Sanzu River

Octoroo was peering into a gap, listening and watching Jayden and Mentor Ji.  He overheard Jayden tells Mentor, I'll do whatever it takes as they walked away.  Octoroo:  And so will I.  Octoroo laughed.  Octoroo stood by himself on the rocky shore of the Sanzu River in the Netherworld.  Octoroo heard a sound.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh, what's that?  Octoroo watched the Sanzu River closely.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh, I've got a lump in my throat.  Is what I hear, the Master's boat?  The boat broke through the water's surface and sat on the river.  Octoroo quickly entered the boat.  On the boat was Dayu strumming her Harmonium.  Octoroo:  It's good to be on board again.  So Dayu, where's the big red one?  Dayu says nothing.  Octoroo:  Come on!  Answer me!  Just where is that barnacle of a boss?!  Where's Master Xandred?  Out with it!  Dayu:  Octoroo, I get it.  You missed him.  Octoroo:  Come on!  Tell me, tell me, please.  You're the only one who knows.  We've been without our leader for so long.  We need him back!  Sure he's mean to me, but that's just boss being boss.  Behind a woven door hanging, came a voice.  Master Xandred:  Silence you fool!  Master Xandred came through the door.  Master Xandred:  I have a splitting headache this morning!  So zip those lips unless you want to spend the morning untying those noodles you call a face.  Master Xandred stormed past Octoroo and sat on the floor.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh, you're pretty grumpy for someone talented enough to talk with his mouth closed.  Octoroo pounded his staff on the floor and looked over at the two Moogers.  Octoroo:  You two quickly!  Give him his medicine to ease his aching noggin.  The two Moogers walked over to Master Xandred.  One of them gave him a bowl.  Master Xandred:  Hurry up!  The other Mooger poured the medicine into the bowl and then they both stepped away.  Octoroo:  That should help.  Master Xandred drinks it.  Octoroo:  You'll be back to normal in no time.  Feel better?  Master Xandred had finished taking his medicine and was calmer.  Master Xandred:  I don't even want to think about what I had to endure because of those lousy Samurai Rangers.  Good thing I destroyed them all.  Octoroo felt uncomfortable.  Octoroo:  Oh, great Master Xandred, how should I say this?  I thought you knew about the Rangers.  They survived!  Dayu stopped her playing.  Dayu:  Are you joking?  Master Xandred:  What?!  Master Xandred stood up furiously.  Master Xandred:  Those brats defeated me!  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh, calm down Master.  Tooya enters the boat.  Tooya:  Oh yeah, let's get this party started!  I see that Master Xandred is back in charge, so let's celebrate.  Master Xandred becomes even more angry.  He slams his weapon against the boat hard enough to make it rock dangerously.  Master Xandred:  Unbelievable!  How did those brats defeat me?!  Octoroo:  Forget celebrating Tooya.  That mouth on your skirt is as ugly as Master Xandred's mood.  Tooya:  Hey, if anybody here got hit with the ugly stick, it would be you.  Octoroo:  Listen, the best way to welcome the boss back is to jump through a gap and freak out some humans.  Tooya:  Is that right boss?  Master Xandred:  Do it and I'll make those Samurai Rangers regret the day they messed with Master Xandred.  Later, Tooya is destroyed by the Power Rangers and their zords.

Master Xandred was sitting on the floor of his boat, drinking his medicine.  Octoroo was there, looking through a book, and Dayu was playing her Harmonium.  Several Moogers were there as well.  Master Xandred:  "This medicine makes me feel better, but that music is giving me a splitting headache."  Octoroo becomes concern.  Octoroo:  "Ooh, ah, ooh."  Dayu:  "Everybody's a critic."  A Mooger walks over to Master Xandred and hands him another jug of medicine.  Master Xandred takes the jug and pushes the Mooger away.  Master Xandred pours the medicine into his bowl.  Master Xandred:  "If only we could get this ruined Sanzu River to rise and flood the human world.  We'll sail into their cities and rule their pathetic world."  Octoroo:  "Ooh, ah, ooh.  Boss take a look.  There's something of interest in this book."  Master Xandred stood up.  Master Xandred:  "What is it Octoroo?!  Speak up!"  Octoroo:  "Legend has it, every time something really bad happens on Earth, the Sanzu River's water level rises.  So, if we scare those humans, their tears will fill our river and we can escape the Netherworld."  Dayu got up and chuckled as she walked up to Master Xandred.  Dayu:  "Sounds fun.  That Noodleface can actually use his noodle."  Master Xandred:  "That plan might work.  I'm glad I thought of it."  Master Xandred walks over to one of the windows and hollered out it.  Master Xandred:  "Scorpionic, get over here!"  Scorpionic quickly leap out of the river and climbed onto the ship.  Scorpionic:  "Master, you rang?"  Scorpionic was sent out into Panorama City.  Eventually Scorpionic is destroyed by the Samurai Megazord. 

