought.  Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger start heading down the stairs.  Blue Ranger warns the other two to stay on their toes.  Several Loogies are moving a device towards the center of the stage.  Dizchord is eager to start their worldwide broadcast.  Vrak blasts the three Rangers.  He tells them, glad you made it.  I am the master mind behind this plan.  Now listen as we transmit Dizchord's music and wipe out the whole world!  Dizchord laughs and states, that's my manager!  Dizchord starts the concert.  Dizchord sings and plays his guitar as the Loogies dance around.  Vrak states, and I'll make sure there are no interruptions.  Vrak leaps down and lands by the three Rangers.  Vrak fights the three Rangers with ease.  Vrak quickly knocks the three Rangers down.  Vrak orders a Loogie to activate the transmitter and spread his music across the globe!  The Loogie does so.  Vrak comments, now every human will get an earful of Dizchord.  The broadcast reaches Troy and he doubles over in pain.  Troy is in a lot of pain when his morpher goes off.  Tensou informs Troy that the monster's music is being broadcasted all over the planet.  We can't block the signal.  As Troy listens, he glances over at a blossoming tree.  Troy slowly gets up as he tells Tensou, I just got an idea.  Elsewhere, Dizchord continues with his show as Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger battle Vrak.  During the battle, Black Ranger has a hard time concentrating.  It's that noise!  Vrak tells them they can't win this fight and knocks Black Ranger down.  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger go over to Black Ranger to make sure he is okay.  As the three Rangers get up, Vrak blasts them off their feet.  Vrak informs them, this armor shields me from that horrible music.  But you humans have no such protection.  And now I shall finish this off.  Vrak points his staff at the three fallen Rangers.  Vrak gloats, I knew I would find your weakness Rangers.  Vrak continues, and now I will finish you all!  Vrak pauses when he hears singing.  Dizchord stops singing when he hears another voice singing.  What is that horrible sound?  Even the Loogies stop dancing.  Black Ranger asks, who's that?  Yellow Ranger, is it...Emma?  She is right, it is Emma.  With his arm around her shoulders, Troy guides Emma towards the top of the seats, surrounding the stage.  Black Ranger comments, I didn't know Emma could sing.  Troy glances over at a bare branch and watches it blossom with flowers.  Dizchord is not happy.  Hey!  You're ruining my big moment!  Vrak is angry.  He starts to run towards Emma and Troy when he is struck from behind.  Vrak turns around and glares at the three Rangers.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger leap into the air and strike Vrak with the Tiger Claw and Snake Ax.  The two Rangers fight Vrak as Emma continues to sing her song.  Troy activates the Twist Tornado Power Card to amplify Emma's singing.  It also blows the flowers off the trees and onto the stage.  Troy encourages Emma to keep going, it's working!  Dizchord comments, so horrible.  Dizchord decides it's time for a battle of the bands and begins to play his guitar, but it's not effective against Emma's singing.  Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger continue to keep Vrak away by fighting him with their mega weapons.  The flowers on the stage wreck the transistor.  Dizchord is furious.  He tries to play his guitar but it sparks and eventually the center of it is blown away.  Dizchord collapses onto the stage and calls out for his manager.  Vrak is battling Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger.  Vrak glances over at the stage and is very angry.  The Rangers are ruining everything!  Black Ranger tells Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger, if Emma and Troy can pull that off, we have to do our part too!  The Megaforce Blaster is formed.  The three Rangers fire at Vrak and he is knocked off his feet and goes flying through the air.  Emma and Troy morph.  Dizchord orders the Loogies to get them!  The Loogies race off the stage and head towards Pink Ranger and Red Ranger.  Pink Ranger fights the Loogies with her Phoenix Shot.  Red Ranger fights the Loogies with his Dragon Sword.  Eventually the two Rangers destroy the Loogies.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger race over to Pink Ranger and Red Ranger.  Black Ranger tells them, good job guys!  Red Ranger points out, but we're not done.  Dizchord gets back up on his feet and states, I'm no one hit wonder.  Dizchord fires several times at the Rangers.  The Rangers managed to block the blasts with their mega weapons.  The Rangers then use their mega weapons and fire at Dizchord.  The Rangers form the Megaforce Blaster and fire at Dizchord.  Dizchord is defeated and falls onto the stage.  Vrak warns them, the show's not over yet Rangers.  Vrak sends the Zombats to Dizchord's body.  The Zombats revive Dizchord and he becomes giant size.  Dizchord states, I've hit the big time at last!  Vrak tells him, this is your last encore.  Finish the Rangers.  Vrak walks away.  Red Ranger tells his team, let's go.  Blue Ranger stops them.  First we have to thank you two.  Yellow Ranger adds, you came up with a plan that saved us.  Red Ranger tells them, it was all Emma's doing.  Your singing made the difference.  Pink Ranger thanks him.  The Rangers summon their mechazords and they quickly arrive.  The Rangers leap into their mechazords.  Red Ranger tells his team, let's end this jam session once and for all.  Dizchord warns them to get ready, cause this encore will knock you to the floor.  Dizchord begins playing his guitar.  Gosei Dragon has a tough time.  The music is affecting Red Ranger once more.  Pink Ranger flies Gosei Phoenix over and fires at Dizchord.  Dizchord is hit hard.  Red Ranger thanks Pink Ranger.  Gosei Great Megazord is formed.  Dizchord tells them, so you don't get my rhythm, fine!  My instrument is going to hit you!  Dizchord plays his guitar and explosions take place around Gosei Great Megazord.  Dizchord charges forward and strikes Gosei Great Megazord.  He comments, now this is hard hitting music as he lands several more punches on Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord strikes back.  Dizchord takes several steps back and begins to play his guitar again.  Red Ranger summons Dragon Sword.  Dragon Sword knocks the music waves out.  Pink Ranger suggests they fight music with music.  The headers are released and they strikes Dizchord several times.  The headers return to Gosei Great Megazord.  Red Ranger tells them, now let's turn up the heat.  The dragon header releases fire towards Dizchord.  The Rangers activate victory charge.  Dizchord is destroyed once he is hit with the victory charge.

Barry and Roy were out and happened to spot Howie kneeling by a bench and looking at his bug.  Roy snapped his fingers.  Roy:  "Howie!"  Howie quickly got up, grabbed the container and started walking away.  Barry and Roy followed him.  Roy:  "Aren't you going to wait for us?"  Howie:  "Leave me alone!"  Roy:  "We want to see that bug."  Barry and Roy quickly caught up to Howie.  Roy:  "Hey!"  Howie took a quick glance back.  He was surprised at how quickly they had caught up to him, but he kept walking.  Roy:  " Your buddy is not here to protect you now."  Barry laughed.  Roy:  "We're going to squash that bug of yours!"  Howie picked up some speed and put some distance between them.  Barry was the first to noticed the strange creature in the trees and pulled Roy back.  Roy knocked off his hand.  Roy:  "What?"  Silently Barry looked in the direction of the creature and Roy became silent as well.  Howie spotted the creature as well.  Creepox:  "Time to find some witless human to menace.  That will draw the Rangers attention."  Creepox spotted Barry and Roy.  Creepox:  "You!"  Barry and Roy were very frighten as they backed up and eventually fell onto the ground.  Creepox walked towards them.  Creepox:  "Yes cry!  Your howling shall draw the Rangers."  Unseen, Howie hid behind a tree as Creepox towered over Barry and Roy.  Creepox:  "I'm here to fight the best your planet's got.  But first, I'll warm up with you!"  Roy:  "Please, don't hurt us!"  Barry quickly pulled out his wallet and held it open towards Creepox.  Barry:  "You can have our lunch money!"  Creepox was about to strike when a voice reached him.  Howie:  "Leave them alone!"  Creepox turned around.  Creepox:  "Who dares challenge me?!"  Frighten, Howie still stood his ground.  Howie:  "Just because you're bigger, doesn't mean you can pick on them."  Creepox:  "What?  How wrong you are!  You're just another worthless human, who needs to learn a lesson about the superiority of insects!  Allow me to teach you that lesson!"  Creepox walked towards Howie.  Barry and Roy took advantage of Creepox being distracted and ran away.  Creepox:  "You're not running?  Little human, you're either brave or a fool!"  Howie kept backing up until he fell onto the ground.  Creepox was about to strike and Howie held up his arm to block the blow when Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger leaped in and landed hard kicks on Creepox.  Yellow Ranger:  "Back off!"  Creepox fell to the ground.  Yellow Ranger:  "That's the last kid you're going to threaten!"  Creepox got back up and faced the two Rangers.  Creepox:  "Good.  You've come to their aid, just as I planned."  Black Ranger:  "Gia!  Get him out of here!"  Black Ranger fought Creepox as Yellow Ranger ran over to Howie.  Yellow Ranger:  "Go hide!  We got this!"  Creepox:  "Once the Rangers fall, then all the other worthless humans are next."  Yellow Ranger joined in the battle against Creepox.  There were several kicks and strikes.  Creepox hit Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger hard enough that they went flying and crashed through a warehouse.  Black Ranger:  "Man, he's tough.  But failure is not an option!"  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger pulled out their Mega Blasters and fired at Creepox.  Creepox:  "You mean to do this?!"  Creepox blasted them back.  The two Rangers were hit hard.  They scrambled back up.  Black Ranger:  "Snake Ax!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!"  Yellow Ranger fought Creepox with her Tiger Claw.  Black Ranger fought Creepox with his Snake Ax.  It continues to be a difficult battle.  Creepox:  "You two have no chance against my strength!"  Creepox knocked Black Ranger to the ground.  Yellow Ranger blocked a blow with her Tiger Claw.  Yellow Ranger:  "You're strong, but it doesn't mean you'll win!"  Creepox:  "Wrong again!"  Creepox struck Yellow Ranger hard and she went flying.  Black Ranger was back up and tried to strike Creepox with his Snake Ax.  Creepox blocked the blow.  Black Ranger:  "You're going down, just like any bully."  Creepox:  "Think again!"  Creepox struck Black Ranger with a powerful blow.  The two Rangers continue to fight against Creepox.  Creepox:  "The strong take from the weak!  That's how it's always been and how it always will be!"  Black Ranger:  "Not here!  Not with us!"  Black Ranger charges towards Creepox and strikes him with his Snake Ax several times.  Yellow Ranger strikes Creepox with her Tiger Claw.  Creepox quickly knocks the two Rangers to the ground.  Black Ranger gets back up and battles Creepox.  Creepox strikes him and he goes flying and hits the dirt.  Yellow Ranger:  "Jake!"  Yellow Ranger hurries over to Black Ranger.  Creepox:  "This is what strength is for.  Meteorite shock!"   It hits both Rangers and they fly through the air.  Their morphers fly in a different direction.  Both Rangers demorph and are in a great deal of pain.  They roll over to face Creepox but run out of strength and collapse.  Creepox stares at their still forms for a moment.  Creepox:  "Two down, three to go.  Hmmm.  Attacking the city should do the trick."  Creepox laughs as he walks out of the warehouse.  Meanwhile, out in a wooded area, Emma, Noah, and Troy are running and searching for their friends and the attack.  They stop for a moment.  Emma:  "Where's the attack?"  Noah pulled out his morpher and contacted Gosei.  Noah:  "Gosei, where's the monster?"  Gosei:  "It's in the area.  Jake and Gia are already there."  Noah:  "Thanks."  Troy:  "Where are they?"  Noah tried to contact their friends over the morpher.  Noah:  "Jake!  Gia!  Can you read me?  Hello?"  After waiting a few moments, Noah concluded: "Nothing."  Emma:  "I have a really bad feeling about this."  Troy:  "Guys, if their here, we'll find them.  Let's go!"  Troy, Noah, and Emma took off.  Noah:  "I think I can triangulate their coordinates.  Come on!"  They soon reached the outside of a warehouse.  Noah:  "They should be right in here."  The three teens skidded to a stop and they all saw Gia and Jake on the dirt floor inside.  Emma:  "Oh no!"  Emma and Noah raced over to their friends.  Troy stood in front of them as Emma and Noah helped their friends to a sitting position.  Emma:  "Jake!  Gia!  Guys, are you okay?"  Troy:  "What happened?"  Jake tried to stand up.  Emma:  "No, don't get up.  Don't get up.  You're banged up pretty badly."  Jake:  "Creepox."  Jake continues, he just left.  He must have thought we were done for.  Gia adds, we almost were.  He's stronger than ever before.  He's on a rampage and he's gone to attack the city.  Troy tells Emma to stay and take care of them.  Noah, you're with me.  Troy and Noah take off.  Meanwhile, Creepox stands at the edge of a cliff overlooking  the city.  Creepox states, this planet should have been broken in half like a twig long ago.  At last, the day has arrived.  The downfall of earth.  Creepox fires several fiery meteorite shocks towards the city.  The meteorite shock hits several buildings in the city.  The meteorite shock flies pass the warehouse.  Noah watches the spectacle for a few seconds.  Troy joins him.  Noah tells Troy, Creepox is attacking the city.  Troy replies, there's no time to waste.  Noah and Troy take off running.  Moments later, Noah and Troy race towards Creepox, who has his back turned towards them.  They stop a few feet away from Creepox.  Troy shouts, enough Creepox!  We're here!  It's what you really wanted, isn't it?  Creepox turns around and faces them.  He replies, figured that part out did you?  Creepox walks towards them as he tells them, I've been waiting for another chance to face you.  Ever since our last fight.  When we battled before, I was mopping the floor with you.  But I got cocky.  And that gave you an opening that you were lucky enough to exploit.  But that won't happen this time.  Maybe I'll keep you around long enough to cry over your lost world.  Make no mistake, this world will belong to the insectoids!  Noah and Troy morph.  Blue Ranger and Red Ranger pull out their Mega Blasters and fire at Creepox.  Creepox charges towards them as they continue to fire.  Creepox fights the two Rangers.  Blue Ranger is knocked to the ground.  As Red Ranger fights Creepox, Blue Ranger fires his Mega Blaster at Creepox's back.  Creepox grabs Red Ranger and tosses him to the ground.  Blue Ranger tries to catch Red Ranger.  Before the two Rangers have a chance to recover, Creepox leaps in and strikes them several times.  Red Ranger is knocked aside.  Blue Ranger helps Red Ranger get back up.  Creepox blasts them again.  Red Ranger summons Dragon Sword.  Blue Ranger summons Shark Bowgun.  Red Ranger fights Creepox with his Dragon Sword.  Blue Ranger fights Creepox with his Shark Bowgun.  Soon Creepox knocks Blue Ranger to the ground.  Red Ranger continues to fight Creepox with his Dragon Sword.  As they fight, Creepox tells him, now it's just you and me Red Ranger.  So are you ready to cry yet?  Red Ranger angrily replies, take a good look!  See any tears?  Red Ranger, with his Dragon Sword, continues to fight Creepox.  Creepox kicks Red Ranger to the ground.  Creepox tells him, I said last time our battle wasn't over.  Time to end this once and for all.  Creepox turns around and walks a small distance away, telling him, I expected more from you Red Ranger.  Blue Ranger struggles to get to Red Ranger.  Creepox turns around and releases his meteorite shock.  Blue Ranger runs in front of Red Ranger and blocks the blast.  Blue Ranger struggles against the blast, not sure how much longer he can hold back the blast.  Eventually the blast knocks them off the cliff.  When they hit the ground, they demorph.  Troy tells Noah if he hadn't blocked that shot, I would be done for.  Troy notices Noah is not doing well and asks him if he is okay.  Noah replies yeah as he struggles to get into a sitting position.  I'm fine.  Noah tries to stand, but he can't.  Troy hurries over.  Don't worry.  I'll take it from here.  Troy stands up and looks around.  He states, Creepox seems to be driven entirely by rage.  I can exploit that anger.  I'll use that against him.  Creepox jumps down and lands close by.  Noah tells Troy, I wish I could help.  Be careful.  Creepox is impatient.  Enough already!  Fight me!  Troy morphs.  Red Ranger has his Dragon Sword at the ready.  Creepox laughs as Red Ranger charges towards him.  Red Ranger fights Creepox with his Dragon Sword.  As they fight, Creepox tells Red Ranger, you won't get away from me this time human.  Creepox fires several blasts at Red Ranger.  Red Ranger pulls out his Mega Blaster and fires several times at Creepox.   Creepox uses his meteorite shock against Red Ranger.  Red Ranger hits the ground and demorphs.  Creepox leaps towards him and is ready to strike.  Troy quickly grabs his Dragon Sword to block the blow.  Creepox notes, no strength left.  No one to save you.  So cry.  Cry and beg as I destroy you and your world.  Noah has managed to catch up to them.  He stays a short distance away as he is still unable to help.  The battle between Troy and Creepox continues.  Troy, with his Dragon Sword, struggles to keep Creepox from striking him.  Creepox taunts Troy.  Cry for me.  Do it!  Beg for mercy!  Troy doesn't, instead he tells Creepox, take a good look.  Do you see any tears?  Troy  knocks Creepox's sharp pincher away.  Troy leaps into the air, spins around, and morphs.  Creepox tells Red Ranger, impressive, but you are only delaying the evitable.  Red Ranger and Creepox charge towards each other.  Red Ranger fights Creepox with his Dragon Sword.  Unseen, Vrak stands above them on a cliff.  Vrak mutters, just in time.  Red Ranger and Creepox face each other.  Creepox states, okay Red Ranger.  Let's see at last, who is truly the most powerful.  A few tense moments pass, as they continue to face each other.  Suddenly Red Ranger and Creepox charge towards each other.  They leap into the air.  Red Ranger strikes Creepox with a powerful blow from his Dragon Sword.  They both land on the opposite side of each other.  Red Ranger's back is turned towards Creepox as he stays very still.  Sparks begin to erupt within Creepox's body.  Creepox falls to his knees.  He screams no!  It can't be!  Me, the mightiest of all insectoids, fall to a weak human!  Creepox is defeated.  Emma, Jake, and Gia come running up to the edge.  They are stunned by what they see.  Emma notices Noah.  Emma, Gia, and Jake run over to Noah.  Emma helps Noah up as he tells them, I'm okay.  Noah, Emma, Gia, and Jake walk over to Red Ranger.  Gia shouts, great job Troy!  Noah tells him, I knew you could do it.  None of them see Vrak.  Vrak states, you had victory all but assured Creepox.  But you let your anger give the Red Ranger the opening he needed to turn the tables.  What a fool.  But we can use you one more time.  Vrak snaps his fingers and several Zombats arrive.  Creepox is revived and giant size.  Creepox gloats, I'm even stronger now.  Gia, Jake, Noah, and Emma morph.  The Rangers then summon their mechazords.  The mechazords arrive and Gosei Great Megazord is quickly formed.  Red Ranger exclaims, let's shut him down!  Creepox tells them, you thought I was mad before, watch what I can do when I'm really get mad!  Red Ranger tells his team, let's stay calm and focus and we can defeat him again.  Creepox and Gosei Great Megazord fight.  Blue Ranger notes, he's stronger than ever.  Creepox strikes Gosei Great Megazord several times.  Then Creepox uses his galaxy meteorite shock against Gosei Great Megazord.  It hits Gosei Great Megazord hard and it falls to the ground.  Creepox laughs.  Black Ranger notes, we need more power.  Red Ranger agrees and contacts Gosei.  A bright light fills the cockpit of the Megazord.  Creepox notices the light as well.  What is going on?  Red Ranger asks Gosei, what's happening?  Gosei contacts Troy and tells him, do not doubt yourself.  You have proven to me that you are ready for a new power to be unlocked.  The time has come for the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.  Red Ranger thanks Gosei.  We won't disappoint you.  The power card for Ultra Gosei Great Megazord appears.  With the card, they can call all their zords.  Red Ranger activates the power card.  All the zords arrive and immediately fire at Creepox.  Gosei Great Megazord releases it's headers and the headers join the rest of the headers.  The headers then attached themselves to the Megazord.   Ultra Gosei Great Megazord is formed.  Creepox states, the bigger you get, the harder you will fall.  Creepox releases another of his galaxy meteorite shocks.  It misses Ultra Gosei Great Megazord as it walks towards Creepox.  Red Ranger tells his team, look for openings in his defense.  Creepox and Ultra Gosei Great Megazord fight.  Once at a close range, Ultra Gosei Great Megazord fires it's headers at Creepox.  Hit hard, Creepox takes several steps backwards.  Ultra Gosei Great Megazord then deals it's victory charge, ultra mega strike, and Creepox is hit.  As he goes down, Creepox tells them, they may have won this battle, but you won't win the war against the insectoids.  Creepox is destroyed.  Afterwards, Gia, Jake, Noah, Emma, and Troy are walking through the city.  Emma can't believe it.  Creepox is actually gone.  Now I finally have a chance to relax a little bit.  Noah adds, if that isn't a reason to celebrate, I don't know what is.  Jake starts dancing.  Noah tells him, nice moves bro.  Troy, Noah, and Emma watch him with amusement.  Gia is not amused.  Gia slams her backpack into Jake's chest and tells him, here, do something useful instead.  Gia joins Emma, Noah, and Troy as they walk away.  Jake grins as he watches his friends for a moment and then quickly joins them.  Jake tells Gia, I've got more moves where that came from.  Gia replies, don't quit your day job.

