Panorama City

A young boy has his eyes covered and is counting.  Young boy:  "47, 48, 49, 50!  Ready or not, here I come!"  The young boy searches for his friends.  He walks down a set of stairs.  Young boy:  Brian!  Jimmy!  Where are you?!  The young boy spots a gap and peers inside it.  Young boy:  Brian?  Narrator:  A gap is an entrance and exit between the Netherworld and ours.  Do not peek in.  For on the other side is the home of the evil Nighlok.  The young boy becomes frighten and backs away so quickly, he falls.  Several Moogers emerge and threaten the young boy.  Lion Folding Zord comes flying in and strikes several of the Moogers.  Lion Folding Zord returns to a hand that is outstretched.  Mentor Ji runs up to help the boy.  Mentor Ji:  Run!  Get away from here!  The young boy takes off running.  Mentor Ji throws down a smoke screen and the young man morphs.  When the smoke clears, the Red Samurai Power Ranger is standing there.  Mentor Ji stands next to the Red Ranger.  Mentor Ji:  Look before you Moogers.  This is the 18th leader of the Samurai Power Rangers, descendant of the man who destroyed your masters years ago.  You have two choices:  retreat now or become rust on his blade.  Red Ranger:  Don't bother.  I don't want them to retreat.  I want to take them for a spin.  Red Ranger pulls out his Spin Sword, charges towards the Moogers, and battles them.  He defeats several with his quick sword play.  After a while, Red Ranger declares:  Time to turn up the heat!  He removes the disc from his belt, tosses it into the air and catches it on his Spin Sword.  The Spin Sword is ablaze with fire.  Red Ranger continues to battle the Moogers with his fiery Spin Sword.  Eventually Red Ranger destroys all the Moogers.  Red Ranger demorphs as he walks over to Mentor Ji.  Mentor Ji tells him wonderful.  I'm so proud of the boy I've devoted my life to training, has grown to be a master samurai and is ready to lead others into battle.  Jayden replies, but I'm use to fighting alone.  I don't want to be anyone else in danger.  Mentor Ji points out, the Nighlok attacks are escalating.  More and more of them are coming across to do their evil.  Jayden replies, sure, and if anymore Moogers dare pay us a visit, they'll get a taste of my Spin Sword.  Jayden starts to walk away from Mentor Ji.  Mentor Ji warns Jayden to not underestimate the power of Master Xandred if he awakens.  His Nighlok legions are too much for one person.  Even one as strong as you.  Jayden pauses.  Mentor Ji continues, teams of samurai have battle this evil for centuries.  Jayden turns around and faces Mentor Ji.  He asks Mentor Ji, I'm really suppose to lead a team?  Mentor Ji answers, it's what your training has prepared you for.  There are four others who have trained for these dark days.  They await the call to join you and to fight as Samurai Rangers.  Jayden gives a small nod and walks away, telling Mentor Ji, I understand.  I'll do whatever it takes.  Mentor Ji joins him.  They are unaware of a gap glowing red and Octoroo on the other side, listening and watching.  Elsewhere, Kevin is swimmer training for the Olympics.  His dad is standing on the edge of the pool.  When Kevin comes to the end of his lane, he is surprised to see his dad..  Kevin climbs out of the pool.  Kevin's dad tells him, he wanted to wish him good luck on his final swim meet.  Kevin turns around, final meet?  Kevin's dad explains that Ji, mentor to the Red Ranger, has told him the time is near.  Kevin's dad holds out a case, which contains Dragon Folding Zord.  Kevin takes the case.  Kevin's dad continues, you have always trained with discipline and honor, knowing that it is your destiny to join the Power Rangers.  Kevin confirms, proudly.  Kevin's dad tells him, now you must stand united with them, no matter how great the challenge.  You will not be alone.  There are others who still await the call.  In the city, Mia plays with a group of young girl.  A young boy peeks into her sweater pocket and sees a pink case.  Elsewhere in the city, Mike is playing a video game with his friends.  His case is clipped onto his belt.  Out by a home in the country, a young woman, Emily, plays her flute.  She wears her case like necklace.   Meanwhile, in Panorama City, several Moogers and Tooya seep out of a gap.  Tooya has the Moogers attack the citizens.  As the Moogers charge forward, they unknowingly set off the gap sensor.  The Moogers attack the screaming citizens.  This attack causes Mentor Ji to shoot off arrows to notice the rest of the team. Mike is walking along, eating his hamburger, when the green arrow knocks the hamburger out of his hands, as it lands in the middle of it and pins it to the ground.  Mia is playing with young kids, when the pink arrow lands in a tree close by.  Mia notices the arrow immediately.  Emily is playing her flute, when the yellow arrow hits the bale of hay.  Emily walks over and removes the arrow.  She looks at the samurai emblem attached and realizes the time has come.  The swim meet is about to start.  A blue arrow arrives and hits one of the diving boards.  Kevin looks around and sees the blue arrow, as does his dad.  The time has arrived sooner than they had expected.  Kevin grabs his gear and races out of the swim meet.  His dad watches him proudly.  Mia stares at her pink case.  A black SUV pulls up with the samurai emblem on it's doors.  One of the doors opens and Mia runs towards the vehicle.  Mike stares at his green case.  He gives a nod and takes off running.  Out in the country, Emily puts her backpack on.  She gives a look at her yellow case and then heads off in the direction of Panorama City.  Meanwhile, Tooya and the Moogers continue their attack on the city.  Tooya becomes frustrated when those lame Rangers haven't shown up.  Tooya decides to destroy several cars to get their attention.  This creates a huge explosion.  The Samurai SUV is driving on a road not far from the explosion.  Kevin notices the emblem and gets the SUV to stop.  He runs over to the back door and addresses the closed window.  I am Kevin and I'm going to fight with you.  The window rolls down to reveal Mia.  Kevin becomes embarrassed and quickly zips up his jacket as he tells her, I didn't know the Red Ranger was a girl.  Mia steps out of the vehicle, and tells Kevin she is not the Red Ranger, I'm the pink.  My name is Mia.  Emily comes running up and assumes Kevin is the Red Ranger.  Kevin tells her he is the blue.  Mike walks up and tells them they must be his peeps.  Kevin asks him if he is the Red Ranger?  Mike replies, no, I'm mighty green.  The sound of a horse makes them all turn towards the sound.  Jayden on the horse, comes riding up.  Mike comments, with an entrance like that, you have to be the Red Ranger.  Jayden confirms that he is the Red Ranger.  Kevin eagerly states, we are your team of samurai.  Jayden warns them, if you follow me, there is no turning back.  Either we defeat the Nighlok together, or they will take over the world.  I will give these only to those who accept the challenge.  (Jayden is holding up a Samuraizer.)  Jayden gets off the horse.  He tells them, do not accept because you have been trained to do so.  Accept only if you are willingly to commit and fight as a Samurai Ranger with all your heart.  Mia, Emily, Kevin, and Mike consider his words carefully.  Kevin is the first to response, without hesitation.  Mia adds, I've been planning for this since I was a little girl, so yes.  Emily eagerly tells him, I'm ready to give it all I got.  Mike tells them, okay, okay, do we have to be so formal.  Let's do this thing.  Jayden takes out the rest of the Samuraizers and tosses them to Mia, Emily, Kevin, and Mike.  Not far away, citizens run in terror from the Moogers and Tooya.  Jayden shouts out, that's enough!  Tooya, sees Mia, Mike, Jayden, Kevin, and Emily arrive and comments, well it's about time.  Tooya is not impressed.  Oh come on!  Who are you punks?!  Jayden responds, we are the Samurai Rangers.  Emily, Kevin, Jayden, Mike, and Mia morph.  Jayden, Mike, Kevin, Mia, and Emily used their Samuraizers to make a symbol power to morph.  Tooya has the Moogers attack.  The Rangers race towards the Moogers with their Spin Swords drawn.  They quickly battle the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  As she battles, Yellow Ranger comments, this is just like chopping down weeds at home.  Lots of Moogers line up and shoot their arrows at Red Ranger.  Red Ranger manages to keep the arrows away from him by battling the arrows away with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger even manages to catch one in his hand.  Blue Ranger leaps in front of the Moogers and battles them with his Spin Sword, keeping them away from Red Ranger.  But the amount of Moogers becomes too much and soon the Rangers find themselves in the midst of numerous Moogers.  Red Ranger tells them we can do this together.  Red Ranger's Spin Sword transforms into Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger battles the Moogers with the Fire Smasher.  The rest of the Rangers watch him for a moment.  Yellow Ranger is impressed.  Blue Ranger agrees, but tells them there is too many of them.  We got to help him out.  Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger charge into battle.  Blue Ranger battles several Moogers with his Hydro Bow.  Pink Ranger uses her Sky Fan to battle and defeat her batch of Moogers.  Yellow Ranger battles and destroys several Moogers with her Earth Slicer.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear to destroy his batch of Moogers.  The Moogers are destroyed, but Tooya is still there.  Tooya tries to blast Red Ranger, but he protects himself with the Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger charges towards Tooya.  Red Ranger strikes and kicks Tooya.  Red Ranger strikes Tooya with the Fire Smasher hard enough to send him flying.  Tooya crashes into a car and falls to the pavement.  Tooya gets up and tells Red Ranger, guess what?  Your ride is here!  Tooya smashes through a window of the car, reaches in, and sends the car in Red Ranger's direction.  Red Ranger slices the car in half with his Fire Smasher.  The car explodes behind him.  Red Ranger charges towards Tooya with his Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger strikes Tooya with his Fire Smasher a couple of times.  He then picks up Tooya with the Fire Smasher and races along, until he smashes him into a wall.  Red Ranger strikes Tooya again with the Fire Smasher.  Tooya is defeated.  The Fire Smasher reverts back to the Spin Sword.  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger, great moves.  You really are a master samurai.  Red Ranger thanks him.  Red Ranger warns the rest of the Rangers, they are not done.  Each Nighlok has two forms.  You saw the first, get set for the mega monster.  Sure enough, Tooya grows into mega monster mode.  Tooya tries to stomp on the Rangers, but they leap out of the way.  Green Ranger can't believe how big Tooya is.  Pink Ranger wonders how they are suppose to fight him now?  Blue Ranger is confident they can fight this Nighlok.  He reminds them to remember their training.  We all have our own folding zord.  If we each use our symbol power, we can morph into mega mode.  Red Ranger tells Blue Ranger he is right, follow my lead.  Red Ranger summons his zord, and soon the rest of the Rangers do the same.  The Rangers are inside their folding zords.  Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger are impressed.  The Rangers quickly go into battle with their folding zords.  Tooya tries to blast them.  Lion zord attacks Tooya with a flying leap.  Tooya powers up his swords and tries to blast Lion zord, but misses him.  Dragon Folding Zord comes in from the left.  Ape Folding Zord attacks from the right.  Ape Folding Zord lands several punches on Tooya's face.  Ape Folding Zord leaps on top of a building, goes into case mode, and tumbles down the side of the building, striking Tooya on the way down.  Tooya is knocked off his feet.  Pink Ranger is ready to get into the action.  Turtle Folding Zord creates a dust storm and heads straight towards Tooya.   Tooya quickly strikes Turtle zord away.  Turtle zord lands inside the mouth on Tooya's skirt.  Turtle zord is stuck.  Bear zord quickly comes to her aid.  Tooya fires at Bear zord.  It doesn't stop Bear zord from attacking Tooya.  Tooya picks up Bear zord.  Bear zord quickly goes into case mode and lands on Tooya's foot.  The mouth on the skirt opens in pain and drops Turtle case mode.  Pink Ranger thanks Green Ranger.  Turtle case and Bear case roll away.  Tooya chases after them.  Dragon case mode strikes Tooya in the head and then goes into Dragon Folding Zord.  Dragon zord strikes Tooya with the dragon splash.  Tooya is hit hard.  Lion zord races forward with a fire attack.  Tooya is hit hard once more and destroyed.  Red Ranger states, Samurai Rangers, victory is ours.  That will teach him to mess with the Samurai Rangers.

Mia, Kevin, and Mike search Panorama City for Emily.  Mia:  "Emily!"  Kevin:  "Emily!"  Mike:  "Emily!"  Mike stops when the smells of a kabob stand reach him.  Mike:  "Hmmm.  That smells good."  Kevin runs through the city, passing a bus as he continues to search for Emily.  Kevin:  "Emily!  Emily!"  The bus stops and a young man, Spike, struggles to get off the bus.  It is difficult as he is loaded down with luggage.  Bulk:  "Spike!"  Spike manages to get off the bus and hears his name.  Spike:  "Uncle Bulk!"  Bulk waves and runs towards Spike.  Spike runs towards Bulk.  Bulk:  "Spike!  My favorite nephew!"  Bulk and Spike reach each other.  There is some confusion as to whether to hug or shake hands.  They finally settle on shaking hands.  Bulk:  "Wow!  You have really grown!  How's Skull?  I mean your dad?"  Spike:  "Great.  Great."  Bulk:  "Well, let me help you with all your stuff."  It's difficult to remove any piece of luggage from Spike.  Bulk:  "But first let's get something to eat."  Spike:  "Yeah.  Yeah.  I'm hungry."  Bulk:  "I'll take that".  Bulk tried once more to remove a piece of luggage.  Spike:  "No, it's heavy.  I got it."  Bulk:  "No, I got it."  Bulk yanks hard on the luggage and this causes Spike to spin around and fall to the ground.  Bulk:  "See what you did.  Now let me take the bag.  You know kid, you really got to watch where you're going."  Bulk then walks into a pole.  Elsewhere, Mia, Kevin, and Mike have gathered inside a building.  Mia looks at Kevin.  Mia:  "Any sign of Emily?"  Kevin:  "No."  Mia looks at Mike.  Mia:  "Mike, how about you?"  Mike:  "How about what?"  Kevin:  "About Emily!  Were you even looking for her?"  Mike:  "Yeah, but I got hungry.  Emily probably went out sightseeing or shopping or something.  I'm sure she's okay."  Kevin gets frustrated.  Mia:  "I don't know.  She's a country girl.  She wouldn't wander around the city by herself."  Kevin looks at the kabob Mike is eating with longing.  Mike notices the look.  Mike:  "You want a bite?"  Kevin:  "No thanks.  I never snack between meals when I'm samurai training."  Mike:  "When aren't you in training?!"  Kevin:  "Never."  Mia:  "Wow.  You're really serious about the samurai lifestyle."  Kevin:  "Of course.  Aren't you?"  Mia:  "Yes, but I'd also want to have a normal life.  You know, find my Prince Charming some day.  I'm getting use to the idea that now I'm a samurai, but it's a little scary."  Kevin:  "Well, it's a big adjustment.  You'll get use to it."  Mia:  "What about you?  I heard you left your dreams of swimming in the Olympics to be here Kevin."  This hits a nerve with Kevin and he walks a little a ways from them.  Mia:  "Don't you miss it?"  Kevin:  "No.  When a samurai decides to serve, he is committed.  Forever."  Mike:  "Wow.  Forever?  That's a long time to go without a snack."  Mia:  "Hey!  There she is!"  Mia, Mike, and Kevin go to the windows and looks out.  They see Emily training in a park area.  They quickly hurried out of the building and heads towards Emily.  Mia:  "Emily!"  Mike:  "You've been training all by yourself?"  Kevin:  "Yes, the dedication of a samurai."  Emily:  "It's not just that.  I promised my big sister to work hard, so I can be as good as a fighter as the rest of you."  Kevin:  "Your big sister?"  Emily pulls out her flute and looks at it.  Emily:  "My big sister was suppose to become the Yellow Ranger, but she got sick.  I had to take her place."  Mike:  "Wow.  That's a lot to ask of you."  Emily looks at them.  Emily:  "It's been tougher to see her go through her illness.  And anyways, I wasn't a super star at school."  Mia:  "Don't sell yourself short."  Emily:  "Oh, I do have talent.  I'm really good at playing the flute and I can definitely handle a sword.  So becoming a Power Ranger is a fresh start for me."  Kevin:  "Did you hear that?  She has the heart of a true samurai warrior."  Mike:  "You've been training hard.  You need this more than I do.  Here."  Mike hands her a kabob.  The four head back to Shiba House.  Elsewhere, Bulk takes a kabob from the stand and licks his lips in anticipation.  Spike:  "Thanks for taking me in Uncle Bulk.  Dad said that you can help me become something great.  And then he laughed for about twenty minutes."  Spike laughs.  Bulk:  "He's right.  And what I'm going to do is train you to become a samurai.  I'm an expert in the field of samurailogy."  Bulk waves around his kabob as he talks, making Spike hungry.  Bulk continues, I have a bit of history with the Power Rangers.  Bulk notices Spike's longing look and asks him how come he doesn't have a kabob?  Spike tells him after the bus fare, I'm broke.  Bulk tells him forget eating.  Bulk walks a small distance away and continues, you stick with me and we'll learn everything we need to know about the Samurai Power Rangers.  Bulk starts doing karate poses.  His movements cause bits of the kabob to fly off.  Spike catches the last two pieces of the kabob and walks over to the stand for some ketchup.  Concentrating on pouring the ketchup, he doesn't notice Uncle Bulk has walked up to him.  Bulk screams Samurai!  This causes Spike to scream and squeeze the ketchup bottle, getting ketchup all over Bulk.  Spike starts laughing.  Bulk wirily comments, yup, just like his father.  Meanwhile, a citizen puts an item in a recycling bin and then walks away.  Soon after Scorpionic and several Moogers seep out of the gap and emerge into the city. Scorpionic and several Moogers attack the city.  Scorpionic uses his tail to strike a building.  Scorpionic announces, I'm here.  He continues to use his tail to strike other buildings.  Citizens run in terror as Moogers chase after them.  Scorpionic instructs the Moogers not to attack the citizens so quickly, they sweat and squeal more if you corner them slowly.  Suddenly the Lion Folding Zord flies in and attack Scorpionic.  Scorpionic tries to shoo Lion zord away, calling it a tin can.  Lion Folding Zord lands on Jayden's hand.  Scorpionic notices the five teens and asks, who's this?  Mia, Mike, Jayden, Kevin, and Emily did not reply, instead they morph.  The Samurai Power Rangers face down Scorpionic and the Moogers with their Spin Swords drawn.  Scorpionic commands the Moogers to attack.  The Moogers race towards the Samurai Power Rangers.  The Power Rangers race towards the Moogers.  Soon the Rangers are fighting the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  They do well against the Moogers, but there are a lot of them.  Blue Ranger transforms his Spin Sword into his Hydro Bow.  Blue Ranger eliminates several Moogers with the Hydro Bow.  Pink Ranger summons her Sky Fan.  Pink Ranger defeats several Moogers with her Sky Fan.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear to battle and destroys several Moogers.  Red Ranger uses his Fire Smasher as he battles and destroys a batch of Moogers.  Red Ranger notices an explosion and runs over to check it out.  It's Scorpionic, still destroying buildings with his tail.  Red Ranger runs up to him and tries to hit him with his Fire Smasher, instead the Fire Smasher gets caught in Scorpionic's sword.  Eventually Red Ranger is able to free his Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger battles Scorpionic with his Fire Smasher.  A short distance away, Yellow Ranger is battling a group of Moogers with her Earth Slicer.  Yellow Ranger throws her Earth Slicer, and it destroys each Mooger it hits.  But it continues and hits Red Ranger.  Scorpionic takes advantage of the distraction and strikes Red Ranger hard.  Red Ranger goes flying, hits a building, and slides down to the ground.  His Spin Sword lands a distance away from him.  Yellow Ranger feels awful and she runs over to check on Red Ranger.  Scorpionic is about to strike.  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger see what is about to happen and race over.  Yellow Ranger stands protectively in front of Red Ranger as the rest of the Rangers reach them.  Scorpionic uses his whirlwind attack.  The attack hits Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger and they demorph as they hit the ground.  Scorpionic comments, beating them is like taking candy from a baby.  Scorpionic walks away.  Red Ranger struggles as he stands back up.  Kevin, Mike, and Mia all struggle to get up.  Red Ranger tells them, we must stand and be strong.  Either we defeat the Nighlok or we will be defeated.  Understood?!  Red Ranger falls to his knees.  Kevin, Mike, and Mia continue to struggle to get up.  Emily lays face down and barely moves.  She makes a groaning sound and Mia goes to her side.  She asks Emily if she is okay?  Red Ranger tells Mia to stay with Emily.  Red Ranger notices there is a young girl that has been left behind.  I must save her.  Still struggling, Red Ranger walks towards his Spin Sword and pulls it out of the rubble.  Emily tells the rest, don't worry about me.  Go help the Red Ranger.  Red Ranger suddenly charges towards Scorpionic with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger and Scorpionic battle once more.  The young girl, Hannah, stays hidden and watches them.  Red Ranger strikes Scorpionic and he goes flying.  Scorpionic lands on the rubble hard.  Red Ranger quickly runs over to Hannah, telling her not to worry.  We will protect you.  The girl's mother appears and yells for Hannah.  Red Ranger takes Hannah to her mother.  Kevin and Mike manage to stand up.  Mia helps Emily up.  The mother takes Hannah away.  Scorpionic is furious.  Red Ranger and Scorpionic face each other.  Mike tells his friends, you got to admit, that dude has style.  Scorpionic and Red Ranger charge towards each other with their weapons drawn.  Emily walks a little apart from her friends.  Emily tells them, he is able to stay so focus on defeating evil.  I only hope I'm up to the challenge.  Scorpionic and Red Ranger continue to battle.  Scorpionic knocks Red Ranger down.  Scorpionic prepares another whirlwind attack.  Mike, Emily, Mia, and Kevin morph.  The four Rangers charge forward with their Spin Swords.  Scorpionic launches his whirlwind attack, but it misses the Rangers.  The Rangers leap towards Scorpionic.  Blue Ranger strikes Scorpionic with his Spin Sword.  Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, and Yellow Ranger, one after the other, strike Scorpionic with their Spin Swords.  The four Rangers gather around Red Ranger, who is back on his feet.  Blue Rangers asks, what now?  Red Ranger replies, our Spin Swords will turn him into dust.  With their Spin Sword, the Rangers use the quintuple slash to defeat Scorpionic.  Scorpionic grows to giant size.  The Rangers summon their zords.  The zords race towards Scorpionic.  Scorpionic swings his swords at them.  Red Ranger tells the team, zords are not enough here.  We have to combine forces.  Blue Ranger gets excited.  A zord combination, right?  Let's do it!  Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger are ready.  Blue Ranger gives the command, zords combine!  The four zords, in case mode, are stacked on top of each other.  Blue Ranger announces they are ready.  Pink Ranger is confused.  Are we suppose to look like this?  Blue Ranger replies, I'm not sure.  Scorpionic is confused as well.  What is that?  A Ranger totem pole.  Yellow Ranger replies, if totem pole crushes Nighlok, you got it!  Scorpionic states, you baby Rangers are playing with blocks?  Red Ranger is still flying around in his zord.  He asks Blue Ranger, what have you done?  Blue Ranger becomes alarmed.  Oh no!  Did I make a mistake?  Red Ranger tells Blue Ranger, you left me out.  Blue Ranger feels bad.  Oh no!  I did it wrong!  Green Ranger is not happy about being the low man on the totem pole.  Green Ranger starts to shake his zord, which makes the whole thing start to wobble.  Scorpionic laughs and swings his sword, hitting the zords and knocking them down.  Red Ranger states, this time, I'll start it.  The zords combine once more, this time forming the Samurai Megazord.  Blue Ranger apologizes to the rest of the Rangers.  Yellow Ranger replies, no worries Kev.  We got it now.  Scorpionic charges towards the Megazord.  Samurai Megazord and Scorpionic battle with their swords.  Scorpionic swings and misses the Megazord, hitting a building instead.  The battle continues between Scorpionic and Samurai Megazord.  Samurai Megazord knocks Scorpionic to the ground.  Scorpionic gets back up and summons several giant Moogers.  The giant Moogers soon have the Megazord surrounded.  Scorpionic screams, attack!  Samurai Megazord battles the giant Moogers.  Several of the giant Moogers have chains and they throw them at Megazord's hands.  Samurai Megazord's hands are pulled tight and cannot defend itself as the rest of the Moogers use their staffs to strike it.  Scorpionic laughs.  Yellow Ranger asks, what do we do now?  Red Ranger tells them to stay strong, stay brave.  Red Ranger gives the command, furious lion howl.  The lion head roars and flames shoot out, hitting a couple of the Moogers.  Samurai Megazord then uses the chains to lift the remaining Moogers up in the air.  The four Moogers crash into each other.  Samurai Megazord uses it's sword and battles the Moogers.  Scorpionic backs away, hiding behind the giant Moogers.  Samurai Megazord battles the Moogers and destroys them one by one.  Samurai Megazord faces down Scorpionic.  Samurai Megazord uses it's Samurai Strike against Scorpionic.  Scorpionic is destroyed.  The Rangers are jubilant.

