Shiba House

Shiba House is where Mentor Ji and Jayden live and train.  Mentor Ji has been training Jayden, since he was a very young boy, to become the Red Samurai Power Ranger and to be the leader of the Samurai Power Rangers.  Jayden is sitting on the steps outside, playing with the Lion Folding Zord.  Mentor Ji hurries out of the house and over to Jayden.  Mentor Ji is carrying a bow and several arrows.  He tells Jayden that Master Xandred must have awaken.  Jayden has the Lion Folding Zord go into his case as Mentor Ji continues, a new breed of Nighlok, more powerful than ordinary Moogers, have mobilized.  You cannot wait any longer.  The time has come to summon your team of Samurai Rangers.  Jayden stands up.  He is uncertain whether he is ready to lead.  Mentor Ji tells him, a samurai is strong, but a team is unbeatable.  Just remember your father's words before he left for his finale battle.  Jayden remembers.  Jayden tells Mentor Ji, I'll never forget dad's words.  I must not fail.  I am the Red Ranger.  Mentor Ji is proud of Jayden for taking on this responsibility.  He nods his head and tells Jayden, that the other Rangers have spent their whole lives preparing to fulfill their samurai destines.  Fulfill your destiny, lead them.  Jayden gives a small nod.  Mentor Ji goes out into the courtyard and shoots off the four arrows.  Each arrow has a specific color band, green, pink, yellow, and blue.  Mentor Ji and Jayden enter Shiba House.  Mentor Ji opens a compartment, where four Samuraizers sit.  Mentor Ji tells Jayden he had been saving them until Jayden was ready.  Take it, your fellow samurai are on their way.  Jayden takes the Samuraizers and tells Mentor Ji, he is ready.  They step outside.  Jayden uses his Samuraizer to create a symbol power that creates a horse.  The gates to Shiba House open as Jayden gets on the horse.  Mentor Ji tells him to never forget the mission of the Samurai Ranger.  Be brave, work together, and no matter what, don't ever give up.  Jayden races out, shouting, Samurai Forever! Jayden finds his team and they successfully destroy Tooya.  After the battle, they return to Shiba House.  Mentor Ji walks out, telling them bravo.  Such energy, such grace.  Mike asks, who is that?  Jayden replies, this is Ji, our mentor.  Mentor Ji welcomes them to their new home.  You've all come from different places and different families, but share one noble goal.  I'm very proud of how you come together.  Jayden responds, we just followed some good advice and worked as a team.  Mentor Ji points out that they are just not any team.  You are the Samurai Rangers.  Emily, Mike, Mia, and Kevin all feel a sense of pride at these words.  Mike, Mia, Kevin, Jayden, and Emily form a circle.  They hold out their cases in the middle and shout out, Rangers Together!  Samurai Forever!  Symbol powers float out of their cases and up into the sky.

Mike, Kevin, Mia, Emily, and Jayden are out in the courtyard, working on their power symbols on easels.  Mentor Ji is watching their work and talking to them as he takes a look at each easel.  Mentor Ji:  "There is more to being a Power Ranger than mastering a sword.  You must also learn to use your inherent samurai symbols."  Mentor Ji pauses by Jayden.  Mentor Ji:  "Aha, fire symbol."  The paper on the easel burns as does the brush Jayden is holding.  Jayden blows out the fire on his brush.  Next up is Kevin.  Mentor Ji:  "Yes, water."  Water splashes on Kevin's face.  Mentor Ji pauses at Emily's easel.  Mentor Ji:  "Good, earth symbol."  A boulder appears on the paper and then drops off, landing on Kevin's foot.  Kevin hops around in pain.  Emily hurries over to Kevin.  Emily:  "Sorry!  Are you okay?!"  Kevin:  "Yeah, I'm fine."  Mentor Ji chuckles and then walks over to Mia to look at her power symbol.  Mentor Ji:  "The symbol for wind."  Wind leaves the easel and blows through Mia's hair and she smiles.  Mentor Ji:  "Very good."  Mike is struggling with his power symbol.  Mike:  "That's not right.  Is it this way?"  Mike quickly does a few more strokes.  Mike:  "That's it!"  Mentor Ji walks over to Mike and looks at his power symbol.  Mentor Ji:  "The order of the strokes is wrong.  Mike, you must practice more."  Mike:  "Okay, I get it, practice."  Mike holds his brush towards the easel and pauses, unsure of what to do.  Mike quickly looks at Mentor Ji and puts his hand on Mentor Ji's shoulder.  Mike:  "How about a lunch break?  You'll be amaze at how well I practice after two slices of pizza."  Mentor Ji glances at Mike's hand and Mike removes his hand quickly.  They both look at his easel.  Later, Kevin is inside working out on the punching bag.  Mike is watching him, as he makes obnoxious sounds as he drinks.  The sound distracts Kevin.  Mike:  "Hey Kev.  You ever take a break?"  Kevin:  "Every second that you're not training is a second wasted."  Mike:  "Hey! Blow a gasket!"  Mike continues to watch Kevin as he makes obnoxious sounds as he finishes his drink.  Mike:  "Alright, let's see if your practice makes perfect."  Mike and Kevin spar.  Soon Mia runs in.  Mia:  "Hey guys!  I can't find Emily."  The three decide to search Panorama City.  Later, they return with Emily who had taken the opportunity to train in the city.   Soon the gap sensor goes off.  Mike asks, what's that?  Mentor Ji explains, that's a gap sensor.  It goes off the moment a Nighlok comes through a gap from the Netherworld.  Mentor Ji pressed his hand down on a coffee table.  A map of the city appears.  The map makes a beeping sound and there is an area of the city that has a circle that ripples out.  Mike, Kevin, and Mia all take a closer look, impressed.  Mentor Ji presses the circle area and a more detailed map of the area appears.  Emily asks, where are they?  Mentor Ji replies, city hall.  Jayden walks in and quickly looks at the map.  He tells his team, samurai, we have a battle to fight.  Jayden races out of the house.  Mike, Kevin, Mia, and Emily make no move, unsure of what to do.  Mentor Ji tells them, don't just stand there, follow him.  Mike, Kevin, Mia, and Emily race out to follow Jayden.  The Rangers destroy several Moogers and Scorpionic with their Samurai Megazord.  After the battle, Mike, Kevin, Mia, and Jayden return to Shiba House in high spirits.  Emily is lagging behind her friends and a little sad.  Mentor Ji greets them, telling them well done, all of you.  Jayden thanks him.  Mike notices Emily's expression and asks her, what's up?  Emily tells them, well I almost let you all down today.  Jayden tells her, you did great.  You were really strong.  Mia walks over to Emily and tells her, your big sister would be really proud of you.  Jayden's and Mia's reassurances comfort Emily and she feels better.  Mike announces he has a surprise for them.  I've learned a new symbol.  Mentor Ji is pleasantly surprised.  Jayden and Mentor Ji exchange amused glances.  Mike does the power symbol for fun and confetti falls from the ceiling.  Mike back flips into the area and starts dancing.  Emily bursts out laughing.  Mia and Jayden grin.  Mike continues his dance moves.  Kevin and Mentor Ji nod their heads in unison.  Emily continues to laugh.  Mike finishes his dance routine to the amusement of his friends.

Kevin, Mia, Mike, and Emily are training outside their base.  Jayden watches them train.  Mentor Ji is supervising them and talking as well.  Mentor Ji:  The life of a samurai must be one of discipline and order.  Samurai must constantly improve their skills, to ready themselves for battle.  Kevin accidentally hits Mike with his stick.  Jayden steps forward.  Jayden:  Are you okay?  Mike:  Of course.  Jayden:  Get into your opponent's head.  Use your instincts to sense their next move and feel their attack coming.  Kevin steps behind Jayden.  Jayden uses his stick to strike Kevin, but Kevin is ready for him.  Mike;  Wow Kevin, that's amazing!  Jayden then strikes Mike with his stick.  Jayden:  Mike, always keep your guard up.  Mentor Ji:  Mike, let me asks you...Jayden strikes Mike form behind.  Mike:  Hey, that's not fair!  You distracted me.  Mike realizes what they are doing.  Mike;  Okay, I get it.  Let me try again.  One more time.  Mike and Jayden get into fight positions and the sparring begins.  Mike does a flip as Jayden is about to strike.  Jayden then hits Mike on the back of his leg.  Jayden:  Now watch this.  Jayden then demonstrates one more with Kevin.  During the demonstration, Kevin's pants fall down.  Mia and Emily laugh as Kevin quickly pulls his pants back up.  Emily:  Hey!  Where did Mike go?  Everyone looks around, but no one has any answers.  Later, the teens return to the base after having battle Rofer.  Mia and Emily clean up and bandaged Mike.  Mentor Ji, Jayden, and Kevin are there as well.  Mentor Ji tells Mike thank goodness you were there.  you prevented that Nighlok from injuring lots of people.  Mike thought he could take him on his own.  Kevin tells him that was brave of him, but imagine what could have happened.  Mike replies I know.  Jayden reminds Mike that being a samurai is the ultimate sacrifice.  Since we are fighting evil, you must stay away from your family and friends, in order to keep them safe.  Mike realizes that now.  Mike wants to at least check on his friends and walks out.  Mentor Ji is unsure, but Jayden gives a nod of approval.  That evening, Jayden steps outside of the base and into the night air.  He has his stick with him as he walks.  Jayden kneels down onto the sidewalk.  Jayden closes his eyes as he concentrates.  If we could only read the enemy's next move.  Jayden opens his eyes and starts practicing battles moves with his stick.  The next day, the teens returned after successfully destroying Rofer.  Mentor Ji is waiting for them.  Everyone, except Mike, is in high spirits.  Jayden tells Mike good work.  Kevin adds you were great.  Mike tells him the way you tricked that Nighlok was beyond creative.  Emily does a wacky arm demonstration as she tells Mike it was so cool how you use his wacky arms against him.  Mike tells them the truth is, I did trick him, but it wasn't enough.  Actually Jayden helped me defeat him.  I only anticipated the attack of one of the arms.  Jayden got the other one.  I couldn't have done it without him.  Jayden tells him we can do anything as a team.  Jayden places his hand in the middle of the circle they have formed.  Mia quickly places her hand on top of Jayden's.  Emily places her hand on top.  Kevin does the same and finally Mike.  They shout together - Rangers Together!  Samurai Forever!