Dayu frets with the water level this low, we will never flow Earth.  Octoroo tells Dayu that she is a downer.  They just need to frighten those cry babies and the water will rise and we can get out of here.  Master Xandred is sitting on the floor of the ship, being served by two Moogers.  He is not happy as he grabs a Mooger by the neck and starts shaking him.  Master Xandred tells them to stop flapping their noodles and start scaring some humans.  In case you have forgotten what scared looks like, take note.  Rofer climbs onto the ship.  Rofer:  You're in a violent mood today, boss.  Octoroo:  Oh Rofer!  I'd asks you to lend a hand, but why not lend us two?  Rofer:  How about I'll lend you two of the finest fists any world has ever seen.  Dayu:  I hope you don't brag like that in front of the Samurai Rangers.  Rofer:  Better watch what you say.  If it wasn't for Master Xandred, where would you be?  Dayu throws her weapon and it barely misses Rofer.  Dayu:  It's actually you.  You should watch what you say to me.  You have no right to even talk to me, you big fisted, little brain, nitwit.  Rofer:  Hey, I like my fists!  And my brain...Dayu:  Nitwit.  Master Xandred throws the Mooger towards them.  Dayu and Rofer leap out of the way.  Master Xandred:  That's enough!  Stop bickering!  The Sanzu River can't rise with you standing here.  Rofer, you get down to the business of getting those humans to cry me a river.  Rofer:  That's exactly what I came here to do.  Rofer slams his fist.  Rofer:  And I won't let any goody two shoes Power Rangers stop me.  Rofer heads out into the city and does well, but he has to return because he has begun to dry out.  Rofer soaks himself in the Sanzu River to replenish his evil.  Octoroo places a measuring stick into the river.  He notes the water level has gone up.  By scaring the human world, Rofer's got their tear ducts flowing.  Master Xandred walks up from behind and startles Octoroo when he comments that's good.  Rofer tells them he was dried out, but after a nice soak in the Sanzu River, I'm going to pound those Samurai Rangers into chopped liver.  Octoroo gets excited over the idea of the Sanzu River flooding the human world real soon.  Rofer vows those Samurai Rangers won't know what hit them.  Later, Rofer gets destroyed by the Samurai Megazord.

Dayu was standing by a window when she spotted a Nighlok splashing in the Sanzu River.  Dayu:  Swimming weirdo approaching off the port stern.  Master Xandred walked over to where Dayu stood and looked out.  Master Xandred:  Hey!  What's that creep Doubletone doing here?  Doubletone continued to splash in the river.  Doubletone:  Humans are such crybabies when they're scared.  Isn't it wonderful how their tears raise the Sanzu River!  Doubletone swam over to the ship and climb aboard.  Doubletone:  Master Xandred, permission to come aboard.  Master Xandred:  What do you think you're doing here Doubletone?  Doubletone:  Nice to see you too.  Master Xandred:  I didn't summon you.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh.  He got a call from Octoroo.  His reputation for ugliness got me thinking.  His face breaks a lot of mirrors, but I hear he's a heartbreaker too.  Dayu was skeptical.  Dayu:  This low life.  Octoroo:  Yup.  He's actually able to get those pesky humans to give up their dreams and nothing is sadder to them than giving up on a dream.  It'll make the river rise a good foot.  Doubletone:  Yeah, nobody does it better.  Master Xandred became furious and slammed his sword down onto the floor.  Master Xandred:  That's what they all say!  Master Xandred kicked a Mooger.  The Mooger hit the wall and slid to the floor.  Master Xandred:  Do you know how many Nighloks have failed me already?!  Failure is not an option!  Master Xandred kicked a post hard enough to start the ship violently rocking.  Master Xandred:  You don't make the river rise, I'll make you feel even uglier than your face!  You're giving me a headache!  The rocking of the ship calmed down.  Doubletone:  Don't worry Master Xandred.  Let me show you what getting just one human to give up on a dream can do.  There will be so much water in the river, you won't know what to do with it.  Drink your medicine and leave the rest to me.  Later, Doubletone returned.  Doubletone:  I'm back!  Did you miss me?!  Dayu:  Shush!  Tone it down you foghorn!  Octoroo:  I mixed the Master's medicine.  Now he's sleeping like a baby.  Master Xandred was fast asleep on the floor of the ship.  Dayu:  Doubletone, explain to me what brings your menacing mug back here so soon?  Doubletone:  This kid I meet dreams of playing baseball.  Tell Master X I'm going to grand slam that kid's dreams.  Dayu:  So, get going and play ball.  Dayu picked up her shamisen and started strumming it.  Doubletone left.  The next day Doubletone was destroyed by the Samurai Megazord.