The city has amenities you would find in most cities, like outdoor cafes and gaming facilities.  Mike and his friends were at a outdoor cafe when Rofer appeared from beneath the ground and holds a chair, with a person on it, in the air as he makes his entrance.  Rofer immediately launches into his attack as the citizens try to get away.  Mike immediately recognizes a Nighlok. although is friends do not.  His friends are ready to run.  Mike tells them he will be right back.  Mike runs towards Rofer.  His friends are hiding behind a table, calling out for Mike.  His friends decide to help Mike and take off after him.  Rofer blasts his two friends and they hit the ground.  Mike continues to race towards Rofer - confident he can do it.  Mike pulls out his Samuraizer and morphs.  Green Ranger battles Rofer with his Spin Sword.  Green Ranger has a difficult battle against Rofer and gets knock to the ground.  Green Ranger is unprepared as Rofer's arm goes underground and then breaks through the ground and hits Green Ranger.  Green Ranger hits a tree and then falls to the ground.  Rofer launches another underground attack against Green Ranger.  Green Ranger gets knocked around once more.  Green Ranger leaps on top of a building, hoping to have an advantage over Rofer.  This doesn't stop Rofer as he stretches his arm high enough to knock Green Ranger off the top of the building.  Green Ranger hits the ground hard.  Red Ranger comes leaping in and battles Rofer with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger manages to knock Rofer to the ground, but it doesn't last long.  Rofer uses his underground arm stretch attack on Red Ranger and knocks him to the ground.  Rofer gloats that not even the Red Ranger can see what is going on underground.  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger arrives and race over to Red Ranger.  Red Ranger has landed by Mike's friends.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger make sure Mike's friends are okay as Blue Ranger helps Red Ranger.  Red Ranger is ready to take Rofer.  Rofer starts to dry out and retreats.  Later, Mike says a private goodbye to his friends, although they are unaware that he is standing outside.  Evening falls over the city.  Mike remembers Jayden's words about being a samurai is the ultimate sacrifice.  Mike remembers his battles with Rofer.  Mike wishes he could explain things to his friends.  But beating this Nighlok comes first.  Mike practices his battle moves in the night air.  The following day, several Moogers and Rofer are attacking the city.  Several citizens try to get away.  Rofer stretches out his arms and encircles several of the citizens.  Rofer tells them they are better off dealing with him than Master Xandred.  Kevin, Jayden, Mika, and Emily arrive and face down Rofer and the Moogers.  The four teens immediately take out their Samuraizers and morph.  The four Rangers pull out their Spin Swords, ready for battle.  Rofer notes the Green Ranger is missing.  Mike comes running up and leaps over the Rangers.  Mike wants to take Rofer on his own.  Mike morphs.  Rofer gives the Moogers the order to attack.  Green Ranger runs into the battle and fights the Moogers with his Spin Sword.  Blue Ranger calls out Mike, what are you doing?  Red Ranger suggests they help him.  The four Rangers race into the battle.  They also battle the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  Eventually the Moogers are destroy and only Rofer is left.  Green Ranger battles Rofer by trying to outsmart him by running and having Rofer get his arms all tangle up.    Green Ranger was prepared for one of Rofer's arms, but not the other.  Red Ranger leaps in and helps Green Ranger out.  Green ranger then defeats Rofer with his Spin Sword.  But it is not for long before Rofer goes into mega monster mode.  Green Ranger summons his Bear zord.  The Bear zord races towards Rofer.  Bear zord goes into mauling mode and battles Rofer.  The rest of the Rangers soon join the battle in their zords.  The Samurai Megazord is formed.  Samurai Megazord battles Rofer.  Rofer stretches out his arms once more and has them beneath the ground.  Red Ranger instructs his team to follow his lead.  Samurai Megazord stands completely still.  Rofer thinks they have fallen asleep.  Rofer's fist breaks through the surface and Samurai Megazord is ready for it.  Rofer is surprised when his arms are all ties up.  Samurai Megazord uses it's sword and slices off Rofer's arms.  Rofer is furious.  Samurai Megazord uses it's sword to destroy Rofer.

Outside of the city is a nice suburb.  There are also baseball fields for little league teams to play on and a pretty park.  The park is where Bulk and Spike like to go jogging through as part of their samurai training.  Also at the park is Ryan.  He is sitting by himself.  he hears a strange noise by a tree and goes over to investigate.  First there is a red glow coming from a crack in the tree.  Then Doubletone's face appears in the crack of the three.  Doubletone sees the kid and calls out to him.  Ryan is very frighten by the monster and back away.  Doubletone emerges partially from the tree.  Doubletone admits to Ryan that he is a monster, but he is here to make a deal.  They make a deal and they are about to make a pinky swear when the Rangers arrive with their Spin Swords. Doubletone is knocked to the ground.  Pink Ranger and yellow Ranger run over to Ryan and make sure he is okay.  Red Ranger asks Doubletone what kind of mischief is he up to with this kid?  Doubletone replies nothing, they are friends.  The frighten look on Ryan's face tells another story.  Yellow Ranger tells Ryan to run away as fast as you can.  Ryan takes off running.  Doubletone tells the Rangers to stay out of his business.  The Rangers race forward with their Spin Swords.  Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger battle Doubletone with their Spin Swords.  Doubletone knocks Blue Ranger and Green Ranger down to the ground.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger race up and battle Doubletone with their Spin Swords.  Doubletone knocks them both down to the ground.  Red Ranger continues the battle with his Spin Sword.  Doubletone kicks Red Ranger and knocks him down.  Pink Range rand Yellow Ranger get back up and race towards Doubletone.  They battle him with their Spin Swords once more.  Doubletone knocks them both down.  Doubletone tells them the fun has just begun before retreating into the tree he had emerged from.  Green Ranger is concern that Doubletone is planning something real bad.  Pink Ranger is worried about Ryan.  She tells the rest of the Rangers we need to find him.  Red Ranger agrees and they split up to search for Ryan.  Mia and Kevin find Ryan and try to talk to him.  But Ryan wont' tell them anything and takes off.  Mia and Kevin follow him to his house and watch him the rest of the day and during the night.  Doubletone is there as well, but he stays hidden behind a fence.  The following day, Ryan leaves his house.  Kevin and Mia follow him, as does Doubletone.  Ryan throws away his baseball equipment into a dumpster.  Mia and Kevin catch up to Ryan and shouts out a hey.  Mia asks him if he has a game today?  Ryan replies, no I quite playing baseball.  Kevin asks him how come?  Ryan tells him eh can't tell him and takes off running.  Kevin and Mia chase after him.  Suddenly a spear hits the ground.  Mia and Kevin stop and turn around.  Ryan stops running as well.  Doubletone laughs as he pulls up his spear.  Mia can't believe it's Doubletone again.  They all hear a garbage truck coming down the street.  This makes Ryan very sad and Doubletone admits he made Ryan give up his dream.  Now that he is so sad, the Sanzu River will be flooding in no time.  Ryan reminds Doubletone that he promised that if he gave up something special, he would get something even more special back - his dad.  Doubletone replies you have to be patience.  Mia tells Ryan to leave and Ryan takes off running.  Mia scolds Doubletone - telling him how dare you pick on a little kid.  Mia and Kevin morph.  Doubletone blasts Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger.  They land in the woods.  Doubletone warns them that their end is near.  Doubletone blasts the two Rangers with his tidal wave.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger are knocked off their feet and land hard on the ground.  Doubletone tells them he's all kinds of trouble. Suddenly Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Green Ranger arrive.  They battle Doubletone with their Spin Swords.  Doubletone is caught off guard and is knocked to the ground.  The three Rangers join Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger.  Red Ranger tells them they race here as soon as the gap sensor sounded.  Pink Ranger thanks them, they got here just in time.  Doubletone summons Moogers.  Moogers appear from beneath the ground. Red Ranger battles the Moogers with his fire Smasher.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear to battle and destroy Moogers.  Yellow Ranger uses her Earth Slicer in the battle.  Pink Ranger summons her Sky Fan and Blue Ranger summons his Hydro Bow.  Just as their weapons transform, Doubletone uses his super tsunami attack on them.  The two Rangers are able to defeat the attack and defeat Doubletone.  Pink Ranger tells him that's what you get for making Ryan so sad.  The rest of the Rangers join them.  Doubletone is giant size.  First Dragon zord and Turtle zord battle him.  Then the Samurai Megazord is formed.  Samurai Megazord and Doubletone battle.  Doubletone manages to knock Samurai Megazord's sword away.  Samurai Megazord leaps high into the air.  Pink Ranger commands aerial turtle strike.  The turtle zord disconnects form Samurai Megazord and strikes Doubletone.  Turtle zord returns to Samurai Megazord as it gets it's sword back.  Samurai Megazord destroys Doubletone with the Samurai Strike.  After the battle, everyone goes to the little league baseball game, including Kevin, Jayden, Mike, Emily, Mia and even Bulk and Spike.  Ryan's coach gives Ryan his equipment back as a nice garbage gave it to him.  Ryan makes a spectacular home run.  The baseball knocks Spike in the head and knocks him out.  The crowd cheers Ryan as he makes his home run.

The area also has a large amusement park called Rainbow's End.  Rainbow's End has numerous rides, carnival rides, and an area to eat and drink.  It is close enough to the city, that when Dreadhead attacked, Mia, Emily, Kevin, and Mike were able to hear the citizens cries for help.  Dreadhead declares that humans are a waste of good space.  Several citizens are trapped and Dreadhead prepares to fire his weapon at them.  Blue Ranger and Green Ranger arrive and deflect the blows with their Spin Swords.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger help the citizens to safety.  Dreadhead is surprised to see Samurai Rangers.  Green Ranger takes a flying leap and tries to strike Dreadhead with his Spin Sword.  But it was like Dreadhead was an illusion and his body wavered out of harms' way.  Green Ranger was surprised.  Dreadhead took advantage of this and struck Green Ranger, knocking him to the ground.  Green Ranger rolled over to where Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger were.  They raced over to him.  Dreadhead comments on the pretty colors.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger race towards him with their Spin Swords drawn.  The three Rangers strike Dreadhead with their Spin Swords.  Once more, Dreadhead's body wavers and the strikes are ineffective against him.  Yellow Ranger wonders what do they do now?  Dreadhead fires his weapon at the three Rangers.  They are hit and fly through the air, landing by Green Ranger.  Green Ranger notes their Spin Swords don't work on this creep.  Blue Ranger wonders who that is possible.  Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger try another attack on Dreadhead.  Dreadhead's body waves in and out and all the Spin Swords are useless.  Yellow Ranger exclaims there is nothing we can do!  Pink Ranger wonders what's this monster made of?  Dreadhead fires at the four Rangers.  They are hit and their Spin Swords go flying up into the air.  Dreadhead fires at the four Rangers.  They are hit and their Spin Swords go flying up into the air.  Dreadhead fires at the four Rangers once more.  He hits them all and they fall to the ground, their Spin Swords landing just beyond their reach.  Dreadhead prepares to fire once more.  The four Rangers try to protect themselves against the next blast.  Red Ranger comes leaping from behind and tires to strike Dreadhead with his Spin Sword.  The four Rangers are thrilled to see Red Ranger, but they also call out a warning.  Red Ranger's Spin Sword is also ineffective against Dreadhead.  Red Ranger keeps trying, but Dreadhead's body waves in and out, and no strikes are made.  Red Ranger wonders what gives?  Green Ranger is surprised that even Red Ranger's sword won't work.  Yellow Ranger points out it goes right through his body.  Red Ranger continues to try and defeat Dreadhead, but his Spin Sword is no use against Dreadhead.  Dreadhead fires at Red Ranger, but Red Ranger manages to back flip out of the way.  Red Ranger lands by the rest of the Rangers.  He suggests they use their swords and attack together.  The Rangers place their discs onto the hilt of their swords.  Dreadhead asks them what are they trying to pull now?  The power elements from all five Spin Swords hit Dreadhead.  Although Dreadhead is still standing, this time electrical charges run through Dreadhead's body.  Red Ranger declares we got him.  Dreadhead tells them they tickle his tummy and fires his weapon once more.  Red Ranger uses the Fire Smasher to protect him and the rest of the Rangers.  Blue Ranger asks what are they going to do?  Red Ranger takes out the beetle disc.  Pink Ranger asks what is that?  She ahs never seen it before.  Suddenly Dreadhead starts to dry up.  It feels like he ate cactus needles.  Dreadhead warns them that next time they won't be so lucky.  Dreadhead vanishes.  The following day, Dreadhead is attacking the city.  Dreadhead tells the fleeing citizens you can't run far enough to escape my wrath.  A powerful wind knocks Dreadhead down.  Mia, Kevin, Emily, and Mike have arrived.  Kevin calls Dreadhead useless.  Dreadhead takes offense, that's his word.  Mike, Emily, Mia, and Kevin morph.  The four Rangers have their Spin swords drawn and are ready for battle.  Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger battle Dreadhead with their Spin Swords.  Dreadhead knocks Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger to the ground.  Blue Ranger takes a leap and tires to use his Hydro Bow against Dreadhead.  Dreadhead fires his weapon and hits Blue Ranger, causing him to fall to the ground.  Dreadhead tells Blue Ranger there's no point in standing up as he holds his weapon against Blue Ranger.  Dreadhead threatens that he's about to knock him down for good.  Suddenly the Lion Folding Zord arrives and hits Dreadhead a few times.  Then Red Ranger arrives with his Fire Smasher.  Dreadhead tells him his big blade is not going to get any respect form him.  Red Ranger and Dreadhead face each other down as Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger watch.  Nothing happens for a few moments.  Dreadhead calls Red Ranger a scaredy cat.  Blue Ranger wonders why Red Ranger doesn't charge.  Green Ranger calls out encouragement.  Red Ranger is about to pull out the beetle disc.  Pink Ranger realizes why Red Ranger is holding back.  Dreadhead tells Red Ranger he has seen glaciers that move faster than him.  Red Ranger realizes he's got to try.  Red Ranger takes out the beetle disc and places it on the Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger cries out Fire Smasher!  Cannon Blast Mode!  Huge flames engulf Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger swings the fiery Fire Smasher around in circles.  The flames hit Dreadhead.  Red Ranger holds on tight and draws on all his strength, as the Fire Smasher transforms into the Five Disc Beetle Cannon.  Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger are impressed.  Red Ranger asks them to lend their power discs.  the rest of the Rangers are happy to help out.  Each Ranger places a power disc onto a slot on top of the Beetle Cannon.  Dreadhead is not impressed.  he asks Red Ranger what do you go there, boy?  A rainbow pea shooter?  Red Ranger faces down Dreadhead with the Beetle Cannon. Dreadhead aims his weapon at Red Ranger.  Red Ranger calls out Fire Strike!  The Beetle Cannon blocks Dreadhead's blast and hits Dreadhead.  Dreadhead exclaims his dreadlocks feel like deadlocks!  Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger are very excited, but Red Ranger knows it's not over yet.  Soon Dreadhead is giant size.  The Rangers use their Samuraizers to summon their folding zords.  then the Samurai Megazord is formed.  The Samurai Megazord and Dreadhead battle.  Dreadhead is still able to waver his body so that the Samurai Megazord's sword is unable to touch him.  Red Ranger is surprised that it didn't work.  Dreadhead fires at Samurai Megazord.  Samurai Megazord takes several hits.  Red Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers they got to try something else.  Red Ranger leaves the cockpit and stands on top of the Samurai Megazord's shoulders as he shouts out to Dreadhead, hey Nighlok!  Over here!  Red Ranger tosses the beetle disc into the sky.  He uses his Spin Sword to fire at it and it transforms into the Beetle zord.  Dreadhead is surprised to see another zord.  The Beetle zord lands in front of Samurai Megazord.  Pink Ranger thinks it's so cool that a zord came out of that disc.  Red Ranger jumps off Samurai Megazord and enters the Beetle zord.  The Beetle zord heads straight towards Dreadhead.  Dreadhead fires at Beetle zord.  Beetle zord takes several hits, but keeps heading towards Dreadhead.  Beetle zord's pinchers grabs a hold of Dreadhead's foot and flips him over.  Dreadhead lands hard on the ground.  Dreadhead gets back up and summons several giant Moogers.  The giant Moogers prepare to fire several arrows at Samurai Megazord and Beetle zord.  Beetle zord fires at them before they have a chance to fire.  Red Ranger declares now the real battle begins.  The Beetle zord combines with the Samurai Megazord to form Beetle Blaster Megazord.  Dreadhead is taken aback at the new combination.  The Moogers back away.  Dreadhead tells them to get them!  The Moogers prepare to fire once more.  Red Ranger instructs the Beetle Blaster Megazord to fire it's Beetle Cannon.  The blast destroys the arrows and several of the Moogers.  Beetle Blaster Megazord battles the remaining Moogers and destroys them.  Beetle Blaster Megazord then faces Dreadhead, telling him now it's your turn.  Dreadhead tells them haven't you figure it out, your sword is useless against me!  Dreadhead fires at Beetle Blaster Megazord.  Beetle Blaster Megazord fires back with it's cannon.  Dreadhead is hit hard.  The Rangers then call out Rotating Beetle Blaster!  Dreadhead is destroyed.