Mr. Burley has his class outside on a field trip.  The students are enjoying a day out of the classroom.  Mr. Burley:  "Okay class."  No one is paying him any attention.  Mr. Burley:  "Okay!  Everyone find a study buddy to partnered up with."  Noah and Emma glanced at each other and smile.  Noah gives a small nod.  Jake looks around until he spots Gia.  Gia is looking around, but has no one to partner up with.  Jake grins and tries to make his way over to Gia.  Mr. Burley:  "Alright!  Your assignment today will be to collect interesting plant samples."  Jake accidentally bumps his bucket into another student.  Gia glances over.  Mr. Burley glares at Jake and then continues.  "So that we can bring them back to school."  Jake bumps into more students with his bucket, which he then clutches to his chest.  Gia grins.  Mr. Burley:  "For analysis!"  Mr. Burley throws the rake he was holding onto the ground.  Mr. Burley:  "Away you go!"  Students begin to walk off in different directions.  Some of the students pick up various hand rakes, shears, shovels, and buckets as they walk along.  Mr. Burley:  "Remember keep your eyes peeled.  If you don't really watch where you're going, you might miss something important."  Mr. Burley then steps forward onto the rake and it hits him on his forehead.  Mr. Burley:  "Mommy!"  Mr. Burley falls onto the ground.  Jake walks over.  Jake:  "Mr. B, are you okay?"   Mr. Burley lifts up his arm and gives Jake a thumbs up.  Jake grins and then looks around at the students.  His grin fades when he no longer sees Gia.  The field trip is going well with the students working in pairs.  Troy and Gia are working together.  Emma and Noah walked along, trying to find an interesting spot.  Emma:  "This is so nice.  We've been so busy fighting aliens, I haven't had a chance to get outside and enjoy nature."  Noah:  "Our lives are different now.  I haven't had any time for my experiments."  Emma:  "You don't regret it do you?"   Emma and Noah find a spot close to Troy and Gia.  They begin collecting samples.  Noah:  "Absolutely not.  I'm proud of who we are.  And what we do.  Aren't you?"  Emma:  "Of course.  And the best thing is, having you guys as my new best friend."  Noah and Emma stand up.  Emma spots a pathway.  Emma:  "Let's go this way."  Noah follows Emma along the path.  Emma pauses and Noah stands next to her.  Emma:  "Noah, look!"  Ahead of them is a factory.  Noah and Emma exchange glances and start to walk closer to the factory.  Noah:  "It's the old factory!  It was closed down years ago because of too much pollution."  Emma:  "You're right.  But look at the stream."  The stream is full of gunk.  Emma:  "It looks like the chemicals are still seeping through."  Noah and Emma walked towards the stream and then kneel down.  Noah:  "It probably has been for all these years."  Noah takes out pliers and a small vial.  He carefully places the vial into the stream.  Emma:  "I don't understand how people could do this."  Once full, Noah takes the vial out of the stream and caps it.  Noah:  "I'll analyze this back at the lab."  Noah and Emma hear a scream.  They quickly run back and towards a circle of students, staring at a patch of mud with the imprint of large foot prints.  Mr. Burley is the last to join them.  Mr. Burley:  "Oh!  Great Caesar salad!  Big Foot was here!"  Mr. Burley quickly covers his mouth when he realizes what he has said.  In a more calm manner, Mr. Burley instructs his class.  "Our field trip's over.  We better get back to the bus.  Quickly kids.  Follow me."  Troy lingers for a moment, staring at the foot print.  Jake and Gia stand with him.  Troy:  "Big Foot?"  Jake:  "nah, there is no such thing.  Must be some kind of hoax.  Come on."  Jake and Gia follow the students towards the bus.  Troy stays for a moment longer and then joins the rest of the students.  Not far from them, a mutant steps out.  Bluefur:  "Those ugly humans keep getting closer and closer to us mutants.  I need to warn the others."  Bluefur left to tell Bigs.  Bluefur was unaware of Vrak hiding in the trees.  Vrak:  "Malkor was right.  I must get these toxic mutants on our side."  Soon the Rangers are in the city.  Red Ranger:  "These are the coordinates Tensou sent.  But where's the monster?  Split up!"  Black Ranger:  "Right.  Let's go."  The Rangers split up and search the city.  Yellow Ranger:  "Nothing here.  So where's the monster hiding?"  Black Ranger doesn't find the monster, but runs into Red Ranger.  Black Ranger:  "I don't see anything that looks weird.  How about you?"  Hisser suddenly pops up from beneath the ground.  Red Ranger:  "Oh yeah.  This monster looks pretty weird to me."  The rest of the Rangers gather together and face down Hisser.  Pink Ranger:  "What?"  Hisser:  "It's time to destroy some humans."  Red Ranger:  "Back off!  You're not destroying anyone!"  Hisser:  "Your species has had it's day.  My toxic venom will alienate all of you."  Red Ranger:  "What?"  Pink Ranger:  "No chance."  Black Ranger:  "Think again."  Yellow Ranger:  "No way."  Blue Ranger:  "That's not going to happen."  Suddenly Bigs and Bluefur appear.   Bigs:  "You puny humans think you can stop us.  Us mutants are unstoppable."  Bluefur:  "I can't wait to bash these little runts.  I'll stomp you all into dust."  Bluefur stomps his foot, leaving a print similar to the one spotted in the mud patch earlier by the teens.  Pink Ranger points at Bluefur.  Pink Ranger:  "Big Foot!  But how?"  Bigs laughs.  "You humans closed down that toxic factory but never cleaned up the chemicals."  Bigs laughs some more.  "You had the chance to take care of that toxic mess for years, but did you?  No.  No human ever lifted a finger to make things right.  Now it's our time."  Bluefur:  "Yeah.  We joined forces with the bugs and Vrak to take you humans out."  Pink Ranger:  "We never knew just how bad the pollution was."  Bigs:  "You brought this upon yourselves."  Bluefur growls.  Bigs:  "Think of how harmful toxins and sludge are to you, and then image how it would feel to be made of it.  Now we're going to finish what mankind foolishly started."  Blue Ranger:  "What's that?"  Bluefur:  "The destruction of your environment.  You created a toxic world.  We'll just speed up the process"  Black Ranger:  "You won't get passed us."  Bigs laughs.  "Once we attack, you'll become part of the sludge pile."  Yellow Ranger:  "No!  We'll never let you harm the earth.  Or it's people."  Bigs:  "Hisser!  Get them!"  Hisser takes a flying leap and knocks the Rangers off their feet as he flies pass them.  Hisser leaps towards the Rangers again.  Blue Ranger leaps into the air, towards Hisser, and lands a powerful kick.  Knocking Hisser out of the sky and landing on the ground.  Blue Ranger:  "I've got this one.  Watch your backs!"  Red Ranger:  "Right!  We'll take the blobby one."  Pink Ranger:  "Got it!"  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger charge towards Bigs.  Black Ranger:  "That leaves Big Foot."  Yellow Ranger:  "Right!"  The two Rangers charge towards Bluefur with their weapons.  Bluefur runs towards them, eager for the fight.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger fight Bluefur with their Snake Ax and Tiger Claw.  Bluefur:  "Welcome to the club!"  Red Ranger is busy trying to fight Bigs with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger:  "Dragon Sword!"  But his Dragon Sword does nothing against Bigs.  Bigs:  "That tickles.  Try to keep up silly humans."  Blue Ranger leaps into the air.  Blue Ranger:  "Shark Bowgun!"  Hisser is hit several times.  Hisser:  "Now I'm hissing mad!"  Hisser and Blue Ranger continue to fight.    Yellow Ranger leaps into the air and tries to land a blow on Bluefur with her Tiger Claw.  But Bluefur stops her and she dangles from his grip.  Bluefur:  "That's the best you can do?"  Bluefur tosses Yellow Ranger aside.  Black Ranger:  "Gia!"  Black Ranger quickly runs over to Yellow Ranger.  Angry, Black Ranger runs towards Bluefur and fights him with his Snake Ax.  Bluefur lands several blows to Black Ranger and soon Black Ranger hits the ground as well.  Yellow Ranger:  "Jake!"  This time Yellow Ranger hurries over to Black Ranger's side.  Black Ranger:  "I'm okay.  It's that double club.  We got to get pass it."  Yellow Ranger:  "Yeah."  Pink Ranger:  "Phoenix shot!"  Again the weapon does nothing against Bigs.  Bigs bounces around.  Bigs:  "Us sludge balls know how to bounce back."  Bigs fires at Red Ranger and Pink Ranger.  The two Rangers are hit and they go flying before they hit the ground.  Blue Ranger:  "Emma!  Troy!"  The Rangers gather together.  Bluefur:  These humans are much weaker than I expected."  Bigs:  "No, it's not that these silly humans are much weaker, it's just that we're much stronger.  And more pollution every day means more and more power for us mighty mutants.  Black Ranger:  "No way!"  Bluefur:  "Yes.  You thoughtless humans have been making us more powerful with your pollution for years."  Hisser:  "Toxic waste in action!"   Hisser fires his slime at the Rangers and they are covered in gunk.  Black Ranger:  "This stuff really is nasty."  Yellow Ranger:  "It's sapping all my energy."  Blue Ranger:  "I can't move."  Bluefur:  "Once you're all gone, we'll start the real fun!"  Bigs glided over to the fallen Rangers.  Bigs:  "Yes.  We're going to break open all the chemical tanks everywhere."  Hisser:  "The earth will become a sea of slime.  A paradise for mutants and a graveyard for humans."  Red Ranger:  "No!"  We'll battle you with every ounce of strength that we have.  Get them!"  The Rangers manage to get back up.  The Rangers charge towards the three.  Hisser charges towards the Rangers.  The Rangers fight Hisser with their mega weapons.  Hisser dives beneath the ground and back above ground several times, avoiding the blows from their weapons.  Hisser:  "Slitter attack!"  Hisser strikes the Rangers and they fall to the ground once more.  Hisser:  "Ha!  Down for the count!"  Red Ranger:  "Guys, keep fighting no matter what!"  Hisser:  "These humans are more resilient than I expected."  Bigs thinks a ball of toxic fire will change that.  Bluefur and Bigs combines their weapons and fires it towards the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit hard and knocked off their feet once more.  Hisser is ready to use his slime to finish off the Rangers.  Hisser is laughing when a sudden bright light streaks past Hisser, knocking him off his feet and landing a short distance away.  A figure emerges from the light.  The Rangers are surprised and wonder who it is.  The figure starts to walk forwards and Pink Ranger adds, or what is it?  Red Ranger notes the symbol is just like Gosei.  Bigs also wonders where he came from.  Bluefur states, I know where he's going.  Straight to the sludge pile.  The figure states, stand down mutants.  You only get one warning.  I am Robo Knight.  Protector of the environment and guardian of the earth.  Red Ranger is happy - he's on our side.  Hisser is angry and states, my slime will take care of you!  Hisser shoots his slime.  Robo Knight moves backwards and avoids being hit.  Robo Knight tells Hisser, I don't think so.  Hisser can only growl.  Robo Knight continues, you use noxious elements to hurt the earth.  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster several times at Hisser.   Robo Knight states, environmental threats must be stopped.  Robo Knight continues to fire his Robo Blaster at Hisser.  Hisser is hit several times.  Blue Ranger notes, a super robot.  Red Ranger notes, he's super powerful.  With him fighting on our side, we can take these mutants out.  The Rangers struggle but managed to get back up on their feet and break free from the slime covering them.  The Rangers, with their mega weapons, charge towards Bluefur and Bigs.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger leap into the air and fired their Phoenix Shot and Shark Bowgun at Bluefur and Bigs.  Bluefur and Bigs manages to block the blows.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger leap onto Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger's shoulders and then towards Bluefur and Bigs.  The two Rangers call out, land strike as they strike the two mutants.  Red Ranger runs towards the two mutants with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger fights them with his Dragon Sword.  Hisser is still determined to destroy Robo Knight and dives beneath the concrete.  Under the concrete, Hisser heads straight for Robo Knight.  Robo Knight summons his Robo Blade and strikes into the ground, hitting Hisser.  Robo Knight uses his Robo Blade to yank Hisser back above ground.  Robo Knight strikes Hisser several times with his Robo Blade.  Hisser hits the ground.  Red Ranger leaps into the air and with his Dragon Sword, strikes Bluefur and Bigs with his sky strike.  Both mutants are hit.  The rest of the Rangers join Red Ranger as he pulls out the power card for the Sky Brothers.  The Sky Brothers Zords arrive and the Rangers quickly place them onto their Mega Blasters.  The Rangers fire their Mega Blasters at Bluefur and Bigs.  The two mutants are hit hard and decide to retreat and recharge their powers.  Bluefur and Bigs are determined to destroy the Rangers the next time they meet.  Bluefur and Bigs vanishes.  Black Ranger points out that Hisser is still around.  Spinning furiously and flying through the air, Hisser hits Robo Knight hard.  Robo Knight crashes into a building and parts of the building falls on top of Robo Knight.  Hisser is very pleased.  Looks like my slither spin move spelled the end for you.  Robo Knight knocks the rubble away as he stays up.  Hisser is surprised.  Robo Knight declares, it's time to neutralize you.  Robo Knight pulls out his morpher and places the power card for Vulcan Cannon inside it.  Robo Knight fires the Vulcan Cannon at Hisser.  Hisser is hit and falls to the ground in flames.  Red Ranger notes, he used a power card.  Yellow Ranger adds, just like ours.  The Rangers run over to Robo Knight.  Red Ranger thanks him.  Pink Ranger adds, you stopped that monster cold.  The Zombats revive Hisser and he grows to giant size.  Red Ranger notices Hisser is back.  Pink Ranger adds, and bigger than ever.  Hisser declares, your earth ends now!  Although still giant size, Hisser changes his form.  Hisser rolls towards the Rangers and fires at them, knocking them off their feet.  Robot Knight steps forward and tells them to not interfere.  Robo Knight pulls out his morpher, and places another power card (change card) inside it.  The Rangers are impressed when Robo Knight transforms into Lion mechazord.  Lion mechazord rams Hisser.   Yellow Ranger notes, he's got that snake on the run!  Pink Ranger adds, he's definitely more than a robot.  Yellow Ranger comments, whatever he is, he kicks butt.  Hisser tried to stop Lion mechazord with rocks, but Lion mechazord bursts through them.  Lion mechazord rolls towards Hisser.  Hisser fires several times at Lion mechazord, but misses.  Hisser then knocks a huge boulder towards Lion mechazord.  Lion mechazord just blasts through it as it continues to roll towards Hisser.  Hisser is surprised.  Lion mechazord uses his spin maneuver against Hisser.  Hisser is hit and shouts, stop that you bucket of bolts!  Lion mechazord uses his robo charge against Hisser.  Hisser is hit and rolls over several times on the ground.  Hisser gets back up.  The Rangers are confident that Robo Knight has got him now.  Lion mechazord activates his wheel missiles.  Hisser asks, can we talk?  Lion mechazord releases his wheel missiles and his knight power charge.  Hisser is struck and destroyed.  The Rangers cheer.  Lion mechazord reverts back to his robot form.  Robo Knight lands safely onto the ground.  The teens race towards him.  When they reach him, they have a ton of questions, although Robo Knight still has his back towards them.  Gia asks, who are you?  Emma wants to know why Gosei didn't tell us about you?  Noah confesses he didn't know zords could turn into robots.  You're a Robot Ranger and a zord.  Robo Knight turns slowly around and faces them.  Troy tells him, we want to know all about you.  Glad to have you on our side.  Welcome.  Troy holds out his hand for a handshake.  Robo Knight looks down at the hand.  He ignores the teens as he walks pass them.  Jake asks, what's up with him?  Emma wants to know, where is he going?  Robo Knight walks further and further away from the teens.

Vrak was convinced he could get Robo Knight onto their side.  Vrak took a small shuttle and landed by a lake.  Vrak walked towards the lake.  Vrak:  "I know the perfect monster to bring Robo Knight to his knees."  Vrak stood at the edge of the lake.  Vrak:  "Psychotick!  Come forth!"  There was some bubbles and then a monster's head emerged.  Psychotick:  "Did you call for my services?"  Vrak:  "I have a special mission that requires your particular skills."  Psychotick:  "Ohh, a snack and snare job.  I'm in!"  Psychotick leaps out of the lake and lands close to Vrak.  Psychotick:  "Psychotick, master of draining energy!  Ready and eager to feed!"  Vrak:  "Capture Robo Knight.  We'll drain him dry and reprogram him."  Psychotick:  "Yes!"  Psychotick laughs.  Psychotick enters an amusement park unseen and hides for a moment, watching the people.  Psychotick:  "Just listen to those squeals of joy.  I'll turn them into shrieks of fear."  Psychotick left his hiding place and began to drain power from everything.  Psychotick:  "Now I'll devour the power."   People ran in terror.  Psychotick:  "Who wants to play?"  The teens raced to the edge of the city and paused.  Troy:  "Quick!  Before anyone gets hurt!"  All:  It's morphin time!  Ha!"  Noah:  "Megaforce Blue!"  Gia:  "Megaforce Yellow!"  Jake:  "Megaforce Black!"  Emma:  "Megaforce Pink!"  Troy:  "Megaforce Red!"  The Rangers race towards Psychotick.  Psychotick:  "Figures, as soon as I get all amped up, that the Power Rangers would make an appearance."  The Rangers came to a stop.  Red Ranger:  "Stop right there!"  Psychotick:  "Ha!  After draining all that energy, I've got power to burn!  And what better way to use it, then to obliterate you Rangers."  Red Ranger:  "Shut him down Rangers!"  The Rangers pulled out their Mega Blasters   All:  "Mega Blasters!" The Rangers fired at Psychotick.  Psychotick:  "Right back at ya!"  Psychotick used energy from his hand and threw it at the Rangers, knocking them off their feet.  Psychotick stomped one of his feet onto the ground.  Psychotick:  "Now that's what I call amusement.  And here's more!"  Psychotick charged towards the Rangers.  The Rangers charged towards Psychotick.  Psychotick struck each Ranger as they passed him.  Psychotick grabbed a hold of Blue Ranger and threw him.  Black Ranger came at Psychotick with his Snake Ax.  Black Ranger landed a blow, but so did Psychotick.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger tried to strike Psychotick with their mega weapons.  Psychotick stopped their weapons before they could strike.  Firmly holding onto their mega weapons, Psychotick tossed both Rangers through the air.  They landed hard onto the pavement.  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger ran over to them.  Pink Ranger:  "You okay?"  Psychotick:  "Tick attack!"  Suddenly Lion Mechazord streaked past them.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"   Psychotick:  "Now for the main event!"  Lion Mechazord transformed into Robo Knight.  Red Ranger:  "Good timing Robo Knight!"  Blue Ranger:  "He's tough, but together we can take him."  Robo Knight:  "I will handle it alone."  Psychotick:  "Let's see you handle this!"  Psychotick charges towards Robo Knight.  Psychotick:  "I've been itching to fight you!"  Robo Knight and Psychotick fight.  Robo Knight lands a kick that knocks Psychotick to the pavement.  Psychotick quickly gets back up.  Psychotick:  "Tick attack!"  Robo Knight leaps out of the way, leaving a family behind him vulnerable.  Red Ranger:  "No!  Guys quick!"  The Ranger pull out their Mega Blasters and fire, destroying the tick attack before it reaches the family.  The Rangers run over to the family.  Red Ranger:  "Hey, Robo Knight put those people at risk!  Let's get them to safety."  The Rangers guard the family.  Yellow Ranger:  "What's the deal Robo Knight?  You left them wide open."  Robo Knight:  "The monster is my target."   Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger have their Mega Blasters drawn.  In addition to the Mega Blaster, Yellow Ranger has her Tiger Claw ready and Black Ranger has his Snake Ax ready.   Pink Ranger:  "Quick!  Get out of here!"  The family quickly runs away.  Robo Knight and Psychotick continue to fight.  Robo Knight lands several punches onto Psychotic.  Black Ranger notices a couple hiding behind a bench.  Black Ranger:  "More people."  Black Ranger runs over to the bench just as Robo Knight knocks Psychotick to the ground.  Psychotick quickly gets up.  Psychotick:  "Tick attack!"  Once more, Robo Knight leaps out of the way.  Black Ranger:  "Why aren't you protecting those people?"  Black Ranger races over to the bench and blocks the tick attack with his Snake Ax.   Black Ranger jumps over the bench.  Yellow Ranger joins him as they ushered the couple to safely.  Black Ranger:  "You two get going!  Move!  Come on !  Go!"  Robo Knight continues to fight Psychotick.  Robo Knight:  "Robo Blade!"  Robo Knight strikes Psychotick several times with the Robo Blade, eventually knocking him to the ground.  Robo Knight:  "Robo Blaster!  Vulcan Cannon!  Act....I've been hit!"  Psychotick:  "Got him!  Tick attack!"  A tick lands on Robo Knight.  Robo Knight:  "No!  An energy tick!"  Psychotick:  "Activate!"  Robo Knight vanishes just as the rest of the Rangers race up.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Vrak comes out of his hiding place.  Vrak:  "He's mine now."  Pink Ranger:  "No!"  Psychotick runs up to stand by Vrak.  Psychotick:  "Yes!  Our plan succeeded!  Goodbye fools!"  Red Ranger:  "They're gone."  Blue Ranger:  "This was all just a trick to capture Robo Knight."  Yellow Ranger:  "And now we've lost him."   Red Ranger is worried.  Whatever they plan to do to him has got to be bad.  Elsewhere, Robo Knight finds himself locked inside a steel cage.  Robo Knight immediately began scanning for a possible escape.  Vrak watched him for a moment.  Vrak tells him, he is his guest.  Robo Knight replies, you are interfering with my mission. Vrak is holding Robo Knight's morpher.  He comments, such an interesting device.  It tells me your fuel cells are almost half empty.  And you will lose more since that cage is more than a prison.  Psychotick walks up and adds, it also drains your power.  Soon you will be too weak to defend yourself.  Robo Knight grabs the bars and attempts to break them.  Vrak and Psychotick watch Robo Knight's struggle.  Vrak tells Robo Knight, the harder you try to break those bars, the faster that tick will drain your energy.  The Rangers won't help you.  They saw how you endangered humans.  And since you don't care about them, they won't care about you.  Vrak is ready for phase two of his plan.  Vrak instructs Psychotick to keep the Rangers occupied while I finish reprogramming our friend.  Psychotick is ready and laughs as he leaves.  Meanwhile, the teens separate to search for Robo Knight in various parts of Harwood County.  Emma reports, no sign of Robo Knight here.  Jake reports, I've have got nothing.  Noah reports, he's not here guys.  Troy tells them to keep looking.  Who knows what they are doing to him right now.  Psychotick enters the city.  Psychotick wonders, where to begin?  Psychotick looks around at the citizens going about their daily lives.  Psychotick decides to suck the energy out of everything, causing chaos.  Psychotick is enjoying his rampage through the city.  Feeling very confident he states, bring on the Rangers!  Elsewhere, Robo Knight continues to try to break out of his cage.  He notes that his power is too low.  Vrak is standing close by.  He tells Robo Knight, once it's completely gone, you will be reprogrammed.  Robo Knight gets angry to see his morpher in Vrak's hand and tries once more to break out of the cage. Vrak is impressed.  Even with almost no energy left, you continue to fight back to save the Earth.  And now not even the Rangers will save you.  Vrak laughs unaware that Troy has arrived.  Troy demands that Vrak let Robo Knight go.  Robo Knight is surprised to see Troy.  Troy tells Vrak, we humans never abandoned our friends.  Robo Knight repeats, never abandoned friends.  Vrak only considers it a weakness.  You protect each other and he is not even one of you.  Anyways, you're too late.  Soon Robo Knight will be reprogrammed and you're not strong enough to fight me alone.  And he's too weak to do anything at all.  Robo Knight simply states, must protect Earth's environment.  Troy tells Vrak, I'm never really alone.  We're all here for each other and I'm here for our friend!  Troy morphs.  Red Ranger fights Vrak with is Dragon Sword.  Meanwhile, Psychotick is laughing as he enjoys his attack on the city.  Emma, Gia, Noah, and Jake arrive.  Gia tells Psychotick his energy draining fun is over you greedy bug.  Psychotick comments that his boss needs more time.  Psychotick summons several Loogies and have them attack the four teens.  Gia gives a small nod, and Emma, Noah, and Jake race towards the Loogies.  After a few moments, Gia joins in the battle as well.  Psychotick notes it's time to get back to someone more important and leaves.  While fighting, Gia notices Psychotick leaving and races towards him.  Unfortunately several Loogies block her path and she ends up fighting them instead.  Jake is thrown close to where Gia is fighting.  Gia tells Jake that Psychotick is trying to hold them up.  I bet that means they are doing something to Robo Knight.  We need to get to Troy and help him.  Jake suggests they double team up and get done in half the time.  Gia agrees.  Gia and Jake worked together to fight and defeat the Loogies.  During the fight, Jake can't help but admire Gia's fighting skill.  Man, she's cool.  Noah fights several Loogies.  Emma is fighting another group of Loogies.  Soon Emma joins Noah and they are surrounded by Loogies.  The Loogies prepare to fire their weapons.  Noah cautions Emma, wait for it.  Emma replies, just say when.  A few seconds later, Noah shouts now.  Noah and Emma duck down as the Loogies fire their weapons and end up destroying each other instead of Emma and Noah.  Emma and Noah get back up and can't help but grin at each other before racing over to join Jake and Gia.  Emma tells them, let's go find our teammates.  The four teens race out of the city.  Elsewhere, Vrak has knocked Red Ranger down.  Vrak charges towards the fallen Ranger, stating, time to end this.  Suddenly Psychotick appears.  Psychotick informs Vrak that the other Rangers are occupied.  I'm all charged up and ready to take this red one down for good.  Red Ranger has his Dragon Sword at the ready.  The rest of the Rangers arrive and Black Ranger shouts, hold it right there Vrak!  Vrak tells Psychotick, I thought you took care of them.  Psychotick stumbles for an answer.  Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger run towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger was confident that his team would find him.  The Rangers charge towards Vrak and Psychotick.  Black Ranger fights them both with his Snake Ax.  Yellow Ranger fights them with her Tiger Claw.  Red Ranger fights them with his Dragon Sword.  Robo Knight watches the fight.  Robo Knight notes, the others, they came too.  But why?  I need to help.  But my energy is almost fully drained.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger race over to the cage with their mega weapons.  Black Ranger tells Robo Knight, we'll get you out.  I may not like some of the things you've done, but I trust you.  Yellow Ranger adds, we're not just going to leave you in there.  Robo Knight can't believe it.  No.  Risking lives for me is illogical.  The mission is to protect the Earth.  Black Ranger gets frustrated.  Don't you see?  We're all on the same team.  We're all trying to save the Earth.  Yellow Ranger adds, it's simple.  We're the good guys and they're the bad guys.  We help each other.  Robo Knight tries to understand - good guys?  Black Ranger instructs Robo Knight to step back.  Black Ranger gets ready to strike the cage with his Snake Ax.  Suddenly Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger are hit by powerful blows from Vrak.  The two Rangers fall to the ground.  Vrak comments, oh good.  I have your attention.  Behind him, Psychotick has Red Ranger under his foot and a strong grip on Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger.  Vrak continues, so you can witness the end of the Power Rangers.  Robo Knight slams his fist onto the floor of his cage.  No power to help them!  Vrak gloats, now thanks to you the Rangers are finished!  Yellow Ranger asks Black Ranger if he is okay?  Black Ranger replies, not really.  Black Ranger tries to get up but stumbles back onto the ground.  Vrak tells the Rangers, it's over.  Blue Ranger states, no way.  We'll never give up.  Black Ranger adds, we're doing great.  Pink Ranger states, as long as we're united, there's always hope.  Yellow Ranger adds, enjoy this little break before we take you down!  Red Ranger states, we will find a way to defeat you.  Robo Knight repeats, find a way.  Robo Knight comes up with an idea and is confident he can carry it through.  Robo Knight begins to trace the power drain.  Reroute the energy back to the power cell.  Execute!  There is a big explosion and Robo Knight is free.  Yellow Ranger comments, nice.  Vrak is in disbelief.  Red Ranger shouts, he's free!  Black Ranger adds, and he's mad.  Robo Knight charges towards Vrak.  Robo Knight knocks Vrak and Psychotick off their feet.  Robo Knight holds out his morpher and notes, power is back at full capacity.  Vrak shouts no as he and Psychotick struggle to get back up.  Robo Knight states, I am a protector of the Earth.  You and all threats to the environment will be eliminated.  Psychotick gloats, bet you can't take us!  Robo Knight warns them, prepare for destruction.  Red Ranger states, I knew he was one of us as he and the rest of the Rangers get back up on their feet.  Robo Knight pulls out his Robo Blaster.  Psychotick tells him, I've sucked up too much power for you to stop me now!  Psychotick launches a tick attack.  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster and destroys the attack and hits Psychotick.  Vrak manages to leap out of the way.  Robo Knight fires several times at Psychotick.  Robo Knight charges towards Vrak with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight fights Vrak with his Robo Blade.  Vrak is confident that Robo Knight cannot stop them.  Robo Knight leaps into the air and then comes down, striking a powerful blow against Vrak with his Robo Blade.  Vrak is knocked off his feet and rolls onto the ground.  Psychotick runs over to Vrak as Robo Knight pulls out his morpher and inserts the Vulcan Cannon power card.  The Vulcan Cannon arrives and Robo Knight places it onto his Robo Blaster and aims towards Vrak and Psychotick.  Robo Knight fires the Vulcan Cannon and it hits both Psychotick and Vrak.  Once more, Vrak is knocked off his feet.  But Psychotick is defeated.  Vrak vows, you will pay for this.  Big time!  Vrak summons the Zombats and vanishes.  The Zombats arrived and revived Psychotick and make him giant size.  Psychotick notes, he wasn't kidding when he said big time.  Red Ranger is ready to summon the Megazord, but Robo Knight stops him.  He tells Red Ranger, I will handle this.  There is a glow and three power cards leap into Robo Knight's hand.  Robo Knight states, time to deploy my zords.  Pink Ranger is very excited.  Great!  Twelve Mechazords together!  Robo Knight replies, mine will be sufficient.  Robo Knight places the Knight Brothers power card into his morpher and activates them.  The Sea Lion  Mechazord and Sky Lion Mechazord quickly arrive.  Psychotick is not happy.  Nonsense!  I'm putting my foot down!  On your heads!  The Rangers quickly back up.  Sea Lion Mechazord and Sky Lion Mechazord fly over the Rangers and then strike Psychotick hard.  The five Rangers are impressed.  The two mechazords fire at Psychotick.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  Lion Mechazord runs along side the two other mechazords.  Gosei Grand Megazord is formed.  Yellow Ranger notes, he's is own megazord.  Gosei Grand Megazord and Psychotick face each other.  Psychotick is ready to battle.  Good!  I'll finish you off and then squash the Rangers!  I'll take you apart, zord by zord!  Psychotick and Gosei Grand Megazord fight.  The rest of Rangers watch the battle.  Pink Ranger notes that Psychotick is trying to lift Gosei Grand Megazord.  Instead Gosei Grand Megazord lifts Psychotick into the air.  Blue Ranger comments, or the other way around.  Gosei Grand Megazord tosses Psychotick onto the ground.  Psychotick quickly gets back up and launches his tick attack.  The Rangers call out warnings to Gosei Grand Megazord.  Gosei Grand Megazord walks towards the tick attack with confidence and knocks each attack away with ease.  Pink Ranger asks, shouldn't we help him?  Black Ranger replies, no, he wants to do this on his own.  Gosei Grand Megazord continues to fight Psychotick.  Gosei Grand Megazord uses a Sea Lion kick against Psychotick.  Psychotick goes flying once more.  Gosei Grand Megazord releases Sky Lion Mechazord.  Sky Lion Mechazord strikes Psychotick hard.  The Rangers cheer.  Gosei Grand Megazord uses the power card for Victory Charge.  Psychotick declares, I'm not done!  Gosei Grand Megazord states, victory charge!  Grand strike!  Psychotick is hit several times and is destroyed.  Black Ranger notes, I couldn't done it better myself.  Pink Ranger is impressed.  Unbelievable!  Red Ranger thinks it's going to be amazing having him on our team.  The rest of the Rangers agree.  Gosei Grand Megazord states, threat neutralized.  Afterwards, Robo Knight is standing on top of a building, staring out over the city.  The teens walk towards him while his back his turned.  Troy tells Robo Knight he did a great job today.  Just think of much we can accomplish together.  Robo Knight turns around and faces them.  Robo Knight states, working together is good for humans.  But I work alone.  Working together is inefficient.  Must continue mission alone.  To minimize errors and defeat the bad guys.  Robo Knight goes into Lion Mechazord form and flies away.  Jake comments to Gia, he was quoting you, you know.  I think he kind of likes you.  Gia replies, get real.  He's a robot.  But he is kind of studly.  Emma chuckles.  Noah and Troy look confused.  Troy comments, I think we're making progress with him.  Jake adds, yeah, but he still doesn't understand how to work with a team.  Noah comments, I think he's trying to tell us, he's learning.  Gia adds, more then some of us can say.  With a grin, Jake asks, what are you guys saying?  Emma decides to change the direction of the conversation.  Emma tells them, today was a mega win.  Let's celebrate at Ernie's.  Emma and Gia linked their arms together and start to head off.  Gia glances back and tells Jake he's buying.  Troy and Noah laugh as they join the girls.  Jake grumbles, come on guys as he joins them.