Dreadhead returned from attacking the Rangers.  He had done well against them until he started drying out.  Octoroo is pouring evil water onto him.  Dreadhead is confident if he had a quart more of evil water in him, the useless Rangers would have been through.  Octoroo tells him no joke, you needed that soak.  Octoroo is confident that Dreadhead will get rid of the Rangers and then their world will be ours.  Dayu walks in and she has her doubts.  She picks up her shamisen and tells Dreadhead we would have already had it if you hadn't dried up like a pathetic prune.  Dreadhead insults Dayu.  Dayu becomes angry.  Octoroo tries to calm down the two.  Dayu is about to go after Dreadhead, when Master Xandred walks in and stops her.  Master Xandred wants Dreadhead to have time to relax and recover.  The way he had those humans running and screaming was glorious.  thanks to him, the Sanzu River is rising and what's even better, there's nothing those inept Rangers can do to stop him.  The next day, Dreadhead was destroyed by the Beetle Blaster Megazord.

Octoroo spotted Negatron climbing aboard.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh!  Why it's the Prince of the put down himself.  Welcome aboard.  Negatron:  Speaking of aboard, that's all I ever am when I see you, I'm a bored.  Octoroo covered Negatron's mouth as he hung on the side of the ship.  Octoroo:  Come on, Negatron!  Save your insults for the human world there they'll do us some good.  Octoroo removed his hand.  Octoroo:  Your sharp tongue will make those human cry babies wail!  Negatron:  That's my plan, but you're...Octoroo covered his mouth once more.  Octoroo:  Your mouth is like a convenience store, always open.  Go rip on those humans.  Make this river flood the Earth.  Later, Negatron returned to the ship.  He had battled the Rangers with ease, except for Yellow Ranger.  Negatron:  Your playing stinks!  Dayu hits a wall and falls to the floor.  Dayu threatens Negatron.  She tells him, say that to me again, you three eyed back stabber, and you'll be taking a long walk on a short plank.  Dayu throws her weapon at Negatron.  Octoroo catches it with his staff.  Octoroo tells Dayu to take it easy.  We're just testing to see if Negatron's power still works.  Negatron feels great - he knew he hadn't lost it!  I know what words hurt people the most.  But how come I can't hurt that Yellow Ranger girl?  Dayu gets up.  Dayu tells Negatron how dare you mock me!  Dayu steps forward to fight.  Master Xandred stops her with his sword.  Master Xandred tells her to relax.  Dayu moves the sword out of her face.  She replies not this time.  Master Xandred holds the sword against her.  He tells her enough.  Even you can make me mad.  Master Xandred partially draws his sword out of it's sheath to make his point clear.  Dayu walks away and stares out at the river.  Master Xandred tells Negatron the water level of the Sanzu River is definitely rising, so get back out there!  Octoroo tells Negatron to go back and use your acid tongue to scorch the Earth.  Negatron prepares to leave.  He vows to see that his words hurt everyone.  Even that blasted Yellow Ranger!  Later, Negatron is destroyed by the Beetle Blaster Megazord.

Octoroo was measuring the depth of the Sanzu River and he became very excited.  Octoroo:   Ooh, ah, ooh!  What a nice surprise.  The river water's on the rise.  Master Xandred walked in.  Dayu:  What's today's brilliant scheme?  Master Xandred:  Yamiror.  The nastiest, smelling Nighlok in the Netherworld.  I noticed his stench in the air and ordered him to go stink up the human world.  Master Xandred sat down next to a Mooger, who was preparing his meal.  Dayu:  Sounds charming.  Octoroo:  You know he was created when lightening struck some toxic waste.  He's been stinking up the Sanzu River ever since.  Master Xandred:  His breath is so bad, it incapacitates humans when they inhale it.  Not even my medicine could help.  Dayu:  Right.  Octoroo:  Yeah, during his last rampage he did great.  The humans got so freaked out, that the river rose a foot!  Master Xandred started eating his meal.  Later, Yamiror is destroyed by Swordfish Fencer Megazord.

