The clubhouse is Bulk's idea.  It is a room that Bulk put together.  It has several shelves, with numerous items on it.  A refrigerator and an eating area.  Bulk lead Spike to the clubhouse.  Spike:  Yo, Uncle Bulk, what is this place?  Bulk:  This is our new clubhouse.  I just finished fixing it up.  Here you will learn the ways of the samurai!  Bulk accidentally bumped into a samurai dummy he had put together.  Bulk was unaware that when he bumped into the dummy, the bungee rope hooked onto Bulk's rope.  Spike spotted what had happened.  Bulk:  But it's not going to be easy.  It's going to be lots of hard work.  Skull:  Uncle Bulk, you got...Bulk:  I'm not finished.  The path of the samurai is full of sacrifice.  Full of discipline.  Full of many hours of training.  Spike:  Uncle Bulk!  Bulk:  I'm not finished.  Spike:  But I'm trying to tell you...Bulk:  And, by the way, when we're training, I'm not your Uncle Bulk.  Spike was confused.  Spike:  Well then, who are you?  Bulk:  Call me Sensei.  Spike:  Sensei.  Huh?  Bulk:  Sensei.  It means teacher.  Spike:  What about when we're not training?  Bulk:  Then you can call me Uncle Bulk!  Spike:  Okay.  Bulk continued to walk around the clubhouse.  Bulk:  Anyway.  This is where we eat, where we train.  It's also our sanctuary.  A sacred place.  Bulk moves his hands and accidentally yanked on the bungee rope that was attached to him.  The bungee rope tips over the shelves, which knocks a bowling ball onto a skateboard, which has a pan of paint on it.  The pan of paint goes flying through the air and the paint lands on Bulk's face and arm.  Spike starts pointing and laughing hysterically until Uncle Bulk gives him a look.

Bulk and Spike go to their clubhouse after being attacked by Negatron.  Bulk has a couple of bandages.  Spike's head and arm is bandaged up.  Spike is putting items on a shelf titled Spoils of War.  Spike's arm still hurts.  Bulk walks over.  Bulk:  This is to remind us of how nasty those monsters really are.  Spike is starting to have doubts.  He walks a little as he talks to Bulk.  Spike:  Uncle Bulk, can...can we really be samurai warriors?  Today was pretty scary.  Bulk:  Spike, a samurai shouldn't doubt himself.  We just know now, that we have to train harder!  Bulk's words stir Spike up.  Spike:  Yeah!  Bulk grabs a couple of sticks and throws one to Spike, which he catches.  They charge each other and their sticks hit each other.  Spike & Bulk:  Never give up!    Spike starts to run out first, but Bulk yanks him back.   Bulk:  Let's go find that monster and give him the whipping he deserves!  Bulk races out.  Spike gets stuck in the doorway, because his stick blocks him, but then he manages to race out the door as well.  Negatron is destroyed by the Beetle Blaster Megazord.

Spike wraps Bulk's head in bandages.  Bulk is proud to have been wounded on the field of battle.  Spike can't believe it.  You mean that bug bite?  Bulk tells Spike to keep bandaging.  Bulk is still amaze that they fought side by side with a Samurai Ranger.  Spike dreamily remembers the Pink Ranger.  The day dream is interrupted by Bulk.  While he was day dreaming, Spike completely wrapped Bulk from head to toe in bandages and wrapped the chair to him as well.  Bulk gets up and stumbles around until he falls.  Spike points his finger and laughs.