Shadow Serpent was content to stay beneath the waters of a lake close to Harwood County.  Shadow Serpent could hear Bigs on the surface.  Bigs:  "Shadow Serpent!  Hear me and appear!  It is I, a fellow mutant, with a present for you."  Slowly, Shadow Serpent emerged from beneath the waters of the lake, but he's not happy.  Shadow Serpent:  "Who dares to disturb me?!  Wait, what's this about a present?"  Bigs:  "It's the greatest gift of all.  Us mutants have joined forces with aliens and together we'll finally take over the world!"  Shadow Serpent liked the idea.  Shadow Serpent:  "I must wait for sunshine.  Then I can steal people's shadows and all my victims will be frozen in place forever!"  Morning arrived.  Shadow Serpent emerged from the lake.  Shadow Serpent:  "At last!  The sun's out!"  Bigs and Shadow Serpent faced each other.  Bigs:  "Yes.  It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day.  Just not for the humans."  Shadow Serpent laughed.  "You got that right!  I'll gobble up the human shadows and then they'll be freeze dried on the spot."  Bigs:  "Wonderful.  And be sure to fight Robo Knight to see if you can find his weakness.  With luck, the Rangers will get in your way and you can gobble up their life force too!"   Shadow Serpent headed into Harwood County.  He stayed hidden as he watched and overheard a conversation between a construction worker and a hot dog vendor.  Shadow Serpent:  "Who wants a hot dog, when you can eat shadows!"  Shadow Serpent released his tongue and it grab their shadows.  The construction worker and hot dog vendor were frozen on the spot.  Shadow Serpent:  "Yum!"  Shadow Serpent laughs and continues on his way.  Shadow Serpent reaches Roth park where he watches a young family enjoying their day.  The dad tosses a baseball out to his son.  Dad:  "Catch it!  That's it."  The dad walks back over to the mom.  She hands him a towel.  Mom:  "Here honey."  The dad wipes his face with the towel.  Mom:  "Who's hungry for lunch?"  Shadow Serpent is hidden once more.  Shadow Serpent:  "I am!"  Once more, Shadow Serpent releases it's tongue and eats the mom and dad's shadows.  Shadow Serpent:  "Delicious!  You stay right there.  Don't move until I give back your shadows, which will be never!"  Shadow Serpent laughed as he walked away.  The kid approached his parents and became concern when they didn't move.  Kid:  "Dad?  Mom?"  Elsewhere in the park, the teens are sparring.  Emma and Noah are in one group.  Troy and Jake in another group.  Gia gives Jake a winning smile as he does well against Troy.  Troy:  "Good job today guys."  Jake goes over to high five with Gia, but misses as Gia quickly turns around when her morpher goes off.  Gia holds up her morpher and everyone can hear Tensou.  "Monster attack!  Roth park!  Robo Knight is already there!"  Troy:  "Let's move!"  Robo Knight is also in the park and he spots a young boy with his parents.  Young Boy:  "Wake up."  His parents don't move.  Robo Knight walks over to the young boy.  Robo Knight:  "Young man, did you see who did this?"  The young boy shakes his head no.  Robo Knight:  "Don't worry.  Your parents will be okay.  I will get the bad guy."  Robo Knight walks off.  Elsewhere, the teens morph as they race through the park.  All:  "Go Go Megaforce!"  Meanwhile, Robo Knight is also searching the park.  Robo Knight:  "Scanning for hostiles."  Laughing, Shadow Serpent stepped out from behind a tree.  Shadow Serpent:  "Let me make it easy for you tin can.  I'm Shadow Serpent.  The monster you're looking for."  Robo Knight:  "What are you?  A giant snail?"  Shadow Serpent:  "I'm a serpent!  Wow!  I think the guys who hired me overestimated you."  Robo Knight:  "Explain what you mean."  Shadow Serpent:  "I'm not here to just cobble up human shadows.  They think you're something special, but I don't see anything special about you."  Robo Knight:  "Both your missions will fail monster.  I'll defeat you from here where I have no shadow for you to steal."  Shadow Serpent:  "Ha!  I'll make you move!"  Shadow Serpent released it's tongue and Robo Knight quickly jumped out of the way.  Shadow Serpent laughs.  The rest of the Rangers come running up.  Red Ranger:  "Hold it right there monster!"  Robo Knight:  "Stop.  Go back into the shade or he will eat your shadows."  The Rangers took a few steps backwards.  Black Ranger:  "Fine.  We'll stay a stone's throw away."  Black Ranger pulled out a power card.  "Rock rush card!  Activate!"  Two large rocks went flying towards Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent:  "Let's play rock, paper, shadow!"  Shadow Serpent's tongue quickly gobble up the rocks' shadows and they fell to the ground.  Red Ranger grabbed a hold of Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger.  Red Ranger:  "Let's head for the shade!"  Shadow Serpent:  "Ha!  Too late!"  Shadow Serpent whips his tail at the five Rangers.  They were hit hard and fell to the ground.  Shadow Serpent stepped closer.  "Time for another tongue lashing."  The Rangers quickly got back up and tried to avoid being hit by Shadow Serpent's tongue.  Red Ranger:  "Quick!  Under that tree!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Right!"  Blue Ranger:  "Right!"  The five Rangers raced towards the tree. Shadow Serpent is pleased.  Excellent.  Bunch up like that, I can take you down with one strike.  Shadow Serpent uses it's tail and strikes the five Rangers beneath the tree.  The five Rangers hit the ground once more.  Robo Knight steps forward with his Robo Blaster.  Target located.  Red Ranger gets up and grabs a hold of Shadow Serpent.  He has his Dragon Sword at the ready.  Red Ranger tells his team to find more shade where you can.  Robo Knight wants Red Ranger to move, so he can fire at Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent tells Red Ranger to get off of me!  Shadow Serpent shakes Red Ranger off.  He lands close to Robo Knight.  Robo Knight tells Red Ranger, you interfered.  The monster was in my sights and you jump in the way.  It's gets cloudy.  Shadow Serpent comments, too bad.  The sun's away, so no more play.  But next time I'll eat you for breakfast.  Shadow Serpent vanishes.  Red Ranger gets back up.  He's gone!  Come on!  Let's regroup!  Red Ranger races away.  Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, Blue Ranger get up and run after Red Ranger.  The teens demorph as they run.  Troy stops for a moment, as he is in a great deal of pain.  Noah, Jake, Emma, and Gia stop as well.  Emma asks him if he is okay?  Troy answers with a quiet yeah.  Gia can't believe how easy that guy took us down.  Robo Knight walks up to them.  He tells them, you got in the way.  The problem is not your opponent, it was you.  Jake gets very angry.  Hey Troy was just trying to defend us so we could all retreat to the shade.  Emma is angry too.  He did it to protect us!  It doesn't matter to Robo Knight.  Therein lies the problem with humans.  You worry too much about each other.  If you hadn't interfere, I would have finished him.  Robo Knight walks away.  Only Gia is impressed with Robo Knight.  What a machine.  Jake adds, what a jerk!  Noah tells Troy that he is glad Troy had figured it out in time.  You saved us.  Emma points out, he'll be back though.  Troy knows.  This one will be hard to beat.  Elsewhere, Vrak and Bluefur are walking together.  Vrak tells Bluefur to take him to Shadow Serpent.  I must speak with him before the sun sets and he goes dormant.  Bluefur asks, you really think he can get rid of the Rangers when everyone else has failed.  Vrak is confident that Shadow Serpent can do it.  He has the skills, but only if he uses them before the Rangers figure out how to stop him.  Bluefur doesn't get it.  How could they?  He's so much stronger than them.  Vrak replies, the Power Rangers are quite clever.  We must destroy them now.   In the city, Robo Knight stands on top of a building in sentry mode.  He scans the area unaware that Troy is walking up behind him until Troy calls out his name.  Troy states, about what you said earlier at the park.  I've been thinking about how to beat Shadow Serpent.  Well, you gave me an idea.  Like you, the monster thinks working as a team is a weakness.  And that's how we get him.  I noticed that he opens himself up to attack when he steal shadows.  If we work together, we can act as bait.  And you can make the surprise attack.  Robo Knight asks, you would risk yourselves so I can attack him?  Troy replies yes.  Robo Knight turns around and walks towards Troy.  He tells him, it is illogical for you to take such a risk.  We will work together but separately and I surely will beat the monster.  Troy tells him it's a good plan.  Robo Knight states, I am a machine.  I do not plan.  I attack.  You think like a human.  You take risks.  Too much risk.  Robo Knight turns away from Troy stating, I will beat him alone.  Troy starts to walk away, but then turns around.  He tells Robo Knight to think about it.  See you on the battlefield.  Troy walks away.  Robo Knight replies, that you will.  That night, Shadow Serpent and Bigs are standing at the edge of the lake.  Shadow Serpent can't believe Vrak came from across the universe to destroy the Rangers.  Bigs corrects him.  No, he plans to take over the Earth.  But first he has to deranger the place.  Shadow Serpent tells Bigs, they're not so tough.  I would have taken them down today if those clouds hadn't shown up.  The real one to watch out for is Robo Knight.  But I'll make a meal out of him too.  Bigs laughs.  Vrak and Bluefur walk up.  Vrak reminds them that Creepox underestimate the Rangers and that lead to his demise.  Don't make the same mistake.  These humans have a remarkable ability to adapt and learn.  Shadow Serpent tells Vrak, they sure didn't do that today.  You'll see.  When the sun comes out, everything casts a shadow.  They can't escape that.  Bluefur warns Shadow Serpent to listen to the boss.  Don't get too confident or they'll get you.  Vrak adds, whatever they did today, tomorrow they'll do something smarter.  You have to stop them before they have the chance to outsmart you.  Shadow Serpent blows off what Vrak is telling him.  Your lack of confidence is starting to hurt my feelings.  I'm not some lump lox like Creepox.  I've got special skills.  Rest assured, I'll get them.  Tomorrow.  Bluefur adds, my forecast for tomorrow is it's going to be a very nice day.  With lots of sunshine.  Bluefur laughs.  In the city, Robo Knight is still standing on top of the building.  Robo Knight states, my mission is to protect the Earth.  But these humans working for Gosei complicate things.  Could his plan be the right way to defeat this villain?  It cannot be!  I fight alone.  The next day, Robo Knight is eager to face down Shadow Serpent.  At last, the sun is up.  It's time to destroy the Shadow Serpent.  Robo Knight has his Robo Blaster ready as he heads out.  Elsewhere, Shadow Serpent spots a train that he figures will make a good target and perfect Ranger bait.  I'll cobble up the shadows of everyone onboard.  What a breakfast!  Shadow Serpent releases it's tongue to start gobbling up the shadows.  Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger arrive and immediately fire their Mega Blasters at Shadow Serpent's tongue.  Shadow Serpent's tongue quickly returns.  Shadow Serpent isn't too fazed.  Fine, I'll settle on snacking on your shadows instead.  Black Ranger responds, sorry for spoiling your appetite, but those shadows you took, we're taking them back!  Shadow Serpent uses it's tail and strikes the five Rangers hard, knocking them off their feet.  Robo Knight leaps in and lands by the Rangers.  He tells them to take cover.  Just stay back.  I will handle this.  Shadow Serpent points out that they are threatening him in a place with no shade.  It's like you didn't even think about it.  Look, if you're not even going to try, then neither am I.  Red Ranger tells him, we have a plan.  Let's go!  Robo Knight watches as Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger activate their mega quake.  Thousands of small pieces of earth fly up into the sky.  Blue Ranger activates his sea shower.  Tons of water shoots into the sky, breaking up the pieces of earth and causing a large cloud.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger activated their twist tornado.  With the tornado, the skies became completely dark.  Shadow Serpent is not impressed.  Ha!  That was your plan to stop me!  Shadow Serpent uses his power to break up the dark skies.   Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, and Red Ranger fall to the ground as the skies turn sunny once more.  Yellow Ranger notes, the serpent sure twist things around.  Robo Knight tells them their scattered efforts are not effective.  Stay back.  You had your chance.  Now I'll deal with this monster.  Shadow Serpent responds, don't be so sure Robo Knight.  Shadow Serpent shoots his power at Robo Knight.  Robo Knight quickly fires his Robo Blaster and then jumps out of the way, landing behind Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent admits, that's pretty good for a robot.  Shadow Serpent quickly turns around and uses it's tongue to attack Robo Knight.  Robo Knight gets into the tall foliage but Shadow Serpent's tongue wraps itself around Robo Knight.  Shadow Serpent uses it's tongue to whip Robo Knight out of the foliage and then releases him into the sky.  Red Ranger notes Robo Knight is in big trouble, let's move!  The five Rangers take off running.  Robo Knight lands on the ground, but quickly gets back up.  Shadow Serpent shoots fire out of it's mouth at Robo Knight.  Robo Knight tries to avoid getting hit by the fire while at the same time firing his Robo Blaster at Shadow Serpent.  But it becomes too much and Robo Knight is engulfed in flames and then falls to the ground.  Shadow Serpent notes, monster beats machine.  Now back to eating every human shadow I find.  The rest of the Rangers arrive with their mega weapons drawn.  They gathered around the fallen Robo Knight.  Robo Knight tells them to forget him.  Get him.  Red Ranger tells Robo Knight that he is one of them.  We can take care of our own and find a way to stop this guy.  Robo Knight struggles to get up as he tells them no, not logical.  Shadow Serpent thinks the Rangers have another half baked plan and fires at the Rangers.  The five Rangers charge towards Shadow Serpent with their mega weapons.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger leap into the air and strike Shadow Serpent with the Shark Bowgun and Phoenix Shot.  Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger fight Shadow Serpent with the Snake Ax, Tiger Claw, and Dragon Sword.  Shadow Serpent tells them they are lucky it's cloudy here.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger join the fighting with their mega weapons.  Blue Ranger is knocked off his feet and he lands close by Robo Knight.  Blue Ranger tells Robo Knight that he is wrong about them.  We have emotions, but that's not a weakness.  Blue Ranger charges back into the fight with his Shark Bowgun.  As he fights, Black Ranger tells Robo Knight, feelings are what motives us.  Yellow Ranger adds, we're just as committed to the mission as you.  We do it as a team.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger are knocked off their feet.  Pink Ranger quickly hurries over and blocks Shadow Serpent's blow with her Phoenix Shot.  Pink Ranger tells Robo Knight, if we can't protect each other, then how can we protect the world?!  Pink Ranger lands a kick before being knocked off her feet.  Robo Knight notes they are like gears in a motor working together.  Red Ranger leaps in and fights Shadow Serpent with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger points out when they combine their strength, it multiplies by five.  The five Rangers combined their mega weapons to form the Megaforce Blaster.  Shadow Serpent becomes concern as the Rangers fire the Megaforce Blaster at Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent is hit hard.  Red Ranger notes, that should do it.  But Shadow Serpent survives the blow and tells them, wrong again Rangers.  Shadow Serpent blasts his power towards the five Rangers, knocking them into the air and off their feet.  Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger hit the ground.  Shadow Serpent gloats, five times zero is still zero.  Red Ranger tells Robo Knight, we're on the same team.  Remember that plan I talked about?  We're going for it.  We're counting on you.  Robo Knight is surprised that they are trusting their lives to him.  Shadow Serpent brags, oh, what a lovely buffet.  The five Rangers gather together as Shadow Serpent's tongue moves towards them.  The Rangers' shadows are taken and they stand frozen in place.  Shadow Serpent gloats, their shadows are mine as Robo Knight yells no!  Red Ranger tells Robo Knight to attack now!  Robo Knight vows I will not waste this chance.  Robo Knight leaps into the air and transforms into Lion Mechazord.  He flies towards the tongue and breaks it apart as he flies through it.  Lion Mechazord strikes Shadow Serpent several times, knocking him to the ground.  The Rangers' shadows have been returned.  Red Ranger knew Robo Knight would not fail them.  Lion Mechazord transforms back into Robo Knight.  Robo Knight fights Shadow Serpent with his Robo Blade.  Shadow Serpent tries to strike Robo Knight with a spear, but Robo Knight knocks it away.  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster several times at Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent is hit hard and falls to the ground.  Robo Knight activates his Vulcan Cannon and fires it at Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent is defeated.  The Rangers race towards Robo Knight.  Robo Knight admits Red Ranger's plan worked.  There is true power in teamwork.  Shadow Serpent pleads to send the Zombats.  The Zombats arrive and soon Shadow Serpent is giant size.  Robo Knight tells the rest of the Rangers, together we will stop him.  Excited, Yellow Ranger asks Red Ranger if he heard that?  Black Ranger adds, good job man.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  The Knight Brothers have also been activated and they arrive quickly.  Gosei Grand Megazord is activated and quickly formed.  The rest of the Rangers summon their zords and quickly leap inside them.  Gosei Great Megazord is activated and formed.  Gosei Grand Megazord and Gosei Great Megazord face down Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent comments, you know what they say?  The bigger they are, the better they are for shish kebab.  Shadow Serpent charges towards the two Megazords with a spear in each hand.  Gosei Great Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord fight Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent strikes Gosei Grand Megazord with one of the spears.  Both megazords simultaneously land a punch on Shadow Serpent.  Shadow Serpent strikes both of the megazords with it's tail.  Shadow Serpent opens it's mouth and blasts both megazords.  The megazords break apart and fall to the ground.  Shadow Serpent comments, you're barely a light snack now.  He blasts all the zords.  Dragon Mechazord avoids the blasts as it flies towards Shadow Serpent  Lion Mechazord charges towards Shadow Serpent as well.  Lion Mechazord notes even if he has the advantage of size, our combined power can still prevail.  All the mechazords blasts Shadow Serpent.  The Rangers receive a new power card - Gosei Great Grand Megazord power card.  Lion Mechazord notes it's a reward for working together.  Gosei Great Grand Megazord is activated and formed.  Red Ranger states, let's hit this guy where the sun don't shine.  Shadow Serpent replies, bring it on!  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger launches their land lance attack.  Shadow Serpent is hit hard.  Blue Ranger launches his sea spike attack.  Shadow Serpent is hit with several tides of water.  Shadow Serpent screams, what are you doing?!  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger launch their sky spear attack.  Shadow Serpent is hit several times with the sky spear attack.  Shadow Serpent warns them that he can still steal their shadows.  As long as the light still shines, I will not be defeated.  Red Ranger responds, then it's time to put your lights out.  The Rangers activate their victory charge for Gosei Great Grand Megazord.  Shadow Serpent is hit and destroyed.  Inside the cockpit, the Rangers celebrate their victory.  Red Ranger states, by working together, I know we can accomplish anything.  At the park, the young boy's parents' shadows are returned and they return to normal.  The young boy had fallen asleep on his dad's lap and his mother gently wakes him up.  Happy to see his parents back to normal, the young boy gives his mom a hug and then smiles at his dad.  Elsewhere, the vendor and construction worker's shadows return as well.  The construction worker points to the hot dog overflowing with mustard.  The vendor looks at the hot dog puzzled.  The construction worker jokes, I know I said extra mustard, but that is ridiculous.  They both laugh.  Meanwhile, Robo Knight meets with the teens.  He comments, good job Red Ranger.  Your plan worked.  Our mission is the same.  Even though our methods may differ at times, we should collaborate.  Noah gets excited, but before he can say much, Robo Knight stops him.  But you still have a lot to learn.  Robo Knight starts to walk away, but then pauses for a moment.  He tells them, perhaps we all do.  Robo Knight walks away.  Emma jokes, wow, there was almost a compliment in there.  Jake adds, I know.  For a second there, I thought we were going to get a robo hug.  Emma laughs.  Troy is just glad that Robo Knight is finally on their side for real.  Gia shoots an admiring glance at Robo Knight's retreating form and gives a sigh.  You have to admit that Robo Knight is tough as nails.  Noah asks Gia if she is sure you two aren't related?  Gia shoots him a glare and Noah quickly backs up laughing.  Jake tells Gia, don't worry, I'll get him for you.  Both Jake and Gia chase Noah around.  Gia shouts, I'll show you tough!  Troy and Emma start to walk away, as their friends circle them. 