Octoroo is watching Dayu through a screen.  Dayu's plan has been successful, but Octoroo was concern.  Master Xandred was sitting on the floor as a Mooger prepared his meal.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh, she's taking all those girls on one sad ride, but that dress says to me, she'd rather be the bride.  Master Xandred:  Dayu's soul is in pain, just like my head.  I need more medicine!  Octoroo:  I'll admit her idea to use those brides' tears to fill the river was genius, but making that dress?  I think she's still holding onto the past.   Master Xandred:  As long as she helps me flood the Earth, she can do whatever she wants, noodle face!  Octoroo:  You're too, ooh, ah, ooh, soft on her.  Master Xandred lifts his plate and starts eating.  Octoroo:  You know, the other day, I was looking into a gap and I saw him on the other side.  Master Xandred:  Him?  Octoroo:  Yeah, Deker.  Master Xandred:  The cursed warrior.  Unfortunately Dayu's plan was destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Master Xandred stood facing Deker.  He was flanked by Octoroo and Dayu.  Master Xandred:  What are you doing here, Deker?  You expect a reward for saving Dayu?  Is that it?  Dayu:  Huh!  I didn't need saving!  Deker:  This isn't about her.  I want to go after Red Ranger.  The new leader of the Samurai.  But I'm not looking to interfere with any of your plans.  Master Xandred walks over to Deker.  Master Xandred:  Do what you will.  My head is pounding.  I can only deal with one headache at a time.  Deker:  I see you're still suffering from when the last Red Ranger sealed you down here.  Master Xandred:  Every one of those Samurai Rangers will pay for my pain!  When we make the Sanzu River overflow, I'll watch all of them sink to the bottom.  Master Xandred walked away from Deker and went and sat on the floor.  Deker:  So, you have nothing else planned.  Master Xandred:  No.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh, he answered you, now go!  Deker:   Alright.  Rest well then Master Xandred.  And I shall continue my quest without worry.  Madimot climbed aboard the ship as Deker was leaving.  Madimot:  I'm the star around here!  Bye bye Deker!  Octoroo:  Get lost Madimot!  You're nothing but talk!  Madimot walked over to Octoroo.  Madimot:  Hold on squid lips!  I've brought you a present that's bigger and badder than Deker.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh!  Madimot:  Don't believe me?  Let's take a look.  Deker walked away.  Octoroo:  No, Deker, wait!  Madimot:  Bye bye!  You'll forget all about that rogue when you look outside.  Octoroo, Dayu, and Madimot looked out the windows.  Dayu:  I can't believe it.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh.  Dayu:  Is that what I think it is?  Madimot:  It sure is.  I've got the Red Ranger's long lost Tiger Zord.  The Tiger Zord roars.  Madimot and Tiger Zord left to battle the Rangers.  Madimot did well against the Rangers and now had Blue Ranger under his control.  Madimot climbed aboard the ship.  Madimot:  Told you I was the best.  Am I good or what?  Master Xandred:  So Blue Ranger is in the palm of your hand?  Madimot:  He'll do anything I tell him to do.  Dayu:  Then make him turn on himself.  Madimot:  When's the last time you had fun, Dayu?  Three centuries ago?  Dayu:  Well, actually, I...Madimot:  Forget I asked.  It's much more fun playing puppet master and making people do things they never would.  Madimot left.  Dayu walks over to Master Xandred.  Dayu doesn't like the fact that Madimot is pretty high on himself.  Master Xandred doesn't care, as long as his tricks keep the Sanzu River rising, then let him be.  Octoroo is more concern about that rogue warrior, Deker.  Later, Madimot is destroyed by Tiger Drill Megazord.

Desperaino steps aboard the ship.  Desperaino:  That nasty weather sure brighten up my day.  He shakes his head and water goes everywhere.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh!  Rain, rain, go away!  You're getting my book all wet.  Desperaino:  Sorry, I didn't even know you could read.  Is Master Xandred resting?  Dayu:  Yes, he's in a bad mood.  You might say he's feeling under the weather.  Desperaino walks over to Dayu.  Desperaino:  Don't make jokes you can't pull off.  Desperaino exclaims that he is going to use his rain to create a flood of human wretchedness.  That aught to put Master Xandred on cloud nine.  Dayu wants Desperaino to leave, all the water is making her harmonium out of tune.  Octoroo walks over to them.  He yells at Desperaino to get to work!  Desperaino leaves and Octoroo gets back to his book.  He wants to continue his research on the Red Ranger and Deker.  Dayu asks Octoroo why he cares so much about Deker?  Octoroo replies, we may have overlooked something important about him.  Later Desperaino is destroyed by Samurai Battle Wing.