In the city, a construction worker is enthusiastically eating his sandwich.  After he is done, he gets up and walks away.  There is a red glow beneath a grate, and then Negatron emerges from the grate.  Negatron:  Paging Mr. Garbage Disposal.  The construction worker turned around.  Negatron:  Nice job inhaling that sandwich, Piggy!  The construction worker was struck with a strong force that sent him flying and landing hard on the ground.  Negatron found a mail man walking dejectedly and weighed down with heavy bags.  Negatron:  Hey wimpy postman!  Even a stamp could lick you.  You're the only mail man I know, who's not just scare of dogs, but cats too!  The mail man went flying and hit the ground hard.  Negatron entered a restroom and found a woman putting on makeup.  Negatron:  Nice makeup!  If you're in the circus!  The woman scream and ran out of the restroom. Negatron laughs.  Negatron spots Bulk and Spike.  Negatron:  Samurai wanna bees.  You guys are a joke.  Bulk and Spike go flying and hit the ground hard.  Negatron found a table with a group of ladies talking.  Negatron:  So who you dissing at lunch gossip girls?  Blab, blab, blab!  The ladies go flying.  Negatron:  You're just full of hot air.  Negatron spotted an elderly man having a tough time driving.  Negatron leaped onto the windshield.  Negatron:  Hey, road hog!  Get off the street and get some glasses!  The elderly man jumps out of the car.  Negatron:  Base on how you park, this is a big step up.  Negatron leaps off and the car crashes.  Negatron:  There, I'm not going to charge you for parking your car.  Now get going, eagle eyes!  The elderly man takes off running.  Suddenly Red Ranger is leaping towards him with his Spin Sword drawn.  Red Ranger:  Surprise!  Negatron avoids getting hit.  The rest of the Rangers arrive.  Negatron:  Samurai Rangers?!  Why you here?  I've been saying all the wrong things right.  Green Ranger:  Talking smack about people is not cool!  Negatron races over to Green Ranger and is face to face with him.  Negatron:  I know something about you!  Your bike had training wheels until you were ten!  Green Ranger:  What?!  Green Ranger is hit and goes flying.  Yellow Ranger:  Oh no!  Yellow Ranger races over to Green Ranger.  Blue Ranger:  Mike!  Yellow Ranger kneels by Green Ranger.  Yellow Ranger:  Mike, are you okay?  Pink Ranger faces Negatron.  Pink Ranger:  What did you say to him?  Negatron doesn't answer and instead comes face to face with Blue Ranger.  Negatron:  And you, Blue Ranger.  You're just boring!  Blue Ranger goes flying and hits the ground hard.  Pink Ranger:  Kevin!  Negatron goes over to Pink Ranger.  Negatron:  Your turn!  Pink Ranger takes several swipes at Negatron with her Spin Sword, but Negatron avoids being hit once more.  Negatron:  Lousy cook!  Pink Ranger:  What?  Pink Ranger is hit, goes flying, and hits the ground hard.  Yellow Ranger:  Mia!  I don't get how he's sending everyone flying.  All he's doing is saying mean things.  Red Ranger walks over to Yellow Ranger.  Red Ranger:  Keep your guard up.  This one's tricky.  Red Ranger places the beetle disc onto his Spin Sword.  Negatron:  Come on, what tricks?  I'm just telling the truth.  My motto is, if the truth hurts, excellent!  Negatron races over to Red Ranger and knocks the Spin Sword out of Red Ranger's hand.  Negatron:  You're a red face, liar, liar, pants on fire!  You've got a secret.  Red Ranger is hit and goes flying.  Negatron laughs. Yellow Ranger:  Jayden!  Negatron:  Looks like we're down to you.  Yellow Ranger:  Your words won't faze me.  Jayden's got nothing to hide.  You're just a mean mouth monster, spouting nothing but nonsense.  Negatron battles Yellow Ranger and her Spin Sword.  Negatron:  Nonsense.  If my words weren't true, they wouldn't hurt like they do.  Here's a word that will send you flying.  Airhead!  But Yellow Ranger continued to battle Negatron.  Negatron was a little surprised.  Negatron:  Maybe I didn't say it loud enough!  You're a clumsy fool!  Still Yellow Ranger continued battling him.  At one point, Negatron had to jump into the air to avoid being hit with the Spin Sword.  Negatron:  Hun, impossible!  Negatron kept trying to send Yellow Ranger flying.  Negatron:  Klutz!  Still nothing.  Negatron:  Dimwit!  Yellow Ranger just kept fighting harder.  Negatron:  Whiner!  Yellow Ranger was still battling him.  Green Ranger:  Why can't he hurt her!  Negatron is hit, but gets back up.  Negatron:  This will do the trick.  Everyone loves to tease you!  Yellow Ranger:  Earth Slicer!  Negatron became concern.  Negatron:  Huh?  Hey!  Yellow Ranger:  Take that!  Negatron is hit and rolls on the ground.  Negatron:  I cut people down, not you!  Negatron gets back up.  Negatron:   What is her deal?  I better go vent somewhere else.  The rest of the Rangers gather around Yellow Ranger, although they are still feeling the effects of Negatron's insults.  Yellow Ranger shouts out, go ahead and run, you loud mouth!  I've got a feeling we haven't heard the last from that creep.  Later, Negatron enters the city once more.  Two young women are loading the trunk of their car with all their purchases.  Negatron walks up to them, insults them, and they go flying through the air and land in the trunk of the car.  Mia, Mike, Jayden, Kevin, and Emily arrive.  Jayden shouts to stop right there.  Negatron turns around and faces the five teens.  Mia asks if anyone ever told him he was a bully?  Negatron confirms it - nicest thing anyone ever said about him.  The five teens morph.  The Power Rangers have their Spin Swords drawn.  Negatron tells them he knows the truth about them and he's really going to let them have it.  Pink Ranger warns him he should never underestimate a samurai.  Blue Ranger adds we're on to you.  We're ready for whatever you can throw at us.  Negatron races over to Blue Ranger and they are face to face.  Negatron calls him mentor's little pet.  The insult works, sending Blue Ranger flying.  Green Ranger tells Blue Ranger not to let Negatron get to him.  Red Ranger knows this isn't good.  Pink Ranger suggests they find a mute button on this guy.  Negatron calls them weaklings and tells them to go away.  His business is with the Yellow Ranger.  Negatron summons several Moogers to keep the rest of the Rangers busy.  Red Ranger battles several Moogers with his Fire Smasher.  Pink Ranger battles several more with her Sky Fan.  Blue Ranger uses his Hydro Bow against the Moogers.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear in his battle against the Moogers.  Yellow Ranger races over to Negatron and tells him it's his turn.  Yellow Ranger battles Negatron with her Spin Sword.  Throughout the fight, Negatron throws out insults, but none of them faze Yellow Ranger.  Yellow Ranger tells him sticks and stones may break her bones, but words will never hurt me.  Yellow Ranger knocks Negatron to the ground with her Spin Sword.  Negatron gets back up.  He is confident Yellow Ranger can't ignore his insults forever.  Yellow Ranger races forward once more.  She continues to fight Negatron with her Spin Sword.  Negatron throws out more insults.  Negatron finally hits on one when he tells Yellow Ranger, she will never be as good as her sister.  It hurts, but Yellow Ranger continues to fight.  Green Ranger has defeated his batch of Moogers.  He races over to help Yellow Ranger.  Negatron sees him coming and tells him to back off, or he'll let out some zingers that will really tear him apart.  Green Ranger warns Yellow Ranger to get back.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear to call forth a leaf storm.  The leaf storm hits Negatron hard.  Yellow Ranger leaps out of the way in time.  Green Ranger grabs a hold of Negatron, who is insulting Green Ranger now.  Green Ranger shouts out to Yellow Ranger, quick now.  Yellow Ranger replies with pleasure.   Yellow Ranger uses her symbol power and soon Negatron's mouth is full of stones.  Green Ranger laughs as he joins Yellow Ranger.  Yellow Ranger tells Negatron she's got nothing nice to say to him.  Yellow Ranger uses her Spin Sword to make a powerful strike against Negatron.  Negatron is knocked to the ground as the rest of the Rangers join Yellow Ranger and Green Ranger.  Red Ranger tells the team he will take it from here.  The Five Disc Beetle Cannon is formed.  Red Ranger fires the cannon and Negatron is defeated.  Within a few moments, Negatron grows to giant size and insults the Rangers.  The Rangers summon their zords and form Samurai Megazord.  Negatron turns his back towards the Megazord.  There are three red, large eyes on his back and he calls out Three Eye Zapazoid!  The energy hits the Samurai Megazord hard.  Negatron uses his sword to strike the Samurai Megazord, but Ape Zord has already detached itself and Negatron misses.  Green Ranger has the leg of Samurai Megazord kick Negatron.  Negatron is hit hard.  Samurai Megazord kicks Ape Zord and its flies over to Negatron.  Negatron tires to protect himself with the blade of his sword, but Ape Zord still did damage to him.  Ape Zord reconnects to Samurai Megazord.  Red Ranger stands on the Megazord and summons Beetle Zord.  Negatron sees Beetle Zord and shouts, stop bugging me!  Beetle Zord connects with the Megazord to form Beetle Blaster Megazord.  On the empty streets of the city, Spike and Bulk arrive, ready to battle Negatron.  Spike is eager.  Bulk points out it looks like someone else got it covered.  They can see the battle between Beetle Blaster Megazord and Negatron.  Negatron throws insults to Beetle Blaster Megazord, but it has no effect.  Beetle Blaster Megazord blasts Negatron.  Beetle Blaster Megazord uses it's sword to strike Negatron several times.  Despite being hit several times, Negatron continues with the insults.  Beetle Cannon Strike is used and Negatron is destroyed.  On the ground, Spike and Bulk cheer.  After the battle, the teens are walking through a park.  Mike is carrying Emily, piggy back style, as Emily is asleep.  Mia tells her friends that Emily had said she was fine, but the Nighlok's words must have hurt her after all.  Jayden remarks she did well.  Everyone has something they don't want to hear.  Mia is surprised and looks over at Jayden.  Jayden realizes he has revealed too much and looks away.  Mike tells them she was incredible.  The way she fought off that Nighlok rocked!  The girl got guts.  Mia adds her sister would be proud.  An ice cream truck comes down the road.  the teens pause.  Mia excitedly tells her friends that's a sound I can never forget!  Ice cream trucks are my favorite.  Mike adds sounds better than the gap sensor.  Emily perks up and lifts her head to ask if someone said ice cream?  Mike is surprised that Emily is awake.  Kevin tells his friends lets go get that truck.  The teens race towards the ice cream truck.