The teens were walking along a beach after a meeting with Gosei.  Emma:  "I wonder what Gosei considers too powerful?"  Noah:  "The Wild Sword must be something fierce for them to have to bury it."  Gia:  "Tensou was pretty freaked out."  Jake:  "I calmed him down."  Gia:  "Oh yeah.  We'll just call you the robot whisperer from now on."  Jake started making robotic sounds.  Troy:  "Nice going Jake.  But they called us in like it was an emergency.  And how they reacted?  It must be a very big deal."  The teens are unaware of Vrak in the woods close by, looking at a grasshopper.  Vrak:  "This planet's insects will never evolve enough to rise up against the humans.  But we insectoids from space will do it for them."  Suddenly Vrak heard voices close by.  Emma:  "I wish we knew where to find it."  Troy:  "Come on guys, we have a job to do."  Gia:  "Yeah, right on!  The thing is we can't call you a robot whisper because you're always too loud."  Jake replied in a robotic voice.  "Gia, your statement does not compute."  Troy:  "Look guys.  Gosei thinks we can handle the Wild Sword's power."  Gia:  "Noah, which way to the Black Mountains?"  Noah pointed.  "That way."  The teens headed off, unaware that their conversation had been overheard.  Vrak:  "Hmm, what luck.  This Wild Sword they speak of must be very powerful.  I must get to it before they do.  I'll keep the Rangers busy by summoning Distractor."  Meanwhile, the teens are walking along a path when they heard sounds in the distance.  Gia hurried ahead of them and then paused.  Gia:  "Look over there!"  Emma, Noah, Troy, and Jake saw that the city was under attack.  Troy contacted the Command Center.  "Tensou, we're seeing explosions in the city."  Tensou:  "Really?  My sensors don't detect anything."  Gia:  "That's strange."  Troy:  "Let's go!"  The teens raced towards the city.  All:  "Go Go Megaforce!"  Red Ranger:  "Megaforce Red!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Megaforce Yellow!"  Black Ranger:  "Megaforce Black!"  Blue Ranger:  "Megaforce Blue!"  Pink Ranger:  "Megaforce Pink!"  The Rangers reached the city and paused for a moment as they watched a giant monster walk past.  Distractor:  "Oh yeah!  Distractor has been summoned to the scene to shake things up."  Pink Ranger clutched Black Ranger.  Pink Ranger:  "What's going on?  It's already a giant."  Distractor shaded his eyes as he glanced over at the Rangers.  Distractor:  "Aww, so you're here little Power Rangers."  Yellow Ranger:  "You might want to rethink who you consider little."  Distractor:  "I'm not here to argue words with you.  I'm here to distract...I mean destroy you."  Distractor shot flames out of his mouth.  The Rangers leaped out of the way and quickly pulled out their morphers.  All:  "Gosei mechazord!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon mechazords!"  All:  "Gosei Great Megazord!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon megazord!"  The mechazords formed Gosei Great Megazord.  All:  "Gosei Great Megazord!  Ready!  Let's go!"  Distractor:  "Go ahead!  Combine your powers!  It won't stop me from carrying out my orders!"  Gosei Great Megazord was about to land a punch, when Distractor went flying.  All:  "What?"  Distractor landed on the pavement.  Distractor:  "Oww!!  What a punch!  I just can't bear the pain!"  Pink Ranger:  "Wait a minute.  Did we even hit him?"  Red Ranger:  "It looks like it, but I didn't feel any impact."  Distractor gets back up.  Distractor:  "Ohh, yes!  You hit me so unbelievably hard.  Now feel the hit of my dark beam."  Black Ranger:  "Let's get him!"   Gosei Great Megazord charges towards Distractor once more and strikes him with the sword.  Distractor goes flying once more.  Distractor:  "What a hit!"  Distractor lands on the pavement face down.  Distractor:  "You got me!"   Blue Ranger:  "That didn't hit him either."  Yellow Ranger:  "What's going on?"  Distractor gets back up.  Distractor:  "That's where you're wrong.  You got me good.  Your counterattacks have my face as swollen as a pumpkin."  Distractor points to his face.  "See?"  Red Ranger:  "What's up with this guy?"  Black Ranger:  "I can't tell.  He's a weird one."  Distractor:  "It seems you're just too incredibly powerful for me.  I'll need some reinforcements.  Phantom creatures who share my cause.  Rise and join me."  Distractor uses his ability to summon four monsters.  Two previous monsters, Hisser and Psychotick and two new monsters, Kesaran and Mummy.  Pink Ranger:  "Just like that, there's more of them!"  Meanwhile, Vrak searched for the area the teens talked about.  After awhile, Vrak felt he had found it.  "This is the place the Rangers were talking about.  I can sense the weapon's power.  And luckily no Rangers in sight.  Distractor must be keeping them busy."  Vrak blasted the side of the mountain and the Wild Sword was revealed.  "Yes!  There it is!"  Vrak walked towards the sword, but was soon stopped.  "What?  A force field!"    Back in the city, Hisser, Mummy, Psychotick, and Kesaran step forward and line up with Distractor.    Distractor:  "Surprise!  I summoned some long lost friends, who have a burning need to fight against you.  Their anger has increased their strength by a hundred times."  Red Ranger:  "Let's take them down guys!"  All:  "Victory Charge!  Activate!"  Gosei Great Megazord prepares to strike.  All:  "Megastrike!"  But the strikes does nothing against the four monsters.  Distractor:  "Slash all you want.  You can't hurt them."  All:  "Huh?"  Soon the four monsters have Gosei Great Megazord surrounded.  Yellow Ranger:  "This is crazy.  What's going on?"  Distractor is enjoying himself.  "You're clueless!  You Rangers are too easy to fool!"  Suddenly Distractor is hit several times.  Distractor:  "What?!  Who did that?!"  Distractor spotted a giant figure coming towards him.  Distractor:  "No!" A giant Robo Knight suddenly appears.  Robo Knight:  "Threats to the Earth must be destroyed."  Robo Knight strikes Distractor several more times with his Robo Blade.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Pink Ranger:  "No way!"  Yellow Ranger:  "He has a giant form too!"  Robo Knight:  "He is trying to trick you.  The monsters he created are only illusions."  Robo Knight continued his fight against Distractor and knocked him to the pavement.  Pink Ranger:  "Huh?  They're not real."  Black Ranger:  "Watch this!"  Gosei Great Megazord tried once more to strike the monsters, but it's sword simply went through them.  Blue Ranger:  "So they're fake, but why?"  Gosei Great Megazord continued to strike the monsters with no success.  Robo Knight:  "Time for me to bring you back down to Earth!"  Robo Knight struck Distractor hard enough with his Robo Blade that Distractor ended up in the woods and back down to normal size.  Robo Knight returns to normal size as well.  Robo Knight and Distractor fought.  The rest of the Rangers arrived.  Red Ranger:  "What's this creep up to Robo Knight?"  Robo Knight:  "Can't you see this monster is stalling for time?  The real enemy is after the sealed weapon."  Robo Knight charged back in to fight Distractor with his Robo Blade.  Yellow Ranger:  "The Wild Sword?"  Red Ranger:  "This was all a distraction."  Pink Ranger walked up to Red Ranger and placed her hand on his shoulder.  Pink Ranger:  "Then we've got to get to that sword fast.  Right?"  Although Robo Knight was still fighting Distractor with his Robo Blade, he responded.  "Yes.  Go!  The sword must be found.  I will take care of Distractor, but you must prevent the enemy from stealing that sword."  Red Ranger:  "Got it.  We're counting on you!"  The Rangers run through the woods.  As they raced along, Red Ranger noted.  "I can feel it.  The sword's near.  Follow me!"  The Rangers spotted Vrak and came to a stop.  Red Ranger:  "There he is!"  Yellow Ranger:  "What a surprise."  Red Ranger:  "Vrak!"  Vrak turned around and faced the Rangers.  Vrak:  "Looking for something?  A sword maybe?"  Vrak displayed his hand with sharp blades to emphasize the point.  Vrak:  "The bad news for you is that I already found it.  And your precious sword is now mine!"  Vrak laughs.  Vrak:  "Now stay out of my way or I'll make you suffer!"  Vrak charged towards the Rangers.  The Rangers charged forward as well and fought Vrak with their mega weapons.  As Pink Ranger fought Vrak with her Phoenix Shot, she argue with Vrak.  "That sword's not yours.  It belongs to the people of Earth!"  Black Ranger mocked Vrak as he fought him with his Snake Ax.  "Nice blades dude.  I bet you're extra careful when you're picking boogers."  Soon Vrak hits the ground, but quickly gets back up.  Vrak:  "Good try, but you haven't beaten me!"  Vrak vanishes.  Black Ranger isn't impressed.  "Talks tough and then disappears."  Blue Ranger:  "Well, at least the Wild Sword's still here.  Now's our chance to grab it!"  The Rangers paused at the edge of the pit and stare at the Wild Sword.  Black Ranger:  "Whoa!  That's one powerful looking sword."  Pink Ranger:  "So, what are we waiting for?!"  The Rangers hurried into the pit.  Red Ranger:  "It's embedded deep into that stone.  I wonder how many warriors have tried to pull it out?  Being a Ranger should help my chances.  Right?"  Blue Ranger:  "Right!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Go for it!"  Red Ranger:  "Here it goes."   Red Ranger pulls out Wild Sword.  Red Ranger has the sword in his hand for just a few seconds, when it breaks free.  The Rangers fall to the ground as the Wild Sword flies above them.  Red Ranger:  "I felt it's power.  The Wild Sword is filled with rage."  Suddenly an electric rope wraps around Wild Sword.  Vrak:  "Surprise!  and now it's mine"  Vrak held the Wild Sword in his hand as the Rangers clambered out of the pit.  Red Ranger:  "Vrak!"  Vrak:  "I owe you a debt of gratitude Rangers.  I could never have gotten a hold of this sword without your assistance."  Vrak laughs.  Blue Ranger:  "What?!"  Vrak:  "There was a force field keeping me away from the sword.  I needed you fools to break through it for me.  I telepathically told Distractor to let you go.  Now he will destroy Robo Knight."  Yellow Ranger:  "We have to get that sword!" Vrak laughs.  In the wooded area, Distractor and Robo Knight continue to fight.  Distractor:  "The master has retrieve the sword."  Robo Knight:  "I will still destroy you."  Distractor:  "It was fun keeping you occupied so you couldn't help your team."  Elsewhere, Vrak:  "The Wild Sword is mine now."  Black Ranger:  "It will never be yours!"  Vrak looked at the Wild Sword.  "I own you now.  Your power is mine to control!"  The Rangers charge towards Vrak.  Vrak strikes the five Rangers with the sword.  The Rangers go flying and land on the ground hard.   Vrak uses the Wild Sword to blast the Rangers.  They are hit hard and a huge explosion erupts.  Vrak:  "This Wild Sword has a bite.  I'm impressed.  Distractor!  Go back to our original plan!"  Distractor answered telepathically.  "Yes master.  Reading you loud and clear."   In the wooded area, Distractor stopped fighting Robo Knight.  Distractor:  "Sadly, I've got to leave this little match.  But you can stay here and struggle by yourself."  Distractor laughs and then vanishes.  Robo Knight:  "Activate target tracking."  Meanwhile, at the pit.  Vrak:  "Bye friends!"  Vrak vanishes once more.  The Rangers struggle as they climb out of the pit.  Red Ranger tells them they have to rescue Wild Sword from Vrak.  Vrak went into the city.  He stood on top of a building with Distractor.  Vrak:  "Now let's destroy this city once and for all!"  Vrak used the Wild Sword to blast several buildings.  "This weapon's got fire power."  Distractor:  "Well, don't be shy.  Light them up boss!"  Vrak was ready to strike again, but this time the Wild Sword fought him.  Vrak:  "What's this?  Something's changed.  It's not working.  If I didn't know better, I'd say it's resisting my commands.  You must bend to my will."  Suddenly Distractor was blasted off his feet.  Vrak:  "What?"  Robo Knight:  "Vrak!  I will not permit you to harm Earth's environment.  Stand down."  Vrak:  "When will you learn that I can't be stopped?"  The rest of the Rangers came running up.  Red Ranger:  "Well, we're here to stop you!  Whatever it takes!  Now hand over that sword!"  Vrak:  "No!  The sword is under my control now.  It may be fighting back, but I will shock it into obeying me."  Vrak used his power to shock Wild Sword.  Then he used Wild Sword against the Rangers, knocking them off their feet.  Vrak:  "Zapping the sword seems to work.  Distractor!"  Distractor has gotten back up and was standing by Vrak's side.  Vrak:  "Let me test our new sword by powering you up."  Vrak stuck the sword inside Distractor.  Distractor yelled in pain.  But it was over within moments and Distractor turned to face the Rangers.  Distractor:  "I can feel it's force surging through me!  Phantoms!  Join me!"  Skyfish, Psychotick, Kesaran, Gremlin, Hisser, and Mummy suddenly appeared and stood in a line with Distractor.  Black Ranger:  "I'm not going to waste time on these illusions again!"   The Rangers charge towards the monsters and are immediately struck by the various monsters.  Distractor:  "They're not illusions anymore!"  Black Ranger:  "What?!"  Black Ranger got back up only to be hit with Hisser's goo.  Electrical currents run through Black Ranger and he falls to the ground.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger race over and kneel by him.  Pink Ranger:  "Jake!"  Yellow Ranger:  "What's going on?  I thought they were holograms."   Distractor:  "Thanks to the Wild Sword's power, now they can attack!"  Psychotick, Kesaran, Gremlin, Hisser, Mummy and Skyfish walked towards the Rangers.  The Rangers quickly got back up with their mega weapons at the ready.  Red Ranger:  "And so can we!"  The Rangers charged towards the monsters.  Red Ranger fights Mummy.  Red Ranger:  "Dragon Sword!"  Black Ranger fights Hisser.  Black Ranger:  "Snake Ax!"  Yellow Ranger fights Gremlin.  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!"  Gremlin and Hisser are knocked to the ground, but they quickly get back up and strike Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger hard.  Pink Ranger is fighting Skyfish.  Pink Ranger:  "Phoenix Shot!"  Pink Ranger fires her Phoenix Shot at Skyfish but Skyfish vanished before it could be hit.  Pink Ranger:  "Where did it go?"  Suddenly Skyfish was behind Pink Ranger.  Skyfish:  "Surprise!"  Pink Ranger tried to kick Skyfish, but it ducked out of the way.  Skyfish struck Pink Ranger with it's weapon.  Blue Ranger leaped over a half wall and then fired his Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger:  "Shark Bowgun!"  Kesaran knocked the blasts away with ease.  Kesaran ran over to where Blue Ranger stood and struck him.  Robo Knight was fighting Psychotick.  Robo Knight:  "Robo Blaster!"  Robo Knight fired his Robo Blaster at Psychotick several times.  But it does nothing and Psychotick shoots it's energy at Robo Knight and hits him hard.  Red Ranger continues to fight Mummy with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger:  "I don't get it.  No matter how hard we hit them, these monsters keep bouncing back."  Mummy knocks Red Ranger to the ground.  The rest of the Rangers are knocked to the ground as well.  Only Robo Knight remains standing.  The Rangers get back up.  Distractor:  "All right!  Eight leg assault!"  Distractor stretches out it's legs and attacks the Rangers as well.  The Rangers are knocked to the ground once more.  Vrak walks up to stand beside the monsters.  Vrak:  "It's time for all of you to get a reality check you won't forget."  Vrak continues, courtesy of my Wild Sword.  Vrak is ready to fire but Wild Sword begins to resist once more.  Vrak has a hard time keeping his hand on it.  Vrak shocks the sword.  But this time it doesn't work and Wild Sword is out of control as Vrak spins around and Wild Sword blasts away.  The blasts knocks the Rangers off their feet.  Vrak walks up to the fallen Rangers, followed by the monsters.  Vrak comments, the sword may still be fighting back, but it's power is amazing.  And I will make it obey me!  Robo Knight asks, why would it want to obey you?  Yellow Ranger adds, you're just hurting it.  Forcing it to fight against it's wishes.  Yellow Ranger's words makes Red Ranger realize the sword is not out of control.  It just doesn't want to follow Vrak's evil commands.  The rest of the Rangers agree.  Red Ranger adds, why else would it rebel against Vrak's command to destroy the city?  The Wild Sword wants to be a force for good.  It's choosing to fight Vrak's evil plan.  Blue Ranger comments, it must want to protect the Earth too.  Black Ranger asks, but if that's true, then why do you think it resisted you?  Red Ranger doesn't know.  Maybe we have to show it we're worthy first.  Red Ranger stands up.  And that's a risk I'm willing to take.  Red Ranger drops his Dragon Sword to the ground and charges towards Wild Sword.  Vrak assumes Red Ranger has chosen his own destruction and points Wild Sword towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger grabs a hold of Wild Sword through the blast.  Red Ranger holds tightly onto Wild Sword as Vrak blasts him with it.  Vrak tells him, you are out of your mind!  Red Ranger shouts, the Wild Sword is ours Vrak!  It won't bend to your will!  Blue Ranger shouts encouragement.  Hang tough Troy!  Black Ranger shouts, don't let go bud!  Pink Ranger shouts, you can do it!  Yellow Ranger shouts, we believe in you!  Red Ranger struggles to hold onto the Wild Sword.  Red Ranger makes a telepathic connection to Wild Sword.  After a few moments, Red Ranger shouts out to Vrak that he is connected to the true spirit of the Wild Sword.  I know it's on our side.  Vrak gets mad and shakes Red Ranger off.  Telling him there is no way a human can connect to a sword's spirit.  Red Ranger shouts back, you're wrong Vrak!  Vrak yells stop it!  I will force it to do my bidding!  Red Ranger holds out his hand and yells, dragon spirit!  Protect the Earth!  Wild Sword breaks free of Vrak's grasp.  Gosei informs them that now they have tamed the Wild Sword, your new ultra powers are unlocked.  The time has come for you to take control of your new ultra zords.  The Rangers watch in amazement as the ultra zords fly above them.  The ultra zords line up in front of the Rangers and beams emerged from their mouths.  The Ultra Swords appear in each Ranger's hand.  Robo Knight is impressed.  Amazing.  Red Ranger notes, using these we'll be able to connect with the dragon spirit.  The Rangers open the top of their Ultra Swords and place their ultra zord inside it.  Ultra mode is activated.  Vrak is furious.  What is this?  Why didn't the Wild Sword give it's power to me?  Red Ranger replies, simple.  Because you want to destroy the Earth.  Not protect it!  Vrak proclaims he is going to get the Rangers and their new ultra zords.  Vrak shoots his power at the Rangers.  The Rangers' golden wings immediately shield them.  Vrak is surprised.  Vrak and the Rangers charge towards each other.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger fight Vrak with their Ultra Swords.  Vrak is hit hard and rolls onto the pavement.  Vrak gets back up and Black Ranger and Blue Ranger strike him with their Ultra Swords.  Vrak is knocked to the pavement once more.  Red Ranger leaps into the air and when he comes down he strikes Vrak with his Ultra Sword.  Red Ranger lands several strikes against Vrak.  Vrak ends up on the pavement once more.  Distractor steps in front of Vrak to shield him.  Distractor states, I will take over from here.  Attack!  Skyfish, Psychotick, Kesaran, Hisser, Gremlin and Mummy charge towards the Rangers.  Vrak instructs Distractor to finish them for me!  Vrak vanishes.  The Rangers fight the monsters with their Ultra Swords as Robo Knight looks on.  Robo Knight notes, these creatures are no match for the Rangers' new powers.  Black Ranger fights Hisser with his Ultra Sword.  Hisser sprays Black Ranger with his goo.  For a moment, Black Ranger is encased in stone.  Black Ranger breaks free.  Black Ranger laughs and comments, I rock!  Black Ranger charges towards Hisser and continues to fight him with his Ultra Sword.  Mummy uses it's power to wrap Pink Ranger tightly.  Pink Ranger breaks free.  Mummy is on fire as Pink Ranger comments, really?  You used mummy cloth against my phoenix flame.  Pink Ranger leaps into the air, spins around, and strikes Mummy with her Ultra Sword as she comes down.  Yellow Ranger battles Psychotick with her Ultra Sword.  Yellow Ranger is having a hard time until the armor's headpiece gives Psychotick a bite.  Psychotick goes flying through the air and when he comes down, Yellow Ranger hits him with her Ultra Sword, sending him flying once more.  Blue Ranger is fighting Skyfish with his Ultra Sword.  Blue Ranger comments, you're looking a little blue, but that's not going to stop me.  Skyfish blasts Blue Ranger, but the armor protects him.  Blue Ranger comments, I think I like this new armor.  Blue Ranger turns around and his Ultra Sword stretches out and strikes Skyfish hard.  Red Ranger is fighting Kesaran and Gremlin with his Ultra Sword.  Gremlin thinks they have the advantage with two against one.  But Red Ranger fights them with ease.  The monsters tumble back towards Distractor.  Distractor is in disbelief.  This can't be.  My army is getting toasted.  The Rangers line up.  Red Ranger declares, time to finish this.  Uniting their ultra power, the Rangers used the dynamic strike against the monsters and they are destroyed.  The Rangers demorph as they collapse.  Slowly they get back up.  The ultra zords fly above them and around them.  Troy tells his friends, this is just so mind blowing.  We've been given so much power.  It's up to us to use it.  Own it.  And show those monsters we'll never let them hurt the Earth.  Troy holds up a blank card.  The ultra dragon zord floats over it and turns it into a power card.  The rest of the team has their new power cards as well.

 With small bags of popcorn in their hands, the teens are enjoying their day out in the city and checking out all the vendors.  Jake:  "Look!"  Jake points and the rest follow, although Troy takes a moment to enjoy the breeze blowing through a wind sock.  Emma:  "Cool!"  Jake:  "Check it."  The teens head over to a sunglasses vendor.  Jake tries on a pair and goofs around.  Noah:  "Cool."  The sound of laughter makes Gia turn around.  Gia:  "What's so funny?"  On a small stage are two comics.  Gia:  "Hey, Noah.  Let's go check it out."  Troy, Emma, and Gia hurry over to the seats.  Jake and Noah soon follow their friends over to sit in the audience.  Comic #1:  "What's brown and sticky?"  Comic #2:  "What?"  Comic #1:  "A stick!"  The audience laughs.  Comic #1:  "What did the duck say when she found some lipstick?"  Comic #2:  "What?"  Comic #1:  "Put it on my bill!"  The audience laughs.  Gia turns around to talk to Troy and Noah.  Gia:  "These guys are pretty funny."  She notices Noah isn't even smiling.  Gia:  "You're not laughing."  Noah:  "I don't think they're funny."  Emma turns around. "Where's your sense of humor?"  Troy:  "I don't think Noah has a sense of humor."  Jake leans back.  "Yeah, same as Robo Knight."  Emma:  "They're silly, but it's all about letting go and laughing.  Just listen."  Jake decides to help Noah out.  "See, that's the straight man.  And he feeds lines to the jokester."  Emma:  "Teamwork."  Noah:  "I understand the logic of teamwork in a comedy duo."  Gia:  "Don't analyze comedy.  Just go with it."  Comic #1:  "Why was six scare to stand next to seven?"  Comic #2:  "Why?"  Comic #1:  "Cause seven ate nine!"  Noah:  "I just don't get why you guys are laughing.  It's not funny."  All around them, the audience is laughing.  Jake:  "It's part of the fun.  It's okay."  Noah still doesn't find the comics funny.  Jake:  "You just got to try and have fun."  Suddenly Gia vanishes in an golden glow.  Emma:  "Gia!"  Around them the rest of the audience vanishes as well.  Troy, Emma, Noah, and Jake get up and look around.  Jake:  "What's going on?"  No Joke holds out his pod.  "Come to me little laugh balls!"  The comics scream and run off the stage as No Joke gets on the stage and faces the teens.  No Joke:  "You think laughter makes the world go round?!  I'm here to end that sound."  Jake:  "Who are you?  I mean, what are you?"  No Joke:  "My name is No Joke and that's no joke!  I want to silence laughter because it annoys me!  So when people laugh, I trap them!"  Gia's image could be seen through the pod.  Gia:  "Hey!  Quit it!  Let us out now or I'll kick your butt!"  Jake becomes alarmed.  "Gia's in there!"  No Joke:  "I caught one of your friends!  Well then time is ticking away for her!  Once it runs out, they'll all dissolve in there, and I'll drink them up!"  No Joke pretended to drink from his pod.  "Yum!"   Troy:  "We got to get everyone out of that pod!"  No Joke:  "No Joke out!"  No Joke hurried off the stage and took off.  Troy:  "Come on!"  Troy, Emma, Noah, and Jake ran after No Joke.  No Joke is running through the city.  No Joke:    "When it comes to laughter, I rather skip it."  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger are close behind him.  Black Ranger:  "We need to save Gia!"  No Joke skids to a stop as he is hit with several blasts.  It's Robo Knight with his Robo Blaster.  Robo Knight:  "No need to chase him when you have weapons to stop him."  Red Ranger:  "Wait!"  Pink Ranger:  "Hey No Joke!  Free Gia and the others!"  No Joke is surprised.  "What do we have here?!  You're saying I got a Power Ranger in my gourd?  Well, if Gia hadn't laughed so hard, she would have been out of her gourd instead of trapped in mine."  No Joke laughs.  Black Ranger charges towards No Joke, trying to grab the gourd.  "Give that to me!"  No Joke easily outmaneuvers him.  The rest of the Rangers join in. No Joke hands the gourd to Black Ranger.  "Here, hold your friend while I beat up your other friends."  No Joke makes easy work of the three Rangers and just as easily takes the gourd back from Black Ranger.  No Joke flies up into the sky.  "Looks like you could all use some fresh air!  And I'm your biggest fan!"  No Joke uses his wings to create strong winds that knock the four Rangers off their feet.  Robo Knight:  "Easy target."  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster at No Joke.  No Joke is hit and falls to the ground.  Red Ranger:  "Let's get him!"  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger:  "Twist Tornado!"  No Joke is not impressed.  "That's a light breeze compared to my winds of discontent.  Choke on that!"  No Joke uses his wings to create wind that pushes the Twist Tornado back against Red Ranger and Pink Ranger.  The two Rangers are knocked off their feet.  Robo Knight quickly stands in front of them.  Robo Knight:  "I will protect you."  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster.  No Joke flies away.  No Joke:  "Too bad I can't stay and play."  No Joke laughs.  Robo Knight:  "He escaped."  Pink Ranger:  "Now how will we save Gia?"  Black Ranger slams the ground with his fists.  No Joke lands close to a riverbank where Bigs and Bluefur are waiting for him.  No Joke:  "Hi!"  Bigs:  "Well, it's about time."  Bluefur:  "How did it go?"  No Joke:  "Great!  I captured a lot of laughter.  Even caught me a Power Ranger!"  Bigs:  "Nice.  Since humans like to laugh a lot, this plan is fool proof."  No Joke:  "I'll keep them giggling until there are no more humans left.  If they laugh long and hard, they can't escape me!  Soon I'll never have to hear that terrible noise again."  Bluefur:  "No more Rangers to deal with.  And the Earth wiped clean of humans!  That sounds wonderful!"  Bluefur laughs and begins to be pulled into the pod.  No Joke:  "Stop that awful laughing!  If you don't quit, you'll end up trapped in my pod!"  Bluefur quickly stops laughing and hangs his head in shame.  "Oh no!  Sorry."  No Joke:  "That's better.  Think evil thoughts."  Bigs:  "Keep sucking up those happy people until there's no laughter anywhere!"  No Joke:  "Don't worry.  Soon this place will be as quiet as a library."  In the city, Jake is  very upset.  "We need to find that thing before it drinks those people like a smoothie!  Troy, what are we waiting for?  Come on!  Let's go get Gia."  Troy:  "That monster is going to make us laugh.  When he does, we're going to get sucked into his pod too."  Jake:  "I don't care."  Emma:  "What are we going to do then?  I mean, how can we resist laughing?"  Robo Knight:  "Just don't laugh.  Laughter is not a necessity."  The morphers go off.  Troy:  "Yes Tensou."  Tensou:  "The monster is back.  City park."  Troy:  "Thank-you Tensou."  Troy looks at his teammates.  "I have an idea."  Elsewhere, No Joke is wandering through the city, looking for more laughs.  He spots a birthday party being held at a park with a clown for an entertainment.  No Joke:  "Perfect.  A human buffet of laughter.  My pod will suck them up like a smorgasbord."  No Joke skips over to the party.  "My turn!  My turn!"  No Joke pushes the clown aside.  "Beat it Bozo!"  The parents and children all think this is part of the performance and laugh.  No Joke easily gathers them into his pod.  "A laugh here.  A laugh there.  Everywhere a laugh, a laugh.  I should have been in show business.  I would have been a star."  No Joke sets off to gather more laughter.  No Joke is prancing around an underground garage and singing.  "Humans, the joke's on you!"  No Joke laughs and continues with his jingle.  "Humans, the joke's on you!"  Black Ranger:  "There he is!"  No Joke is startled to see the Rangers.  "Rangers!  Talk about spoiling the moment!"  Red Ranger:  "Okay guys.  Let's use Noah and Robo Knight's lack of humor to our advantage.  Since they won't laugh, they can take him out!"  Black Ranger reminds Blue Ranger and Robo Knight that they need to save Gia.  Pink Ranger adds, don't forget to save the others too.  Good luck!  Blue Ranger is confident they got this covered.  Blue Ranger tells Robo Knight, let's do this together!  Instead Robo Knight charges forward.  Blue Ranger shouts, hey!  Wait for me!  Robo Knight lands several punches on No Joke.  No Joke comments, now that's not funny!  Blue Ranger leaps in and fires his Shark Bowgun.  No Joke ducks out of the way.  Blue Ranger fights No Joke.  No Joke knocks Blue Ranger to the ground.  Robo Knight adds, unhelpfully, you failed to engage the enemy in a synchronize fashion.  What happened?  Blue Ranger gets up angrily.  What happened is you jumped the gun.  Blue Ranger gets into a fight stance.  Robo Knight remarks, I didn't see any gun to jump over.  No Joke leaps towards the two.  Blue Ranger and Robo Knight fight No Joke.  No Joke manages to knock Blue Ranger to the pavement once more.  Robo Knight instructs Blue Ranger to follow his lead.  They pull out their Power Cards, place them in their morphers, and shout sea shower!  Activate!  No Joke manages to avoid being hit once more.  He tells them, they couldn't hit a target if it slapped them in the face.  No Joke slashes the two several times.  Robo Knight and Blue Ranger are pushed back, with Blue Ranger landing on the pavement once more.  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Black Ranger quickly run over to them.  Black Ranger notes, you two aren't working together.  No Joke does several more slashes towards the Rangers.  No Joke then summons his tickle wind.  It wraps around Pink Ranger and Black Ranger.  They both start laughing.  Quickly they are sucked into the pod.   Red Ranger shouts, stop right there!  No Joke comments, guess I'll just have to wing it until I can get all of you to laugh!  No Joke starts laughing, but quickly stops and covers his mouth.  No Joke does several more slashes towards the remaining three Rangers.  No Joke vows to be back with a new routine.  No Joke flies away.  Red Ranger shouts, hey!  Come back here!  Red Ranger tells Blue Ranger, it's just the three of us now.  Robo Knight starts to walk away.  Red Ranger asks him, where are you going?  Robo Knight responds, I'm not ticklish and I don't laugh.  It appears I must fight this monster alone.  Robo Knight walks away.  Meanwhile, No Joke enters the city and collects more laughter.  From a ladies' lunch and kids' skateboarding.  Moments later, Troy and Noah find an abandoned skateboard.  Troy picks it up and tells Noah, we have to find that monster before it's too late.  Noah comments, he's quick.  He appears and is gone before we can do anything.  Troy replies, then we have to be quicker.  Troy looks around and notes, it sure is quiet around here with no laughter.  Troy comes up with an idea and asks Noah to tell him a joke.  If we laugh, the monster will come to us.  Noah is not certain.   What? Me tell a joke?  Troy dismisses Noah's uncertainly.  Troy tells Noah to trust him and they both take off.  Noah asks, where are we going?  Troy replies, a place where our laughter will echo.  They find the spot and Noah attempts a joke but gets frustrated.  I can't tell a joke!  I don't know any!  Troy tells him he is trying too hard.  Troy suggests he will try and make Noah laugh.  Troy makes silly faces, but not even a smile crosses Noah's face.  Troy tries another tactic.  He tells jokes.  Noah doesn't find the jokes funny.  Noah gets more frustrated, so Troy decides to tell Noah science jokes.  Noah finally laughs.  Troy is surprised by how much Noah is laughing.  Really Noah?  Noah defends himself.  That's so dumb, it's funny.  Noah continues to laugh.  Meanwhile, No Joke is pleased that the city is silent.  All the laughter is gone.  No Joke gets mad when he hears Noah's laughter.  No Joke notes, that laughter is pretty close.  Elsewhere, laughing, Noah walks away as Troy follows him, telling him more science jokes.  Noah laughs hysterically.  Troy can't believe Noah has never heard these jokes before.  Suddenly their morphers go off.  Tensou informs them the monster is heading their way.  Troy notes, we did it.  It's coming.  Noah continues to laugh and Troy warns him not to laugh anymore.  Noah quickly stops laughing and they morph.  No Joke notes the direction of the laughter and quickly leaps over.  No Joke finds the two Rangers easily.  No Joke realizes they are the ones he heard laughing.  Red Ranger responds, good to see you too.  You got something we want.  Release those people from the pod.  No Joke is enjoying himself.  Or what?!  You'll tell another bad joke.  Red Ranger pulls out his twist tornado power card.  Blue Ranger pulls out his defense stream power card.  They quickly place them in their morphers as No Joke creates tickle wind and sends it their way.  Blue Ranger and Red Ranger are able to block the wind and eventually it breaks up.  No Joke tells them to stop raining on his parade.  His tickle wind has always been his go to move.  Robo Knight arrives on top of the stands and announces, now it is my turn.  Your jokes have no effect on me.  Blue Ranger and Red Ranger pull out their Mega Blasters and aim them at No Joke.  Robo Knight has his Robo Blaster aimed at No Joke as well.  No Joke isn't worried.  I've saved the best for last.  No Joke farts.  Red Ranger starts laughing uncontrollably.  Robo Knight warns Red Ranger to stop.  Through his laughter, Red Ranger replies, I can't stop.  No Joke declares, fart jokes never fail!  Bingo!  Blue Ranger hurries over to Red Ranger, who is rolling on the floor with laughter.  Red Ranger is sucked up into the pod.  No Joke is puzzled.  How could the two of you not laugh at that?  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster at No Joke.  Blue Ranger fires his Mega Blaster.  No Joke jumps out of the way.  No Joke hops over to the stage and strikes Blue Ranger several times.  Robo Knight declares, I will end this as he rushes over to the stage.  No Joke is fighting Blue Ranger when Robo Knight leaps in with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight and No Joke fight.  Blue Ranger quickly joins in the fight.  After a few moments, No Joke leaps out of the way.  Good try boys, but it's over for you both!  No Joke uses his tickle wind once more, which creates a fog. Blue Ranger and Robo Knight are knocked back.  Robo Knight notes No Joke's combat skills are stronger than expected.  Blue Ranger, you need to make sure you do not laugh.  Blue Ranger agrees.  No laughing.  Blue Ranger then realizes that No Joke almost got pulled into his own pod when he had laughed earlier.  Blue Ranger knows how to stop No Joke.  Robo Knight asks Blue Ranger to explain.  They both go behind a wall as No Joke tells them they can't hide from him.  What are they doing?  Behind the wall, Robo Knight asks Blue Ranger, you think a plan like that will really work?  Blue Ranger replies, it's the best I can come up with.  It's simple logic.  If we can get him to laugh, he'll get sucked into his own pod.  But I can't do this alone.  I'll need your help to make this work.  Robo Knight is ready.  No Joke is laying on a bleacher when Blue Ranger and Robo Knight come out from behind the wall.  No Joke notices them right away and asks, how did the secret meeting go?  Robo Knight replies, we shall see.  Robo Knight pulls out his morpher and inserts his lighting strike power card.  Lightening strikes over No Joke several times.  No Joke is not impressed.  That's your big plan?  Trying to zap me?  You missed!  No Joke starts laughing.  Robo Knight responds, no that was just the warm up act.  Blue Ranger leaps over to where Robo Knight is standing and faces No Joke.  No Joke asks, what're you waiting for?  Blue Ranger clears his throat and dramatically starts telling jokes.  Robo Knight responds seriously to the jokes.  No Joke starts laughing and the pod begins to pull him in.  No Joke destroys the pod.  All the victims are released.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Red Ranger are released as well.  Black Ranger is impressed - they did it.  Robo Knight and Blue Ranger walk over to the rest of the Rangers as they get up.  Red Ranger reminds them that's it not over yet.  Blue Ranger is very pleased with himself.  I actually told a joke.  No Joke is not happy.  No one makes a joke out of me!  The five Rangers quickly activate their ultra zords.  The ultra zords attack No Joke and then fly over to the Rangers.  The Ultra Swords appear and the ultra zords are placed inside and ultra mode is activated.  The Rangers charge towards No Joke with their Ultra Swords.  No Joke taunts them.  Don't make me laugh.  You can't beat me.  Red Ranger fights No Joke with his Ultra Sword.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger leap in and strike No Joke several times with their Ultra Swords.  No Joke is knocked to the pavement but quickly gets back up.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger strike No Joke several times with their Ultra Swords.  They knock No Joke into the sky.  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster at No Joke while he is in the air.  The Rangers gather together as No Joke falls onto the pavement.  The Rangers combined their powers and strike No Joke with the ultra strike.  Robo Knight fires his Vulcan Cannon.  No Joke is hit hard and falls to the pavement in a blaze of fire. Within moments, several Zombats arrive.  No Joke grows to giant size.  The Rangers quickly summon and activate their mechazords.  Gosei Great Megazord is formed and activated.  Robo Knight uses his change power card to transform into Lion mechazord.  The Knight Brothers zords are activated and Gosei Grand Megazord is formed.  No Joke uses his wings to create lots of wind that hits the two megazords hard.  The megazords are force to take several steps back.  Red Ranger notes, these are beyond hurricane forced winds.  No Joke easily continues to create more powerful winds.  Black Ranger states, the only way to stop that windbag is to stop that wind.  Red Ranger instructs Blue Ranger to call the Sea Brothers zords.  Blue Ranger quickly does so and Sea Megazord is formed and activated.  Sea Megazord pours tons of water onto No Joke.  No Joke is not happy.  My wings are soaked.  No Joke is ready to create more wind, but quickly realizes it's not working.  Gosei Grand Megazord activates it's victory charge grand strike.  No Joke is hit hard and destroyed.    After the battle, Noah thanks Robo Knight for all his help.  Especially for being a straight man to my joker.  And for trusting me.  Robo Knight replies, I was just doing my job and walks away.  Noah grins.  Gia asks Noah, how did you make the monster laugh?  Jake wants to know too.  Noah tells them he did a stand up routine with Robo Knight.  Jake laughs so hard he can barely repeat the words stand up.  Noah is not offended and when Jake notices no one else is laughing, he quickly stops.  Troy is puzzled.  But you couldn't even think of a joke to tell me.  Emma wants to know how Noah convince Robo Knight to do it?  Noah replies, he trusted me.  He's a pretty good straight man.  Watch.  Noah calls out to Robo Knight, why do birds fly south for the winter?  Robo Knight pauses as he answers, it's easier than walking.  Everyone laughs.  Robo Knight does not understand their laughter.  That was the logical answer.  Robo Knight continues on his way.  Noah is eager to share more jokes with his friends.  He tells another one and only he laughs.  Jake tells him not to quit his day job.  Everyone chuckles and walks away together. 