Mentor Ji and his team are out in the courtyard.  Mentor Ji watches over the team.  Jayden and Mia are training on their own.  Mike is sitting at a table, working on his symbols while Kevin and Emily spar.  After awhile, Kevin pauses.  Kevin:  Hey Emily.  If you ever have any worries, just come to me.  Okay.  Emily:  Worries?  Kevin:  Yeah, I was just thinking.  Maybe you miss your family.  You know, spending time with your sister and all.  I know you two were really close.  Emily gives Kevin's arm a squeeze.  Emily:  You're a sweetie, Kev, but I'm fine.  Mike is working on his symbols and is ecstatic when his symbol bursts into leaves.  Mike:  I finally did it!  Booyah!  Mike swivels around and faces his friends.  Emily:  Yeah, you sure did.  Kevin walks over to where Mike is sitting.  Kevin:  Hey Mike.  I know how hard you've been working on all your symbol power.  It took me years to master it.  Kevin tells Mike if he ever needs to talk, he's there for him.  Mike is a little taken aback and replies anything you say dude.  With a smile on his face, Kevin walks over to Mia.  Kevin offers to help Mia, but Mia tells him she is okay and demonstrates it with a high kick.  Mike walks over to Mentor Ji and Jayden.  Mike asks them what's up with Kevin?  Why is he so worried about everyone?  Mentor Ji doesn't know - he's been like that since yesterday.  Later, Kevin walks in just as Mentor Ji and Mia are preparing to set the table for a meal.  Kevin immediately wants to help and takes the bowls from them and places them on small, individual tables.  Mia and Mentor Ji just give each other a look.  The gap sensor goes off.  Mentor Ji goes over to a large coffee table and presses his hand down on it.  A map of the city emerges.  Mia notes a Nighlok has crossed over into our world.  The two teens take off.  The Rangers battle Doubletone, but did not defeat him as he retreated.  That evening, Mia is in the kitchen, cooking some chicken.  She is unaware of Emily, Jayden, and Mike who have gathered in the doorway, watching her.  Jayden asks them what does she think she's doing?  Mike replies that she is making a home cooked meal to take to Kevin.  he's staking out that baseball kid's house in case that Nighlok returns.  Jayden points out that Ji does all the cooking.  Emily tells them Kevin is feeling sad.  So Mia wants to cheer him up with something a little less fancy.  Mike doesn't think burnt chicken will do the trick.  In the kitchen, Mia is struggling to cut a small pumpkin.  Mia pulls out her Spin Sword and easily slices apart the pumpkin and knocks the pieces into a boiling pot of water.  Mia is very pleased with herself.  Later, the Rangers destroy Doubletone.

Mia, Emily, and Kevin are working out in a training room inside the Shiba House.  Mike walks in carrying his skateboard.  Mike:  Hey guys!  Mike enters the training room.  Mike:  Guess what?!  Emily, Kevin, and Mia stopped working out and walk over towards Mike.  Kevin:  You overslept.  Again.  Mike:  Yeah, well that's nothing new.  Emily:  So what's up?  Mike:  Ji just told me he wanted us to take the day off.  Emily:  Really?  Mia:  This isn't a joke?  Kevin:  But, we just started our workout.  Kevin gives a kick to the punching bag.  Mike:  Dude, you're telling me you're going to disobey a direct order from your Samurai mentor?  Kevin:  Well.  I guess not.  Mia started to pace.  Mia:  What to do?  I could shop for shoes that are designed for fighting monsters, or I can catch a flick.  Emily:  But it's such a beautiful day.  It be a shame to stay coop up inside.  Mike:  And I could teach you how to shred.  This is not what Emily had in mind.  Emily:  Well, I was thinking Rainbow's End.  I've never been on a rollercoaster before.  Mike:  What?  Never?  Emily explains there were not amusement parks where she is from.  Mia, Kevin, and Mike are all for going to Rainbow's End.  The four teens started heading out the door when Jayden walks in.  Kevin tells him what they are doing and Jayden replies to have fun.  Kevin is surprised that Jayden is not coming with them.  Jayden tells them he has something he needs to do and walks away.  Mia tells Emily and Kevin that Jayden is so mysterious sometimes.  Mike pokes his head back in and tells them our day off is a wasting.  Mike isn't worried about Jayden - he can take care of himself.  Emily and Mia grin and head out the door.  Kevin is a little more concern.  He takes one more look back, wondering what Jayden is doing and then heads out as well.  Inside a room, Jayden is holding a small wooden box, with a beetle craved in the center of it.  Jayden opens the box and inside is the beetle disc.  Jayden takes the disc out and stares at it.  After a battle with Dreadhead, Mike, Emily, Kevin, Jayden, and Mia have returned to their base.  Mentor Ji is with them.  They are all feeling discouraged.  Mia tells her friends she doesn't mean to sound like that Nighlok, but our Spin Swords and symbol powers were useless.  Kevin adds it's scary to think what he could have done to us if he hadn't dried out.  Emily replies no thanks.  I rather think on how we can beat him.  Mentor Ji likes Emily's attitude.  He tells the group fear is the enemy.  If you believe in yourselves, you can win any battle.  Confidence is what brings power.  Mike tells him, you were not there.  Our weapons couldn't touch him.  Jayden stands up and tells Mike that his not true.  Our weapons did injure him.  Jayden confesses that he is working on mastering a new power.  Jayden walks to the front of the room and then turns around and faces his friends.  He is holding out the beetle disc.  Mia realizes that's what he's been doing today.  Kevin wants to know what is it?  Mentor Ji replies there are secret discs.  Passed down from previous generations of samurai.  Jayden adds most have been lost in battle. This may be the only one left.  Mentor Ji walks over to stand by Jayden.  Jayden tells his friends with this, we at least stand a chance of beating the Nighlok.  Mentor Ji adds however, in order to master the disc, one needs double the samurai power they already have.  Which causes Jayden to doubt himself.  Jayden tells them not to worry, just focus on recovery.  Mike is skeptical - twice as much power?  Can you really handle that?  Jayden replies confidently thanks to Ji I have been trained to believe I can do anything I put my mind too.  Mentor Ji nods his head in agreement.  But Mike is still skeptical.  He asks Jayden why didn't you use it earlier?  Jayden feels bad and replies next time.  Jayden walks away.  Jayden walks down a hall and then pauses.  He takes a look a the beetle disc and wonders if he has it in him to master this disc.  I'll train all day and night if I have too.  The following day, the Power Rangers destroy Dreadhead with the Beetle Blaster Megazord.

Out in the courtyard, Mentor Ji and Jayden watch as the rest spar with their sticks.  Emily and Mike are sparring against each other.  Mia and Kevin are also sparring against each other.  Emily puts all her effort into the practice and knocks Mike off his feet.  Mentor Ji:  Emily's usually the one falling over, but it's different when she's a sword in her hand.  Jayden:  Maybe she can teach Mike a few things.  Mentor Ji chuckles.  Emily is concerned about Mike, who has landed on his back.  Emily:  Did you hurt yourself?  Mike gets up and Emily tries to take a look at his back.  Emily:  Let me see.  Mike:  No thanks, I'm fine.  Emily is insistent, but Mike doesn't want her looking at his back.  Mike tries to get away and Emily ends up chasing him around the courtyard and into the base.  Inside, Emily has taken a bag of frozen peas out.  Mia and Kevin have joined them inside.  Emily offers the bag to Mike.  Emily:  Here you go!  Mike is still hurt and is sitting in a chair.  Mike:  Frozen peas?  Emily:  It's like an ice pack.  I was accident prone as a kid and it always healed me right up.  Let me.  Mike:  No thanks.  Mike gets up and ends up being chased by Emily once more.  Emily:  You really should.  Mike!  Come on, it will make you feel better!  Emily slips on a plate that's on the floor.  She screams as she falls to the floor.  Her face landing in the plate and smashing the bag of peas she had in her hands and sitting in the plate.  Mia:  Emily, are you okay?  Emily has frozen peas stuck to her face.  There are also peas scattered around the floor.  Emily:  There everywhere!  Emily feels bad, she feels like she is a disaster.  Mia kneels down and wipes off Emily's face.  She tells her she's not, she was doing a nice thing.  Mike kneels down and apologizes.  Emily places the blame on herself, telling them she was being silly.  Emily tries to clean up the mess and ends up sliding on the peas and falling on her rump.  Emily becomes very upset with herself - not again!  Later, Emily is in the kitchen.  She is gurgling with a glass of water when Mike walks up behind her.  Mike asks her if she is okay?  Startled, Emily sprays the water all over Mike.  Emily feels bad and grabs a towel to wipe Mike's face.  She feels like she is always making a mess.  Emily notices the dustpan in Mike's hand.  She tells him she will sweep, it was all her fault.  Mike tells her she doesn't have to always apologize for everything.  Everyone pitched in and cleaned up.  Besides you were just trying to help.  Mike puts away the dust pan.  Emily tells him she just makes everything worse.  Emily wishes she was more like Mia.  She's beautiful, she's graceful, she's smart, she can cook.  Mike is not so sure about the cooking part.  Emily tells him every time she tries to do something nice or good, she turns it into a big mess.  I can't do anything right.  I'm hopeless.  Mike tells Emily he's being serious.  It's not good to talk about yourself like that.  Give yourself a break.  Emily smiles.  Soon there is a battle with Negatron.  After the battle, which did not go well, the teens have returned to their base.  They are sitting in a circle.  All of them, except Emily and Jayden, still feeling bad about Negatron's insults.  Mentor Ji is there.  He walks outside their circle, talking to them.  He tells them that Nighlok is a bully.  He likes to hurt people's feelings.  He channels the mental pain and changes it to physical pain.  Mia defends herself.  She tells her friends he caught me off guard, it won't work again.  Mike defends himself.  He tells his friends, I may have had training wheels, but I didn't need them.  Mia asks her friends, I'm a good cook, right?  They quickly reassured her that she is and she smiles.  Kevin asks his friends if he is boring to them?  Jayden replies you are extremely discipline and organized.  It's a great quality for a samurai.  Jayden's reassuring words makes Kevin feel better.  Mike points out that Emily was the only one not affected.  Mike continues.  That Nighlok knew exactly how to hurt us.  Why couldn't he hurt her?  Mentor Ji suggests that perhaps Emily has some special powers.  Emily replies it's nothing great like that.  Emily explains.  I was teased and called names as a kid.  It made me sad.  But my sister told me to pretend that the person teasing me didn't say anything at all.  And it really worked.  So, when the Nighlok said those things to me, it was like he didn't even say them.  Mia, Kevin, and Jayden all feel sympathy for Emily as she tells her story.  Mike doesn't understand.  He asks her why she is always putting herself down?  It makes no sense.  Unless it's what you really think about herself.  Emily is visibly upset.  Kevin can't believe what Mike just said.  Emily apologizes and quickly gets up and leaves the room.  Mia is angry.  She tells Mike that Nighlok can't hurt Emily's feelings, but he can.  Mike realizes what he has done and feels bad.  Moments later, Emily is out in the gardens, by herself, playing her flute.  Mike steps out.  He pauses for a moment and listens.  Mike then walks towards Emily.  Emily hears him and turns around.  Mike tells Emily he said too much back there and it wasn't cool, and I'm sorry.  Emily tells him it's okay.  You're right.  You know, I use to cry all the time.  I wasn't good at school.  I couldn't do anything right.  I was picked on all the time.  When Serena played her flute, it made me feel better.  When I heard it, I immediately forgot about being sad.  But then she got sick.  When it was time for me to take her place as a Samurai Ranger, she was the one who was crying.  Serena was worried about her little sister being in great danger.  She couldn't bear to think about it.  As a young girl, Emily told herself, you can't cry.  I needed to be strong for my sister's sake.  Emily confides that trying to fill her sister's shoes, has brought back some of her insecurities.  How can I expect others to stop putting me down, if I don't do it myself?  Mike doesn't say anything, as he thinks over what Emily has told him.  Emily apologizes.  Mike tells her to stop being sorry.  You have nothing to be sorry about.  It's my fault.  Here I am, trying to be stronger than Jayden, then I lose to you.  You keep calling yourself insecure, so what does that make me?  Mike admits to being too hard on Emily.  Emily walks over to Mike.  Mike's Samuraizer goes off.  He listens and tells Emily it's a Nighlok alert.  Mike is about to go, but Emily stops him for a moment.  Emily tells him you're not afraid to be yourself.  I admire that.  And you'll get stronger with the sword, I know it.  Mike gets a big smile and thanks Emily.  Mike and Emily race out.  Negatron is destroyed by the Beetle Blaster Megazord.