Master Xandred is very angry.  Master Xandred:  What are you saying?  I'm weak?  He held his sword against Octoroo's face.  Octoroo:  No!  No!  Ooh, ah, ooh.  I was just bothered by what Deker said.  That you weren't going after Red Ranger.  So I looked in the archives.  The power to seal you here, has always rested in the hands of the Samurai Shiba family, headed by the Red Ranger.  Dayu is there as well.  Dayu:  The Red Ranger did this?  How did Deker know that and you didn't?  Master Xandred begins to pace.  Master Xandred:  Is he trying to play me for a fool?  Like those darn Rangers!  Master Xandred becomes furious and kicks the ship, causing it to rocked violently.  Master Xandred looks out the window.  Master Xandred:  Moogers attack!  Destroy them all!  Moogers emerge from the rocks and head into the city.    Later, Master Xandred lays on the floor of his ship with his medicine. Octoroo notes that Master Xandred's medicine isn't working and he's been so grumpy.  All his evil energy is spawning more Moogers.  They are everywhere.  Dayu understands Master Xandred's anger.  The Rangers have been stopping all our attempts to flow the river and now history could repeat itself with the new Red Ranger.  Octoroo tells her he's been looking for answers.  I thought this new bunch of Power Rangers pests were just lucky, but it seems like they are mastering powers that could spell trouble for us.  Master Xandred briefly lifts his head to demand more medicine and then goes back to sleep.  Several Furrywarts descend from the ceiling.  Octoroo is not happy to see them.  I thought we got rid of you Furrywarts!  Not more pests!  The Furrywarts repeats what Octoroo has said.  After awhile, Master Xandred is still asleep on the floor as Octoroo talks to Dayu.  Octoroo realizes the last Red Ranger didn't do it right.  Our Master was able to revive because the Red Ranger didn't have enough strength to create a permanent seal.  Dayu asks about the current Red Ranger.  Octoroo replies he's not strong enough either.  Dayu wants to know if he is sure.  Octoroo is sure.  Dayu suggests they take the Red Ranger out.  Octoroo knows the perfect guy.  Even other Nighloks are afraid of him.  Octoroo starts calling for Robtish and Robtish arrives on the ship.  Robtish steps on one of the Furrywarts.  Octoroo tells him, we need you to deal with a pesky kid in a red helmet.  Like to take him on?  Robtish replies I'll love too!  Robtish grabs a Furrywart and squishes it until it's destroyed.  Robtish battles the Rangers and does well against them, and injuries Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger.  But Deker leaped into the battle as well and Robtish had to retreat, as he was drying out. Deker left as he wanted Red Ranger full strength for their duel.  The Rangers returned to Shiba House.

Octoroo was not happy.  Dayu was playing her Harmonium, while Master Xandred slept on the floor.  Robtish sat dejectedly.  Octoroo:  Ooh, ah, ooh!  I hate to be you when the boss wakes up and hears the Red Ranger is still alive.  Dayu:  I guess you're not as vicious as we thought.  Robtish threw the bottle he had against the wall.  Robtish:  Arrg!  The Rangers had help.  Octoroo:  Had help?  Robtish:  Yeah, some half human.  Dayu:  Deker?  Master Xandred sits up.  Master Xandred:  What?  Master Xandred stood up and was very angry.  Master Xandred:  Deker is helping the Rangers now?!  What a headache!  Robtish:  Good morning Master Xandred.  I can take care of the Red Ranger for you, but not if I have to battle that maniac too.  Robtish sipped from a bowl.  Master Xandred yanks the bowl away from him.  Master Xandred:  That Deker makes me so angry.  I'll destroy him!  Master Xandred sips from the bowl.  Master Xandred:  This isn't my medicine!  Master Xandred throws the bowl to the ground and it smashes into pieces.  Several Furrywarts drop down from the ceiling.  Furrywarts:  Medicine!  Medicine!  Medicine!  Octoroo:  You Furrywarts make terrible pets!  All you do is repeat yourselves!  Ooh, ah, ooh!  Furrywarts:  Ooh, ah ooh!  Ooh, ah, ooh!  Ooh, ah, ooh!  Later, Deker was walking along the shoreline of Sanzu River.  Deker:  Someone's coming.  Several Mooger seep out from beneath the stones.  Deker:  So, Master Xandred sent in his minions to challenge me.  Then meet my sword, Uramasa.  Deker battles the Moogers and eventually destroys them. Master Xandred burst from the river.  Master Xandred:  I've lost my patience with you Deker!  Master Xandred runs out of the water and battles Deker.  Master Xandred:  How dare you meddle in my affairs!  Leave it to a half human like you to side with them.  Deker:  I know you want the Red Ranger destroyed, but he is tied to my destiny.  I must duel him!  You must let me do this!  Master Xandred kicks Deker into the river.  Master Xandred:  What you want means nothing to me!  Deker:  I have no interest in battling you!  Master Xandred:  Very wise of you, but it doesn't mean you can avoid my wrath.  Master Xandred binds Deker and several Moogers strike Deker.  Deker:  You will not stop me!  Deker breaks free and destroys the Moogers.  Deker reverts to his human side.  Deker:  Say what you like about my half human state, but it keeps me from being a prisoner in this Netherworld like you.  Deker dives into the river and vanishes.  Master Xandred:  This is far from over Deker!  Octoroo and Dayu had been watching the battle from the ship.  Octoroo:  Aww, he escape.  You can tell Master Xandred had him good.  Dayu:  He'll survive.  No one should ever underestimate Deker.  Octoroo noticed Robtish.  Octoroo:  And look at you sitting on your romp!  Get a move on and eliminate the Red Ranger!  Robtish:  Consider it done.  Later, Robtish is destroyed by Battlewing Megazord.

