Emily's and Serena's Home

Emily's and Serena's home is painted a pale yellow on the outside.  There are lots of windows to let in light.  The back glass paneled doors lead to a deck with a comfortable chair.  There is also a patio dining set for eating outdoors.  Lots of planters with flowers are everywhere.  Plenty of trees and plant life surround the back porch.  On the back steps is where Emily, when she was a little girl, would cry and Serena would try to comfort her.  Serena would play the flute in the backyard to cheer up Emily.  She also gave Emily advice on how to handle teasing.  Later, when Serena became very ill, she was confided to her bedroom.  Serena's bedroom is decorated with pale yellow wallpaper, with a small blue speck design, with yellow curtains.  The furniture is a bright white and there is a couple of teddy bears sit on a small table.  A white lamp with a teddy bear sits on her nightstand.  A roll of bells hand near her bed.  Serena had to pass her samurai duties onto Emily.  Serena was very upset as she was putting Emily in a great danger and it was more than she could bear.  Emily vowed she would be strong for her sister and not cry.

Sticks & Stones