Cavity - Voiced by Kelson Henderson

Poisandra samples various wedding cakes.  Cavity and Curio is with her.  After Poisandra takes a bite of the chocolate cake, she tells Cavity, this cake is divine.  Cavity is pleased and tells her it shall be your wedding cake.  Poisandra disagrees.  Absolutely not.  She shoves all the cakes off and into a trash bin.  Curio dives in after the discarded cakes.  Poisandra tells Cavity she needs a cake so awful, so disgusting, that the guests are sure to remember my a wedding long, long time.  Poisandra laughs.  Cavity replies, as you desire.  After awhile, Cavity returns with another wedding cake.  Cavity tells Poisandra it is his master piece.  This beautiful cake is filled to the brim with decay.  Poisandra asks, you mean tooth decay?  As in a mouthful of unbearable pain?  Cavity adds, that no one will ever forget.  Fury enters and immediately states freeing prisoners to bake you cakes.  How dare you!  Poisandra points to the cake as she replies, this isn't just any cake.  I'm picking the perfect wedding cake.  Fury states it's a waste of time.  Poisandra brings over a slice of cake to Fury and wants him to taste it.  Fury considers it and decides to take just a bite.  Cavity laughs.  Fury eats the slice of cake and Poisandra asks, so, what do you think?  Fury responds, needs more vinegar.  Seconds later, his mouth begins to hurt.  Fury screams, oh my teeth!  What have you done you pink bridezilla?!  Fury falls to the floor as Poisandra laughs.  Sledge enters angrily and asks, what's going on here?!  Poisandra skips over to Sledge and explains, Cavity baked me an evil cake and Fury tried it.  Sledge tells Cavity to bake that cake for the Rangers. Make them suffer and then, Sledge fires at the cake, bring me their Energems!  With cake splattered all over him, Cavity replies, yes sir.  Cavity manages to get into the kitchen of Dino Bite Cafe and ties up the chef.  He then sets out his slices of cake and offers them for free.  Soon all the customers are groaning in pain.  Chase spots Cavity behind the counter and shouts hey!  Cavity runs back into the kitchen.  The team splits up with Riley and Chase heading out to the front as the rest cut through the kitchen.  In the kitchen, Koda, Shelby, and Tyler find their chef tied up.  They quickly free him.  Tyler uses his Dino Com to inform Riley and Chase that Cavity escape out the back.  Tyler races out.   Riley and Chase end up in Amber Beach city with their Dino Charge Blasters at the ready.  They spot Cavity and Riley uses the Dino Com to contact the rest of the team and let them know, we've got a visual.  Cavity keeps running.  Chase and Riley morph.  Black Ranger and Green Ranger fire their Dino Charge Blasters at Cavity as it tries to outrun them.  Cavity notes out of the frying pan and into the firing zone.   

The Tooth Hurts














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