Emma, Jake, and Noah looked out over the harbor.  Emma is getting her camera ready as Jake gazes out with his binoculars.  Noah eagerly looks over his map.  Noah:  "This is the perfect place to watch tonight's epic meteorite shower."  Emma:  "All those shooting stars."  Emma practically skipped over to her bag and pulled out a very long roll of paper.  "I brought my wish list!"  Troy and Gia came walking up.  Troy:  "Wow!  That's a lot of wishes!"  Emma:  "Sure is."  Emma folded her list and put in back in the gym bag and headed back to her camera.  "Whenever we saw a shooting star, my dad would tell me to make a wish and it would come true.  But I'd get so excited, that I'd forget my wish.  So I decided to write them all down."  Jake lowered his binoculars.  "That's a good idea."  Jake quickly glanced at Gia standing next to him.  "Maybe I should write my wish down."  With a grin, Noah knew exactly who his friend was thinking of.  "You know you have to say your wishes out loud."  Jake whispered:  "I thought wishes were suppose to be secret."  Noah:  "Not if you want them to come true."  Noah laughed.  Jake's agitation turned to good natured humor.  "Shut up.  I'll race you to Ernie's Brain Freeze.  Last one there pays!"  As Jake raced past Troy, he patted him on his back.  "Come on!"  Troy joined Jake and Noah racing away.  Jake:  "Hurry up girls!"  Emma and Gia watched them for a moment with grins on their faces.  But instead of following the guys, Emma lead Gia to a set of stairs.  "Let's show them how it's done."  Jake was in the lead as he raced down the road.  Noah was trailing last.  Jake:  "Hope you brought your wallet Noah!"  Emma and Gia beat the guys to Ernie's Brain Freeze.  Elsewhere,  a man is dozing on a bench when Dream Snatcher pops up from behind.  Dream Snatcher stared at the man.  "Ai yi yi.  His dreams look delicious."  The man was dreaming of winning a brand new car.  Dream Snatcher:  "Time to eat."  The man's dream turned unpleasant as he helplessly watched it being chomped away.  Dream Snatcher:  "And now the dream is eaten it's gone forever.  Now to find some little girl's dream for dessert."  Dream Snatcher was wiping his mouth when suddenly Bigs appeared behind him.  Bigs:  "Hola!  Dream Snatcher!  Vrak said we'll find you here."  Dream Snatcher was startled when he turned around and saw Bigs and Bluefur.  Dream Snatcher:  "Ole Senor Bigs and Senor Bluefur.  My pleasure to see you.  Why would your bulk and bigness want to catch up to me?  A poor, obscure dream eating loner?  Por que senors?"  Bigs:  "You might be helpful to us.  We have the mighty Aurora Box and we need to test it's secret powers on someone."  Bluefur:  "Yeah, and you're going to be our guinea pig!"  Bluefur pointed the Aurora Box towards Dream Snatcher.  Dream Snatcher was bathed in a golden glow.  Dream Snatcher:  "What a scary dream!"  In the city, a young man was singing as he played his guitar.  "I had a dream.  I hope comes true.  That I sing my songs for you."  Suddenly Dream Snatcher was standing next to the young man.  Dream Snatcher:  "Hola!  My singing supper!  Thanks to the Aurora Box, I can eat the dreams of people who are awake."  The young man scream, but it was too late.  Dream Snatcher quickly ate his dreams.  The young man collapsed onto the pavement and roots grew beneath him.  Dream Snatcher:  "Muchas Gracias!  Such a tasty dream!  Now you'll grow roots of despair."  In the park, a young man was running.  "I'm not going to stop short this time.  This year I'm going to finish the marathon!"  Dream Snatcher quickly caught up to the runner.  Dream Snatcher:  "And that big dream is going to be my lunch!"  The young man tried to outrun Dream Snatcher, but he couldn't.  Dream Snatcher ate his dreams and the runner collapse and roots grew beneath him.  Dream Snatcher:  "A little salty, but delicious.  Gracias!"  Dream Snatcher laughs and continued into the city to eat more dreams.  Soon the Rangers arrive in the city as citizens are running in terror.  Black Ranger notices several people laying motionless on the pavement.  Black Ranger:  "What is that?"  The Rangers hurry over and kneel by the still people.  Red Ranger:  "What happened to them?"  Black Ranger:  "What's happening?!"  Yellow Ranger:  "They've grown roots."  Dream Snatcher was close by and quickly ate a young woman's dreams.  Dream Snatcher:  "Supperso!  So yummy in my tummy.  What a fantastico feast."  The Rangers noticed the monster close by and gather together.  Dream Snatcher spotted them as well.  Dream Snatcher:  "You must be the Rangers I've been hearing about."  Blue Ranger:  "What are you doing to these people?!"  Dream Snatcher:  "Just dining on the useless dreams of the useless humans."  Pink Ranger:  "What?"  Dream Snatcher:  "They call me the Dream Snatcher.  Usually dream snatchers eat dreams only when people are asleep.  But I've been empowered by the Aurora Box.  Now I can eat people's hopes and dreams while they're awake."  Dream Snatcher swivel his hips.  "Their spirits are imprisoned in my dark dream world. They'll never escape."  Dream Snatcher laughs.  Black Ranger:  "The Aurora Box.  So Vrak has a new weapon, huh."  Dream Snatcher:  "And the catcher is, after their dreams are eaten, their bodies grow roots of despair.  Roots that will make the Earth rot away.  After that, all you humans will wither away and this world will be ours."  Pink Ranger:  "We've got to help them."  Dream Snatcher:  "So adios muy cha-chas.  And don't be sore losers."  Yellow Ranger:  "Losers huh.  You think we would let you destroy the Earth!"  Pink Ranger:  "And take away people's dreams!"  The Rangers charge towards Dream Snatcher.  Dream Snatcher waved a white flag around as he fought off the Rangers.  Dream Snatcher:  "Ole! I am a matador at heart and I love a good bull fight.  Ole!"  Dream Snatcher knocked Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger off their feet.  Black, Red, and Blue Rangers hurried over to them.  Red Ranger:  "Emma!"  The three Rangers stood protectively in front of them.  Red Ranger:  "Blast him!"  Black, Red,  and Blue Rangers fired their Mega Blasters at Dream Snatcher.  It didn't fazed Dream Snatcher at all.  "I am muy terrific.  In fact I am so strong, you'll be tripping over the roots of all of humanity's broken dreams.  The Aurora Box has no maximo!  Arams let's go!"   Dream Snatcher charges towards the Rangers and fights them with his sword this time.  The Rangers are knocked to the ground.  Several blasts hit Dream Snatcher.  It is Robo Knight.  Robo Knight:  "Hostile target neutralized."  Red Ranger:  "Are we glad to see you!"  Robo Knight:  "This is not good.  These roots are making the Earth rot."  Blue Ranger:  "That monster created these roots after he ate all these people's dream."  Robo Knight:  "Dreams?  What are dreams?"  Red Ranger:  "Dreams are the things humans wish for and believe in.  Their the goals each of us hope to achieve."  Pink Ranger hopped in front of them.  Pink Ranger:  "For example.  One of my dreams is to get some great photos of the meteorite shower happening tonight."  Black Ranger:  "Really?  That's your dream?  I thought you had much bigger dreams than just that."  Pink Ranger:  "I don't think any dream is too small or too big."  Dream Snatcher popped up behind Pink Ranger.  Dream Snatcher:  "Exacto!  I'm sure your dreams will be muy tasty!"  A golden ball of light sat at the end of the fork Dream Snatcher held.  Dream Snatcher eagerly ate the ball of light as Pink Ranger demorphed and collapsed onto the pavement.  Red Ranger:  "No!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Emma!"  Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger hurried over to Emma.  Dream Snatcher wiped his mouth with a cloth napkin and was very pleased.  "Bueno!  Delightful!  Her dreams devoured, so now she'll sleep forever."  Yellow Ranger tried to shake Emma awake.  "Emma, wake up!"  Red Ranger:  "Stay with us Emma."  Yellow Ranger:  "Emma!"  Dream Snatcher:  "Asta la vista!"  Dream Snatcher left.  Troy, Noah, Jake, and Gia demorphed and were trying to figure out their game plan when suddenly the roots of despair appeared beneath Emma.  Gia:  "Roots!"  Troy and Gia hurried over to Emma's side once more.  Gia:  "Emma!  Wake up!" Noah examines the roots that are beneath another victim.  Robo Knight:  "These roots will rot the Earth.  I must cut them."  To Noah's alarm, Robo Knight prepares to use his Robo Blade to get rid of the roots.  Noah:  "Don't!"  Troy, Gia, and Jake looked over.  Noah:  "If you chop off the roots, you may hurt these people."  Robo Knight lowers his Robo Blade.  After awhile, the roots of despair disappear from beneath Emma.  Gia:  "Look!"  Noah notes that only Emma's roots disappeared.  I wonder why?  Jake asks, do you remember how many dreams she wrote down?  Maybe there were too many for the monster to eat.  Jake and Gia grin at each other.  Gia adds, I bet it's because Emma will never let go of her dreams.  No matter what.  Noah believes that Emma will encourage everyone in that monster world.  Troy tells Robo Knight to stay with Emma, they are going after the monster.  Robo Knight agrees but adds, if you don't succeed, I will have to act.  Troy nods his head in acknowledgement.  Robo Knight is impressed that Emma was able to stop her roots from growing.  Her dreams must be more powerful than I thought.   Elsewhere, Dream Snatcher hears happy sounds in the park.  Those sounds are like a dinner bell to me.  Somewhere in this park, a dream picnic is being dished up for me.  Blue Ranger shuts his morpher as he responds, right here!  Dream Snatcher is not happy to see there is no picnic and he has been tricked.  The four Rangers summon their Ultra Swords and activate their ultra mode.  Dream Snatcher declares, I'm going to eat all your dreams as he releases several mini forks at the Rangers.  The Rangers managed to bat them all away with their Ultra Swords.  Dream Snatcher charges towards the Rangers.  The Rangers fight Dream Snatcher with their Ultra Swords.  As he fights, Dream Snatcher gloats that they are too late.  The roots of despair are already rotting the Earth.  Soon it will be destroyed.  After awhile, Dream Snatcher clutches his stomach as he starts to feel sick.  It's like a bunch of bats trying to get out of there.  Blue Ranger tells the rest, I bet Emma is riling everyone up in that dream world.  Yellow Ranger agrees.  Being sad is just not her.  Dream Snatcher has overheard them and states, whether she's sad or not, I ate her dreams and she can never get them back.  Once she accepts that fact, she will be finished.  Red Ranger tells him he is wrong.  If someone holds onto their dreams hard enough, no one can ever take them away.  Soon Dream Snatcher's stomach expands as Dream Snatcher screams, oh no!  Several balls of light escape through his mouth.  Each ball of light returns to it's body.  The roots of despair are gone as the victims wake up.  Emma jumps up and declares we did it!  Robo Knight is skeptical.  The power of your dreams freed them.  Emma replies, not just me.  The power of all our dreams freed us.  Dreams are what people live for.  Robo Knight doesn't understand.  Emma explains, dreams give us hope.  And by achieving them, it makes our lives worthwhile.  It's what makes us human.  Robo Knight replies, I see.  Elsewhere Dream Snatcher is very upset that his victims have escaped.  The four Rangers charge towards Dream Snatcher and strike him with their Ultra Swords.  Pink Ranger arrives on Lion Mechazord and strikes him as well.  Yellow Ranger shouts, go Emma!  Pink Ranger lands on the ground as Lion Mechazord transforms back to Robo Knight.  Pink Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers that she and Robo Knight will finish this one.  Pink Ranger shouts at Dream Snatcher, it's over monster!  Pink Ranger activates her Ultra Sword and goes into ultra mode.  Pink Ranger leaps into the air and strikes Dream Snatcher with her Ultra Sword.  Pink Ranger and Dream Snatcher fight.  Dream Snatcher blasts Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger goes flying but Robo Knight stops her by pushing her back.  Pink Ranger goes flying forward and strikes Dream Snatcher with her Ultra Sword and knocking Dream Snatcher to the ground.  Dream Snatcher gets up as Robo Knight charges in and fights Dream Snatcher with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight and Dream Snatcher fight.  Robo Knight activates his vine bender.  The vines wrapped around Dream Snatcher and hold him still.  Pink Ranger leaps into the air and as she comes back down she strikes Dream Snatcher with her ultra strike.  Pink Ranger lands by Robo Knight as she tells him, now to finish this.  Together Pink Ranger fires her Ultra Sword and Robo Knight fires his Vulcan Cannon.  Dream Snatcher is hit hard and defeated.  Within moments, several Zombats arrive and Dream Snatcher grows giant size.  The Rangers activate their mechazords, along with the Sky Brothers zords.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  Sky Megazord is formed.  The Knight Brothers zords arrive and Gosei Grand Megazord is formed.  Dream Snatcher fights Gosei Grand Megazord with his giant fork.  Dream Snatcher tries to get the dreams out of Sky Megazord.  Instead the fork stays stuck no matter how hard Dream Snatcher pulls.  Yellow Ranger comments, this guy has a one track mind.  Blue Ranger adds, and he's on the wrong track.  Black Ranger tells Dream Snatcher, you're about to be derailed, permanently.  Sky Megazord knocks the fork away and leaps into the air before landing powerful kicks against Dream Snatcher.  Sky Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord fired their headers.  Dream Snatcher is struck several times.  Pink Ranger states, it's because of hopes and dreams that people can reach their goals.  You monsters know nothing but evil and destruction.  That's why you'll never beat us.  Gosei Great Grand Megazord is formed.  Gosei Great Grand Megazord destroys Dream Snatcher with their victory charge.  All the former victims are back pursuing their dreams and making them a reality.  In the city, the teens are on top of a building with Robo Knight.  Emma asks Robo Knight, what are your dreams?  Robo Knight replies, I do not have a dream.  I have a mission.  Protect the Earth.  Robo Knight starts to walk away, but Jake stops him.  Jake asks Robo Knight, would you like to see the meteorite shower with us tonight?  Robo Knight replies, no.  My mission comes first.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord and flies away.  Jake concludes, oh well, I tried.  That night, the teens hurry down a small hill to set up to see the meteorite shower.  They sit down in a line.  Noah, Gia, and Jake happily gaze at the night sky.  Emma sets up her camera.  Noah notices Troy's look of concern.  Noah asks Troy, you look worried, why?  Troy replies, I was just thinking of that aurora box the monster mention.  Is it really as powerful as he says?  Noah replies, maybe it's just a one time thing.  Troy doesn't believe that.  We can only wish.  The meteorite shower begins.  Gia tells Emma to hurry, it's starting.  Emma makes some final adjustments and then joins her friends.  Emma sits between Noah and Troy.  She places her hand on Troy's shoulder and asks, did I hear someone say wish?  Because that is what you guys should be doing right now.  The teens are completely captivated by the meteorite shower.  Noah comments, this meteorite shower is phenomenal.  Jake looks over at Gia and quietly agrees.  Emma tells her friends, since Robo Knight isn't here, let's make a wish on his behalf.  Hold hands everyone.  They all clasp hands.  Emma states their wish.  We wish that our world will soon live in peace and harmony.  And that our planet will one day be free of harm and pollution. A small distance away, Robo Knight silently watches the meteorite shower. 