Close to the city is a beautiful beach.  It is a place that Bulk & Spike enjoying spending a day out.  Bulk debates whether to make a sand sculpture of a samurai in full armor, or a sand castle with a real most.  Unfortunately the city was under attack again.  This time by Yamiror.  At the same time, the missing Swordfish Zord had been spotted at Limatal Beach.  Jayden sent Kevin on a solo mission to capture the Swordfish Zord, while the rest would take care of the Nighlok.  In the city, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, and Yellow Ranger battled Yamiror with their Spin Swords.  Yamiror talks as he battles.  He tells them once they sniff my funky smell, you'll say I'm a knockout.  Yamiror kicks Green Ranger in the chest.  Green Ranger hits the floor, but quickly gets back up and into the battle.  Yamiror gets close to Green Ranger's helmet and releases his breath.  A green gas surrounds Green Ranger.  Green Ranger goes flying and hits the pavement.  He gets up but it's too much.  Mike demorphs and falls to the pavement.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger race over.  Yellow Ranger asks if he is okay, but gets no response.  Pink Ranger concludes that stink immobilized him.  Red Ranger races over to Yamiror with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger and Yamiror battles with their swords.  Yamiror states that garlic and onions is all he eats.  Yamiror slams Red Ranger onto the hood of a car.  Red Ranger rolls away.  Yamiror follows him.  The battles continues and they both end up falling out of the parking garage and landing in the alley below.  Yamiror and Red Ranger get back up.  Yamiror breathes the green gas on Red Ranger.  Red Ranger falls against some boxes and demorphs.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger leap onto the scene.  They race over to Jayden.  Pink Ranger tells Yamiror, you really are a stinker!  Yamiror challenges Pink Ranger to come over here.  Pink Ranger races over with her Spin Sword.  Pink Ranger and Yamiror battle.  Yellow Ranger quickly joins the battle with her Spin Sword.  Yamiror breathes on both of them.  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger demorph and fall to the pavement, close to Jayden.  Yamiror tells them from my head to my toes, I don't smell like roses.  Yamiror laughs and walks away.  Mia, Jayden, and Emily are too weak to go after him.    Meanwhile, the sun beats down on Kevin as he continues to try to capture Swordfish Zord.  Kevin is getting tired, but he doesn't give up.  Kevin decides to try another symbol power.  Kevin is confident that one of them has to work.  Kevin creates the symbol power and places it on the lure.  Kevin tries several times, but catches nothing.  Kevin tries another symbol power.  But it doesn't work.  Kevin keeps trying one symbol power after another, with no success.  It takes a toll on Kevin and he passes out.  Kevin wakes up and finds himself laying in a cot.  He looks around and spots a fisherman sitting in front of the tent.  Kevin sits up and asks what happened?  The fisherman replies that you fainted.  I didn't want to leave you out there to roast.  Kevin thanks him for his help.  Kevin tells the fisherman he really has to go.  Kevin walks over to the fisherman.  Kevin tells him he has to catch a fish.  The fisherman is very amused, I say that every day.  Kevin tells him, he doesn't understand.  Kevin tries to walk out of the tent and loses his balance.  The fisherman quickly gets up and tells Kevin to take it easy.  Kevin's Samuraizer goes off.  Kevin steps outside to answer it.  It's Mentor Ji.  Mentor Ji tells him the Rangers are poisoned.  Kevin is surprised.  Mentor Ji informs him that they all inhale the Nighlok's stench.  Their fevers are next to impossible to recover from.  Kevin tells Mentor Ji, I'll be right there.  But Mentor Ji tells him no. He tells him, the archives say they can only be saved by a purifying power.  The oceanic powers of the Swordfish Zord could do it.  Kevin, you must catch it and bring it back here fast.  I fear it may be our only hope.   Kevin replies that he's on it.  Kevin turns around and tells the fisherman, seriously, thanks for everything, but I got a swordfish to catch.   The fisherman watches Kevin take off.  Meanwhile, Yamiror returns to the city.  He feels he shouldn't have drunk so much soda, I really have to burp something awful.  The citizens run in terror.  Back at the beach, Kevin answers his Samuraizer.  Mentor Ji tells him, we have an attack.  Still very weak, Jayden steps out of the sick room.  Mentor Ji is alarmed and asks him what is he doing?  Jayden replies, you heard the gap sensor.  There is a Nighlok to fight.  Jayden has a hard time walking down the hall, becomes weak, and falls to his knees.  Kevin can overhear the conversation and he becomes alarmed.  He hears Mentor Ji tells Jayden, he can't defeat a Nighlok in his condition.  Jayden gets back up and pushes Mentor Ji away.  Jayden replies, maybe not, but at least I can slow him down.  Jayden continues walking down the hall, although it is difficult.  Mentor Ji tries to help him.  He tells Jayden to just wait until Kevin comes home with the Swordfish Zord.  Kevin can still overhear the conversation.  Mentor Ji tells Jayden, I think it can cure all of your fevers.  Mentor Ji is about to speak to Kevin again, when Jayden rips it out of his hands.  Jayden tells Kevin that Mentor Ji is exaggerating.  Don't worry about me.  Focus on your mission.  I didn't randomly choose you for this mission.  I choose you because of your commitment and discipline.  I know you can overcome any obstacle.  Kevin replies, I won't let you down.  Kevin is determined to get the Swordfish Zord.  He starts using the symbol power once more.  Back in the city, Yamiror is enjoying himself as he breathes out his stench to various fleeing citizens.  Yamiror states, I told you I would bowl you over with my breath.  Yamiror spots a mom and young child cowering.  Yamiror is ready to breath his broccoli breath on them.  Red Ranger leaps in front of them and blocks the stench.  Yamiror asks him if he is back for more.  Red Ranger tells the mom to go quickly and she does.  Red Ranger tells Yamiror, you got me once, but now I know not to breathe your stench.  Red Ranger pulls out his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger battles Yamiror with his Spin Sword.  Yamiror gloats, it's nice that you are a big fan of mine.  Because when you fan your sword, you are spreading my stink even further.  Red Ranger replies, your breath won't work this time.  At the beach, Kevin continues to try and capture the Swordfish Zord.  He tries various symbol powers once more.  He becomes weary.  Kevin is unaware that the fisherman has walked up behind him and is watching.  Kevin tries another symbol power, but this time it shocks him.  The fisherman catches Kevin and helps him to sit down.  The fisherman offers Kevin water, which he drinks eagerly.  The fisherman asks Kevin, young man, why are you doing this to yourself?  Kevin replies, I have to bring in the swordfish, but my symbol power isn't...Kevin stops as he realizes what he was about to say.  Kevin modifies his sentence by telling the fisherman, what I'm doing isn't working.  The fisherman asks why make yourself sick?  There are plenty of easier catches, than a swordfish.  Kevin stands up, a little angry.  He tells the fisherman, this fish is special.  It has to be now.  The fisherman picks up the fishing pole and tells Kevin, then get to it.  The fisherman gives the pole to Kevin and tells him it's time for you to catch that swordfish.  Kevin tries again, as fisherman watches him.  Back in the city, Red Ranger continues to battle Yamiror.  As they battle, Yamiror tells Red Ranger, maybe you're not quite smelling it yet, but the sour stink of defeat is heading your way.  Red Ranger starts to struggle in his battle against Yamiror.  Yamiror tells Red Ranger, you can try and stop it, but my nostril melon p.u. is still working on you.  Yamiror uses his eyes to blast Red Ranger.  Red Ranger demorphs and hits the pavement.  Yamiror laughs.  He tells Jayden, you lost your swagger and your outfit.  Jayden reaches over for his Spin Sword.  Jayden slowly gets back up.  Yamiror warns him, a third strike of his stench might put him out for good.  Back at the beach, Kevin tells the fisherman, I have a feeling he's right out there.  I just need to focus.  Kevin closes his eyes and concentrates.  He spins the disc on the fishing pole and a symbol power is released.  This time it works.  Kevin has caught the Swordfish Zord.  Kevin struggles to bring the swordfish in.  Kevin is confident he can do this.  The fisherman lends his support by placing a hand on Kevin's shoulder.  Suddenly the Swordfish Zord is in the air.  Both Kevin and the fisherman fall onto the sand. Kevin uses the disc and released another symbol power, which captures the Swordfish Zord into the disc.  Kevin is thrilled - I did it!  Kevin sits up.  It takes a moment for the fisherman to sit up, as he is dazed by what he has seen.  The fisherman asks Kevin, exactly what kind of swordfish was that?  Kevin replies, I told you it was special.  Kevin shakes the fisherman's hand and thanks him.  Kevin takes off.  The fisherman gazes out towards the ocean.  Back in the city, Jayden charges towards Yamiror with his Spin Sword.  Jayden and Yamiror battle.  Yamiror knocks Jayden to the pavement.  Yamiror is about to strike Jayden when suddenly Mike leaps in and kicks Yamiror, knocking him to the pavement.  Emily and Mia come racing up.  Emily kneels by Jayden, to see if he is okay.  Jayden is not happy.  He tells them they shouldn't be here, they are sick.  Mike replies, oh yeah, and you're fit as a fiddle.  Yamiror gets back up.  Jayden shouts out a warning as Yamiror uses his eyes to blast them.  Dragon Folding Zord flies in and blocks the blast.  Kevin comes running up with his Hydro Bow.  Kevin places the disc onto the Hydro Bow and shoots it up into the sky.  Sparkly rain falls down and land on Mike, Mia, Jayden, and Emily.  Yamiror is upset - not purifying rain!  There goes my stink power!  Mia notes it worked.  That swordfish healed us.  Mia, Mike, Jayden, Kevin, and Emily pull out their Samuraizers and morph.  The Rangers race towards Yamiror with their Spin Swords.  The Rangers battle Yamiror.  A mysterious figure is on a walkway above them.  He watches the battle.  Blue Ranger places his disc on his Spin Sword and calls out Dragon Splash.  Blue Ranger adds if anyone ever needed a bath, it's this jerk.  Yamiror is knocked to the pavement.  Yamiror shouts out, that water is so freezing, it's got me wheezing.  Red Ranger activates his Fire Smasher.  Blue Ranger races over to him.  Blue Ranger suggests Red Ranger use his Swordfish disc.  Red Ranger replies, you do it.  I'll help keep it steady.  Blue Ranger is very happy.  He places the Swordfish disc onto Fire Smasher.  Blue Ranger and Red Ranger both swing Fire Smasher around.  Yamiror gets back up as Five Disc Swordfish Cannon is formed.  The Rangers blast Yamiror with the Five Disc Swordfish Cannon and Yamiror is defeated.  A few moments later, Yamiror grows to giant size and thanks the Rangers for their help.  Now I can really make a big stink about this.  The Power Rangers quickly summon their folding zords.  When they arrive, the Rangers leap inside them.  The Samurai Megazord is quickly formed.  Yamiror tells them I've got big news for you.  The bigger I am, the bigger the stench.  This time Yamiror's stench was a thick fog.  Yellow Ranger protested that she can't see.  Blue Ranger warned his friends to be careful.  Green Ranger pointed out that they were sitting ducks.  Yamiror quickly struck Samurai Megazord with his sword.  Samurai Megazord lost it's shield.  Yellow Ranger noted, this isn't good.  Blue Ranger thought that maybe the Swordfish Zord can cancel out this fog.  Blue Ranger summoned the Swordfish Zord and leaped inside it when it arrived.  The Swordfish Zord launched two torpedoes, which hit Yamiror in the chest.  Swordfish Zord used it's sharp sword to poke Yamiror in the rear.  Blue Ranger suggested they combine to show this creep what they can really do.  Green Ranger thinks it's a great idea.  The Swordfish Zord combines with the Samurai Megazord to form Swordfish Fencer Megazord.  Red Ranger calls out for twin blade mode and the sword transforms.  Swordfish Fencer Megazord battles Yamiror with it's sword.  Several torpedoes launched out of the Megazord and hit Yamiror.  This knocks Yamiror's sword away.  Inside the cockpit, the Rangers call out for Mega Blade to activate!  Mega Blade Strike Position!  The Megazord's sword positions it's self on top of Swordfish Fencer Megazord.  Swordfish Fencer Megazord strikes Yamiror.  The Rangers call out Swordfish Slash!  Yamiror is destroyed.  The mysterious figure had watched the entire battle and he found it impressive.  The mysterious figure walks away.  At the beach, Bulk is enjoying himself, still in the hole he had dug for himself.  Spike gears himself up to jump into the water.  As Spike runs past Bulk, Bulk shouts out, don't do it!  Spike causes a huge splash in the wading pool he has jumped into.  The water splashes all over Bulk.  Spike notices and starts laughing.  He asks Uncle Bulk if he is still stuck?  Bulk doesn't answer, he just sprays water out of his mouth.  After the battle, Kevin, Mike, Emily, Mia, and Jayden walk along the beach.  Kevin is holding the Swordfish disc and is very pleased with himself as he looks at it.  Mike comments, the sweet smell of success.  Emily grabs one of Mike's arms as Mia grabs the other and they race with him into the waves.  Jayden walks up to Kevin.  He asks him, so how does it feel to see all that training pay off?  Kevin replies, it feels great.  But it wasn't just my training.  You know, all the practice and dedication in the world doesn't mean much, unless you truly believe in yourself too.  Jayden smiles and nods his head in agreement.  Mia shouts out to them, next time we have a day off, we should come back and spend the whole day at the beach!  Kevin replies, only if you promise to bring some sunscreen.  Man, I got fried out here!  Jayden and Kevin walk towards their friends.  Emily, Mia, and Mike are having a great time in the water.  That night, the mysterious figure is walking alone.  He pauses for a moment and comments, so the Samurai Rangers have returned.  But so have I.  The figure continues to walk.

The city has numerous churches and a bakery shop to help make the wedding cakes and other delicious goodies.  Several Moogers race down a street, dragging a rickshaw with them.  They burst into a church in downtown.  The Moogers race up the aisle, terrifying the guests.  The groom tried to protect his bride, but the Moogers knocked him aside and grabbed the bride.  Bride:  No!  Placing the bride in the rickshaw, they took off through a park.  There were two men sitting the park, meditating, as they passed.  One Mooger stop and looked at the young man (Spike) as he opened his eyes.  Spike:  Monsters!  The Moogers continued on their way and disappeared through a gap.  The Moogers took the bride to Dayu.  That evening, Deker wandered around.  He was pleased to see his sword, Uramasa, had returned.  He knew that meant a worthy opponent had been found.  He believed it to be one of the Samurai Rangers.  The next day, the Moogers were back in the city to capture another bride. They crash an outdoor wedding ceremony.  The Moogers arrive and race up the aisle, terrifying the guests.  Mia, who is pretending to be a bride, screams and becomes "frighten".  Jayden, pretending to be her groom, tries to "protect" her.  More Moogers burst in from behind them.  Mia gives a nod to Jayden and Jayden nods back.  The Moogers grab Mia as she screams.  More Moogers grab Jayden and throw him through the air.  Jayden lands on his back, but he is okay.  The Moogers place Mia in the rickshaw and she is taken away.  The Moogers race through the park, where Bulk and Spike are back to meditating.  Bulk comments there has been a lot of weddings.  The Moogers reach a building and vanish through a gap.  Jayden had been chasing after them.  Once they disappeared through the gap, he stopped running.  He was happy that their plan worked.  Elsewhere, warehouse 32, by the docks, was blown up.  Dayu had thought she had tricked the four of the Rangers into going inside.  Moogers had stayed hidden to see the four Rangers enter the warehouse.  Instead it was their doubles.  Later, the Rangers were in a battle with Dayu and several Moogers.  They soon surround Dayu.  Dayu has the Moogers attack.  The Rangers battle the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  During the battle, Dayu manages to slip away.  The Rangers soon note that she is missing.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger defeat their batch of Moogers, away from the rest of the Rangers.  Dayu reappears and battles them.  Soon Red Ranger joins the two Ranges in their battle against Dayu.  Moments later, Yellow Ranger and Green Ranger arrive as well.  The Rangers fire the Five Disc Beetle Cannon at Dayu.  Deker leaps in and blocks the blast.  He takes Dayu and summons giant Moogers.  The giant Moogers seep out of the gap.  The Power Rangers pull out their Samuraizers.  The Rangers summon their folding zords.  The folding zords arrive and Samurai Megazord is formed.  Beetle zord is summon and Beetle Blaster Megazord is quickly formed.  Beetle Blaster Megazord battles the Moogers.  Beetle Blaster Megazord strikes a couple of Moogers with it's sword.  Beetle Blaster Megazord fires it's cannon.  Several Moogers are destroyed.  Two of the remaining Moogers grab a hold of Beetle Blaster Megazord and jam their controls.  Two more Moogers leap into the air and strike Beetle Blaster Megazord with their weapons.   Samurai Megazord blasts and breaks free of the four giant Moogers.  Blue Ranger summons Swordfish zord.  Swordfish zord launches it's torpedoes.  It destroys one of the Moogers. Swordfish Fencer Megazord is formed.  The Rangers call out, Megablade, strike position!  When the sword is in position, the Rangers call out, Swordfish Slash!  The three remaining Moogers are destroyed.  Later, Bulk and Spike are checking out a bakery.  Spike is in front of a cupcakes and doughnuts shelves.  Bulk is looking with longing, at another shelf of doughnuts.  Spike can't decide which one he wants.  Bulk gets annoyed and walks over to Spike.  He tells Spike, this in not what I meant when I told you to imagine your samurai sword cutting through injustice, easily as a knife slices into cake.  Spike doesn't respond.  Bulk shakes his head and goes back to gazing at the doughnuts he would like to have.  Spike comments, let me slice into the vanilla cupcake's injustice.  Bulk shakes his head.  Spike laughs.  The teens are also in the city.  Emily is walking in the middle of Mike and Kevin.  Mia and Jayden are dragging a little behind them.  Mike tells Emily that she made a beautiful bride.  Emily is flattered by the compliment.  Emily responds, she never felt so pretty.  Mike and Kevin continued, but Emily stops and waits for Mia.  Emily notes the sad look at Mia's face and asks if she is alright?  Mia replies, yeah, I guess so.  Emily tries to cheer her up.  Hey, because of you, all those brides were saved and will have their special day after all.  Mia responds, what Dayu did was terrible, but, I can't shake the feeling that all of Dayu's anger came from some past sadness.  I mean, why was she so into that wedding dress?  Oh well, I just hope one day it will be my turn to play the bride for real.  Emily tells her not to worry.  You will, I'm sure of it.  Emily spots a bakery and points it out to Mia.  Emily tells Mia, there's nothing like a cupcake to make you feel better.  Mia smiles.  Emily and Mia start heading over to the bakery shop.  Jayden pauses for a moment, deep in thought.  Who was that protecting Dayu?  Emily walks up to Jayden and tells him, come on!  Come have a victory goodie with us!  Samurai Rangers!  Cupcakes are ours!  Jayden glances over at the bakery shop.  Kevin, Mia, and Mike are all waiting for him.  Jayden smiles and replies, why not?  As long as it's not wedding cake.  Emily and Jayden head over to the bakery shop.  There is a bit of a jam at the door, as Emily and Jayden try to walk in as Spike and Bulk try to leave.  After a bit of jostling, Emily and Jayden make their way in.  Bulk is carrying several boxes of goodies and Spike laughs at him as they walk out.       