Emily was standing as she ate her breakfast.  Kevin and Mike sat next to each other as they ate.  Jayden sat a little apart as he ate his cereal.  Mike, Jayden, and Emily became distracted as they watch Kevin carefully put together his breakfast.  Mike:  What are you dong?  Just eat already!  Kevin:  There's a right way to do everything, within the samurai code.  Mike:  Wow.  You're so sound up, I'm surprised you can digest your food.  Mia walked in with a covered dish.  Mia:  I came up with a new recipe.  Mia placed the covered dish in front of Mike and Kevin.  Mia:  Everybody loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, right?  So for breakfast, what could be better than a PBJ omelet.  Mia uncovered the dish and it looked very unpleasant.  Mike, Kevin, and Emily made discreet faces at it.  Mike:  Darn, I'm stuffed, I just ate.  Rain check?  Kevin quickly put the rest of his breakfast and started eating it.  He wasn't ready to try another of Mia's recipes.  Mike:  Precision and discipline, hun?  Mentor excitedly walked into the room.  Mentor Ji:  Everyone, I have excellent news.  The missing Swordfish Zord has been spotted at Limatal Beach.  Mia:  A swordfish?  Mentor Ji:  A zord that went missing in action years ago.  If we don't catch it now, who knows when we'll get another chance.  Just then the gap sensor goes off.  Mentor Ji:  A Nighlok attack.  Jayden thought for a moment.  Jayden:  Kevin!  Kevin eagerly stands up.  Kevin:  Yes.  Jayden:  We'll take care of the Nighlok.  I want you to go catch that Swordfish Zord.  Are you up for a solo mission?  Kevin:  Up for it?  I've been waiting my whole life for it.  Jayden:  With your mastery of symbol power over water, I'm confident you'll capture that zord.  Kevin raced out of the base and into a waiting black SUV.  Jayden, Mike, Mia, and Emily headed out into the city and ended up battling Yamiror.  They did not do well against Yamiror.  The four teens were poisoned and Mentor Ji placed them in sick beds.  Mentor Ji began pouring through a book, to find a cure for them.  Mentor Ji thought he had the answer and contacted Kevin, who was at the beach, trying to capture the Swordfish Zord.  Mentor Ji tells him the Rangers are poisoned.  Mentor Ji adds that they all inhale the Nighlok's stench.  Their fevers are next to impossible to recover from.  Kevin tells Mentor Ji, I'll be right there.  But Mentor Ji tells him no.  Mentor Ji tells him, the archives say they can only be saved by a purifying power.  The oceanic powers of the Swordfish Zord could do it.  Kevin, you must catch it and bring it back here fast.  I fear it may be our only hope.  Kevin replies that he's on it.  Unfortunately, later, Yamiror returns to the city.  Mentor Ji can't believe it when the gap sensor goes off.  He walks out of the sick room and into the hall.  Mentor Ji contacts Kevin once more.  He tells him, we have an attack.  Still very weak, Jayden steps out of the sick room.  Mentor Ji:  Jayden, what are you doing?  Jayden:  You heard the gap sensor.  There's a Nighlok to fight.  Jayden walks down the hall, he stumbles and falls to his knees.  Mentor Ji helps him stand up.  Mentor Ji:  You can't defeat a Nighlok in your condition.  Jayden pushes him away.  Jayden:  Maybe not, but at least I can slow him down.  Mentor Ji:  Just wait until Kevin comes home with the Swordfish Zord.  I think it can cure all of your fevers.  Mentor Ji talked back into the phone.  Mentor Ji:  Kevin.  Jayden rips it out of his hands.  Jayden tells Kevin that Mentor Ji is exaggerating.  Don't worry about me.  Focus on your mission.  I didn't randomly choose you for this mission.  I choose you because of your commitment and discipline.  I know you can overcome any obstacle.  Kevin replies, I won't let you down.  Jayden tells Mentor Ji he will take care of the Nighlok.  Mentor Ji watches as Jayden pushes himself to head out.  Later, Kevin successfully captures the Swordfish Zord.  The Power Rangers destroy Yamiror with the Swordfish Fencer Megazord.

The Nighloks had been kidnapping brides in the city.  The team had set up a fake wedding, in hopes the Nighloks would come to their wedding, but it didn't work.  Instead another bride was kidnapped.  The team returned to their base.  They sat around a table with a large map on it.  Mentor Ji:  That makes it five brides kidnapped.  Mike pulls up another map and traces it with his finger.  Mike:  Hey, look.  It's in a pattern.  In the shape of a star.  Kevin:  You're right.  Have you studied maps and crime patterns before?  Mike:  Kind of.  I watch a lot of cop shows.  Kevin shakes his head.  Jayden:  Too much is left up to chance.  We have to make sure we lure them in before any more brides are taken.  Mia:  I can't even begin to imagine what those poor girls are going through.  I mean, this is suppose to be the happiest day of their lives.  Emily:  Do you think they would have taken those brides to the Sanzu River?  Mentor Ji:  No.  The living can't survive there for long.  The Moogers must have used the gap to take them somewhere else.  Mia:  Wherever they are, if our sting operation had worked, I could have helped those poor brides.  Jayden:  We'll have to try again.  Kevin:  But how do we get them to our wedding?  Mentor Ji holds up a clipboard with a sheet of a paper on it.  Mentor Ji:  Here's the list of the weddings scheduled for our area.  Emily, Kevin, Mike, and Mia leaned over to take a closer look.  Emily:  There's so many weddings.  That's the problem.  Jayden had been deep in thought.  Jayden:  I have an idea.  That evening, Mentor Ji returns with the list and gave it to Mia.  Mia:  All of these weddings, except one, were cancelled.  Mentor Ji:  Yes.  Jayden warned them all about the bride kidnappings.  Jayden:  With only one left, we know exactly which one the Nighloks will hit.  Mia:  I guess I have to be the blushing bride again.  Mike takes the list from Mia.  Mike:  Something tells me, you're happy to wear that dress again.  Emily goes to stand next to Mia.  Emily:  Mike!  Every girl wants to wear a wedding gown.  Maybe Mia more than others.  Mike shudders.  Mia:  Hey, I'm a sucker for Cinderella.  Jayden raises one of his eyebrows.  Mia catches it and gets serious.  Mia:  Okay, once I get a fix on the location of the brides, I'll send back the coordinates.  Jayden:  And we'll be ready to come save them.  The Rangers were successful in rescuing the brides.