Bluefur and Bigs are in the city.  Bluefur:  "Time to end this world!"  Bigs:  "Pollution is destroying their world already.  We're just going to give it a push."  Bluefur places the Aurora Box on the ground and Bigs jumps on top of it.  He has a hard time keeping his balance.  Bigs:  "The power!"  Bluefur:  "Release it!"  Slime oozes from Bigs' back.  Bigs:  "Alright Bluefur, let's really have some fun."  Bigs asks Bluefur to spin him.  Bluefur spins Bigs.  Slime flies off of Bigs and lands in various parts of the city.  Bigs gets off the Aurora Box and Bluefur carries it as they walk together.  Robo Knight is walking in another part of the city when he notices something strange.  "Toxic waste.  Robo Blaster!"  Robo Knight fires his Robo Blaster at the toxic waste.  "Oh no!"  Blasting the slime spread it around even more." Meanwhile, Bigs:  "So far, so good.  Or should I say so far, so bad."  Bluefur and Bigs laugh.  The teens come running up.  Troy:  "Hold it right there!"  Bluefur and Bigs turn around and face the teens.  Bluefur:  "Well, well, the power runts are here."  Noah:  "Careful, he's got that power box again."  Emma:  "And he's using it to spread toxic waste."  Bluefur:  "We brought you some of the slime we grew up in."  Bluefur laughs.  Bigs:  "It was your choice to make this planet bad for you and us."  Bigs laughs.  Bluefur:  "We just cooked it a little for you.  And made it badder."  Gia:  "Then we'll clean it all up, including them."  Troy:  "Let's start!  It's morphin time!"  All:  "Go Go Megaforce!"  Jake:  "Megaforce Black!"  Noah:  "Megaforce Blue!"  Emma:  "Megaforce Pink!"  Troy:  "Megaforce Red!"  Gia:  "Megaforce Yellow!"  All:  "Earth's Defenders!  Never Surrender!"  Bluefur:  "So you want to get dirty."  Yellow Ranger:  "We'll wipe that dirty smile off your face!"  The Rangers charge towards them with their weapons drawn.  Bluefur charges towards them with his club.  Black Ranger, Red Ranger, and Yellow Ranger fight Bluefur with their mega weapons.  Red Ranger:  "Watch out for his spin attack!"  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger aim their weapons at Bigs.  Pink Ranger:  "Fire!"  Both Rangers fired their mega weapons and hits Bigs.  Red Ranger continues to fight Bluefur.  Red Ranger:  "Dragon Sword!"  Red Ranger fights Bluefur with his Dragon Sword.  Bluefur fights back with his club.  Bluefur:  "Welcome to the club Red!"  Red Ranger gets out of the way as Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger run towards Bluefur.  Black Ranger:  "Push him back!"  They pushed Bluefur back with their weapons, but Bluefur pushes back and knocks them away.  Bluefur uses his club to punch Red Ranger in the stomach.  Red Ranger leaps into the air.  Red Ranger:  "Reverse slash!"  Red Ranger strikes Bluefur with his Dragon Sword.  Bigs continues his fight with Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger.  Bigs:  "Mutant Bite!"   Bigs strikes the two Rangers with his staff.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger leap into the air and over Bigs as they fire their weapons.  "Flash Splash!"  Bigs quickly moves out of the way.  The Rangers gather together.  Bigs:  "You think you're beating us, but this smoke tells a different story."  Bluefur:  "You're really just helping us release more toxic fumes."  Red Ranger:  "Let's finish them off!"  The Rangers hold out their mega weapons.  All:  "Combine!  Megaforce Blaster!"  The Megaforce Blaster is formed and the Rangers aim it at Bluefur and Bigs.  All:  "Dynamic Victory Charge!"  A huge explosion hits Bluefur and Bigs.  The Rangers turn from the explosion in triumph.  Red Ranger:  "Yes!"  Suddenly they are wrapped together by Bigs as Bluefur charges towards them.  Bluefur:  "Didn't your mommy tell you to never turn your back on mutants?"  Bluefur hits the Rangers hard.  They go flying and hit the pavement.  Pink Ranger:  "No way!  Our blast didn't even scratch them!"  Bigs:  "Allow me to scratch your itch."  Bigs fires his staff.  The Rangers are hit hard once more and demorph.  Noah:  "Impossible!"  Bluefur:  "Don't you get it?  The Aurora Box has made us a hundred times stronger than before!"  Bigs:  "And my evil ooze is a hundred times sticker than before.  See that broadcast tower?"  Slime began to cover the broadcast tower.  Emma:  "Oh no!"  Bigs:  "That slime is from my body.  Soon it will cover the city with toxic fumes.  And then the whole world!"  Gia:  "You guys stink!"  The teens get back up.  Troy:  "A demented mutant with a nasty plan.  We will stop you!"  Bigs:  "Ha!  You can't be everywhere at once.  But my slime can.  That's the beauty of it."  Robo Knight walks up.  "You're forgetting something."  Troy:  "Robo Knight!"  Robo Knight:  "That we are a team."  Bigs:  "What?"  Robo Knight:  "You will see.  Freeze card!"  Robo Knight inserts the Power Card into his morpher.  Robo Knight:  "Activate!"  Robo Knight points the morpher at the broadcast tower.  It freezes the slime.  Bluefur:  "Grrr!  I'll smash you!"  Troy:  "You'll have to get past us."  Bigs:  "That's easy.  After all you're just human."  Bluefur:  "Show him the Aurora power."  Bigs bends down and aims his weapons at the teens.  Before the blast can hit the teens, Robo Knight leaps in front of them and takes the brunt of the blast.  Robo Knight falls to his knees.  Gia:  "Robo Knight!"  Emma:  "Are you okay?!"  Emma and Gia run towards Robo Knight and kneel beside him.  Robo Knight:  "I am damaged.  But it is not critical."   Bluefur and Bigs start to walk backwards.  Bigs:  "We'll finish you off later.  We're going to get more slime."  Bluefur and Bigs vanish.  Noah looks at Robo Knight.  Noah:  "You froze the toxic matter.  That stopped the chemical reaction."  Robo Knight:  "It will hold for awhile."  Gia is relieved.  "That gives us a little breathing room."  Troy:  "Very little.  We've got to take out Bigs before the stuff unfreezes."  Robo Knight stands up.  "I cannot assist you further at this time.  I must restore my systems."  Robo Knight walks away.  Emma:  "We understand."  Soon the rain arrives and all the slime unfreezes.  The Rangers soon arrive and quickly froze the slime again.  Bluefur and Bigs walk into the city.  Bigs:  "Since you froze our slime again, we'll just have to unfreeze it."  Red Ranger:  "Ultra Swords!  Activate!"  All:  "Ultra Mode!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Ultra Mode!  Morph!"  Red Ranger:  "Ultra Sword!"  Red Ranger fights Bigs and Bluefur with his Ultra Sword.  Bigs:  "Ultra Smaltra!"  Red Ranger strikes Bigs and Bluefur with his Ultra Sword.  Bigs:  "Try my ultra power!"  Bigs strikes Red Ranger with his weapons.  Red Ranger is hit hard and goes flying, landing on the pavement.  Yellow Ranger:  "Troy!"  Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger race over to Red Ranger.  Bigs laughs.  "Isn't it fitting that you are getting bash by the very mutants that human toxins created.  Aurora  Blast!  Powering up!"  Bluefur:  "Say goodbye Rangers!"  Red Ranger:  "Watch out!"  Bigs:  "Aurora Blast!"  Black Ranger:  "Gia!  With me!" Black Ranger & Yellow Ranger:  "Defenstone!  Activate!"  A wall of stone appears in front of the Rangers.  The Aurora Blast breaks it apart and Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger are knocked down.  Pink Ranger:  "Jake!"  Pink Ranger kneels by Black Ranger.  Blue Ranger:  "Gia!"  Blue Ranger kneels by Yellow Ranger.  Bigs:  "My next Aurora Blast will finish you."  Yellow Ranger:  "Jake, it's time for you and me to shake things up.  Megaquake style."  Black Ranger:  "Got it."  Black Ranger glances over at Red Ranger.  "Cool?"  Red Ranger:  "Good.  We'll distract him."  Red Ranger stands in front of the team.  "New positions."  Everyone gets in place.  Red Ranger:  "Slow!  And...go!"  Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger run off to the side.  Bigs prepares to blast the three Rangers.   Bigs:  "Aurora Blast!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Megaquake!  Activate!"  Yellow Ranger slams her Ultra Sword against the pavement, generating the quake.  Bluefur and Bigs are hit hard with electrical currents running through their bodies.  Bluefur:  "No!  No!"  Black Ranger leaps into the air.  "Ultra Slash!"  Black Ranger strikes Bigs with his Ultra Sword, knocking Bigs' weapons out of his hands.  Bigs:  "No!  My staff!"  Black Ranger gave high fives to the team.  "We found his weakness."  Red Ranger:  "Good work.  Without that staff, he's wide open.  Hit him fast and let's finish this.  Gosei Ultra Swords!"  All:  "Activate!"  Bluefur:  "This looks bad."  Red Ranger:  "Guys, let's do this!"  All:  "Ultra Gosei Dynamic!  Activate!  Ultra Strike!"  The Ultra Swords power up and send a powerful blow towards Bigs and Bluefur.  Bigs is thrown into the air and vanishes.  Bluefur is thrown against a half wall and hits the pavement.  Red Ranger:  "Bulls eye!"    Bluefur:  "Bigs!  Where are you?!"  Bigs:  "I'm in the Aurora Box."  Bluefur vanishes with the Aurora Box.  Red Ranger:  "What?  No!  Bluefur escaped again!"  That night, Bluefur enters the city once more.  He states, they think they destroyed you, Bigs, well think again!  The Rangers have no idea what you can do in your awesome new form.  Bluefur tosses the Aurora Box high and it lands on top of a tall building.  Bluefur is very happy.  Come morning the Rangers are in for a huge surprise.  Bluefur laughs.  Morning arrives and Bluefur is still in the city.  The top of the building has the Aurora Box wrapped around it.  He shouts, wakey wakey humans and witness the magnificent mess we mutants can create!  The Rangers arrive and race towards Bluefur.  Robo Knight is there as well.  Bluefur is happy to see them.  "Just in time!  Didn't expect to see me, huh?  Did you miss me?"  Black Ranger:  "What are you up to now Bluefur?"  Robo Knight:  "Rangers, I am again fully functional.  It appears you destroyed the mutant Bigs."  Bluefur:  "Think again.  All they did was give the Aurora Box even more power!  Now Bigs is back in a new form and bigger and badder than ever."  Purple slime ooze down a building when it slowly swirled around.  Bigs:  "Surprise!"  Bigs was in his new form as he surrounded the top of the building with his purple slime.  Red Ranger:  "It's him!"  Robo Knight:  "Bigs!"  Bigs:  "Did you forget that I'm made of slime.  You can't destroy me by blasting me apart.  You just scattered my slime everywhere.  The Earth is melting beneath your feet."  Black Ranger:  "It won't on our watch!"  Bluefur:  "Your watch on this Earth is ending today!  Tell them what's coming next Bigsy!"  Bigs:  "The toxic slime from my body will spread out and cover everything.  Turning the whole Earth into one giant Bigs.  Soon you will be swimming in purple goo.  And purple goo ain't good for you."  Robo Knight:  "Earth?  Turned into a wasteland?  This cannot be permitted."  Red Ranger:  "You got that right!  We're going to stop it right now!"  All:  "Megaforce Blaster!"  The Rangers fire the Megaforce Blaster at Bigs.  It does nothing.  Bigs laughs.  Yellow Ranger notes, we need more power.  Robo Knight agrees.  Bluefur shouts I'll give you more power as he charges towards them.  Robo Knight tries to stop him, but gets knocked aside.  Bluefur tries to strike the Rangers with his club.  Bluefur misses several times and the Rangers grab him.  Bluefur shakes them all off.  The Rangers land on the pavement.  Bluefur laughs as he jumps up and then lands hard on the pavement.  The force knocks the Rangers off their feet once more.  Bluefur shouts, heads up as he tries to strike Red Ranger with his club.  Bluefur tries again but is stopped by Robo Knight with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight informs the Rangers, I will fight Bluefur.  You must go and stop Bigs.  Red Ranger agrees and the Rangers take off to enter the building.  Robo Knight tells Bluefur, now it's just you and me.  Bluefur agrees and adds, because thanks to the Aurora Box those Rangers will never come out of that building!  Bluefur fights Robo Knight with his club.  Bluefur strikes Robo Knight hard enough with his club, that Robo Knight falls off the top of the building.  Robo Knight crashes into the pavement and quickly gets back up.  Bluefur leaps down.  Bluefur tries to strike Robo Knight again, but Robo Knight blocks the blow with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight manages to kick Bluefur away.  Bluefur tells him, your friends will soon be trapped.  While Bigs finishes them off, I'll finish you!  Bluefur tries to strike Robo Knight with his club.  Robo Knight blocks the move with his Robo Blade and strikes Bluefur.  He tells Bluefur that he talks too much.  After awhile Bigs is destroyed.  Bluefur is stunned - Bigs destroyed!  Robo Knight tells Bluefur he is next.  Robo Knight strikes Bluefur with his Robo Blade.  Bluefur is hit hard.  He tells Robo Knight, this is for Bigs as he tries to strike Robo Knight with his club.  Robo Knight blocks the blow with his Robo Blade, causing the blast to strike Bluefur instead.  Robo Knight fires his Vulcan Cannon and fires at Bluefur.  Bluefur is hit but takes satisfaction in telling Robo Knight that the Rangers will never escape the Aurora Box.  Several Zombats arrive and land on Bluefur and he grows to giant size.  Bluefur is determined to avenge his fallen comrade.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  The Knight Brothers Zords arrive and Gosei Grand Megazord is formed.  Bluefur immediately strikes Gosei Grand Megazord several times with his club. Bluefur shouts at Gosei Grand Megazord, you will fall to my vicious vengeance!  Bluefur strikes Gosei Grand Megazord with his club.  Gosei Grand Megazord falls apart as Bluefur boasts, nothing can stop me!  Bluefur is about to stomp on Robo Knight when Gosei Ultimate Command Ship breaks out of the Aurora Box, destroying it in the process.  Bluefur is shocked - how did they destroy it?!  Robo Knight notes, the Rangers escaped.  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship fires at Bluefur.  Bluefur is hit several times and notes, these blasts are powerful.  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship transforms into a new megazord - Gosei Ultimate Megazord.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord and Bluefur fight.  Bluefur tries to strike Gosei Ultimate Megazord, but is blocked.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord uses a double spin sword attack against Bluefur.  Bluefur becomes upset over his club being destroyed.  Lights flash from Gosei Ultimate Megazord which confuses Bluefur.  Blue Ranger tries a button and the front of the megazord opens up to reveal a cannon.  The cannon fires several shots at Bluefur.  The Rangers activate the Ultimate Charge Power Card.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord locks on it's target and fires it's victory charge ultimate strike.  Bluefur is hit and shouts, no!  How could we lose?!  We had the box!  Bluefur falls to the ground and is destroyed.  Robo Knight tells them, nicely done.  Threat eliminated.  Robo Knight walks away.  

Jake, Noah, and Troy are playing soccer in the park.  Noah:  "Bring it Jake!"  Jake kicks the ball through Troy's legs.  Noah:  "Nice!"  Emma and Gia are close by, gazing out at the harbor.  They turn and watch the guys for a few moments.  Emma:  "I'm so happy I'm part of this team.  We really have become a family."  Gia:  "You've always been like a sister to me."  They can hear the guys game.  Jake:  "No you don't!"  The girls laugh.  Gia:  "Yeah, quite a family."  They watch as Jake chases after the ball.  Emma turns to gaze out at the water again.  Emma:  "It is such a beautiful planet."  Gia:  "Yup.  As planets go, we pretty much lucked out."  Emma:  "We have to do everything we can to preserve it."  An ice cream truck pulls up.  Gia:  "Hey, I'm going to get us some ice cream.  I'll be right back."  Gia heads over to join the line of kids by the ice cream truck.  Emma gazes out and imagines what the landscape looked like before humans.  She is deep in her thoughts and doesn't realize when Gia returns.  Gia holds out the ice cream in front of Emma's face.  Gia:  "Ice cream!"  Emma is startled but quickly smiles.  Gia:  "Here you go."  Emma takes the ice cream.  Gia:  "One scoop soy strawberry cheesecake with sprinkles."  Emma:  "Exactly what I wanted."  Gia:  "I've only known you since forever."  Emma:  "This place is beautiful now.  But I was imaging how perfect it must have been thousand of years ago."  Emma and Gia gaze out at the landscape.  After eating their ice cream, Emma takes pictures of Gia.  "Perfect."  After a few more snaps, Gia is ready to pose with her friend.  Gia:  "Emma, let's have some pictures together."  Emma:  "Okay."  Emma spots Jake by the trash can.  Emma:  "Hey Jake, take a picture of the both of us."  Jake:  "Okay."  Emma handed her camera over, but Jake had trouble balancing his popsicle and Emma's camera.  Emma:  "Watch it!"  Jake was about to take a bite of his popsicle when Emma took it.  Emma:  "Here, I'll hold this."  Emma walks back over to Gia.  Good natured, Jake didn't take any offense.  Jake:  "Okay, just go act like super models."   Jake started snapping away.  "That's good."  "Nice!"  "There we go!"   Gia and Emma do various poses as Jake walks backwards as he snaps the pictures.  Jake:  "Beautiful!"  "Yeah, that's great!"  "The camera loves...." Jakes falls into a trash can.  Gia and Emma laugh.  Jake hears laughter behind him as well and whips his head around to see Troy and Noah laughing as well.  Suddenly their morphers go off.  Troy pulls out his morpher.  Troy:  "Tensou?"  Tensou:  "There's a monster attacking the warehouse district!"  Troy:  "We're on it!"  Gia, Emma, Troy, and Noah take off running.  Jake struggles to get out of the trash can.  Jake:  "Guys!"  "Guys!"  Jake can't get himself out.  Gia walks over and offers her hand.  Jake:  "Thanks."  Gia helps pull Jake out of the trash.  They race to join their rest of their friends.  At the warehouse district, Rotox is firing away as frighten citizens run for their lives.  Rotox:  "The reign of the robots has begun!"  The teens quickly arrive at the warehouse district as terrified workers run pass them.  Jake:  "What kind of monster is that?"  Noah:  "That's not a monster, that's a robot."  Troy:  "Either way, it's morphin time!"  All:  "Go Go Megaforce!"  Troy:  "Megaforce Red!"  Gia:  "Megaforce Yellow!"  Noah:  "Megaforce Blue!"  Emma:  "Megaforce Pink!"  Jake:  "Megaforce Black!"  Rotox:  "Power Rangers, huh?  Let me show you how I roll!"  Rotox compresses his body into a circular shape.  Rotox:  "Time to peel out!"  Rotox rolls towards the Rangers.  Rotox hits the Rangers several times.  Rotox:  "What a blast!"  Rotox blasts the Rangers.  The Rangers are knocked off their feet and fly into a warehouse.  Rotox appears in the doorway.  Rotox:  "Human beings really are weak!  You'll never break through my defenses.  Grabber beam!"  Rotox uses his grabber beam and moves several objects into the air, which then transforms into a shield.  All:  "Mega Blasters!"  The Rangers fire their Mega Blasters at Rotox.  The shield protects him from the blasts.  Rotox:  "Not a scratch!"  Black Ranger:  "What?!"  Pink Ranger:  "How?"  Rotox:  "My shield protects me.  But nothing can protect you from my shield!"  Rotox tosses his shield at the Rangers.  It hits them hard and they are knocked to the floor.  The shield returns to Rotox.  Yellow Ranger:  "No way!"  Robo Knight arrives and points his Robo Blaster at Rotox.  "Stop right there!"  Rotox:  "Another Ranger?"  Robo Knight:  "Wait.  No life signs.  What are you?  Are you a robot...like me?"  Red Ranger:  "He's not like you Robo Knight!  He's evil!"   Rotox:  "Oh so you're the Robo Knight.  I've been wanting to meet you."  Rotox fires at Robo Knight.  Robo Knight manages to block the blasts.  Rotox uses his eyes beams and hits Robo Knight hard.  Robo Knight is knocked off his feet and flies backwards, hits a car, sending the car and himself spinning.  Black Ranger:  "No!"  Pink Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Robo Knight slams into the pavement and the car lands on top of him. Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Hang on!"  The Rangers get up and start to run over to Robo Knight.  Rotox:  "Where do you think you're going?!"  Rotox releases chains that wraps around the Rangers and stops them.  Rotox:  "Grabber beam!"  The grabber beam strikes the Rangers, lifts them off the pavement and flings them outside.  Trapped under the car, Robo Knight can hear Red Ranger's voice over his morpher.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight come in!  Are you there?!"  Outside, still tightly bounded up in chains, Red Ranger continues desperately to make contact with Robo Knight.  Red Ranger:  "Robo Knight, are you okay?"  Rotox walks up to Red Ranger.  Rotox:  "Concern for your friend.  Another pathetic human weakness."  Rotox stomps on Red Ranger's chest.  Rotox:  "You'd be wiser to worry about your own fate!"  Rotox drags Red Ranger up and then tosses him into a stack of barrels.  Yellow Ranger:  "Troy!"  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger manage to get up.  Yellow Ranger & Black Ranger:  "Mega weapons!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!"  Black Ranger:  "Snake Ax!"  Tiger Claw and Snake Ax break the chains on Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger charge towards Rotox with their Tiger Claw and Snake Ax.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger try to strike Rotox with their Tiger Claw and Snake Ax, but Rotox blocks the move with his shield.  Rotox:  "Nice try!"  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger fight Rotox with their Tiger Claw and Snake Ax.  It doesn't take long for Rotox to knock Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger off their feet.  They land hard on the pavement.  Black Ranger:  "Noah!  Hang on!"  Black Ranger races over to Blue Ranger.  Black Ranger releases the chains on Blue Ranger with his Snake Ax.  Yellow Ranger releases the chains from Pink Ranger with her Tiger Claw.  Rotox:  "Do your worst!"  Red Ranger suddenly leaps out from behind the barrels and lands a hard kick on Rotox.  Rotox is knocked to the pavement.  Red Ranger lands close to the rest of the Rangers.  Pink Ranger:  "Troy!"  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger run over to Red Ranger.  Black Ranger:  "Hold still."  Black Ranger breaks the chains on Red Ranger with his Snake Ax.  Rotox gets back up.  "Impressive stunt but you won't get so lucky a second time."  Pink Ranger:  "It's not about luck.  It's about protecting the Earth."  Yellow Ranger:  "It's our duty to protect this planet from creeps like you."  Rotox:  "Rubbish!"  Blue Ranger:  "We believe in our mission and that belief is what makes us strong."  Black Ranger:  "Strong enough to send your tin butt to the recycling bin."   Red Ranger states, when you plot against the Earth, or it's people, you have to deal with us, the Power Rangers.  The Rangers activate their ultra mode.  Rotox is not impressed.  What nonsense is this?  The Rangers charge towards Rotox with their Ultra Swords.  Blue Ranger strikes Rotox several times with his Ultra Sword.  Black Ranger leaps over Blue Ranger and strikes Rotox several times with his Ultra Sword.  Eventually Rotox is knocked off his feet.  He goes flying through the air and hits the pavement hard.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger stand next to each other.  Pink Ranger states, sorry robot.  You picked the wrong planet and wrong people to mess with.  Rotox gets back up on his feet.  Rotox releases two chains which fly towards Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger.  The chains strikes the two Rangers several times.  But Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger strike back with their Ultra Swords and the chains retreat.  Yellow Ranger asks Pink Ranger if she is ready to take him down?  Pink Ranger is ready.  They both charge towards Rotox and strike him with their Ultra Swords as they run past him.  Rotox is surprised to see Red Ranger is back.  Rotox tosses his shield towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger uses his Ultra Sword to block the shield from striking him.  Red Ranger uses his Ultra Sword to push back the shield.  Then he jumps on and lands on the shield, breaking it apart.  Rotox is angry.  Red Ranger strikes Rotox with his Ultra Sword.  Rotox is knocked to the pavement.  The Rangers use ultra strike against Rotox.  Rotox breaks apart and falls to the pavement.  Robo Knight arrives and tells the Rangers nicely done.  After the battle, Noah comments, fighting that robot was different than dealing with monsters.  Troy adds, their change in tactics has got to mean something, but what?  Robo Knight tells them, monsters can be destroyed.  But a damaged machine can be repaired.  Robo Knight walks away.  Noah agrees.  He's got a point.  Later, Rotox DX is destroying several buildings.  The Rangers arrive with their mega weapons drawn.  Pink Ranger asks, the same guy?  Black Ranger replies, sure looks like him, unless I'm seeing things.  Metal Alice walks towards Rotox DX and tells the Rangers, your confusion is understandable.  But this is the new and improved model of the robot you faced this morning.  This is Rotox DX.  Blue Ranger asks, who's she?  Yellow Ranger replies, she's just another tin can.  We'll blow up both of you robots back to where you came from!  Red Ranger calls for the Megaforce Blaster.  The Rangers quickly assemble the Megaforce Blaster and fire it at Rotox DX.  Rotox DX easily blocks the blast and gets rid of it.  The Rangers are surprised.  Black Ranger, how did he do that?  Metal Alice laughs.  I told you Rangers, he's new and improved.  Show them.  Rotox DX fires at the Rangers with his eye beams.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger charge towards Rotox DX with their mega weapons.  Black Ranger tries to strike Rotox DX with his Snake Ax, but Rotox DX knocks him aside.  Yellow Ranger tries to strike with her Tiger Claw, but is also knocked aside.  Both Rangers fall to the pavement.  Rotox DX boasts, I'm ten times stronger than before.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger fire their mega weapons at Rotox DX.  Rotox DX once more blocks the blast and makes it vanish.  Rotox DX slams his hand onto the pavement and directs electrical currents towards Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger.  The two Rangers are hit hard and collapse onto the pavement.  Red Ranger leaps in with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger strikes Rotox DX several times with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger is knocked aside as well.  The rest of the Rangers gather around him.  Black Ranger notes, he's definitely much stronger.  Robo Knight arrives.  Robo Knight starts to walk towards the Rangers, when Metal Alice shouts hey!  Robo Knight faces Metal Alice and she tells him not to interfere.  Robo Knight asks, who are you?  Metal Alice introduces herself.  We robots are not your enemy.  Robo Knight is puzzled, another robot.  Metal Alice tells Robo Knight, we have no intention of harming the Earth.  We have come to conquer the humans and make them our slaves.  That can only help the Earth in the long run.  The Rangers slowly get back up.  Black Ranger shouts, what are you talking about?!  That's just crazy!  Pink Ranger asks, how will enslaving humans make the Earth better?  Metal Alice replies, who created all this pollution you see around you?  It was the humans.  Robo Knight agrees.  Metal Alice continues, just try and imagine how beautiful the Earth was before humans came along.  Blue Ranger states, it's not that simple.  Metal Alice isn't fazed.  Robots are the future.  We will be here long after you humans become extinct.  Rotox DX fires all his weapons at the Rangers.  They are hit hard and knocked off their feet.  Metal Alice states, I think I made my point.  Robo Knight, think about which side you should be on.  Metal Alice and Rotox DX vanish.  Robo Knight considers Metal Alice's words.  The Rangers struggle to stand back up.  Yellow Ranger is mad.  Can you believe the nerve of that robo witch?    Black Ranger replies, she's evil.  What do you expect!  Pink Ranger adds, she's trying to make it sound like we're the bad guys.  Robo Knight walks away.  Red Ranger calls out to him.  Robo Knight continues to walk away, stating, need to process.  Yellow Ranger asks, what's up with him?  Later, Robo Knight stands on top of a building and looks out over the city.  Metal Alice's words run through his mind.   Meanwhile, Metal Alice and Rotox DX walked into an abandoned dwelling.  Metal Alice thinks the place is perfect space to imprison all the humans who resist us.  The Rangers race in and Red Ranger shouts, that's not going to happen!  Because you're both going down!  Pink Ranger is worried.  She is unsure that they can take down both of them.  Red Ranger reminds them they don't have a choice.  They have to.  Metal Alice laughs as she notes Robo Knight is not with them.  I guess he finally realized you're the real threat to the Earth.  Now you children have to face us on your own and lose again.  Yellow Ranger shouts, don't worry!  Robo Knight will see through your evil plan!  The Rangers charged towards them with their Ultra Swords.  The Rangers fight Rotox DX with their Ultra Swords.  Rotox DX fights them with ease.  He calls them foolish humans and tells them they are no match for his new powers.  Now I will terminate you all.  Metal Alice adds, unlike us, you humans can be destroyed.  Red Ranger struggles as he gets back up and responds, think again.  I'm going to turn you from metal into dust.  Metal Alice can only shake her head.  What stubborn creatures you are.  I will prove how superior machines are to man.  Metal Alice tosses up her clipboard and it turns into a weapon.  Red Ranger fights Metal Alice with his Ultra Sword.  The rest of the Rangers quickly join in and fight Metal Alice with their Ultra Swords.  Metal Alice quickly knocks the Rangers off their feet.  Rotox DX blasts the Rangers.  Robo Knight arrives.  Metal Alice is please to see Robo Knight and assumes he has given some thought to what she has said.  Robo Knight has.  Humans are emotional creatures.  And they often make illogical and reckless decisions as a result.  But you are wrong about them.  And I will not join you.  Metal Alice is stunned.  Robo Knight adds, humans are part of the Earth too.  They belong here.  And the good they do far outweighs the bad.  My mission is to protect the Earth and all who live on it, including humans.  Metal Alice is angry.  She commands Rotox DX to scrap them all!  Robo Knight continues, you are robots fighting for the wrong side.  Robo Knight fights Rotox DX with his Robo Blade.  Rotox DX backs away from Robo Knight and stands next to Metal Alice.  Robo Knight tells them, I will not allow you to destroy any living being on this planet.  Robo Knight turns his head to Red Ranger and states, you seem surprised.  Red Ranger gets up and replies, not at all.  You believe in us and we believe in you.  The rest of the Rangers get up and Red Ranger shouts, let's finish this guys!  The Rangers and Robo Knight line up together.  Robo Knight tells them, let's show them how humans and robots work together.  The Rangers stack their Ultra Swords together and Robo Knight places his Vulcan Cannon on top of the Ultra Swords.  Metal Alice is taken aback.  What's this?  The Rangers and Robo Knight fire their weapons.  Metal Alice leaps out of the way, but Rotox DX gets hit with the full blast.  Rotox DX is knocked out of the dwelling.  Metal Alice lands on her feet and tells Robo Knight, you made your choice.  Standing just outside the abandoned dwelling, Vrak comments, that was a very disappointing test.  Perhaps it won't be a total loss.  Vrak snaps his fingers and shouts Zombats, enlarge!  Several Zombats arrive and soon Rotox DX is functioning and giant size.  The Rangers arrive.  Blue Ranger is surprised that Zombats works on robots.  The Rangers summon their Gosei Ultimate Command Ship.  When it arrives, they quickly leap inside it.  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship transforms into Gosei Ultimate Megazord.  Robo Knight transforms into Lion Mechazord.  The Knight Brothers zords are summon and Gosei Grand Megazord is formed.  Rotox DX fires at both Gosei Ultimate Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord blocks the blasts.  The two megazords walk towards Rotox DX.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord strikes Rotox DX with it's swords.  Rotox DX strikes both Gosei Grand Megazord and Gosei Ultimate Megazord.  Gosei Grand Megazord gives Rotox DX his lion kick.  Rotox DX is confident he can still beat them - with one hand.  Gosei Grand Megazord lands another kick.  Red Ranger states, time to shut this robot down for good.  Gosei Ultimate Megazord fires all it's weapons at Rotox DX and then activates it's ultimate charge.  Rotox DX is hit hard and destroyed.   Afterwards, Robo Knight gazes out at the city.  The teens walk up behind him.  Robo Knight greets them.  Troy tells him, they want to thank him for his help today.  We're glad you choose to stay on our side.  Robo Knight responds, I'm on the side of Earth.  You are an inseparable part of this planet and you are at your best when things are at their worst.  Jake replies, thanks for seeing it that way.  Noah adds, of course he would.  It is only logical.  Jake rolls his eyes.  Troy tells Robo Knight, you've truly become a sixth Ranger.  Emma tells them, this morning I was wondering how people's presence has changed this planet.  But now I am so proud of how we protect it too.  Noah responds, we still have a lot of work to do.  Emma agrees.  But Robo Knight said it right.  Our capacity for good far outweighs the bad.  We are a part of this planet just as much trees and animals.  Robo Knight tells Emma, don't be too hard on yourself Pink Ranger.  After all you are only human.  Jake is surprised and asks, did he just make a joke?  Awesome!  Everyone laughs.