Outside the city, are beautiful woods.  Spike and Bulk are hiking through the woods, along with other hikers.  Bulk is a little further ahead of Spike.  Bulk:  A samurai needs to face his fears, Spike.  Spike bumps into a tree.  Bulk:  Nature is our friend.  Bulk takes a branch of a tree and smells it before letting go of it.  The branch slaps Spike in the face and he falls down.  Spike quickly catches up to Bulk.  Spike:  But I'm scare of bears.  Bulk:  I don't think bears live in this neck of the woods.  Lose the bear spray.  What you should have brought (Bulk reaches into his vest) is this!  Mosquito repellent.  Bulk sprays the repellent into the air.  Spike:  Me too.  Spike sprays his bear spray.  The fumes blow into their faces.  Bulk and Spike cough and rub their eyes.  They can't see very well.  Suddenly they hear the other hikers screaming and running.  Bulk:  Terrified screams of hikers can only mean one thing, Spike, mosquito swarm.  Spike:  Bears!  Spike and Bulk get knocked around as the hikers run past them.  Spike falls to the ground.  Spike:  I can't see anything.  Bulk rubs his eyes.  They are unaware that Madimot is heading towards them.  Spike:  We got to run.  Spike gets up and starts running.  Bulk catches up and grabs Spike's backpack to stop him.  They both end up sitting on the ground.  Bulk:  Never run from a bear this close, Spike.  Play dead like a possum.  Spike and Bulk made "possum faces" and fall to the ground.  Madimot walks up to them and stares at them for a moment.  Madimot:  You can't fool me.  Even possums aren't that ugly.  Madimot hears the gap sensor go off.  Madimot:  Catch you rodents later!  I've got bigger fish to fry.  As soon as Madimot walks away, Spike and Bulk scramble and hide behind a rock.  They peer above the rock and see Madimot heading off.  Bulk and Spike crouch behind the rock.  Bulk:  Our first real battle, Spike and we survived!  Now we are officially samurai warriors.  Spike:  We are?!  Bulk:  Yes, we are.  The Power Rangers Samurai are running through the woods and they soon find Madimot.  Red Ranger:  Hold it right there, Nighlok!  Red Ranger pulls out his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger:  We're going to whip you into shape!  Madimot swings his whip around.  Madimot:  You really want to tangle with me!  I'm Madimot!  The baddest of the bad from the Sanzu.  I'm a bad, bad, man.  Green Ranger:  Let's see if you can back up all that talk.  Madimot:  Hmmm.  Having back up is a good idea.  Madimot whips the ground.  Madimot:  Here kitty, kitty!  Dirt sprays everywhere from beneath the ground.  Blue Ranger:  It looks like....Red Ranger:  The Tiger Zord.  Tiger Zord roars.  Elsewhere in the woods, Spike and Bulk hear the roar.  Bulk:  Sounds like a mountain lion.  Spike is so terrified, his mouth opens, but no sounds come out.  In the other area of the woods, Madimot gloats.  Madimot:  Surprised?!  When the Earth cracked opened and you sealed Master Xandred in the Netherworld, your Tiger Zord fell in the crevice too.  I saved it and made him my pet kitty.  Tiger Zord growls.  Madimot:  Or should I say pet Tiggy?  Tiger Zord roars.  Elsewhere in the woods, Spike and Bulk take off running with a couple of glances behind them.  In the other area of the woods, Madimot laughs.  Green Ranger:  Your pet?!  No way!  Blue Ranger:  Jayden, we'd got to get it back.  Madimot:  My spell on him is too powerful.  He's mine.  Madimot prepares to shoot his mind ray.  Red Ranger:  Everyone duck.  Red Ranger pushes Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger to the ground.  Blue Ranger:  Mike, get down!  Blue Ranger pushes Green Ranger down and gets hit.  Blue Ranger shakes and falls to his knees.  Green Ranger:  Kevin!  Green Ranger runs over to Blue Ranger.  Blue Ranger grabs him and tosses him.  Pink Ranger runs over to Green Ranger.  Pink Ranger:  Mike!  Green Ranger:  What was that all about?  Blue Ranger slowly stands up and stares at Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger.  Yellow Ranger:  Kevin?!  Red Ranger:  He's in a trance.  Blue Ranger faces Madimot as the rest of the Rangers get up.  Madimot:  I've gained a new pet.  I call him Blue.  Now sic them!  Madimot whips the ground.  Blue Ranger charges towards Green Ranger and Pink Ranger.  Green Ranger and Pink Ranger roll out of the way.  Blue Ranger starts battling them.  Green Ranger:  Kevin, what's wrong buddy?  Their Spin Swords clash.  Green Ranger:  Kev, snap out of it!  Pink Ranger manages to grab Blue Ranger's arm.  Pink Ranger:  He's under mind control.  Blue Ranger shakes Pink Ranger off and strikes her.  Yellow Ranger:  Hey, stop it!  Blue Ranger runs towards Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger.  Red Ranger leaps over Blue Ranger and heads over to Madimot.  Madimot:  A rabble rouse.  One Red Ranger puppet coming up.  Madimot blasts his mind ray.  Red Ranger:  Symbol Power!  Red Ranger leaps up and strikes Madimot's shield with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger and Madimot fight.  Red Ranger knocks Madimot to the ground.  Madimot:  Hey!  No one beats me!  Chew him up Tiger Zord!  Tiger Zord uses his breath against Red Ranger.  Red Ranger leaps out of the way as an explosion hits right where he had stood.  Blue Ranger was still fighting Yellow Ranger.  Green Ranger and Pink Ranger run over.  Pink Ranger:  Emily!  Yellow Ranger:  I can't fight Kevin.  There's no way.  Blue Ranger:  Dragon Splash!  It hits Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, and Yellow Ranger.  They hit the ground and demorph.  Madimot and Red Ranger were still battling, but Madimot had seen what Blue Ranger had done.  Madimot:  Oh!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Good move Blue!  Blue Ranger was preparing for a fatal strike.  Red Ranger:  No!  Red Ranger pushes Madimot aside and leaps over to his friends.  Red Ranger:  We better blaze a trail out of here.  Red Ranger spins the disc on his Spin Sword and in a blaze of fire, they vanished.  Madimot walks over to where they stood.  Madimot:  Coward, but good timing because I'm drying out.  Blue, go wait with Tiggy.  Blue Ranger:  As you wish, Master.  In yet another part of the woods, Deker is walking.  He ponders the fact that Master Xandred doesn't know the truth about the sealing power.  Deker is pleased, that means Master Xandred will stay out of his way.  He pulls out Uramasa, his trusty sword.  If I can't finally find a worthy opponent and bring him to his knees, then what's the point of being immortal.  Deker places his sword back in it's shield and continues to walk.  Changing from his Nighlok form to human form.  Later, Blue Ranger and Madimot walked through a construction site.  The workers took off running and screaming.  Madimot:  That's right boys.  Run away from my Blue menace.  Madimot and Blue Ranger wait at the construction site.  Soon Jayden walks up.  Madimot:  It's about time, Red Ranger.  Jayden:  Kevin, please wake up.  Madimot:  Not going to happen, Red.  Make this fight count or I'll make Blue turn his sword on himself.  Mike, Emily, and Mia come running up, prepared to morph.  Mike:  Jayden, we're here to help!  Jayden:  No.  I can't put anyone else at risk.  Mia:  But...Jayden:  You want a show.  I'll give you the show of your life, Nighlok.  Emily:  Jayden!  Mia and Mike are worried.  Madimot wishes he had some popcorn.  He jumps on top of construction equipment to watch.  Madimot gives Blue Ranger the command to attack.  Emily becomes very worried.  Blue Ranger pulls out his Spin Sword.  Jayden pulls out his Samuraizer and morphs.  Emily tells Mike and Mia, he won't hurt Kevin.  Mia only hopes Emily is right.  Red Ranger pulls out his Spin Sword.  Blue Ranger and Red Ranger face each other.  Mike can't believe this is happening.  Blue Ranger and Red Ranger slowly circle each other.  Mia, Mike, and Emily watch.  Suddenly the two Rangers race towards each other and start fighting with their Spin Swords.  Mike gets angry once more - what are you thinking?  That's Kevin!  Blue Ranger and Red Ranger continue to fight each other with their Spin Swords.  Mia, Mike, and Emily can only watch.  The battle goes throughout the construction site.  Emily screams, wake up Kev!  Mia screams, you can't fight Jayden!  But the two Rangers continue to fight each other.  As they fight, Red Ranger tries to talk to Kevin.  Come on Kevin, I know you're in there.  During the battle, sometimes Red Ranger gets knocked to the ground.  Other times it's Blue Ranger.  Blue Ranger uses Dragon Splash against Red Ranger.  A huge explosion occurs, but Red Ranger is okay.  Emily, Mike, and Mia are very uncomfortable watching the fight.  Mike comments, man, this is so uncool.  Mike then screams at them to stop!  Madimot has had enough of Mia, Mike, and Emily.  Madimot uses his shield to blast the three teens.  They are hit and fly through the air before hitting the ground.  Madimot declares, no talking during the show!  Mia, Mike, and Emily slowly try to get back up.  Deker walks towards them.  Deker tells them, it looks like we have a winner.  Mike asks, who are you?  Deker replies, it doesn't matter who I am.  What matters is who's winning.  Not the man in blue.  Mia is surprised and asks him, how can you tell?  Deker replies, because he is fighting as if he is trying to win a training point rather than a real duel.  Blue Ranger and Red Ranger are still battling as the three teens and Deker talk.  Deker continues, it's a whole lot different when you are fighting for survival.  You fight with instinct.  You have to watch your target like a hawk.  It's easy to get tired in a long battle with no one to say stop.  During the fight, Red Ranger kicks Blue Ranger to the ground.  Blue Ranger slowly gets back up.  The battle has moved and now Mia, Mike, Emily, and Deker watch the battle from above.  Deker continues to talk during the battle.  The Red Ranger has a good stance.  It's reduces arm fatigue.  He'll stay strong and when the Blue goes for the point, Red will see his opening and strike.  He's looking for a decisive blow.  That's the difference between these two.  Blue Ranger charges towards Red Ranger with his Spin Sword raised above his head.  Red Ranger tells him to come back to us, but Blue Ranger is still under the spell.  Their swords clash.  Red Ranger spins the disc on his Spin Sword and then strikes Blue Ranger.  Electrical currents run through Blue Ranger.  Kevin is in pain.  The spell leaves his body.  Madimot is upset - what have you done?  Blue!  My puppet!  Blue Ranger demorphs and Kevin falls to the ground.  Mia, Mike, and Emily race over to Kevin.  Deker simply watches Red Ranger, knowing he was right.  The Red Ranger is the perfect opponent for my Uramasa.  Deker walks away.  Emily tries to wake up Kevin.  Kevin slowly wakes up and asks what happened?  Mia tells him, now we have some work to do.  Mike, Mia, and Emily help Kevin up.  Madimot is furious - you had this planned all along!  Red Ranger explains.  When we fought in the forest, my resistance symbol protected me from your mind control ray.  We weren't sure if the resist disc would work on Kevin too, but I had to try.  I had no other choice.  Red Ranger apologizes to Kevin for risking fighting him.  But I had to get in a close enough position to use the disc.  Kevin is confused - fighting me?  Mia nods her head at him.  Red Ranger continues.  Since you are such a good fighter, it took me a lot longer to get close enough to you to use it.  Luckily it worked.  Kevin feels terrible.  He tells them, if you are up to it, I think it's time we battle someone who isn't on our team.  Red Ranger replies, you're on.  Emily, Kevin, Mia, and Mike pull out their Samuraizers and morph.  Madimot gives the command for Tiger Zord to crush them!  Tiger Zord bursts through the ground.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Green Ranger race over to Red Ranger.  He tells them to take care of the Nighlok, he'll handle the Tiger Zord.  Red Ranger summons his Lion Zord and goes into mega mode.  Red Ranger leaps inside Lion Zord.  Tiger Zord and Lion Zord face each other.  Red Ranger hates to put another ally in harm's way, but he has no choice.  Lion Zord and Tiger Zord charge towards each other and start fighting.  Red Ranger knew this was going to be tough, but not this tough.  Lion Zord takes a flying leap at Tiger Zord and then clamps down on it.  Red Ranger declares it's time for this cat fight to end.  The two zords break apart.  Red Ranger tells Tiger Zord to stay down.  Tiger Zord listens and stays still.  Red Ranger leaps from Lion Zord to Tiger Zord.  He enters Tiger Zord and quickly places the disc onto the console.  Red Ranger calls out, Tiger Zord, Resist Power!  The mind spell is broken.  Red Ranger is thrilled - our cool cat is back on our side.  Blue Ranger strikes Madimot with his Spin Sword.  Yellow Ranger is the first to notice the Tiger Zord is back and points it out to the rest of the Rangers.  Madimot is furious that they turn kitty against him too.  Madimot blasts Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger with his shield.  This doesn't stop the four Rangers and they charge at him with the four element strike.  Madimot hits the ground, declaring that's not fair!  You team up on me!  Madimot is defeated.  Within moments, Madimot is giant size.  Red Ranger welcomes Tiger Zord back.  Tiger Zord charges towards Madimot.  Madimot uses it's shield to fire blasts at Tiger Zord.  Despite this, Tiger Zord strikes Madimot hard.  Tiger Zord then creates a crevice in the ground.  Madimot falls into the crevice.  Madimot is outrage - this can't be happening to me!  I'm the baddest of the bad!  Yellow Ranger suggests to the rest of the Rangers they help Jayden.  Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger summon their folding zords.  When the zords arrive, the four Rangers immediately leap inside them.  Dragon Zord, Bear Zord, Turtle Zord, and Ape Zord hurry to help Red Ranger.  Samurai Megazord is formed.  Samurai Megazord walks over to Tiger Zord.  Then Tiger Drill Megazord is formed.  Madimot manages to climb out of the crevice.  Tiger Drill Megazord and Madimot battle.  Madimot uses it's shield to blast Tiger Drill Megazord several times.  Red Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, he thinks they can break the shield with the tiger drill.  Red Ranger shouts out, Tiger Drill Charge!  With all four drills going at full blast, Tiger Drill Megazord charges towards Madimot.  Tiger Drill Megazord hits the shield and it's destroyed, along with Madimot.  Madimot protests till the end, I can't be beat, I'm the baddest of the bad!

Desperaino emerges from a gap in the city.  He is unaware that the gap sensor has detected him.  He laughs.  Desperaino:  Ahh, such a nice day.  So, let's change that!  Desperaino uses his weapon to fire up into the sky and it forms a small black cloud.  The cloud moves over some citizens and downs pours on them.  Then it vanishes.  The citizens who have been drenched are now all sad.  Soon the Power Rangers arrived and were surprised to see several citizens sad and dejected.  Red Ranger:  Hey, what is all this?  Green Ranger:  Everyone is so gloomy.  It's like they've all become Kevin.  Blue Ranger:  What?  Yellow Ranger:  Look!  Desperaino leaps in front of them.  Desperaino:  Isn't it wonderful?  Such delicious depths of despair from my rain.  They're so lucky.  They get to experience the purest, the cruelest, the loveliest misery of all, the loss of hope.  Yellow Ranger:  That's horrible.  Desperaino:  Yes, isn't it?!  Pink Ranger:  We got to get rid of this guy fast!  Green Ranger:  Oh, we will!  Desperaino:  Ewww, what an ugly, little sunny outlook you have.  Especially when the forecast calls for rain, my rain of pain.  Red Ranger:  Not going to happen, Nighlok.  Let's go!  The Rangers pull out their Spin Swords and charge towards Desperaino.  Desperaino:  Enough talking about the weather.  Instead of rain, I'll just cut straight to the pain.  Desperaino uses his weapon and blasts the Rangers.  The Rangers are hit and land on the pavement hard.  Desperaino:  So, did that feel so delightfully bad?  The Rangers get back up.  Blue Ranger:  Mia, we have to use the new discs.  Blue Ranger places the Swordfish disc onto his Hydro Bow.  Pink Ranger pulls out the Beetle disc and holds it in her hand.  Pink Ranger:  Right!  Desperaino:  No!  Wrong as rain!  Desperaino uses his weapon again and it hits the Beetle disc.  The Beetle disc goes flying through the air.  Green Ranger leaps up and catches it.  Pink Ranger runs over to Green Ranger.  Pink Ranger:  Wow, good catch.  Pink Ranger holds out her hand for the disc, but Green Ranger keeps it and places it on his Forest Spear.  Pink Ranger:  What are you doing?  Blue Ranger runs up to the two.  Blue Ranger:  Mike, stop!  You're not ready!  Desperaino:  This is no fun.  I'll come back to fight when you're not fighting yourselves.  Desperaino uses the propeller on the top of his head and flies up into the sky.  Red Ranger:  Guys, stop it!  Get him now!  Blue Ranger and Green Ranger race forward.  Blue Ranger:  Mike, come on!  Blue Ranger fires his Hydro Bow several times, but Green Ranger cannot make his Forest Spear work.  Green Ranger:  Why isn't it working?  Desperaino:  It must make you sad to be so lame.  Desperaino flies away.  Blue Ranger is very frustrated.  Blue Ranger:  Mike, what were you thinking?!  Green Ranger:  I just wanted help.  The Rangers return to their base.  Later, Mike is back in the city after an argument with Mentor Ji.  Mike is playing games at the arcade and not doing well.  Bulk and Spike are at the arcade as well.  They are standing by a dance game.  Spike:  I feel kind of silly, Uncle Bulk.  Bulk:  Well don't.  Dance teaches balance, timing, and control.  Everything you need for the martial arts.  This game teaches teamwork.  We have to be in sync to win.  Bulk starts the dance machine.  Spike:  Wait!  What'll I do?  What'll I do?  Bulk:  Just step where it tells you.  Spike:  Okay, okay.  Bulk and Spike start trying to follow the dance moves.  Bulk:  No, you got to follow the rhythm.  Spike begins to get the hang of it.  Bulk:  yeah, that's it!  Go!  Come on, with me!  Good step and good!  you got it!  Spike gets very excited.  Spike:  I got it!  I got it!  Spike begins to go crazy on the dance machine.  Bulk:  No, no wait a minute.  What are you doing?  Spike:  Watch this, freestyle!  Spike's dance moves knocks Bulk off the dance machine.  Mike wanders through the arcade.  He mutters:  I can't believe Mentor took my Samuraizer.  Spike has overheard him.  Spike:  Samuraizer?  Mike walks out of the arcade and sees Mentor Ji waiting for him on a motorcycle.  Mentor Ji tosses him a helmet and Mike reluctantly gets on the back of the motorcycle.  Spike excitedly pulls Bulk out of the arcade.  Spike:  I'm telling you it was a Samurai Ranger!  Mentor Ji pulls away and onto the street.  Bulk looks around.  Bulk:  I don't see any samurai.  Spike spots the bike leaving.  Spike:  there!  Spike takes off running.  Bulk:  Spike, stop!  Spike turns around to look at Bulk as he continues to run.  Spike:  But it's a Samurai Ranger!  Bulk:  Spike!  Spike:  What!  Spike runs into a stop sign and falls into a crumbled heap.  Bulk:  I said stop.  As Mentor Ji and Mike continue on their way, Mike comments to Mentor Ji, that he always thought he would be more old school, like riding a horse or something like that.  Mentor Ji asks, have you ever had to clean up after a motorcycle?  Mike replies no and they both laugh.  They stop when they reach the forest.  Mentor Ji and Mike walk through the forest.  Mike is concern that Mentor Ji brought him out here to yell at him.  But that is not the case.  Mentor Ji wanted to talk to him about his symbol power.  Mike looks around and gets that his symbol power is the forest.  Mentor Ji tells him he must look deeper.  Your power springs from the essence of the forest.  It's deepest meaning.  If you understand that meaning,  you will find it within yourself too, then you can give your symbol even greater power than it already has.  Look inside yourself and connect with what the forest means to you.  Mike stops and observes the forest silently.  After a few moments, Mentor Ji hands Mike his Samuraizer back.  Mike is very surprised.  Mentor Ji tells Mike it was his mistake not to teach him all of this from the start.  Even though I said you weren't listening, I clearly wasn't listening to your needs either and I'm sorry.  Mike apologizes as well and teaches Mentor Ji a new handshake.  Mike's Samuraizer goes off.  It's Jayden and they need Mike's help.  Mike takes off running.  Desperaino has returned to the city and is battling Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger.  Blue Ranger fires his Hydro Bow at Desperaino.  Desperaino jumps up into the sky to avoid being hit.  Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger have their Spin Swords drawn.  Desperaino taunts the four Rangers that they can't even come close to defeating him while he is flying.  Desperaino blasts the four Rangers with his weapon.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger are hit and land on the pavement hard.  Red Ranger states he can't move.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger struggle to get up, but they can't.  Desperaino calls them fools.  Desperaino is about to fire his weapon again when Mike comes running up.  Mike quickly morphs.  Yellow Ranger calls out encouragement to him.  Green Ranger transforms his Spin Sword into his Forest Spear.  Green Ranger runs towards Desperaino.  Desperaino uses his weapon to fire several times at Green Ranger, but Green Ranger is never hit.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear to launch up into the sky.  Desperaino is taken aback.  Once in the sky, Green Ranger transforms the Forest Spear back into his Spin Sword and fires it at Desperaino with a tree symbol strike.  Desperaino is knocked out of the sky and crashes back down on the pavement.    Pink Ranger is the first to notice Desperaino is back and in mega monster mode. Red Ranger warns the rest of the Rangers to not celebrate yet.  Desperaino tells them this is the calm before the real storm.  The Rangers summon their folding zords and leap inside them.  The Samurai Megazord is quickly formed.  Desperaino tells them he would be impressed, if that would do you any good.  But even now, you're no match for me.  Desperaino floats back up into the sky.  Desperaino fires his weapon at Samurai Megazord.  The Samurai Megazord is hit a couple of times.  Swordfish Zord, Tiger Zord, and Beetle Zord are summon.  The three zords race towards Desperaino.  Blue Ranger enters Swordfish Zord.  Red Ranger enters Tiger Zord, and Green Ranger enters Beetle Zord.  Red Ranger gives the command for the three zords to combine.  Samurai Battle Wing is formed.  Desperaino is surprised to see they have turned into a bird.  He tells them, you would be wise to fly away, bird brains.  Desperaino fires his weapon at Samurai Battle Wing.  Despite himself, Desperaino is impressed with how quickly Samurai Battle Wing avoids his blasts.  Samurai Battle Wing and Desperaino fly towards each other and Samurai Battle Wing lands a blow on Desperaino.  Desperaino goes after Samurai Battle Wing, firing his weapon and missing.  Desperaino accidentally bumps into a building.  Red Ranger gives the command for the vortex spin!  Red Ranger has Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger fire at Desperaino with their zords.  Desperaino is hit.  Samurai Battle Wing then uses the vortex spin to strike Desperaino.  Desperaino's propeller on top of his head is knocked off.  Samurai Battle Wing uses charging flash for another strike.  As Desperaino falls towards the ground, he is hit and destroyed.