Out in the courtyard of Shiba House, Red Ranger and Blue Ranger were sparring with their Spin Swords.  Mike, Mentor Ji, Emily, and Mia were watching them.  Mike:  He's got mad skills.  I'm impressed.  Mentor Ji:  Yes.  Jayden's one of the best that's ever been.  Mike:  I was talking about Kevin.  He right up there with Jayden.  Mentor Ji was surprised.  Emily:  He's so graceful with the sword.  Mentor Ji smiled.  Mentor Ji:  Yes.  Jayden's always had that quality.  Even as a child.  Emily:  I meant Kevin.  Mentor Ji was really surprised.  He walked forward and faced them.  Mentor Ji:  They are both excellent swordsmen.  Practice sparring is one thing, but true skills shown in battle, is what really counts.  Mike:  I'd hate to see what would happen if they really had to battle each other.  Mia laughs.  Mia:  That would never happen.  Nothing could ever make Kevin fight against a fellow Ranger.  Emily:  He's true blue.  Red Ranger makes a strike against Blue Ranger.  Blue Ranger:  Good match Jayden.  I obviously need more practice.  Red Ranger:  Hey, don't beat yourself up over a lost point.  Blue Ranger:  Okay, let's go again!  Red Ranger and Blue Ranger faced each other with their Spin Swords drawn.  Later, the gap sensor went off.  Red Ranger and the rest of the Rangers race out of Shiba House.  Later, after a battle with Madimot, Jayden, Mike, Mia, and Emily enter Shiba House, battle worn.  Mentor Ji trails behind them. Mentor Ji tells them, this isn't good.  It's going to be very hard to break that monster's spell on the Tiger Zord and Kevin.  Jayden stands next to Mentor Ji and tells him, we need a plan.  Jayden sits down as Mentor Ji walks after him.  Mentor Ji warns Jayden to be prepare to make tough choices if need be.  Mia, Mike, and Emily watch and listen to them.  Jayden wants to try and break that Nighlok's spell on Kevin, before it gets to that.  Mentor Ji nods his head in agreement.  Jayden, Mike, Emily, and Mia are all worried.  Later, the gap sensor goes off once more.  Mentor Ji pulls up a map and looks at it.  Mike, Emily, and Mia come running into the room.  They run over to Mentor Ji.  Mike asks, where's Jayden?  Mentor Ji replies, he's already gone to battle the Nighlok.  Mike becomes very angry.  Are you kidding me?  What about Kevin?  Mentor Ji looks away.  Mike continues, the Nighlok will make him fight Jayden.  Mentor Ji is hopeful that won't happen.  Mentor Ji reminds them that it is their duty to protect the people.  He may have no choice.  Mike shouts, there's always a choice.  Mentor Ji tells Mike to have faith in his leader.  Mentor Ji turns around and looks at the gap sensor.  Mike stands by his shoulders, still upset at him.  Mia walks up and tells Mike, we have to help Jayden.  Mia walks away and Emily comes forward.  She tells Mike, and hope Kevin comes to his senses.  Mike reluctantly leaves with Emily and Mia.  The Rangers are able to break the spell on Blue Ranger and Tiger Zord.  Madimot is destroyed by Tiger Drill Megazord.  After the battle, the teens return to Shiba House.  Mia, Emily, and Mike are sitting around a board game, using their folding zords as pieces.  Mia gets very excited when she gets double sixes and hollers with delight.  Kevin and Jayden are sitting apart from their friends.  Kevin tells Jayden, after today, I don't feel much like playing.  Jayden tells Kevin it wasn't his fault.  That Nighlok was the one playing games and using us as the pieces.  Tiger Zord is one of our toughest allies and even he couldn't resist that Nighlok's spell.  This doesn't make Kevin feel any better.  Kevin points out that he raised his sword against him.  Jayden replies, and I raised mine against you.  Sometimes we can't avoid putting each other at risk.  Kevin realizes what Jayden is telling him.  He adds, but we have to do what is best for the greater good.  Jayden nudges Kevin and tells him he sounds like Mentor.  Mia calls over to them, telling them they are starting a new game and asking them to join.  Kevin and Jayden get up and walk over to their friends.  Kevin tells them, alright, but I'm blue as he pulls out his folding zord.  He tosses the folding zord onto the game board.  Mike tells him, yeah, I think we all agree you are the best one to control that.  Kevin asks for the dice and Mike passes them on.  Emily points out he needs to take a card first.  Mia passes a card to Jayden and they all settle in for a fun game.  

The teens were sitting around a table.  The table had a runner with three discs placed on it.  Mentor Ji had taken a book from a bookcase and brought it over to the group.  Mentor Ji:  Now that we've recovered three of the lost discs, we have a new power at our disposal.  Jayden:  Beetle.  Swordfish.  Tiger.  Together these three discs allow us to form the Samurai Beetle Wing.  Mentor Ji opened up the book and displayed the drawing of the Samurai Beetle Wing.  Mike:  Wow.  That looks like one powerful bird.  Mentor Ji:  Yes, thanks to these discs.  So each one has to go to the person we believe is truly ready to help pilot the battle wing.  Jayden:  I'll keep the Tiger Zord.  Mentor Ji:  The Swordfish goes to Kevin, who caught it and therefore has a connection with it.  Jayden got up and passed the Swordfish disc to Kevin.  Kevin was delighted.  Mentor Ji:  We've decided that the Beetle...Jayden:  Should go to Mia.  Mia:  Me?  Only Emily noticed how upset Mike was.  Mentor Ji:  We trust your control and your symbol power the most and we know you will do the difficult work that's needed, to master this disc. Jayden:  We're counting on you.  Mia:  Thank you.  I won't let you down.  After the meeting, Mike went out into the courtyard practicing with his Spin Sword.  Everyone else was in the kitchen/dining area.  Mia was sitting at a table with her plate.  Emily and Kevin were preparing their plates.  Kevin:  Wow!  What's come over Mike?  I'm not use to seeing him train so hard.  Kevin went and sat at the table with Mia.  Emily carried her plate over to the table as well.  Emily:  He's actually been working really hard on his symbol power lately.  I think he wanted that disc bad.  Mia:  I know.  I kind of feel bad taking it instead of him.  Mentor Ji:  Don't feel bad.  Your hard work is one of the reasons we've chosen you.  I told Mike he needs to work just as hard.  Emily:  But he's been trying.  Mentor Ji:  Yes, and I believe he has it in him, but until he learns to listen, he isn't ready.  Out in the courtyard, Mike continues to practice with his Spin Sword.  Eventually Mike falls to his knees.  Exhausted  he lays on his back and drops his Spin Sword.  He remembers Red Ranger with his Fire Smasher and Blue Ranger with his Hydro Bow.  Mike thinks to himself:  I can't believe they didn't pick me.  He grabs his Spin Sword.  Mike:  Well, I'll just have to train harder.  Mike leaps back on his feet and practices again.  Later, the gap sensor goes off.  Jayden, Emily, Kevin, and Mia stare at it for a moment and then take off running.  The Rangers battled Desperaino, but things did not go well when Green Ranger tried to use the Beetle disc.  The teens returned to Shiba House.  Emily and Mia sit together.  Mike is sitting way in front.  Kevin and Jayden are standing.  Mentor Ji is furious.  Mentor Ji circles around Mike as he talks to him.  Mentor Ji:  Mike, I am so disappointed.  Putting yourself before the needs of the team, places all of you in serious danger.  Here I thought you were finally listening to me and training hard to strengthen the team.  I can't believe it's come to this, but you've become a risk to the others.  I'll have to ask you to turn over your Samuraizer.  Mike:  What?!  You're benching me!  Mentor Ji:  It pains me to say it, but I don't think you're truly ready to become a samurai.  Mike stands up in anger.  Mike:  I'm tired of your lectures!  You don't know a thing about me and if I'm not ready, how can I do this?  Mike creates a symbol power.  It makes the plant behind Mentor Ji grow a long and strong leaf that reaches out and pulls on Mentor Ji's stick.  Mentor Ji struggles to hold onto the stick.  Mentor Ji:  Stop this.  Emily, Kevin, Mia, and Jayden step forward.  Mia:  Mike stop!  Jayden walks right up to Mike and stares at him intensely.  Jayden:  Okay, that's enough.  The planter behind Mentor Ji shatters onto the floor.  Mike:  None of you understand.  I'm out of here.  Mike walks out, leaving his Samuraizer behind.  Emily:  Mentor, are you okay?  Mentor Ji:  I'm fine.  Afterwards, Emily, Kevin, and Mia are sitting outside.  Kevin:  I just don't get why Mike was acting so childish.  Mia:   To be honest, I think they both kind of were.  Kevin:  Mentor wasn't childish.  He's got every reason to be frustrated.  Emily:  Okay, Mike made a mistake, but it really hurt him to be left out.  Kevin:  I realize that, but they had to choose the best person for the job.  Mia:  Sure, but if you ask me, Mike has more than enough symbol power to handle the Beetle disc.  Emily:  So, why did Mentor pick you over him?  Mia:  He just made a choice.  Doesn't mean it was the right one.  Inside, Jayden is playing with his Lion zord.  Mentor Ji is straightening up the table that the planter stood on.  Jayden tells Mentor Ji that he's been pushing Mike pretty hard lately.  Mentor Ji replies, it's my responsibility to train him to be a worthy samurai.  Jayden remarks yes, but push a door that's meant to be pulled and it will never open.  You taught me that.  Mentor Ji just wishes Mike would listen like Jayden.  Jayden points out that Mike is not him.  You taught me that everyone is different, like their symbol power is.  Jayden adds, right now you and Mike want the same thing.  For him to be the best he can be.  You just don't agree on the path to get him there.  Mentor Ji considers it for a moment and replies, perhaps you are right.  A strong wind can kindle a fire, but it can also uproot a tree.  You've grown very wise Red Ranger.  Jayden tells him you taught me well and then walks out.  Mentor Ji stares at a small tree and then gets an idea.  Mentor Ji leaves the base, finds Mike, and takes him to the forest for a lesson.  It works and when Desperaino returns to the city, the Power Rangers destroy him.  Pink Ranger also gives Green Ranger the Beetle disc during the battle.  After the battle, they all return back to the base.  Mentor Ji enters Shiba House, with Emily and Jayden.  Mentor Ji pauses for a moment and asks, what's this?  He glances around, but no one says anything.  Mentor Ji walks towards Kevin, Mia, and Mike.  Mike has something hidden behind his back.  Mike tells Mentor Ji, it's a little something to say thanks and to let you know I'll be listening.  Mike presents the plant he had hidden.  Mentor Ji tells Mike, as will I, as he takes the plant with a smile.  Mike pulls out his Samuraizer and creates a power symbol and hits it towards the plant.  One of the leaves begins to stretch.  Mia becomes alarmed and asks Mike what he is doing?  Mentor Ji is not alarmed and watches the plant in amazement as several more leaves begins to grow and stretch.  Kevin becomes exasperated, not again!  Mike doesn't understand what all the concern is about.  Mike makes a fist and the plant does the same.  Mentor Ji pounds fists with the plant.  Mentor Ji laughs and everyone else grins.