From a small room on the ship, Vulpes set about freaking out the Red Ranger, using his enchanted mirror.  Later, Vulpes is still keeping watch with his enchanted mirror when Octoroo walks in.  Octoroo:  So Vulpes!  Vulpes:  What?  Octoroo:  You have any luck spying on the Red Ranger?  Vulpes:  Luck?  Try skill.  It's tricky because the Red Ranger can sense me, but my enchanted eye will see all.  Ohhh, it gives me evil fuzzies all over.  Octoroo:  Fuzzies, scmuzzies, all I care about is seeing him practicing that sealing symbol.  If he perfects it, Master Xandred will be sealed down here for good and we'll all be done for!  Vulpes:  Don't get your tentacles in a twist.  Ohhh, it looks like he's starting to practice it right now.  Octoroo:  He's doing it?!  Really?!  Vulpes:  See for yourself squidly.  They both watch as Jayden performs his power symbol.  Octoroo:  Now we're seeing eye to eye.  Suddenly the mirror fills with smoke.  Octoroo:  What's wrong?  Looks like smoke's gotten in your all seeing eye.  Vulpes:  This can't be!  The mirror clears and Jayden is no where to be seen.  Octoroo:  I spy with my little eye...nothing.  Vulpes:  Where did he go?  Vulpes stepped out of his small room.  Vulpes:  I'll take care of him myself!  Nuts!  Vulpes walked away.  Octoroo:  I want results!  Eventually Vulpes is destroyed by Octozord and Battlewing Megazord.

Master Xandred was in a foul mood.  He swatted the Furrywarts as he yelled at Octoroo.  Master Xandred:  Octoroo!  You study, but never give me answers about the sealing power!  There are others in the Netherworld who could use it against me you Noodleface!  One of the Furrywarts hit Octoroo in the face.  Octoroo:  I'm researching and spying on the Red Ranger constantly, but boss, we have another problem.  The Samurai Rangers.  There's six of the now.  Master Xandred sat down on the floor of the ship.  Master Xandred:  What?!  Suddenly there was a whirl of motion and the Furrywarts were being sliced off the ceiling.  Steeleto:  Round and round I go!  Steeleto hung from the ceiling upside down.  Master Xandred:  What is this?!  Steeleto:  Say hello to Steeleto!  Octoroo:  Why are you on the ceiling?  You're not a bat.  Steeleto:  Since those Rangers cut down my Nighlok buddy, Vulpes, I plan to cut them down to size.  Steeleto drops down to the floor.  Steeleto:  I won't rest until those Rangers get a taste of my blades.  Later!  Steeleto jumps out of the ship.  Dayu walks over and looks out.  Dayu:  He's so batty, he belonged on the ceiling.  Later Steeleto is destroyed  by Octospear Megazord.