Bulk and Spike are walking in the city.  Spike is carrying a bag of groceries.  Bulk:  What is the second principal of the samurai?  Spike:  Hmmm.  Bravery and heroism?  Bulk:  Good.  What about the third?  Spike noticed several Moogers attacking, right behind Bulk.  It took a few moments for Spike to speak.  Spike:  Monsters!  Bulk:  What?  Wrong!  The answer is...Bulk hears screams and turns around to look and sees the Moogers attacking.  Bulk:  Monsters!  Run!  Bulk starts to run, but Spike stops him.  Spike:  Hey!  What about bravery and heroism?  Bulk:  Oh, you're right Spike.  Bulk picks up an umbrella.  Bulk:  This is what we have been training for.  Let's get them!  Spike took two bread loaves out of the grocery bag.  Bulk & Spike:  Teriyaki!  Bulk and Spike race towards the Moogers, but they are soon running away from them.  The gap sensor in the city has gone off, alerting the Rangers.  Bulk and Spike end up hiding by a parking sign.  Spike:  Uncle Bulk, when are we going to fight?  Bulk:  Yeah, just let me catch my breath.  Bulk makes a production out of catching his breath.  A Mooger comes into their area.  Bulk yanks up Spike.  Bulk:  Get him!  Spike:  Yeah alright.  Bulk pushes Spike ahead of him.  Bulk and Spike run towards several Moogers, but once more, they are soon running from them.  Spike falls on grass, getting some of it in his mouth.  Spike spits out the grass and looks around.  He becomes frighten when he sees Moogers right behind him.  Suddenly the Pink Ranger arrives with her Spin Sword.  Pink Ranger:  Back off!  Pink Ranger battles and defeats the Moogers with her Spin Sword.  Spike falls in love and goes into a dreamy state.  Pink Ranger goes over to him and puts her arm around his shoulder.  Pink Ranger:  Are you okay?  You got to get out of here.  Spike doesn't response, just stares at her dreamily.  Pink Ranger:  As in right now.  Spike:  Right now?  Meanwhile, Yellow Ranger is battling another batch of Moogers with her Spin Sword.  She clears a path to a citizen and kneels down by him.  Yellow Ranger:  Time to clear out of here and get somewhere safe.  The citizen takes off running.  Bulk races back to Spike and is surprised to see a Samurai Ranger.  Pink Ranger tells them they are both in danger.  Get to safety!  Pink Ranger takes off.  Bulk helps Spike back up on his feet.  Spike takes a few steps after Pink Ranger, but Bulk pulls him back.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger battle the normal size Moogers on the ground as giant Moogers continue to attack the city.  Bulk agrees with Pink Ranger, they need to get going.  Spike blows a kiss and they leave.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger continue with their battle.  Yellow Ranger hopes the guys show up soon.  Swordfish Zord, Tiger Zord, and Beetle Zord race through the city.  Samurai Battle Wing is formed.  Samurai Battle Wing battles the giant Moogers.  The giant Moogers are destroyed.  On the ground, Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger continue their battle with the normal size Moogers.  The two Rangers are soon surrounded.  Red Ranger leaps in with his Spin Sword and starts battling.  Green Ranger and Blue Ranger arrive as well.  Red Ranger uses blazing strike against several Moogers and they are destroyed.  Blue Ranger uses dragon splash and destroys several more.  Pink Ranger uses air wave to destroy more Moogers.  Green Ranger uses forest vortex to destroy more Moogers.  Yellow Ranger uses seismic quake to destroy the remaining Moogers.  Much to their surprise, more Moogers seep out of the gap.  The Rangers battle the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  In the midst of the battle, the Moogers stop battling Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger and they all go after Red Ranger.  From one of the gaps, a voice chants Red Ranger, Red Ranger.  It is Master Xandred.  Red Ranger battles the Moogers as the rest of the Rangers realize the Moogers are in a trance.  It's creeps Green Ranger out.  The four Rangers leap in the battle and form a protective circle around Red Ranger.  But it is not enough.  Red Ranger wants to try a new symbol power that he has been working on.  He takes Yellow Ranger's Spin Sword and uses it and his to create the new symbol power.  It destroys the Moogers.  From the gap, Master Xandred tells Red Ranger he is in danger and laughs. Red Ranger demorphs as he walks over to the gap, where Master Xandred had spoke.  The rest of the Rangers demorph as well.  Mike wants to know who the voice belong to.  Emily had never heard anything so evil.  Mia knows it wasn't a normal Nighlok.  Jayden tells his friends he thinks that was Master Xandred.  Mike, Mia, Emily, and Kevin are stunned.  Kevin can't believe Master Xandred is back.  Mike wants to know why he would call out, Red Ranger, Red Ranger.  Why just you?  Jayden doesn't have an answer for him.  Later, Robtish enters their world and the teens arrive where they believe him to be.  Mike soon spots Robtish and they race forward. Robtish asks which one of you is the Red Ranger?  Jayden steps forward a couple of paces.  Robtish announces he has to destroy him.  Jayden shouts back, I'll show you who's going to be sorry.  Mia whispers to Kevin that Master Xandred must know that Jayden has the sealing power.  Jayden walks towards Robtish.  Kevin and Mike catch up with him and grab his arms to stop him.  Kevin tells him this is too dangerous.  This is exactly the type of battle you should avoid.  Let us do our duty and protect you.  Jayden shakes them off and races forward to morph.  Robtish tries to blast Jayden, but misses.  Red Ranger leaps towards Robtish with his Spin Sword drawn.  Red Ranger and Robtish immediately fight, trying to strike each other with their swords.  Mia, Kevin, Mike, and Emily watch the battle.  Mia wonders why Jayden won't listen.  Kevin has no idea, but wants to help his friend.  Mia, Kevin, Mike, and Emily morph.  With their Spin Swords drawn, the four Rangers race forward.  Several Moogers arrive.  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, and Pink Ranger are kept busy battling the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  With the battles going on, no one notices that Deker has arrived.  As Robtish and Red Ranger battle, Robtish tells Red Ranger this fight is kind of fun.  You are not bad.  Red Ranger replies, save the compliments.  The rest of the Rangers want to help Red Ranger, but they are still battling the Moogers.  Robtish strikes Red Ranger and he lands on the ground.  But Red Ranger doesn't give up and strikes Robtish with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger gets up and strikes to strike Robtish again, but Robtish traps the Spin Sword's blade within his own weapon.  Robtish then knocks the Spin Sword away.  Robtish strikes Red Ranger several times with double slash.  Despite his own battle, Blue Ranger becomes alarmed when he sees Red Ranger is hit and flying through the air.  Red Ranger hits the ground once more.  Robtish leaps over to where Red Ranger is laying.  Red Ranger struggles as he tries to get up.  Robtish tells Red Ranger he thought he would be tough, but he's crawling around like a bug.  I love to crush bugs!  Blue Ranger alerts the rest of the Rangers to what is happening, as they continue to battle the Moogers.  Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger race over to Red Ranger.  Robtish hits Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger with his double slash.  Numerous explosions erupt as Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger are hit.  Kevin and Emily demorph and fall to the ground. Red Ranger is upset.  This exactly what I didn't want to happen.  Robtish walks towards them.  He tells Red Ranger, those fools must really care about you.  That's their mistake.  Red Ranger tries to protect Emily and Kevin with his body.  Green Ranger and Pink Ranger destroy the Moogers.  They leap over to where their friends are.  Pink Ranger and Green Ranger are ready to protect Emily, Kevin, and Red Ranger.  Robtish thinks he's got a deal - five for the price of one.  Before Robtish can strike, Deker leaps in front of the Rangers and blocks the blow.  Deker quickly strikes Green Ranger and Pink Ranger.  They demorph and hit the ground.  Red Ranger grabs his Spin Sword and blocks a blow from Deker.  Robtish asks Deker what's he doing here?  Deker replies that Red Ranger is his opponent, not yours.  I'll ask you once, please leave.  Robtish doesn't want to.  Robtish races towards them.  Robtish, Red Ranger, and Deker battle each other.  Mia and Mike are too weak to help and can only watch the fight.  During the battle, Robtish tells Deker that is enough.  Red Ranger is my opponent to defeat.  The fight between Deker, Red Ranger, and Robtish continues and becomes intense.  Mia thinks Red Ranger is amazing.  She doesn't know how he is finding the strength to hold them off.  Eventually it ends with each of them holding a sword against the other.  Robtish laughs.  He backs away and tells them they are both in luck as he is drying out.  Robtish warns Deker that Master Xandred will not be happy about this.  Robtish retreats through a gap.  Red Ranger asks Deker why he helped him?  Deker tells him my only desire to find someone skilled enough to be my opponent.  Someone worthy to clash with my Uramasa.  Mike calls a warning, telling Red Ranger not to fight Deker.  Red Ranger doesn't listen and soon it's Red Ranger and Deker battling.  Red Ranger is hit early on.  Mia panics as she sees Red Ranger is hurt.  Deker comments that was too easy.  This isn't the battle I want.  Robtish's double slash took too much out of you.  Uramasa won't be satisfied unless you are at your peak.  Deker brings down Uramasa to strike Red Ranger.  Red Ranger gets out of the way and the rock that was behind him is sliced in half.  Deker tells Red Ranger to go.  You need to be at full strength to even have a chance with me.  Deker leaps up to the top of a cliff.  Deker goes into human form and tells Red Ranger you will satisfy my hunger.  You will give me the battle I have desired for centuries.  So for now, I will leave you be.  Deker vows when Red Ranger is at his best, then they will duel.  Red Ranger gets back up, as does Mia and Mike. Mike asks Mia if that is the weird dude from when we fought that Nighlok?  Mia replies yes, I think that is him.  Mia and Mike run over to Red Ranger.  Mike yells at Deker, asking him, what are you anyways?  Are you a Nighlok?  Deker replies that he is Deker.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Deker walks away.  Mia is puzzled about Deker, but then she hears her Emily and Kevin groaning in pain.  Mia runs over to them, followed by Mike.  Mike pulls out his Samuraizer and contacts Mentor Ji, telling him, we need help.  Kevin and Emily are beat up.  Red Ranger demorphs.  Mia tells Emily to hold on.  Jayden stares at his friends for a moment and then runs over to them.  The teens return to Shiba House.

Jayden walked among the crowded sidewalks, lost in thought.  Jayden:  What happened to the other Rangers is exactly what I wanted to avoid.  They're willing to give up everything to protect me and my power to seal Master Xandred away.  If only they knew.  I can't ever let the team put themselves at risk again.  The following day, Jayden ended up at a park near Harbor Village.  Several Moogers and Robtish attacked.  Jayden battled them until the rest of his team arrived.  Eventually the Moogers were destroyed and Robtish was defeated with the Five Disc Tiger Cannon.  The battle continued in the city when Robtish grew to giant size.  The Rangers summon their folding zords. Samurai Megazord is formed.  Robtish summons flying Moogers.  The flying Moogers fly straight towards Samurai Megazord.  Green Ranger can't believe they can fly now too.  Bulk and Spike are walking through the city.  Spike notices the flying Moogers, although he refers to them as big pigeons.  Spike tells Bulk to look.  Bulk turns his neck and is in a great deal of pain (he had slept badly the previous night), but then the pain is gone.  He removes his brace as he feels better.  Spike laughs.  In the sky, the flying Moogers fired at Samurai Megazord.  Robtish attacks Samurai Megazord as well.  The Rangers are having a difficult time as they are caught between them.  Green Ranger suggests the Samurai Battle Wing.  Blue Ranger has an even better idea.  We should combine the Samurai Battle Wing with the Megazord.  Yellow Ranger wonders if that is possible?  Blue Ranger pulls out his sketch book and passes the sheets to the rest of the Rangers. Red Ranger decides to let Blue Ranger take the lead.  Beetle Zord, Tiger Zord, and Swordfish Zord are summon and Samurai Battle Wing is formed.  Samurai Battle Wing fires at Robtish.  Robtish falls to the ground.  Red Ranger looks over the sketches and concludes it's an air strike combination.  The Rangers create the symbol power and Battlewing Megazord is formed.  Blue Ranger is very excited over the new Megazord.  Red Ranger is impressed.  Robtish gets back up.  Battlewing Megazord flies into the sky.  Yellow Ranger can't believe they are flying.  Robtish commands the flying Moogers to attack.  The flying Moogers fire at Battlewing Megazord.  Red Ranger warns the rest of the Rangers there are Moogers on their tail.  The Battlewing Megazord pulls up.  The flying Moogers continue to fire at Battlewing Megazord.  Battlewing Megazord flies through the Moogers, firing at them.  Battlewing Megazord battles several of the Moogers.  Battlewing Megazord knocks several of the Moogers out of the sky.  Soon Battlewing Megazord flies after the remaining Moogers.  The Moogers are destroyed.  Battlewing Megazord faces Robtish, who thought they had flown the coop.  Red Ranger states, looks like we saved the worst for last.  Robtish charges towards Battlewing Megazord with his sword.  Robtish and Battlewing Megazord battle.  After a couple of strikes, Blue Ranger suggests they fly up, so they can take him down.  Battlewing Megazord flies up into the air.  Battlewing Megazord flies towards Robtish and strikes him hard.  Robtish is destroyed by Battlewing Megazord.

A lone young man is walking along the beach, pulling a fishing cart.  He pauses when he sees the city ahead of him.  Antonio:  Finally!  I have arrived!  Wait till they get a load of me!  This will be golden baby!  Octozord peeks out from the fishing cart.  Antonio:  Not yet buddy.  Antonio closes the lid and then gazes at the city.  The gap sensor goes off and the teens race out of Shiba House and into the city.  When they reach the area where the gap sensor went off, they are puzzled.  Mike:  So, where's the Nighlok?  Something ruffles Jayden's hair as it passes.  Jayden turns around, but sees nothing.  Emily:  Jayden, what's wrong?  Jayden:  I thought I felt something.  Like someone watching me.  But it's gone now.  Jayden turns back around and faces his friends.  Kevin notices a piece of the gap sensor trapped in a grate and removes it.  Kevin:  Something definitely trigger this gap sensor.  Mia:  Yeah, but what?  Jayden:  Let's go.  The teens walk away as Antonio walks up in a different direction.  Antonio:  Now I can move onto more important business.  The next day, Mia, Mike, Kevin, and Emily are back in the city.  Kevin is holding the piece of the gap sensor.  Kevin:  There really isn't anything wrong with the gap sensor.  Mia:  But we must have missed something the last time.  Mike:  Somebody shot that arrow.  Kevin:  Okay, keep your eyes peeled for anything suspicious.  Mia, Mike, Emily, and Kevin start searching the city.  Antonio was in the city as well, promoting his fish business by passing out flyers.  Antonio:  Fresh fish!  Cook them raw!  Listen up!  I do it all!  Emily walks by and Antonio passes her a flyer.  Antonio:  Hey, sweetheart, you want to buy some fish?  Emily takes a look at the flyer and pauses.  Mia, Kevin, and Mike were just ahead of her.  Emily:  Mia!  Mia turns around.  Emily:  Where's that paper with the arrow?  Mia takes out the paper and walks back towards Emily, followed by Mike and Kevin.  Mia and Emily compare the note to the flyer.  Emily:  The's the same!  Mike:  Well, that's fishy.  Mia, Mike, Emily, and Kevin glanced over at the young man (Antonio).  Antonio:  Ladies!  Come get your grilled fresh fish!  Mia walks over to Antonio, holding up the flyer.  She is followed by Mike, Emily, and Kevin.  Mia:  Make these flyers yourself?  Antonio:  Yup.  I'm a one man business.  Emily:  Well, it sure is nicer to have one handed to you than shot at you.  Antonio:  Oh, that for sure.  Antonio looks away and then quickly looks back at them.  Antonio:  What?  You're....ah!  You're going to ruin my big moment!  Mia, Mike, Kevin, and Emily walk towards Antonio.  Antonio kicks over the ice chest, spilling the ice onto the pavement.  Mia, Mike, Emily, and Kevin slip on the ice and fall onto the pavement as Antonio takes off running, pulling his fish cart behind him.  Mia:  He's so fast.  The Samuraizer goes off.  Mike answers it.  Mike:  Hello.  Mike stands up.  Mike:  Jayden went to Spring Valley on his own?  Alright we're on our way.  Mia, Kevin, and Emily stand up.  Kevin:  Mia and I will go.  You and Emily go after the fish guy.  They split up and take off.  Antonio stays ahead of Mike and Emily as they chase down the streets.  Mike and Emily paused for a moment and Mike thinks they can cut him off.  Mike and Emily chase after Antonio in different directions, but even this doesn't work.  Soon Mike and Emily chase after Antonio together.  They stop when Mike's Samuraizer goes off.  It's Pink Ranger, telling them they need their help and to forget the fish guy (Antonio).  Mike and Emily leave.  Antonio comes out of his hiding place, convince this is his big golden moment.  In Spring Valley, Gold Ranger (Antonio) helps the rest of the Rangers battle and destroy Vulpes (the otherworldly presence Jayden kept feeling) with the Battlewing Megazord and Octozord.

Several years ago, Antonio's father had owned the local fish market.  It was where Antonio and Jayden meet.  Antonio and his father moved away.  Years later, at the docks, Antonio is fixing his hair and dressed in a suit.  Octozord peeks out from the fishing cart.  Antonio:  Hey buddy, how do I look?   He doesn't get a response, but that's okay with Antonio.  Antonio:  It's time...for me to go to the Shiba House...and join the Samurai Rangers.  Antonio heads off for Shiba House.   Later, there is an attack in the city.  Steeleto is terrorizing the citizens.  He traps one man in a parking garage and uses his blades to slice the man's tie and briefcase.  Steeleto decides the man is too easy and tells him his time is up.  Suddenly Lion Folding Zord flies in and hits Steeleto several times.  The Samurai Rangers arrive and the man gets away as Steeleto is distracted by their arrival.  Steeleto tells them it's time to pay them back for destroying his fellow Nighlok, Vulpes.  Green Ranger gloats, good luck with that!  Steeleto declares he doesn't need luck and charges towards them with his blades.  The Rangers and Steeleto battle.  Green Ranger and Blue Ranger have Steeleto in their grip.  Green Ranger hollers out now!  Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger race towards Steeleto's back.  Steeleto extended blades out of his back, which hit Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger hard and knocked them to the ground.  Red Ranger calls out a warning.  Steeleto extends blades in front of his body, which hit Green Ranger and Blue Ranger.  They are sent flying and land on the pavement hard.  Steeleto tells Red Ranger, don't feel left out, I haven't forgotten you.  Red Ranger declares that soon Steeleto will be nothing but a memory.  Red Ranger and Steeleto battle each other.  Eventually Steeleto uses a fiery strike against Red Ranger.  It misses Red Ranger and catches a car on fire instead.  Steeleto declares, full body blades.  All of his body's blades come out to strike Red Ranger.  Red Ranger manages to strike each blade away, but it is difficult.  Steeleto encases Red Ranger against a pole with his blades.  But it doesn't last long as Steeleto starts to dry up.  Steeleto tells Red Ranger he won't be so lucky next time and vanishes through a gap.  Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger struggle to get up, but they manage.  Red Ranger walks towards them as they walk towards him.  Red Ranger asks his friends if they are okay?  Yellow Ranger confirms that they are okay.  Green Ranger points out that Nighlok had some nasty moves.  Red Ranger tells them, they have to come up with a new strategy.  Pink Ranger replies, maybe the best new strategy for us is an extra Ranger.  (Mentor Ji and Jayden had decided Antonio could not join the Samurai Rangers.) Red Ranger reluctantly agrees.  Antonio had left Shiba House and returned to the docks.  Antonio sits at the dock, looking out over the ocean.  Octozord is peeking out from the fishing cart.  Antonio comments, Mentor Ji and Jayden say they don't need me.  And they took away my Samurai Morpher.  What was I thinking anyway?  I could never be a real samurai.  Mike and Emily walk up.  Mike shouts out a hey!  Antonio is not happy to see them.  He slams the lid on his fish cart and walks over to them.  He asks them, what do you guys want?  Mike replies, we came to talk to you, dude.  Mike and Emily want Antonio on the team and convince him to come back to Shiba House, where they all convince Jayden to let Antonio join the team.  There is soon another attack by Steeleto.  The Moogers are attacking the construction workers as Steeleto watches.  Soon Mia, Mike, Jayden, Kevin, Antonio and Emily arrive and stand and face down Steeleto.  Steeleto is pleased to see them.  Antonio tries to squeeze into the lineup, by trying different spots.  Between Kevin and Emily, between Mike and Jayden, and finally goes to stand by Mia.  Its a tight fit and Antonio asks them if they can move down?  The teens scoot down a little, but it's still not enough and Antonio knocks down the barrels that are on the other side of him.  The teens morph.  The Rangers face down Steeleto and the Moogers.  Steeleto gives the command for the Moogers to attack.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger race forward with their Spin Swords drawn.  They battle the Moogers with their Spin Swords as Gold Ranger looks on.  Gold Ranger is still excited over the fact that at last he has done it, he's a Samurai Ranger.  Gold Ranger realizes he better go help.  Gold Ranger uses his Barracuda Blade and super speed to battle and destroys several Moogers.  Red Ranger uses his Fire Smasher to destroy the remaining Moogers.  Gold Ranger runs up to Red Ranger.  Steeleto is not happy and releases his shatter shock attack.  Red Ranger blocks the attack with his Fire Smasher.  Despite this, the attack knocks Red Ranger and Gold Ranger off their feet.  Red Ranger tells Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Green Ranger to take cover.  As they get back up, Red Ranger tells Gold Ranger they need to take care of this creep themselves.  Gold Ranger comments, just like when we were kids.  Red Ranger and Gold Ranger run towards Steeleto.  Steeleto charges towards them as well.  Everyone has their weapons out.  Gold Ranger and Red Ranger battle Steeleto.  Soon Steeleto uses his full body blade against the two Rangers.  Red Ranger and Gold Ranger block and chop off the blades as they get closer and closer to Steeleto.  Eventually the blades are destroyed and Steeleto is knocked off his feet.  Gold Ranger uses his Barracuda Blade against Steeleto and Red Ranger uses his Spin Sword.  Steeleto is defeated.  The rest of the Rangers race up to them.  The Rangers are in high spirits, but Red Ranger reminds them to not forget the mega monster.  Steeleto grows to giant size.  The Rangers form Samurai Megazord quickly.  Steeleto charges towards Samurai Megazord.  Samurai Megazord and Steeleto battle.  Steeleto makes several strikes against Samurai Megazord.  Steeleto uses his full body blades against Samurai Megazord.  Samurai Megazord falls to the ground.  Gold Ranger has been watching the battle from the ground and he is not happy.  Gold Ranger summons Octozord.  Octozord sprays ink into Steeleto's face.  Gold Ranger leaps into Octozord.  Inside Samurai Megazord, Pink Ranger points out to Red Ranger, that if Octozord originally belong to your family...Red Ranger realizes where she is going and tells her good thinking.  Gold Ranger has heard the conversation as well.  Octospear Megazord is formed by combining Octozord with Samurai Megazord.  Gold Ranger is thrilled to be in the cockpit of a Megazord.  Steeleto is ready to use his full body blade against Octospear Megazord.  Octospear Megazord uses it's spear thrust against Steeleto several times.  The move cuts off all of Steeleto's blades.  Octospear Megazord uses it's ice breath against Steeleto.  Steeleto freezes up.  Octospear Megazord uses it's Samurai Strike against Steeleto and Steeleto is destroyed.  Red Ranger is about to use his usual speech when Gold Ranger interrupts him by telling him this calls for a fish fiesta when we get home.  Gold Ranger is thrilled with their victory.  Gold Ranger notes the lack of enthusiasm from Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, and Blue Ranger.  Yellow Ranger tells them, come on guys!  The other Rangers perk up.  Gold Ranger exclaims, let's celebrate.  Red Ranger does his line, Samurai Rangers, victory is ours.