The gap sensor goes off.  The gates of Shiba House open and Jayden, Kevin, Mike, Mia, and Emily race out of the house, morphing as they continue to run.  After a battle with numerous giant size Moogers and normal size Moogers, the teens return.  Mentor Ji is there as well.  Kevin asks why the Moogers were only after Jayden?  Mentor Ji tells Jayden, Master Xandred must know.  Mike doesn't like the fact they are keeping secrets from the rest of them.  Mentor Ji informs them that there is a secret symbol that can create a seal.  The previous Red Ranger used it to imprison Master Xandred.  When Master Xandred last attacked us, it was a surprise.  And we were nearly defeated. That symbol is how Jayden's father was able to seal Xandred away.  Mike concludes that means it's Jayden now.  Mentor Ji continues, only members of the Red Ranger Shiba family can use the seal.  Mike tells Jayden, guess that means you really are the man.  Emily adds Jayden's father did everything he could to save us.  It becomes too much for Jayden and he walks out.  Mike wants to know what's the big deal?  Jayden just has to use his special Shiba family symbol power to seal Master X.  Mentor Ji tells him, it's not that simple.  It takes unbelievable symbol power to make the seal permanent. Later, Emily, Mike, Mia, and Kevin are out in the courtyard, training.  Mike is very optimistic.  He tells his friends, Jayden just has to master the symbol and Master Xandred will be old news.  Mia points out the last Red Ranger couldn't master the seal.  Kevin adds and the Red Ranger before couldn't master it as well.  No Ranger has.  Emily is confident that Jayden will master it.  He has too.  It's his destiny.  Kevin agrees.  Kevin tells his friends, we have to protect Jayden.  It's our number one mission.  Mia, Mike, and Emily agree.  They are unaware that Jayden is about to step out when he overhears their conversation.  Kevin tells his friends, if we work as a team, we can protect Jayden from anything.  Emily adds, now I see it.  That's why we have been training our whole lives.  Jayden becomes upset and steps outside.  He tells them, no.  It's not necessary.  Jayden picks up a stick and tells them to protect themselves.  It's business as usual.  Stay focus on the battle at hand, as a team.  Kevin insists that they have to protect Jayden.  Jayden yells no!  That's just too much of a burden to bear.  Jayden starts working out with the stick.  Kevin, Emily, Mia, and Mike watch him, uncertain.  The gap sensor goes off and they all take off.  After a brutal battle with Robtish, the teens return.  Emily and Kevin are injured.  Mia makes sure Emily and Kevin are comfortable in their beds.  Mia goes and sits with Mike.  They are both worried about Kevin and Emily.  In another room, Jayden steps out and takes a look around.  Seeing no one, he walks outside and stops to look at the full moon.  Meanwhile, Mentor Ji walks into the sick room and asks them if they have seen Jayden?  Mike asks if Jayden is in the dojo?  Mentor Ji replies no.  Outside of Shiba house, Jayden continues on his way out.  He can heard Mentor Ji inside the house, calling for him.  Jayden pauses at the gate and thinks to himself, I'll never put them in harm's way again.  This is my fight.  I must do this my own way.  Jayden walks out of the gates.

Mentor Ji stepped out into the night air, worried about Jayden.  Mentor Ji:  Has the weight of leading the Samurai Rangers become too heavy for Jayden to bear?  I must give Jayden room to find the strength he needs to lead this team.  The next morning, Kevin was working on his sketchbook, his breakfast forgotten.  Emily was still laying in bed.  Mia sat with them.  Mike walked in and noted the untouched breakfast.  Mike:  You know, a young samurai once told me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Kevin struggled to sit up.  Kevin:  I told you that.  Kevin glanced at his breakfast.  Kevin:  I'll eat once I finish this.  Kevin shows his drawings to his friends.  Kevin:  While I've been laid up, I've been thinking about the possibility of combining the Samurai Battle Wing and the Megazord.  Mike:  Last time I had a sick day, I played video games, drank ginger ale, and had chicken soup.  Kevin shakes his head.  Mike noticed the sad look on Mia's face.  Mike:  What's up with you?  Mia:  Jayden's still not back.  Mentor Ji entered the room with forced cheer.  Mentor Ji:  Hello everyone!  Hi Emily!  Hope you're feeling better!  Have you finished breakfast?!  Mike:  You can cut the happy, happy act.  We know something's up.  Mia:  We know Jayden's gone.  Mentor Ji dropped the pretense.  Mentor Ji:  Don't worry. He'll be back.  The rest of us just need to focus on our mission.  Later that day, Kevin and Emily were stretching and testing out their limbs.  Mike:  Well, good to see you guys are at least feeling better.  Mike stepped outside to where Mia was sitting.  Kevin and Emily could hear their conversation.  Mike:  I remember how messed up I felt when a Nighlok attacked my buddies, just cause they were hanging with me.  Mia:  Think about what Jayden's feeling.  Just knowing that we're willing to take hits for him.  Mike:  Yeah.  It must be so hard to know that you're the only Ranger with the sealing power.  Mia:  I know.  Imagine if you held the whole world's fate in your hands.  Emily and Kevin exchanged concern looks.  After awhile, the gap sensor went off.   Mia, Kevin, Emily, and Mike race into the room.  Kevin tells Mentor Ji that they heard the gap sensor.  Mentor Ji asks if they are really up for this?  Kevin replies that they have to be up for it.  Emily adds, we all wish Jayden was here with us, but there's a Nighlok out there.  Mentor Ji walks away from them.  Mentor Ji confides that they should know that Jayden truly struggles with putting any of you at risk.  He resisted calling upon you when Master Xandred first awaken.  He wanted to take on this fight alone.  Which is why he walks alone now.  Kevin steps forward and tells Mentor Ji, forgive me Mentor, but that's wrong.  Jayden will never walk alone again.  Mia adds, he will always have us.  We're a team until the end.  Mike reminds his friends they have a Nighlok to take down and they race out of the room.  Eventually Robtish is destroyed by the Battlewing Megazord. After the battle, Mentor Ji paces outside Shiba House until the gates open and Emily, Mia, Jayden, Mike, and Kevin run inside.  Mentor Ji is very happy to see Jayden is back.  They shake hands.  Jayden apologizes for leaving.  Mentor Ji tells him it doesn't matter, as long as you are back.  Jayden confirms that he is back where he needs to be.  Back with his team.  Mentor Ji tells them, good work.  I think you all deserve some fun.  Anything you want.  Mike, Mia, Kevin, and Emily get very excited.  Kevin is eager to try something new.  Mike suggests the movies.  Emily thinks that's a good idea.  Mia, Kevin, Mike, and Emily head into the house.  Mia wants to watch a romantic comedy.  Mike doesn't think so, unless it involves zombies.  Mentor Ji and Jayden pause outside the house.  Mentor Ji tells Jayden to go and enjoy himself.  The fight will continue tomorrow.  Jayden replies, I know there is a lot of work left to do.  Mentor Ji agrees, but tells him not to worry.  We'll tell them when the time is right.  Jayden concludes, good thing I have this team to see this through.  Mentor Ji and Jayden walk into the house.

The teens had gone out into the city when a gap sensor had gone off.  It wasn't long before they returned to Shiba House.  Mentor Ji is waiting for them.  Mentor Ji:  That was fast.  Mike:  It doesn't take long to deal with nothing.  Kevin:  The gap sensor was working fine, but no Nighlok.  We didn't see anything out of the ordinary.  Suddenly they all hear a sound of something hitting the house.  Jayden goes outside to take a look and returns with an arrow with a note attached to it.  Jayden:  Just says, see you soon.  Mia:  See you soon.  What?  A Nighlok attack?  Mentor Ji:  No.  Not here at least.  The house is protected by defensive symbols.  Mike:  And they're doing a good job.  I mean, someone shot this arrow.  Mike takes the arrow from Jayden and sniffs it.  Mike:  Something fishy about this.  Emily:  Obviously.  Mike:  No, there's really something fishy.  Smell.  Emily takes a sniff and turns her head away in disgust.  That evening, That Jayden works on his power symbols.  After awhile, he gets the feeling that something is watching him.  Jayden quickly gets up and turns around, but sees nothing.  Jayden:  Where are you?  Mike walks in, as he heard Jayden's shout.  Mike:  Jayden, what's up?  Jayden:  Something's here.  Kevin walks in.  A breeze ruffles Jayden's hair.  Jayden:  There!  Did you feel that?  Kevin:  No!  What did you feel?  Mia and Emily have entered the room as well.  Jayden:   Shhh.  Jayden points to the closet and slowly walks over to it.  Mike, Mia, Emily, and Kevin gather behind him.  Jayden slowly opens the closet door and a practice form falls down.  Everyone screams.  Mia:  Don't scare us like that!  Jayden:  I could have sworn there was something.  Mike:  Relax dude, there's nothing here.  Jayden:  There's something definitely otherworldly here.  I sensed it.  Mia:  Sorry Jayden, we didn't sense anything.  Could it be your imagination?  Jayden thinks it over.  Mentor Ji enters.  Mentor Ji:  Jayden.  It's important to trust your instincts, but I don't feel another presence.  Jayden's hair is ruffled once more.  Jayden pulls out his Samuraizer and quickly does the symbol for his Spin Sword.  Jayden spins the Spin Sword around and almost slices Emily's face.  Jayden:  Sorry Em.  Jayden looks around.  Jayden:  Where are you?  Jayden starts searching the house, occasionally slicing the air with his Spin Sword.  Mike, Emily, Kevin, Mia, and Mentor Ji follow him and stand in a doorway watching Jayden.  Mike:  He's really got that flipping out thing down pat, hun?  Kevin:  Anyone else feel anything?  Mia and Emily shake their heads no.  Later, Jayden enters the bathroom.  Jayden:  I know something was there.  Jayden walks over to the sink and stares into the mirror.  Once more, he feels a presence behind him.  He looks behind him, but sees nothing.  Jayden gives a small shake of his head and then turns on the water.  He splashes his face with water and then notices something.  He stares into the mirror once more.  Jayden:  It's gone.  Jayden glances at the running water.  The next day Jayden leaves a note to let them know he has gone to Spring Valley.  It would turn out Jayden was right, Vulpes had been feeding his paranoia.  In Spring Valley, Vulpes was destroyed by Battlewing Megazord and Octozord.