Night had fallen and Spike and Bulk entered their clubhouse, with their arms full of bedding.  Spike:  Why do we have to sleep on these Uncle Bulk?  Bulk:  Because these are what traditional samurai slept on.  We must live like a samurai.  Spike and Bulk set up their bedding.  Bulk:  Hey, that's mine.  Spike passed the item.  Spike:  Hey, is this your pillow?  Bulk:  Yeah.  Spike:  Yeah, okay.  Spike hit Bulk with the pillow.  Soon they were both tugging on the same blanket.  Finally they settle down to sleep.  Bulk turned off the light and within seconds, Spike was leaning over and talking into Bulk's ear.  Spike:  Can you tell me a bed time story?  Bulk sighed and then rolled onto his back.  Bulk:  Once upon a time, there were two guys in samurai training.  They were very... Spike was snoring deeply and enjoying his dream.  Spike's hand covered Bulk's mouth and he woke up having a hard time breathing.  Bulk removed Spike's hand and caught his breath.  Bulk pushed Spike's hand back onto his side.  Spike was snoring loudly.  Bulk covered his head with his pillow. The next morning, Spike is in a great mood as he works out.  Bulk sits in a chair, his neck hurts and he regrets sleeping on the floor.  Spike feels great - he slept like a baby.  Spike can't wait to start training.  Spike walks over to Bulk.  He asks Bulk if he is ready and yanks him out of the chair.  This really hurts Bulk's neck.  Spike apologizes and then lets go of Bulk.

Bulk happily put together fruits into a blender.  Spike was asleep in a chair, his head on a pillow and a blanket covering him.  Spike was dreaming of the Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger had been captured by the Moogers and chained to a chair.  Spike crept up.  Pink Ranger spotted Spike.  Pink Ranger:  Help me samurai warrior.  You're my only hope.  Spike does some poses and then blows his breath towards the Moogers, knocking them all down.  Pink Ranger:  Oh, my hero!  Spike started to go towards Pink Ranger when the sound of the blender woke him up.  Spike jerks awake and sees that it is Bulk putting more fruit into the blender.  Spike:  Ohhh, man!  I almost met her.  Bulk sees that Spike is awake.  Bulk:  Hey sleepyhead!  About time you woke up.  I'm making...(Bulk had forgotten to put the lid back on the blender, turned it on, and now was covered in the smoothie) smoothies.  Spike points at Bulk and laughs.

Bulk and Spike are fast asleep.  Antberry creeps into their Clubhouse.  He sees "Sammy" sitting on a shelf.  Antberry:  Oh boy!  This bear is their favorite toy!  Antberry grabs the toy and starts to walk away.  Bulk moves in his sleep and trips Antberry.  Antberry:  Clumsy fool!  Spike moves and his hand lands on Antberry's face.  Antberry:  Your fingers are up my nose!  Antberry takes Spike's hand and drops it on his face.  Spike:  Why is your hand on my face Uncle Bulk?  Antberry grabs the bear and leaves.  The next morning, they both stir as they wake up.  Bulk:  Good morning Spike.  Spike:  Good morning Uncle Bulk.  Spike props himself up.  Spike:  Good morning "Sammy".  Spike sees that "Sammy" is gone and is now wide awake.  Spike:  "Sammy"!  Spike gets up and runs towards the shelves, stepping on Bulk's stomach in the process.  Spike:  Our mascot is missing!  Bulk sits up.  Bulk:  He's on the shelf, where he's always...Bulk sees "Sammy" is missing.  Bulk:  "Sammy"!  Bulk gets up and joins Spike.  Bulk:  He's been...Bulk & Spike:  kidnapped!  They both scream! Later that day, Spike opens the door and looks around.  He sees "Sammy" sitting on the pavement.  Spike gets very excited seeing "Sammy" and runs over to grab him and gives him a hug.  Spike picks up "Sammy" and runs into the Club House.  He jumps up and down with "Sammy" and yells "Sammy" is back!  Spike laughs in delight and gives the panda a hug.  Bulk smiles to see Spike so happy.

Spike is working on the punching bag when Bulk walks up to him.  Bulk:  "You know what Spike!"  Spike gets distracted and gets hit in the face by the punching bag.  Spike rubs his hurt jaw as Bulk continues.  Bulk:  "We got to get out in the field.  We've had too much training and not enough doing."  Spike:  "You're right!"  Bulk turns around as Spike runs around gathering items.  Bulk:  "We got to get out there.  Solve real problems.  Help real people.  That's what true samurai do."  Spike is loaded down with a lot of stuff.  Spike:  "Ready Uncle Bulk!"  Bulk turns around.  Spike falls to the floor, overcome by the weight of everything he had gathered.  Bulk:  "Spike, samurai rule number one, pack light."  Spike:  "Maybe, maybe we can start by helping me?"  Bulk smacks his forehead in frustration.

Sticks & Stones

The Blue And The Gold