Its a pretty day in Panorama City and the park is full of kids and their toys.  Two young boys play basketball.  The ball bounces away and lands in some tall grass.  Unseen, a creepy hand takes the ball.  The young boy reaches the tall grass and sees his ball is missing and notes the slime on the grass.  Young Boy:  Yuck.  The other young ball notices his toy that has been sitting on a bench is gone.  The young boy runs towards the bench.  Young Boy Two:  My truck!  It's gone!  That was my favorite toy!  His friend joins him and notices the slime on the bench as well.  Young Boy:  Look at the goo.  Young Boy Two:  Gross.  Elsewhere, Antonio is at the docks, practicing some moves when Mia, Emily, and Mike walk up.  Emily compliments Antonio on his moves.  Antonio notes that Kevin is not with them and comments that Kevin was too busy to come along.  I guess he only hangs with real samurai.  Mia tries to explain.  Kevin's trying to hold on to the traditions he grew up with.  Antonio can't believe it, so he can't accept me because I don't do things old school?  I mean, I proved myself in battle.  Emily points out that he also figured out a way to fix the Clawzord.  Mia tells Antonio that she thinks Kevin just wants him to be more serious about things.  Mike adds, eat, sleep, drink like a samurai its the only way to impress him.  Meanwhile, Octoroo is out in the woods, uncovering a well.  His plan is to steal kids' favorite toys and chop them up.  The perfect spell will refill this well with Sanzu River water.  Kiddies' eyes will be crying and Nighloks will have a place to get wet when they are drying.  Antberry and several Moogers arrive, carrying a cart full of toys.  The next morning, Kevin goes out for a jog throughout the city.  Antonio stays close behind and notes, training and more training, everything precisely timed.   Kevin jogs along a trail in the woods.  Antonio continues to stay hidden and close behind.  Suddenly there is the strange sound of laughter.  Kevin pauses and looks around.  Kevin asks Antonio if he heard that?  Antonio confirms that he did and then realizes that Kevin knew he had been following him.  Antonio walks up to Kevin and asks him, how long have you known I've been watching you.  Kevin replies, since last night.  Kevin wants to check out the weird laughter and heads in the direction of the sound.  Antonio runs to catch up to Kevin.  As they run along, Kevin asks him, why the spy cams?  Antonio tells him, he just wanted to see what a true samurai does.  They stop for a moment and Kevin is very angry.  He tells Antonio, that he doesn't get it.  This is not a spy movie, this is the real thing!  You are always just messing around.  Kevin starts to walk away, but Antonio stops him.  Antonio is just as angry.  I'm not messing around!  I'm serious and I'm trying to learn!  Kevin shakes his head and walks away.  Antonio yells at him to wait, but he doesn't.  Antonio goes after Kevin once more.   Elsewhere, Octoroo counts the toys as the Moogers put them in a pile.  Octoroo feels they have enough toys for his plan.  Antberry tells them, trashing toys will definitely cause some sorrow.  Octoroo thinks his plan is brilliant.  By tossing the toys in the well, the sorrow it causes will make the river rise and fill the well once more.  Octoroo instructs Antberry to chop up the toys with an ax he is holding.  The ax is made from the riverbed rock from the Sanzu River.  Octoroo tells them before it dried up, the well was the Nighloks main portal.  Kevin and Antonio hide behind some rocks, as they have now spotted the Nighloks.  Antonio tells Kevin, they are making kids cry by stealing their toys.  Kevin adds, we have to stop the evil river from rising and filling the well.  Kevin takes out his Samuraizer and tries to contact Jayden, but it's not connecting.  Antonio tries his morpher, but has no luck either.  Antonio concludes their signals are blocked.  Octoroo is aware of them and calls out, come out, come out, where ever you are!  Octoroo uses his staff to blast the two when they step out.  Kevin and Antonio morph.  Blue Ranger holds out his Spin Sword, Gold Ranger his Barracuda Blade.  Octoroo tells them, he is impressed.  You found this place even with my secret barriers up.  Gold Ranger realizes that is what jammed their signals.  Gold Ranger asks, who are you?  Octoroo introduces himself.  The brains behind Master Xandred.  The one who will finally destroy you.  Antberry runs up to the two Rangers and blasts them Sanzu slime!  It covers the two Rangers and they are unable to hold onto their weapons.  Antberry taunts them - your weapons are worthless!  Antberry races towards them with his ax.  Blue Ranger and Gold Ranger battle Antberry, but it is difficult as they can't land a blow since Antberry is covered in goo.  Antberry strikes Blue Ranger and he goes flying.  Gold Ranger runs up to Antberry to try and grab him, but Antberry flies out of his grip.  Gold Ranger lands by Blue Ranger.  Octoroo blasts them once more.  The two Rangers go flying and land quite a distance away.  Octoroo commands the Moogers to go finish those pests off.  The Moogers take off.  Octoroo tells Antberry, while the Moogers are taking care of the Rangers, you can start chopping up those toys.  But there is a problem.  Antberry tells Octoroo his ax is too dull to do it.  All the slime mess up it's sharp edge.  Octoroo instructs him to resharpen it and chop up those toys.  The Moogers search the woods.  Kevin, hidden, watches them for a moment.  Antonio is making a sling for his arm.  Kevin sits by Antonio and tries his Samuraizer once more, but still no signal.  Antonio tells Kevin, we have to hurry back and stop them.  Kevin tells Antonio he can't fight with that arm injury.  I'll go.  Kevin gets up to leave.  Antonio tells Kevin he can't go alone.  Kevin tells him, don't worry about me.  Hide here until the coast is clear and then run and get the others.  Kevin takes of running.  Antonio calls out to wait, but Kevin keeps going.  Meanwhile, Antberry is sharpening the ax as several Moogers hang around.  Octoroo becomes impatient.  How much longer are you going to sharpen that ax of yours?  You are slow as sludge!  Hurry up or you will be going down that well instead of those toys!  In another part of the woods, Kevin has run into Moogers.  Kevin battles the Moogers, but is eventually knocked to the ground.  Antonio arrives and tells the Moogers to back off.  Antonio battles the Moogers.  Eventually the Moogers are defeated.  Kevin gets up.  Kevin tells Antonio, he told him to hide.  Antonio is angry.  He tells Kevin, you would have never ask the others to hide.  Maybe you don't think of me as a samurai, but don't treat me like a coward.  Being a samurai is more than following ancient traditions.  It's about being a warrior.  Protector of all things good.  If people need to be saved, doesn't a samurai try to help?  No matter what?  A samurai doesn't run and hide.  Kevin realizes Antonio is right.  Kevin tells him, that is the true spirit of a samurai.  Kevin looks at Antonio and is impressed - you can fight.  Antonio replies, bring it on!  I know the two of us can take them down.  Kevin tells him, they don't have much choice until Jayden and the others get here.  Antonio thinks Kevin has made contact.  Kevin tells him he hasn't, but when I don't show up for practice, they'll know something is wrong.  Kevin thanks Antonio for helping him.  The two walk along a trail.  Antonio asks him, do you really think they will come, just because you are late for practice?  Kevin replies, I live a very discipline life.  Every moment is counted for.  Antonio tells him, you are definitely doing something right.  Kevin tells him, they all work together as one.  Like a well oiled machine.  Right now our job is to fight evil with every breath in our body.  Kevin and Antonio walk along a river bank.  Kevin climbs to higher ground.  Antonio has a hard time climbing up with his arm in a sling and the muddy surface.  Kevin sees Antonio having a hard time and offers his hand.  Antonio grins as he takes Kevin's hand and is pulled up.  They are immediately confronted by Moogers.  Antonio tells Kevin to take a deep breath, because a battle is about to begin.  Antonio takes his sling off and rips the fabric in two, giving one piece to Kevin.  He tells Kevin, tie the Spin Sword to your wrist.  That way the Nighlok slime won't affect your grip.  Kevin with his impressed.  Kevin and Antonio morph.  Blue Ranger and Gold Ranger race towards the Moogers.  Soon they are in the midst of a battle.  Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger do well against the Moogers and they are soon defeated.  Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger take off to search for Antberry.  Meanwhile, Antberry has just finished sharpening his ax.  Octoroo tells them to start with the coolest toy.  A Mooger picks up a bike and presents it to Antberry to chop.  Octoroo tells him to get going, time's a wasting.  Antberry is about to strike when Dragon Folding Zord flies in and hits Antberry several times.  Dragon Zord also knocks the ax out of Antberry's hand as Blue Ranger and Gold Ranger leap in.  The ax falls into the well.  Octoroo is very upset.  Blue Ranger battles the Moogers with his Spin Sword.  Gold Ranger battles the rest of the Moogers with his Barracuda Blade.  The Moogers are defeated.  Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger go search for Octoroo and Antberry.   When they are found, Octoroo tells them they destroyed his favorite toy.  Antberry is ready to destroy the two Rangers.  Gold Ranger taunts, bring it on slime ball!  Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger race towards Antberry with their weapons drawn.  Antberry uses his slime attack.  Tying their weapons to their wrists works.  Gold Ranger and Blue Ranger battle Antberry with their weapons.  Antberry tells them, even if they can hold their weapons, they can't slip away from him.  Antberry strikes the two Rangers hard, knocking them to the ground.  Antberry taunts, I don't need slime to beat you!  Suddenly Antberry and Octorro is struck with a blazing strike and knocked to the ground.  The rest of the Rangers have arrived.  Red Ranger warns the Nighlok to back off.  Blue Ranger and Gold Ranger get up.  Blue Ranger joins the rest of the Rangers.  Red Ranger confirms they knew Kevin's routine and he knew we would come looking.  Gold Ranger tells them it's time to take these guys out for good.  The rest of the Rangers join Gold Ranger.  Octoroo shouts out, later Rangers!  Time to slip through a gap.  Antberry is surprised that Octoroo is leaving.  Octoroo tells Antberry that the Red Ranger is going to fire your booty.  Octoroo leaves.  Antberry tells the Rangers, Octoroo is worthless and weak.  But I am not scared of you.  Blue Ranger warns Jayden to watch out for his slime.  Antberry prepares to blast them with more slime.  Red Ranger and Blue Ranger used their Spin Swords to block the slime.  The rest of the Rangers charge towards Antberry and strike him with their weapons.  Antberry is knocked to the ground.  Blue Ranger and Gold Ranger charge towards Antberry as he gets back up.  They strike him with their weapons, knocking him into the well.  The well blows up.  Within a few moments, Antberry is back and giant size.  The Rangers go into mega mode power and the zords are summon.  The Rangers enter their zords.    Samurai Megazord is formed.  Blue Ranger asks Gold Ranger to join them.  Gold Ranger replies, with pleasure.  Octospear Megazord is formed.  Octospear Megazord and Antberry battle.  Octospear Megazord knocks Antberry's weapon out of his hands.  Antberry uses his Sanzu slime against Octospear Megazord.  Octozord slips off of the Megazord and lands in Antberry's arms.  Antberry laughs at them.  Gold Ranger yells, hey, hands off my Octozord!  Gold Ranger instructs Octozord to use it's ink cloud, which it does.  Octozord is able to break free and rejoin the Megazord.  Octospear Megazord uses it's ice breath against Antberry.  Antberry freezes up.  Octospear Megazord summons it's electric spear.  Octospear Megazord strikes Antberry with it's electric spear.  Antberry is destroyed.  The Rangers are in high spirits.  After the battle, the teens anonymously returns to the stolen toys.  Soon kids are discovering their toys have been returned.  The two young boys in the park are swinging on the swings, when one of them jumps off because he has spotted his ball.  The young boy grabs the ball as the other young boy runs towards his truck.  The two boys are very happy to have their toys back.