Master Xandred was in a bad mood, when he stormed in.  Dayu was sitting playing her Harmonium and the Furrywarts hung all around her.  Master Xandred:  Octoroo!  Furrywarts:  Octoroo!  Octoroo!  Octoroo!  Master Xandred:  Pipe down you annoying fur balls!  Where's that old geezer Octoroo?  Dayu:  He's away, working on some big scheme.  Master Xandred:  Big scheme?  What big scheme?  Dayu:  He wouldn't tell me.  But he said if it works, we'll finally be able to escape the Sanzu River for good.  Master Xandred sat down.  Master Xandred:  Good.  If that squid brain can really pull that off, then putting up with that lame blabbermouth all these years will be worth it.  Master Xandred laughs.  Dayu:  I guess.  If you say so.  Later, Dayu is strumming her Harmonium, but it's doesn't sound right.  Master Xandred walks in and immediately knows something is not right and asks Dayu about it.  Dayu is hiding something, her encounter with Deker, but she is not about to tell Master Xandred that.  Dayu:  Nothing.  It was nothing.  The Furrywarts drop down once more.  Furrywarts:  Nothing!  Nothing!  Nothing!  Dayu swats at them and yells.  Dayu:  Quiet it!  Master Xandred:  Then start strumming.  Later, Octoroo returns to the ship.  His plan destroyed by the Power Rangers

Octoroo was on the ship with Dayu and a sleeping Master Xandred.  Octoroo was worried.  Octoroo:  "Ooh, ah, ooh.  Something's up with the boss and I'm getting worried.  What about you?"  Dayu hadn't been paying attention to Octoroo.  Dayu:  "Huh?"  Octoroo:  "Ooh, ah, ooh.  He's like a stick of dynamite with a really short fuse.  We need to be careful not to upset the big guy.  That's why what you've been doing is such a bad idea."  Dayu:  "What are you babbling about now Noodleface?"  Octoroo:  " I know you've been talking to Deker behind Master Xandred's back."  Dayu:  "So what?"  Octoroo:  "I'm just saying, be careful.  The boss wouldn't like the little game of you save me and I'll save you between you and Deker.  For both our sakes, I'll pretend like I don't know anything about it."  Dayu:  "Just leave me alone."  Later, the boat was rocked violently.  Octoroo and Dayu looked out the windows at the river.  Octoroo:  "Ooh, ah, ooh.  These waves sure are rough.  The Sanzu River is almost as wild as the way Master Xandred's been acting lately."  Octoroo glanced over at Master Xandred and his jug of medicine burst opened.  Octoroo:  "Look!  He's even angry at his own medicine.  You'll think he'll be happy.  After all, the Nighlok are getting stronger and stronger as the river rises."  Splitface climbed aboard the ship.  Splitface:  "And I'll go scare those human cry babies to make the river rise even higher."  Dayu:  "Splitface, I'll have no doubt you will cause tons of misery.  I know I'm miserable every time I see you."  Splitface laughed.  Splitface was very successful when he entered Panorama City.  He had taken fifty-four people's spirit.  This included Emily, the Yellow Samurai Power Ranger.  Splitface returned to the Netherworld, so that the Rangers could not defeat and release the spirits.  Splitface sat on the boat and looked out at the river.  Splitface:  "I told you I'd fill the river with more tears and just think, who will suffer more?  Those who sleep forever or those who watch over them?  Later, Splitface feels something and notices the power symbol on his body and wonders what is going on?  Moments later, Splitface cries out, oh no!  The symbol power yanks him off the boat and out of the Netherworld and back into the city.  Eventually, Splitface is destroyed by the Clawzord Battlezord.