Mentor Ji and the teens have gathered together, waiting for Antonio to arrive.  Emily:  He's so fast when he's the Gold Ranger, I'm surprised he's not here already.  Kevin went to sit with his friends.  He wasn't as impressed with Antonio as the rest.  Kevin:  Just because Antonio showed off when he beat that Nighlok, doesn't mean he's fast at everything.  Mia:  It's true.  We really don't know much about him, but at least Jayden can vouch for him.  Jayden turned his head away as he thought about his friend.  Jayden:  Yeah, we were friends from the moment we meet.  As he talked, Jayden remembered his times as a young boy with his only friend, Antonio.  Jayden:  His father owned the local fish market.  The times we played together were really the only times I got to feel like a normal kid.  Jayden remembered as young boys, he and Antonio would beat a tree with their wooden swords, pretending it was a Nighlok.  Young Antonio:  Wow!  Save the world again!  Young Jayden:  Yeah!  Alright!  Mentor Ji:  Jayden!  Are you practicing or playing?!  Antonio and Jayden ran.  Antonio hid in some bushes as Jayden dutifully pretended he had been practicing against the practice form.  Mentor Ji watched him practice.  Jayden:  But it did drive Mentor crazy because it distracted me from my training.  Young Jayden glanced over at young Antonio and they grinned at each other.  Jayden returned to the present as he concluded his story.  Jayden:  That was before Antonio had to move away.  Mia:  So, if he moved away, how did he become the Gold Ranger?  Kevin became agitated.  Kevin:  Wait!  He's definitely got some skills, but he's not a true samurai.  It doesn't run in his family and he hasn't had any formal training.  Kevin gets up and walks a little away from his friends.  With his back to them, Kevin continues.  Kevin:  Plus, we have no idea what this guy is up to.  After awhile, Mentor Ji becomes impatient waiting for Antonio.  He asks Mike if Antonio had told him if he was bringing the Octozord with him?  Mike doesn't know and asks why?  Mentor Ji replies, when Jayden was a boy, he gave it to Antonio when I wasn't looking.  Emily is surprised.  Jayden tries to explain himself.  I was a little kid, I didn't know any better.  By the time Mentor Ji found out, Antonio had moved away.  Mentor Ji didn't think Antonio would figure out a way to activate it.  As a young boy, Jayden had threaten he would quit being a samurai if Mentor Ji tried to take it back.  Jayden turns his head away once more as he remarks, like I said, I was a little kid.  Mike comments on Jayden being such a rebel.  Mia is more sympathetic, and tells Jayden, it sounds like you guys were really good friends.  I bet you missed him when he moved away.  Jayden admits he did.  Antonio slides into the room.  He does some moves with his fishing pole.  Mia and Emily are amused.  Antonio turns around and faces them.  He introduces himself as the sixth samurai, the Gold Ranger, me - Antonio Garcia.  Antonio laughs.  Mike comments to Mentor Ji, and you thought I was cocky.  Antonio poses with his fishing pole, unaware that the lure has hooked onto his pants.  Antonio talks directly to Jayden, allow me to join your team in your fight against the Nighloks.  Antonio pulls on his fishing pole and discovers it has hooked onto his pants and is now tearing it.  Emily, Mia, Mike, Jayden, even Kevin are amused by Antonio's plight.  Antonio tries to laugh it off, telling them it's no big deal.  It's happened before.  Not a lot or anything.  Jayden asks his friends to help Antonio, as he steps outside.  Mentor Ji excuses himself as well.  Jayden is sitting outside and chuckling to himself when Mentor Ji joins him.  Jayden tells Mentor Ji that Antonio hasn't changed a bit.  Mentor Ji agrees, he's as energetic as ever.  He clearly still looks up to you.  Jayden admits, Antonio always wanted to be a samurai.  I remember like it was yesterday.  Jayden sees himself and Antonio as the young boys they once were.  Young Antonio was practicing with his wooden sword and then uses against the practice form.  Young Jayden compliments young Antonio on his nice sword play.  Young Antonio feels bad.  He thanks young Jayden, but tells him it doesn't matter.  My father is not a samurai.  I couldn't be a real samurai like you.  Young Jayden reassures young Antonio, by telling him he will make him a samurai.  Young Antonio is surprised - you can do that?!  Young Jayden sees no problem with it.  I'm a samurai right?  The two young boys go back to practicing their swords.  In present time, Jayden doesn't know what to do and admits it to Mentor Ji.  Mentor Ji tells him, you're too close to this.  Let me handle it.  Jayden nods his head and Mentor Ji goes back inside.  Mentor Ji is holding Antonio's Samurai Morpher.  Antonio is seated across from him.  Kevin and Mia sit on one side of the table, Mike and Emily on the other side of the table.  Mentor Ji can't believe that Antonio had made his Samurai Morpher from what Jayden taught him and studying the Octozord's systems.  Antonio admits it wasn't really that hard.  Mike asks him if he is some kind of techie?  Antonio squirms a little as he confides that he has always been good with gadgets.  Antonio accidentally knocks the bowl of peanuts aside.  Mia catches the bowl before it tips over and places it back on the table.  Emily and Mike are amused, not Kevin.  Antonio continues, I've always just wanted to be a samurai.  Antonio remembered his training as he told them his story.  I know I wasn't born into it, like you guys.  But I just kept practicing what Jayden had taught me.  I was trying to take things to a higher level, but I was really stuck.  But when I figured out how to talk to Octozord with texting, everything fell into place.  Antonio concludes his story by telling them, and now I'm finally ready to join you in the fight against the Nighloks.  Mike and Emily are excited to have another Ranger on the team.  Mentor Ji tells them no, that's simply not possible.  Antonio is stunned.  Mentor Ji explains that it's just too dangerous to put you out there without the necessary formal training.  Antonio stands up in anger.  But I don't understand!  Didn't I help you all win yesterday?!  Mentor Ji agrees, but not all battles will be that simple.  If you don't have the training...Antonio interrupts him, telling him he does have the training.  Sure I did it by myself, but I can hold my own out there and you saw it!  Mentor Ji tells Antonio that he is going to hold onto his Samurai Morpher and puts it away.  Antonio jumps on the table and starts to run towards Mentor Ji.  He is stopped by Kevin, Mia, Emily, and Mike.  The force knocks Antonio off the table, just as the gap sensor goes off.  Mentor Ji pulls up the maps.  Jayden runs in and spots Antonio on the floor.  Mentor Ji informs them that it's on Benson street, the underpass.  Jayden tells his team, let's go.  They all hurry over to Jayden.  Antonio calls out to wait!  Antonio stands up and makes his remarks to Jayden.  Jayden, I can come with you, right?  Jayden is silent, not wanting to hurt his friend.  Antonio continues, tell Ji how you made me a samurai.  That I am suppose to fight by your side.  Jayden replies, Ji is right.  This isn't little kids stuff anymore.  I'm so sorry, you're not really a samurai and we don't need a sixth Ranger.  Jayden, Kevin, Mike, Mia, and Emily head out.  Antonio is very hurt and mutters sorry too as he walks away.  The Rangers battled Steeleto, but do not do well against him.  After the battle, Jayden is sitting outside of Shiba House, looking at Antonio's Samuraizer.  Mia steps outside and pauses at the door for a moment.  Mia walks up to Jayden, telling him, it must have been hard for you.  Having to send your friend away like that.  Jayden replies, I had no choice.  He's not a real samurai.  Jayden gets up and walks towards the practice sticks.  He tells Mia, like Ji said, having him around could be dangerous.  Not only for him, but for us too.  Mia follows Jayden out into the courtyard and he gives a stick to her.  Mia tells him, he's known Antonio forever.  The idea of him getting hurt must bother you.  Jayden remarks, of course, he's my friend.  Jayden launches into the practice.  Mia does well against Jayden.  She continues to talk to him as they practice.  Leading us on dangerous missions is hard on you.  But putting an old friend like him at risk too?  That's too much pressure.  Mia gets a point off of Jayden.  Mia knows she has hit the nail on the head.  Jayden is upset and tells her to think what she wants.  Jayden starts to walk away.  Antonio walks out from the side of the building.  He tells Jayden, Mia's right and you know it.  Why do you have to be so stubborn Jayden?  Antonio and Mia stand next to each other as they face Jayden.  Antonio tells Jayden he knows the risks.  And you need my help.  Jayden tells him they have already talked about this.  Emily and Mike walk out of Shiba House.  Mike points out that they are saving the world.  How can an extra Ranger not help?  Before Jayden can argue with them, Mia tells him, Antonio accepts the risks, just like all of us.  Mike and Emily join Antonio and Mia.  Mia points out to Jayden, that you're our leader, but that doesn't make you responsible for what we choose to do.  Antonio adds, well said pretty lady.  Jayden tries once more to argue the point, but he's interrupted by Kevin, who has stepped out.  Kevin tells him, Antonio doesn't have the training, but I'm betting we could use the help.  I say we give him a chance.  Antonio is a little offended by the training remark.  The gap sensor goes off and Mentor Ji comes running out.  Mentor Ji tells them the attack is on the northern peninsula construction site.  Antonio tells Jayden, please, let me have my Samurai Morpher.  Jayden remembers the promise he had made with Antonio when they were young boys.  Antonio promises he won't let Jayden down.  This has been my dream.  It always has been.  Jayden thinks it over.  Jayden pulls out the Samurai Morpher and tells Antonio he is the sixth Samurai Ranger.  He gives the Samurai Morpher to Antonio, who is thrilled.  Antonio tells Jayden, you won't regret this.  Mia, Emily, and Mike are happy to have Antonio on the team.  Kevin even gives a small smile.  Jayden tells them, let's go.  They all run from the courtyard.  Mentor Ji watches them go.  After the battle, in which they destroyed Steeleto with the Octospear Megazord, everyone has returned to Shiba House for a fish fiesta.  Antonio is cooking fish on the grill when Kevin, Mia, Emily, and Mike walk up.  As Antonio lays the dish on the table, Mia comments that it almost looks as good as one of her recipes.  Kevin, Emily, and Mike make disgusted faces behind her.  Mentor Ji and Jayden stand apart from the rest.  Mentor Ji tells Jayden, I may have been wrong to exclude Antonio so quickly.  Jayden thinks they both were.  Things keep changing on me so fast.  First taking on the team, now Antonio.  It's not like when it was just us.  Mentor Ji points out, that's what being a leader is all about.  It's not all on you.  They have chosen their path.  You did not choose it for them.  Antonio shouts out to them, you two wallflowers going to join us?!  Mike shouts out, hurry up before I wolf it all down!  Mentor Ji comments, you don't need to ask us twice.  Mentor Ji and Jayden join the group.  Jayden walks over to Antonio.  He tells him, it's good to have you back, buddy.  You're worth your weight in gold.