Metal Alice and several Loogies walk through the city as terrified citizens run from them.  Metal Alice:  "Go ahead and run.  The way you humans behave is so predictable."  The Rangers quickly arrive.  Red Ranger:  "There she is!"  The Rangers try to get the citizens out of the way.  Yellow Ranger:  "Run!"  Metal Alice spots them.  "Aww, what a surprise."  Robo Knight:  "You've returned."  Metal Alice:  "Of course.  Attack!"  The Loogies race forward and battle the Rangers.  Robo Knight fights the Loogies with his Robo Blade.  Yellow Ranger fights a batch of Loogies with her Tiger Claw as Blue Ranger fights another batch with his Shark Bowgun.  Red Ranger fights several Loogies with his Dragon Sword.  Black Ranger fights a set of Loogies with his Snake Ax as Pink Ranger fights another set with her Phoenix Shot.  Red Ranger leaps over and fights Metal Alice with his Dragon Sword.  The Loogies vanish.  The Rangers face Metal Alice.  Metal Alice:  "You Rangers never learn.  Come here now, Robot 1C0!"  A robot steps forward and stands beside Metal Alice.  "Destroy the Rangers."  Black Ranger:  "Are you kidding me?  Has she tried to make another Robo Knight?"  The robot stands still.  Metal Alice:  "Well, don't just stand there robot, attack!"  Red Ranger:  "She must be stopped!"  All:  "Combine!  Megaforce Blaster!  Ready!"  Metal Alice:  "I don't think so."  All:  "Dynamic Victory Charge!"  Metal Alice grabs Robot 1C0 and shoves him in front of her.  Metal Alice:  "Shield me!"  Robot 1C0 takes the brunt of the blast from Megaforce Blaster and falls to his knees and then unto the pavement.  Metal Alice:  "Ugh.  This creation is a complete failure!"  Metal Alice presses a few buttons on her tablet and vanishes.  Pink Ranger:  "She left her robot behind."  Black Ranger:  "Be careful.  It could be a trick."  Yellow Ranger:  "Look!  He's moving!"  The robot started to move it's hand and then manage to stand back up.  Robo Knight:  "It must be destroyed."  Robot 1C0:  "Sensor overload!"  The robot held it's head with one hand as it turned around and away from the Rangers.  The robot fell to it's knees.  Robot 1C0:  "Dizzy!"  Pink Ranger blocked Robo Knight.  Pink Ranger:  "Wait!"  Robo Knight:  "What are you doing Pink Ranger?"  Pink Ranger:  "Don't hurt it.  He was ordered to attack us, but didn't.  He's different."  Pink Ranger walked over to the robot.  Pink Ranger:  "Are you alright?"  Pink Ranger bent down to talk to the robot.  Pink Ranger:  "Don't worry.  There's nothing to be afraid of."  Pink Ranger kneeled down.  Pink Ranger:  "You don't have to be scared of me.  Okay?"  Robot 1C0:  "Don't have to be scared."  Pink Ranger:  "Right.  You can trust us."   Red Ranger:  "Hold it Emma.  I think we're moving too fast."  Red Ranger walked over to Pink Ranger and the robot, he looked over at the rest of the Rangers.  Red Ranger:  "What do the rest of you think?"  Black Ranger stepped forward.  Black Ranger:  "Yeah.  Maybe it's a setup."  Red Ranger looked over the robot.  "Hmmm.  He doesn't seem to have any weapons.  And he's acting like...he's kind of scared."  Pink Ranger:  "He isn't acting evil at all."  Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger moved closer to the robot.  Yellow Ranger:  "She's right.  But what if it does attack?"  Red Ranger:  "He is Metal Alice's creation, but she abandoned him.  I say we just keep a close eye on him."  Pink Ranger stood back up.  "Sounds good!"  Emma, Gia, Troy, Noah, Jake, and Robo Knight stood in an enclosed gazebo.  Noah has a stethoscope and is trying to examine the robot.  Noah:  "Alright, open up and say aww."  Robot 1C0:  "Open up what?"  Noah:  "Right.  Your mouth doesn't open."  Jake:  "Metal Alice said he was a complete failure.  Maybe she left him behind because he's a throwaway prototype."  Gia:  "He's responding to Noah's orders."  Troy:  "I think he's pretty shaken up from battle.  Plus he didn't seem to want to fight us."  Emma:  "Poor thing.  He has no friends and nowhere to go."  Jake was in disbelief.  "He has no friends!  He's a robot!"  Gia:  "What are we going to do with him?"  Emma:  "I say we show him some kindness.  How about we take him to the park and show him how to have fun."  At the park, they play rock-paper-scissors with the robot to determine who is it.  All the teens:  "Rock! Paper! Scissors! Rock!"  Emma:  "Oh Rico, guess what?  You're it!"  Noah:  "Wait.  You named him?"  Emma:  "Yes.  Metal Alice called him Robot 1C0, so I went with Rico."  Gia:  "I actually like it.  Rico, you're it!"  Rico:  "Rico, it?" Rico played tag with the teens.  After awhile, Rico fell on the grass.  The teens quickly went over to him and Emma kneeled down in front of him.  Emma:  "Rico, are you okay?"  Emma tried to help Rico back up.  Rico slowly got up to his knees and then grabbed Emma.  Rico:  "Caught you!  You're it!"  Everyone laughs.  Next Emma tries to teach Rico how to kick a ball.  Emma:  "Here we go Rico!"  Emma kicks the ball over to Rico.  Rico stops the ball with his foot and then gives it a powerful kick.  The ball flies above them and over the trees.  The guys decide to teach Rico catch as the girls sit on a bench and watch.  Gia:  "What are we doing adopting Rico, Emma?"  Emma:  "Because he's good.  He was built to harm, he resisted it.  I just feel sorry for him."  Gia:  "Rico's a robot."  Gia:  "He has no emotions and we shouldn't feel for him.  It's what Robo Knight keeps telling us."  Emma:  "Maybe he could become our ally, like Robo Knight."  Gia:  "Maybe."  Emma:  "Do you think I'm crazy for trusting Rico?"  Gia:  "I would expect anything different from you Emma.  You have a big heart."  Emma and Gia went back to watching the guys.  Rico caught the ball.  Noah:  "Way to go Rico!"  Rico:  "Got it!"  Jake walked up and gave him a pat.  Rico:  "Thanks."  Jake:  "Nice job Rico."  A few moments later, the teens were enjoying their picnic.  Emma took a bite out of her sandwich.  Emma:  "Hmmm.  This is so good."  Jake glanced over at Gia.  "Yeah, thanks for putting this all together."  Rico:  "Jake like Gia."  Jake got very embarrassed.  Rico:  "Rico like Emma."  Noah:  "Smart robot."  Noah laughs.  Emma:  "We all like each other Rico.  We're all friends."  Rico:  "Friends.  I like playing with Emma and everyone.  It's fun."  Emma:  "I'm glad you're having so much fun."  Rico noticed Gia eating grapes.  Rico:  "I want to eat grape."  Noah:  "Rico, how?  Your mouth doesn't open."  Rico:  "That makes me sad.  I'm different from everyone else.  I'm not a friend."  Emma:  "Just because you're different, doesn't mean you're not our friend."  Jake:  "Yeah, you're cool."  Rico:  "Cool."  Emma swung her arm around Rico's shoulders.  "Best buddies.  Forever."  Rico:  "Best buddies.  Forever."  The teens laughed.  Emma:  "Hey, how about a group picture?!"  Jake, Gia, Rico, Noah, and Troy posed for the pictures as Emma snapped away.  Emma:  "Say cheese!"  Jake:  "Cheese!"  After a few poses, Emma was quite happy.  Emma:  "Perfect."  The gem on Rico's chest started to blink.  Noah:  "What that?"  Troy:  "What's what?"  Noah:  "The light on his chest just blinked."  Worried, Emma walked up to Rico.  Emma:  "Maybe the infrared from my camera activated something."  Rico:  "Not good?"  The teens took Rico to the Command Center.  After finding out, he had a sensor in his chest, controlled by Metal Alice, Rico left the Command Center.  The teens went searching for him.  Emma, Troy, and Gia were in one group as they searched.  Gia:  "Rico!"  Troy:  "Rico!"  Jake and Noah were in a different group searching for Rico.  Noah:  "Rico!"  Jake:  "Rico!"  Noah:  "Rico!"  Jake:  "Rico!"  Emma eventually broke away from her group and search for Rico on her own.  Emma:  "Rico!  Where are you?!"  Emma eventually spotted Rico sitting on a rock by a stream.  Emma:  "Rico."  Emma walked up to Rico.  "Rico.  Why did you run away?"  Rico:  "I have a sensor in my body.  I am controlled by Metal Alice.  It is bad for the Rangers to be with me."  Rico got up and started to walk away, but Emma stopped him with a hug.  "No!  Rico, we want to try to free you from Metal Alice."  Rico:  "Free?"  Emma:  "Being free means that no one can ever make you do anything you don't want to do.  You'll be free from her control."  Rico:  "Rico want to be free.  How?"  Emma:  "We'll figured it out.  Friends always help each other out when they're in need."  Rico:  "Friends."  Emma:  "Yes."    The Rangers came up with a plan to save Rico.   Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Robo Knight, Red Ranger, and Blue Ranger found a quiet place to try and help Rico.  The Rangers and Robo Knight stand at one end while Rico stands at the other end facing them.  Blue Ranger:  "Neutralizing the sensor without hurting Rico is going to be very tricky."  Black Ranger:  "Tensou wasn't sure how the senor would react.  Anything could happen.  Emma should destroy it with a pin point lightening strike."  Pink Ranger is surprised.  Pink Ranger:  "Me?!"  Pink Ranger is worried.  Yellow Ranger can see that she is troubled and walks over to her.  Yellow Ranger:  "Hey, you have a good aim Emma."  Rico:  "Emma has a good aim.  Rico trust Emma.  Rico wants friends to be safe."   Pink Ranger:  "Alright everyone, I'll do it."  Blue Ranger tells the plan and the Rangers act on it.  Blue Ranger:  "First Jake and Gia will create a barrier to contain any possible explosions."  Black Ranger & Yellow Ranger:  "Defenstone!  Activate!"  A barrier from beneath the ground appears.  Blue Ranger:  "Then Troy's Whirlwind and my waves will combine, creating a tornado to absorb any explosions that might happen."  Red Ranger inserts his Twistornado Power Card as Blue Ranger inserts his Seashower Power Card into their morphers and activate it.  The tornado is created.  Blue Ranger:  "All that's left is for Emma's lightening strike to take out the senor.  If there's an explosion, the tornado will catch it and then Robo Knight can snuff it out by freezing it."  Robo Knight:  "Understood.  Get ready Pink Ranger."  Pink Ranger:  "Okay."  Pink Ranger walks to the front of the group and inserts her Lightening Strike Power Card into her morpher.  Pink Ranger:  "Lightening Strike!  Activate!"   Lightening appears but Pink Ranger hesitates using it.  Pink Ranger:  "Rico."  Pink Ranger drops her morpher.  Red Ranger:  "Emma, what's wrong?"  Pink Ranger stares at the ground as she shakes her head.  "I can't do it. If I mess this up, it could be the end of Rico."  Suddenly Metal Alice appears above them.  "You've shown me something fascinating."  Black Ranger:  "Metal Alice! What do you mean?!"  Metal Alice:  "This has all been an experiment to analyze the useless human trait called friendship.  I've learned that it weakens human's decision making.  Now instead of using emotions, I'll use the real power of robots to take all of you out of this equation."  Pink Ranger picks up her morpher.  Pink Ranger:  "You don't understand the value of friendship!  Never have and never will!"  Metal Alice:  "Robots are driven by logic and self preservation.  Not trivial emotional bonds."  Red Ranger:  "A cold hunk of metal like you needs to experience what the power of friendship can do."  All:  "Ultra Mode!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Ultra Mode!  Morph!"  All:  "Earth Defenders!  Never Surrender!  Go Go Megaforce!"  Robo Knight:  "I am Robo Knight.  Protector of the environment.  Guardian of the Earth."  Metal Alice:  "Let me show you something about your so called power of friendship."  Metal Alice presses a few buttons on her tablet.  Rico's face changes and it's eyes turn from blue to red.  Weapons appears on his forearms.  Metal Alice:  "Attack them R1C0!"  R1C0:  "Attack!"  Pink Ranger:  "Rico no!"  Red Ranger:  "Metal Alice, you're heartless!"  Metal Alice:  "Why?  Because I just erased all his memories of your good times."   R1C0 fires his weapons at the Rangers.  The Rangers are knocked off their feet.  R1C0 continues to fire at the Rangers.  Robo Knight"  And now you must be crushed!"  Robo Knight leaps in and fights R1C0 with his Robo Blade.  R1C0 fires several times at Robo Knight, but Robo Knight manages to avoid being hit.  Robo Knight pulls out his Robo Blaster and prepares to fire at R1C0.  Pink Ranger leaps in and stops Robo Knight from firing.  Pink Ranger yells, don't hurt him!  Robo Knight tells her not to be foolish.  You're thinking like a human.  Pink Ranger agrees.  Black Ranger and Red Ranger grab a hold of R1C0 and try to hold his arms down.  R1C0 shakes them off.  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger help Black Ranger and Red Ranger hold his arms down.  They try to hold him, but R1C0 shakes them all off.  Metal Alice states, now that is the robot I designed.  Blue Ranger is fighting R1C0 with his Ultra Sword when Pink Ranger runs over.  Pink Ranger grabs a hold of R1C0 as she tells him, we are not your enemy.  It's me Emma.  Your friend.  Remember?  They stare at each other and R1C0 lowers his arm.  Pink Ranger becomes hopeful.  Rico?  It's okay.  R1C0 states, enemy identified and knocks Pink Ranger off her feet.  Pink Ranger hits the ground as the rest of the Rangers gather around her.  Blue Ranger tells the team, this isn't working.  We have to attack him.  Black Ranger adds, it's a shame, but we have no choice.  R1C0 fires at the Rangers.  The Rangers are knocked off their feet.  Metal Alice states, the glitch in R1C0 is fixed, he's now unbeatable.  The Rangers struggle to get up.  Red Ranger confesses he doesn't want to destroy him.  Even if his memory is erased, he's still our friend.  Yellow Ranger asks, how can we make him remember us?  Red Ranger is not sure they can.  We have to come up with another plan.  Blue Ranger tells them, there is only one sure way to stop him and save him.  That gem in Rico's chest has got to be destroyed.  Jake, Gia, you need to grab him and restrain him.  Be careful.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger get up and run towards R1C0.  The two Rangers fight R1C0.  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger and Pink Ranger, we'll do it like we did before.  But Emma and I will create the tornado.  Troy you do the lightening strike.  Pink Ranger feels bad.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger continue to fight R1C0.  Frustrated, Black Ranger asks, hey guys, what's keeping you?  Hurry!  We can't hold him for long!  Robo Knight leaps in with his Robo Blade and fights R1C0.  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger, let's do this.  Pink Ranger tells them to wait.  I want to help him.  I'll do it.  Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Robo Knight have R1C0 restrain.  Robo Knight tells Pink Ranger, very well, do what you feel you must do.  But be aware that it may not restore his memory.  Pink Ranger is okay with it, as long as it will save him.  Metal Alice notes, I have underestimated how tough R1C0 is.  Robo Knight places his Istop Power Card in his morpher and activates it.   R1C0 is frozen instantly.  Robo Knight tells them to hurry.  He'll only be frozen for a few seconds.  Blue Ranger pulls out his Seashower Power Card and activates it as Red Ranger pulls out his Twistornado Power Card and activates it.  The tornado is created and pointed at R1C0.  Yellow Ranger is concerned.  Emma has to hit that narrow opening!  Blue Ranger is confident Pink Ranger can do it.  With Emma's sharp eye, she'll be able to hit the target.  Robo Knight tells Pink Ranger to do it.  Red Ranger adds, don't hesitate Emma.  Pink Ranger is convinced she can do this.  Pink Ranger pulls out her Lightening Strike Power Card and activates it.  Pink Ranger points her Ultra Sword towards R1C0 and it's a direct hit.  Rico retracts it's weapons.  Pink Ranger is happy that it worked.  Metal Alice tells them, this battle isn't over yet.  Metal Alice summons the Zombats.  They arrive and land on Rico, making him giant size.  Metal Alice uses the backup mode to restore R1C0.  Metal Alice states, he will destroy you all.  The gem on R1C0's chest lights up again.  Pink Ranger is surprised.  The rest of the Rangers are alarmed.  Blue Ranger states, she reactivated the sensor.  Robo Knight points out, he's still under her control.  His strength will be un-parallel.  Red Ranger tells the team they have no choice but to destroy him.  Pink Ranger reluctantly concludes, I understand.  We have no choice.  The Rangers insert their Power Cards into their morpher as they activate their Gosei Great Megazord.  The zords are summon and Gosei Great Megazord is formed.  Gosei Great Megazord faces R1C0.  Red Ranger wishes it hadn't come to this.  Metal Alice yells at R1C0 to destroy that hunk of junk.  Rico refuses.  Metal Alice is surprised.  What?!  Metal Alice is angry.  So you really have been short circuited by friendship!  That means you're useless to me!  It is time for you to self destruct!  Metal Alice angrily presses on the keys on her tablet, but nothing happens.  Blue Ranger notes, Rico is resisting.  He must still remember us!  Black Ranger adds, then Metal Alice will destroy him.  Pink Ranger states, we can't let that happen.  After a few moments, Pink Ranger announces she is going to save him.  The rest of the Rangers are surprised.  Pink Ranger adds, Rico has been a friend to us.  I must set him free!  Pink Ranger inserts her Power Card and summons the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship and activates it.  Gosei Ultimate Command Ship arrives and Pink Ranger leaps inside it.  Pink Ranger tells her team to trust her.  Yellow Ranger asks, what are you going to do?  Pink Ranger replies, getting him out of here.  Metal Alice yells traitor!  I can override your systems and blow you to smithereens!  Metal Alice is about to press another key when her arm is pulled back.  It is Robo Knight.  Robo Knight tells her, it is you who has betrayed him.  Metal Alice fights Robo Knight.  Pink Ranger flies Gosei Ultimate Command Ship over to Rico and tells him to grab hold, which he does.  Pink Ranger tells him to hang on.  Red Ranger notes she took him!  Blue Ranger thinks she is crazy.  Black Ranger warns her to think about this.  Robo Knight shouts no!  Metal Alice notes, Vrak is not going to be happy about this.  Pink Ranger tells Rico she is taking him to a safe place.  Far enough away from Metal Alice's signal can't reach you.  You're my friend.  I need to set you free.  Rico states, Emma set Rico free.  Pink Ranger is surprised.  Rico states, Rico trusts friend Emma.  Pink Ranger is happy that Rico remembers her.  As they continues to fly upwards, Pink Ranger tells Rico they are nearly out of the range of Metal Alice.  In a few seconds, you need to let go.  The seconds pass and Rico lets go, shouting, I'm free!  Metal Alice is very angry.  Robot 1C0 escaped.  This isn't over Rangers!  Metal Alice vanishes.  Red Ranger replies, and we'll be ready for you!  Afterwards, at the park,  Jake, Troy, and Noah are playing soccer.  Emma and Gia are sitting on a bench, watching them. Gia laughs as she comments, they are having so much fun.  I bet Rico would have liked playing with them.  Emma admits she misses Rico.  Gia tells her, we all do.  It was really brave of you to set him free.  Noah walks over to grab a water bottle and agrees with Gia's comment.  Everyone should be free.  Noah tosses a water bottle to Troy as he continues, we should all choose our destiny.  Noah tosses another water bottle to Jake as he tells Emma, and you helped him do that.  Emma states, I'm happy for him.  But tears escape, betraying how she really feels.  Jake tries to lighten the mood.  Do you remember how Rico kicked that ball?  That was impressive.  I mean with that kind of action, we could win the world cup.  Noah adds, he learned quick.  He's way better than me at catching the baseball.  Jake admits, way better than me at kicking the soccer ball.  The guys laugh.  Emma forces a smile.  Troy grabs the soccer ball and tells the guys, come on.  Practice makes perfect.  Jake and Noah join Troy in playing soccer.  Gia and Emma smile as they remember their time with Rico.  Gia and Emma glance up at the sky.  Emma states, wherever you are, just remember, you'll always be in our hearts.