Antonio was at the river bank, humming and fishing.  Clawzord sat on top of the fishing cart.  Antonio:  "Come on!  Fish!  Bite!  Of all the days for the bass to be hiding."  Antonio glanced over at Clawzord.  Antonio:  "They're Emily's favorite.  She was so cool and she accepted me right into the group from the start.  I just want to capture an awesome gift for her birthday tomorrow."  Clawzord made some sounds.  Antonio:  "That's right little buddy.  I'll get you up and running at full speed in no time.  You can come to her birthday party too!"  Clawzord made happy sounds.  Elsewhere sitting on a hill is Deker.  Deker:  "Master Xandred's binds can't hold me.  But my cursed half human, half Nighlok existence still imprisons me.  My fate is sealed."  Deker stands up and leaps down.  He starts to walk along a path, where another young man is walking towards him.  Antonio walked passed the man and then paused.  Antonio:  "You!"  Antonio glanced over his shoulder.  Antonio:  "I know what you got there."  The man gripped his hand tighter around the canvas covering.  Antonio turned around and faced the man's back.  Antonio:  "It's fishing rods.  And there's a good stream that way.  They weren't biting this morning, but just now I caught a bunch."  Deker:  "I'm no fisherman."  Antonio hurried over and faced the man.  Antonio:  "Oh, but I bet you're hungry.  How about some lunch?  There's a secret baby barracuda recipe I'm working on."  Antonio clenched his fish and held in front of the man's face.  Antonio:  "Do you want to challenge your taste buds?"  Deker:  "Maybe next time."  Antonio was disappointed as he watched the man walk away.  A few moments later, his morpher went off.  Antonio quickly answered it.  Antonio:  "Hey!"  Jayden:  "Antonio, get here fast!  We have a Nighlok attack."  In the city, Splitface was attacking the citizens and taking their spirits.  Once their spirit was taken, the people fell asleep.  The Rangers arrived in Panorama City and fired their weapons at Splitface from behind.  Splitface was hit and falls and rolls on the pavement.  Red Ranger:  "Snack time is over for you Nighlok."  Splitface:  "The Samurai Rangers?!"  Green Ranger and Blue Ranger charges towards Splitface with their Spin Swords drawn.  Green Ranger:  "You're done!"  Splitface:  "Body swarm!"  Splitface broke into several pieces before the two Rangers could strike.  The pieces struck Green Ranger and Blue Ranger several times.  Green Ranger:  "Whoa!  It's like dodge ball with teeth."  Splitface reassembled himself and battled Yellow Ranger, knocking her to the ground.  Splitface:  "Hmmm, you'll make a fine dessert."  Yellow Ranger:  "Wait!  No!"  Splitface held out his arm that had a mouth at the end of it.  Emily's spirit was taken and she fell to the pavement.  Pink Ranger and Red Ranger:  "Emily!"  Red Ranger:  "What did you do to her?"  Red Ranger battled Splitface with his Spin Sword.  Splitface broke apart and the pieces hit Red Ranger.  Pink Ranger raced over to Emily's still form.  Pink Ranger:  "Emily!"  Pink Ranger cradled Emily in her arms.  Pink Ranger:  "Emily are you okay?"  Pink Ranger didn't get a response.  Pink Ranger:  "Wake up!"  Splitface:  "Hmmm mmm.  I have to say it, her spirit was delicious and in twenty-four hours it'll be mine forever."  Green Ranger:  "What?"  Blue Ranger:  "Forever?"  Splitface:  "Of course, if you defeat me, you can have all their spirits back.  But you won't have the chance because I'm heading back to the Netherworld where no mortal can follow."  Red Ranger:  "What?"  Pink Ranger:  "Guys, we got to stop this creep."  Splitface:  "All of you try to enjoy your one last day with your friend.  Because I'm leaving and I won't be coming back."  Red Ranger:  "No!  We won't let that happen!"  Blue Ranger:  "Yeah!"  Green Ranger:  "No way!"  Splitface:  "Yes way.  See ya!"  Splitface started to walk towards the gap.  Green Ranger:  "Wait!  Get back here!"  Blue Ranger:  "You're not going anywhere!"  Both Rangers leap towards Splitface and try to strike with their Spin Swords, but Splitface breaks apart again.  The pieces hit both of the Rangers.  Splitface reassembles in the air and is getting ready to strike the two Rangers.  Gold Ranger:  "Watch out!"  Gold Ranger races over and blocks the strike with his Barracuda Blade.  Gold Ranger:  "Time to take you out!"  Red Ranger leaps in with his Spin Sword.  Splitface:  "Body swarm!"  Splitface breaks apart and his pieces hit Gold Ranger and Red Ranger.  Splitface walks over to the gap.  Splitface:  "Have a nice day!"  Splitface walks through the gap.  Red Ranger:  "He's gone."  Blue Ranger:  "What do we do now?"  Pink Ranger:  "Oh no!  Poor Emily.  The sun's already setting.  By this time tomorrow, she may never wake up."  Gold Ranger glances over at the gap.  The Rangers take Emily to Shiba House, and have her rest in bed.  Antonio heads out into the night and walks along a path.  Antonio:  "I won't let his happen to Emily."  He finds a spot and sits down in the grass.  Antonio pulls out his morpher and points it at Clawzord.  Antonio:  "Samurai symbol live!"  The power symbol hits Clawzord and he fizzles for a moment and then goes back to normal.  Antonio:  "Oh man, so close."  Clawzord makes sounds of agreement.  The next morning, Mike enters the city and angrily strikes the gap with his Spin Sword.  Mia and Kevin run up to him.  Kevin grabs a hold of his arms and yanks him away from the gap as Mia tells him to calm down.  That won't do anything.  Mike feels defeated and asks his friends, then what should we do?  Tell me what should we do?  Mia and Kevin don't have an answer for him.  Jayden comes running up.  He stops in his tracks as Deker appears.  Deker states, it seems I have bad timing.  I thought we could finally duel, but you are obviously preoccupied.  Jayden replies, if you know that, then go away.  Jayden joins his friends and tells Deker, I don't have time for your games, stranger.  Deker tells them, there is one way humans like you can enter the Netherworld.  This catches their attention.  Mike asks really?  Deker tells them, simply trade your human existence to become a Nighlok.  Willingly give yourself over to them and pass through the gap.  Jayden can't believe it.  Wait!  Are you saying you made that choice?  Deker replies, I don't remember how it happened to me.  But I'm living proof it can be done.  Deker transforms into his Nighlok form.  He continues, I welcome you to do it.  You can then fight in ways no human being can.  It will make our impending duel even more glorious.  Deker leaps up and away from them.  Mia is uncertain.  Become a Nighlok? Mike, Mia, Kevin, and Jayden face the gap and stare at it.  Mike tells his friends, I'll do it.  Jayden points out that it's their mission to save the entire world.  You can't just....Mike tells Jayden that he can stay behind.  Emily's the best of us.  She has the sweetest, most caring spirit.  And I won't let that Nighlok keep it.  Kevin tells Mike, I know how much you care about Emily.  We all do.  But remember it's our duty to protect and save the many.  Mike doesn't care.  What I want to save right now is Emily!  And I'll do whatever it takes.  Mia reminds them that they need to save all those poor people in the hospital.  Mia volunteers to go with Mike.  Jayden tells them no, we're a team.  We'll all go.  They nod their heads in agreement and head towards the gap.  Antonio:  "Wait!  Stop!"   Antonio tells them that Mentor Ji told him they were here.  Antonio excitedly tells them, I think I may be able to draw that Nighlok back through the gap.  Mike wants to know how?  Antonio answers, it will take a lot of symbol power.  He walks back to his cart and lifts the lid.  Clawzord pops out.  Antonio concludes, and the Clawzord.  Antonio programs the live symbol into his morpher.  Mia, Jayden, Kevin, and Mike have their Spin Swords ready.  They all give the command symbol power live!  The symbols hit Clawzord and he grows bigger.  Antonio tells his friends, again!  All five repeat the process and Clawzord gets even larger.  Antonio yells more!  We need more symbol power to fully activate!  Once more the teens strike Clawzord with the symbol power live.  Clawzord gets even bigger.  Antonio, Jayden, Kevin, Mia, and Mike continue to use the power symbol live on Clawzord.  Clawzord becomes very big.  Splitface comes back through the gap, flies towards Clawzord.  Clawzord strikes Splitface and he hits a wall and lands on the pavement.  Splitface asks, what's going on?  Splitface glances at Clawzord and asks what is that?  Antonio answers, my buddy Clawzord.  And he's new in town.  Splitface is confused, but I was in the Netherworld.  How did you get me here?  Antonio answers once more.  It's simple.  When we came in contact, I mark you with a symbol.  The same symbol I've been working with to program the Clawzord.  Splitface is stunned.  What?!  You marked me!  Antonio replies, yeah, and after I finished programming Clawzord, I just needed the other Rangers to help me activate it.  Once we did that, I knew you would be drawn out of the Netherworld just like a magnet.  And it worked like a charm.  Splitface is outrage.  I refuse to believe you can beat me like this.  No! No! No!  Mike tells him to shut up.  You're going to pay for what you did to Emily.  Mia adds, it's time to end this.  Kevin tells Splitface, we're going to take back every spirit you have stolen.  Jayden concludes, enough talk and pulls out his Samuraizer.  Antonio pulls out his morpher and declares, it's time to light you up!  Splitface prepares to blast them.  Antonio, Mia, Mike, Jayden, and Kevin morph.  The Rangers leap through the blast.  Gold Ranger uses his Barracuda Blade against Splitface.  Splitface calls out body swarm, but nothing happens.  Splitface is knocked to the ground.  He wonders why he can't do the body swarm.  Gold Ranger tells him to get with the program.  You've been marked.  Splitface tells the Rangers he is marking all of them for demolition.  Green Ranger tells Splitface it's time to pay.  Splitface replies, no it's not.  Splitface leaps away.  Blue Ranger declares you won't get away this time!  Blue Ranger uses his Hydro Bow against Splitface.  Pink Ranger uses her Sky Fan.  Both weapons hit Splitface and knocked him back down to the pavement.  Green Ranger charges with his Forest Spear and strikes Splitface with it.  Red Ranger charges towards Splitface with his Fire Smasher and strikes Splitface with it.  Splitface is knocked to the ground.  The Rangers are thrilled, but the moment doesn't last long.  Splitface goes into mega monster mode.  Pink Ranger notes without Emily, they can't combine into a Megazord.  Gold Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, leave it to me.  Clawzord and I will close this deal.  Gold Ranger goes into mega mode power and enters Clawzord.  Clawzord charges towards Splitface.  Splitface uses it's eyes to try and blast Clawzord, but Clawzord keeps coming.  Gold Ranger decides it's time to use the pincher claws.  Clawzord, with it's pincher claws, strikes Splitface several times.  Clawzord then grabs a hold of Splitface and holds him up in the air before tossing him.  Splitface crashes down, but soon gets back up.  Green Ranger, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Blue Ranger watch the battle from the ground.  Splitface declares, enough fooling around!  Splitface summons several giant Moogers.  Clawzord uses it's claw spinners to battle the giant Moogers.  Gold Ranger calls for Clawzord's transformation.  Clawzord forms into Clawzord Battlezord East.  The giant Moogers charges towards Clawzord Battlezord East and strike it with their spears.  Clawzord Battlezord East grabs a hold of two Moogers and yanks them away.  The two Moogers hit the ground.  Other Moogers aim their arrows at it.  Gold Ranger changes the formation to Clawzord Battlezord West.  The four Moogers fire their arrows.  Clawzord Battlezord West bats the arrows way.  Soon the four Moogers have Clawzord Battlezord West trapped within their spears.  Red Ranger notes that Antonio needs their help.  Red Ranger summons Lion zord, Blue Ranger summons Dragon zord, and Green Ranger summons Bear zord, so that they can go into mega mode.  The three Rangers leap into their zords and then summon Tiger zord, Beetle zord, and Swordfish zord.  Beetle zord, Swordfish zord, and Tiger zord form into Samurai Battle Wing.  Samurai Battle Wing fires at the Moogers.  Gold Ranger shouts thanks as Samurai Battle Wing flies away.  Gold Ranger has Clawzord Battlezord transform into Clawzord Battlezord South.  Splitface does not like all the changes.  Clawzord Battlezord South battles and defeats the Moogers.  Clawzord Battlezord South then battles Splitface with it's swords.  Clawzord Battlezord South knocks Splitface away and then strikes Splitface twice.  Splitface is not about to give up.  Clawzord Battlezord East is formed again.  Gold Ranger calls for the claw pincher slash.  Splitface is hit and this time destroyed.  Immediately the spirits are released.  Gold Ranger happily states, that was golden and just in the nick of time.  The sun starts to set.  Samurai Battle Wing flies over and is next to Clawzord Battlezord East.  Red Ranger declares Samurai Rangers, victory is ours. 

Deker is walking along and notices the hillside has numerous red cracks in it.  Deker:  "Master Xandred must be busy trying to absorb his new surge of power.  With no one in charge, the Moogers will run wild."  Deker looks at the canvas covered Uramasa.  Deker:  "It's a perfect opportunity to duel the Red Ranger without interference."  Deker continues to walk, paying no attention to the several Moogers seeping out of the cracks.  Soon the giant Moogers were attacking Panorama City.   The Rangers arrived and immediately notice the giant Moogers attacking.  Gold Ranger:  "Six, no seven!"  Green Ranger:  "Whoa!  At once!"  Yellow Ranger notices something else.  Yellow Ranger:  "Down there!  Look!  The Sanzu River is seeping through!"  Red Ranger:  "Let's go!"  Red Ranger:  "Samuraizers!"  All:  "Go!"  Red Ranger:  "Lion Folding Zord!"  Blue Ranger:  "Dragon Folding Zord!"  Green Ranger:  "Bear Folding Zord!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Ape Folding Zord!"  Pink Ranger:  "Turtle Folding Zord!" The zords arrived.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger:  "Mega mode power!"  The Rangers leap into their zords.  Gold Ranger:  "Samurai morpher!  Gold power!"  Gold Ranger looks at his morpher.  Gold Ranger:  "Clawzord, I need you now!"  Clawzord leaves the fishing cart.  Octozord peeks out.  Gold Ranger:  "Octozord, you're coming too."  Octozord leaves the fishing cart.  The two zords join the rest of the zords as they race along.  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger:  "Zords combine!  Battlewing Megazord!  Armed for battle!"  Gold Ranger leaps into Clawzord.  Gold Ranger:  "Mega mode power!  Clawzord transformation!  Let's switch this up!  Let's see what we catch today!"  Gold Ranger spins the device.  Gold Ranger:  "Fantastico!  Claw Battlezord North!  Ready!"  The giant Moogers have both Megazords surrounded.  Gold Ranger:  "Whoa!  Is this a Mooger family reunion?"  Red Ranger:  "Antonio, focus!"  Gold Ranger:  "I am.  I'm going to go for the high score.  Hey, who wants their butt kicked first?"  The Moogers charged towards the Megazords.  Red Ranger:  "Let's get to work.  Now!"  Claw Battlezord North battles several Moogers.  Gold Ranger:  "Hey, careful where you point that thing!"  Claw Battlezord North knocks down two Moogers.  Gold Ranger:  "Golden baby!  Yeah!"  More Moogers charge towards Claw Battlezord North.  Gold Ranger:  "Aww, these guys keep coming!"  Battlewing Megazord is battling another batch of Moogers.  Red Ranger:  "Got them!"  More Moogers seeps between two buildings and arrive to fight.  This set of Moogers fly through the air and fire at Battlewing Megazord.  Green Ranger:  "Oh man, the flying ones freak me out!"  Red Ranger:  "Not a problem!"  Battlewing Megazord takes to the skies.  Red Ranger:  "It's time for these flyboys to get their wings clipped!"  The flying Moogers continue to fire at Battlewing Megazord.  Battlewing Megazord flies towards the Moogers and knocked them out of the sky with it's sword.  Claw Battlezord North continues the battle on the ground with another batch of Moogers.  Gold Ranger:  "Let's finish this!  Octospear charge!"  Claw Battlezord North with the Octospear fires and destroys several Moogers.  Battlewing Megazord continues the battle in the sky and destroys more Moogers.  Battlewing Megazord lands on the ground.  Red Ranger:  "Megablade!"  Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger:  "Activate!  Katana power!  Final strike!"  The remaining Moogers are destroyed.  Red Ranger:  "Samurai Rangers, victory is ours!"  Gold Ranger:  "Our team is as good as gold!"   After the battle, Antonio is out in the valley when he leaps in front of man (Deker).  Antonio:  "So, you've come to accept my challenge."  Deker gets a tighter grip on Uramasa.  Deker:  "Challenge?"  Antonio walks over to Deker.  Antonio:  "You said you would try my secret recipe.  Baby barracuda fish kabobs.  They're moi fantastico."  Deker:  "I did say that."  Antonio places his arm around Deker's shoulder and leads him away.  Antonio:  "Come on.  You won't be sorry."  With dramatic flair, Antonio sets up the table and chairs.  Antonio runs over to Deker.  Antonio:  "Hold on to your taste buds, cause they are about to be rocked."  Antonio grabs Deker and shoves him into a chair.  Antonio prepares the food with great enjoyment.  Deker is quietly amused.  A few moments later, Antonio is about to serve Deker, when he answers his morpher.  He tells Mia he is on his way.  (Four of the Rangers were battling Arachnitor in the forest outside of Tengen Gate.  Jayden had been poisoned.)  Antonio places the food in front of Deker and apologizes - I got to jam.  Antonio tells Deker to enjoy your fish and takes off running.  By the time Antonio arrived, Pink Ranger and Green Ranger had already been defeated and were demorphed and unconscious on the forest floor.  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger told Antonio to go help Jayden instead.  Gold Ranger arrived and battle Octoroo.  During the battle, Deker, who had been hiding, stepped out and took Jayden.  Gold Ranger chased after Deker, but lost him.  Gold Ranger returned to the woods to find Emily and Kevin defeated and demorphed on the forest floor as well.  Meanwhile, Deker walks through a river, with Jayden still slung over his back.  Deker tells himself, finally the opportunity has arrived  Soon I shall have my divine moment and duel the Red Ranger.

Arachnitor enters Panorama City with several Moogers and immediately launches his attack.  In another part of the city, Bulk and Spike are walking together.  As they walk along, Bulk spots an old lady trying to cross the road.  Bulk:  "Oh, oh, oh, perfect!  You go help her out."  Spike laughs, rubs his hands together and runs over to the old lady.  The old lady's back is turned towards Spike as she checks the road.  Spike:  "Excuse me Ma'am!"  The old lady does not hear him.  Spike yells a little louder.  Spike:  "Ma'am!"  The old lady turns around.  Spike:  "May I help you across the street?"  Spike uses hand gestures as he talks.  Old Lady:  "Why you're sweet!  Yes, of course you may."  Bulk beams as he watches Spike slowly cross the street with the old lady.  Suddenly the ground shakes from an explosion.  Spike clings to the old lady.  Old Lady:  "Let go slow poke!"  The old lady shakes Spike off.  Old Lady:  "I'm out of here!"  The old lady races down the sidewalk, knocking a few people out of her way as she runs past.  Old Lady:  "Move along sunny!"  Spike is sitting in the middle of the street impressed.  Spike:  "That is one fast granny."  Bulk runs over and yanks Spike up by the collar of his shirt.  Bulk:  "She should help us across the road."  Another explosion rocks the city.  Bulk and Spike scream and take off running.  In another part of the city, Arachnitor is blasting a building.  Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger arrive.  Green Ranger:  "Fighting buildings?!  Wow!  You're tough!  Fight someone that fights back!"  Arachnitor blasts the four Rangers and they bat the blast away with their Spin Swords.  Yellow Ranger:  "Wait!  Does this creep look familiar?  It's like he's mutated or something."  Blue Ranger:  "Guys, stay on your toes!"  Arachnitor stretches out his arms and strikes the four Rangers several times,  knocking them to the ground.  The four Rangers quickly get back up on their feet and charge towards Arachnitor.  Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Green Ranger and Yellow Ranger battled the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  Blue Ranger taunts the Moogers as he battles them, telling them they need to get a lot better at this.  Pink Ranger tells the rest, as she battles, that battling without their power discs is working out just fine.  Pink Ranger leaps into the air and knocks a Mooger out.  Arachnitor runs into the battle and strikes each Ranger.  Arachnitor then blasts the four Rangers.  Green Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, much more of this and we're toast.  Suddenly Arachnitor is struck with several strikes.  It is Gold Ranger.  Gold Ranger and Red Ranger race over to the four fallen Rangers.  The four Rangers are happy to see that Red Ranger is okay.  Arachnitor is surrounded by Moogers.  Arachnitor sends the Moogers to attack the Rangers.  Gold Ranger races through the Moogers and strikes each one with his Barracuda Blade.  Gold Ranger destroys several Moogers.  Gold Ranger informs the rest of the Rangers that he didn't have time to finish the Black Box, but I promise to try again.  Gold Ranger passes back the power discs to the four Rangers.  Yellow Ranger notes, we can sure use them.  Green Ranger is ready - let's show these Moogers how we really roll.  More Moogers charge towards the Rangers.  Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger use the Quadruple Slash against several Moogers, which destroys them.  Arachnitor charges towards the Rangers.  Red Ranger transforms his Spin Sword into his Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger battles Arachnitor with his Fire Smasher.  Arachnitor strikes the Fire Smasher, having it transform back into a Spin Sword.  Red Ranger notes, things just got a little tougher.  Red Ranger kicks Arachnitor and then flies backwards.  Arachnitor tries to blast him several times, but misses.  Arachnitor leaps into the air and battles Red Ranger, knocking him down.  Pink Ranger notes that they are all too tired to put up much of a fight.  Blue Ranger suggests they combine all their strength.  Green Ranger notes, we don't have much of it.  We need something that doesn't require much symbol power.  Red Ranger suggests Quintuple Slash.  The five Rangers use the Quintuple Slash against Arachnitor and knock him off his feet.  Arachnitor gets back on his feet.  Yellow Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, it's still not enough.  Gold Ranger runs up to them and tells them to do it again.  This time I will help it on it's way.  Gold Ranger races towards Arachnitor and then stops several feet in front of it.  Pink Ranger is concern they will hit Gold Ranger.  Gold Ranger reassures them that he's got a golden move that will keep me safe and power up our attack.  Red Ranger hopes Gold Ranger knows what he is doing.  Once more the five Rangers use Quintuple Slash.  Gold Ranger uses the power of the Quintuple Slash and puts a spin on it.  Gold Ranger then hits Arachnitor with the more powerful Quintuple Slash.  Arachnitor goes flying, hits broken concrete and lands on the ground.  Arachnitor still gets back up, but this time he takes off.  Gold Ranger points out that Arachnitor is getting away.  The Rangers are about to chase after him when several giant Moogers emerged from a gap.  Yellow Ranger comments, this isn't good.  Elsewhere in the city, Bulk and Spike walk determinedly back into the city.  Spike checks out a girl running as he continues to walk towards the battle.  They both stop and Bulk tells him, this time we're not going to chicken out.  We are going to save all these people!  Spike agrees and they pound fists. Giant Moogers emerge from the gap and begin attacking the buildings.  Bulk and Spike's mouths drop open.  They turn their backs towards the Moogers and Bulk states they should make sure the little old lady is okay. Bulk and Spike quickly walk away from the battle.  Elsewhere in the city, Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger summon their zords.  When they arrive, Samurai Megazord is formed.  Gold Ranger summons Clawzord.  Once it arrives, Gold Ranger leaps inside and transforms Clawzord into Claw Battlezord East.  Several of the giant Moogers shoot arrows at Samurai Megazord and Claw Battlezord East.  Both are hit.  Gold Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers to take care of Arachnitor, he will take care of the Moogers.  Red Ranger agrees.  Green Ranger spots more Moogers seeping out of a gap.  This group of Moogers fly towards them.  Green Ranger notes, they are not kidding around today.  The flying Moogers fire at Samurai Megazord and Claw Battlezord East.  Blue Ranger can't believe there are more Moogers.  Samurai Megazord is hit several times and Yellow Ranger notes they are sitting ducks.  Gold Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, they got to take action now!  Red Ranger agrees, we must control the sky.  Swordfish Zord, Tiger Zord, and Beetle Zord are summon and Samurai Battle Wing is formed.  Samurai Battle Wing takes to the sky.  Claw Battlezord East battles the giant Moogers on the ground and knocks a couple to the ground.  The flying Moogers fire at Samurai Battle Wing.  Samurai Battle Wing strikes several of the flying Moogers with it's sword, knocking them out of the sky and the flying Moogers retreat.  The giant Moogers on the ground continue their attack on Claw Battlezord East.  Gold Ranger notes, they want some more.  Remember these claws can handle you!  Gold Ranger activates the mega blade.  Claw Battlezord East strikes the Moogers several times with it's claws.  The Moogers are destroyed.  Gold Ranger wants to get spider breath next.  Green Ranger tells them, that mutant must given us the slip.  Red Ranger tells Gold Ranger, that Arachnitor is long gone by now.  

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