At Shiba House, Emily, Mia, Jayden, Antonio, Kevin, and Mike sat around the coffee table.  Mentor Ji stood by.  On the table, was a bowl that was covered.  Antonio:  "Behold!"  Antonio removes the cover.  Antonio:  This is our new and improved friend, the Clawzord.  Jayden:  Where did you get this?  Mentor Ji:  The Clawzord was battle damaged years ago, so I hid it away.  Antonio:  Mentor ask me to perform a bit of my tech whiz magic.  Jayden was surprised and glanced at Mentor Ji.  Mentor Ji leaned down and confided:  I wanted to see if he could actually do it.  Antonio:  It's pretty simple.  Antonio held his morpher over Clawzord.  Antonio:  I text over some samurai power symbols to reprogram him.  Clawzord will be back in business.  Emily:  Wow.  Everyone, except Kevin, was impressed.  Mia:  So, you've been using electronic symbols?  Antonio:  Welcome to the 21st century.  There were grins all around except for one.  Kevin:  Impressive, but this is the work of a computer nerd, not a samurai.  The teens were taken aback by this statement.  Antonio:  Look, I know I wasn't born into the samurai life like you guys, but I'm trying to help in my own way.  Mia:  Kevin, we've already accepted Antonio into our team.  Remember?  Kevin stands up.  Kevin:  I said I'd give him a chance.  But being a true samurai involves much more than pressing some buttons.  Kevin storms off.  Antonio:  Yes, being a true samurai is what's in your heart.  Jayden:  It's up to you to change his mind Antonio.  Later, Antonio takes Mike's advice to eat, drink, sleep being a samurai is the only way to impress Kevin to heart. That evening, Antonio goes around Shiba House, placing little hidden cameras in various objects.  He wants to watch Kevin, so he can learn how to eat, drink, and sleep like a samurai, Kevin style.  Kevin goes into his strict evening routine which involves training, working on his symbol power, and taking notes from a book titled "The Art Of The Samurai Life".  Throughout this, Antonio watches him with the aid of the hidden cameras.  As the night gets later, Antonio finds it harder to stay awake and almost falls asleep.  Finally at midnight, Kevin goes to bed and Antonio can finally sleep.  The next day the sun rises and so does Kevin.  The sound of Kevin's door opening, wakes Antonio up.  Kevin heads out of Shiba House for his morning jog.  Antonio quietly follows him out. Later, Emily, Mia, Jayden, and Mike gather together for breakfast.  Jayden notes Kevin is missing and asks where he is?  Mia comments that he's usually back from his morning jog by now.  Mike adds, always.  You can set your watch to the guy.  Jayden grins at the remark and then becomes concern.  He tells them, I got a bad feeling about this.  Jayden stares intently at the digital clock.  When the clock reads eight o'clock, Jayden tells his friends, Kevin would never be this late from his morning run.  He is always here at 8 a.m. sharp for practice.  He would have at least call.  Emily and Mike are worried.  When the clock read 8:01 a.m., Jayden is done with waiting.  It's time to take action.  The Rangers would discover that Octoroo had Antberry steal children's toys so that they would cry and fill a well with Sanzu River water.  The Rangers destroyed Antberry with Octospear Megazord.  After the battle, the teens take the stolen toys back to Shiba House.  Mike, Antonio, and Kevin sit together, sorting out the toys.  Mike tells them, stealing toys from kids, that's even low for a Nighlok.  Kevin replies, we get to make things right.  That's the great thing about being a Samurai, right Antonio?  Antonio is thrilled that Kevin is acknowledging him as a samurai.  Jayden, Emily, and Mia enter the room.  Jayden tells them it's best we return these anonymously.  We don't want to draw attention to ourselves.  Emily thinks it will be fun to play Santa.  Mia adds a ho, ho, ho.  Everyone grins.  Moments later, kids are discovering their toys have been returned.

Emily walked through Shiba House and the place seemed empty.  Emily:  "Hello!"  Emily walked into one of the rooms and looked around.  Emily:  "Where is everybody?"  Emily continued to look, but the room was empty.  Emily:  "Did they go out without me?"  Emily continued to search for her friends.  Meanwhile, Kevin pokes his head out of one the doors.  He looked around and then closed the door.  Kevin had a tray of food as he turned and faced the room.  Kevin:  "This is going to be tough to pull off."  Mia walked passed Kevin with a box full of paper garlands.  Mia:  "Have a little faith Kev.  Once we get this stuff ready, all we have to do is hide it."  Mike was working on a Happy Birthday sign for Emily.  Mike:  "Tomorrow's going to be great.  It's Emily's first birthday without her sister.  But it's so cool we're doing something special for her."  All three heard a knocking sound and became alarmed as they stared at the door.  The door opened, it was Jayden.  Mia and Kevin were very relieved.  Mike teased them.  Mike:  "You should have seen your faces.  It looked like Master Xandred was at the door."  Kevin:  "Ha! Ha! We just didn't want Emily to find us."  Jayden:  "The coast is clear.  Emily went outside.  What about the cake?"  Mia confided in them with a conspirator tone.  Mia:  "I've got all the ingredients for an awesome cake.  I just need to bake it without her noticing."  Mike, Kevin, Jayden:  "No!!!"  Mia was taken aback.  Kevin:  "I mean we don't want to risk it  Antonio already ordered the cake from the bakery."  Mike, Jayden, and Kevin all put fake smiles on their faces.  Mia accepted their explanation with grace.  Mia:  "Oh, okay."  Later, there was Nighlok attack. The Power Rangers battled Splitface.  Unfortunately during the battle, Emily's spirit was taken.  After the battle, the Rangers take Emily back to Shiba House.  Antonio leaves them and heads out.  Emily is placed in a bed.  Mike sits on one side as Mia sits on the other.  Mentor Ji stands at the foot of the bed.  Kevin is standing close by.  Jayden is just outside in the hall, but can hear the conversation.  Mentor Ji:  "Fifty-four people, including Emily, had their spirits stolen.  Official hospital reports say the patients are resting comfortably, but we know better.  Kevin:  "I can't believe by tomorrow night, Emily and all those people could stay asleep forever."  Jayden walks in.  Kevin:  "We have to defeat that Nighlok before that happens!"  Mia:  "But he said he won't leave the Netherworld."  Mia continues, what can we do?    Mike replies, we have to do something.  No matter what it takes.  We have to save her.  Kevin, Jayden, and Mentor Ji walked out of the room.  The next morning, Mia wipes Emily's forehead with a damp cloth.  Mike and Mia are still keeping a careful watch over her.  Emily starts to wake up.  Mike hollers that Emily is awake.  Kevin, Jayden, and Mentor Ji rush into the room.  Mike and Mia help prop Emily up.  Emily apologizes to them.  I let him get me.  Mike tells her, don't be silly.  We're just glad you are okay.  Mike hands her a glass of water.  Emily tells them, thanks for putting on the brave face for me.  But I know I'm not okay.  I feel empty.  Mia tells her not to worry.  We will figure it out.  Jayden kneels by Emily's bed and tells her we're not going to let you down.  We'll save you.  Just hold on until then.  Emily falls back asleep.  Mia gets upset, oh no!  She's falling back asleep!  Mike shouts Emily's name, but gets no response.  He gets angry and races out of the room.  Mia and Kevin quickly hurried out after him.  Jayden tells Mentor Ji to keep an eye on Emily and races out.  Antonio would later enter the house and Mentor Ji let him know they were in the city.  Antonio was able to draw Splitface out of the Netherworld and there was another battle.  At the Shiba House, Mentor Ji continued to keep watch over Emily.  He tells her to hang on.  Back in the city, Splitface is destroyed and the spirits were released. Mentor Ji is sitting by Emily's bed when her spirit comes through the window and enters Emily.  Emily wakes up and sits up, looking around.  Mentor Ji welcomes her back and Emily smiles.  Later that evening, Mia pulls Emily along through Shiba House.  Mia takes her to a room that is decked out in party decorations.  Jayden, Mike, Kevin, and Antonio jump out and yell surprise as confetti falls from the ceiling.  Kevin asks Emily if she is surprised?  Emily is delightfully surprised.  Mike steps forward and hands her a card from her sister, Serena.  Emily opens the birthday card and reads it.  Antonio covers her eyes and walks her over to where Mentor Ji is placing the cake.  Written on the cake is Happy Birthday Emily and Clawzord.  Emily is thrilled and laughs.  Kevin wonders why Clawzord's name is on it.  Antonio tells him, it's Clawzord's birthday too.  Clawzord makes sounds of agreement.  Emily tells her friends, they are the best.  Jayden replies, no Emily, Mike was right.  You're the best.  Emily is touched.  Jayden continues, we're just happy to see that you are okay.  Mia asks who wants cake?  Emily hesitantly asks Mia if she bake the cake?  Mia sadly replies, no sorry.  We got this cake at the bakery.  Emily is relieved but wants to spare her friend's feelings and tells her I understand, you were busy.  Jayden glances over at Kevin and Antonio, who try to keep their faces composed.  Kevin tells her to blow out her candles.  Mia reminds her to make a wish first.  Emily blows out her candles and everyone cheers.