Jake, Emma, Troy, and Gia are sand surfing.  Close by, Noah is playing chest with Robo Knight and doing badly.  "What?  Grrr, you're killing me Robot Knight."  Robo Knight is distracted by the other four teens in the stream, kicking water at each other.  Robo Knight:  "What is this activity the others are engaged in?"  Noah glances over.  "Oh, they're just messing around, you know, having fun."  Noah moves one of his pieces.  "Your move."  Robo Knight, without pause, moves another piece, blocking Noah's chest piece, which frustrates Noah.  Robo Knight:  "I don't understand.  What is fun?"  Noah moves another piece and knocks one of Robo Knight's pieces off the board.  "When you do something just for the fun of it.  You know, to feel good."  Noah laughs.  "Check that out!"  Once more, without missing a beat, Robo Knight moves another of his pieces.  "Checkmate."  Jake walks up to their table and he is happy to see Robo Knight win.  Jake:  "Way to trounce Brainic Robo Knight!  Up top!"  Robo Knight:  "What is up top?"  Jake:  "Okay when humans win at something, we celebrate by slapping each others hands."  Jake gives a demonstration.  "Just like this.  It's called a high five."  Robo Knight:  "I simply defeated my opponent through the use of superior logic."  Noah makes a face.  "Yeah, rub it in."  Jake:  "Come on Robo Knight.  Give it up."  Noah:  "Go ahead Robo Knight.  You deserve it.  You won fair and square."  Robo Knight high fives Jake with enough force to send Jake flying.  As Jake falls to the ground, he knocks over the potato salad which lands on his face.  Noah laughs as Jake slowly gets up and wipes the potato salad off his face.  Noah:  "Now that's what I call fun!"   Meanwhile, in the city, Metal Alice has arrived.  Metal Alice:  "Aww, yes.  All this hustle and bustle reminds me of an ant hill.  Humans are nothing more than mindless ants.  Scurrying to try to get where they need to go.  This train scheme is perfect.  One small disruption and they fall into chaos.  Soon their mindless routing will be turned upside down."  Metal Alice laughs.  Elsewhere, Emma, Gia, and Troy join them at their table.  Jake is giving Gia a hard time.  Gia:  "Stop!"  Troy's morpher goes off.  Tensou:  "Rangers, it's Metal Alice!  She's attacking the train station."  Troy:  "We're on it."  Robo Knight and the teens quickly take off running.  As the teens run they morph.  All:  "Go Go Megaforce!"  Troy:  "Megaforce Red!"  Emma:  "Megaforce Pink!"  Jake:  "Megaforce Black!"  Gia:  "Megaforce Yellow!"  Noah:  "Megaforce Blue!"  Metal Alice is by a power station.  Metal Alice:  "Now to add fuel to the fire.  I will destroy this power station.  Then watch those humans fall completely into chaos."  The Rangers soon find Metal Alice.  Red Ranger:  "Stop!"  Metal Alice turns around and blocks their blasts from their Mega Blasters with her weapon.  Robo Knight and the Rangers face down Metal Alice.  Red Ranger:  "Metal Alice!"  Metal Alice:  "Rangers!  Not you again!  I'll handle you quickly.  I'm rather busy."  Metal Alice charges towards the Rangers with her weapon.  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger fire their Mega Blasters at Metal Alice.  Metal Alice blocks their blasts with ease.  "I see you're losing your touch."  Metal Alice leaps into the air and lands close to the Rangers.  Metal Alice fights the Rangers with her weapon.  "There are plans in motion that you can't stop."  Metal Alice grabs a hold of Yellow Ranger and faces Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger with her weapon drawn.  "Not so fast."  Robo Knight has his Robo Blaster drawn and pointed at Metal Alice.  Robo Knight:  "Why are you here?  Simply to cause random destruction?"  Metal Alice releases Yellow Ranger and strikes her.  Metal Alice also strikes Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger.  "I'm not that simple.  Humans panic so easily.  Just one glitch stops your whole system from functioning."  Metal Alice has Black Ranger trapped beneath her foot.  Robo Knight, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger have their weapons pointed at Metal Alice.  They fire, but Metal Alice vanishes before she is struck.  Metal Alice reappears a few feet away from them and blasts them.  The Rangers are knocked to the pavement.  Metal Alice:  "Humans are completely irrational."  Blue Ranger struggles to get back up.  "They don't become like that on their own.  You provoke them."  Metal Alice laughs.  Pink Ranger:  "Let's see if we can break down her system."  Yellow Ranger:  "I agree."  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger race towards Metal Alice.  Yellow Ranger fights Metal Alice with her Tiger Claw as Pink Ranger fights her with her Phoenix Shot.  Metal Alice easily knocks the two Rangers down.  Red Ranger leaps in.  "Dragon Sword!"  Red Ranger fights Metal Alice with his Dragon Sword.  Blue Ranger joins in with his Shark Bowgun and Black Ranger with his Snake Ax.  Metal Alice gets a hold of Blue Ranger and forces him to his knees.  "Humans should be our slaves."  Metal Alice strikes Blue Ranger and fights the rest of the Rangers as well.  Soon Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger are knocked down to the pavement.  Metal Alice glances over at Robo Knight.  "How can you be allies with them?"  Robo Knight:  "They posses what you never will.  Compassion."  Metal Alice turns around and faces Robo Knight.  "Pathetic."  Metal Alice throws her weapon towards Robo Knight.  Robo Knight knocks it away with his Robo Blaster.  The weapon flies into the air.  Metal Alice fights Robo Knight.  Robo Knight fires at Metal Alice several times with his Robo Blaster, but she manages to outmaneuver each of the blasts.  Metal Alice lands a hard kick on Robo Knight.  The weapon falls back down and Metal Alice catches it.  Metal Alice fights Robo Knight with her weapon.  "You are a disgrace to all machines and our superior robotic logic."  Suddenly several floors of the power station explodes. Robo Knight and Metal Alice break apart.  Robo Knight lines up with the rest of the Rangers.  Metal Alice:  "I'm done with you. Soon the gridlock and chaos I create will bring this entire world to it's knees.  You'll see."  Red Ranger:  "What?"  Metal Alice:  "Goodbye."  Metal Alice presses a key on her tablet and vanishes.  Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger towards Metal Alice, but she is already gone.  All:  "No!"  The Rangers split up as they search for Metal Alice.  Blue Ranger talks into his morpher as he races along, searching.  "She wanted to create gridlock.  So focusing on transportation centers should work.  See anything unusual Jake?"  Black Ranger is at the airport.  Black Ranger:  "Nothing here.  I'm going to keep moving."  Pink Ranger:  "All clear down here on at the docks but I'll keep my eyes open."  Yellow Ranger:  "Nothing here at the Port Authority either."  Yellow Ranger gave a groan of frustration.  "Where are you Metal Alice?!"  Robo Knight was at the train track.  "Scanning railroad system."  Robo Knight stood at the side of the train station.  A young boy taking a drink of water from the fountain noticed him.  Young boy:  "Hello mister.  Are you a policeman?"  Robo Knight:  "Policeman?  No, not a policeman?"  Young boy:  "Then what are you?"  Robo Knight:  "I am a protector."  Young boy:  "Are you waiting for someone too?"  Robo Knight:  "You can say that."  Young boy:  "I'm so happy because my mom's coming home today.  I'm excited to see her.  When she gets here, I'm going to give her a big hug."  Robo Knight:  "Hug?  Why?"  Young boy:  "She's been away for days, and I've missed her."  Robo Knight:  "Miss.  I do not understand miss."  Young boy:  "Well, that's what you feel when someone you love is not with you."  Announcer:  "Attention please.  All train service will now resume.  Thank you for your patience."  The young boy's father call him back.  Robo Knight:  "Hmmm.  Missing someone." Metal Alice returns to Harwood County, close to some train tracks.  Metal Alice:  "This will stop those trains for good."  She laughs.  Red Ranger races up.  "What have you done now?!"  Metal Alice:  "Something you're too late to stop!  The timer has already started.  You do have about seven minutes until the bomb explodes."  Red Ranger:  "Bomb!  No!"  Metal Alice:  "So, I'll give you something to keep you out of my hair until then.  Loogies!  Go!"  The Loogies race towards Red Ranger.  Red Ranger fights the Loogies.  During the fight, Red Ranger pulls out his Gosei Morpher.  "Everyone!  There's a time bomb under the train tracks!"  The train's almost here!"  Robo Knight:  "I am on my way."  All:  "We'll take care of it."  Metal Alice had vanished from the battle with Red Ranger and reappeared in the city.  Robo Knight was walking through the city when Metal Alice stopped him.  "Hold on there Robo Knight.  I'll like to talk to you for a moment."  Being a logical entity, there's something you should seriously be considering in regards to those silly human friends of yours, the Power Rangers."  Back at the battle, Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger have arrived to help Red Ranger.  Blue Ranger:  "Surprise!"  Meanwhile, back in the city, Metal Alice continues to talk to Robo Knight.  Metal Alice:  "Remember to those humans, you're just a machine.  And what do they do when machines break?  They toss them aside.  They only care about what you can do for them.  You're on the wrong team, but there's still time to join our side.  The choice is yours."  Back at the battle.  Red Ranger:  "Time's running out!  We got to get these guys out of the way!"  All:  "Ultra Zords!  Activate!  Ultra Mode!  Activate!"  Gosei:  "Ultra Mode!  Morph!"  All:  "Ultra Mode!  Ready!  Ultra Power!  Dynamic Strike!"  The Loogies were destroyed, but very quickly another batch of Loogies appeared.  Red Ranger:  "What?  There's more!"  Red Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled the Loogies.  Red Ranger:  "Hurry Rangers!  We only have a few minutes left!"  Metal Alice, unnoticed, had reappeared on top of an empty train.  Metal Alice:  "Yes, struggle uselessly.  Time is ticking."  Suddenly Metal Alice is struck by Lion Mechazord.  Robo Knight:  "Lion Zord!  Morph!"  Lion Mechazord lands on top of the train and reverts back to Robo Knight.  Robo Knight asks Metal Alice, why do you hate the humans so much?  Metal Alice replies why?  Just look how inferior they are.  These useless creatures must be eliminated.  Metal Alice tosses up her tablet, which turns into her weapon.  Metal Alice catches her weapon.  Robo Knight fires at Metal Alice several times with his Robo Blaster, but Metal Alice vanishes and reappears each time unhurt.  Metal Alice fights Robot Knight.  Robo Knight fights Metal Alice with his Robo Blaster.  As they fight, Metal Alice tells Robo Knight, this planet is not big enough for robots and humans.  It's either us or them.  Any way they will not be missed.  Metal Alice knocks Robo Knight off the train.  Robo Knight lands on his feet.  Metal Alice leaps down and fights Robo Knight.  Robo Knight fights Metal Alice with his Robo Blade.  As they fight Robo Knight tells Metal Alice, even when there is just one human lost, there will be those who miss that person and suffer greatly from it.  Metal Alice responds, I cannot comprehend why human feelings have any value.  Metal Alice uses her weapon to wrap several beams of energy around Robo Knight.  She flicks her weapon and Robo Knight goes flying.  Robo Knight crashes onto the ground.  Red Ranger sees what has happened and races over.  The rest of the Rangers join Red Ranger in racing over to Robo Knight.  Metal Alice fires at the Rangers.  The Rangers manage to block the blasts with their Ultra Swords.  Metal Alice asks the Rangers, why do you defend him?  Red Ranger replies, because we protect everyone on this planet.  Yellow Ranger adds, you can't change that by adding chaos.  Pink Ranger states, when things are at their worse.  Blue Ranger continues, we humans rise up and protect our own.  Black Ranger adds, and everyone is important to someone.  The Rangers charge towards Metal Alice.  The Rangers fight Metal Alice with their Ultra Swords.  Robo Knight joins in with his Robo Blade.  Metal Alice spins in a circle and with her weapon knocks all the Rangers off their feet.  Metal Alice states, humanity makes no sense to me.  Robo Knight tells her, it is true that their actions are often times hard to understand.  Robo Knight charges towards Metal Alice with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight fights Metal Alice with his Robo Blade.  Robo Knight lands a hard strike against Metal Alice.  Robo Knight tells Metal Alice, humans appreciate their fellow man and we should respect their complex feelings they have for each other.  Like a child missing his mother.  Metal Alice yells nonsense!  Metal Alice and Robo Knight fight again.  Robo Knight uses his Robo Blade as he fights against Metal Alice.  He tells her, emotions are not a weakness.  Failing to see that will be your downfall.  Robo Knight strikes a powerful blow against Metal Alice with his Robo Blade.  Metal Alice falls to the ground.  Robo Knight tells the Rangers to stop that bomb.  The Rangers take off running.  Robo Knight walks away.  Unseen, Metal Alice gets back up on her feet.  As the Rangers race towards the bomb, Yellow Ranger shouts, we've only got twelve seconds!  Red Ranger shouts, it's all we need!  Above Metal Alice watches the Rangers and decides to shave a few seconds off the timer.  She uses her tablet to speed up the timer.  The bomb goes off and part of the railway is destroyed.  The Rangers fall to the ground.  Metal Alice sarcastically apologizes.  Did I forget to tell you about my override system?  Black Ranger pounds the ground with his fist.  No!  Now the bridge is gone!  Red Ranger yells, the train!  Blue Ranger shouts, it's going to crash!  The train continues to race along.  Black Ranger tells the rest of the team they have to force it to stop.  Pink Ranger thinks it's impossible.  We won't make it.  Robo Knight tells the Rangers, do not give up.  Red Ranger agrees.  He's right.  There's always a way.  Black Ranger adds, we can't give up.  Pink Ranger tells the team, for the people on that train.  Yellow Ranger adds, and for everyone on Earth.  The Rangers struggle, but they manage to stand back up. Gosei contacts the Rangers and tells them, your perseverance has earned a new power. Power Cards drop down into the Rangers' hands.  They are the Gosei Jet Power Cards.  Robo Knight tells them, quickly!  Summon your zords.  The train is only seconds away.  Robo Knight pulls out his morpher and transforms into Lion Mechazord.  The Rangers insert the new cards into their morphers and summon Gosei Jet.  Gosei Jet arrives.  Gosei Jet is five zords, condor, elephant, dolphin, beetle, alligator, that form a bridge across the broken train tracks.  Lion Mechazord leads the train safety over the tracks.  Once the train passes, the five zords fly away.  Metal Alice is not happy.  She tells them, you have not won humans.  This calls for desperate measures.  Metal Alice summons the Zombats and has them enlarge her.  Metal Alice becomes giant size.  Lion Mechazord is activated once more.  The Rangers enter the Gosei Jet Mechazords and use their new Power Cards to activate Gosei Jet Megazord.  Lion Mechazord combines with the Knight Brothers Zords and becomes Gosei Grand Megazord.  Gosei Jet Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord face down Metal Alice.  She tells them, you've ruined my plan and damaged the body my master made for me.  Now you'll pay for scarring that body!  Metal Alice uses her weapon to blast both megazords.  Red Ranger states, we will do whatever we can to protect this world with all our powers.  Gosei Jet Megazord kicks Metal Alice hard.  The elephant mechazord blasts Metal Alice.  Gosei Grand Megazord punches Metal Alice several times.  Metal Alice falls to the pavement.  Red Ranger states, let's teach her that we won't allow anyone to put humans in danger and how powerless against the human spirit she really is.  Metal Alice gets back up and replies, what?  That's a joke.  Metal Alice charges towards Gosei Jet Megazord and tries to strike it with her weapon, but Gosei Jet Megazord blocks the strike.  Gosei Jet Megazord forces the weapon down and then strikes Metal Alice.  Metal Alice stumbles backwards.  Red Ranger declares, let's finish this robo wreck!  The Rangers activate their victory charge.  Metal Alice is hit with the victory charge jet strike.  She falls to the pavement in an explosion.  The Rangers cheer.  The Rangers state, and that's the end of Metal Alice.  Afterwards, the train arrives at the station.  The young boy waits anxiously for the sight of his mother.  She suddenly appears and spots him.  They run towards each other and give each other a big hug.  The husband joins them and gives his wife a hug and kiss on the cheek.  He picks up her luggage and the family walks off together holding hands.  Robo Knight watches the whole scene.  As the family walks pass, the boy glances back and gives Robo Knight a wave.  Robo Knight waves back.  Robo Knight realizes what he has been doing and is a little confused.  The teens walk up behind Robo Knight.  They had also spotted Robo Knight waving.  Ready to tease, Emma asks her friends, did everyone see that?  Gia answers yeah.  Robo Knight might be a little bit human under all that metal after all.  Robo Knight states, there is still much to learn about humans.  I have many questions.  Jake answers, oh yeah.  Fire away.  Robo Knight glances at Jake.  Jake continues, it's okay.  Shoot.  Noah knows how literal Robo Knight is and is about to suggest to Jake to rephrase his sentences, when Robo Knight pulls out his Robo Blaster.  Emma, Gia, Jake, and Noah become alarm and back up.  Troy puts his hand on the Robo Blaster and pushes Robo Knight's arm down as he states, I think we still have a lot to learn.  The teens laugh.  

Robo Knight walks over to a park.  He watches the people gathered there.  A small girl runs and falls and begins to cry.  Her mother hurries over.  Mom:  "Oh honey, did you trip?"  She picks up her daughter and hugs her.  Mom:  "There, there, mommy's got you."  Robo Knight:  "Hmmm."   Elsewhere, Troy is working out in a field when Robo Knight walks up.  Troy:  "Hi!"   Robo Knight:  "What are tears?"  Troy continues to practice his karate moves.  Troy:  "What?"  Robo Knight:  "I want to know why humans cry?"  Troy:  "Because we do."  Robo Knight:  "Why?"  Troy stopped his practice.  Troy:  "You should ask Emma.  She knows more about tears than me."  Robo Knight:  "Right."  Robo Knight walked away.  Emma is taking pictures in a different part of a field when Robo Knight walks up behind her.  Robo Knight:  "Pink Ranger."  Emma is surprised.  "What?  Robo Knight."  Emma glances behind her and sees Robo Knight.  Robo Knight:  "A human child falls and cries out.  The mother hugs the child.  Why?"  Emma is taking pictures and is a little distracted.  "Wait.  What?"  Robo Knight:  "Why does a mother hug her child?"  Emma:  "Because she loves him."  Robo Knight:  "Love?"  Robo Knight walks away but Emma is unaware of this.  Emma:  "She wants her child to know how much she cares about him.  That's how a mother...oh."  Emma turns around and notices Robo Knight is gone.  Gia is working out.  She can hear Robo Knight's clanging sound as he approaches.  Gia:  "Hi Robo Knight!"  Robo Knight:  "Hello."  Gia continues with her workout.  Robo Knight:  "Yellow Ranger, what is love?"  Gia:  "What is love?"  Gia thinks it over and then gives an eye roll as she responds.  "Why don't you ask Jake.  He'll tell you all about love."  Gia takes off for a run.  Jake is playing in a soccer game.  Robo Knight stands and watches the game for a moment.  Robo Knight:  "There is nothing I can learn from him."  Robo Knight walks away. After a trip to Harwood County High School, Robo Knight enters the library and scares almost everyone away.  Meanwhile, Admiral Malkor arrives in Harwood County.  People scatter in fear from him.  Admiral Malkor:  "Earth will fall to me!"  Troy has finished his workout and is packing up his gear when his morpher goes off.  Tensou:  "A monster had appeared near the Fairview station."  Troy:  "I'm on my way.  Inform the others."  The teens arrive as people race away from Admiral Malkor.  The teens try to get them to leave quicker.  Gia:  "Go!"  Jake:  "Come on!"  The people are quickly gone.   Admiral Malkor slowly turns around and faces the teens.  "Glad you could make it Rangers.  Finally we meet in person.  I am Malkor."  Gia shouts, you don't who you're messing with!  Jake adds, yeah, how do you even spell that?  M..a...l....what?  Admiral Malkor responds, it spells earth's doom.  Troy tells his friends, alright guys, it's morphin time!  The teens morph.  Admiral Malkor uses his ax to try and blast the teens, but they finish their morph and leap out of the way.  The Rangers have their mega weapons at the ready as Red Ranger shouts, here he comes! The Rangers charge towards Admiral Malkor with their mega weapons.  The five Rangers fight Admiral Malkor.  Admiral Malkor tells them, my ax will cut you all down to size.  Admiral Malkor knocks Pink Ranger away.  She crashes into barrels.  Blue Ranger is also knocked away by the powerful ax.  Red Ranger fights Admiral Malkor with his Dragon Sword.  As they fight, Admiral Malkor states, face it Rangers, the fact is I posses much greater power than you can even imagine.  Admiral Malkor strikes Red Ranger and he goes flying.  Admiral Malkor laughs as he notes, pathetic.  Pink Ranger has gotten back up.  She shouts, Rangers!  Charge!  Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger charge towards Admiral Malkor and fight him with their mega weapons.  Admiral Malkor has an easy time battling and questions, these are the Rangers who defeated all my soldiers?  The four Rangers crumple to the ground.  Admiral Malkor comments, such fools to attack me with my new powers.  He picks up Pink Ranger and tosses her aside.  Pink Ranger lands on the pavement and rolls.  Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger gather around her.  Admiral Malkor blasts the four Rangers with his ax.  The four Rangers collapse.  From behind, Red Ranger shouts, did you miss me?!  Admiral Malkor turns around and Red Ranger lands a kick.  Red Ranger and Admiral Malkor fight.  Very quickly, Admiral Malkor knocks Red Ranger aside and he lands by the rest of the Rangers.  Admiral Malkor tells them, beating you has been surprisingly easy.  But you are just a small part of the plan.  The Rangers struggle to get back up.  Admiral Malkor continues, I will only feel satisfaction when your entire world trembles before me and meets it's end.  Red Ranger states, we'll never tremble before you.  Yellow Ranger asks, where's Robo Knight?  Pink Ranger assumes Tensou has already called him.  Blue Ranger is sure he's on his way.  Black Ranger notes, but we could use him now.  Admiral Malkor calls the Rangers fools and asks, you think you can still fight me?  Pink Ranger shouts, let's do it!  Red Ranger inserts the Twistornado Power Card into his morpher.  Black Ranger inserts Winrush Power Card and Blue Ranger inserts his Seashower Power Card into their morphers.  But nothing happens and the Rangers wonder why.  Admiral Malkor shouts, it's all me!  Admiral Malkor lifts his hand into the sky and golden power shoots out of it.  Red Ranger asks, what's he doing?  Admiral Malkor shouts, meteor shower!  The powerful strike hits the Rangers hard.  They are knocked off their feet as Admiral Malkor laughs.  The Rangers can barely move.  Admiral Malkor gloats, now I'll let you watch the destruction of your beloved earth.  Then I'll come back and finish you off.  Admiral Malkor laughs once more.  The Rangers struggle to get back up.  Red Ranger states, we got to find a way to stop him.  Gosei contacts the Rangers and tell them Malkor is the aliens' commander.  He has disable your morphers with a blocking ray, but we've changed their frequency so it won't happen.  The Rangers get back up.  Blue Ranger instructs Tensou to call Robo Knight.  Tensou responds, roger that!  I have been.  The five Rangers charge into action. In the city, buildings crumble into pieces and vanish.  Suddenly Admiral Malkor appears in the sky.  He states, people of Earth.  I am Admiral Malkor.  This planet now belongs to the insectoids.  Soon there will be nothing left of your world. More buildings crumple up and float into the sky.  Admiral Malkor stands on top of a building and watches with satisfaction.  Their world crumples in the wake of my power.  The Rangers leap onto the building and land behind Admiral Malkor.  Red Ranger gives a warning to his team, be ready for anything.  Mockingly Admiral Malkor asks, who can that be?  Surely not the Power Rangers.  Red Ranger shouts, turn around and face us!  Admiral Malkor laughs.  Didn't you hear the world is coming to an end?  Black Ranger responds, no, we missed that!  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger leap into the air and strike Admiral Malkor.  Admiral Malkor's eyes light up and power surrounds him, knocking Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger away from him.  They hit the pavement hard.  Blue Ranger leaps over them.  He pulls out his Seashower Power Card and activates it.  The attack heads towards Admiral Malkor.  Admiral Malkor scoops the water into his palm, creating a sphere of water.  Admiral Malkor comments, interesting, before throwing it back to the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit hard with their own attack.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger leap through the attack.  They fire at Admiral Malkor with their Phoenix Shot and Dragon Sword.  Both Rangers fight Admiral Malkor with their mega weapons.  Admiral Malkor grabs Red Ranger by the throat and then tosses him towards the rest of the Rangers.  The Rangers gather together and fire their Mega Blasters at Admiral Malkor.  Admiral Malkor easily blocks the blast.  He comments, better but not good enough.  Admiral Malkor blasts the Rangers off their feet. As the Rangers struggle to get up, Admiral Malkor uses his planet strike against them.  The Rangers are knocked off the roof.  They land hard on the street below.  Blue Ranger tells the rest, my Power Card worked, but he's still too strong.  Red Ranger tells them, we're not finished yet.  From the top of the building, Admiral Malkor tells them, oh you're finished.  You just don't know it yet.  Your pathetic weapons pale in comparison to the invincibility of my powers, which will soon disintegrate your civilization.  Now you're simply a source of amusement.  More building crumple up into the sky.  Trains crumple up and vanish as well.  From the Warstar Spaceship, Vrak tells Admiral Malkor, per your orders I beamed you and the Rangers to a perfect location, where you can all witness their world fall apart.     Admiral Malkor, once again, stands with his back facing the Rangers as they race up.  Red Ranger shouts, no matter where you move us, we'll stand together!  You may be strong but even your super powers don't stand a chance against our ingenuity and the human will!  Admiral Malkor turns around and faces them.  He tells them, now you're trying my patience.  Red Ranger continues, haven't you heard?  We're Earth's Defenders and we never surrender!  The Rangers charge towards Admiral Malkor.  The Rangers fight Admiral Malkor.  Pink Ranger lands a kick before being knocked aside.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger try to strike him, but are knocked aside.  They land on the ground.  The Rangers gather together.  They get their Mega Blasters ready and fire at Admiral Malkor.  Admiral Malkor blocks the blast with his ax.  Admiral Malkor laughs.  I told you before, your weapons won't work on me.  Admiral Malkor uses his ax to blast the Rangers.  Admiral Malkor tells them, you're wasting my time.  Blue Ranger fires his Shark Bowgun at Admiral Malkor.  Admiral Malkor quickly blocks the blast with his ax and then blasts Blue Ranger off his feet.  Red Ranger tries to strike Admiral Malkor with his Dragon Sword.  Admiral Malkor blasts all the Rangers off their feet with his ax.  They land in a crumple pile on the ground.  Admiral Malkor tells them, a bold effort but useless.  Admiral Malkor uses his planet strike against the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit hard.  Admiral Malkor laughs once more.  How many times must I defeat you?  A hundred?  A thousand?  Red Ranger responds, keep counting.  You picked the wrong planet to attack.  Admiral Malkor replies, really?  Red Ranger continues, you think this is just about us?  This is our planet we're fighting for.  Our home.  Everyone we know and everyone we love.  We will never surrender.  Red Ranger charges towards Admiral Malkor with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger strikes Admiral Malkor's ax with his Dragon Sword.  Admiral Malkor strikes Red Ranger with his ax.  Admiral Malkor states, stay down you pest.  Admiral Malkor knocks Red Ranger to the ground.  Red Ranger gets back up and states, I told you.  We won't surrender.  Red Ranger charges towards Admiral Malkor with his Dragon Sword.  Admiral Malkor and Red Ranger fight each other with their weapons.  Admiral Malkor knocks Red Ranger off his feet and is about to strike him when the rest of the Rangers block the blow with their mega weapons.  They all strike Admiral Malkor with their mega weapons.  Admiral Malkor screams what?!  The Rangers face him as Red Ranger tells him, our cause is just and that's our real power.  That's why we'll win!  The Rangers charge towards Admiral Malkor with their mega weapons.  The Rangers fight Admiral Malkor with their mega weapons as he calls them fools.  Blue Ranger fires his Shark Bowgun and Pink Ranger fires her Phoenix Shot at Admiral Malkor.  Admiral Malkor warns them, they have no idea what is coming.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger charge towards Admiral Malkor, but he blocks their blasts with his ax.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger strike Admiral Malkor with their Snake Ax and Tiger Claw.  Admiral Malkor easily knocks them to the ground.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger race up and try to strike Admiral Malkor with their Shark Bowgun and Phoenix Shot.  Admiral Malkor blocks their moves with his ax and then strikes them.  Red Ranger fights Admiral Malkor with his Dragon Sword.  Admiral Malkor blocks a strike and tells Red Ranger, don't you know?  Might beats right!  Admiral Malkor knocks Red Ranger to the ground.  The Rangers charge towards Admiral Malkor.  He blasts them off their feet.  The Rangers combine their weapons and form Megaforce Blaster.  The Rangers fire their Megaforce Blaster.  Admiral Malkor manages to block the blast and then blasts the Rangers with his own power.  Through the flames, the Rangers charge towards Admiral Malkor with their mega weapons ready.  The Rangers fight Admiral Malkor with their mega weapons.  After striking Admiral Malkor with their mega weapons, they stand and face him.  Admiral Malkor tells them, well played Rangers.  But a wise leader always has a backup plan.  Zombats!  The Zombats surround Admiral Malkor.  Admiral Malkor tells the Rangers, now you will see what real power is.  Admiral Malkor catches one of the Zombats and eats it.  The Rangers make gagging sounds and Yellow Ranger comments, disgusting.  Admiral Malkor grows to giant size.  Admiral Malkor shouts into the sky, Vrak, land the ship as planned. Admiral Malkor tells the Rangers, my ship will crush what's left of your city.  The Rangers also spot the spaceship.  Black Ranger becomes alarmed.  He's going to land the ship!  Admiral Malkor tells them, now you see that all pathetic humans have no chance and you will bow down to me!  Red Ranger tells this team, it's now or never guys.  Time to summon the Gosei Great Megazord.  The Rangers summon their mechazords.  They arrive and Gosei Great Megazord is quickly formed. Red Ranger asks his team, are we ready to do this?  They respond with yes!  Gosei Great Megazord charges towards Admiral Malkor.  Admiral Malkor scoffs at them.  Such toys!  Gosei Great Megazord and Admiral Malkor fight as the Warstar Spaceship hovers over them.  Admiral Malkor strikes Gosei Great Megazord with his ax several times.  Admiral Malkor knocks Gosei Great Megazord backwards and Gosei Great Megazord falls to the ground.  Red Ranger tells his team, we have to neutralize that ax!  Gosei Great Megazord is back on it's feet.  Red Ranger shouts, that ship is about to crush us!  Gosei Great Megazord launches it's multi zord attack against Admiral Malkor.  Red Ranger exclaims, our zords will finish him!  Instead, Admiral Malkor powers himself up and destroys the zords.  Admiral Malkor shouts, now I will show you no mercy!  Black Ranger shouts, he just vaporized the zords!  Admiral Malkor strikes Gosei Great Megazord with his ax.  Pink Ranger tells her team, we just need to stop that ship.  Admiral Malkor blasts Gosei Great Megazord.  Sparks fly in the cockpit.  Admiral Malkor shouts into the sky, come Vrak!  Crush what's left of these pathetic Power Rangers!  Red Ranger shouts, Rangers!  The ship's about to land!  Admiral Malkor states, and now the end.  Yellow Ranger tells her team, I say we give him a different ending than he wants.  Black Ranger responds, I'm with you.  There must be something we can do.  Pink Ranger adds, whatever it is, count me in!  Blue Ranger also adds, definitely!  Let's take him down!  Red Ranger suggests they combine their Power Cards into one giant super card.  The plan works and it launches every mechazord they got at Admiral Malkor.  The ax and Admiral Malkor's new power is destroyed.  Admiral Malkor screams impossible!  Red Ranger notes, he's lost his wings!  Come on guys!  This is our chance!  The Rangers summon Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.  Once activated, Ultra Gosei Great Megazord fires it's victory charge.  Admiral Malkor shouts, hurry Vrak!  Crush them!  Admiral Malkor is hit with the victory charge.  Red Ranger shouts, let's take them both out!  Ultra Gosei Great Megazord fires.  Admiral Malkor is destroyed and the Warstar Spaceship is hit hard.  After a few seconds, the Warstar Spaceship explodes.  The Rangers erupt in cheers.  Red Ranger exclaims, Mega Rangers, that's a mega win! Afterwards, the teens walk around the city.  Jake happily says, and Malkor, check!  The rest of his friends laugh.  They are walking in front of the library when Noah notices Robo Knight and a young boy walking out.  Robo Knight and the young boy exchange an elaborate high five.  Robo Knight tells Todd, peace out and Todd walks away.  Jake is a little surprised by the exchange.  Robo Knight tells the teens, I want to share something I learned with you.  Check it Rangers.  Robo Knight starts to rap and dance.  Gia enjoys it and bops her head along to the beat.  Noah laughs when he hears his name in the rap and begins to move to the beat as well.  Jake starts to move his hands to the beat.  Troy bops along as well.  The teens are enjoying Robo Knight's performance and have big smiles on their faces as they move in rhythm to his beat. When he is done, the teens applaud.  Robo Knight asks, were those not fresh rhymes?  Jakes responds, no Robo Knight, I think you definitely brought it.  Emma nods her head in agreement and Robo Knight is pleased.  Robo Knight asks, did you have any trouble while I studied?  Gia replies, just had a little battle where we got rid of the Warstar admiral.  Robo Knight is startled.  The Earth was threaten?  Was it protected?  Noah tells him to relax, it was.  Troy adds, this time we defended the Earth and took care of it.  Robo Knight tells them excellent.  That news is truly fresh.  The teens and Robo Knight walk away.   

He Blasted Me With Science/Going Viral/Stranger Ranger


United We Stand/Harmony And Dizchord/Who's Crying Now?


Robo Knight/Prince Takes Knight/Man And Machine


Ultra Power/Last Laugh/Dream Snatcher


Gosei Ultimate/The Human Factor/Rico The Robot


Staying On Track/The Human Condition


Points Of Interest

Central Library

Command Center

Ernie's Brain Freeze

Harwood County High School

Toxic Mutants Lair

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