Master Xandred was in his cabin and roaring in pain.  Master Xandred:  "The power!  The power!"  Master Xandred clenched his hands in pain.  Outside the cabin, Dayu and Octoroo watched the rocky river and shoreline.  Octoroo:  "Ooh, ah ooh!  Master Xandred's roars even have the rocks rolling.  Look at them go!"  Several rocks rolled along the shoreline.  Dayu:  "I'm glad you're enjoying it.  If the ship keeps tossing around like this, I'm going to be sick."  The Furrywarts dropped from the ceiling.  Furrywarts:  "Be sick!  Be sick!  Be sick!"  Octoroo:  "Just be glad the boss decided to lock himself in his cabin while his power is surging.  All we have to do is protect him from other Nighlok until he finishes absorbing his new powers and this chaos finally stops."  More roars come from the locked cabin.  Later, inside his cabin, Master Xandred demands that Octoroo unlock the door.  Octoroo knows this is bad.  With the boss still struggling, who knows what kind of despicable and conniving Nighlok might come around.  Octoroo turns around and Arachnitor is standing there.  Arachnitor has overheard what Octoroo was saying.  Octoroo quickly tells him, I didn't mean you.  I meant someone really despicable and conniving.  What are you doing here anyways?  Not that it's not great to see you and everything.  Arachnitor has heard that Master Xandred was tied up.  I see that it's true.  Octoroo confirms it.  Arachnitor thinks this would be an excellent opportunity for some bold and ambitious Nighlok to seize his throne - with your help.  Octoroo replies, you really had me going there.  Even in the state he is in now, no one can beat the Master in a fight.  Arachnitor knows that already.  Arachnitor wants to seal Master Xandred away.  Octoroo agrees to go along with Arachnitor's plans.  Much later, Dayu searches the ship for Octoroo.  She calls out his name, but gets no response.  Dayu wonders where he is.  Impatient, Dayu continues to call out Octoroo's name.  Suddenly, Master Xandred calls out for Dayu.  Dayu is relived to know Master Xandred has recovered.  From behind the locked cabin, Master Xandred tells her just in time to stop that traitor Arachnitor.  Once he is out of his cabin, Master Xandred sends a red rope through a gap in the forest where Arachnitor had been battling four Rangers.  The rope wraps itself around Arachnitor and yanks him back through the gap.  Arachnitor, still tied up,  is dropped onto the floor of the ship.  Master Xandred ponders what he should do with Arachnitor.  I torture you, I banish you, but still you plot against me.  Dayu tells Master Xandred that she thinks Octoroo is helping Arachnitor.  But Master Xandred doesn't believe it.  Octoroo would never plot against me.  He just tried to poison the Red Ranger.  That's initiative.  Arachnitor becomes upset as he stands back up.  Initiative!  I defeated four Rangers!  And besides, it was my plan.  Master Xandred smacks Arachnitor across the face, knocking him against a wall.  Furious, Master Xandred blasts Arachnitor with continuous electrical bolts.  Master Xandred screams, your plan was to steal my throne!  If you want power so bad, then have a taste of mine.  Several Moogers emerge on the rocky shore of the Sanzu River, just as Octoroo arrives.  Octoroo comments, something big is happening.  Inside the ship, Arachnitor continues to be hit with electrical bolts of Master Xandred's power.  Arachnitor ends up on the rocky shore still encased with electrical bolts.  Master Xandred comments, this is how I treat traitors like you.  Master Xandred laughs.

Octoroo stood nervously in front of Master Xandred.  Octoroo:  "It was all a misunderstanding!  I was trying to get rid of the Red Ranger, but I think you're thinking that I was thinking of betraying you.  Ooh, ah, ooh!  I hate all this thinking."  Master Xandred:  "That's enough!  You know better than to think for yourself!  It gives us all a headache!  What really upsets me is that we lost a chance to crush the Red Ranger!"  Master Xandred pulls out his sword.  Master Xandred:  "Next time see that you succeed or my vengeance will be swift!"  Master Xandred slash the sword into a barrel.  Master Xandred:  "There's another one we need to rid ourselves of.  Right Dayu?"  Dayu gave a small gasp as Master Xandred walked over to her.  Master Xandred:  "I'm speaking of that meddling Deker of course.  Take him down!"  Octoroo hurried over.  Octoroo:  "Ooh, ah, ooh!  Deker's too tough!  He'll mash her into little tiny Dayu bits."  Dayu:  "Fine!"  Dayu stood up and walked away angrily.  Octoroo:  "Ooh, ah, ooh!  Your cruelty is boundless."  Master Xandred:  "Speaking of cruelty, how's Arachnitor's punishment coming?"  Master Xandred walked over to the windows to look at the shore where Arachnitor is suffering.  Octoroo joined him.  Octoroo:  "He's about to transform.  Soon he'll be under your full control."  Master Xandred:  "He wanted power.  Now he has so much it'll destroy him.  Keep an eye on him Octoroo.  Once he mutants, send him straight to the human world so he can create misery!"  Master Xandred walked away.   Later, Octoroo was watching Arachnitor's pain.  Octoroo:  "It's happening.  Arachnitor is finally mutating into a super powerful Nighlok, under the Master's control.  Time to scare those humans like never before!"  Octoroo sent Arachnitor and several Moogers to Panorama City.  Arachnitor, along with several Moogers, did a lot of damage until the Power Rangers arrive.  Arachnitor, along with the Moogers battled the Rangers.  Eventually, while the Rangers were occupied by giant size Moogers, Arachnitor slipped away. 

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