The gap sensor has gone off.   The gates open as the Rangers run through them.  Red Ranger:  "There's no time to lose!"  Blue Ranger:  "Right behind you!"  Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger:  "Yeah!"  The Rangers, along with Gold Ranger, arrive in Panorama City and have a tough battle with giant Moogers.  After they defeat the Moogers, Mia, Kevin, Jayden, Emily, and Mike return back to Shiba House.  Jayden, Mia, Kevin, Emily, and Mike sit around a table at the Shiba House.  Mia tells them, she doesn't know what to do.  We have fought so hard, but the Sanzu River keeps seeping into our world.  Mike can't believe it is happening.  Emily asks, what else can we do?  We've beaten the Nighlok every time.  Jayden tells them, we can't think about winning or losing.  We have to believe in ourselves and keep fighting.  Kevin agrees.  We can't give up no matter what.  Mentor Ji walks into the room.  He is glad to hear they haven't given up.  Mentor Ji has a book in his hands and tells them I may have found something that could help us.  Mentor Ji places the opened book on the table.  Jayden recognizes the illustration right away - the Black Box.  Jayden tells Ji, we can't.  Mia wants to know what is it?  Mentor Ji informs them, a magic talisman created by the very first Red Ranger.  It is said it can unite the symbol power of all Rangers into one.  Mike is on board and suggests they fire it up.  Jayden tells them, it's not as simple as that.  Red Ranger never finished the talisman.  Mentor Ji adds, many have tried, but none have had the skill and the power to complete it.  Emily asks, what about Antonio?  He's a tech whiz.  Mike adds, yeah, the guy programmed the zord like it was a coffee maker.  Kevin is not so sure.  But he doesn't have mastery of symbol power like we do.  You know how much it drains us each time we use it.  Jayden agrees.  Trying to transfer even a few of our symbol power into the box could destroy him.  I can't ask him to do this.  Emily tells him, none of us want to see Antonio get hurt.  But....Mia continues, we're talking about saving the human race.  Mike adds, if he's willing, give it a shot.  Jayden reluctantly agrees.  Mentor Ji tells them, first you must retrieve the Black Box.  For generations it has been guarded by the guardians of the Tengen Gate.  Kevin, Mia, Mike, Emily, and Jayden set off for the Tengen Gate.

Things did not go well for the Rangers.  Deker took Jayden.  Mike, Mia, Emily, and Kevin were hurt in the battle against Arachnitor.  Antonio managed to get them back to Shiba House.  Mentor Ji and Antonio stand in the doorway as they watch their friends recover from their last battle.  Mentor Ji held the box which had the Black Box inside in.  Antonio:  "Boy, man they're pretty banged up after that run in with Arachnitor, huh?"  Mentor Ji:  "Yes, now that the Sanzu River is seeping into our world, the Nighlok are getting stronger.  Soon they will be too powerful for even our team to stop."  Mentor Ji started walking down the hall and Antonio quickly followed him.  Mentor Ji:  "It's crucial that you fill this Black Box with all the Rangers' symbol powers."  Antonio:  "Once we rescue Jayden, he and I will get it running in no time."  Mentor Ji turned around and faced Antonio.  Mentor Ji:  "Antonio, you must focus on the job at hand."  Antonio:  "But Jayden is out there."  Mentor Ji:  "Jayden would be the first to tell you, the Black Box is the priority."  Mentor Ji passed the box to Antonio.  Antonio gave a short laugh.  Antonio:  "But even the original Red Ranger couldn't finish this."  Mentor Ji walked into the main room.  Mentor Ji:  "Your lack of formal symbol power training will make this very difficult.  But you did build your own Samurai Morpher."  Antonio quickly followed him and sat down.  Antonio:  "It's the ultimate hack job.  My kind of challenge."  Mentor Ji:  "I have faith that your high tech skills will enable you to succeed where others have failed."  Antonio:  "Alright.  I'm on it.  With the others down, I know I have to pick up the slack."  Kevin and the rest could hear their conversation.  Hearing Antonio state he had to pick up the slack, struck Kevin the hardest.  Kevin flung the covers off his bed and sat with his feet on the floor.  Kevin:  "There's no time to rest.  It's our sworn duty to keep the world safe."  Kevin struggled but managed to stand up.  Kevin:  "We're Samurai.  Nothing can stop us."  Kevin took a step forward and fell to his knees.  Mia:  "Kevin!"  Mia convinced Kevin to get back in bed.  Using his Samurai Morpher, Antonio works on the Black Box.  Mentor Ji is standing close by and watching.  It takes awhile.  Antonio:  "Okay, I've hacked in.  Now I just have to format it to absorb our symbol powers."  Antonio started to feel lighted headed and falls onto a chair.  Mentor Ji:  "Antonio!"  Mentor Ji rushed over to Antonio.  Antonio:  "I'm okay."  Mentor Ji:  "You must pace yourself.  Using symbol power is incredibly draining.  Don't overdo it."  Antonio:  "And who told me the whole world was at stake here?"  Antonio stands back up and starts working on the Black Box again.  Antonio:  "I have to do everything I can.  Let's try again."  Mentor Ji:  "Just be careful Antonio.  What you're trying to do is dangerous work.  Keep in mind if there's another Nighlok attack, you're the only Ranger that's healthy enough to respond."   Kevin, Mike, Mia, and Emily could hear Antonio working on the Black Box.  It affects Kevin the hardest.  Once more, Kevin sits up in his bed.  Mia is concern.  Mia:  "Kevin?  What're you doing?  You need to rest."  Kevin:  "I have to find some way to help."  Mia:  "No.  You don't have to do this.  Not alone.  Let's help each other.  That's the best way we can help Jayden."  Mia got out of bed and held her hand out to Kevin.  Kevin takes it with a smile.  Kevin, Mike, Mia, and Emily got dressed.  Exhausted Antonio falls into a chair once more.  Antonio:  "There, the formating's done."  Mentor Ji stared intently at the Black Box.  Mentor Ji:  "Now comes the really dangerous part, infusing the Black Box with everyone's symbol powers."  Kevin:  "That's where we come in!"  Kevin, Mia, Mike, and Emily had entered the room.  Mentor Ji was not happy to see them out of bed.  Mentor Ji:  "You shouldn't be out of bed!"  Kevin:  "Antonio can't take this all on himself.  We need to help each other.  Especially since Jayden is gone."  The gap sensor goes off.  Antonio:  "So what do we do now?"  Mia:  "Well, I know what Jayden would say."  Kevin:  "At all cost, protect the innocent."  Antonio:  "That's golden!  You guys go take care of the Nighlok, and I'll go find Jayden."  Antonio starts to take off, but Mentor Ji stops him.  Mentor Ji:  "No!"  You must finish the Black Box first."  Antonio:  "I can't!  I need their power discs and they're taking them into battle."  While Antonio was talking, Emily pulled out her power disc, gazed at it, and then started walking towards Antonio.  Emily held up her power disc to Antonio as Mia glanced at Kevin and they both gave a small nod and started to pull out their power discs, along with Mike.  Emily:  "'s yours."  Mia, Mike, and Kevin gave Antonio their power discs as well.  Antonio:  "Are you guys serious?  How can you defeat the Nighlok without these?"  Emily:  "We'll make due.  But without the Black Box, the whole world's in danger and you're the only one that can program it."  Kevin:  "It's true.  No one else can match the skills you bring to the team."  Antonio:  "But, my best friend needs me."  Mia:  "I know what he'll say to that too."  Kevin:  "One person is insignificant compare to the fate of the world."  Mike:  "Dude, you have that impression down."  Kevin scoffed and then gave a small grin.  Antonio:  "Okay.  Man, I wish you guys weren't right but you are.  This has to come first."  Antonio gazed at the power discs for several seconds and then noticed his friends were still standing around.  Antonio:  "Well, go on!  Get out of here!  I've got work to do!  Mike, Mia, Emily, and Kevin started to head out.  Mike:  "We're on it."  Antonio:  "And be careful!"  Kevin:  "Don't worry about us!"  Mentor Ji smiled, he was very proud of the team.   Antonio places the Black Box in the middle of the four power discs.  Antonio continues to use his Samurai Morpher to try and lock in the dragon power disc.  But it doesn't work and Antonio gets frustrated.  He tells himself, he can do it and tries again.  This time it works - that's it!  Dragon Zord!  Mentor Ji comments so far, so good.  Antonio keeps it going with a little yellow.  But it doesn't work and Antonio sits down in frustration.  I just don't have enough symbol energy to finish it fast enough.  I'm sorry.  It's just that the whole planet is counting on me.  Wait!  The whole planet!  That's it!  Antonio works on his Samurai Morpher.  I'll piggy back on a global satellite system and use the symbol power to angulated Jayden's Samuraizer.  After a few moments, Antonio has success and has found Jayden.  Antonio walks up to Mentor Ji and tells him, look, I can't finish the Black Box now, but I can help Jayden.  After a few moments thinking it over, Mentor Ji tells him to go.  Antonio successfully rescues Jayden.  The Rangers battled Arachnitor and several Moogers.  During the difficult battle, Arachnitor slipped away, but the Rangers were able to defeat the Moogers.

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